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06 September 2018
Term 3 Week 8 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


Monday, 10th September

Years 3/4 Hooptime NWS


Tuesday, 11th September

ASV Primary Basketball Tournament


Wednesday, 12th September

Prep Orientation Day 2 NWS

Years 7/8 SEISS Touch/Rugby or AFL/Netball


17th - 21st September

eSmart Week





Monday, 17th September



Tuesday, 18th September

S -v- S Challenge

Parent/Teacher Interviews


Friday, 21st September

Last Day Term 3

Finish 12:50pm


Sunday, 7th October

Daylight Savings Starts


Monday, 8th October

First Day Term 4


Wednesday, 10th October

Mental Health Day (Sec)


Tuesday, 16th October 

Open Morning 10-12pm NWS


Wednesday, 17th October

ASV Primary Soccer Tournament

VCE CCLA Language Exams


Friday, 19th October

School Fees Due


Monday, 22nd October

SEISS Years 9/10 Tennis/Volleyball


Tuesday, 23rd October

Open Morning 10-12pm OC


Wednesday, 24th October

Last Day Year 12

Prep Orientation Day 3 NWS/OC


Friday, 26th October

Bus Fees Due

World Teacher's Day


Monday, 29th October

SEISS Athletics Carnival


Tuesday, 30th October 

New Student Orientation Day


Wednesday, 31st October

VCE Exams Commence


Thursday, 1st November

ASV Primary Spelling Bee


Monday, 5th November

Student Free Day, Office Closed


Tuesday, 6th November

Melbourne Cup Day


8th - 9th November

Year 9 Solo Camp


Thursday, 8th November

Years 7/8 SEISS Tennis/Volleyball


Friday, 9th November

Remembrance Day NWS/OC


Sunday, 11th November

Remembrance Day


12th - 15th November

Years 10/11 End of Year Exams


Friday, 16th November

Report Editing Student Free Day


Wednesday, 21st November

VCE Exams Conclude

Prep Orientation Day 4 NWS/OC

Year 12 Formal


24th Nov - 6th Dec

Year 12 Nepal Service Trip


Tuesday, 4th December

Year 9 Homecoming Night

Primary Swimming Carnival


Thursday, 6th December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner


Monday, 10th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Primary


Tuesday, 11th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Primary Picnic

Presentation Night - Secondary

Last Day Term 4


Thursday, 13th December

ELC Closes


Friday, 14th December 

Staff Christmas Breakup


Tuesday, 18th December

Offices Close

General Information

Entertainment Book Fundraiser



There will be no canteen in Week 10 of Term 3.


Thank you.

From the School Captains

 Greetings to all! I hope you all had a great time with your families on the weekend, celebrating Father’s Day. This week’s value is excellence. Last Friday, the year fives and sixes went to Eden Rise and Casey Central to wish fathers a happy Father’s Day by giving them a small gifts. Not only was the experience an act of service, it also was an experience that showed excellence, because we showed excellence in uniform, excellence in doing our best to give out all the gifts and resilience to accept the fact that sometimes people rejected our gifts. A lot of the fathers were very happy to see that they were receiving small gifts with messages of thanks for being a dad on them,  and for most, it really made there day. Service reminds us that it is not always about receiving things, it’s also about giving. I would like to leave you with a verse from the book of Colossians, chapter 3 verse 23, it says, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” Last Friday, we didn’t just give out small gifts to make men happy, we did it for the Lord. God Bless!



 Hello everyone, this week's value is Excellence, and the motto is ‘Doing your Best’. We have talk about how fathers and father figures strive to do their best for there family, they have a special role to play in our lives. The title of ‘Father’, is the same title that we call God. Like a good father, He looks after us, guides us, protects us and nurtures us, our father-figures are also called to mirror the qualities that God shows us. Tying in with our school value of excellence, it does not mean that there will be an absence of mistakes, but it does mean the presence of faith and determination. Fathers should strive to teach their children in the best way that they can, so that their children, too, can see how to strive for excellence. This could be trying their best in their studies, in their other activities and in how they respectfully treat others.  If you make a mistake, a good father still loves you the same way Christ loves love. We are all God’s children. May God bless all our fathers.


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PB4L Value Awards

Year 2/3C - Jacob

Year 1WV - Tibba

Year 2K - Gatlat for Service and Mariah for Excellence

Year 3MC -Nandani for Excellence 

Year 4CJ - Aadesh

Year 4/5W - Kaitlyn 

Year 5RJ - Joaquin for Excellence

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 8

Minimising Risk of Unwanted Contact

“There are some simple things that parents can do to can help prevent unwanted contact.


Stay involved
  • Stay involved in your child’s use of technologies. Keep up-to-date with the sites they are visiting and explore them together.

  • It is useful to consider whether you are comfortable with the content of the sites and the potential for contact with others including adults.

  • Help them to report cyberbullying to the service provider or website administrator.

  • Reassure your child that you will give support even when they have shared something online they might regret.

  • Keep communication open and calm so they know they can report when someone is asking them to do something online that doesn’t feel right.

Establish rules

  • Remind your child to create a ‘safe’ user name. It should not indicate their gender, age, name or location and is not sexually provocative – a first name or nickname is ideal.

  • Establish rules regarding what information your child can post online, including not providing their surname, address or school and for younger children, request they don’t upload or text images or videos without your permission.

Protect privacy

  • Guide your child to use their privacy settings to restrict their online information to viewing by known friends only on social networking sites.

  • Encourage your child to keep their online friends online.

Talk safety

  • Talk about how to maximise ‘safe’ conditions for any face-to-face meeting with ‘online’ friends including being accompanied by you or another trusted adult in public places during the day. And remind them to always tell someone where they are going and who they are meeting.

  • Encourage your child to be alert to people who make them feel uncomfortable and to block them and report inappropriate contact to the website administrator.

  • Teach your kids to notify you immediately if a stranger tries to start a conversation about something inappropriate or requests personal information or photos.

Be proactive

  • Don’t block your child’s internet access if they are worried about what has been said online as they may not open up to you in future.

  • Be alert to concerning changes in your child’s behaviour or mood. Watch for signs of withdrawal, anxiety, sadness or changed interactions with family friends.

  • Seek professional support if necessary.”


Taken directly from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner iParent Portal:




Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning and Curriculum Coordinator

Heritage Church

“Our church seeks to be relevant, inclusive and non-judgmental. We acknowledge and respect differences and offer fellowship to anyone who seeks it. We are an active church that practises hands-on ministry.”


Heritage College

333 Centre Road

Narre Warren South


Saturday Mornings

9:30-10:30am - Kids Church

10:15-11am - Hot Drinks and Catch Up

11am - Worship Team and Pr Lagi bringing the Word, 'Know God'


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

PB4L Report 
Week 8

Over the next few weeks we will spend some time unpacking our four images and why we linked them in with our four values.  The image shows how our core values are embedded into our Christian worldview. The Christian worldview is a framework that helps the Christian individual interpret the world.


Our first value, and the value of this week is Excellence. Excellent Heritage College students always give their best in all they do. “What your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” Ecclesiastes 9:10.  The PB4L team decided that God’s great example of Excellence can be seen through creation as Jesus Christ created an excellent world.


I chuckled to myself as I looked for interesting facts about creation on the internet and came across the article “13 Incredibly Lucky Earth Facts”. I would love to sit with that author and try and convince them that it wasn’t luck but rather God’s hand behind creation and that’s why we are blessed to live on this earth. I’ll still share the top three of those facts with you as they still show how Excellent our God is.

  1. Third Rock - we are the third rock from the sun, putting us in the perfect, not too hot, not too cold spot. This is also the reason why we have water too.

  2. Stable Rotation - The Earth’s rotation brings up the sun each morning. If the earth didn’t rotate, one half of the world would freeze over and the other half would die of heat.

  3. The Deep Blue Sea - About 70% of the world is covered by ocean. Water is what supports our life on this planet.

One of my favourite parts of the creation story is at the end of the third day, Genesis 1:12 states “And God saw that it was good”. I can just picture Him looking at what He had made so far thinking, wow look what I have made. He definitely had us in mind, thinking about how we would enjoy it all. It’s great to see that we serve a God who strives for excellence. Let’s use His example and reach for excellence in all areas of our lives too. In His strength we can.


Mrs Isabelle Millien

PB4L Coach



Teenage School Holiday Program


From Narre Warren South

Father’s Day Community Service Walk​

Exhilarated chatter filled the air as the students of Years 5 and 6 entered the shopping centre, ready to give out their gifts of happiness to the awaiting fathers.


It was the weekend before Father’s Day and students of Heritage College, Narre Warren South, were ready to spread the cheer that Father’s Day was here. In their hands was a superhero of miniature proportions, some may even say it melted their hearts to be given this tiny superhero. It was indeed a chocolate frog in disguise, but that was not all of the gifts that were to be given this day. The gift was far more precious on both sides of the equation, that some may even say that it was hardly even recognised at all. This gift was varied in nature but the gift of service was prevalent in all. It was a chance to get out into the community and make someone’s day happier; to put a smile on their face and to even get a warm feeling, the result of a nice gesture. This is what some members of the public had to say about our event:


“I would just like to write to your school to let you know how lovely it was to be greeted by some lovely students from your school at Eden Rise shopping centre who handed me a chocolate frog wrapped with a message in it.  They said it was for my husband and had a lovely little chat about him and they all seemed genuinely interested in who he was. This made my day and my husband was very touched by their lovely gesture. What lovely students your school have.  Thank you for letting them be involved in a small but lovely activity. I hope that they enjoyed doing this also.”

Regards, Mrs Wilkinson
(A member of the public from Eden Rise Shopping Centre.)


“I would like to pass on my appreciation from the gift presented to me on Friday at Casey Central shopping centre.

I was asked very politely if I was a Dad, I replied ‘yes’ and the young gentleman presented me with a frog wrapped in a red parcel.

He was extremely courteous and I would hope my grandchildren of a similar age would have been so polite.

Thanks for the thought by whomever it was. Very touching for my wife, and I congratulate Heritage College.

When we asked where his school was he told us in detail. Well done.”


Regards, Mr Pierce.
(A member of the public from Casey Central Shopping Centre)


It was not only the public that received a wonderful blessing from this act of service, but the students as well. Many of them found that special connection when giving to others and also learnt the value of resilience as a result of this event. The following are their reflections of the morning:


“On the Father’s Day Community Walk it was real fun! With my group we went to Eden Rise. Giving out chocolates was kind of hard, especially when people would reject the chocolate or just keep on walking forward. I guessed that they were busy, but we all bounced back and kept on walking to the next dad. I enjoyed it so much that I would like to do it again next year!”

Juni 5RJ


“The Father’s Day Walk was a great experience; walking up to fathers at the shopping centre and wishing them a Happy Father’s Day. Watching them smile and thank us was an amazing feeling. All in all, I had a great time.”

Milko 6E


“Father's Day Community Walk was a great experience for all the Year fives and sixes. The Year fives went to Eden Rise and Year six went to Casey Central. My group and I had fun giving out the chocolate super-heroes. Some fathers and grandpas didn't want to have the chocolate, but we bounced back and kept on going.”

Jalane 5RJ


“The Father’s Day Walk was a great day. I learnt that it can be scary walking up to strangers but it was pretty fun seeing all their smiles accepting the gift (even though it was kind of sad getting rejected). Overall, I had a great day and I really look forward to doing this in high school!”

Beirut 6E

Mr Andrew Waldrip

Year 4/5W Teacher

Book Fair A Success!

It was great to see our students so excited over our Book Fair held last week. 


We sold $1398.28 giving us a commission of $399.50 worth of free new books for our library. 


A huge thank you to all our parents, friends,  and staff for your valued support for this annual event.

Mrs Sandra Watson

Book Fair Coordinator

The Treasure Hunt!

The classroom was empty, except for a few students who were trying to figure out their first clue.  “Wow this is really hard to figure out!” I heard a voice say after the rest of students had scattered from the room.  After a week of planning and writing, Year 4 and 4/5W were hunting for treasure. Each student had created their own treasure hunt writing clues and messages.  I sat down with James and Koang as we tried to decode Spencer’s message written in Morse Code. Boy was it hard! I wondered how people in the 1800’s remembered how all the dots and dashes linked with letters and decoded telegrams so quickly.  After what seemed like forever, we found the final letter of the message and James and Koang ran off to find the next clue.


I turned around to see who else was still in the room.  “Can we have some help, please?” I heard Amelia and Kenna ask. I looked at their message, written in a strange, made up code.  With some of the letters missing, it was difficult to try and work out what the answer was, but we eventually figured enough of the message to be able to find the next clue.  As Amelia and Kenna left to hunt for their next clue, I smiled at the effort and creativity the students had put into their treasure hunts. They were really good at coming up with clever ways to disguise their clues to make it challenging for others.  


Anyone who walked into our school that Tuesday morning would have seen students running around frantically trying to complete their treasure hunt before the recess bell went.  While most students found their “treasure”, some had to skip to the end with the help of their treasure hunt’s creator, to be able to finish on time (we did have some students still searching during recess time though).  


The treasure hunt was a great ending to this year’s Book Week, in which the theme was “Find Your Treasure”.  It was a great opportunity for students to use both their reading and writing skills to create their own treasure hunt.  We also challenged our students to look for treasure within the pages of different books, which we shared during the week.  We found a variety of treasures, such as humour, friendship and curiosity as we read new books; ‘Koala’s Eat Gum Leaves’, ‘Excuse Me!’, ‘Mopoke’ and ‘A Walk In The Bush’.  Look out for our persuasive advertising posters soon.


So, what is your treasure?  What have you found that is valuable between the covers of a good book?  What lessons have you learnt or what wisdom have you gained from reading?  Reading a book is just like a treasure hunt. Read the clues, follow the trail and find the treasure at the end.  But, don’t forget to share that treasure with someone else too. It could be just what they’ve been looking for.

Mrs Jo Capon

Year 4CJ Teacher

Father's Day Video from
Year 1WV


From the Secondary Campus

High School Cancer Competition (HSCC) for Year 10 Students

The HSCC is a 60-minute multiple-choice competition based on the ACHSC Cancer Syllabus. It is the first Australian Science competition that focuses on cancer.


The top performing students will be offered a week-long research internship at the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg.


Location: Officer Campus

Date: Friday, 21st September 2018, 9:00AM to 10:00AM
Cost & quota: $5 per student (HSCC only), no limit per school


For more information, visit our website.


If you are a Year 10 student and want to take part in this competition, please email Miss Lawson at j.lawson@heritagecollege.com.au.

Plastic Bottles Required

Another recycling project is coming your way, this time based on the work of American Artist Dale Chihuly.  Soft drink, fruit juice and milk bottles will all work fine.  Please rinse and leave at the office of either campus.


Thank you.


Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Secondary Art Teacher

From the Officer Primary Campus

Events and Special Days in Term 3

Information letters will be sent home closer to dates when required

  • Gymnastics Lessons

    • Each Friday at NWS campus

    • Prep/1 Lesson: 10:40am

    • Year 2/3 Lesson: 11:30am

    • Year 4/5 Lesson: 12:20pm

  • Enrichment Program

    • Year 2, 3, 4 & 5 Students - Fridays from 1:30-2:15pm

    • Choice of:

      • OCP Choir

      • STEM Projects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

  • Footy Colours Day - 7th September

    • Wear Football (or Sports team) colours for the day. All donations will go towards the Fight Cancer Foundation’s education program for kids to continue their education during treatment and recovery.

  • 2019 Prep Orientation Days

    • Day 3 - 24th October 

    • Note: If you know of future Prep students who intend to enroll in the OCP 2019 Prep class, please contact the school to register for the Orientation Days. We thank you in advance for sharing these dates with your friends and family who may have young kids getting ready for their 2019 schooling.

  • ASV Primary Basketball Tournament: September 11th (more information closer to date)

  • Finish time for final day of the term: 2:15pm on Friday, 21st September

  • Term 4 Start Date: Monday, 8th October

Father's Day Celebrations

Officer Campus Primary students walked into school on Friday with big smiles on their faces as they hosted a morning tea for their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and special men in their lives. Father's enjoyed a relaxed morning of conversation and many stayed on to join us for the Chapel program too.


Thank you to all the Fathers who came along to spend a special morning at school with their children. We hope you had a blessed weekend! -

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher & 3IC

Prep Orientation Day 2

Seventeen very excited young 2019 Prep students came into Officer Campus Primary for their second Orientation Day. Students enjoyed a range of activities inside and out! Sitting down and sharing story time with their teacher Miss Wells was another highlight for students. Students from the Year 2/3 class gave their time to help these new students settle into their new school and were delighted in helping show our school value of Service. We are looking forward to seeing these students again on October 24th. 

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher & 3IC

From the ELC


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