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25 October 2019
Issue Fifteen
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White Gum Valley Primary School
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Upcoming Events

For Your Diary


Friday 25 October

Interschool Athletics Carnival - East Hamilton Hill PS

Monday 28 October

Yoga Yr 2-6  

Numero Competition - Year 5 & 6

Tuesday 29 October

Yoga PP-1   

Book Club orders due - Please hand to Room 5 

Wednesday 30 October 

P&C Meeting 3.15pm Undercover area

Monday 4 November

Yoga Yr 2-6  

Outdoor Classroom Week 

Year 6 Book & Cake Sale 

Tuesday 5 November 

Yoga PP-1

Wednesday 6 November

PP-Yr 1 Transition Day

Thursday 7 November

Year 1 Assembly - Room 7  





Term 1 - Monday 4 February to Friday 12 April

Term 2 - Tuesday 30 April to Friday 5 July

Term 3 - Tuesday 23 July to Friday 27 September

Term 4 - Monday 14 October to Thursday 19 December

PUPIL Free Dates:

Monday 29 April

Friday 31 May

Monday 22 July

Friday 20 December


8.50 Housekeeping
8.55am - 9.55am
9.55am - 10.55am
10.55am - RECESS
11.15am - 12.15pm
12.15pm - 1.15pm
1.15pm - LUNCH
2.00pm - 3.00pm


If you wish to pay for excursions or School Voluntary Contributions directly into our bank account, please use the following details:

BSB: 066 107

Account number: 0090 1498

Name: White Gum Valley Primary School

REF: Students SURNAME and name of excursion/incursion

           (ie. LAP for Lapathon)


Our canteen is open Wednesday and Friday.

Canteen phone number - 0436 808 948



Opening hours are:

Monday afternoon —  2:45—3:15pm

If you are unable to come in on Monday, you can place an order by completing an order form  and with the correct money or by cheque and hand in at the Front Office (Front Office is unable to give change).   Your order will be delivered to the Front Office the following Monday for you to collect.

Any outgrown uniforms are gladly accepted for our second hand rack.

For further information, please contact us on: 




To be part of the program contact our OSHC Coordinator: 

Mobile: 9433 3911


Email: southfremantle@horizonschildcare.com.au

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate Available



Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers


Our students in rooms 11 and 12 recently had the Fire Brigade visit the school. They very much enjoyed the activities including operating some of the machinery on the truck and learning about what to do in a fire.


Good luck to our Athletics team which will be representing the school on Friday over at East Hamilton Hill Primary School.

On Monday sixteen students from Years 5 and 6 will represent the school at the annual Maths Numero Challenge competition which this year is being held at Beaconsfield Primary School. Good luck to the teams representing the school.


Yoga will commence next week with Years 2-6 scheduled in for Mondays and Pre Primary-Year One on Tuesdays. Thank you for the feedback regarding this program. I am looking forward to join in with classes as the term progresses. The cost is $20.00. Our thanks to the P&C for their support of this initiative with a subsidy of $6.00 per student.


Further work has been undertaken in the Sensory Garden with the inclusion of a giant glockenspiel. The pipes will be installed shortly. Thank you to Ben and Todd for the many hours spent on the weekend to get the framework in place!


Booklists will be sent home during the term. They range from $96.50-$141.85 if all the items are bought. In Years 3-6 we will trial an online Maths program and a separate note regarding the $26 cost will come home regarding this.

 The Voluntary Contribution for 2020 will remain the same at $60 per child and $150 for three or more children from the same family. These funds go directly towards resources across the learning areas.

A sheet titled 2020 Voluntary Contributions and Charges PP-Year 6, endorsed by the School Board, will be made available with a copy placed on the website as well.


Friday is World Teachers’ Day. I would like to thank the staff here at White Gum Valley for their care of our students and their dedication to the profession!


Our Year Six parent group have planned a Cake and Book stall for Monday the 4th of November, raising money for Graduation and a gift for the school.


Planning is underway for 2020. If you will be leaving the District and/or your child changing schools could you, please let your class teacher or the office know?


The school recently received funding through a new Grants program with the State Government. Our school received a base of $26,000 for repairs and then another amount for projects identified by the Building Management Authority. White Gum Valley will have access to, in excess of $360,000 over two years for maintenance. We are currently seeking clarification to see what it has been earmarked for.


The Fremantle –Cockburn Network of schools met recently to look at the distribution of the six School Development Days [Pupil Free Days in 2020.]

The Network will again have a combined day on Friday 29th May before the long weekend. Our School Board has endorsed this date to match those of our local schools.


Congratulations to Ursula in Year 6 who has just returned from an Interstate Gymnastics competition where she placed 2nd overall in Level 9 for the Under13 age group. As a result of these efforts Ursula has now been selected to train at the AIS for a week with 17 other Under 13 youngsters from across Australia in the Team Future Advance Gymnastics camp. What an achievement!


Thank you to families who have been able to support the plastic free food wrap initiative on Thursdays. Each week I ask, more students are becoming involved in looking at other ways of wrapping food.

Currently with the assistance of our Sustainability Committee we have approached the Fremantle Council for a set of three bins to reflect the new rollout to residents within the City. We will use the bins as part of our ongoing work in this area.


Glenn Rondoni


School News

Honour Certificate Awards

Recipients from the last Assembly on Thursday 7th November, 2019.

PP Room 5     Jude, Rosie, Harrison


PP Room 6           Leighton, Sarah, Luminara, Stephanie 

Year 1 Room 7    Ruth, Mateo, Jake, Isabella,   Arthur           


Year 1 Room 8     Abbie, Myla, Flynn

Year 2 Room 9     Melania, Tama


Year 2 Room 10      Audrey, Lily


Year 3/4 Room 11   Oliver, Dorothy


Year 3 Room 12      Darcie, Sybilla


Year 4 Room 3   Saoirse, Frankie, Emmette, Freya


Year 5 Room 2    Max, Phoenix, Summer, 

Oscar, Miley



Year 6 Room 1      Emma, Flynn, Charlotte, Roma



 Art       Juniper, Hayden, Ella


Wellbeing Week

To celebrate and promote the importance of health and well-being, White Gum Valley Primary School celebrated a Well-Being Week during the last week of Term 3. The purpose of Well-Being Week was to promote an overall awareness for the various aspects of our health through physical, emotional, mental and social well-being for both students and staff. Students in Years PP-6 participated in many activities including Mandala chalk drawings, a disco, guided meditations, the creating of Worry Stones and self-esteem building activities. There was an inflatable slide on the last day which students and staff (including Mr Rondoni) enjoyed immensely.



Fire Bridgade Visit

Fire Safety

On Monday 21st October, the students from rooms 11 and 12 were visited by the Fremantle Fire Brigade.  The students were given instructions on Fire Safety at home and at school.  They were shown the workings of a fire engine, how to use a fire hose and tried on actual fire uniforms.


Here are some Fire Safety tips from the students of rooms 11 and 12. 

1. Keep at least one metre away from a heater or fire.

2. Meet at the letter box if there is a fire in your house.

3. It's good to have a smoke detector in the hall way, kitchen and bedrooms.


Thank you Mrs. John for organizing this important incursion on Fire Safety for the Year 3 and 3/4 classes.




Italian News

In Week 5 (November 11-15), White Gum Valley PS will be acknowledging the many languages and cultures in our school and wider community which help to create such a vibrant and exciting environment.   

This year’s competition is ‘Languages all around me’ and is open to all our primary students.     The aim is to show how so many different languages surround us in our everyday lives - be it on shop signs, street and suburb names, food labels, movie titles, on number plates and so on.                                                   Students may present their discoveries as a poster, a PowerPoint, an oral presentation or in any other format they prefer.      There will be prizes awarded in each year group and the entries will be displayed for everyone to enjoy.        The deadline for competition entries is Friday November 8 so get busy spotting the different languages which surround you.


Signora Hawke

Pre Primary News 

This week we have been looking at the diagraph 'ee' as in bee. As part of our learning, we have counted how many teeth we have and created an art piece for our Art Portfolio about how many teeth we have. We also had some wonderful parents in to help us plant some seeds and flowers. We will measure their growth over the next few weeks and we hope to cook up something amazing towards the end of the term with some of the items we have grown.  We have made some teeth biscuits and talked about how to care for our teeth.

In Maths this week we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes, as well as learning about capacity.

We are busy getting ready for our assembly and amaze our teachers every day with what we can do.




Desperately Seeking Duplo

We are seeking second hand Duplo to create an outdoor tub for Yr. 1 and 2 students to access during recess and lunch breaks. Please note we do not want Lego, as small pieces will get lost outside, just the bigger Duplo pieces as shown in the photograph below. We are also seeking about four larger rugs that the children could sit on when playing with equipment outside.


Please send in any Duplo or rugs to PP



Whats Happening

Fremantle Markets Bloom Exhibition

Friday 15th November 2019 – Sunday 2nd February 2020


White Gum Valley Pre-Primary students are creating a ‘jellyfish bloom’ display at the Fremantle Markets as an entrant in the bloom Exhibition!


The purpose of the display is to encourage visitors to think about the re-use and/or recycling of single-use plastic. According to WWF Australia, Australians, on average, use 130kg of plastic, per person per year. Only 12% of that is recycled! More frightening still is that 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into our waterways and into the ocean! Out at sea, plastic is deadly! Marine animals like turtles can choke on plastic bags mistaken for jellyfish and seabirds eat small pieces of plastic floating in the sea and along the shoreline, which cannot be ingested. We will only be using recycled materials that can then be recycled or reused again after the exhibition has finished. 


Please head to the markets to see the exhibition and encourage your family and friends to do the same! Visitors to the Markets will be encouraged to vote for the best ‘jellyfish bloom’, with cash prizes of $1000, $500 and $250 given to the schools achieving the highest number of votes.


WGV Cake & Book stall

Calling all families ... Important event ... Put this date in your diary ... 4th of November ... The final fundraiser for our Year 6s ... a WGV CAKE AND BOOK STALL ... Cakes, cookies, childrens books and cupcakes galore will go on sale to students at recess and lunch, and to parents and kids after school, so empty your change drawer people and buy up big from our Year 6's to support them one last time ...  All money raised goes towards YEAR 6 GRADUATION costs ... Come to the cupcake party, so our year 6's can BRING HOME THE PARTY OF 2019!  And of course, all donations of baked goods and childrens books are most welcome - just bring along on the day and add to the cause.




Canteen News

Our summer menu is out now with lots of summer treats such as fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and icy poles. Perfect treats for summer!

You may have also noticed a slight increase to the cost of pies, which are now $4.70, due to an increase in cost from the supplier. 

Take a break from packing the lunchboxes and support our canteen!


Canteen Committee


Uniform Shop News


Opening hours are:

Monday afternoon —  2:45—3:15pm


If you are unable to come in on Monday, you can place an order by completing an order form  and with the correct money or by cheque and hand in at the Front Office (Front Office is unable to give change).   Your order will be delivered to the Front Office the following Monday for you to collect.

Any outgrown uniforms are gladly accepted for our second hand rack.

For further information, please contact me on: sarahjanebell18@gmail.com

Sarah - Uniform Shop Co-Ordinator

Community News







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