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12 September 2019
Week 9  Term 3
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Principal's News

Mother Teresa, who died a week ago today in 1997, worked with the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, in north-eastern India. She talked of what inspired her: 


 “What is the Good News, the Gospel? It is that God loves you, that God carries you tattooed on the palms of his hands, that even if a mother should forget her own child, God will not forget you.” 


God our Father, 

for each individual it is as though his or her name is written on the palm of your hand. 

Lead us to grow in the faith that your love for each person is without limit or condition. 

Inspire us to live in such a way that the light of Christ may shine through us, 

bringing love and warmth and happiness to those who share our lives. 




In our world we are challenged at times to see whether this prayer is relevant given the interpretation of justice offered to ‘the other’ within our nation.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Tamil family at the moment.

First Prep Transition Day

This morning we welcomed 22 new children and their parents to St James.  The first day is always one of excitement and trepidation about what are we to expect with starting school. As is always the case starting school with a smile is always important and the major focus with every day.  Today was one of those days as the newies were welcomed into the school by Ange, Imelda, Sharon, Kate, Carmelina and Olivia who coordinated the morning of a gentle entry to school with fun activities. A morning tea at Star of the Sea also eased the anxiety for parents who were able to form friendships that will endure for many years ahead.


Thanks to the 2010 cohort parents for making the considered decision to choose St James.  We are in an interesting phase as we build a new community with a deep respect for what has occurred in the past and also mindful of all the children, families, religious and staff that have been significant in who we are today


In the coming years the connections that we make as families are vitally important.  Through your children's association with other children we develop friendships for life.  


For many years St James community is known for the engaging and supporting culture that we share.  We all have a role to play in this. Today marked the commencement of that journey along the track of life.

A great start to the upcoming 2020 year. 


2020 Planning

As we enter the final part of the year, planning for the 2020 year has commenced.  This process involves a combination of;

  • balancing the educational, social and pastoral needs of our children

  • the strategic placement of teacher resources

  • teacher growth and development

  • accommodating specific needs and adjustments for children 

  • utilising the contemporary learning spaces 

  • projected fees and charges 

  • curriculum priorities 

  • as well as the anticipated Commonwealth and State Grants.

Decisions are not made lightly and many factors contribute to the preliminary plans as we enter the end of Term 3 and into Term 4.  Our staff have already indicated their preferences for next year in a submitted ‘letters of intent’ which includes preferred levels ( Senior/ Middle Junior), study commitments, leave and teaching combinations.  How St James can maximise our impact for all children and cater for the many requirements of being in a small and vibrant community involves many considered scenarios. This takes time and many possible combinations are thrown up.  What is important in education is not only academic results and excellence but also the 5Cs of developing character, citizenship, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. This is not done alone as teachers but with the support of parents  who promote the partnership of being hopeful, confident and supportive. All children need to enriched and supported and we are challenged at times in our school planning not to be conservative in our approaches to planning structures for 2020, but to be creative, question, adapt,  be flexible and change ‘traditional’ educational designs. This is what we have already achieved in the past 12-18 months with a contemporary learning environment that is being recognised as ideal an exciting space to learn.  


 The contemporary world is a dynamic place and our children will make sense of the world if we can re - imagine different possibilities. Learning and the environment is strongest when children, parents and teachers feel a sense of belonging are hopeful and resilient.  The period ahead is an interesting phase of 2020 planning.


Communication - Important message

Communication is key in a functioning organisation whether it be a business, community or educational setting.  With the increased use of access to the internet we all receive a greater amount of email messages. Our day can be absorbed by filtering emails and then responding to the urgent and not so urgent requests.


Can I request that for our teachers to provide responses to your requests that you cc  / me into all emails sent to staff. Many of our teachers receive excessive amounts of emails which detracts from the positive relationship of engaging in a personal and more effective manner. 


If any matter is of a serious or urgent matter I suggest that you make an appointment to discuss your concern with the class teacher initially or with a Leadership Team member. 


Can I also refer you to the message that is placed at the footer of all emails that you receive from any correspondence from the school.


St James staff access their work emails normally between 8.30 am - 5.00pm and will endeavour to respond to emails within 24 - 72 hours.

Please note, staff are not expected to respond in this time frame during weekends, public holidays and term breaks.

For all urgent matters please contact the school office on 9596 4766 or email info@stjamesbrighton <>


School Fees   

Can I remind parents that your school fees may be due.  Thanks to all families for your continued commitment of school payments for your child’s education. 


AFL Colours Day

Due to the number of events happening next week,  there will be no Food Day on Wednesday 18th September, but the children can still wear their AFL Colours.


Faith & Wellbeing


Dear Parents and Families,


Tilley Calming Space

The new look Tilley Calming Space opened up to students last week, a huge thank-you for Ann N for coordinating this. During lunchtime each day students will have the opportunity to participate in any of the following activities; lego, drawing, colouring, loom bands, planks, story time, jigsaws, game play, wordsearch, crosswords, blocks and much more! What’s happening each day will be placed on the noticeboard next to the stairs in the main building. 


Tuning into Kids

Tuning into kids is a website that I have recently been made aware of by a number of people, including one of our parents. Apart from thought provoking articles, they also run workshops for parents on a number of issues faced by you and your children. 


Sunsmart Policy Renewal

In a previous newsletter I wrote an article about our recently renewed Sunsmart Policy and membership. Our new policy states “The sun protection times are a forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology for the time of day UV levels are forecast to reach 3 or higher. At these levels, sun protection is recommended for all skin types. In Victoria, UV levels regularly reach 3 or higher from mid-August to the end of April.”  Our sunsmart policy now states that students and staff must wear there hats during times of being outside. Therefore this is a reminder that all students are  now required to bring their hats to school. Staff will be checking our school website which had the UV index rating on it to ensure if it goes higher than 3 students and staff will be asked to wear their hats. The UV index rating appears at the bottom of our school website and looks like this.


If at anytime you read an article or come across a program that you feel would be good for the St James Community to be aware of in regards to Student Wellbeing at St James please feel free to pass on to me.


Thank- you!


Mrs Georgia McNamara

Student Wellbeing Leader



Last year a number of staff and parishioners from St James and St Joan of Arc travelled to PNG to gain insight into the way in which people within the community live. They visited a small town called Aitape and experienced their day to day lives. 


On Friday the 13th of September we are asking students to wear the PNG colours (red, black and yellow) and bring a gold coin donation. All money raised will go to support people within the Aitape community. 


We will also have a special Assembly at 3pm where Miss Quinlan will share her experiences visiting the region and a video that was created by the parish. This is a great opportunity for students to see how the money raised will go to support this community.


PNG Sleepover

PNG sleepover has been postponed till next term. We will send out information once a new date for Term 4 has been confrmed 



1st November - Confirmation Reflection Day

14th November - Confirmation Mass at St Joan of Arc, 7pm


If you have any questions regarding dates or the Sacramental Program please do not hesitate to contact myself or your classroom teacher.


St Vincent de Paul Society – Calling Young Adults.

Make a difference in our community by joining our local young adult conference – South Eastern Young Vinnies. SEYV are a self-run group of young volunteers (typically 18 – 35), who meet regularly at St Peter’s (Bentleigh East) to plan community outreach programs; they organise Kids Days Out, for example … fun activities for kids who might otherwise miss out. For more information contact Ross 0410 955-700 ( or Philip 0423 109-506


Yours in faith,

Emma Herbert

Religious Education Leader



Deputy Principal's News

Dear Parents,


Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Deputy Principal conference at the RACV Club in Healesville.  This was a great opportunity to meet with other leaders from schools in the south central zone, and reflect on all the great opportunities for learning our schools provide.  One of our guest speakers asked us to reflect on what we are grateful for. This term has been filled with so many opportunities for student and staff learning and continuing to develop our school and parent community.   


Each day I continue to see the support and encouragement that our students, staff and parents offer each other in so many ways, this is truly something special and unique to our school and community.  


I am truly blessed and grateful for the amazing school community to which I belong. 


Thank you!

We thank you Lord, for this term!


For the challenges, successes, and the mistakes from which we have learnt. Be with us as we spend our time with family and friends. Give us strength and courage to do what is right: to be witnesses of our faith. During these holidays, help us to appreciate what others do for us, to give time and effort to help others. To be peacemakers in our family. Keep us safe in our activities; give us good rest and good fun. Bring us back refreshed and ready for a new term. We thank you for our classmates, teachers, parents and a community that cares for us. 


May we always be conscious of you in our lives.






Take a moment individually or as a family and reflect on this Term.  Use the following sentence starter to share something you are grateful for.  You may like to start a family journal or write down something you are grateful for and place it into a gratitude jar.

School Improvement - CEMSIS

The school  continues to engage with research and evidence as a way of reflecting on ‘what works’ and strengthen our approaches to learning and teaching.  CEMSIS  Catholic Education Melbourne School Information Surveys, is one of the ways that we gather feedback and use this data to assist in writing our School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Annual Action Plan (AAP).


This year, Catholic Education Melbourne has partnered with Learning First and Orima Research Pty Ltd to re-design the survey tools and the digital platform used to collect feedback from students, staff and families about their schools. 


Students in Years 4 -6 have or will complete CEMSIS at school.   All students will be issued with a unique login ID and PIN by the school.  Questions include topics such as student learning, student voice, safety and school climate. 


Families of Melbourne Catholic primary and secondary students have been invited at random to participate in the 2019 CEMSIS via an emailed code and PIN.   CEMSIS presents families with a range of questions including school fit, family engagement, safety and communication. 


Term 4 

Term 4 commences on Monday 7th October.  With the warmer weather approaching, this will also be the first day for students to re-commence wearing their summer uniforms to school.  Wearing of the school navy legionnaires cap or wide-brimmed hat is compulsory during terms 1, mid -late term 3,and term 4. Please refer to our Sunsmart policy attached to this newsletter. 


Bike / Scooter Safety

In Australia, helmets are compulsory for riding bikes and recommended for riding skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and so on. Wearing a helmet will help protect your child against serious head injuries.  A reminder that if you are riding to and from school you need to be wearing a helmet which is securely fastened.  When arriving to school your bikes, scooters etc. need to be locked in the bike shed. If the bike shed is locked, please go to the front office and someone will assist you.  At no time, should students be riding / scooting on others students bikes and scooters.


A reminder about the Beginning of the School Day  

(revised procedure as of 15th August, 2019)

As a staff we have revised our beginning of the school day routines. The supervision of students by staff begins at 8.40am. There are two teachers on before school duty, one on the Mainyard and one on the Tilley yard side.  The main school doors (Main yard) will now remain closed until 8.50am.  At 8.50am the teacher on ‘before’ school duty (Main yard) will open the front school doors, all students are to enter via the main front doors, students will not be able to access the building any other way.   At 8.50am students can go to their classrooms and put their bags away, then either go back outside or stay in their room. Students arriving on the Tilley side will be directed to the mainyard by the teacher on duty. Music will begin playing just before 8.55am (a signal for students to start making their way to their classrooms).  The school bell will sound at 9:00am. At this time, all students should be in their classrooms ready to start lessons.


If students arrive to school after this time, commencing from 9.00am they will need to go to the front office (entering via the Main yard), where they will need to sign in via VPass and be issued with a late pass.  All visitors to our school will be directed to the front office. At 3.20pm the gates on the Tilley building will be unlocked to assist with students leaving the building.


The bridge is our new gateway to connecting both buildings, so we need to ensure that we utilise it when moving from one side of the school to the other.




(Changing the way young people learn about finance)


In the coming weeks all grades will be involved in Start Smart sessions facilitated by a member of the Commonwealth Bank.   Sessions will take place in classrooms and will run between 45 - 60mins


Please see the following link for further information.


Social Media - Please follow, like and share our school Twitter and Instagram Feeds.  Our Facebook Page is coming soon.

Twitter:  St James Catholic Primary School, 3186

Instagram:  stjamesbrighton3186


Kind regards,


Carmelina Corio

Deputy Principal

Class News

AFL Colours Day

On Wednesday 18th September, the Year 6 Sports Captains have organised a Footy Colours Day. On this day children will have the chance to wear their team’s AFL colours. If you don’t support an AFL team then you are more than welcome to wear your choice of team colours with your sports uniform. This day will be full of AFL activities for you and your class to enjoy. We ask that you please bring a gold coin donation to help make this day possible. You will also have the chance to vote on the footy team you think will win the grand final and one person from each year level who guesses the winner will get a bag of lollies.


Year 6 Sports Leaders


In Religious Education the children have reflected on how it is our duty to care for the environment and to become good ‘stewards’ of it. We have investigated ways to care for creation in our local environment e.g. responsible waste disposal and recycling. As a result the children in Year Two are collecting bottle caps. These can be recycled to make prosthetic limbs for disabled children using 3D printing. The project is called “Lids for Kids.” We would love your support- there will be a container placed at the front office and one in each classroom.


Bernie Whiffen

Year 2 Teacher



On Tuesdays we work in a group with Mrs Dodds. She challenges us and helps us extend our writing. Next term we will be using our literacy skills to teach everyone at St James to be more environmentally friendly. We will be writing with a purpose to inform and persuade our community. We want to remind everyone of simple things like turning off lights and computers when not using them, or using the right bins for waste. 

Issy, Lucy & Belle


Before we decided what the problem is, we surveyed the teachers and found out that most of them thought that waste was our biggest problem in the school. We walked around the school and saw that people weren’t putting their rubbish in the right bins, there was paper on floors, property left around the school, food scraps left on the playground, indoor plants needed care and there was way too much plastic used for little things. 

James & Jack


We are trying to work on saving the world by reducing waste in our school. We noticed lots of things around the school that are wastes of resources. Next term we will be showing everyone how we can better use paper, power, water, good resources and equipment. Some tips to start off are:

  • If lights and power points aren’t being used flick them off

  • Make sure you put paper scraps into the paper recycling bins

  • Take care of your property by looking after your lunchboxes, jumpers, pencil cases

Max & Josh F


Keep an eye out next term for some of our posters, newsletter articles and presentations to improve how we are solving some of the waste problems in our beautiful school!



In term three we have been doing yoga. Every week on a Wednesday a lady named Jackie comes in and does yoga with us. Yoga is calming and fun because we play games and then we do meditation. Before yoga everyone is really excited.

On behalf of Year 4 ,thank you Jackie.

Jess P


Life Skills

This Term we have been doing Life Skills with Marica. Yr 4 has been focusing on Gentle, Team work, Respect, Perseverance and Confidence. We have been playing games to learn what we can do to make a difference and impact on each other and to make a difference in life later on.

We have one session left next week and on behalf of Yr 4 we would like to thank Marica for all the fun activities we did with you!

Olivia V



Budgeting Holiday Project 

Last week in a group of three we had to make a poster going to any place involving food, flights, accommodation, activities and transport from the airport to the hotel. There were three different families we could choose.  Each had pros and cons.  After we had all our information we got an A3 piece of paper and wrote all our information in bubbles and decorated it. There were challenges, like your grandma pays 15% of the trip. When everyone was done, we presented our poster to the class and discussed what trip we did with all our information. This was a really fun activity!  

Millie W


P.I.P. Homework


In Term 3 we did a Personal Interest Project we called P.I.P. which we did in our home work at home and had 2 weeks to complete it. We had to choose a topic to do with space and earth science e.g one of the planets, stars, black holes, wormholes, weather patterns and lots more.

We then had to put it all on  slides, a poster and if we wanted to add a diagram, a model and some people made a cake. When the 2 weeks were over,  everyone presented to the class and the presentations were great! 

Alana W



Book Day

On the 28th of August 2019, our school had Book Day. 

Book day is a day where everyone dresses up in their favourite character from their favorite book.


 At 9:15am the whole school gathered together for a big book day parade, all the classes took turns to walk around and show their amazing costumes. A big thank you to Zoe RobeRts and Imogen chapman in year 6 for running the parade and Callan O' Connor for interviewing the winners of the parade, which were two people from each class.


Big thanks to Mrs Nicola AND miss Quinlan for organising the whole event!


Interview with the teachers 

Mrs Stacey Clingan- Miss Honey from Matilda: Why did you choose Miss Honey? Because she is her own type of super hero in the way she looks after and cares for the children in her class


Miss Nooy and Miss Contin - Pig the Tourist: We  wanted it to be fun and look a bit silly together.  We were in Kmart and saw the book and thought ‘how cute, let’s do it!’ 


Mrs Dodds - Rosie the Riveter  (Rosie Revere Engineer): because she is a strong female character with a positive personality


Mrs Busch - Where's Wally: she loves ‘where's wally’ because you look at the pictures and other characters have funny storylines 


Miss Corio - Wonder Woman: because I always loved Wonder w

Woman growing up


This part of the Year 5’s Book Day is about 5C so here is Year 5C’s view on Book Day.

At the start of the day my class (Year 5C), took a photo of the class to remember the class’s cool costumes. Then we went to a Book Day parade to show off everybody's costumes from Year prep-6.


After we went to our class and had recess, which other than normal days, it was big and bright with so much colour. We then met up with our buddies and used make make with cardboard boxes, which was lots of fun to see our buddies costumes.


Then we had lunch inside and watched movies because it was a little rainy outside.  After lunch we saw a book day performance with the whole school, which was definitely enjoyed by all.

Here are some people from 5C and their opinion of what they thought of the day:

Raphy Trist “It was probably doing the parade”

Tom Williams “I’ve enjoyed the buddy activity”

Charlotte Granger “I really enjoyed the parade”


S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

STEM has a big group of scientific studies. We do all kinds of fun things, like building things, learning about our earth and so much more.  We get to do all kinds of science, such as engineering and electricity. We get to do fun science and things we love with STEM. 


St James  participated in an exciting STEM activity along with book week (which was really enjoyable as well). This is what we did in STEM class:  so as a warm up we had a battery, a light and a switch board that connects to the battery to make a light appear.


After we finished the warm up, we made our own drones. We enjoyed making them and after we made them we controlled them to fly.  This came with some problems, when we had to connect them to an ipad, but we enjoyed it either way.


We thank the helpers from the STEM class for taking their time to teach us about STEM and drones.

Billie A,  Evie O and Leyla V 

Year 5 Students


Book Week and Foundation

What an incredible Book Week celebration Foundation had this year.

The costumes the children wore and the book parade led by a large T Rex dinosaur was amazing.

Children had a wonderful time dressing up and participating in the Book Week performance ‘Big Dreams’ organised by our fantastic Ann Nicola.

Children came dressed as:

Madison- Minion from ‘Despicable Me’

Mikayla-Jessie from ‘Toy Story’

Lucia- Thelma the Unicorn

Peyton-Fancy Nancy

Anita- Emma from ‘The Wiggles’

Audrey- Wenda from ‘Where’s Wally?’

Poppy- Ironman

Eve- Matilda from ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl

Ethan- The Flash

Arran- Knight from the Round Table

Tilly- T Rex dinosaur

Alice- Harry Potter

Holly- Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Matilda- The Fast Easter Bunny

Emma- Peter Rabbit

Mila- Rapunzel

Nicholas-Essendon football player

Sienna- Coco Chanel

Iris- Pippy Longstocking

Beau- Peter from ‘Peter Pan’

Madelyn- Batgirl


Foundation and Their First
St James Father’s Day

On Friday 30th August, St James celebrated Father's Day with a Father’s Day Breakfast in the school hall.

Wonderful mums got up early to prepare a special breakfast for our dads.

The Foundation children were busy creating their Father’s Day cards and sharing breakfast with their special parent.

Some children took their fathers to the interesting STEM Expo in the old library and showed them some of the new STEM technology at the school.

We hope our St James dads had a wonderful Father's Day and enjoyed the breakfast.


Foundation Enjoys Pyjama Day

On Friday 6th September, Foundation children came to school in their pyjamas.

Children felt warm and cosy on such a cold, wet day and looked amazing.

Dressing gowns, slippers, onesies and fluffy soft toys were all bought to school for a great day.

Thank you to all the parents who helped to make this day possible.


Foundation Attend the STEM Expo

On Thursday 29th August, Foundation was given the opportunity to participate in the St James STEM Expo. We were all very excited to begin simple coding and create algorithms for a ‘Cubetto.’

Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that teaches the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play. Children worked together to move the ‘cubetto’ to different locations on a mat.

We look forward to working with cubetto and other technology next term.

We thank Mr McMahon and Chad DeClase for sharing their knowledge and resources with us.


Foundation and Father’s Day

In Foundation, we have been talking about our special dads.

We made rockets and cards for Father’s Day that read ‘I will love you to the moon and back’.

The children put a lot of time and effort into the cards and they looked great. Everyone was very excited to give their card to their Dad. We hope they loved them.

During the week, I asked each child about their Dad and this is what they said.

Madison-He plays games with me when its bedtime.

Mikayla- My Dad let me have a slurpee and ice cream on holidays

Lucia- He gives the best cuddles

Peyton- Dad takes me to the park.

Anita- We went ice skating together.

Audrey- We went rollerblading together.

Poppy- My Dad goes for Saints

Eve- My Dad  buys me the best toys.

Ethan- My Dad plays cricket with me and goes for the Hawks.

Arran- My Dad kicks the footy with me.

Tilly- My Dad gets me a hot chocolate before school.

Alice- He reads us ‘Harry Potter’

Holly- He brings us colourful shoes and one day he got us party shoes.

Matilda- My Dad gives me ice cream after dinner.

Emma- My Dad likes making things with me.

Mila- We go bowling together.

Nicholas- My Dad cooks with me.

Sienna- My Dad takes me on holidays

Iris- My Dad took me to the shops.

Beau- He plays soccer with me and he goes for Hawks.

Madelyn- My Dad goes for the Lions in footy and he looks after me.


Cathy Busch

Foundation Teacher


Wow what an eventful week last week was! On Friday 6th September St James had 19 students go through to the Beachside Athletics Championships following on from the Holt District Athletics in the previous week and our girls Soccer Team played at the Victorian State Championships. 

St James Girls Soccer Team
Runners Up at the
School Sport Victoria
State Championships

On Friday 6th September 16 very excited girls from across year 5 and 6 competed in the School Sport Victoria State Championships. To make it to that round they had to win at District(Holt), Division(Beachside) and Regionals(Southern Metropolitan) across term 2 and 3 to then secure a place at the State Championships. 

The day threw it all at the team sun, wind, rain and fairly certain there was some hail! The girls won convincingly through their pool to make it to the final against a team that they beat last year. Unfortunately, it was not our year to take home the championship trophy but, we can take comfort in knowing we have the second best Primary Girls Soccer Team in the State amongst us! 


A huge effort by the girls and our absolutely brilliant coach and mentor, Andi S. The girls admire your coaching knowledge and expertise, as do I! Also a huge thank-you to Mark I, who was our linesman on many occasions and also stepped into coach on Friday. Thank-you also to Eva M(past student) and all of the parents for your support this year! Oranges, photos and kind words of encouragement have not gone unnoticed.

A special whole school Assembly was held earlier this week to celebrate the St James Girls Soccer Teams achievement


Holt Athletics

What a fantastic day we had at the Holt Athletics. I am fairly certain that most of our 53 St James Athletics Team students collected a ribbon for their events. St James won the % shield which was terrific! 19 of the team then made it through to the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival which was held on Friday in very trying conditions. Once again a very big thank-you to the parents who took their children to the day and Sarah C for being the teacher in charge on the day. Well done to Lachie W and Leni B who won ribbons for their events.


Hoop Time

This Thursday 12th September and next Thursday 19th September all students from year 3-6 will be involved in Hoop Time. A huge thank-you to the parents who have volunteered I know your time is valuable and it can be daunting when you are not sure of the basketball rules, please be assured that your time is very much appreciated. 


Year 5/6 please be at school by 8.20am for an 8.30am departure this Thursday 12th September. We will return before the end of the school day. Students should wear the full sport uniform, appropriate footwear and bring plenty of food for the day. 


Year 3/4 please be at school by 8.20am for an 8.30am departure this Thursday 19th September. We will return before the end of the school day. Students should wear the full sport uniform, appropriate footwear and bring plenty of food for the day. 



Mrs Georgia McNamara

Sport Co-ordinator


On Tuesday the 27th August the Junior children participated in our annual Skip-a-thon at lunchtime. The children were very enthusiastic and demonstrated the great skipping skills they have accomplished in the last three weeks. Some children could not skip at the beginning and are now skipping which was great to see. They all supported each other with lots of cheering.






















Mrs Chris Kidman

P-2 Physical Education Teacher


STEAM Education

St James STEM Expo 


Telstra Smart Farm Update

Ross and John (Telstra) have showcased our new smart farm devices to the year 5 and 6 students and also some of the St James dads on the final day of the STEM Expo a couple of weeks back. We’ve logged into our school account and had a play with how to read the graphs produced by a variety of sensors.

We’re now at the stage of mounting the devices and will be doing so on Saturday morning.

Ross, John and Brendan Anderson (all round life enthusiast and nice guy), along with Mr Mac and Mal Rademaker (Bowden Construction & St James handyman) will team up to ensure our ‘smart farm technology’ is securely mounted atop our soon-to-be Telstra smart garden in the Tilley playground. Sensors included in our package include devices that can record temperature and rainfall and in the near future, we’ll be adding a sensor to monitor UV rays hitting our school. All members of our school community will be able to access live information  coming from our school in terms of temperature, wind, rainfall and uv ratings from anywhere in the world!

In Term 4, with student support, we aim to start the actual garden and plant some vegetables and other plant life. Mr Flanagan can see a swaying cornfield on the horizon. Stay tuned :)


James McMahon

STEM Leader



Performing Arts

St James Primary School proudly presents 

Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s 

Mary Poppins JR.

Tuesday 10th December
Thursday 12th December 2019




Wednesday 18th September
6:00 - 7:00pm

A soiree is an informal concert that is a great way for students to practice performing in a relaxed and supportive environment.    

Sharon Daffy (piano teacher), has invited students to perform in the School Hall.   


If there are St James students who learn a musical instrument outside school hours and would like to participate in the soiree, please contact or email the office


Everyone is welcome to come and support our wonderful students on the night. 


Parents Association


Thank you to Susan Conterno and her wonderful team of helpers (including Gianni and Brendan) for making the St James Dads and Children feel very SPECIAL.  The Father's Day Breakfast was a huge success.  Thank You!


AFL Colours Day

Due to the number of events happening next week,  there will be no Food Day on Wednesday 18th September, but the children can still wear their AFL Colours.

2019 PA Calendar


Coat Hangers + Stands Required

Our secondhand uniform shop requires coat hangers and stands.  Please donate your excess hangers and stand (if possible) to the school office, or contact Danielle Rohan on 0418 998940


St James Dads' Gathering 
7:30pm onwards


Future Gatherings are as follows:

  • 19 September    TBA
  • 24 October          TBA
  • 21 November     TBA
  • 19 December      TBA




 If you are interested in purchasing, please contact

Danielle Rohan  Mob.  0418 998940  or



Please find attached 2019 Lunch Order Price List. 

Please note that the STAR Canteen is closed on certain days of the year and Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders  tomorrow

Friday              16th August



Upcoming Dates


13 Sep           PNG Day (dress up/gold coin)

                           Yr3/4 Excursion to ScienceWorks

18 Sep            Yoga with Jackie

                            AFL Colours Day 

                            Musical Soiree 6-7pm

                            PA Meeting 7:30pm 

19 Sep            Holt Hoop Time Yr 3/4

20 Sep            Japanese Day  +  Food Day

                             Final Day Term 3

                            School Finish 1:30pm

Term 4 Dates

07 Oct      Term 4 commences

11 Oct       Grandparents & Special Friends

                       Morning Tea - Yr1 hosting

16 Oct        2020 Prep Orientation

21 Oct        Yr3 Zoo Snooze

23 Oct         Yr 1 Excursion

                        PA Meeting

25 Oct         World Teachers Day

27 Oct         Yr 5 Mass

28-30 Oct   Yr4 Camp

04 Nov         School Closure

05 Nov         Public Holiday

10 Nov         Yr 1 Class Mass

13 Nov         Confirmation Reflection Day

15 Nov    2020 Prep Orientation

15 Nov    Parent Helpers Morning Tea

18-27 Nov   St James Swimming Program

27 Nov    PA AGM + ThankYou Dinner

28 Nov     St James Swimming Carnival

29 Nov     School Closure - Planning

                      Holt T20 Cricket Yr3/4

06 Dec      PA Parents Christmas Party

08 Dec      Foundation Class Mass

09 Dec       Move up day & final 2020 Prep                                       Orientation 9:15-10:30am

10 Dec      School Production

11 Dec      Cluster Beach Day Yr 5/6

12 Dec      School Production

13 Dec      Yr 6 Excursion Luna Park

16 Dec      Yr6 Graduation Mass & Dinner

17 Dec      Final Day Term 4

                       School Finish 1:30pm 

 Please refer to the 
Parent Google Calendar

The google calendar is designed for parents to keep up to date with school events.  

Please visit this regularly to keep informed.

For additional dates, refer to the FAITH & WELLBEING page for Sacraments, Class Masses and Family Faith Night Dates.


Please find attached 2019 Lunch Order Price List.

Please note that the STAR Canteen is closed on certain days of the year and Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on :


Friday              16th August

2019 Term Dates

Term 1      31 January  -  05 April

Term 2     23 April - 28 June

Term 3     15 July - 20 September

Term 4     07 October  - 17 December


School Closure Days

04 Nov   Monday

05 Nov   Tuesday*

29 Nov  Friday (2020 Planning)

*  Public Holiday

2019 Parents Association Meetings 7:30pm 

  • 18 September
  • 23 October
  • 27 November
  • 6 December


St James Dads' Gathering 
7:30pm onwards

  • 19 September    TBA
  • 24 October          TBA
  • 21 November     TBA
  • 19 December      TBA




What's On & Worth Noting















Bayside Spring School Holiday Program

With only 5 weeks left of term 3, Youth Services are getting ready for a very exciting spring school holiday program for young people aged 10 – 17.


Some activities these holidays include; outdoor laser skirmish, Royal Melbourne Show and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the musical). Bookings open 10am Thursday 29 August and will remain open for 2 weeks.


Registrations are essential and can be completed by heading to the website


Holiday Camps




A FREE telephone based parenting education program is for parents, grandparents caring for their grandchildren and carers of children aged 2 to 12 years, living in Victoria.  Our aim is to increase access for all families including fathers, grandparents, kinship carers and rural families.  Participants will be provided with a workbook or online modules and will be  supported by weekly 30 minute phone calls from a trained Parent Educator over a 6 to 10 week period.  Appointments are available daytime and evenings. 


This service is funded by The Department of Health and Human Services. 



We provide expertise and support to parents, educators and organisations to create optimal parenting, learning and educational environments for children birth to 12 years. The organisation prides itself on our knowledge base and expertise, and on maintaining an independent voice on the national and international stage for children’s development, teaching and learning, research and parenting. 

To contact us, please call the Early Life Foundations Centre at +61 3 9551 1900, or alternatively enter your details into our contact us form below.  In the case where you need to contact the organisation urgently, please call mobile 0427 819 727.

Office ( Administration only )

Level 1, 616 Balcombe Road 
Black Rock

* Presentations and training sessions are conducted at various venues. Always refer to the confirmation email for the location of your session.


 Connor's Run 2019


Connor's Run 2019

Sunday Sept 15

With only 500 spots left, don't lose your place in the BEST fun run of the year!

"More Fun Than Run"

This year is the biggest and fastest selling event EVER!

Sign up at


Hard copies available at school reception.

2019 College Tour dates

For up to date information please go to Star of the Sea's website

2019 College Tour dates De La Salle College



Friday 19 July                2:00pm

Wednesday 7 August      9:15am

Friday 13 September      2:00pm

Wednesday 16 October  9:15am







Sophia Heares is our resident Taekwondo ​teacher. The classes are held on  Monday and Wednesday after school and caters for all ages and levels. 




Please note Term 3 Discount



What we’ve been up to at OSHC!

Our theme this term has been all about Sustainability! Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about how we can incorporate more sustainable practices into OSHClub as well as our everyday lives. We’ve learnt all about worm farms, composting, water pollution, recycling and gardening! Two weeks ago we had a special visit from Darren at the St Stephen’s community gardens who taught us all about organic gardening and helped us to establish our very own worm farm for the school! The children absolutely loved this experience and some were even brave enough to hold a worm! Check out our photos below of all the fun things we’ve been up to!


Coming up at OSHClub!

Next week our theme is  ‘Animal Pet Care’. We will be learning all about animals, their habitats and how to care for them appropriately. Check out some of the awesome activities we have planned! 

We look forward to making new friends and learning new things through play and social experiences. As always there will also be a quiet time for homework, relaxation and reading.

Homework Club 

Mornings: 7.00am-8.15am

Afternoons: 3.45pm-4.30pm and 5.00pm-5.30pm


Below are some of our menu specials for this week at OSHC!


A platter of fresh fruit and vegetables are always served with our menu specials.

Do you have any recycled materials we could use at OSHClub?

As part of our initiative to embed more sustainable practices within our program, we would love it if you could bring any recyclable materials that the children could repurpose into some awesome craft inventions! Things like toilet rolls, jars, boxes or even newspaper would be fantastic! Take a look at what we’ve been creating already!

Survey Time!

As part of our commitment to providing high quality care for children and families at our service, each fortnight we are seeking your feedback on our performance as aligned with the National Quality Standard. 


This week we are seeking your feedback on Quality Area 3: Physical Environment. If you have any spare time, we would greatly appreciate it if you could complete our survey monkey this week! This information will be used in our Quality Improvement Plan, a document that helps providers self-assess their performance in delivering quality education and care as well as to plan future improvements.


Here’s the link to our survey monkey: 

OSHClub Class Dojo

If you have a child who attends OSHClub, please take a moment to sign up to our Class Dojo. Through the application parents can view how their child is behaving and also peep a view at the fun things we get up to!


Meet the Team

We’re here to make OSHC the best experience possible. If you have any questions about the program or just want to have a chat, feel free to drop by, meet the team and see what happens first hand in the program. 

We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!


From the Team at OSHClub:    Laura ☺


St James News
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