St. Cecilia's Newsletter

20 September 2019
Issue Thirteen

This is our final newsletter for Term 3!

(Please see all the dates for Term 4).

Upcoming Dates
Principal's Report
Deputy Principal Report
Fair News
Fair News
Parenting Ideas
Holiday Drama Club
Look what's been going on...
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Upcoming Dates

Term 3 & 4 Dates


TERM 4 dates

Monday, 7th October

School Closure day- Pupil free day 

Staff Professional Development day


Tuesday, 8th October

Students resume for Term 4


Wednesday, 9th October

Foundation being visited by the local Fire Officers


Friday, 11th October

Opening Mass for Term 4 at  9:15am


Tuesday, 15th October

PA Meeting at 7:30pm


Wednesday , 16th October

2pm Whole school photo


Thursday, 17th October

Fire officers visiting Foundation again at 2:30pm

Miss Gatt/ Mrs Miller returns. Choir resumes.


Friday, 18th October

Pyjama Day, gold coin donation for fair lollies 

and Pre- Fair Working Bee,  3.30-5.30pm


Sunday, 20th October

First Communion at 10am


Monday 21st to Thursday 24th October

Drop off time for the Book and Toy stall.

Please take items to the hall this week.


Wednesday 23rd October

Year 2-4 classes First Aid sessions

Foundation being visited by local Police officers

at 10:30am


Saturday, 26th October

School Fair!!



Monday, 28th October

Foundation Zoo excursion


Wednesday, 30th October

Year 5 / 6 Open Water learning day

run by Life Saving Victoria


Monday, 4th November

School Closure day

Pupil free day


Tuesday, 5th November

Melbourne Cup day holiday


Wednesday, 13th November

at 7pm Foundation 2020

Parent Information night


Thursday, 14th November

Foundation Orientation session 1



Monday, 18th November

Foundation Orientation session 2

9:15am to 10:45am


Friday, 22nd November

St Cecilia's feast day Mass at 9;15am

Mother's Lunch 


Wednesday, 27th November

Foundation Orientation session 3

9:15am to 12pm


Monday, 25th November

Twilight Sports at Bill Sewart oval

in Burwood


Sunday, 1st December

Advent begins


Monday 2nd December

Zoo Snooze overnight camp for one class of Year 3 / 4


Tuesday, 3rd December

Zoo Snooze overnight camp for one class

of  Year 3 / 4


Wednesday, 4th December

Zoo Snooze overnight camp for one class

of Year 3 / 4


Thursday, 12th December

Year 6 Mystery Tour


Friday, 13th December

NB Meet your new class for 2020!

Twilight Christmas Carols- probably 5:30 to 7pm


Tuesday, 17th December

Graduation Mass 9:15am 

and dinner

Last day for Year 6 students


Wednesday, 18th December

Last day of school for Foundation to Year 5 students

Farewell assembly for those leaving St Cecilia's/ Christmas prayers at 9am


Thursday, 19th December

Last day for Teaching staff























Principal's Report


Dear Parents,


What a night it was!


Thank you to everyone for our extraordinary 2019 Concert! I think I speak on behalf of all in our community in thanking all staff and students for the hours of dedicated commitment towards our concert effort.  As I said in my speech on the night, such nights allow our students to “discover their own voice, grow in confidence and develop empathy and insight. Performing Arts students grow in understanding of what it means to not only be human, but to be good, noble, honourable, kind and compassionate.”

And although preparing for these nights involves incredibly hard work, problem solving, trial and error and coping with a clashing elimination final, they are truly worth it.  As one of our teachers commented... "makes you proud to be part of the St. Cecilia’s Community".

A special thank you to our amazing music teacher, Mrs Stefania Miller, for her vision, passion, organisation, motivation, professionalism and positive manner! Stef, you are truly appreciated by us all. Well done and congratulations! 

It has been great to hear the feedback from families about our concert. I have received a number of emails,  and had numerous conversations with parents and grandparents congratulating the children and staff on what was a very entertaining and professional concert. The skills and performances by the children delighted everyone. I always enjoy visiting the classrooms after the concert to congratulate the children on their efforts. The enthusiasm with which the children spoke about the concert was fantastic. They were still very excited and certainly let me know they had a lot fun. Well done to all of our students - you have certainly made us very proud of what you were able to achieve.

Thank you also to all the parents who assisted with costumes and props for the class performances and production.  Thanks also to the parents, grandparents, family members and friends who simply supported the children in their performances and came to watch them, utterly overflowing with pride -I am sure.



School Review


The Catholic Education Melbourne school review process occurs in the fourth year of the SIF cycle and is a key component of the School Improvement Framework (SIF). The SIF promotes an evidence-based inquiry approach to planning within the school. Schools incorporate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of school performance and student outcomes to support continuous school improvement and reflect regularly upon questions relating to direction, achievement and growth.

St. Cecilia's has been involved in this process throughout week 9 of this term.


The core purpose of the school review process is to serve the needs of our school, to affirm achievements of the past four years, explore areas for growth and to plan for future improvement as a Catholic school striving for excellence in student outcomes.

We have successfully completed both  Part One and Part Two of this process. I would like to thank Father Kevin,  all staff, students and parents who were involved in any of the meetings and discussions that contributed to this very affirming and informing approach.


We will keep you updated with this progress and feedback the findings, recommendations and affirmations during Term Four. 

School Improvement Survey

Each year the staff, senior students from Years 4-6 and a random selection of around 50 parents are asked to complete a survey about various aspects of school life. All Catholic schools in Victoria undertake this process which enables schools to gain valuable insights into the thoughts and feelings of students, families and staff and to identify areas of ongoing improvement for the school. Thank you to those who have completed the survey.  We look forward to receiving the results  in Term 4. 


NB The Parent Survey instruction sheet that we were given by Orima included the following link: 

but we have heard that this may not be working so please try: and use your family code/ PIN that you received.

First Day Back

The first day of Term 4 is a student-free day at St. Cecilia's to allow for appropriate planning and professional development to take place for the commencement of term. Students will resume school on Tuesday 8th October. Camp Australia will be operational for those families who require this service for the day. Please login to Camp Australia if this required. 



As some of you may know, I am lucky enough to be heading off on a Principal’s Pilgrimage to Israel. I will be travelling with about 16 other school Principals. What a remarkable opportunity! As you read this, I will have been away for one week already.  I will be gone for the last week of term and the first week of the holidays. It will be an unbelievable opportunity which will certainly enhance my understanding and appreciation of our Catholic history, and my capability to share with the staff and community on my return. Bit nervous actually, but really looking forward to it! 


Thank you for your continued  support of  Karen Whiting and our school during the last week of term with my absence.



When we speak about our St. Cecilia school values, we speak of: 



We live faith-filled lives and give thanks daily



We respect and embrace the community



We care and do what is right and just



We strive for and celebrate every success



Have a great holiday with your families everyone!

It has been a very busy but most rewarding term at St. Cecilia's.

Thank you. 


I will see you all with some "Show and Tell" on my return.


Warm regards,


Deputy Principal Report

Girls' Football

You may remember that some of our girls were in their first football Grand Final! (Mia, Zoe, Sophia and  2 of our ex students: Grace Cox and Tilly). They  played their best but unfortunately were the Runners up this year. Well done girls for reaching the finals! There is always next year!

Underpants for Africa- Social Justice initiative

Dear St. Cecilia’s Parents.

The Faith and Wellbeing and SRC leaders are working with Ms Lloyd this week and the first week back next term to collect underpants for little girls in Africa who are too poor to afford them. It is very important that they have underpants to wear for health and privacy reasons. 

We are trying to collect a whole tub full! We will then give them to Mrs. Kilduff’s friend who travels to Africa every year. She will personally deliver the underpants to the little girls who need them. The sizes most needed are 1-8. We would greatly appreciate it if your family could donate a packet of underpants.

Together we can make a difference. If you could buy a pack to donate, could you please place them in the box in the front office?


From Jemima Chippindall on behalf of the Faith & Wellbeing and the SRC Leaders.


Dates & Planning for Term 4 

Over the past 2 weeks the teachers have been working in their level teams to plan all the work and fun activities for Term 4- as we head towards the ed of the year! Please read over the Upcoming dates page and take note of the dates that especially affect you and your children.


After the holidays we will send out the Parent Planners which give a brief synopsis of the curriculum and the key events for Term 4.

Term 4 Curriculum focii

The overall key concept for Term 4 is: CONNECTIONS with a different focus at each grade level. The Foundation students will be learning about creatures "Great and Small': which involves examining the features of various animals (especially Australian animals) and going on an excursion to the Zoo. This is a Science focus.

Year 1 and 2 will have more of a History focus with a unit entitled: "Through the Generations". This will include studying people's lifestyles in the past, present and future and looking at different cultures.

In Years 3 and 4, the students will study Geography and investigate the various climatic zones of the earth in their unit called: "Our Island Home".

Years 5 and 6 will explore the difference between "Needs and Wants" and the sharing of the world's resources during their Economics unit

entitled: "Data and Decisions".


As always, if you have expertise in any of these areas, the teachers would welcome you as a guest speaker so please contact your children's teachers.

District Athletics

Last week some of our Year 3 to 6 students participated in the Glen Iris District athletics carnival at the Bill Sewart oval.




Congratulations to these boys from Year 6 who recently won their Tennis Grand Final:


Lachie Marriner

Gus Grainger

Lucas Huggins

Congratulations boys!

Concert videos

The Concert videos have been distributed and you may notice that the date says 2017! The company are arranging for new DVD covers to be made and we will let you know once we receive them.

Lost Property & Uniforms

We have a number of articles in the Lost Property area which is located near the Sick Bay. These are mostly track suit tops and tennis racquets. If the items are named, we always attempt to give them back to their rightful owners but often they are not named or have the name of a previous owner. If you buy second hand clothing, we ask that you re-name it.... as we often find a jumper and know that the child has already left the school. 

Year 1 & 2 Soccer Tournament

Over the past month or so, the Year 1 and 2 students have participated in a soccer skills program run by the Riversdale Soccer club. Thanks to Mr Johnson for organising this series of lessons!

As a finale to the program, the students played in a soccer tournament against Camberwell South Primary school. They all enjoyed the matches and displayed great sportsmanship and a few of our teams played in the Grand Final and won! Congratulations to everyone involved for a great day.



Footy day 

Today all the students wore sports gear to represent their favourite footy teams and had a special Footy Lunch together. Thanks to our wonderful Canteen volunteers: Chris Knott, Maria Porto, Sophie Parkinson, Viv Alberts, Belinda Alexander, Jo Adams and Rebecca Ceveri who organised the lunch and co-ordinated this for the whole school- quite an effort! We hope your favourite (or second favourite) team wins on Grand Final day!

The Fair- Lucky Dips, Book & Toy stall donations

As this term ends, our focus shifts to our important annual fund-raiser- The St CECILIA'S FAIR!!

Thank you for your generous donations of items for the Lucky Dip stall. If you have not yet donated to this stall, you could send them along after the holidays. The idea is to buy a gift for either a boy or girl and label it with a tag indicating whether it is for a child younger than 8 years of age or older than 8.


Over the holidays, we ask that you have a clean out of toys and books and send them along for the Toy and Book stalls at the Fair. The Fair organisers are keen to collect good quality toys and pre-loved books.

A flyer went home yesterday to the oldest child in each family with a list of suggested toys such as: Lego, action figures, games etc.

These items can be sent to the hall between Monday 21st and Thursday 24th October.

Drama Club

Janna Davies is once again running her "Holiday Drama Club" during this school holidays on Thursday, 3rd October at Strathcona. Prep to Year 2 classes run from 9am to 12pm and Years 3-6 will run from 12:30 to 3:30pm.

If your children are interested in this program, please contact Janna  at: or collect one of the yellow flyers from the school office.

You can also paste this link into your browser to make a booking:



The Chess club has finished and the students from Foundation to Year  6 have really enjoyed learning how to play and to challenge each other with strategic moves. We hope that this program will start them on a hobby which they will continue throughout their lives. Congratulations to the students who received awards and medals. One student was heard to brag: "I even managed to beat the Chess coach!"


Little, Big Ideas 2019


The Year 5/6 students entered the Little Big Idea competition. They were learning to use their creativity to design an invention during our ‘Journey to Discovery’ science unit.


Abbey Niklas ~ I invented a face ID screen on the inside of the door. I am most proud of the invention because I think it would be very useful. It will save time and be extra security for people. I would name it the Face ID Door. I would sell the door at Ikea, Bunnings and Kmart.


Rishi Kulkarni ~ I have invented a coffee cup called the EZE Cup. It’s basically a bamboo cup, that has silicon liners that are re-usable that can be placed inside the cup and it also comes with another silicone pouch for the cup and liners. It will reduce the landfill waste of single use coffee cups.



We hope that you all have a happy and relaxing holiday after such a busy term and we look forward to term 4 as we prepare for the School Fair and head towards the end of the school year with all our farewells and fun celebrations!

Regards, Karen Whiting


in 2019

First Communion- Retreat day, photos, banners and passports.

The Year 4 students will receive the sacrament of First Communion at the end of week 2, in Term 4 -on Sunday, 20th October at 10am.

We hope that all the students and their parents have completed their Homework tasks together each week and finished making their felt banners. Also remember to attend Mass and ask the priest to sign your First Communion Passports!


All the Year 3 and 4 students participated in a wonderful sacramental RETREAT DAY this week on Wednesday, 18th September. The day was lead by a team of Youth workers from Catholic Education Melbourne known as the "NET" team. This group have also worked with the Parish Youth Group and we thank the Year 3 / 4 teachers (Jacqui Chalkley, Hollie French and Fiona Walsh) for organising such a successful day. The students had a lot of fun while learning about what it means to be a Catholic in today's world.

I asked one of them: "What did you learn today?" .... and they responded without hesitation: "We learnt how to be more like Jesus and closer to Him by praying every day."





The Communion photograph envelopes have arrived and will be given out o the first Tuesday after the holidays so that families can choose their photo options- just the group photo, the group and some individual photos or the group photo along  with individual and family photos.

We are looking forward to this special time in the lives of our Year 4 students.


Opening Mass for Term 4

On the first Friday of term 4- Friday, 11th October at 9:15am we will have our Opening Mass and you are all welcome to join us to celebrate and pray for God's blessings on all of us for the remainder of the year.

Underpants for Africa- Social Justice initiative

A new Social Justice initiative this year is to collect underpants for girls in Africa. If you would like to donate  a packet, please read the article on the Deputy Principal page and place the pack in the box in  the school office.


Thank you.

Finally, a big Thank You for all your generosity with our Social Justice drives so far this year and for all your work in helping the year 4 students to prepare for their First Communion day!


Regards, Karen Whiting.

Fair News

St. Cecilia's Fair

Dear St Cecilia’s Families

This year marks the 73rd Anniversary of the St Cecilia’s Fair . 


Work is now well underway for the 2019 Fair and you are probably thinking what can I do to help… but don’t worry, because there is always heaps to do!


The Fair will be held on Saturday 26 October 2019, so please save the date as we need all hands on deck.




If you require any more information, have some feed back from previous years fairs or have any questions/suggestions please contact us on  Now is the time to let us know so we can make the 2019 Fair the best fair ever!

Thank you everyone for all your support already, the Fair is a lot of work and there is still heaps to do, but it is always so much fun!

Jane Martin
2019 Fair Coordinator

Fair News

The Fair


Dear St Cecilia’s Families
Holidays are fast approaching and before you know it the Fair will be here.  Thanks everyone already for all your hard work and input, it is already shaping up to be a great day.


Hopefully those raffle tickets are selling fast.  For our much appreciated enthusiastic ticket sellers you can pick up extra raffle books from the school office and don’t forget the special prizes up for grabs for our highest family ($50 Chadstone Voucher) and overall class ticket sellers (pizza/movie afternoon and free throw on the teacher’s dunk tank).  


If you have any of the ‘Bake it Jars’ from previous fairs that we can recycle please return these to the school office as soon as possible


If you were unable to drop off a bottle at the Father’s Day Breakfast for our Mystery Bottle Stall please drop off a bottle to the Office asap (please note that wine must be dropped off by an adult and not be given to students to drop off). Or for donations of multiple bottles, we are happy to arrange a pick up from your home.  

Great prices are now available for the early-bird wristbands which will keep the kids happy all day.  We have some old favorites including the Merry Go Round and Aerial Bungee back again plus this year we also have the FunHouse Inflatable Maze, Cha Cha, Zorb Balls, Cup and Saucer plus more surprises for lots of fun!
Wristbands can be purchased at


We are still seeking sponsorship for the following stalls, is your family or business able to help out?  You may even want to join up with another family or two.
Café $500
Cake Stall $100
Doughnuts $100
Dumplings $200
First Aid $500
Fun Food $250
Hot Chips $150
Ice-creams $200
Ginger Bread $100
Showbags $500
Wristbands $100
please contact if you can help or sign up at  

Anything appreciated, it doesn’t matter how small the donations are as we can bundle things together to make fabulous hampers.  Please drop off any donations to the School Office.
We still need people to coordinate the Silent and Live Auctions.  Please, please help out and volunteer.  There is always heaps of help available before and during the Fair and signup sheets for volunteers to assist and help out with shifts at stalls will go out closer to the Fair.  For more information and to volunteer for one of these vacancies please go to asap
Please don’t be shy, we need lots of help!!!  We are looking for volunteers to do neighbour hood letter and flyer drops and also to sign up for the Pre-Fair Working Bee.  Please sign up at
Thanks so much!

These holidays are a great time to do a Spring Clean and help support our Book and Toy Stalls by donating your unused and preloved books and toys to the Fair.  We are looking for good quality toys and books that are undamaged, clean and in and working order. To save time please replace batteries if possible, clean toys with warm soapy water and place puzzle and game pieces into zip lock bags.  No soft toys please unless they are brand new or in as new condition, games must have all the parts and puzzles must have all the pieces.  Please remember as a rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t buy it, or put your name on it, we won’t want it
Donations accepted from Monday 21 October - Thursday 24 October  in the School Hall
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all the most up to date information.  If you have you require any more information or have any questions/suggestions please contact us on Thank you everyone for all your support already, the Fair is a lot of work and there is still heaps to do, but it is always so much fun!

I hope you all have a great break and rest up because when we get back it will be Go Go Go!!!

Jane Martin
2019 Fair Coordinator




Parenting Ideas

Parent Ideas...


Holiday Drama Club

Holiday Drama Club


Look what's been going on...



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