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08 August 2018
Issue Twelve
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Message from the Principal

Term 3 Week 3

The term has commenced with its usual energy and gusto as our students embrace their academic studies and the great variety of co-curricular activities on offer. We have enjoyed a fabulous celebration of the arts with the staging of the School musical and the exhibition of our Year 12’s Textiles and Visual Arts major works.

I hope many took the opportunity to see the outstanding production of ‘High School Musical’ staged at the Orange Civic Theatre. Congratulations to the wonderful cast who clearly had put in an enormous effort to achieve such a polished, colourful and energetic production. A huge cast of over 70 students plus the back stage team and our musicians. It was fabulous to see so many involved – boys, girls, Year 7’s through to Year 11’s – and students who are also involved in a great breadth of school activities. It is a great credit to the Director, Mrs Catherine Litchfield and all the staff who were involved that such a first class production with a very young cast was achieved. It is very clear that we have many good years ahead on the musical front.

Last Friday evening the annual exhibition of our Year 12 Textile and Visual Arts major works was held. A marvellous occasion showcasing the excellence of our Senior Students whose creativity dedication and skill never cease to amaze. The quality of the projects undertaken by our Year 12’s was outstanding, reflective of their ability but also the dedication, passion and care of our staff who like the students have gone to extraordinary lengths to see that such a high quality of work is achieved. We are most fortunate to have such a committed and selfless staff.

‘To be or not to be’
The enduring appeal of England’s greatest Bard

While on the theme of the Creative and Performing Arts, I thought I might share with you an opportunity I enjoyed over the holiday period where I saw a superb production of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre in London. The Globe is a modern reproduction of Shakespeare’s original theatre situated just 200 meters from its original site on the banks of the river Thames. It is a wonderful structure, built of oak and plaster that was fashionable during the Elizabethan era.

The production was truly first class and performed in its traditional context. The work of William Shakespeare has always strongly appealed to me due to his immense ability to summarise the range of human emotions in simple yet profoundly eloquent verse. His works appealed to royalty and the common man and continue to hold broad appeal with contemporary audience.

So what is it about his work that sees his popularity so enduring? Shakespeare explores the universal themes of love, hate, duty, honour and man’s flaws in seeking to assume power based on envy, greed or position. His works are emotional, hilarious and pithy and he was masterful at imbuing his stories and characters with qualities audiences and readers readily identify with. His fellow playwright and friend Ben Jonson described Shakespeare as “not of an age, but for all time”. When we think of romance, we think of Romeo and Juliet. When we consider the dangers of ambition or ruthless politics, Macbeth and Richard III come to mind. If a comical mix up arises we still refer to the Comedy of Errors with its confusion of not just one set of twins, but two.

Samuel Johnson perceptively and accurately stated in his preface to The Plays of Shakespeare (1765) … “His characters … are the genuine progeny of common humanity, such as the world will always supply, and observation will always find”.

Shakespeare’s influence upon the English language is considerable and many of his words and phrases have become embedded in our lexicon. He is credited with the first usage of over 1700 words ranging from luggage, moonbeam and eyeball to worthless grovel and puking. The Oxford English Dictionary full edition contains approximately 33,300 of the Bard’s quotations.

When we hear ‘its Greek to me’, suffering from ‘green-eyed jealousy’, ‘stood on ceremony’, ‘no rhyme or reason’, ‘method in the madness’,  been ‘tongue-tied’, ‘hoodwinked’ or ‘in a pickle’ we are hearing quotations from Shakespeare.

Marchette Chute, accurately captures the rationale for Shakespeare’s enduring appeal and immeasurable fame in the ‘Introduction’ to her highly acclaimed retelling of Shakespeare’s Stories.

“William Shakespeare was the most remarkable storyteller that the world has ever known." Homer told of adventure and men at war, Sophocles and Tolstoy told of tragedies and of people in trouble. Terence and Mark Twain told cosmic stories, Dickens told melodramatic ones, Plutarch told histories and Hand Christian Andersen told fairy tales. But Shakespeare told every kind of story – comedy, tragedy, history, melodrama, adventure, loves stories and fairy tales – and each of them so well that they have become immortal. In all the world of story telling he has become the greatest name. (Marchette Chute – Stories from Shakespeare, Hodder and Staughton, 1989, p 11)

Did you know?

Shakespeare’s plays were amongst the few precious books brought to Australia by Captain James Cook on his ship the Endeavour in 1770 and that Richard III was performed as early as December 1793 on Norfolk Island.

2018 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony Guest Speaker

It is my great pleasure to announce Mr Warwick Holmes as the guest speaker at the 2018 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony.

Warwick is the Executive Director of Space Engineering School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney. He was born in Sydney where his passion for space started in 1969 as a 7 year old boy watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon. Mr Holmes completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) and then a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney. Warwick also has a Masters of Technology Management from UNSW.

The opportunity to take an unpaid ‘summer vacation’ internship with British Aerospace got Warwick one step closer to his dream of working in space. This launched his 30 year career exclusively in the European space industry as an Avionics Systems Engineer. He assisted in building, testing and launching 10 successful European Space Agency spacecraft, culminating in his leadership of the famous comet-landing mission -  ‘Rosetta’ in 2015. Warwick specializes in spacecraft avionics system engineering, and is a renowned world leader in his field.

Warwick has recently returned to Australia where he is now based at Sydney University heading the Space Engineering School. He is charismatic, humble and passionate and possesses a life story that will be valuable for our students to hear.



Julia Stuart – Polocrosse in South Africa

Julia Stuart has been selected to represent the Australian Team in Polocrosse to play in South Africa. She travels overseas this week and we wish Julia good luck in her matches.


Collette Lyons – National Swimming Champion

My hearty congratulations go to Collette Lyons who competed in the SSA National Swimming Championships in Hobart recently. Collette swam in 8 events & received 6 medals, the other 2 events placed 4th. One of her medals was a gold for 200m Butterfly; another gold for 8x50m all age relay. She also received a silver and two bronzes. This was a huge effort as the 13/14 year age group was combined, which meant Collette had to compete against girls at least 1 year older. Congratulations, Collette.


Dr Andrew Parry 

Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 3, Week 3

I am writing this message after a day in western Sydney, attending a HICES Deputies network meeting at Thomas Hassall College. It is a school of the Anglican Schools Corporation and has been in operation for less than 20 years. It is in one of the fastest growing areas of NSW and is quite close to where the new airport at Badgery’s Creek will be constructed; the population of the area is expected to grow by 300 000 people within the next ten years! It is fascinating to visit a school with such a diverse range of student backgrounds and which has grown so rapidly. The challenges they face are the same as every school’s (funding, curriculum, student engagement, teacher quality and turnover, community involvement) but at the same time very different from some that the KWS community faces (drought, distance and boarding requirements). I always gain a fresh perspective by attending these meetings and the collegiality of the network is very valuable. Being part of this group is something I will miss a great deal after I finish at the end of the year.

This week sees the rehearsals for Friday’s House Spectacular occurring each evening. The Year 11 students who lead the individual productions deserve a real pat on the back for their efforts. We are aiming to make the Spec a more low-key event in the school calendar, in order to reduce pressure on these student leaders and to help get each House’s performance into a more doable format. It is a valuable learning experience for every student but it is important we don’t allow it to take on a disproportionate amount of time and stress.

Year 12 students begin their Trial HSC exams in Week 5. Practical and performance exams for the actual HSC are also approaching so I urge parents to be supportive of their child’s efforts and understanding of the pressure they may be placing upon themselves. Some fresh air and down time are needed, and a regular routine of revision and practice under exam time constraints. I wish you all well during this challenging period.

Parents of Year 12 are also urged to complete their survey from MMG Education if they have not already done so. The feedback you give us is invaluable as we plan for the future and shape our new Strategic Directions document. If you have had trouble with the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can sort things with MMG if there are technical problems.

I trust you will have a good fortnight and I hope much needed rain falls over all of our school community’s home districts.


Bev West

Head of Senior School

Message from the Chaplain

The Courage of Esther

The Bible story of Esther has great significance for Jews to this very day. The Esther event is the institution of the feast of Purim, one of the Jewish annual Holidays that celebrates their deliverance from Haman.

For us at Kinross Wolaroi, it has a different significance. For us, it is part of the Blessing sung upon our Year 12 graduates at their Graduation – which is in about 7 weeks! As a school community, we sing a blessing upon the Graduands; that they “be like Ruth and like Esther”, “deserving of praise” and “strengthened” so that they not be easily misled. So let’s remind ourselves what that means to be like Esther.

The story of Esther is not a story of God’s intervention like the rescuing of the Hebrews from Egypt. In fact, there is no mention of God anywhere in the Book of Esther.

The story is what it is: an account of the extraordinary courage of one woman of faith. Of one person who put her own life on the line for the greater good and of the consequence of one person’s act of courage.

What I love about Esther is that she is not at all like the Marvel comic superheroes that we enjoy watching on the TV. Esther was scared and uncertain. She had to prepare herself, steel herself and do it alone. She had everything to lose. In her own words: “I will go and if I perish, I perish.” Esther found the courage, no, she searched deep within herself and found the courage, to actualize her potential.

To be like Esther isn't about being a superhero or always having the courage to race into battle or to have the strength to withstand the blows of an adversary. It’s about drawing upon our courage to overcome fear and self-doubt and then push past concerns for ourselves in order to do what is right.

Esther reminds us that we can be courageous even when the task in front of us is daunting. She reminds us that we can be more; and when the world tells us to be selfish and self-serving, we know that we stand for something greater than ourselves.


Phil Worrad

A Speech given by Year 12 students Isabella Johnsen and Henry Carter about 'Courage'

The five key values of Kinross Wolaroi School are Courage, Respect, Inclusiveness, Resilience and Commitment. The following reflection on ‘courage’, written by Isabella Johnsen and Henry Carter (Year 12 Captains of Richards House), was delivered to the assembled School at the Secondary School Chapel on 7th August 2018.

Rosa Parks. Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jackie Robinson. Alice Paul…

These individuals are pivotal characters of history when talking about courage. They had the voice to speak up in situations where the outcome would be unknown. Fear often dictates our decisions, but courage changes that.

Success in life is dictated by courage. We set goals for outcomes such as being rich, owning a business, being a doctor, being a professional sports person, but when we are aspire to these things there is a barrier that is hard to break through. Courage is the essential ingredient for success. We can only accomplish these goals if we trust in our ability and have courage to pursue them. 

For example, in our recent musical, High School Musical, there were multiple examples of courage. The skater boy declaring he really likes the cello, Martha the brainiac speaking out that she loves hip hop and, of course, Troy Bolton the star basketball player breaking all expectations and trusting himself to audition for the school musical. 

Breaking these sorts of social expectations takes courage. Telling people they’re doing the wrong thing takes courage and it takes even more courage to tell your friends they’re doing the wrong thing, as Mr Worrad has pointed out. 

Winston Churchill once stated that, “success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”. Courage by definition is the ability to do something that frightens one; in other words, bravery. It is the ability to face fears, step out of comfort zones, and to act. Courage helps us to grow and to give, and it is available to you all. 

Here are four ways to display courage everyday… were not here expecting you to move mountains or be the next Nelson Mandela, but we can try to be courageous nonetheless. 

  1. Courage means being afraid and acting anyway.
    It is to stand up for what you believe. That doesn’t mean run a rampage around the school, but does mean that you to speak up when you feel it’s right. If you feel like someone isn’t behaving in a way that is fair, stand up and speak up - it takes courage to stand up to bullies and to defend your friends. 
  2. Courage is a habit.
    Courage is like a muscle; you can make stronger if you exercise it regularly. Brene Brown once stated that, “Courage is…a habit, a virtue: You get it by courageous acts. It’s like you learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by ‘couraging’.” Courage comes from practice. For example, on the sports field, when you face a giant running at you, the skills you have gathered from practice and training allows you, without thinking, at that exact moment, to embrace and respond to the problem at hand. No one is born with courage, but your ability to be courageous in little ways everyday helps strengthen yourself and this amazing quality. 
  3. Find role models of courageous people.
    When you’re trying to stretch yourself beyond your apparent limits, there’s a part of you that wonders whether it can actually be done. A role model is a constant reminder that the answer is ‘yes’, and that to be courageous and to step out of your comfort zone, is definitely possible. The leaders I mentioned before are amazing, but there are also people at school and at home who are courageous people. Learn from them.
  4. Take a step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while.
    Sometimes we get stuck in our comfort zones, and we then lack the courage to live a fulfilled life. Courage is the scaffolding that supports us as we build our lives. Sometimes you need the courage to say ‘yes’ to new opportunities. We hate to drop in a cheesy quote but, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. It is a beneficial thing to be courageous, to you as an individual, and to the wider community.  

We really hope that this speech on ‘courage’ helps to inspire you to be more courageous men and women in the broader society. We hate to leave you with another cheesy quote but, remember that “courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying I will try again tomorrow.”


Isabella Johnsen and Henry Carter

Student Wellbeing

Mental health basics: Suggestions for families

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a three day workshop and conference in Sydney- “Student Bullying and Mental Wellbeing”. The purpose of the conference was to examine research focusing on reducing the incidence of bullying and related mental health risks, as well as hearing about successful evidence-based programs currently running in schools across the country. During Semester two, the Wellbeing Teams in both the Senior and Preparatory Schools, are meeting to look forward to 2019; what do we currently do that works well? What do we need to review? What policies need to be updated?  What will be best practice for the students in our school? These three days will be invaluable in helping start to guide this process.

One of the key messages for me was practical ways that families can support children’s resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. It is usually not possible to eliminate all the risk factors that affect your children, but there are things families can do to reduce the impact of stress and help children build strengths for effective coping. All the research and programs presented at the conference had at their basis simple, general and practical suggestions for families. Suggestions included:

  • Spend time with your children and do things together as a family.
  • Try to maintain routines as much as possible. Routines and consistency help children feel secure.
  • Build and maintain supportive relationships with your children’s teachers. Talk with staff about how they can best support you and your child during hard times. Tell staff about any concerning behaviours you are noticing at home. In the Preparatory School most matters of student care and welfare are dealt with through the classroom teacher. In the Secondary School the Tutor houses form the basis for student welfare and behaviour management within the school, and issues that may arise should be discussed with a student’s Tutor as the first point of contact.
  • Try to help children to understand and manage their feelings; this can help them develop coping skills.
  • Help them also to understand that loss and stress are a normal part of life; this is a particularly important point.
  • Acknowledge children’s feelings and try to understand and respect them, especially when they are going through a difficult time. Take time to listen to their concerns.

Sometimes in our busy day-to-day existence it is easy to overlook the simple, basic things that make a real difference in our families lives.


Mrs Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Acting Director of Co-curricular

Congratulations to everyone involved in this year’s production of ‘High School Musical’.

The energy and enthusiasm on the stage was palpable. It was so lovely to see so many of our students displaying so much confidence and conviction in their roles, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. This was particularly noticeable in the younger members of the cast. There were lots of challenges presented in this show, including the management of so many scenes, and the demands of singing whilst dancing. The students did an amazing job in overcoming these challenges.

I know first-hand how much work goes into preparing and presenting a musical of this calibre, and I thank everyone who was involved for their hard work and dedication in making the show such a success. It was wonderful to have such strong support from the community and a full-house for the shows, but the biggest measure of success in my mind was the feedback from the students involved. Every student I spoke to was so proud of their achievement, and there was a real sense of accomplishment from everyone involved, staff included. It would be remiss of me not to thank the staff involved – Catherine Litchfield, Alex Dunkley, Seb Key, Dahle Innes, Helena Rollo, Dave De Bruyn, Anna Waters, and everyone else who generously volunteered their time- congratulations on such a successful show, and thank you for your ongoing commitment to our Performing Arts program.

It has been a highly enjoyable few weeks for me learning more about the KWS co-curricular program, and witnessing first hand some of the wonderful achievements of the students in our program. I am immensely impressed with the sportsmanship and teamwork I have seen on display time and time again. It is a real credit to our students and their coaches to have developed such a strong sense of collaboration and responsiveness within their teams. I look forward to witnessing more of these wonderful displays of true KWS spirit in the coming weeks!


Heidi Anthony
Acting Director of Co-Curricular

Performing Arts Updates

HSC Drama Showcase – Thursday 16th August

Next Thursday the Year 12 Drama class will present their Individual performances and Group performances they have been working on for their HSC. The Showcase commences at 5:30pm in the Performance Theatre and a supper will be provided at the conclusion of the program. We wish all the Year 12 drama students the best of luck in their preparation for their HSC Trial exams this Saturday and look forward to a fabulous showcase next Thursday evening. Thank you to Ms Alex Dunkley for all her incredible organisation and preparing the students so well. *Please note that the performances have mature themes and so it is not recommended that prep students attend.

AMEB Exams

This term we will see many of our music students sitting AMEB exams. The exams commenced this week with Brass on Monday and Piano on Tuesday. Congratulations to all students who sat their exams this week. Thank you to all the tutors for preparing their students so well and for their continued support and encouragement of our students.


This week our Speech and Drama will be performing at the Orange Eisteddfod. Good luck to all students involved.

Communication will be sent via email in the coming weeks in regard to the Performing Arts Ensembles performing at the Orange Eisteddfod later this month.

Congratulations Toby Gough in Year 7

Toby competed in the speech and drama sections in Forbes during the school holidays. He received 10 first placings, and 2 Highly Commended which is a fantastic achievement. Toby was awarded the Barbara Cowled Trophy for Most Outstanding Performer Overall and the trophy for Best Bible Reading Overall. The adjudicators were extremely impressed by Toby’s performances and invited him to perform at the Forbes Grand Concert on which was held on Sunday 5th August. Toby is currently studying Grade 7 Speech and Drama with Kristie Thorne of Encore Speech and Drama in Bathurst. Well done Toby!

Please pass on any good news music or speech and drama stories to Mrs McRae via email: [email protected]

Expression of Interest: Bagpipe lessons

KWS is looking to reinstate a Pipes and Drums ensemble in the near future. Initially, we are calling for expressions of interest for any students Years 5-10 who would like to learn to play the bagpipes, although all interest is welcomed and will be considered on its merits. We will be holding an information session for parents and students early in Term 3 for anyone who has registered their interest.

Please email [email protected] if you would more information, or would like to attend the information session.

Important Dates for Term 3

Monday 6th August:  AMEB exams commence
Wednesday 8th August: Prep and Secondary Performing Arts Co-Curricular Photos (please wear full school uniform)
Friday 10th August: Secondary School House Spectacular Periods 5 and 6
Thursday 16th August: HSC Drama Showcase
Thursday 16th – Monday 20th August: Combined Schools Music Festival
Thursday 30th – Friday 31st August: Orange Eisteddfod – Choirs
Wednesday 5th September: Orange Eisteddfod – Band Day
Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September: Orange Eisteddfod – Strings
Monday 3rd September 5:30pm: HSC Recital evening
Thursday 6th September: String Concert
Tuesday 25th September: Winter Co-Curricular Assembly
Wednesday 26th September: Winter Sports Day, Year 12 Farewell ceremony
Thursday 27th September: Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, last day of Term 3
Friday 28th September: Pupil Free day


Mrs Annie McRae

Acting Head of Performing Arts

Disney High School Musical

It's a Wrap!

Congratulations to a wonderful cast and crew on a thoroughly enjoyable production of Disney High School Musical.

Firstly, I would like to share my Director’s note from the program and, in the words of Darbus, thank the students for having the courage to “risk, risk, risk!”

High School Musical is a colourful, fun and energetic stage version of the first of the successful Disney Movie franchise. It is a corny, feel-good story where boy meets girl but underpinning the well-known songs are the themes of friendship, respect and integrity. Whilst we don’t label our cliques here in Australia as Jocks, Brainiacs and the like, there is still personal conflict for our young people as they struggle to establish their identity and ‘fit in’. For some, it is easy but for others, being true to themselves is a struggle. To break free from the status quo requires courage and personal strength.

High school is about discovering your identity. In producing a musical, we rely on our students to follow their dreams and step out of their comfort zones. For a lot of our boys in particular, participating in the musical requires the leap of faith that is explored in the musical; to have courage to sing and dance when others will criticise. Fortunately, here at KWS we have built a supportive culture where boys (and girls alike) are supported and encouraged to pursue drama and combine their basketball, hockey, rowing or rugby commitments with their academic and musical pursuits. When students can support and encourage each other to bake, play ‘big violins’, hip hop dance, grow vegetable gardens, make trailers, compete in titration competitions, throw the discus, ride horses, or pursue any interest or passion, then we will have a truly rich community who celebrates diversity.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with the talented and dedicated staff and students to bring you High School Musical. Thank you to our families, for without your tireless support, we could not pursue our dreams and passions in the theatre. 

Firstly I would like to thank my dedicated staff team. We collaborated on everything, shared the teaching of the songs, direction and choreography. It was the “divide and conquer” approach that was the key to our team’s success as we worked with different choruses on dancing, character development, blocking and choreography.

I acknowledge our talented drama teacher, Alex Dunkley. Alex brought knowledge, humour and passion to our musical. I am sure you will agree that her work with the thespians and Sharpay and Ryan was fabulous. Secondly to Sebastian “I-hate-musical-theatre” Key, for whom HSM was his first foray into musical direction of a show, I thank him for his terrific work with our students and for his calm head and caring support of the cast. I think he actually enjoyed it in the end! So sleek was the performance of the band that a number of people questioned whether we working with a backing track! The band’s good humour to squeeze into the upstage OP wings was appreciated and it meant that we could fit 71 cast members on an extended stage. Thanks you to our band members too for their talented performances.

Anna Waters juggled first-time-motherhood with choreographing our show in her ‘spare time’. To co-ordinate our large chorus in those big numbers is a triumph! The choreography was challenging and exciting and the students loved it.

Musically, this show was more difficult than expected. Dahle Innes’ knowledge, experience and patience was invaluable for the success of the show. This is the 9th KWS show I have done with Dahle and it is always such a pleasure to work with her. Dahle’s calm, patient approach with the students and staff alike is greatly appreciated. She doesn’t like to be in the spot light but the musical would not happen without her to punch out notes in rehearsals. She also was a great support to Seb.

Helena Rollo has been a welcome addition to our musical team this year. No job was too difficult. We can thank Helena for the costumes, college jackets, set and stage managing. She commented that the backstage crew were the best she has ever worked with but, as well as acknowledging that talented group of highly dependable students, I know that her organisation was paramount to the smooth running of the show. Dave de Bruyn also joined our team this year and built our set. The highlight for Dave and Helena was the High School Musical sign which looked fabulous! Dave’s no-fuss approach and expertise in IT were greatly appreciated. 

Caroline Rich began working early on our program. We greatly appreciated her eye for detail and creativity in putting together a wonderful record for us. Cath-can-I-come-and-help-even-if-my-daughter-isn’t-even-in-the-musical?-Alderman and Annie-salvos-shopper-extraordinaire-King came in camp week to organise costumes. We thank these special ladies for their time and efforts to make our students look fantastic. Tammy Nonnenmacher opened her studio two hours before every performance to create wonderful hair dos for our leads. Not only does this make the leads feel special but ensures they are confident to strut their stuff with fab hair!

Finally to the amazing group of students who made up our cast this year, I thank you firstly for auditioning. This process is difficult enough in itself, but having the courage and commitment to learn songs and choreography then perform them in a stressful situation is truly character building. It is a unique experience. We don’t improve as people if we stay in our comfort zones… if we stick to the status quo… we don’t grow! An essential part of learning is the performance, whether it is in exams, on the sporting field or in an audition. We need to take risks to become better people. Learning to cope with disappointment is always traumatic but by learning these coping skills, it sets us up for life. We are not always going to get the part we want. We won’t always be selected in the next level sporting team, we won’t always do well in an exam, but by taking risks and coping with disappointment it sets us up in that learning cycle to spiral upwards, knowing that life goes on, even if we think we have failed. Building resilience is so important today, and, by being in the musical, each one of our students has gained those valuable skills through taking risks, being vulnerable and rising above that fear. They have all moved from their comfort zone to learn and improve. Students, be so very proud of your achievement!

A musical is only as strong as its ensemble. Congratulations skater dudes, thespians, brainiacs, cheerleaders and jocks. You worked so hard to perfect the songs and dances and it paid off. Our ensemble was young this year (mainly composed of students from Years 7 and 9). These young people have learnt a lot about theatre, the importance of rehearsal and have given it their best shot to act, dance and sing in every scene.

I would like to acknowledge the Year 11 students for whom this was their last KWS musical: Olivia Mirrington, Julia Williams, Bonnie Vance, Katie Coleman, Jacqui Patton, Charlotte Nonnenmacher, Lucy Kirk , Richard King and Maddie Triggs. Thank you for your leadership and excellent example that you all set for the junior members of the cast. The vertical friendships that are built over the past 6 months are another wonderful social aspect of doing the musical.  To our lead characters, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Olivia Mirrington has a wonderful musical journey ahead, hopefully in more musicals, and certainly composing and performing with her angelic voice. Fletcher Bolte mirrored life in the musical, proving to us all that, indeed, the star of the basketball team can sing! Bonnie Vance and Jonty King were so dedicated to their hilarious roles. Ziggy Le Couteur made us giggle, Ella Buesnel proved that even a Year 7 can snatch a lead- what a risk she took! I look forward to seeing Nick Brown, Ethan Kairitis and Charlie Southwell develop over the next few years. Their wonderful voices and stage presence ensured success in their roles. Bella hip-hop-hooray Triggs, and her sister Maddie set the bar high when it came to dance rehearsals. Thank you both for your dedication. Katy Coleman, Richard King and Lucy Kirk were strong in their speaking roles. Their drama scenes were polished and strong.

Finally, and most importantly, I thank our families, colleagues and friends for supporting us in producing the musical. Transport to and from rehearsals, logistics juggling children on weekends and tolerating tired, over-committed teenagers is highly stressful. To bring a show together takes hours and hours of rehearsals. Saturday night’s performance was the culmination of those endless hours and I am so proud of every member of the cast, amazing crew, band members and staff team for making the HSM dream come true. The sell-out season was a huge success. Congratulations and thank you!

Catherine Litchfield

Director High School Musical

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Boarding Term 3, Week 3

As we enter Term 3, the school year is well underway and the half way point has been passed at a roaring speed. School life never slows down and our boarders continue to impress in all that they do and achieve. Student Leadership took centre stage recently when the School Prefects were announced for 2018-19. Emer Spora (Loader) and Stirling Taylor (Wolaroi) were chosen to represent Kinross Wolaroi as the Head Girl and Head Boy Prefects. This is an outstanding achievement for both Emer and Stirling, testament to their character and the high regard in which they are held by staff and their peers. I would also like to congratulate Jorja Griffiths (New) for being chosen as Deputy Head Girl and Mabel Brockmann (Loader) and Charlotte Haling (New) for their elevation to Prefect of Mission and Charity respectively. It is a credit to these individuals and also to the KWS boarding community that we are so well represented in the Prefect group. I am certain that our Prefects will be successful in their roles over the next 12 months. Presently, I am in the process of selecting the next Boarding Prefects (one boy and one girl) to represent Boarding within the Prefect group. I have had some outstanding applications so far and will interview each of the applicants to select our next Boarding Prefects for the beginning of next week.

The highlight of the first week back was the performance of High School Musical. I have seen many productions in my time (although it has to be said I am far from being an expert in the field!) and this has to go down as one of the more thrilling I have seen. The slick choreography, the seamless transitions, the quality of the acting and vocals on stage, were all simply outstanding. I was delighted to see so many of our boarders involved in the production; either centre stage or with the accompaniment, or back stage. Special mentions must go to Fletcher Bolte, Bonnie Vance, Lucy Kirk, Sam Durkin, Julia Williams, Edwina Reilly, Chelsea Edwards, Lucy Dedman, Polly Napier, Ellie Crawford, Laura Cockerill, Hannah Richardson, Molly Nelson, Angel Byrne and Anna Westcott for their contributions to an outstanding piece of performance theatre.

Whilst on the topic of the arts, I would like to pay tribute to the professional quality on display at the Visual Arts and Textiles Exhibition which took place last Friday evening in the DPA. Once again, the boarders were well represented with a wide array of stunning art and fashion in evidence. Caitlin Stubberfield, Kate Alderman, Anna Ponder, Jade Lefebvre, Isabel Lamph, Lachie Herbert, Georgia Porteous, Maggie Jean Smith, Lizzy Watt, Kate Payne and Sophie Southwell should be very proud of their effort, talent and hard work.

The House Dinner season is well underway with a great turnout for the Loader Dinner last Saturday night. The leadership displayed by the Year 11 Loader girls was outstanding and a class above. It was an eventful evening with great speeches, an engaging slide show, delicious food, great company and interesting conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Year 11 girls pay tribute to their Year 12 bigger sisters as they closed in on the end of their time as boarders. The comments made and the stories shared were all evidence that our boarders look out for each other and value the journey they have shared together. For me personally, it was my first House Dinner and it will be hard to top. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new parents and catch up with familiar faces. I was particularly thankful to catch up with parents that are facing difficult times on the land in drought-affected areas that still found time to come to Orange to share in the celebrations.

For those that are experiencing difficult times, rest assured that we here at Kinross Wolaroi have you foremost in our thoughts and prayers. Our senior boarders, in particular, are currently putting their heads together to look at opportunities to fundraise and by the time of our next newsletter, we hope to have something more concrete in place.


Matt Curran
Director of Boarding

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

It has been a busy 2-weeks in TREE as we hit the ground running in Term 3.

As always, for more information follow us on Instagram (tree_kws) and visit our blog (


During Week 2 our Year 11 Chemistry students visited Billimari Olive processing plant and MSM Milling Canola oil processing plant at Manildra as part of their ChemisTREE depth study. The students compared the boutique La Barre olive oil processing plant with the large-scale canola oil and meal processing plant at MSM. Students were comparing the chemical and physical separation techniques, as well as the testing, monitoring and management of chemical processes, such as gas chromatography, titration and gravimetric analysis. They are using the excursion as a basis for a depth study, where they choose one aspect from the excursion and produce a learning product (for example, a report, movie or presentation) for assessment to show their understanding of Chemistry in an industrial context.


Additionally, our Year 11 Biology students visited the school’s new farm (Windermere) to conduct an ecological depth study. The students began the day with in-depth lectures from local soil scientist and KWS parent David McKenzie and a botany lecture from Landcare representative Sue Wakefield.

Following this the students captured data on abiotic and biotic factors along 3 different 400m transects. The students tested water, collected rock samples, investigated the soil quality and measured the biodiversity using quadrats. The students will use this data to complete a depth study report for which they have 10 options focussed on ecology, geology, farm management and diversified options for the farm (viticulture, cherries and olives).


Year 1’s dung beetle house was officially opened by Landcare representative and KWS parent, Sally Kirby. Sally kindly kept 100 dung beetles alive for us over the break and they were released into their new house for the students to see. Over the next 6 months Year 1 will feed the dung beetles weekly and submit photos of their progress. The hope is that the colony will grow sufficiently for us to move them out to the school farms.

Our inaugural Wether team prepared for their upcoming visit to Dubbo with a visit to Roseville Park Merino Stud. Current parents Matthew and Cherie Coddington kindly delivered lessons on judging, low stress stock movement, wool judging, prep and handling for the show. The students even got an impromptu lesson on fleece judging from Elders representative Kevin.


Our Cattle Team attended ARC’s Junior Judging Workshop in Eugowra last week in preparation for upcoming shows in Parkes, Manildra and Scone. Taylah, Hamish, Lachie and Hugo were involved in workshops on judging cattle, dairy cattle, wool, meat, sheep, grain and produce. Taylah and Lachie made the top 10 in grain and Hamish in wool!

Tom Riley
Director of TREE

Information and Communications Technology

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Darryn Marjoram
Director of Information Services

Sports Updates

School Swimming Australia - Nationals

Kinross Wolaroi had two swimmers selected to represent NSW at the recent School Swimming Nationals that have recently been held in Hobart.

Congratulations to Emily Nobbs who picked up silver in the hotly contested 17-19yrs 200 breaststroke. This was a very tight race with Emily just missing the gold by .43 of a second. Emily also swam for the NSW B team in the 4x50 Medley relay, coming 4th.

Collette Lyons at just 13yrs of age had eight events over the course of the meet performing strongly in all her events. Most events were dual age group so Collette was competing against 14yr olds in the majority of her swims.

  • 13/14yrs 200 Fly – Gold
  • All age 8x50 Free Relay - Gold
  • 13/14yrs 4x50 Free Relay – Silver
  • 13yrs 50 Free – Bronze
  • 13/14yrs 400 IM – Bronze
  • 13/14yrs 200 IM – Bronze
  • 13/14yrs 4x50 Medley relay – 4th
  • 13/14yrs 200 Breast – 4th

Swimmers in the News

KWS Swim Team members Oliver McLaughlin and Ethan Crisp were presented NSW Government State Representative Awards on Friday for their endeavours in swimming at the School Sport Australia Pacific School Games last year. A third swimmer, Emily Nobbs, (a member of the KWS swim team) also participated in the games but is currently attending a swimming competition in Tasmania and will collect her award from the Member for Orange Philip Donato at a later date.

Oliver was in the 13-14 year division and won bronze in 50m backstroke and 100m backstroke, while Ethan swam in freestyle in the 16 year division and came fifth in 200m, seventh in the 400m and fourth in the relay. 

Emily swam breaststroke in the same age group, winning gold in the 100m and the 200m.

Emily capped off a huge week taking out the Orange Junior Sportsperson of the year award.

Jo Keown
Swimming Co-ordinator

Football Match Reports

Week 1

U13 Glory v CYMS Gold

Result: 4-2

After a 5 week pause from playing football it was uncertain how the team would approach their first game this term. Initially we were reluctant to close the space between us and our opponents when they had possession and we let them dictate terms. After two soft goals were conceded we began to mobilise and seize the initiative. At half-time the score was 1-2 after Ollie finished off a well-worked through ball. In the second half the sleeping dragon was aroused further with impressive motion through the midfield leading to well-weighted through balls or crosses. Airlie was impressive with her pursuit of these balls and was able to score three excellent goals, despite the obvious height imbalance between her and the CYMS fullbacks and their dogged determination to spoil her chances. Excellent support was provided by Abbey, Jessie, Ollie and Zimmy, who chased down opponents and won back possession. Henry, Joe, Will and Sophie provided stubborn defensive resistance, spoiling a series opposition raids and creating confidence further up the field.

Matthew Healey


U13 Victory v CYMS Green

Result: 2-8

KWS Victory played a strong game at Bernie Stedman Field this Saturday. They faced a tough opposition but managed to score two goals against them. Unfortunately, KWS weren’t able to gain a lead in spite of their efforts.


U14 Strikers v Waratah Braves

Result: 0-3

The Strikers were looking to get Term 3 fixtures off to a good start against the Waratah Braves but struggled to find the back of the net against an opposition with stern defence. After holding the Braves to 0-1 at half-time, a restructure of the mid-field and forwards created multiple opportunities for Kinross to level and push ahead. Unfortunately, two quick goals by the Braves midway through the second half made the mountain too high to climb. Kinross continued to create opportunities right up until the final whistle and once again demonstrated determination, persistence and camaraderie.

Ben Ronald


U15 Jets v Blayney Blades

Result: 0-3

KWS Jets got off to a quick start, keeping the Blayney Blades very busy throughout the first half. Tom Gill and newcomer, Patrick Nelson, delivered a lot of shots at Blayney’s goal. There was strong defence and a lot of chasing and support from our midfielders, Sarah Lyons, Joshua Karbowiak, Griffin Robinson, Fergus Baldwin, William Gudgeon and Stanley Zhang. The backline, Caden Wilkin, Bryce Elsegood, Rob Adam, Thomas Kiss and Fraser Molloy, played some outstanding defence all game. William Noble had a great match in goals. Welcome back to the season, Jets, and keep up the team work.

Gavin Bell


U17 v Bathurst 75 (28th Jul)

Result: 1-3

The first weekend back from the winter holidays proved to be a busy one for the U17 Kinross soccer team. Saturday's game displayed an exciting contest against the Bathurst 75 team who seemed hungry for revenge after the Kinross win at the start of the season. The game was competitive for a majority of the game, with the Bathurst side showing impressive attacking skills and Kinross demonstrating unyielding defence. James Collett held the Kinross defensive line superbly. However, the Bathurst attack eventually proved too strong in the second half, managing the put on three late goals. The game finished 3-1, with a well-deserved late goal from Jasper Mihalich.

Walter Prowse


U17 v Ex-Services (29th Jul)

Result: 0-3

Sunday's game displayed another competitive contest between Kinross and the U17 Ex-Services club. The first half exhibited skilful attack and defence from both teams. Impressive offensive plays from William Goodlet and quality goalkeeping from Jeremy L'Estrange were the highlights of the game. By the end of the game, perseverance and luck was with the Ex-services club who managed to capitalise on three impressive plays, winning the game 3-0. The weekend was a display of quality football without much luck for the Kinross side.

Walter Prowse


Men’s First XI v Barbarians (28th Jul)

Result: 1-3

We should have scored in the first 15 seconds of the game, which may have changed everything. Greater communication and two other ‘golden’ chances that also went begging may have seen us ahead 3-zip, instead of behind by the same score at half time. Two more missed opportunities weren’t taken in the second half, meaning a ‘5’ next to our score could have been possible. We were ahead in all the stats – including shots on goal, corners and free kicks, so this was definitely one that got away. Impressive passages of play have had opposition teams giving us praise, but luck and the back of the net continue to evade us.

Paul Tierney


Men’s First XI v Barnstoneworth FC (29th Jul)

Result: 0-5

Double-headers are always difficult, and we were never in the hunt in this game, as the tactics of hail-mary long balls from the opponent saw us vulnerable and out of puff quite early in the game. The first three goals all came from long breaks and unmarked players, and a goal with 30 seconds to go as we had our minds on the oranges made it impossible for a comeback to occur. We held them scoreless in the second half until 3 minutes from the end, showing great courage, admirable desperation and nice communication.

Paul Tierney


Week 2


KWS 13 Glory v KWS 13 Victory won 2-0

KWS 13 Glory v Waratah Braves lost 0-5

KWS 13 Glory v CYMS Green lost 0-5

It was a busy week with three matches played in five days. In the first match the two KWS teams were evenly matched in terms of possession and field position. Glory made better use of their scoring opportunities and defended doggedly. This match saw the welcome return of Dan having been unavailable through injury. The midfield looked good in transition and our goalie, Sophie, showed resolve and courage in coming out to meet her opponents. Ollie and Airlie shared the goal scoring.

On Saturday morning bitter winds impacted on the play but despite our challenging opponents, we moved the ball quite fluently and up until the last ten minutes were only 3 goals down. Will dominated the backline with his best performance of the season. Sophie and Zimmy worked hard in their respective roles, stifling their opponents’ chances. Ollie was very mobile and Airlie again showed her tenacious attributes. Angel tried hard to work the line and maintain some momentum.

On Saturday afternoon we backed up in more mild conditions, but against the top team in this age group. At half-time we were only 1 goal down after a fabulous strike by one of their representative players. We weathered the early part of the second half rather well, but fatigue set in and without any substitutes the score ballooned. Best on ground was Airlie, with Will and Dan not far behind.

Given that the other teams played for most of the 5 weeks we were unable to play, it is no surprise that we are underdone with regard to match fitness. In each of the last two games we had genuine scoring opportunities but sadly no goals to our name. A 3 goal difference in each of these last two games would have been a more accurate representation of the differences between the two sides in each encounter. With a double-header happening next Saturday we will need to hold our nerve in the last quarter of each game and aim for better outcomes.

Matthew Healey


U13 Victory v Glory

Result: 0-2

This was a tremendous game to watch, with both teams working hard to defeat their peers. Victory worked hard to keep out the opposition, gaining some counter-attack opportunities throughout the game. Unfortunately, they were unable to break through GIory’s defence. The Victory players should be congratulated for competing tirelessly.

Overall, I was impressed with the integrity and sportsmanship demonstrated by the majority of the U13s players on both teams. I look forward to these teams returning to the field for a rematch next week.

Annaliese Stammer

U13 Victory v Blayney Tigers      
Result: 0-8

U13 Victory v Waratah Knights  
Result: 1-4


U14 Strikers v Oberon

Result: 4-1

Despite an intense warmup to counter the Oberon chill, the Strikers started like a frozen bag of peas. Oberon took advantage of the Strikers’ nonchalant approach to draw the game 1-1 at half time after KWS had taken the lead thanks to Charlie Willis. After some Starburst Chewables, a stern word from the coach and much self-reflection, the Strikers played like they are capable of in the second half. Goals to Liam Bracks, Ben Jones and Will Englund finished the Oberon challenge off. Well done to Sterling Graham for best on ground and thanks to bus driver Keith for the lift.

Ben Ronald


U15 Jets v Waratah Wanderers

Result: 2-5

This was a very close game in the first half, with Kinross Jets leading by 2 goals due to a lot of hard work from our midfielders. We were defensively strong, with both midfielders and defenders getting back to hold out the opposition. Our strikers, Patrick Nelson and Tom Gill, were extremely busy up front and our goalie, Fergus Baldwin, had a lot of hard shots directed at him. Fergus was put under pressure and stayed calm, but the fast pace of the Watarahs got away from us in the second half. Keep up the good work, Jets.

Gavin Bell


U17 v Lithgow Workers Club (4th Aug)

Result: 3-4

The weekend saw another busy weekend for the KWS U17 soccer team. Saturday's game against Lithgow Workers Club at Kinross was an extremely exciting and nail-biting contest, with the final score ending up 3-4 in favour of the away team. Great determination was shown by Oliver Kairaitis and Luc Nelson, continually pressuring the opposition despite tired legs. A standout performance also for Jeremy L'Estrange in the goals, making it very difficult for opposition strikers.

Walter Prowse


U17 v Waratah Mariners (5th Aug)

Result: 1-3

Sunday's game was another very good contest despite KWS having minimal reserves due to injuries and illness. The home side, Waratah Mariners, came out very strong putting on a couple of early impressive goals. However, KWS started to look menacing and an impressive run and finish by Tom Cole saw the half time score as 2-1. The second half was a tight contest, however the home side proved too disciplined in defence. The final score was 3-1. An exciting weekend of soccer proved unsuccessful for the KWS team.

Walter Prowse


Men’s First XI v Waratahs FC           

Result: 1-4

Waratahs are arguably the best team in the competition, and in round 1 we held them to just 2 goals, and probably deserved a draw. This time around we LED 1-0 after 30 minutes of the first half, on the back on some great combinations which saw us turn defence into attack on several occasions. We were unlucky not to lead by 2 following an absolute screamer of a shot from Rex Crisp that was hit so hard the goalie could barely keep it out. As has happened semi-regularly across the season, small lapses in concentration and marking has seen opposition take full advantage of half chances. Down 2-1 at the break, a determined section of play saw us again challenge, but we ran out of steam and were unable to match it with the Tahs as they scored another two well worked goals. Alongside Rex’s screaming shot as a highlight was Mark Nelson’s ‘almost’ bicycle-kick-goal, which provided an opportunity for the crowd to voice their approval!

Paul Tierney

Netball Reports

Sparrows  V Life Studio Warriors (28 July)

Just when I thought the Sparrows couldn’t get any better … they did! A tremendous game against the opposition this week. A victory of 25 – 18. Attacking and defending were superb as was good sportsmanship in some trying circumstances. Our Goal Attack and Goal Shooter were intuitive. Predicting each other’s every move, their play was perfectly choreographed whilst Goal Defense made it extremely difficult for the opposing team to get anywhere. The beautiful sunshine was simply the icing on the cake. 
Serena Lewis


KWS Giants Vs CYMS Howsthemissus (28 July)

As usual, KWS Giants started out with smiles, and quickly got their heads into the game. CYMS Howsthemissus put up a strong resistance, but Giants came away at half time with a lead they maintained to a final 33-40 victory.

Molly Harris


KWS Cross Vs Winchesters (30 July)

With school holidays looming, the KWS Cross needed to reschedule their Saturday’s game.  On the 11th hour, opposition conceded to a match on the 2nd last evening before school ended.  Netball focus was somewhat distracted from the day and also afterschool events.  Despite all of that, the KWS Cross put their best foot forward and gave it all they had.  Although they lost the game, it was a magnificent effort.  With only 7 players and a goal shooter absent, Emma Wright stepped up and for goal shooter and did an amazing job, dodging out of ring to feed the ball to Erin Bracks who then shot the lion’s share of the goals with amazing accuracy.  Siobhan Finn, WA really worked hard at picking the gaps to feed the pass into goal circle, also solidly out for centre passes.   Caitlin Edmonstone (C) speedily defying her opposition, traversing the entire court: the essential linker between defense and attack.  Adelaide Gavin (GD) warming to the task and deflected many passes as the game progressed. Sophie Brunner, stalwart at GK, intercepted many, and exceptional with her strong passes from back line throw in.  Ebony Fisher (WD) consistent with marking of her player, created leads for the ball to travel to C and WA.  Overall the score did not show the netball diligence and compliments from the opposition on your fair play.  Well done.  Thank you to Olivia Small and Rachel Small for umpiring the game.
Cathy Small


KWS Cross Vs CYMS Sapphires (28 July)

First game back and a little rusty, however, with only 7 players, there was no rests for the team.  All stepped up to the mark, put in their best efforts and gave it all.  With the loss of the team’s 2nd goal shooter, a team reshuffle was required to accommodate.  Lucky Emma Wright, once again, drew the shooters straw, swapping GS, GA positions with Erin Bracks for alternate quarters.  Together they worked fluidly, intuitively knew each other’s position and weaving around opposition.  Goals were scored.  Siobhan Finn (C) tried her one handed passes, which worked like a charm, passing with accuracy and distance into goal circle.  Ebony Fisher (WA) placed herself on circle and was ready for the feeding of ball into shooter. Sophie Brunner with a position change to WD did an amazing job, despite being not very well, coming out for centre passes and then dropped quickly back to deflect ball from opposition WA, her passes are always accurate and strong.  Adelaide Gavin (GD, GK) equipped with a new skill for gaining rebounds made good use of it, and was always running forward to help attacks by bringing the ball down.  Caitlin Edmonstone (C, GD) trying another positional change stepped up to the mark and deflected many passes and made it very difficult for shooter to move into circle.  Good use of every player girls.  Great team work.
Cathy Small


KWS Cross Vs OHS Chargers

Undoubtedly , the best Netball the KWS Cross have played;  great use of the entire court, crowding was minimal and it was fantastic to see all of the players on the court utilised and playing to their positions.  Since last played the OHS Chargers, goals scored were up and opposition goals down, and in the last 1/4, goal scoring was even.  This week, another reshuffle of positions, with an additional player thrown in the mix, which actually turns out to be an advantages move.  Sophie Brunner, champion 2IC shooter, played a strategic game, driving out of goal circle for passes, confusing opposition, to then pass strongly and accurately onto Erin Bracks.  Erin (GA),  who has outstanding goal shooting accuracy, worked seamlessly with Sophie (GS) , Emma (C) and Siobhan (WA), driving forward to ring to take the pass, and then goal, incredibly consistent in shooting of goals.  Siobhan Finn (WA), caged at all angles by opposition for the centre throw in, was superbly quick off the mark, and against all odds broke free every time to take the centre pass.  Great dodging and great tenacity.  Emma Wright (C) ran hard for every ball and raced forward to get brilliant leads towards goal circle, was ready for the small quick passes and covered long passes across goal circle.  Isabelle Joseph (WD), first game with the KWS Cross, picked up the teams strategy well, came out strongly for the centre passes, arms up in defence and marked her player well.  Caitlin Edmonstone(GD) had a great game reading her attack player well and worked the circle to deflect many passes into goal circle and brilliant with rebounds.  Adelaide Gavin (GK), on her toes with very tight defence, focused on keeping her player away from the ring, to make a chance for goal more difficult.  Many balls shot for goals were regained in our possession by quick grabbing at rebounds. It was a very exciting game to watch girls and am very impressed.  Thank you to Caitlin and Siobhan who umpired the game beforehand and thank you to Olivia Small for mentoring the umpires.

Cathy Small


KWS Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds have had a win and a loss in the last two matches. They were defeated by Hawks 32-42 and won against CSU Aggies 32-26. They were both hard fought matches. The girls played well against the Hawks but the height of the opposing team in the goal circles made it hard to shoot and to get rebounds. It was good to see that some of the longer passes were accurate. Against Aggies the girls were on top most quarters and the shooters were on their game. Alanah, Chelsea and Emer got some beautiful shots and sealed the match for us. Centre court and defence players worked well to get many intercepts. It was a great team effort.
Kathryn Northam


KWS 13As v Life Studio

The last 2 games have been against the 2 Life Studio teams in our competition.

Saturday 28/7 was against the Green Machine. Some great netball was played in a hard fought game. We were up by 1 or 2 points all game, unfortunately going down by 2 points in the final quarter. Evie Hall was captain and was voted players player for this game. This Saturday 4/8 we played The Mikis. Our first half was rushed. While we got many intercepts across the court, we also threw the ball away too much. The second half was more settled, seeing us spread out and time our passes better. This allowed us to take home the win 20-8. Well done to all the girls who played and to Sophie Martin for getting players player and having a great go in GS.

Game points awarded by the coach were as follows:

Green Machine game - 3 points to Greta Bourne, 2 points to Evie Hall and 1 point to Lily Robson.

Mikis game – 3 points to Lily Robson, 2 points to Sophie Martin and 1 point to Jayde Caro

Mrs Whiteley and Captains, Ayla Ryan and Evie Hall

Rugby Reports

KWS 1st XV v Oakhill College (4 August)

Final Score: KWS 10 - OHC 3

The Kinross Wolaroi 1st XV travelled to Sydney and had a physical game against a well drilled Oakhill College 1st XV. The game was played with plenty of aggression with each side wishing not to take a backward step. The Oakhill scrambled well in defence and produced a number of try saving tackles in the first half. The Kinross men had a number of scoring opportunities, but the Oakhill defence was too strong. Half time score KWS 0- OHC 0.

The second half was a battle for both teams. Defensively Jack Jones, Aiden Kelso, Harry Jeffry, William Smith and Brett Johnson were excellent. Fletcher Rose crashed over for a try after the Kinross men were patient and put together a number of phases. Fletcher Rose after some hard running scored his second try of the game which brought the score to 10 – 3. Lachlan Fisher and Preston Simpson were impressive out wide. The final 10 minutes of the game was a “see sawing” event with both sides trying to score out wide and in close through the forwards. The game was played with great enthusiasm and it was an excellent challenge for the Kinross men who shape up this weekend to an inform St Gregory’ s College.

3 points: Fletcher Rose

2 points: Ellis Hawker

1 point: Aiden Kelso, Harry Jeffery, Lachlan Fisher

Try scorer: Fletcher Rose x 2

Liam Callaghan


KWS 1st XV v Canberra Vikings (28 July)
Final score: 69-19

After a 4 week break and the ISA BYE ahead we knew that we needed some Rugby under the belt before we moved into the final 3 ISA rounds. A trip to the Nation’s Capital was exactly what we needed.

Taking on the Vikings in Canberra we naturally expected a tough match. However, this game highlighted our depth of player talent. With 20 players in the squad the KWS boys put on a performance which gave the coaching staff a number of selection issues, as all the boys did exceptionally well.

The first half saw 5 tries, Charlie Wilson highlighted his athletic ability with a first up intercept try. Lachy Fisher was a handful in the backline and Fletcher Rose scored his first of 2 tries. Fraser Robertson put one over the white line, a result of brilliant support play and Brett Johnson crossed to make it 31-0 at halftime.

The second half produced more of the same with 38 more points to the men from Orange but the Vikings were not prepared to lie down as they crossed on three occasions. Angus Andrews has been one of the big improvers this season and his effort was repaid with a 5 pointer. Jock Medway and Hamish Kidd proved to be a real handful for the opposition and kept the scoreboard ticking over. Will Smith and Ellis Hawker were added to the score sheet and rewarded for their non-stop effort. As the final whistle blew the boys had blown out the cobwebs and left the ACT as worthy winners.

Try Scorers: Charlie Wilson, Lachlan fisher, Fletcher Rose 2, Brett Johnson, Fraser Robinson, Angus Andrew, Hamish Kidd, Jock Medway, Will Smith, Ellis Hawker

Goal Kickers: Brett Johnson 2, Lachlan fisher 2, Jock Medway, Angus Andrew, Fletcher Rose

3 points: Lachlan Fisher

2 points: Fletcher Rose

1 point: Ellis Hawker, Charlie Wilson

Huon Barrett


KWS 2nd XV v Oakhill 2nd XV

Final score: 12-29

The KWS 2nd XV were hit with 3 last minute changes due to illness and injury but still managed to play one of their best matches of the season against a strong Oakhill side. Oakhill put early pressure on KWS however, strong defence held them out before great ball retention saw KWS go the length of the field in 10 phases to see Will Smith crash over to open the scoring after 10 minutes. Oakhill managed to hit back with 3 tries at the end of the first half with the KWS defence tiring after such a strong start to the match to trail 19-5. KWS improved their handling in the second half which lead to a try to Cameron Miller following a break by Hamish Corcoran. The try was converted by Mitch Strike to keep KWS in the match at 12-19. KWS put pressure on the Oakhill line for 15 minutes but handling errors cost try scoring opportunities before Oakhill managed two late tries to win 29-12. All players are to be congratulated on a fantastic effort but best on the day were Henry Carter (3 points), Nic Booth (2 points) and Tom Geyer (1 point).

Paul McRae


KWS 16As Vs Oakhill College (4 August)

Final score: 26-0

Josh Dominello started for the A’s for the first time this season as injury has kept him sidelined and he proved to be a great asset (while he lasted) in both defence and attack, putting Alex Brien through a gap for his first try.

The two centres Lachlan Donnelly and Hugh Aldersley got the ball to the space on the edges and both our wingers Liam Choi and Jack Pengilly made finding runs to set up the team in good field position for attack. Harry May finished one of these attacking raids barging his way over between two players to score a meat pie.

Fletcher Ryan, Will Leulf and Alex Brien controlled our width in attack and punched holes in the defence.

Ed Taylor, Nic Rasmussen, Digby Cooper, Lew Connick and Hugh McIntyre all controlled the defence and line speed well to hold the opposition to nil.

Cody Kelso had a captains knock running hard, offloading and holding up players in defence to create a mauls.

KWS scorers: Cody Kelso, Harry May, Alex Brien 2 tries, Alex Brien goal, Lachie Donelly 2 goals
Andrew Hillan


KWS 13As v Emus Rugby Club

Final score: 7-1
On a beautiful winters day, the KWS 13As hosted the Emus Rugby team in a match played in great spirit. The opening stanza saw a lot of mistakes by KWS with a lot of dropped ball, penalties and frustration. Carter straightened up the attack nicely and cut through the defence like a hot knife through butter! The KWS defence was excellent with Luke, Charlie, Harry and Hugh making some bone jarring tackles.

The 2nd half saw KWS improve a great deal with more patience and control - the team managed to score some fantastic tries. Probably the best was a line out, which was well executed, that saw the ball move along the backline to a sweeping Jock Litchfield, who scooted over for a superb try. That type of footy is the stuff we need to take into next weeks game V Oakhill in Sydney.

Tries: Carter Kirby - 4, Jock Litchfield - 2, Tom Patton - 1.

When the game was finished, sausage sandwiches and soft drinks were enjoyed by both teams to cap a great morning of sport.

Jason Smith


KWS 13As v Oakhill College

After the long (but last) bus trip of the season to Sydney, the young KWS 2 Blues arrived ready to take on a formidable opposition which has 5 Grades in the Under 13s. With the warm up and game plan firmly in place, Oscar Nuthall led out the 13As. From the start, Oakhill dominated possession with KWS struggling for the ball via some scrappy ball control. To their credit, KWS stayed with Oakhill despite the difficulties, once again showing their courage and strength in defence. Luke Dominello, along with Charlie Hall and Oscar McLachlan led the defence in the forwards. Repeat efforts were needed, with Hugh, Carter and Dudley sliding well in the line to snuff out a lot of attacks by Oakhill. At 17-0 at halftime, KWS needed to start well, but failed to apply continued pressure. This allowed the Sydney-siders to grind out a sound win. A big thanks to all supporters who travelled to watch the boys play.

Well done on a great effort Gents. With St Gregs visiting this weekend and the opens brekky, this weekend will again be busy. Please check team app u/13s for all details.

Jason Smith


KWS 13Bs v Scots 13As

Final Score: 50-21
The Mighty 13Bs travelled to Bathurst to play Scots 13As. Scots played a very direct game, with most runs straight up the middle with their backs not getting much ball. The 1st half saw Scots scoot out to a strong lead - with our defence and hands letting down the 13s. The lack of playing depth, with a slow start, made it a tough game, but hopefully helps us in our next ISA game v Oakhill in Sydney. Our 2nd half was much improved.

Best Players: Will Pearce, Zac Arnett, Charlie Collins, Mack Johnston and Will Ker
Jason Smith


KWS 13Bs v Oakhill College Sydney

Final score: 35-0

The mighty 13B’s travelled to Oakhill College to play some quality Rugby. KWS came into the game confident. The 1st half was well played, with KWS holding the hosts to 2 tries, with Charlie Collins saving a certain try with a flying tackle. At half time, the score was 12-0. The 2nd half saw Oakhill apply the pressure and use their backline to run through some gaps. Everyone tackled well and played the game in great spirit, with the final score of 35-0. Max Bloomfield and Will Pearce had exceptional games up the middle, with both players making many effective tackles. Zac Arnett and Mack Thompson had top games in the backs. Everybody gave their best effort and we had a fantastic road trip, stopping at Maccas in Blaxland on our way back over the mountains. Thanks to those who travelled to support us.

Jason Smith

Career News


The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) processes course applications on behalf of tertiary institutions

From Wednesday 1 August, you are able to:

  • Register for a UAC account (timely applications close 28 September).
  • Apply for up to 5 courses (these can be changed later by certain dates).
  •  Complete an Educational Access Schemes (EAS) application by 23 November.
  •  Apply for selected access and equity scholarships by 12 December.

Click the link for an instructional video to show you how to register and apply for courses


Private colleges and TAFE institutes

You will need to apply directly to some institutes. Each relevant private college and TAFE will set their own application dates.


Scholarships and Accommodation

Each university, TAFE and private college sets their own application dates for scholarships and accommodation. Applications should start opening now for most institutions. If you are planning to defer your offer and start in 2020, you may have to apply for accommodation and scholarships late next year.

Students received their UAC guides last week.


The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) processes course applications on behalf of participating higher education institutions. From Monday 6 August, you will be able to create a VTAC account and apply for vocational and higher education courses.  Information can be found on the following sites.

  • Website: The website and social media channels contain information about the application process, Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), and scholarships etc.,
  • Instructional videos: these outline how to set up a VTAC account, how to search for courses and how the preference system works,
  • VTAC CourseSearch app: You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Charles Sturt University Information Evening

Get all the information you need about university to make the best decisions for your future study plans.

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) representatives will also be there to advise on the best way to get into university.

Date and time: 15 August, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Venue: Orange Ex-Services Club, Tobruk Room, 231-243 Anson Street, Orange

Bullseye Poster

You can explore occupations related to your favourite subject. Click on the occupation title in the bullseye to explore the career area,

Career in Information Technology

There’s hardly a job left on the planet that doesn’t use computers and information technology in some way. The area is always expanding in new directions.  From the special effects in The Last Jedi to modern medicine using robots for surgeries, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what information communications technology can do. It’s a fast paced, varied industry that has great opportunities.

For information follow the link


NIDA's Applications Open for 2019

The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is delighted to announce it is accepting applications for the 2019 intake to its world-class higher education performing arts courses. Applications close 30 September 2018. There are greater opportunities than ever before for those looking to pursue a career in creative industries with VET Diplomas, Bachelor and Masters degrees.

UNSW Law Admission Test

The 2018 LAT will be held on Tuesday 25 September 2018.

Registrations for the 2018 LAT are open on the ACER website and will close on 10 August 2018.

The Law Admission Test or LAT is a written test that is used to demonstrate your aptitude and suitability for studying undergraduate Law at UNSW. Your LAT score, in addition to your academic results (e.g. ATAR + adjustment factors) will be used in our selection process to allow us to better differentiate between the many high achieving applicants to Law. The LAT was introduced in 2016 for entry to UNSW Law double degrees.

Study Overseas

Save the Date - Study Overseas Information Evening at Ascham - 29 August 2018

On Wednesday 29 August from 5.00 – 7.30pm Ascham School is hosting a ‘Study Overseas Information Evening’. The intention of this evening is to provide Year 10, 11 and 12 students and their parents with an opportunity to meet representatives from a range of international tertiary institutions from North America, UK, Asia and Europe.

Education USA will be delivering a seminar about the USA application process.  Any enquiries may be directed to Gillian Sloan, Tertiary Education and Careers Adviser at Ascham School at [email protected]


Choose the right subjects to get a Building & Construction Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship Engagement Forum website has 11 downloadable flyers that suggest subject choices in years 9 to 12. The subjects have been recommended by each industry. The flyers cover bricklaying, signs & graphics, fire sprinkler fitter, carpentry, shopfitting, stonemasonry, wall & floor tiling, plumbing, wall & ceiling lining, painting & decorating and roof tiling.


Kimberley Jones
Year 12 Co-ordinator/Career Advisor


Year 7 ICAS Science Assessment 2018

On the 24th of May, 2018, most of the Year 7 students sat the ICAS Science Task organised by UNSW. In week 2 of Term 3 the Science teachers will hand out the question papers, the results letters and the Participation, Merit and Credit certificates. The High Distinction and Distinction certificates will be presented to the students in the next Year 7 assembly, during week 5.

Please ask to see the individual results letter which your child receives, as it has some worthwhile and detailed information about their performance in this task. Additional details can be found by accessing the website using the TAP-ID and PIN on the bottom of page 1 of this letter.

In the meantime I would like to acknowledge the high achievers in the ICAS Science Assessment and thank Mrs Young and Ms Stammer for their work in co-ordinating this task.


The following students scored High Distinction awards:

Jack Chamberlain and Ollie Wong


The following students achieved Distinction awards:

Max Bloomfield, Lucy Earl, Sophie Heath, Zimmy Levi, Mutyiri Makanaka, Ethan Shaw, Gordon Suthers, Kelvin Tang


The following students achieved Credit awards:

Zachary Annett, Kaden Blanksby, Megan Connan, Nicholas De Bruyn, Joseph Denman, Lydia Durkin, Isobel Edmonstone, William Gaston, Phoebe Gordon, Toby Gough, Dan Hunter, Ned Jones, Bradley Kildey, Zielle Lewis, Airlie Mason, Jade McLean, Nagar Shubhang, Thomas Patton, Phoebe Poole, Max Reidy, Heath Robinson, Ayla Ryan, Lucy Scammell

Matthew Healey
HOD Science

Language Exchange Opportunity

Applications are now being accepted for students wishing to take part in a language exchange to France in Term 4 2018. Year 10 elective French students will have the opportunity to take part in a 5-week exchange at Institut Saint-Dominique in Pau, France during the second half of Term 4. Application forms can be downloaded from the International Exchange Frog page, including the confidential referees report, and should be returned to Ms Young by Wednesday 15th August. As part of this exchange, French students will visit our school in Term 2, 2019, and it is hoped that families of participating students would be willing to act as host families for these students for a period of 5 weeks. If you have any questions about this exciting opportunity, please contact Ms Holly Young by email: [email protected].

Holly Young
Language Teacher

International Student Exchange

Next week we will have 5 of our students in New Zealand at Timaru Boys School and Christchurch Girls High School. We will be hosting 5 New Zealand students. I have had a few families volunteer to host our exchange students for weekends and I am asking again for more volunteers to give our NZ students some good experiences, either on the farm or here in Orange. It would also be greatly appreciated if families travelling (for example to either to Sydney or Canberra) could take our students for a weekend and show them our country. Please email me at [email protected] if you can volunteer as a host family. We are also in the process of interviewing our boys and girls to travel to Scotland and South Africa in Term 4. It is very rewarding interviewing our wonderful young men and women for these positions. Year 10 students of French will also have the opportunity to travel to France on exchange to Pau in Term 4. See the FROG site for details of the application process and due dates.

Planning is also underway to broaden the exchange program in 2019, with possible exchanges happening for Year 10 2019 students to Japan, France, Wales, England and India.

Catherine Litchfield
Co-ordinator International Student Exchange

P&F News

P&F Meeting - tonight, Wednesday, 8th August, 7pm in the boardroom of Wolaroi Mansion

The P&F meet to discuss opportunities to strengthen the school community; we appreciate all ideas and support where possible.

Topics being discussed tonight include: farmers and the farming community, the KWS Cookbook and the end of year social event.

Please come along if you would like to be involved; for those unable to attend in person, you are welcome to dial in via our teleconferencing service; dial 1800 857 029 and use guest code 19137159#.  

Donna McIntyre

P&F Secretary

[email protected]

Cricket: Get your gear ready for Summer

A courtesy reminder for boarder parents to have your child’s cricket gear brought to school when possible before Cricket season starts at the conclusion of the Winter sport season. In addition, please visit the NEW ‘Cricket’ Frog webpage, which can be found on the Sport landing page. This site will be a one-stop-shop for all Cricket news, draws, results and other important information.

Ben Ronald

MIC Cricket

Canteen News

Barista Style Coffee available in the canteen

9am till 1230  pm and 1pm till 2pm

  • $3.50 bring your own cup
  • $4.00 if no cup
  • $5.00 if double shot large

Buy 5 coffees get the 6th one FREE (Canteen has coffee cards to keep track).

Also Due to supplier increases some canteen items will be increasing.

Stephanie Horan
Canteen Manager

Webinar: Parties, gatherings and sleepovers - How can parents keep their teens safe?

Wednesday 3 October, 2018 from 6-7pm

Presented by Mr Paul Dillon

This webinar is for parents and guardians of teenagers who are looking for strategies to help keep their child safe at parties. Teenage parties provide young people with valuable opportunities to develop a range of social skills that they need to relate effectively with their peers. As they get older alcohol is more likely to become a part of these social gatherings and, unfortunately, things can go wrong. This presentation will examine what we know about school-based young people and alcohol use and its use at parties. It will also provide practical strategies and simple tips for parents considering allowing their teen to attend such events to help ensure they are as safe as possible.

This webinar will provide:

  • information about teenage parties and the involvement of alcohol
  • practical strategies and advice for parents to make sure their child is a safe as possible when attending a party

To register for the Webinar please follow the link:


Parent Lecture Series

Paul Dillon will be presenting in person at KWS as part of our Parent Lecture Series on Monday 22 October from 6pm. More information about this event will be provided later in the term.

KWS Community Cookbook

We need you!

  • Would you like to be involved in creating a cookbook? One that captures our Kinross Wolaroi community from Pre-Prep through to Year 12 and reflects the region in which our school is based?
  • Do you have any experience in publishing (editing, graphic design, art direction etc), copywriting, photography or food styling? If so please get in touch.
  • Would you like to be involved in creating a cookbook but don’t have any specific prior experience? Please get in touch too - we need people with an interest in food who can give their time to help make a book happen.

Our cookbook will be published in time for Christmas 2019 and all proceeds will go into resources for the school.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Alison Karbowiak

[email protected]

0423 053 325

Science Holiday Fun - Christmas Break

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2018 program year.

​Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.
The program takes place in over thirty-five universities and tertiary institutions, within many different laboratories and lecture theatres. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 65,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.
The program also provides information about further studies in science, technology and engineering. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.
One aspect of the program often commented on by participants is the opportunity to meet and share ideas with students from different schools. Each program includes a BBQ or other social activity.

For more information please download the brochure at:
Catherine Litchfield

2IC Science / Co-ordinator International Student Exchange

Rowing Reminder

Year 7 Students please note that lunch time Erg Room Rowing started at the beginning of Term 3!

No need for sport gear, School uniform and school shoes are ok. It takes approx. 10 minutes, 3-4 sessions per week. Trials are planned for mid-September.

Entry to Erg Room is from Gym or Outside (Bus Bay).

Sinisa Kosarac

Sneak Peek - Chronicle Magazine

Issue 5 of the Chronicle has hit the printers and will be ready to send out to KWS families and friends over the coming weeks!

This edition of the Chronicle focuses on everyday life at our School - the ordinary that is really quite extraordinary. 

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed pulling it all together! 

All current KWS families will receive a hard copy of The Chronicle in the post. Alumni will be sent a digital copy and may request a hard copy to be posted if they would like.

Upcoming Events

HSC Drama Showcase


HSC Music Recital Evening


Indigenous Rugby Round



KWS Senior School Fortnightly Bulletin