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20 September 2019
Issue Fourteen
Acting Principal's Report Nella Fimiani
Literacy News Nella Fimiani and Jessica Sardo
Spotlight on Learning
Mathematics Therese Reed
Library News
Performing Arts News
Environmental & Sustainability News Mrs Barca and the Environment Team
Parents and Friends News
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Acting Principal's Report
Nella Fimiani

Dear Parents of St Carlo Borromeo community,

Welcome to Week Ten, can you believe it is the last day of Term 3!
In this final newsletter for the term, I would sincerely like to thank everyone for a wonderful Term 3. The students have worked extremely hard in all subject areas and gained many new strategies, skills and knowledge through very exciting inquiry topics. Many classes have held Learning Expos to showcase their learning with others in our school community. Thank you children for your enthusiasm and growth mindset in all that you do.
The staff have worked on their learning goals to improve their practice and undertaken professional learning sessions throughout the term to implement a contemporary and personalised inquiry approach to learning and teaching. I thank each and every staff member for their dedication and motivation during the term.
Our amazing parents have volunteered their valuable time to contribute in the life of the school in various ways. Many parents have worked in classrooms, library, canteen, painting props, special events, Parents and Friends and School Advisory Board. We are grateful for parent support as many school activities would not be possible for our children to experience without such involvement. Thank you very much!

School Production - Spectacular Performance!

Congratulations to everyone who was involved or participated in one of our school productions last Monday and Tuesday night. Both nights were very successful and we were so proud of the way our children performed on stage, with great enthusiasm and energy. We thank Frances Milan and Maria Barca for their vision in producing an amazing and original storyline, in which they gained input from all the children, to showcase their talents. The children were the real stars of the night, we thank them for persevering and getting out of their “comfort zone” to display their performing arts skills. Thank you to all the staff for the encouragement and training they gave the children throughout the weeks leading up to the production. Some teachers also helped out with the choreography of the dances. Staff worked tirelessly on many behind the scenes tasks, creating stage props and coordinating administrative requirements. We would like to thank all the parent helpers for volunteering their time to paint and make our hand and stage props, we are very grateful for their assistance.

Father Dishan showed his support for our school by attending the production over the two nights, he was so impressed with our children’s endeavours to perform on a big stage with such confidence.



Please take a look at more photos of Cast A and Cast B on the Performing Arts page of this newsletter.

Footy Colour Dress Up Day

Yesterday the school was full of all sorts of colour from many different football codes! We celebrated our support for our favourite footy team. The children enjoyed a delicious sausage sizzle organised by Parents/Friends with many helpers who cooked up the sausages. Thank you very much parents for all your help in making sure our children had a fun day. The traditional footy match between the staff and students was held in the afternoon. As always the match was played with great passion and determination, congratulations to both the staff and students who drew 2 all.



Farewell to a Staff Member - Amanda Billington

On Thursday morning, the staff farewelled a much loved staff member, Amanda Billington. Amanda has been a classroom and intervention teacher at our school for the last six years. In her time at St Carlo’s, she taught in Year 3 and took Maths and Literacy intervention groups. Over the years, she inspired and challenged our children in so many creative ways, engaging them in authentic learning experiences. Amanda is a passionate and dedicated teacher who strives to bring out the best in the children. She embraced any changes in the curriculum and planned all lessons with vigour and energy. All who have had the pleasure to work alongside Amanda, have learned many things. We will miss her infectious laugh, big smile and warm hearted personality. She has been a dear friend to many of her colleagues who will miss her greatly. We congratulate and wish Amanda all the best as she takes on her new role of Learning Diversity Leader at Glowery Catholic Primary School, Wollert.


Duplication Of Mickleham Road

As recently published in the Northern Leader Newspaper, the need for Mickleham Road to be duplicated continues to be urgent. The problems with traffic congestion is causing issues for local residents and for the school community.

We encourage you to sign the e-petition that will be tabled in Parliament very soon, to highlight the need for funding to be allocated for the road duplication. Please do so at this link:



Summer Uniform Term 4

Parents please check the children’s summer uniform in the next couple of weeks to see that it still fits them, our children have grown so much over the past few months! Our policy states that a hat must be worn when the children are outside, please ensure that they have the proper school hat from the first day in Term 4. Remember our rule- “No Hat, No Play”

We will have the first two weeks in Term 4 as a transition period for wearing the summer uniform but from 21st October, everyone must be in full summer uniform.

We look forward to an exciting new Term 4 commencing on Monday 7 October. Please check the school calendar for all the special events that will be taking place.

Finally, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday, hopefully we can share special moments with our family and friends.

Kind regards,

Nella Fimiani

Literacy News
Nella Fimiani and Jessica Sardo

SMART Spellers at St. Carlo's

Spelling is a tool for writing. Reading, writing and spelling are interconnected. Readers and writers are constantly building up images of how words look. Writers become conscious users and consumers of words. They take notice of words in the books they read and the words they see in their environment. Good spellers are resourceful. When they notice that a word does not look right, they experiment and substitute other letters, find the word in a book, a magazine, the environment, the dictionary, use the spell checker, or ask someone.

Every writing time is a spelling time. Writers compose for meaning first and foremost. They proofread to ensure the intended message is conveyed accurately and appropriately for their intended reader.

Teachers vary the way they teach spelling. At St. Carlo's we use the SMART Spelling approach. In order for children to retain correct spellings, they need to use the words in their writing. Most of us have difficulty spelling words that we rarely (if ever) use or seldom see in our reading.

Children need encouragement to use words that they cannot necessarily spell. Spelling should not be a deterrent for writing or effective expression of meaning. It is preferable for a child to use the word ‘serendipity’ because it is the word of choice even though he may not be able to spell it yet, rather than not use it at all or be forced to substitute a less significant and less interesting word. Using words is how new words are learned.

Children who lack confidence with spelling or are fearful of getting a word wrong, often restrict their expression to words they know and can as a consequence, become reluctant writers.

It is desirable that children become independent spellers rather than rely on others to spell words they don’t know. The first step is to encourage them to identify words they think they have spelled incorrectly. When children want to write a word, encourage them to ‘have a go’ at spelling it and then look again to see if they think it is spelled correctly. Initially, focus on what they have right rather than what is wrong. Show them where they have made an error and see if they can correct the word by trying other letters; draw the shape of the word; ask where they saw the word last; or suggest they find the book where the word appears.

 What parents can do (spelling)

Play games with spelling. Play games like Scrabble, crosswords, making words from number plates, letters in your names, words that can be spelled the same forward and backwards. Look for spelling apps that you can play together, for example, Boggle.  

Play word games like thinking of rhyming words, opposites, or words that sound like their meanings. The Internet has many fun and free spelling activities  

Point out unusual words in the books you read together.  

Look for words in the environment.

Children learn to spell by writing and noticing words when they read. Make reading and writing an integral part of your child’s day. 



Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Challenge has ended for 2019, congratulations to the 127 students who completed reading their correct amount of books. As a school we read 4,791 books throughout this year’s Challenge.

Next term we will award the certificates that are sent out by the Victorian Government to all the students who met this year’s Challenge.


Parent Helpers

Thank you to all the parents who have continually helped out during the Literacy block, your valuable assistance is much appreciated by the staff and students. We look forward to seeing you again in Term 4.

Holiday Reading 

We encourage all parents to continue reading and writing activities with the children during the school holidays.  Encourage the children to read favourite books or magazines, write letters or keep a journal of daily events or write stories frequently during the two weeks as this will help maintain the children in touch with their literacy skills.  Engaging in meaningful conversations with your child also improves their oral language skills. Keep it as a fun experience for the children rather than a chore.  We encourage all the younger children to revise and learn the basic sight words from the lists that have been provided. Remember these words need to be learned automatically by sight, play games with the words; like snap or memory.


Spotlight on Learning

What an amazing term we have had a St. Carlo's. The classrooms have been filled with scientists, inventors and researchers. Please make an effort to go into the shared learning spaces and your child's classroom to see evidence of their learning up on the walls and within their books. Only a snippet of their learning goes on Seesaw, where the rest can be found around the school. 


A reading for thought...


Young children explore the world with wonder.

Younger learners are always asking questions. They hunger to make discoveries, to find answers that will help them make meaning of the world around them. They ask questions not to annoy or interrupt, but to pursue their inherent drive to learn. Much like scientists, they develop hypotheses and test them, incorporating their findings and often retesting and modifying their theories over time –the foundations of logical reasoning. Children love to develop deep expertise - naming obscure dinosaurs, explaining the workings of a toy, or playing “teacher’ with precision of gesture and speech. Guiding this relentless curiosity in the direction of students’ academic growth without squelching it is a primary teacher’s greatest challenge. By joining students in the inquiry process and creating rich opportunities for discovery, for building deep expertise, and for sharing that new knowledge, teachers are able to harness the “engine” of children’s natural learning predispositions to power their success in the classroom. So, the next time your child asks a question, help nurture their passion for learning. 


Jessica Sardo & Pina Distefano



Therese Reed


The Year 2 students have been busy learning about measurement and how to predict and record actual measurements by using a tape measure. The students worked collaboratively to measure different items in the classroom and they found that their predictions were very close to the actual length/s of the items they measured! 



Library News

Wishing everyone a very happy and relaxing break!

Toddler Story Time 

Our final Story-time was held this week in the Library. The children enjoyed a story about insects then proceeded to make their own butterfly. We will recommence next term on Oct 10 at 9:00 a.m. in our school library.



Vania Lunardi and Maria Barca

(Teacher Librarians)

Performing Arts News


I would like to take this opportunity, to congratulate the children for their outstanding performance, in this year’s school production Once Upon a Story.

We are very proud of each and every child, for the effort they put into developing their character and script lines and learning the song lyrics and movement sequences.


Thank you to Classroom Teachers and Learning Support Officers who prepared the children and rehearsed the year level performances.

Thank you to the wonderful talented staff who enthusiastically completed all the production team tasks.

Thank you to parents for organising the children’s character costumes, hand props, hair and make-up. The children looked amazing.

Thank you to the parents who generously donated their time to construct the spectacular stage props that enhanced the production.

It was a joy to watch the children’s confidence and excitement grow, as they stepped onto the stage, to share what they have been working on for the past two terms, to their family and friends.


Enjoy a few photos below.


Mrs Milan & Mrs Barca

Cast A


Cast B


Environmental & Sustainability News
Mrs Barca and
the Environment Team

Can you believe that Term 3 is over and the school holidays are here? With the warmer weather approaching let’s hope that we can spend some time outdoors with the children soaking in much needed Vitamin D.  It’s time to play and time to garden. If you don’t have a garden it may the time to start one, (even in a large pot), and if you do have a vegetable patch, then it is time to clean it up and get it ready for summer vegetables. There is nothing better, more satisfying or more delicious than freshly picked vegetables you have seeded, nurtured and picked yourself. 

I was at Woolworths last weekend, doing my shopping, and was quite excited when they gave me some little pots with seeds to plant.  Not only are they cute but when I plant them I will have to wait to see what seedling grows. It is all there for me in recyclable packaging.  I can’t wait.  So if you shop at Woolworths, don’t forget to start collecting your free pots and seeds.

If you are unsure what to plant or when to plant them, the link below has a great and easy to follow chart for you to use.


If gardening isn’t your thing, then take a look at the link below for other holiday activity ideas.


Cooking is always fun so try this one.  Omit or add ingredients as you like, to suit your taste and that of your family and enjoy.  Buon Apetito everyone.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that has been sending bottle tops and bread tags to school, but we need more.  Please keep collecting over the holidays and remember to send them to school.  There are so many people that will benefit from your generosity.  



Crumbed Chicken & Haloumi Salad Recipe


500g chicken tenderloins
1/3 cup plain flour
2 eggs
2 cups fresh breadcrumbs
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
Olive oil
180g haloumi, sliced

For salad dressing
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp ground cumin
1/4 cup olive oil

Mesclun salad mix (or your favourite lettuce combination)
Cherry tomatoes
1 red onion, thinly sliced
Sesame seeds



Combine flour, salt and pepper on a large plate. Lightly whisk eggs in a shallow dish. Combine breadcrumbs, parmesan, salt and pepper in a separate shallow dish.

Lightly coat chicken in seasoned flour, shaking off excess, then dip in egg, followed by breadcrumb mixture, pressing crumbs on gently to coat.

Add oil to a large frying pan so it is 1 cm deep. Heat over medium-high heat until oil is sizzling. Cook chicken, in batches, until just cooked through.

Pan fry sliced haloumi.

Prepare dressing: Combine honey, vinegar and cumin in a small bowl and whisk briskly. Whisk in olive oil and season with pepper. 



Combine lettuce, tomatoes and onion in a serving bowl. Toss crumbed chicken and fried haloumi through salad, drizzle dressing and sprinkle sesame seeds over top and serve immediately.


Happy Holidays to you all.

Mrs Barca and the Environment Team

Parents and Friends News

Parents and Friends September Meeting Minutes

Please find attached the latest meeting minutes.


Out Of School Hours Care

On Monday the 16th September we had Maisa, Dilara and Tyrone from the out of school hours care organise cookies and a drink for all the children at St. Carlo’s and delivering them to each class.  We would like to thank them for wanting to organise something special for the children.  Out of school hours care runs each morning and afternoon in the school hall.  If anyone is interested please refer to their website on how to set up a booking or the OSH Club News in this newsletter.




Footy Day

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to cook and prepare the 350 sausage sizzle orders we had on footy day. 

Just a reminder that we can not take any late orders in canteen for lunch orders, morning teas or special lunches.  Unfortunately we had to decline late orders as ordering of supplies are always done by a certain time.  Please make sure that you check your school bag app for any notices and due dates.



What Happening In Term 4


Next term we will be selling snow cones each Friday (weather permitting).  There is a roster up on the parents and friends notice board (outside the hall).  Please add you name and number if you are available to help.  We need at least 8 helpers each week in order to run the snow cones. 







Have a nice break

Parents and friends committee

SkoolBag App

Stay Connected

Keep up to date with all the latest St Carlo's news and events via the SkoolBag App. Please ensure that you have the latest version of the SkoolBag app. The icon should look like a blue back pack as shown.


To download your free copy, click the link or follow the instructions below

1. Open the App Store/Play Store

2. Search for "SkoolBag"

3. Download the free app

4. Open the app and add St Carlo Borromeo Primary School by clicking 'add school'

5. Select Groups

6. Select Add / Remove Groups (This is where you need to add your child's year level.)

Please note that every new year you need to remove your child's previous year level and add their new year level.



Not receiving Notifications?
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  • go to settings
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  • allow notifications


OSH Club News


Hello parents, friends and teachers,

Can you believe this is the last week of Term 3? We can’t believe it. Last week we had so much fun we had a building and construction competition. We had four winners! Zachariah Karayi, Sebastian Caceres, Gracie Carpenter and Jaden Johny. Well done to everyone who participated. You all did an amazing job. Due to the beautiful sunny weather, this week we were lucky enough to go outside every day. We played on the playground and on the soccer pitch.



Vacation Care Program Expression Of Interest

Are you interested in Vacation Care at St Carlo Borromeo Primary School? If you are interested in vacation care, please do speak come and speak to me (Maisa) or Dilara about this. We currently have an expression of interest form for you to sign.

How to Enrol

Enrolment is easy and completely free. We don’t charge any annual registration fees.

  • Click onto the OSH Club website
  • Create an account and complete our online enrolment form.
  • Select the OSH Club service for your child’s school.
  • Enter all required information into the required fields.
  • Once enrolled, booking sessions through the Parent portal is simple!
  • An online enrolment form must be completed before your child can attend the service.


Please ensure that children are booked in Before school and After school care sessions to avoid a late booking fee and to ensure they have a spot for that session.

Next Week At OSH Club



Before School Care 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

After School Care 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Good Shepherd
Catholic Parish

Good Shepherd Catholic Parish 
Everyone is Welcome!

88 South Circular Rd, Gladstone Park VIC 3043

T. 9338 2840


Weekend Mass Times


  • 6.00 p. m. - Good Shepherd


  • 9.30 a.m. - St Carlo Borromeo
  • 11.00 a.m. - Good Shepherd
  • 5.30 p. m. - Good Shepherd

Weekday Mass Times

Monday to Saturday

  • 9.15 a.m. - Good Shepherd Church


  • 11.45 a.m. St Carlo Borromeo (During School Terms Only) 

Confession & Reconciliation


  • 9.45 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Good Shepherd Church, Gladstone Park or by appointment
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