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18 October 2019
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From the Principal

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope all our families were able to enjoy the spring weather and valuable time with family and friends. 


We wish our Year 12 students the best of luck in their HSC examinations that commenced yesterday. The culmination of years of schooling has led them to this point and we are excited to see what their future holds.


As we head to the end of the year and are planning for 2020, a number of staffing changes occur.  Two positions currently on the Executive Team will finish at the end of this year, Director of Administration, Mike Weier and Head of Pastoral Care, Libby Barnes will both end at the conclusion of 2019 as positions in the school.  Both Mike and Libby have made significant contributions to the school during their ten years of service and have strong and positive connections with many students, staff and families. Many of the Pastoral Care and Curriculum structures we currently enjoy have been developed by Libby or Mike and we are all very grateful for their dedication. Mike has decided to leave Moama Anglican Grammar and Libby will remain on staff.


There are also other staff who have indicated that they will not be with us next year or for part of next year.  Stacey Warren who is one of the counsellors will take Maternity Leave from the beginning of November this year for 12 months.  We wish Stacey and Steve all the very best as they prepare to welcome a baby and extend their family.  The position of counsellor will be taken up by Libby Barnes who is very experienced and knows many of our students and families.  Libby is looking forward to working more closely with our Primary students again.


We will also farewell Bronwyn Andrzejeski (Year 4), Sophie Moylan (Secondary HSIE and English) and Sue Harrison (Secondary Art Part Time).  These staff have also made significant contributions.  In particular Sue Harrison has been with the school from its beginnings and created the logo for the school. 


It is always difficult to farewell staff; teaching is not as isolated a career as many might think.  We are very team orientated and work together to provide an environment where everyone, students and staff can maximise their potential.  We always strive to create a place that cultivates the habits of high performing teams and our teaching and non-teaching staff work to attain this goal as a team.  Often teachers move to other schools for a range of reasons and we wish them well as they take a part of Moama Anglican Grammar with them to their new school where they will continue to learn and fulfil their dreams working with the next generation.


Carmel Spry


From the Deputy Principal

Student leaders - the future is bright!

After telling my HSC Extension 1 Mathematics class that I had studied Astrophysics at University as part of my Degree they gifted me with a wonderful picture of an artist's logarithmic scale conception of the observable universe. It’s a beautiful print and a very thoughtful gift! The print highlights how our knowledge of the world is an infinite learning curve.


Interestingly (maybe only for me?), for the first time a Mathematician has won the 2019 Prime Minister's Prize for Science. Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger of the University of Western Australia won her award for the work she has done in the field of group theory, a branch of pure mathematics which deals in part with questions of symmetry. In “real life” terms Professor Praeger has enhanced the security of information online which means we are able to do our banking and sharing of information online without the fear of being cyber robbed of our money and information. 


Professor Praeger was once a young person in school and I wonder if she thought that she might contribute, as significantly as she has, in the world of mathematics one day? I wonder if she was a wiz at mathematics while she was at school? Our school is so very young and so we have a young Alumni. However, many of our past students are contributing significantly to their work place and communities. You don’t have to win an award to make a positive impact on our world.


Each year I continue to be so grateful for the caring, thoughtful, creative, fun and dedicated students we have consistently making a positive impact on our school. In the adult world it is hard not to despair sometimes for our future when we hear some of our political leaders speak. However, when many of our students speak or present here at school you realise that maybe the future is in good hands. This was particularly highlighted on Wednesday when the final nominees for our 2020 School Captains and Vice Captains presented to us at Secondary Assembly. Caitlin Ebsworth, Thomas Keele, Lakeisha Ludbey, Jonathan Martin, Catrina Paul, Stephen Lenin and Tessa Bulmer did themselves very proud indeed delivering very impressive speeches on why they should be a student leader of our school. It should also be noted that these students were chosen from an even bigger group of excellent student leader nominees. It would be an honour to have any one of these young people to be student leaders in our school. It will be very hard for teachers and students when we all vote for our 2019 (Term 4) - 2020 Captains and Vice Captains on Monday.


In our Junior school this week I chatted to four of our Year 1 students at recess who are making a positive impact on our school and particularly me on the day I chatted with them…. They were enthusiastically telling me their ages when one of them asked my age and when I didn’t immediately answer she asked if I was 20!? We can learn a lot from our Junior school students about the joys of the world. We can also learn a lot from our Junior school students about what great leadership looks like. Jilly Jones, Ebbeny Jettner, Digby Newman, Zena Colacino, Gabrielle McMaster, Amelia D’Angri, Paige Looney, Jack Davy, Patterson Eeles, Toby Cadd, Nathaniel Pearce, Steven Kirkpatrick and William Pike are all leading great initiatives in the Junior school in their leadership areas. You would have read about these initiatives in our Newsletters. With our student leaders the future is bright.


On a different note, SEQTA Teach has had a redesign that has been recently rolled out to the teaching staff. Our school is one of the first to have the new redesign and during the next month or so SEQTA will be refining the design. This does not significantly effect SEQTA Learn or SEQTA Engage.


As part of the roll out of the Redesign and the introduction of a SEQTA results Analyse package, a representative of SEQTA will be working with some members of our Executive in November to look at how we can use SEQTA more efficiently and effectively. As part of this we will be using the information gained from the survey families completed on their use of SEQTA that included your thoughts on Reports and Parent-Teacher interviews. Together with the latest research in best practise we will work out a strategic plan for the best use of SEQTA including academic reporting across the whole school for the future. This may include SEQTA parent information sessions and/or regular SEQTA tips, updates and relevant information shared in the Newsletter.


Kathleen Kemp

Deputy Principal

School Noticeboard


We are excited to officially launch our new bi-annual magazine 'The MAG' to our families and extended School community.

We envisage this magazine to travel far and wide to our alumni, current families, prospective families and supporters. In this issue we welcome two new senior staff to the Secondary School, look into the TAS building and school farm, showcase our exciting events from the year so far, and interview two very talented Alumni! We have had a wonderful time putting together various stories for you which highlight what Moama Anglican Grammar means to us, and to the students and staff who call it their school.
We hope you enjoy reading Issue #1

If you would like a printed copy of the magazine, please visit either the Primary Office or Main Reception.

Lost property

If any of the below items may belong to your child, please see Marnie, Kylie or Lisa at the office to collect.


School shoes, uniform, footy boots, drink bottles, tupperware containers, sleeping bags, Mathoura football club bomber jacket and numerous school hats and casual caps. 

Apex Club of Echuca/Moama- Portsea Camp

Please see information below regarding Portsea Camp running in January 2020.


Large bulky items on the Bus

Please note that the bus operators are not permitted to transport large items in the external storage compartment of the bus, e.g. bikes or scooters.  Should your child need to transport such items please make alternate arrangements.  Also remember to park well clear of where the bus is expected to stop.

Thank you for your support with this.

Transition to Summer Uniform

From the beginning of Week 3, Term 4 (21 October) all students will be required to wear their full summer uniform. Please note school hats are to be worn during Term 4 and Term 1.

Normal requirements for Sports uniform continue throughout the entire year.

The way in which the School uniform is worn has a strong influence on how we feel about ourselves and the ways in which we are viewed by others. Every student’s standard of dress and grooming is expected to reflect well on both the individual and the School as a whole. Please familiarise yourself with these expectations which are outlined in the school handbook on the website.


Late students

It has come to our attention that some secondary students are arriving late to school without the appropriate form of communication.


A reminder to parents that late students (or those that are departing early) should either:

Provide an 'out of routine' form when arriving at school / leaving early


Parents/Guardians are to fill in a late arrival/early departure eform via PCSpider.

In the instance that this cannot happen, a phone call or email to the school is also appropriate.


It is our Duty of Care to know where students are at all times.

Coming Events

Term 4

Please check your SEQTA calendar for all dates and further information.

Thursday 17 Oct - Monday 11 Nov

Monday 21 - Thursday 24 October

Tuesday 22 - Friday 25 October

Friday 1 November


Monday 4 November

Tuesday 5 November

Wednesday 6 - Friday 8 November

Monday 11 November

Thursday 14 November

Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 November

Monday 25 - Friday 29 November

Thursday 28 November

Monday 2 December

Tuesday 3 December

Wednesday 4 December

Thursday 5 December

Friday 6 December

HSC Examinations

Year 11 Howman's Gap Camp

Year 6 Canberra Camp

Grandparent's Day

Secondary Student Leaders induction assembly (9:00 am)

Exeat Holiday (Student free day)

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (Student free day)

PASS Ext Surf Camp

Remembrance Day Service (10:45 am)

Beacon Celebration lunch

Year 9/10 Examinations

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 6 Dinner

Carols on the Lawn

Orientation Day

Year 10 - All My Own Work

Presentation Evening

Last Day - Term 4 (3:05 pm finish)

Around the School


We love to celebrate our students and showcase what they have been up to, both inside and outside the classroom! Below are a few things that happened over the last two weeks.

You can also keep up-to-date on our Facebook page:

Year 3 Travel Expo

The students chose a country to research and wrote information reports. They then used their persuasive writing skills to create a brochure and presented to their peers to encourage their classmates to visit their country. The expo was filled with passionate travel experts, costumes, creativity, samples of traditional food and lots of fun.



During Term 3, local artist Neva Atkinson, a Wollithican woman of the Bangerang people, alongside some of our students painted a mural within the primary school area.


The Mural is about the school, its town and surrounding community. The concentric circles denote the nearby meeting places. The main place, Wollithica (Echuca) shows the three surrounding rivers Dunghala, (Murray River), Yakoa (Campaspe) and Kailla (Goulburn River). Within the river is the totem, the long neck turtle, and the cod, a local food source much loved by our people.


Moama is the centrepiece, incorporating the School logo as a scar tree representing the removal of wood for a shield. The other smaller meeting places are Rochester, Mathoura, Deniliquin and Barmah.


The mural is finished with handprints of students from the school, giving it the approval of their signature. With the main artist’s hands on the far left, underneath the symbol of Rochester.


We thank Neva for her creativity and passion for this project and educating students on our local Aboriginal culture.


Feathers and Fur

Miss Moon's 9/10 Visual Arts class have been busily working on their Feathers and Fur task. The class have tried their hand at airbrushing and water-soluble mediums. Take a look at some of their finished pieces.


Southern Cross Aged Care visit

On Wednesday afternoon, our Primary vocal ensemble Jr Singers, visited Southern Cross to perform for the residents and as part of a fundraising event Southern Cross were hosting.


Jr Singers performed a variety of songs, which was received with enthusiastic applause and appreciation from the crowd!


After singing, students enjoyed an afternoon tea with residents and had an opportunity to chat and engage in conversations together.


Mandarin Maths

On Monday the 14th of October, 5 Briggs finessed in to Mrs Barber’s class with our mandarins in our hands, looking at them in hunger. Both the Year 5 classes were experiencing Mandarin Maths and we all thought it was the best maths lesson in Year 5 because we got to eat our mandarins. – Amelie Pearce


This event is held by Mr Davidson. He has been collecting data from mandarins if the amount of segments have gone down or up. This experiment also tells us if the pips in the fruit increase or decrease. In 2019 most of the mandarins were from big supermarkets so most were seedless. But there were still a lot from backyard mandarin trees. The highest amount of seeds actually came up to 35 seeds in just one mandarin.  – Maddie Davy


The range of segments in a mandarin was 8-13. The most common (mode) number was 11 segments. The average (mean) was 10.45. There was 491 segments altogether. Then we had to guess how many pips were in the mandarin. The range of pips was 0-35. The most common number was 0. – Julia Dunn


I found the day fun because we got to eat mandarins and have a very interesting maths lesson. I brought in a very big mandarin so the most challenging part of the lesson was eating it all. A thing I found interesting was that 16 people in the class had no seeds. That is one third of the class. Most of the mandarins that had no seeds were from Coles and Woolworths.  – Jordan Dalziel


We all had lots of fun and all worked really hard. Especially because we got to get juicy mandarins all over our faces. – Abbey Hall



Measurements in Kinder

The Kinder’s enjoyed estimating and investigating the volume and capacity of different containers in the sunshine this week. 


Moama Lions Youth of the Year

Three students from Moama Anglican Grammar competed at the Moama Lions Youth of the Year Competition, with the interview being held on Sunday 13 October and the prepared speeches being delivered on the evening of Tuesday 15 October at the Moama RSL.


Alysha Toohill, Hamish Smith and Isabelle Williams competed in the event. These students were interviewed by a panel of Moama Lions Club members on Sunday, the interview forming the majority of their mark. On Tuesday evening, students were required to answer two impromptu questions on local issues. In addition to this, students had created a five minute prepared speech on a topic of their choice; Alysha spoke about climate change, Isabelle's topic was 'regret' while Hamish spoke about the need for youth to be 'free range' instead of relying on technology.


All students delivered their content extremely well. Hamish won the public speaking award and the overall competition, which will take him through to the next round held in February or March next year. Thank you to the Moama Lions Club for hosting the competition and to the families of the three competitors for their ongoing support. 



'Let me love you' Junior Wellbeing workshop

Reflections from Year 6 students:

On Wednesday the 9th of October, Warren from the ‘Love Me Love You’ community came in and talked to  Year 4-6, about the important things in life. We traced our hands and wrote on the fingers five humans/animals that we could talk to and trust. We also wrote down things that we enjoyed or calmed us, as well as things we disliked or made us irritated. Personally I learnt a lot about myself and my friends. It was totally worth my time and was a great experience, We loved it. - Tayli McKenna


We found the love and belonging speech very beneficial. It helped us to identify the important things that make us happy. We wrote five people that we love and trust. We also wrote some things we enjoy doing and some things that we don’t enjoy. - Amelia D’Angri


Extract from the 'Let me love you ' website:

One of the most effective ways to fight stigma is to change perceptions from a young age.

Working with young Australians aged 8-12 years old allows us to reduce stigma and teach skills that can become a part of healthy lifestyle as they move through life’s stages. 

This workshop allowed participants to develop an awareness and understanding of wellness. This will assist in not only lowering the impact of potential mental health difficulties but also enable them to develop coping skills to deal with some of life’s challenges. 


We thank Warren for joining us and teaching these vital skills to the students.


Year 5 Mini Art Show

Students were taken on a TINY journey through art history at lunchtime last week. Visitors to the exhibition crawled along with their magnifying glasses to learn about some of the world’s most famous artworks. These giants of the art world are not on loan from the world’s greatest art museums but have been created in miniature form by Year 5 Visual Arts students who spent last term investigating the role of museums and studying the work of a notable artist in order to create their own exhibition of mini replicas!


HSIE Market Days

Secondary Market Day!

Students had a great time purchasing food items from stalls and listening to music during lunchtimes. We are very thankful for donations from Moama Bakery for one of the stduents stalls.

The Year 9/10 Justice, Money and Markets classes have been working hard over the past few weeks to plan their own school-based enterprises as part of the $20 Boss Program.

This is an immersive learning program for building the enterprise skills of young people that has been developed by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and is backed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Start Smart Program and Financial Literacy Australia. The program gives students $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate a small, school-based business venture with a group of other students.

At the end of the program, the students will repay their original $20 of start-up capital and then donate all of their profits to the Cancer Council.

Secondary Market Day

Primary Market Day


Year 3 Camp

Their first camp

On Thursday 10 October Year 3 students embarked on their first ever school camp. We headed off to Kyneton for two wonderful days jam-packed with fun and adventure. We were focussing on team work, looking after each other, being brave and stepping out of our comfort zone all while having a fantastic time with our friends. Students went canoeing, rocketing down a 150m flying fox, were dropped from a giant swing and climbed into the sky on a rock climbing wall. Everyone had a wonderful time.


Parliamo Italiano Insieme!

Let's speak Italian together!

We invite parents to become involved in their child's language learning, or even learn some Italian themselves,  as we provide some new Italian language tips with each newsletter. 


This week we visited Moama Pizza and our phrase to learn is, "buon appetito!" In English, this is "enjoy your meal!" The students certainly enjoyed making and eating their pizza on the day.


Visit to Moama Pizza

Ciao a tutti!

On Monday 14 October the Year 9 and 10 Italian classes power walked to Moama Pizza. When we arrived we were given a demonstration of how they make their pizza dough. After we washed our hands we were ready to begin kneading the dough into balls. We then used the rolling machine to create perfect pizza bases, some had more success than others in this. With our bases we were ready to begin putting toppings on our own pizzas. We all started with the amazing house made Napoli sauce, followed by a variety of toppings. La pizza era buonissima!


After cooking our pizzas they were sliced and placed into cardboard boxes ready for eating. Moving into the restaurant with our can of drink we began to devour our delicious pizzas.


A big grazie to all the staff at Moama Pizza who helped us make the amazing pizzas, we all enjoyed this experience very much!


Italian Film Festival

During the Term 3 holidays, the Year 11 students went to Melbourne to experience the 20th celebration of the Italian Film Festival. In the 3 days that we stayed in Melbourne, we watched five different Italian movies with a number of different genres ranging from drama, romantic, comedies and a mystery thriller. We enjoyed most of the movies, well from what we could understand from the very different story lines that are evident through our regular movies. 


The movies were scattered all around the Melbourne suburbs allowing us to test our navigating skills. We traveled to St Kilda, South Yarra, Brighton and all through the city. All of the cinemas were beautiful and it’s safe to say we all ate way too much popcorn throughout the trip. 


We were given the chance to visit Italian restaurants in Lygon Street and Hardware Lane. This gave us the opportunity to order our food and talk to the waitress in Italian, helping us to improve our conversation skills and our range of Italian vocabulary. We all enjoyed the traditional pizza and pasta, giving us a taste of Italy in the heart of Melbourne.


It was a very enjoyable and beneficial trip allowing us to improve on our Italian understanding as well as getting to learn more about each other. Thank you to Mrs Polvere for letting the trip go ahead and dealing with the four of us during your holidays. 

By Hannah Mills, Ruby Frew, Ingrid Wakefield and Sarah Porter

Buongiorno a tutti.


Term 4

Term 4 brings with us a Term where many students are looking towards the end of the year, while many others in the sporting arena are just starting out on their sporting journey for a new season. Little Aths started up again last weekend and students are preparing for the start of a new season of athletics.

Over the holidays we had a number of senior students representing Moama Anglican Grammar and Riverina Associated Schools association at the CIS Athletics Carnival. Some of these students followed this up by representing Moama Anglican Grammar at the NSW All Schools Athletics Carnival too. Congratulations to all of these students, who competed really well at these state levels. A couple of our students received medals, but all students did their best among a tough group of competitors.  Below are the results for these students:


CIS results

The following students were in the finals for each event, with the final results listed below.


Scarlett Southern – 12 year old age group

  • 400m – 3rd (Well done on your Bronze medal)
  • 200m – 9th
  • 800m 9th

Mackenzie Southern – 14 year old age group

  • 200m – 11th

Maya Kadri – 15 year old age group

  • Long Jump – 8th
  • Triple Jump – 9th
  • Javelin – 13th

Haylee Greenman – 15 year old age group

  • Shotput – 11th
  • Javelin – 11th

Hannah Greenman – 16 year old age group

  • Discuss – 11th
  • Javelin – 13th

Laura Kadri – 17 year old age group

  • 400m – 4th
  • 200m – 6th

Angus McKindlay – 16 year old age group

  • 200m – 5th
  • Long Jump – 7th

Jonathan Martin – 17 year old age group

  • Triple Jump – 2nd (Well done on your Silver medal)
  • Long Jump – 9th
  • Javelin – 11th

NSW All Schools Results

Scarlett Southern – 12 year old age group

  • 200m – 16th
  • 400m – qualified for finals and finished 6th

Mackenzie Southern – 14 year old age group

  • 100m – 39th
  • 200m – 29th

Maya Kadri – 15 year old age group

  • Triple Jump – 10th
  • Javelin – 13th

Haylee Greenman – 15 year old age group

  • Shotput – 9th
  • Javelin – 11th

Hannah Greenman – 16 year old age group

  • Javelin – 14th

Laura Kadri – 17 year old age group

  • 200m – 11th
  • 400m – 11th


Year 5 & 6 Basketball

Today our Year 5 & 6 Basketball teams were playing at the Echuca basketball stadium against other schools in the area.

Half way through the day the boys from their 4 games had 1 loss, 1 draw and 2 wins.


The girls from their 4 games had 1 win, 2 losses and 1 draw.


The girls finished with a good win against Twin Rivers (16-4). Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to make the semi finals. They finished equal third in their pool.


The boys also finished the day with a 26-10 win over Twin Rivers. The boys narrowly missed the semi finals, finishing 3rd on a count back in their pool.


Well done to all students on your efforts for the day and especially our Year 10 helpers Oscar Miller, Nick Hall, Jayda Richardson and Charlotte McGillivray for their assistance with tryouts, training and scoring.


Little Athletics Junior Development Squad

Congratulations to Alex Barnes (Year 5) on his selection on Little Athletics Victoria’s Junior Development Squad. During the holidays he participated in his first day of squad training.

He qualified for this seasons squad with a Regional 1st place and State 6th place in Race Walking last season.


Claudia Mawson

Congratulations to Year 12 student Claudia Mawson on her success in signing a contract with Melbourne University Lightning Netball Club for 2020!



Congratulations to Lauren O’Dea (Year 9), Charlee Amos and Allira Hornsby (Year 8) on their accomplishments in Calisthenics this year.


The girls attend Rich River Calisthenics Club in the Intermediate section and have competed in competitions in Shepparton, Echuca, Bendigo and Melbourne this year.

Their items include: March, Rods, Clubs, Free Exercise, Aesthetics and Dance Arrangement in some very strong and close competitions.


Lauren and Charlee also performed and competed as Soloists in Shepparton and Echuca.

With Lauren achieving an Honourable Mention at the Echuca competition.


The girls enjoy being part of a great team.

The physical skills they have learnt and developed over the year and the friendships they have made are a wonderful part of this unique sport.


The girls have their annual concert on  this Saturday 19 October at Echuca Paramount.

Be sure to grab your tickets to see the show!


Isabella Crossman Tennis

 Congratulations to Year 7 student Isabella Crossman on winning the 12/u Australian Grasscourt Championships Girls Doubles with partner Amelia Zylbermann in Perth last week.



If you have any sporting achievements, please let me know so that we can celebrate your child’s successes with the school community.


Kim McFadden

Head of Sport (Secondary) and VET.

Community News

Local events


Australian Air Force Cadets

Please be advised that we are holding another information night for any males and females between 12 – 15 who might be interested in the AAFC, aviation or are just looking for an excellent extra curricula activity.


Recruit Information Night

Friday 31st October 2019


Somme Barracks Shepparton, 110 Sobraon Street, Shepparton.

Males & Females 12-15.

Parents welcome to attend with their child.


Contact Trevor Morrison for more information:

Tel: 0481 111 305


Community Sport


Moama Anglican Grammar 
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