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27 March 2018
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From the Principal

Welcome to our school community and to the new format of our newsletter. This new format allows you to easily find the different areas of the school and discover what great things are happening across the school.

Focus on Writing

This year we have a major focus on improving student writing outcomes. The whole school are collaborating through our Inquiry Cycle to find out what our students know and what they need to know, in writing, to move forward in their learning. There will be high expectations for our learners to improve their learning in writing across the curriculum. We will be sharing our learning with parents so that you may support your child’s learning at home.

High Expectations

Why is it important for the school and home to have high expectations for our learners? Children’s motivation to learn is influenced by the expectations of important people in their lives. In other words, children who are expected to succeed are more likely to succeed. High expectations have a direct impact on children’s motivation to learn, self-esteem and self-efficacy. Evidence indicates that children who develop strong self-esteem, self-efficacy and are motivated to succeed, are better placed to achieve their potential at school. High expectations can work as a protective factor over an extended period of time.  Teachers who have high expectations can have a major impact on a family’s expectations for their child. Families’ expectations have a profound and lasting impact on children’s achievement. In fact, research has shown that high expectations by the family are the major factor in predicting children’s academic resilience – that is, their capacity to achieve.

Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews

Parent teacher interviews were a great success and I was pleased to see so many students with their families attending appointments with their child’s teachers. It was a great opportunity to check on your child’s progress, build a relationship with your child’s teachers and find out how you can support them in their learning journey.

School Leaders

Huge congratulations to our 2018 leaders:  Elli-Dion Martin (School Captain), Jane Russo (School Captain), Ashlee Fisher (School Vice-Captain), Sandra Saman (School Vice-Captain)

General Information

Upcoming Events


  • 26-28 - Year 9 CITY
  • 29 - Last day of term 1, 14:30 finish


  • 16 - First day of term 2
  • 25 - ANZAC Day, no school


  • 4 - Year 12 Medea
  • 7-11 - year 10 Work Experience
  • 18 - Curriculum Day, no school
  • 21-23 - Year 9 CITY

Concerns & Complaints

All parents have a right to raise concerns, however this should be done via the appropriate channels and in a respectful way. It is not helpful or productive to air grievances on social media, doing so will not help to resolve concerns. As always, we welcome complaints or concerns to be directed to the school directly and we are completely willing to work through those concerns in a constructive manner. The use of social media to address concerns has the capacity to create unnecessary problems for all involved and is not conducive to a positive learning environment at school.


Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews

Another successful evening with nearly 2,000 interviews being conducted On Thursday 22nd. It was great to see so many parents taking a keen interest in their children's education and working with their teachers to help them get the most out of their time at school. If you attended the interviews please complete this short survey to help us improve future interviews.

Contacting the College

If you would like to contact the school you can email, call or make an appointment to see someone in person. The school's number is 5990 0200 and email address is [email protected].


The school has recently updated the phone menu with new options. Please listen carefully, choosing the relevant option will ensure you call is directed to the staff member who is best positioned to assist you.

  • Option 1: Enrolment enquiries
  • Option 2: Student payments
  • Option 3: First Aid
  • Option 4: Yr 7/8 enquiries and absences
  • Option 5: Yr 9/10 enquiries and absences
  • Option 6: Yr 11/12 enquiries and absences (both VCE & VCAL)
  • Option 7: For all other enquiries
  • Option 0: To hear these options again

Term 2 Uniforms

In term 2 students are expected to wear winter uniform. However, during the first two weeks students may choose either full winter or full summer uniform. More information, including the uniform policy, is available on the College website > Uniforms

Signing In

Students arriving late to school MUST sign in at the student reception, 7/8 Simone (Green building), 9/10 Cass (Orange building) and 11/12 Andrea (Study Hall).

Signing Out

Students leaving early must sign out at the front office. If your child attends sick bay and is too sick to return to class then they must be collected by a parent or guardian. Remember"too sick to go to class, too sick to go home alone".


COMPASS is a parent portal where you can :

  • view your child's Student Semester Reports
  • view your child's Learning Tasks and CATS
  • book your Parent/Student/Teacher conferences
  • view up-to-date class and school attendance information
  • approve absences for your son/daughter
  • approve and pay for upcoming excursions
  • update your contact details
  • access information regarding upcoming events and news

More detailed information including how to login can be found on the College website > Compass


Parents are welcome to make payments at the front office anytime between 8:15am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Conveniently, a number of payments can be made via Compass. Students can pay at the student admin office located in their building.


More detailed information can be found on the College website > Payments

Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) commenced in 2015 for four years and will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. Parents or legal guardians are required to submit a new CSEF application form each year. Applications must be in at the office before the end of term 2. More information is available on the College website > CSEF

Student Success

Pi Memorisation Competition

Maths students celebrated Pi day, March 14th (3.14). Pi Day coincides with International maths week and also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. Pi is a very important number in maths. Most of us remember it is used when working out the area or perimeter of a circle. It is also used in many other areas of maths and the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler classified it as one of the 5 most significant numbers in mathematics. The Cranbourne East maths team had their second annual Pi Memorisation Competition last Thursday. There was an excellent turnout and some very excited students were ready to impress with their memory skills.


While most of us struggle to remember birthdays, phone numbers and login passwords, some of our students can memorise an astonishing array of numbers. Most students who entered the competition could recall Pi to over 20 decimal places. This is an excellent achievement as Pi is a completely random sequence of digits.


This year’s winner was able to memorise 120 digits!  Wow! Congratulations to Jodon Diaz of 7C, the 2018 Pi memorising champion. Jodon recalled, 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993 751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421 1706798214808651328230664


Year 7/8 News 

Assistant Principals News


It is hard to believe that we are closing in on the midway point of this term. Our Junior School students have been working hard in their various classes and have been involved in a number of extra-curricular activities.

A significant event this term was the whole school ANZAC assembly. At this assembly we remembered those who served Australia in times of war and conflict and honoured the sacrifices they made.   

Major events in the coming weeks include NAPLAN for our Year 7 students on Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May and Cross Country on Thursday 24th May.    

Please ensure that your son/daughter is wearing the correct uniform each day, including the school tie and school jumper, especially in these colder months of the year. As a reminder, students are not permitted to wear hoodies.

Looking forward to seeing further growth and development in our young people over this term.

Mr. Jonathan Flack

Assistant Principal

Year 7 News

At the moment in year 7, the class captains have been decorating the Year 7 cohort area to make it more welcoming for our year 7 students. They have created a welcome wall near the main entrance of the year 7 building. They have also started up a new system for home group points. Each home group will be able to collect points by wearing the right uniforms and behaving appropriately etc.  


The year sevens are active in the C.E.S.C sports activities to further improve the students’ health as well as giving the students an enjoyable time whilst learning about team work, co-operation and good sportsmanship. Students have been active in Soccer, Volleyball, Netball, Badminton, etc. For most of these activities there is an opportunity for both genders to participate in.


The student voice leaders have also been collecting soaps and shampoos for the pinchapoo foundation with help from year 7 students. The year 7 student voice leaders have also had the opportunity to participate in Breakfast Club which is something students of all ages come to for breakfast in the mornings. They have also scattered posters around the green building of upcoming events like multicultural day as well as previous events like the sod turning, ANZAC day march, etc.


All year 7 students are encouraged to participate in the upcoming cross country which is going to be held on Thursday the 24th of May. The year 7s are very excited to run alongside their friends on this 3km run/walk.


Written by Alyssa and L’Aurielle

Year 8 News

Term 2 is well and truly in the grove with staff and students flat out working towards achieving as much growth as possible before semester reports begin.

Students have been experiencing great results in Maths while participating in Mangahigh, with several students being rewarded Gold medals in a state wide competition.

The Whale Rider is being analysed in English this term, the film and book getting rave reviews from numerous students which is generating valuable discussions during class.

In PE striking sports are the focus this term, students have been exposed to several different sports involving hitting like t-ball, baseball and cricket so far. Classes have been going crazy over a modified game called “Diamond Cricket” which allows four batters to compete together as a team at the same time. Mental Health with a focus on anxiety and how to manage it is being worked through during health lessons, preparing students with strategies to cope when heading in to senior school.

Unfortunately due to not enough forms being returned the “Amazing Race” excursion was cancelled. We will look at modifying the events so it can be completed at school instead of the planned trip to Casey Fields. This was really disappointing as staff and students were really looking forward to the day and a lot of time and energy had gone in to the planning. A huge thank you to those that had returned forms, hopefully we can improve the submission rate next time when we have whole year level events.

Speaking of events, we are super excited to announce that a Camp is planned for Year 8 during term 4. The camp will be held in Inverloch and will involve coastal activities like surfing, beach hikes and cave exploration. Even if students are not interested in surfing, there are plenty of other activities to keep everyone entertained. We are all really excited for this and need as many students as possible to attend to make sure the camp is a success and ongoing feature in the Year 8 program. Deposits are due by June 4th but if there are any issues with making this payment please contact the school. Payment plans can be organised and the CESF is available to go towards this. We will have an information session scheduled for both students and parents in the next few weeks so watch this space.

If there are any questions regarding camp or anything else Year 8, please don’t hesitate to call.


Year 8 Leaders

Mr. Hobba and Ms. Kaur.

Year 8 Camp -  Week 3 of Term 4 2018

One of the next highlights to look forward to for year 8 is the term 4 camp. The Year 8 OutBeyond Leadership Development Camp term 4, 24th to the 26th October at Inverloch will engage students with a variety of exciting adventures such as surfing, along with developing both their individual confidence and the ability to work as part of an effective team. The camp will be a great opportunity for the year 8s to grow and develop within a scenic coastal environment of Inverloch, Victoria. A great way to finish year 8 and prepare for year 9. 

Year 8 Team

Creative learning in Mathematics at CESC

Learning at online platforms is not only easy and helpful, but it is creative and a way to understand topics at a wider range. At Cranbourne East Secondary College, we use many online sites to help us improve our understanding and practice our lessons. Some of these sites include Mathletics and Mangahigh just to name a few. It has been great to see many year 8 students trying their best to both build and challenge their abilities.  


Mangahigh is one of the world’s first game-based online learning platform for primary and secondary school kids for Mathematics. It is a very effective site as it guides students to their level of understanding and develops their ability to observe, test and hypothesize both answers and skills. While this platform is designed for teenagers, it would be of benefit to anyone of any age wanting to further develop their knowledge and skills in Mathematics.  As a student, I have found the experience of using Mangahigh to be very enjoyable, entertaining and personal as its individual game-based activities puts ‘real world’ problems in front of you to solve.

On a clear positive note, I would like to, again, congratulate all the year 8s who have tried hard with Mangahigh and especially those who were acknowledged in the recent assembly for their achievements. You have made our school very proud, keep up the good work! If any students have forgotten their access to Mangahigh, please ask your Mathematics teacher for your username and password.

Jaismeen 8E 

Mathematics Competition



This year at CESC, as well as having access to the Mathletics internet resource for Mathematics, the students are trailing another internet resource called Mangahigh. 


In Term 1 Mangahigh held a “Maths Ninja Challenge” for 2 weeks.  The challenge consisted of exciting maths games and quizzes - using a resource that improves student engagement and productivity in maths learning.


The goal was to pass each activity by achieving either a Bronze, Silver or Gold standard. Every Bronze standard achieved earned 1 medal point, a Silver standard achieved was worth 2 medal points, and a Gold standard achieved was worth 3 medal points.


We would like to acknowledge and CONGRATULATE two of our Year 8 students who achieved gold medals in The Mangahigh Maths Ninja Challenge.    WELL DONE BOYS!



8H science - Light

As part of the ‘Light and sound unit’ for Year 8 science this term, on Friday April 20, 8H science students learnt about the ‘Law of reflection’ and how different surfaces reflect light. They were introduced to terms such as: reflection, reflected ray, incident ray and the fact that light only travels in straight lines. Students then practised using a light box (most for the first time) and using various Perspex shapes and concave and convex mirrors to see how different objects reflect light. Next lesson students focused on concave and convex mirrors and the patterns made when light reflects off these surfaces, as well as where concave and convex mirrors are used in real life.

Mrs Crawford - 8H science teacher



Year 9/10

Message from Assistant Principal

As we near the end of Term 1, I have been thoroughly impressed with the pride students have taken with their learning, attendance, uniform and behaviour. I have enjoyed visiting classes in the past few weeks and found students happily engaged with their education and producing a high standard of work.


This week sees the Year 9 students undertake Mock Interviews as part of their P2S Program. Students have been thoroughly preparing for this experience during Term 1 by looking at employability skills, writing resumes & cover letters as well as looking at interview techniques. I know the interviewers will be impressed by our students. The final week of term sees the Year 9 City Experience commence. Students will attend the Melbourne Magistrates Court and complete activities relating to this followed by a scavenger hunt in the surrounding area. There will be photos and a student reflection in the next newsletter.


The year 10’s have been busy attending numerous excursions and events relating to their selected courses. The STEM students completed a Code Masters competition which further developed their skills in technology and engineering, the VINE students are also continuing to excel in their TAFE Tester program and the Sports Pathway students are enjoying the variety the program offers especially the strength & conditioning coaching. All year 10 students are also busily planning for their up coming work experience early in Term 2. 


Key Dates:

Year 10 - Work Experience: 7th – 11th May 2018

Year 9 - NAPLAN Testing: 15th – 17th May 2018


I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing you in Term 2.


Penni Roe

Years 9 & 10 Assistant Principal

Year 9 news


Year 9 have had a busy start to the year and it will continue to be very busy until the final day of term! It has been fantastic visiting classes to see the learning in each homeroom and teachers are looking forward to seeing families at interviews.


Students have been preparing for their mock interviews during P2S. At this stage, resumes and cover letters should be completed. All students should be practicing their responses at home to prepare for next week. A letter has been sent home with details for the day. Dates for classes as follows:

HG 9F-I - Tuesday 20th March

HG 9A-E - Wednesday 21st March


Students will be visiting the law courts in the final week of term for Humanities as part of their city experience. With teacher support, students will be traveling by train into the CBD to explore the city centre which will help students gain confidence with public transport and gain an understanding of the legal system. Dates are as follows:


HG 9 D, F, H - Monday 26th March

HG 9 B, G, I - Tuesday 27th March

HG 9 A, C, E - Wednesday 28th March


9B science:


On Tuesday February 20, 9B science students put their knowledge of current circuits to the test. They worked in groups to construct, manipulate and analyse the layout and advantages & disadvantages of series and parallel circuits. Students also had to draw circuit symbol diagrams for each step of the activity as they progressed through the task. All students behaved safely and met the Learning goals and Success criteria of the lesson.


Mrs Kyla Crawford.



Year 10 news

Congratulations Year 10s on a fantastic start to the year. As a cohort we have hit many of our targets regarding uniform, punctuality and learning behaviours and we hope to keep the momentum going in Term 2. Some of the highlights experienced in Term 1 include: Swimming Sports, participating in our branch out programs, the commencement of the Sports Pathways program, the VCE Biology excursion, the Ninja Park excursion for sport elective classes, the organisation of Work Experience for Term 2, VET Hospitality and Catering ‘Finger Food Function’ and announcement of Formal for Term 2!

Key dates to look out for:

  • Thursday 29th March – Free dress day
  • Thursday 29th March – Careers Day
  • Thursday 29th March – Last day of Term 1
  • Friday 27th April – Keys Please incursion
  • Monday 7th – Friday 11th May – Work Experience
  • Wednesday 27th June – Formal

Work Experience

Week 4 of Term 2 marks the commencement of Work Experience week. Students should now have secured their placement and be preparing themselves for their placement in early May. We are hoping that many students have selected their placements for their future dream careers and that they all have a positive experience.




The long awaited formal is just around the corner and students are already abuzz with excitement! Limo’s have been booked, dresses are on their way and the DJ has been booked for the pinnacle of the Year 10 calendar. The event will take place at Amberlee Receptions in Cranbourne at 7pm where students will enjoy a three course menu and dance the night away.

House keeping

Term 2 means winter uniform. Please ensure that you are up to date with the uniform policy that can be located on the school’s website. The current policy states that incorrect uniform will incur a lunch time detention with the escalation to an after school detention for repeat offenders.

A reminder that the school day starts at 8.50am with Home Group and it is an expectation that all students are in class with their equipment for the morning by this time.

Laura Blackson and Veronica Guthrie

Year 10 Leaders



Yr 10 science - Evolution experiment


On Thursday March 15, 10G science students participated in an experiment called 'Evidence of evolution, Body Chemistry'. Students worked in pairs or groups of 3s to test samples of: sea shell, bones from cuttlefish & chickens and also chicken egg shells for the presence of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is present in hard materials such as teeth, bones and shells. Students made a verbal prediction of their results, and then put a sample of each substance into a side-arm test tube, added 2cm of Hydrochloric acid and stoppered the test tube. The plastic tube from this test tube was then put into another test tube which had water and bromothymol blue indicator in it. If calcium carbonate was present, the solution turned yellow and carbon dioxide gas was created (visible by fizzing of the sample and acid). All 4 samples contain calcium carbonate, indicating that these organisms are related to each other more closely than organisms who do not contain calcium carbonate.


Mrs Crawford - 10G science teacher.

10H science - Evolution


On Wednesday March 21, 10H science students worked together in groups, to measure different features of models of a skull fossil from a particular human species. Students were given information such as the name of the species and when the species was believed to exist. As part of this task, students measured and recorded data such as: cranial length, facial projection and teeth size and then compared their data with their peers, in order to see trends in human skulls through the process of evolution in terms of numerical values. They then graphed their work and analysed what this data tells us about the skulls of modern humans and our ancestors. Students will commence a new unit of work in Term 2 in science: Chemistry.


Mrs Crawford

Year 10 English Spotlight


We have had a terrific start to the year in English. All students have jumped straight into exploring their creative side, working with both classic and contemporary texts, poems, songs and images to prompt their own narratives. Some students even developed writing from a guided meditation. We are gearing up for our first CAT beginning next week when the students will be able to showcase all the creative writing skills they have been perfecting during the term. We cannot wait to read what they create!

-Mrs Grady


Year 10 English Spotlight


We have had a terrific start to the year in English. All students have jumped straight into exploring their creative side, working with both classic and contemporary texts, poems, songs and images to prompt their own narratives. Some students even developed writing from a guided meditation. We are gearing up for our first CAT beginning next week when the students will be able to showcase all the creative writing skills they have been perfecting during the term. We cannot wait to read what they create!


-Mrs Grady



Teenage School Holiday Programs

The City of Casey Youth Services run Teenage School Holiday Programs for ages 10-17. See the Community Events and News section of this Newsletter for more information.

Year 11/12

Upcoming Events

Term 1


16 - Barwon Prison Visit (Group 1) (all day)

16 - PDS – Retirement Village Visit (Amy Watts) (Period 3 and 4)

22 - Parent Student Teacher Interviews (12:00pm to 7:30pm)

23 - Barwon Prison Visit (Group 2) (all day)

23 - PDS – Retirement Village Visit (Mathew Donnelly) (Period 3 and 4)

26 to 29 -  Personal Development Skills – Primary School Visits (TBC)

29 - Final Day for Semester 2 VET taster Selections

29 - Final Day for Yr. 12 Career Action Plans

29 - Term 1 Ends (Early finish 2:30pm)

Term 2


16 - Term 2 Starts

25 - Anzac Day

30 - Yr. 11 Career Action Plans Commence


3 - Yr. 12 VCE and Yr. 11 VCE & VCAL Careers Expo

4 - Yr. 12 Medea Excursion P1 - 4 (VCE)

18 - Curriculum Day


8 to 15 - Yr. 11 and Yr. 12 Mid-Year Exams (VCE)

11 - Queen’s Birthday

13 - GAT Examination (All students studying Unit 3 & 4 Subject)

14 - Yr. 12 Wellbeing Day

29 - Term 2 Ends

Assistant Principal News

As usual the first few weeks of Term 1 have been busy with many learning opportunities happening within and beyond our VCE and VCAL classrooms.  Senior Students have already participated in a study camp, Elevate sessions and a number of excursions. It’s great to see the students settled and actively engaged in their learning.



As many of you may know Mrs Jessop is now on maternity leave, we wish her all the best with her new baby.  Mrs Patterson is replacing Mrs Jessop as Yr. 12 Leader and Ms Akhil as Yr. 12 Assistant leader.  I’m looking forward to working with both Mrs Patterson and Ms Akhil.


Thank you to the parents who attended the Yr. 12 SEAS and Elevate Parent information session on Tuesday the 13th March.  It is important that we form a positive learning partnership between school and home working together to ensure the best outcomes for our students.


Parent Teacher interviews are on Thursday 22nd March.  Interviews provide an important opportunity for parents, students and teachers to work together to further improve learning outcomes.  I encourage all parents to attend, this is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and receive feedback on your child’s progress/performance in Term 1.  Please note all Yr. 12 VCE classes will run as normal on this day and we expect students to attend their timetabled class.


Starting this term all Senior School Students will have received a Progress Report.  Individual student performance will be monitored and reported every three weeks.  This will ensure:

  • Students are meeting their teachers’ expectations.
  • There is timely feedback
  • Students do not fall behind in their studies
  • There is appropriate support for students
  • Parents and students are able to identify and respond to any potential issues quickly.

It is pleasing to see our senior students making effective use of the study hall.  There are a number of classes being run after school and during lunchtimes, for students to receive additional assistance, support and extension in their learning.  I encourage all students to make use of these opportunities when they are provided.

Carys Freeman

Senior School Assistant Principal

Year 11 News

It has been a very busy term with students settling into new routines and facing new challenges as Senior School students.  We are very proud of the efforts of our Yr. 11 students this term and we appreciate the continued support from parents in ensuring all our Yr. 11 students in VCE and VCAL are engaged in their learning and striving for success. 


Presentation Ball

Thank you to all parents and students who attended the Presentation Ball Information night, we have a number of couples who have paid the deposit.  We are waiting on confirmation of couples to see if it will definitely go ahead for 2018.  If there are any students who are still interested but do not have a partner please see Miss Corney.  Students have up until the first rehearsal date (July 22nd) to pay the $100.00 deposit (per couple).  If we do not have enough couples unfortunately it is not feasible to run.


Central Australia Camp

Thank you to all who have paid the 2nd Camp deposit.  The 3rd payment of $350.00 is due on Thursday 12th April.  Students will be provided with a code of conduct and medical forms before the holiday break.  Students have been provided with an equipment list so preparations can start over the holidays if need be.


Digital Footprint Presentation

On the 26th March, all Yr. 11 students will take part in a digital footprint presentation.  This presentation will provide information to students on how to create a positive digital footprint while interacting with social media.


Year 11 Footy Tipping

Footy is back!!!!! All Yr. 11 students and teachers are welcome to join the CESC 11 Footy tipping competition.  Students log onto to join. Good luck and happy tipping!!

Yr. 11 VCE News

Homework Club

Will run every Thursday after school from 3:10pm to 4:10pm in Study Hall. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to come along and receive extra support with their schoolwork. Consent must be given for your child to attend. Consent forms can be obtained from Miss Corney or Ms Bisi in the Yr. 11 office.


VCE English Club

The English team are running an English class every Tuesday Morning 8:00am in the LRC. This is an excellent opportunity for students to build on their English skills and meet the expectations of VCE English. Students must sign up and a class roll will be taken.


VCE English Study

The English team are also putting on an English Study Club Friday mornings at 8:00am in the LRC. Again this is an excellent opportunity for students to get extra assistance for English- no sign up required.


Equipment and books

By now all students should have purchased the necessary equipment and textbooks and be fully prepared for their classes.  Families who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining these items should contact the Year Level Team for assistance.



School based assessment tasks are well underway. Due to multiple classes in some subjects, these SACs have to occur after school. Students are aware of these dates prior to the SAC commencing and must re-schedule any extra-curricular activities. Please note, if a student misses a scheduled SAC, a medical certificate must be supplied. For parents, all SAC dates are on our senior school compass calendar.

Yr. 11 VCAL News

VCAL Homework Club

VCAL Homework Club currently runs alongside the whole school homework club on Thursday’s afterschool from 3:10pm to 4:10pm in Study Hall. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to come along and receive extra support with their schoolwork. Consent must be given for your child to attend. Consent forms can be obtained from Mrs Greenwood or Miss Latchford in the Yr. 11 office.  Starting Term 2, VCAL Homework Club will run on Monday nights.


What’s been happening in Yr. 11 VCAL?


Literacy & Numeracy

This term in Year 11 students are studying Crime and Punishment. In Literacy students are writing about topics relating to this area of investigation and in Numeracy students are studying data that relates to crime in the local and wider community.


Casey Proactive Policing Unit

On the 5th of March, the Casey Proactive Policing Unit presented a one hour session on the following topics:

  • Policing in Casey
  • Youth Crime
  • Careers with Victoria Police

Legal Education and Community

On 8th and the 9th of March, lawyers from the Legal Education and Community engagement section of Legal Aid Victoria presented 2 one hour sessions over two days on the following topics:

  • Sexting and Cyber-Bullying
  • Consent and the Law

Kareenga Prison

On the 16th and 23rd of March Yr. 11 VCAL students will have the opportunity to attend Kareenga Prison and speak to inmates relating to their crime, punishment and life inside a prison.

Personal Development Skills  

Cranbourne East Primary School

On the 26th to 29th of March as part of students Yr. 11 Studies in Personal Development and Literacy they will be working with Cranbourne East Primary School to provide reading support and develop literacy skills with the junior levels of the school.


As part of their VCAL Personal Development Skills, ‘Health & Fitness’ unit, students have been developing their teamwork and leadership skills. In groups, students have been creating and presenting team building activities for their class. 11G have taken on this challenge with enthusiasm and humour. So far the class has improved their individual and team basketball skills, led by Tre, Zack, Bailey and Chris. Improved their teamwork and problem solving skills through the ‘Human Knot’ led by Caleb, Callum and Jayden and have displayed excellent communication skills with ‘Charades’ led by Keely, Hailey and Adrienne. With activities including ‘tower building’, ‘quizzes’ and ‘blind folded obstacle courses’ yet to come, we look forward to seeing what these capable, supportive and hilarious students can achieve when working together.                                               

Ms Bisi 11G PDS Teacher

VET Tasters

VET Creative Industries

This term, Creative Industries students have been immersing themselves in a creative project that focuses on addressing an issue of their choice.  Some of the topics being explored includes bullying, online privacy and artificial intelligence.  Students are working towards displaying their creative products in a closing exhibition at the completion of the course, providing them with the perfect opportunity to present their unique and interesting ideas.                                             Mr De Vere


VET Business/Events

Yr. 11 and Yr. 12 VCAL students in the VET Business & Events class organised a VCAL presentation morning tea which took place on March 6th.  At this event 25 of our current Yr. 12 VCAL students were presented with their official Yr. 11 VCAL Certificate by our college Principal, Mandee Strickland.  The catering for this event was provided by the VET Kitchen students.  The morning tea and presentation was a great success and it was wonderful to have so many family members come along to share in the celebrations. Well done to all students involved in this event.


We are very proud of the achievement of the VCAL students who successfully completed their Yr. 11 VCAL Certificate in 2017 and their dedication to continue to complete a higher level VCAL certificate in Yr. 12 in 2018.  Students who were awarded with a VCAL Certificate are listed below. Congratulations to each and every one of you.


Abd El-Rahman Ahmed

Ezekiel James Labra

Dedar Akbari

Emilio Lopez

Riley John-Arthur Balaam

Ateek Manoj Luhar

Aleesha Catherine Buckley

Zachary Thomas Mann

Drew Storm Crane

Lachlan Brian Montagu-Leigh

Tristen James Dutton

Dylan Michael O’Lynn

Ashlee Nicole Fisher

Braydon Mark Anthony O’Rourke

Jeremy Ivan Garay

Victoria Anna Portelli

Jayde Debra Hazeldene

William Thomas Ryan

Melissa Teagan James

Simon Sukphueng

Sabour Ahmad Khajehzadeh

Eliezer Tolentino

Nyamach Ruot Khat

Chantal Renee Tucci

Madison Elizabeth Kugli

Elise Corney, Yr. 11 Leader and Irene Greenwood, VCAL Leader

Year 12 News

As the end of Term 1 approaches we would like to thank all our families for their continued support in ensuring all Yr. 12 VCE and VCAL students are fully engaged in their learning and striving for success. With the arrival of the Yr. 12 jackets this term our students are realising that this is a very special year in so many ways.  There are special privileges that come with being a Yr. 12 student, such as, the jackets, Study Hall, and the Common Room, and events such as Swimming Carnival become an important opportunity for engaging with school friends and staff in out of class activities one last time.  Our Yr. 12’s are certainly embracing this final year with much enthusiasm and we hope they can continue to rise to the challenges ahead this final year of their secondary schooling.


Swimming Sports Photos


Yr. 12 VCE News

VCE Calendar

Please be advised that the VCE SAC Calendar is live on compass.  You are able to access this and see when your child has a SAC/event coming up.  If your child has multiple SACs on the same day, please ensure he/she sees the Yr. 12 Leaders to reschedule a SAC.


We have a couple of busy weeks ahead to finish the term with many subjects running SACs.  Please be aware of how busy your child is and offer them your support.  If you have any concerns about your child's workload or increased stress levels please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Patterson.


As mentioned last month we have the privilege of working with Elevate.  To date students have attended two sessions-Study Sensei and Time Management.  Students gained many helpful tips on setting up study timetables, writing notes, how and when to start studying for SACs and exams.  Two more sessions are scheduled for later in the year on exam preparation.  Please ask your students about the benefits of these sessions and how they are using the tips and strategies they have been using.


On Tuesday 13th March, 25 families attended an Information session on SEAS applications (presented by Debbie Edwards and Nancy Huez-O’Rourke) and an Elevate parent seminar (presented by James from Elevate).  Thank you to all those who attended.

Michelle Patterson

Yr 12 VCE Team Leader

Dan Kelly, USA 2016

I had the opportunity back in 2016 to head on student exchange in America which lasted 11 months. My time over there was an unforgettable experience that I am grateful for and I enjoyed all the new and exciting things that I got to see and do. I went to a tiny school in Oregon’s east in the town of Ione which had roughly 150 students. The town was mainly farmers for cattle, corn and wheat, which the place I got to stay at was a huge wheat farm.


One of the major highlights of my trip was being able to participate in Basketball, Track and Football. See the sport section of this newsletter for more on this.


Yr. 12 VCAL News

VCAL Homework Club

VCAL Homework Club currently runs alongside the whole school homework club on Thursday’s afterschool from 3:10pm to 4:10pm in Study Hall.  This is an excellent opportunity for your child to come along and receive extra support with their schoolwork.  Consent must be given for your child to attend. Consent forms can be obtained from Mrs Greenwood or Miss Latchford in the Y11 office.  Starting Term 2 VCAL Homework Club will run on Monday nights.


What’s been happening in Yr. 12 VCAL?


Personal Development Skills

Cranbourne East Retirement Village

During Term 1 students have been visiting Hunters Green Retirement Village.  They have been getting to know the residents and have been involved in developing recreational activities and interviewing the residents about growing up and living in a different generation.


Immigration Museum – 26th of February

This term in Personal Development Skills and Literacy students have been learning about multiculturalism and diversity in our community, and participating in organising activities relating to Harmony Day, which celebrates the many different cultures that make up our community.  As part of developing their understanding students visited the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, and China Town and learn about the importance of belonging.


In Literacy students have been discussing and writing about the qualities of a hero.  Part of these studies included a visit by Bronze medallist Alec Potts (Rio Olympics) on Match 5th.  Students had a lot to learn from Alec relating to motivation, determination, self image and the importance of not giving up.

Michelle Patterson, Yr. 12 Leader and Irene Greenwood, VCAL Leader

Saver Plus

Saver Plus is a financial literacy and matched savings program that assists people to build savings for their own or their children's education. Participants make regular deposits (over 10 months) and attend Money Minded workshops to improve their financial management skills. When participants reach their savings goal, ANZ matches the amount (up to $500) towards education costs including uniforms, text books, laptops and more. Eligibility criteria applies. To find out more visit or contact Wendy Mawoyo on 0417 307 406 or [email protected]

City of Casey Youth Services

For all school holiday program details, please see attachment for further information.


Teenage School Holiday Programs

The City of Casey Youth Services run Teenage School Holiday Programs for ages 10-17. See the Community Evetns and News section of this Newsletter for more information.

Careers & Pathways

Careers & Pathways

Welcome to the Cranbourne East Secondary College Careers Newsletter.  Should you require and further information please contact the Careers Team on 03 5990 0200.


Career Development is a vital element of the lifecycle as it assists people to navigate their way through education and training into employment and fulfilling working lives. Career development and guidance programs, help people to:

  • explore their career potential through self awareness activities
  • research a wide range of career options
  • understand how they make decisions and how these decisions impact have on their future aspirations
  • develop their career management skills so that they are well prepared to face the challenges of a changing world.

The Careers Team publish a regular fortnightly newsletter as well as an active Careers Facebook page.  We endeavour to interview every student in Year 10, 11 & 12 as part of our Careers Action Plan.  Please feel free to contact the Careers Team with regards to your students pathways.

What the Career Centre can assist you with?

Careers Action Plans -

Apprenticeships Information

Résumé Writing Skills

Cadetships & Traineeships

Scholarship Opportunities

Career Expos

Subject Selection Counselling

Career Tools

SWL Program

GAP Year Opportunities

TAFE Courses & Programs

Individual Interviews

University Courses & Programs

International Studies

University Extension Studies

Interstate Universities

VCAA Information

Interview Skills

VET in Schools

Open Days

VTAC & Interstate Application Processes

Overseas Exchange Programs

Weekly Career News Updates

Part-time & Casual Job Opportunities

Work Experience

Cranbourne East Careers Resources

SWL Statewide Portal

Find current work placements offered by employers across Victoria - Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) is on-the-job training that allows students to develop their work skills and understand employer expectations.  SWL is available to Victorian school students undertaking a VET program as part of their VCE or VCAL studies, including School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs).



What to know about a career?

You now have access to a growing resource where students can see, hear and explore a huge range of careers.


To access WIRL Career login using the following:


Your School Login: Cranbourne

Your School password: east15


Career Tools

Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.


You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the VCE, search for job vacancies and much more.  For further information, please login to


Career Action Plans (CAP) - Students will need to complete the following before their Career Action Plan Interviews

·         Student Secure Area

·         Register or log in


Students will then be required to complete the ‘Interest Test’ and ‘Career Investigator’.


Please see Nancy or Liz in the Careers Resource Centre for further information

Courses in Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the most exciting and important areas of study in the discipline of Information Technology, with industry demand for graduates on the increase globally.  Cyber Security professionals protect the data and systems of digital services people use for daily business and communication, and investigate, analyse, and provide solutions to computer crime.


Students keen on finding out more about studying to become Cyber Security professional, might like to browse the links below where courses, or majors, in Cyber Security are offered:

·         Cyber Security Courses at Box Hill Institute

·         Cyber Security Courses at Deakin University 

·         Cyber Security at La Trobe University

·         Cyber Security at Monash University

·         Cyber Security at Swinburne University

Swinburne University News

Aviation at Swinburne

Working in air transport means viewing the world from a whole new perspective.  Swinburne University offers courses in aviation management as well as professional piloting.  Over and above these two courses, Swinburne also offers the Qantas Future Pilot Program and Jetstar cadet pilot training. 


Find out more at Aviation at Swinburne


Early Leaders Program (ELP) 2018

The Early Leaders Program (ELP) provides secondary students with the opportunity to be recognised for extra-curricular activities, making themselves attractive candidates for future employers.  The ELP is open to all students who are undertaking Year 11 in 2018.  Completion of the Early Leaders Program can be a great achievement to include in applications for employment and further study. Undertaking it also provides a range of valuable benefits to students.

Students can:

· Develop life skills

· Grow your confidence

· Increase your employability

· Gain recognition for achievements from a leading university

· Get out of your comfort zone and try something new


In addition to the above benefits, students who successfully complete the Early Leaders Program will be awarded credit towards the Swinburne Emerging Leaders Program, a program for enrolled Swinburne students only.


Applications are now open, and the program commences on Friday 9 March 2018.  Find out more, or apply at Early Leaders Program (ELP)

The University of Melbourne 

A Day at Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is this event for Year 10 - 12 students, local and international, allowing students the opportunity to come and explore the Parkville campus and find out more about the range of study options available at the university.


Students will be able to find out more about:

· How the Melbourne Model works?

· Undergraduate degrees and the pathways to postgraduate study at Melbourne

· Entry requirements and admissions information

· Accommodation options

· Access Melbourne

· Scholarships

· Opportunities to enhance your study such as concurrent degrees, Study Abroad and Exchange, Clubs and Societies and more


Date:              Friday 6 April 2018

Time:             9:00am – 3:30pm

Location:      Parkville Campus, the University of Melbourne

Registration:   Registration is essential – registrations open soon at A Day at Melbourne

ACU at the ACN Nursing & Health Expo

ACU’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine is sponsoring the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Nursing and Health Expo.

Check out the expo and drop by the ACU stand for an opportunity to speak with knowledgeable staff about career and study options.

When:             Saturday 28 April 2018
Time:               8.30am – 1.30pm
Location:       Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Exhibition Bays 1 & 2, 2 Clarendon Street, South Wharf
Cost:                Free entry

Find out more at

ACU Community Achiever Program (CAP)

Formerly known as the Early Achievers' Program (EAP), the Community Achiever Program (CAP) is designed to acknowledge students’ commitment to their local communities.  Regular volunteer work in your community – through a social justice organisation, sporting, performance, cultural or religious group – may be rewarded through our Community Achievers' Program with entry into an undergraduate degree.


A successful CAP application means students could receive an offer as early as August to study at ACU.  Being part of this CAP group also offers unique opportunities to enhance their leadership and volunteering skills, while they study at ACU. 

Find out more at Community Achiever Program (CAP).

Bachelor of Science Course Planner

University of Melbourne has a new Bachelor of Science course planner which is commencing this year. This will help students plan their studies in their preferred science area.

With 40 majors available (more than any other science degree in Australia), it can make considering options overwhelming or a bit complicated. The course planner allows students to type in either a career, major or subject and, depending upon the search, it provides a career pathway or course information map to follow. For example, if 'veterinary medicine' is entered in the search field, the planner will advise which major and subjects to take as well as the career outcomes.


The planner is available in the app and android stores for free:

News from Bond University

Update from the Bond Business School

Under a new structure for undergraduate degrees, students will now be able to take any of the majors (6 subjects) available in the Bond Business School.  For example, students can combine their Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management with a major in Marketing, International Business or Entrepreneurship. Similarly, students might wish to access a Tourism Management major in a general business program.  Learn more by browsing  Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management.


Build your own Brochure

Start building your own personalised Bond University brochure for yourself or for a friend.   Students can log on to Build Bond Brochure, select up to three areas of interest, and follow the prompts.

Scholarships at Bond

Bond University offers an extensive scholarship program to both domestic and international students, with values ranging from 25% scholarships to 100%.   It is important to note that applications for the 2019 Scholarship Program for Australian Year 12 students open on 1 April 2018, and close on 31 July 2018. 

Some of the scholarships on offer include:

· Vice-Chancellor’s Elite Scholarships

This 100% scholarship is available to all Year 12 students with an anticipated ATAR above 95.00; with demonstrated strong leadership skills, and extensive involvement in extra-curricular activities.  Open to all undergraduate degrees excluding the Bond Medical Program. 


· The Padma and Hari Harilela Scholarships

Awarded to outstanding students from around the globe, looking to study at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. These scholarships open the door to applicants with strong achievements in both community involvement and contribution, and academia.  Applicants must meet the prerequisites and the admissions entry standard for their chosen degree.  Submission of a 500-word personal statement outlining the applicant's community involvement and contribution, as well as personal attributes and academic achievements.  Awardees received a total of $10,000 (domestic students) and $15,000 (international students).  Open to all undergraduate degrees excluding the Bond Medical Program. 


· Excellence Scholarships

Awarded to Year 12 students with an anticipated ATAR of over 91.00, demonstrating exceptional potential, strong leadership skills and extensive involvement in extra-curricular activities.  The value of the scholarships is 50% of tuition fees for any single or combined degree (Bond Medical Program).


· Indigenous Scholarships

These scholarships, valued up to 50% of tuition fees for any single undergraduate degree (excluding the Bond Medical Program) or 100% tuition for any diploma program, are awarded to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students who have demonstrated extracurricular involvement, leadership potential and academic achievements.


· ADCO Sports Excellence Scholarship

The ADCO Sports Excellence Scholarship celebrates this by awarding sporting scholarships to outstanding sports men and women from around Australia with the chance to help fund their tertiary studies.  Valued at 50% of the cost of any single undergraduate degree or single postgraduate degree (excludes the Bond Medical Program, Doctor of Physiotherapy, Master of Psychology; Clinical and Forensic and Master of Creative Arts), as well as a $10,000 cash bursary will be awarded per year of study for a maximum of 2 years. 


Year 12 students are able to apply for any of these scholarships until the closing date.  Scholarship applications should be submitted online and applications open soon.  Students should note that only one applications needs to be made, and students can apply for as many scholarships they are eligible for.

Visit Bond University Scholarships  for a comprehensive list of scholarships, including other sport scholarships, and/or to apply! 


Also visit Bond Scholarship Application Tips to read through useful tips on applying effectively.  For further queries, email [email protected] or phone 1800 074 074 toll-free (within Australia).

Australian College of Applied Psychology

The ACAP offers a range of courses including; counselling, psychology, case management, coaching, social science, social work and youth work. Their counselling degrees are accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and their Psychology degrees are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).


Commencing this year, the ACAP is now offering the following new courses:

In addition, they are now offering a ‘Policing and Justice’ course, which is to help aid job opportunities in police services, the risk and security sector and public agencies involved in law enforcement and security. It is the first course of its kind in Victoria, however not yet endorsed yet by Victoria Police. For more information visit:

Melbourne Polytechnic News

Melbourne Polytechnic are now offering some new courses -

Certificate III in Barbering – Full time

This can lead you into various areas from; salon work, television and theatre, to running your own business. You will learn to use a full range of well-developed sales and consultation skills as well as technical such as cutting and colour, designing and maintaining beards, shaving, and operational skills i.e. hair show competitions and presentations.


Certificate IV in Cyber Security

This is a dual qualification with the Certificate IV in Information Technology. This course provides you with the benefits of learning a range of important skills in Information Technology. You will also learn how to protect organisations from data breaches to mitigate cyber security threats and ways to minimise network vulnerabilities and risks.

What does a Clinical Neuropsychologist do?

A clinical neuropsychologist specialises in the assessing and diagnosing of brain impairment and how this affects thinking skills, emotions, behaviour and personality.  These specialists are also involved in the rehabilitation and management of the effects of brain impairment and often work with other health professionals.


To find out more about a career as a Clinical Neuropsychologist, visit Clinical Neuropsychologist

What is Land Surveying?

Interested in Geography, Maths, Science, IT and/or the outdoors?  Looking for a job that won’t tie you to a desk?  Surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics and specialised technology.  Land surveyors are involved with a diverse variety of projects from land subdivision to tunnel building and major construction.  Importantly though, there is much more to surveying than taking measurements outdoors and then analysing them back in the office.  Surveyors are often the first people on site during any construction process; they are the guardians of property law, and the creators of land titles.  They are also the ones who can sign off on the position of new title boundaries.  In all, surveyors are an integral part of the process in a wide variety of scenarios.


Students who wish to find out what surveying is, what surveyors do, where to study, and what it takes, might like to browse A Life Without Limits

What can I do with an Arts Degree

There is often the debate about the value of an Arts Degree and what kind of role an Arts graduate could find in industry.  The list of roles is quite varied, and includes -

  • International aid and trade agencies
  • Arts production and management
  • Public service and social welfare agencies
  • General management and administration (local and global)
  • Communications industry, publishing, media and public relations
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Teaching & educational administration


One of the very important things for students to note, is that an Arts student learns skills that are very transferrable in industry.  These include communication skills, critical thinking and reading skills, analytical skills, and research skills – browse Career FAQS - What to do with your Arts Degree to learn more!

Monash University recently shared this YouTube video about a Career with a Bachelor of Arts.  

Planning a career in Medicine?

For Year 12 students who are serious about a future in medicine, it is important to now make the time to prepare for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT).


This test measures constructs around problem solving, critical thinking, abstract non-verbal reasoning and understanding people. Although it is not possible to study for exact UMAT questions, the mental, emotional and physical preparation applied will help establish exam performance strategies maximising the chance of completing more answers efficiently and accurately.


The National Institute of Education (NIE) has published a series of books which, combined with workshops are aimed at developing skills and strategies to maximise entry potential without detracting from other core studies. Included in the NIE UMAT Courses are:

  • Hard copy exam preparation books
  • Full Practice Tests
  • Face to Face workshops
  • Medical Interview Training

For the full list of UMAT courses available and enrolment visit

Industry Focus – IT (Multimedia Developer)

Multimedia developers generate and manipulate sound, graphic images, animations, text and video into consolidated and seamless multimedia applications. These applications include computer-based data presentations and information, entertainment and educational products and multimedia presentations.


Tasks may include:

  • Liaising with clients to understand their brief and requirements.
  • Research, analyse and recommend appropriate equipment and software to meet clients; objectives.
  • Preparing presentations of product concepts.
  • Prepare code to produce the multimedia product.
  • Preparation of content; digital graphics, animations, sound etc. for editing.
  • Liaise with related production and engineering experts.
  • Manage overall development and implementation of multimedia products.

There are various specialisations in this field:

  • Author-based Programmer – “Authoring a multi-media sequence” i.e. writing scripts, using namespaces and packages and writing extensions. In summary, this programmer applies appropriate multimedia authoring technologies to conceptualise, design, assemble and integrate content before selecting and applying the desired programme structure to produce the end product.
  • Computer-based Graphic Designer – uses computer technology and software packages to manage the production into the multimedia package design. Design of art and copy layouts for multimedia products. Graphic designers can specialize in specific industry sectors such as advertising, internet or mobile applications and corporate design.
  • Digital Video-Sound Editor – Computer-based editing of video sound multimedia products. Working with creative directors and editors to establish the desired sound effects for integration with images and other mediums.
  • Instructional Designer – Design of educational products, learning support resources and delivery/assessment tools.

If you are someone with an interest in computing, technology and creative design, this career pathway is worth considering. Of course having the ability to work in a team, follow instructions, work with clients, understand deadlines and pay attention to detail is also important.


To become a multimedia developer, you usually have to complete a VET qualification (  As subjects vary between institutions, you should contact your institution for further information. You can also become a multimedia developer through a traineeship in interactive digital media technologies but entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10.


Entry into this occupation may be improved by a degree in multimedia or related area. To be considered for these courses, you normally require your VCE with prerequisite subjects, or assumed knowledge, in one or more of English and Mathematics. Some institutions may also require a range of criteria (RC) i.e. presentation of work portfolio and interview, however different universities have different prerequisites and flexible learning options.


Depending on your chosen specialist area, you can refer to the table below for bachelor degree options, which normally are a minimum of 3 years of full time study or equivalent:

* This list covers diploma and undergraduate study only. The ATAR scores listed are an approximate only. For more detailed course information and requirements, please make contact with the relevant learning institution. (References: VTAC, VCAA, Good Universities Guide).

News from Monash University

Global Immersion Guarantee

The Monash Arts Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is a ground-breaking new initiative – a guaranteed two-week overseas study experience for all first year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies students who have successfully completed one semester of their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Global Studies single or double degree and are in good academic standing.  The cost of airfares, accommodation and local travel will be covered as part of the program.


Students will study the impact of the global movement of people and goods on environmental sustainability; in either Prato (Italy), Monash Malaysia, or Indonesia, and students will earn credit for two units towards their degree.


Find out more at Global Immersion Guarantee


New in 2019: Bachelor of Criminology

In the new Bachelor of Criminology, students will develop specialist knowledge of specific criminal concerns, including hate crime, serious and violent crime, cybercrime, and transnational and organised crime.


Students will also have opportunities to travel internationally to meet criminal justice experts across Asia, Europe and the Americas; to undertake field trips; and to participate in internships.

Along the way, students will:

  • Be challenged to apply abstract knowledge to real-world problems of crime and justice, and develop solutions.
  • Consider the local, national and global aspects of crime and justice, and become familiar with a range of lenses for considering and assessing the efficiency and impact of society’s changing understandings and responses.
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of victimisation and perpetration, as well as inequality and how it impacts approaches to understanding crime and difference.
  • Learn about the types of crime committed by individuals, groups, organisations and states, and the mechanisms of the criminal justice system including police, courts and corrections.

Career prospects are broad and could include roles in government organisations such as the Police Force or court systems, the Office of Corrections, the Department of Justice or the Attorney-General’s Department.  Graduates with criminology specialist understanding are also sought after in anti-corruption organisations, community legal centres, human rights organisations, criminal justice centres, or private organisations responding to issues of crime.


For more information, go to Bachelor of Criminology


Science Faculty

Monash Science recognises the importance of industry based experience and knowledge to prepare students for their future careers.  Students can complete an industry project, or build their employability skills with career focused units including:


* Science Schools Project – students are placed in teams in a school environment where they teach science to school students.  This immersive experience develops highly transferable skills including communication, project and time management and team- work.  Students may use this opportunity to get a taste for teaching as a possible career.


* Science Industry Placement Unit – this credit unit enables students to undertake a science-based industry placement of at least 80hrs.  Students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills developed in their course.

* Career Skills for Scientists – this unit uses work-related activities to enhance transferable skills including commercial awareness, leadership, teamwork and communication.  Through scenarios and creative problem solving activities, students learn about the business environment.  Students will also gain training in writing a CV and job applications.

For more information about studying Science at Monash, visit Monash Science


Studying Health at the Peninsula Campus

Monash Peninsula is home to a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences including Paramedicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Located in Frankston, our Peninsula campus is a great place to study, offering all the amenities students need within a small, friendly community.

Interested in finding out more about what’s on offer at Peninsula, but no time to visit?  Take a 360° virtual tour of the learning spaces Studying Health at the Peninsula Campus - YouTube Clip

Snapshot of RMIT University in 2018

· One of Australia’s original educational institutions founded in 1887, RMIT University now has more than 83,000 students, including more than 12,000 at postgraduate level


· Based on the QS World Rankings by Subject, RMIT ranks # 1 in Australia and #17 worldwide in Art & Design, and #6 in Australia in Business Studies, and Computer Science, and #13 for Accounting, Finance, Economics and Econometrics


· RMIT provides you with a range of education options, from an apprenticeship, traineeship or certificate, to an associate or bachelor degree, or a postgraduate degree by coursework or research - RMIT - Levels of Study


· RMIT is regarded as a world leader in Art and Design; Architecture and the Built Environment; Engineering; Computer Science; and Business and Management Studies.


· RMIT has a reputation for delivering innovative academic programs within stunning modern and historic buildings located in Melbourne’s CBD.  The New Academic Street project has transformed the heart of the RMIT City campus creating laneways, gardens, new student spaces and better library facilities. 


· RMIT University offers programs of study in 23 schools across three academic colleges - RMIT - Academic Colleges


· RMIT has three Melbourne campuses, made up of vibrant student communities, modern learning and teaching facilities and open and informal social spaces - RMIT Campuses


· RMIT engagement with industry has always been central to RMIT’s mission, and industry and enterprise is at the heart of every RMIT program - RMIT and Industry


· Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at RMIT makes up a significant component of a student’s program, whereby they use their academic learning in a ‘real life’ situation with a real industry or community partner


· RMIT Activator is a unique experience designed by RMIT to connect students, staff and alumni to a network of transformative experiences all designed to help students, staff and alumni learn enterprise skills, innovate alongside industry and innovation experts and launch new businesses


· RMIT has a strong pathway program to courses providing students an opportunity to transfer from one RMIT program to another - RMIT and Recognised Pathway Courses and Student Experience


· RMIT offers students a world of global opportunities and adventure through exchange and study abroad opportunities.  Students get to expand their horizons: immerse themselves in a different culture and experience the world through the eyes of others.


· Information about student accommodation options for Melbourne City campus students and visitors can be found at RMIT Student Accommodation


· RMIT makes sure its support services and networks help students to succeed at university and stay healthy and happy - RMIT Support ServicesRMIT Connect is a great platform for students to access these student services and support  

Deakin University News

Health Information Sessions at Deakin

According to recent 2017 Industry Employment Projections, the Health Industry is Australia’s fastest growing employment industry.  Over the next few months, the Faculty of Health will host a range of Information Sessions, where students can hear more Deakin health degrees, the opportunities Deakin students have for placements, study tours, online resources, and access to world-class facilities. 


Registrations open soon at Deakin Health Events

Deakin Step on Campus

Students can find out more about university life, study areas and what it’s really like to be a student at Deakin!   During these upcoming school holidays, Deakin will be running its Deakin Step on Campus event.  Students will have a personalised tour of the campus with a current Deakin student, as well as learn more about Deakin’s study areas, campus life and how to make the best transition into university.


Where:            Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront
                           and Warrnambool campuses
Dates:              Melbourne Burwood Campus, Thursday 5 & 12 April 2018

                           Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, Friday 6 & 13 April 2018

                           Geelong Waterfront Campus, Wednesday 11 April 2018

                           Warrnambool Campus, Wednesday 11 April 2018

Times:             10:00am & 12:00pm (Daily)              

Register for one or more tours at Step on Campus

Angliss Experiences - School Holiday Program

Spend a day out at Angliss, getting a taste of courses and careers in our speciality areas.  A catered lunch will be provided on the day!


Spaces for the April sessions are strictly limited, so be sure to book in early.  Both sessions will take place at William Angliss Institute, 555 La Trobe Street in Melbourne.

Date:              Thursday 5 April 2018

Theme:          Food Day - an opportunity to experience cookery, patisserie and food science workshops

Cost:              $15

Register at Angliss Experience - Food


Date:              Wednesday 11 April 2018

Theme:          Hospitality, Events & Tourism - students will experience elements of the tourism, hospitality and events industries, with workshops including event styling, beverage making, and flight attending

Cost:              $10

Register at Angliss Experience - Hospitality, Events & Tourism

Get hands on in Games and Film with AIE's Holiday Programs!

We wish to invite students to our April Holiday Programs, which are now available to book!

We will be running two courses during the holidays for ages 12 - 18 between the 12th and 13th of April.


Course Description

Gotta Make 'em All
Make your own pocket monster! This course teaches you how to digitally model, texture, sculpt and paint your own pocket monster. You will even learn how to create a ball to store and carry your monster in. Animate, light and render your creation and learn to bring your pocket monster to life! See what goes on behind the scenes of Animation.

This course will be running for two days and will cost $260.

Game Programming in Unity
This course teaches students the fundamentals of programming for video games using the Unity3D game engine.

Join in the excitement of programming your very own game as we begin by building the inner workings of the game, then top it off with interesting gameplay mechanics and visual effects to make your creation one-of-a-kind.

Come along for this exciting adventure into the world of games programming.
This course will e running for two days and will cost $260.


If your students are interested in the upcoming school holiday programs, please have them fill in this form.

South East Careers Expo

Tuesday 24 April

The South East Careers Expo is the largest careers expo outside the city providing engaging activities and information for young people and families anout future pathways in education and training. 


The event is targeted to Years 9 - 12 students and will provide lots of interactive activities and information on the day.


* Over 100 exhibitors including Uniersities, Tafe's, RTO, Government Agencies, Community Providers and much more.


* Entertainment provided by our local schools.


* Lots of competitions and giveaways.



If you haven’t already, it is worthwhile downloading the VTAC smartphone app. It lets you discover over 1,700 courses listed with VTAC offered at 57 universities, TAFE institutes and independent tertiary colleges in Victoria. Its helpful functions include;


·         Searching for courses by keyword or course code, filtering your results by institution, campus, area of interest, qualification type and application method.


·         Entering your Year 12 study program into the prerequisite and course explorer, establishing a shortlist of courses.   


·         Enables you to create a VTAC account to check your ATAR and tertiary offer status.


Course content on this application is always updated so it is important to have internet connection to receive amended information. So make sure you visit your app store!

La Trobe 'Experience Clever'

Latrobe University has a program called ‘Experience Clever’ running across all campuses. Led by teachers, they are offering fun and dynamic workshops for students to see and experience uni life at Latrobe. The dates at each campus are as follows:


Melbourne Campus (Autumn) – Friday 6 April Registrations are now open.


Albury-Wodonga – Friday 1 June


Bendigo –Thursday 5 July


Melbourne (Winter): Friday 6 July


For more information, visit:

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Apprenticeships and Traineeships are a great career option for students looking to combine practical work with structured training. Australian Apprenticeships (often referred to as apprenticeships or traineeships) are available to anyone of working age and you do not need a secondary school certificate or other qualification to begin your apprenticeship. You can even commence while you're still at school finishing Years 11 and 12. There are many opportunities to train, study and earn an income in most occupations and traditional trades which offer a variety of qualification levels. Upon completion you will obtain a nationally recognised qualification and receive the experience you need to get the job you are looking for.


There are 5 simple steps to follow to help you find an Australian apprenticeship:

1.        Establish your chosen career pathway. Visit websites, do the research and undertake the necessary quizzes to match occupations with your interests. (Visit and


2.        Discuss these options with your career advisers and teachers, they also have access to the most up-to-date information.


3.        Write your resume. If you’re not sure where to start, your career adviser can assist you with a template or basic format. You will need to include your contact details, school studies, achievements, work experience, interests, skills and career goals.


4.        Find an employer who is looking for an apprentice. This can take a little bit of time but being patient can be worth your while. Subscribe to the various websites online such as Job Active has a ‘Job Seeker’ app which allows you to establish a job plan, browse and apply for jobs and track your applications.


5.        Formalise all the paperwork. Ask your employer to call their local Australian Apprenticeships Centre. This center will provide everything needed including the signing of the National Training Contract.

Industry Focus - Health Paramedic/Ambulance Officer

According to the Australian Department of Jobs and Small Business*, ‘Health and Welfare Support Workers’ are looking at a 19.2% increase in employment over the next five years and the occupation as a Paramedic/Ambulance Officer is projected to have a 24.5% increase specifically. It is worth considering this career if medicine and science is your chosen pathway.  


Paramedics provide pre-hospital emergency health care and transport for injured, sick, infirm and aged persons to medical facilities and may perform the following tasks:


· Driving ambulances to sites of medical emergencies and accidents that may require the administration of advanced life support.


· Assessing and treating patients at the site and on the way to hospital.


· Administering pain-relieving drugs and replacing fluids, often by inserting cannulas via veins.


·  Preparing patient care records and other written reports including a summary on injury/illness and the treatment provided.


· Lifting patients onto stretchers, loading stretchers into ambulances and transporting to hospital.


· Providing routine transport for patients requiring further or specialized treatment.


· Other duties such as; checking equipment and supplies daily.


Paramedics work in a range of weather conditions and are required to assist at a range of incidents, so they work in teams and shifts. They may be called to motor vehicle accidents and medical emergencies inside or outside of domestic premises, building sites and public areas.


Specifically, this could include confined spaces i.e. under vehicles and buildings and hazardous accidents such as fires, chemical spills etc. They also work closely with other emergency workers such as firefighters, police and SES (State Emergency Service).


Specialisations in this field include:

· Intensive Care Paramedic – Attends life-threatening emergencies and gives intensive treatment to patients before arrival at hospital. (This requires additional training in the areas of anatomy/physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology to be able to make medical decisions without consultation.


· Paramedic Clinical Instructor – Provides training and support to paramedic interns.


Depending on your chosen specialist area, you can refer to the table below for bachelor degree options, which normally are a minimum of 3 years of full time study or equivalent. Upon completion, graduates are then eligible to apply to Ambulance Victoria as a graduate paramedic and complete a one-year practical training programme. However as courses do change, you will need to contact the universities you are interested in for further information.


ACU - Bachelor of Nursing/Paramedicine (ATAR 72.25)


Monash University - Bachelor of Paramedicine (ATAR 75.15)


Victoria University - Bachelor of Paramedicine (ATAR 70)


Victoria University (Chancellor’s Scholarship)

Bachelor of Health and Biomedicine/Paramedicine (90.00)


* This list covers undergraduate study only. The ATAR scores listed are an approximate only. For more detailed course information and requirements, please make contact with the relevant learning institution.


(Sources: Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business (Labour Market Information Portal) Employment 2017 Projections Report,, VTAC, Good Universities Guide,  

A Career in Forensic Medicine

The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) is hosting a Career Information Afternoon for students in Years 10 -12.  It is aimed at providing an insight into the various career options in forensic sciences.  Speakers include a forensic pathologist, forensic toxicologist, a mortuary technician, a physician from clinical forensic medicine, and a representative from the Donor Tissue bank of Victoria.  The Institute usually only hosts two of these afternoons a year and interested students should register soon as places are limited. 


When:             Friday 13 April 2018

Time:               12.30pm – 4.00pm

Where:            VIFM Lecture Theatre, Coronial Services Centre, 57-63 Kavanagh Street in Southbank

Registration:  Complete the registration form found at Career Information Afternoon as soon as possible.


For more information, visit Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)  or call (03) 9684 4342.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Illustrator

During these upcoming school holidays, Box Hill Institute will be hosting A Day in the Life of a Fashion Illustrator and Developing Your Fashion Portfolio.  This hands on 1-day workshop will provide students with the opportunity to experience life as a fashion illustrator and develop skills to present their creative ideas for their portfolio. 


Date:               Wednesday 11 April 2018

Time:               9.30am – 3.00pm

Venue:            Box Hill Institute - Nelson Campus, 853 Maroondah Highway in Box Hill


Tickets cost $75 and students must register at A Day in the Life of a Fashion Illustrator

Chartered Accountants

Why accounting?  Accounting can be regarded as the language of business.  Accountants analyse, report and give advice about the financial dealings of organisations and individuals, and advise on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements*.  Chartered Accountants hold the highest professional qualifications available to accountants in Australia, and are valued for their commercial know-how, analytical thinking and leadership abilities.


A career as a Chartered Accountant is a fantastic choice for those who want to:

* Earn good money

* Have the opportunity to travel and work overseas

* Have job security

* Enjoy a challenging, interesting and diverse career


Some of the potential roles for a Chartered Accountant include –

* Financial planner

* Forensic accountant

* Financial office

* Management accountant

* Tax specialist

* Stockbroker

* Business analyst

* Risk analyst

* Auditor

The Good Universities Guide - Accounting *


So, how does one become a Chartered Accountant?

Step 1: Choose an approved university business or commerce or finance degree

Step 2: Complete the degree with an accounting major

Step 3: Begin the Chartered Accountants Program - Chartered Accountants Program  

Step 4: Complete the Chartered Accountants Program while accumulating three years of work experience with a Chartered Accountant mentor

Students wanting to be kept informed about career events, etc. run by the Institute of Chartered Accountants should regularly browse Chartered Accountants 




Banking & Finance



 Health Science



Nursing & Midwifery

 Nutritionists & Dietitians

 Occupational Therapy





Career and Job Ideas

Job Jumpstart has tips and ideas about careers and jobs in the one spot.  Job Jumpstart is a Department of Employment website.


Youth Central

Youth Central is filled with great information and articles for 12 - 25 year olds on careers, finding jobs, leaving home and heaps more.


Youth Central is the Victorian Government's website for young people.


AusAppPathways – Explore Apprenticeships & Traineeships

AusAppPathways is a free app that will help students and jobseekers explore the many careers that can begin through an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway.  Students can search through over 3000 examples of apprenticeship and traineeship occupations.  The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website backs this app – visit AusAppPathways.  This free app can be downloaded on the App Store, or for Android users, on Google Play.


Resumes via Email

So the boss wants you to EMAIL your resume as an ATTACHMENT.  Yikes!


Yerp, dinosaur alert!  You would think that the oldies would get with the app program – however, the ‘oldies’ LIKE emails AND as they are the ones hiring and firing and paying wages, it is probably YOU who has to get with THEIR program!


Here is a quick Google video clip on how to attach a document to an email message.


Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work creates employment opportunities for young people with disability across Australia.  For more information -


Skills. Jobs. Safe Workplaces.

Our aim is to ensure you meet your foals of becoming work ready or to successfully and confidently take the next step in your career using the skills and knowledge gained and practiced at Foresite Training.


Courses on offer:

Logistics package includes:

Certificate III in Logistics

Certificate III in Driving Operations


Civil Construction package includes:

Certificate II in Construction Pathways

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

Maximise Your Job Opportunities

Rural Information package includes:

Certificate II in Rural Operations

Certificate III in Rural Operations



Yep, a FREE app for AAP’s!


Q. What is AAP? 

A. Australian Apprenticeship Pathways. 


Why should you bother?

There are a squillion jobs that can begin with an apprenticeship or traineeship.  (Well, maybe I exaggerate!)


You can search through over 3000 examples of apprenticeship and trainee occupations on this free app.


Look Out… While the app doesn’t show real jobs, it does give you an idea of the type of apprenticeships & traineeships you can do, and this gives you the power to negotiate with your current boss, or a future one.  (aka, show them the AAP APP and ask them if they can turn your job into a traineeship or apprenticeship.  Simples!)


Heck, if you are going to work for money, you may as well turn it into a qualification along the way!

Don’t you think that having qualifications under your belt makes you rather attractive to employers? (Sorry, that sounds kinda creepy – but you know what I mean!)  This, in turn, makes job seeking (for the future you) far easier.


Spending 10 minutes of your time, exploring this app, is a great investment for your future!

Here is the link:


Digital Thumbprint

We recently welcomed back Optus’ free digital education program, Digital Thumbprint, to deliver their workshops to our Year 9 – 11 students. It was delivered by Dom Phelan who is both engaging, entertaining and incredibly insightful in relation to the issues facing our students online. The program consisted of workshops tailored to the needs of each specific year level. The incursion is designed to empower and inform Australia’s young digital natives. The workshops taught students the advantages of having a positive online presence and armed them with the vital information they need to stay safe online.


Our school has proudly joined Optus’ Digital Thumbprint program in its commitment to ensuring our students are savvy, responsible and proactive members of Australia’s online community. Overall, the program proved to be a highly beneficial experience for students and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. For more information on the program and each of the workshops we encourage you to visit:


There is also a range of free resources, from Optus and its partners, for parents and care-givers that support you to have effective conversations around what young people should and shouldn’t share online, cyber-bullying, and how digital technology can support effective study practices. Please visit:


As an eSmart accredited Cranbourne East Secondary College takes the online safety of its students very seriously. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Home Group teacher.




Hi, my name is Lynn Motteram and I am new to the school this year.  I am a teacher librarian and excited to be a part of Cranbourne East Secondary College.  Ann Moncrieff is the Library Assistant so between the two of us, we hope to meet all of your recreational and academic needs.

We are planning to revitalise the library space by creating some enticing and comfortable reading spaces to encourage students to read for pleasure and for their classes. We are also planning to expand the book collection, so we encourage recommendations and requests for purchases so all students can find something of interest.

We have lots of ideas so we look forward to sharing these with you. 

Lynn & Ann


School Clubs


To help build students’ confidence and support systems at Cranbourne East Secondary College, the ‘Diversity Club’ was also created in 2015 with great success.


Diversity Club is a lunchtime meeting where students discuss current issues, LGBTQIA news and many other interesting things! It is a teacher supervised safe space for students of all genders and sexualities.

Homework & Tutoring

Merci beaucoup to Monsieur Heng for dropping by homework club to run a French workshop for students who signed up. The first term of homework club in 2018 has helped many students with their work across a range of subjects whilst also teaching students new skills who did not require assistance for their homework. Different workshops will be running in Term 2 so keep updated here on the school Facebook page and get your students to bring permission slips and to sign up if they are interested!



Student Voice runs a free Breakfast Club in the red building every Monday and Wednesday morning from 8 – 8:30am.



Chess Club runs every Friday lunch time at 1:16pm in Green 6. There will be an upcoming Chess Tournament so make sure that you register your interest! If there is anything else that you want to know, see Ms. Banaag in the Year 8 office.

Indigenous Art

The Indigenous Art Club has worked on a collaborative learning project, using a method known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics). This involved students researching and designing an arts-based tile mosaic, representing a developing understanding and recognition of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander climate, weather and culture. The members of the Club committed themselves to creating a beautiful mosaic, specifically focussed on the six Indigenous Seasons that are identified historically by Aboriginal communities in the local Casey area.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Club has restarted for 2018! Over ten students came to play or learn the first trading card game in the world. First published in 1993, Magic: The Gathering has shown to increase of literacy, numeracy, problem solving and critical thinking skills in players who consistently practice the game. The club will continually run in OR03 on Tuesday lunch times. 



If you are interested in joining a photography club please see mr De Vere in the year 12 office.


Sports Pathway Program

The Sports Pathway Program started during step up in November 2017. The Program is made up of two year 9 classes and one year 10 class.

The program is designed to give our sports-minded students an opportunity to extend themselves in that area, develop their strength and conditioning and be introduced to VCE PE and VCAL Sport and Recreation theory units.


Throughout term 1 the students have been involved in some fantastic excursions and training programs. These include strength and conditioning sessions with Collingwood AFLW coach Luke Kitchen, Global performance testing, Aquapark excursion and Oliver’s Hill and Frankston beach excursion.


We have some big things planned for term 2, including possible excursions to Melbourne Storm Rugby Club and Collingwood Football Club as well as a seminar on sports nutrition.


Swimming Sports

CESC swimming sports took place on Thursday the 1st of March. Melbourne weather turned on a glorious 26 degree day and everyone was in good spirits for a great day at Noble Park Aquatic Centre.

With over 900 students attending it was the biggest swimming sports to date. There were plenty of activities for students to participate in and it was fantastic to see all students thoroughly enjoying the day. There was swimming races, novelty swimming races, a waterslide, basketball, cricket, soccer, volleyball and a BBQ.

The competition between the 5 houses was very tightly contested, with Gilmore winning by 16 points over Chisholm in second place and Deakin was close behind in third place.

Well done to all students on your high level of participation in a variety of activities and making it such an awesome day. We are looking forward to athletics day in term 3 already!


Dan Kelly, USA

Hi my name is Dan Kelly and I am currently in year 12. I had the opportunity back in 2016 to head on student exchange in America which lasted 11 months. My time over there was an unforgettable experience that I am grateful for and I enjoyed all the new and exciting things that I got to see and do. I went to a tiny school in Oregon’s east in the town of Ione which had roughly 150 students. The town was mainly farmers for cattle, corn and wheat, which the place I got to stay at was a huge wheat farm.


One of the major highlights of my trip was being able to participate in Basketball, Track and Football. The first of the sports was football which I played running back, offensive and defensive lineman, tight-end and punter. I was able to get a lot of game time which was great but the season wasn’t what we wanted as we left the season with only 2 wins. There were a lot of close games too where we nearly caught up but unfortunately we didn’t quite cross the line. I managed to get a couple of touchdowns as running back too and a spot in the paper where I managed to get the inescapable nickname ‘Bushranger’. Turns out the story of Ned Kelly has travelled to the states where they refer him to the “Australian Billy the kid”. All up I had plenty of fun at all the games we played and memories that I’ll never forget.


The second sport season was basketball. I was playing in the junior varsity team and managed to get six varsity games by the end of the season. Our team was fairly short with only three tall players that we relied on heavily. We had quite a few wins but we unfortunately missed out on play-offs by the seasons end. I played the role of ‘1’ where I would follow the ball in the defence structure and try get the breakaway or turnover and put up a lay-up. I loved this role as I was reasonably good at it and managed to rack up a lot of turnovers with the signature “kangaroo hop lay up” as the Americans called it. Some of the teams we played were huge where we had no hope in the varsity games (top level). This team we played called Sherman had an average height of 6ft3 I reckon and all they would do was dunk left right and centre. This tall kid Treve Martin did a massive dunk on one of our tall players Tyson and for the rest of the season it was the running joke that he got put on a poster, real bad. It was a great experience to play with and against all those guys during my stay and I still manage to keep up with a lot of them which is great.


The last season was track which was more individual but the track team all hung out and encouraged each other every step of the way which was awesome. I did well against the other schools but they all are full on and train 3 times a day which is dedication to the next level. I was fast enough to get into the final heat for the 100m sprint but I swear those other dudes have rockets on their feet because they flew by crazy speeds that I couldn’t keep up.


My trip to America was full on and an amazing experience where the sports were only a small chunk of what I got to do but the sports was definitely a major highlight that I will cherish forever. From the everyday practices afterschool from 3-6 to the arrival back home in the classic yellow bus from games at 2am in the morning, I loved it all and would do it all again.

Thanks for reading!



Student Voice

Student Leaders attend GRIP Leadership Conference

On the 13th of March, the Student Voice Leadership Team went into the city to attend the 2018 GRIP Leadership Conference. Whilst there, we got to experience three different sessions. The first session was an introduction to the values of leadership and the benefits of participating. After having a short break, each of us continued to learn more about what qualities leaders have and how we can further develop these. Throughout the day, we had the chance to get to know people from other schools all around Victoria. We finished up with an activity that involved all the schools in planning a whole-school event; it was a great way to wrap up an amazing day. 


Gemma Fleiner

Year 9 Student Voice Leader

Hunt Club Recreation Reserve Sod-turning Ceremony

On the 20th of March, the CESC Year 7 Student Voice leaders went on a mini excursion to the Hunt Club Recreation Reserve next door with Mr Allender. We were all privileged to be at the event because we were the first group of people to turn the sod (dirt) of one of Hunt Club’s biggest projects. The funding for the Hunt Club Recreation Reserve in Cranbourne East is going toward a pavilion with a community space, unisex and accessible amenities, play spaces, carparks, landscaping and a district-level AFL/cricket oval with a synthetic cricket pitch. On this occasion, we had the honour of meeting City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett, Gina Smith from Cricket Victoria, Dean Rice from AFL South-East and Deputy Mayor and Master of Ceremonies, Cr Amanda Stapledon. We were also fortunate to take a photo with each person. 


Amanjot Singh

Year 7 Student Voice Leader

City of Casey Leadership Reception

Last week, student leaders attended a leadership reception at Bunjil Place in Narre Warren, representing CESC. We listened to speakers who interacted with us and welcomed us. The first speaker was Cr Geoff Ablett, the mayor of the City of Casey. He spoke about how the coming generation is the future of the Casey Council and the country. He mentioned that this year, the City of Casey is focusing on mental health issues and how to tackle them. He also promised that he or any of the other councillors would come to CESC if invited and were happy to meet with students. The second speaker was a student from Mary Mackillop Primary School. She spoke about their school fundraiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital and how she raised $3000 with her slinkies and other merchandise in just a few weeks. The third speaker for the day was Simran Monga. She spoke about her experience of going to Timor-Leste as part of U.N project and how she managed to raise the large amount of money needed. The fourth speaker of the day was us! Sandra, Jane, Joel and Ronan spoke about the Breakfast Club.  We detailed how the Club got started, how it runs, what student leaders learn and how we benefit from being a part of it. At the end of our presentation, we showed a video of the Breakfast Club made by the City of Casey. Everyone was very impressed by the B Club and our work in keeping it going for the past two years. The fifth speaker for the day was Sophie Weston who organised a bike ride from Canberra to Melbourne to support the Love Your Sister campaign.  She shared her experiences with us about how she managed to complete this huge event. The main and keynote speaker for the day was Sam Webb, co-founder of Livin, a non-profit organisation focussed on eliminating the stigma of mental illness. Sam is passionate about helping others and believes in doing everything in life with a positive approach. He shared how he started the Livin organisation and the work they do.  Sam most recently appeared on the series Neighbours and also in the 2016 Australian Survivor. 


Joel Varghese

Year 9 Student Voice Leader

Student Leaders at Parent, Student, Teacher Intrviews


CESC Student Leadership Team

The CESC Student Voice leadership team consists of Year Level Captains, Class Captains and Special Program Captains. Student Voice members act as positive role models for all students at CESC and as ambassadors for the College in the wider community. Projects include the Breakfast Club, Free Dress Day fundraisers, Year Level and special occasion assemblies, and Home Group-based activities across the school. For further information, please contact Ms McGuire, Student Voice Facilitator, on 5990 0200.


CESC School Captains:

  • Elli-Dion Martin & Jane Russo

CESC School Vice-Captains:

  • Ash Fisher & Sandra Saman

CESC - Student Voice Whole-School Leaders

  • Tahmina Amiri / Ronan Edwards / Tahlia Hinson / Gemma Fleiner / Maheen Irfan / Kirat Singh / Joel Varghese / Jessica Bayliss / Angelin Joshy / Ezekiel Labra / Jesse Joannides /  Abbie Robilliard / Alina Amini / Hindu Suresh / Fadhilah Buksh / Alex Jibu / Aruzoo Rahimi / Adithya Pradeep / Adriene Estella / Aman Singh / Devanshi Gupta / Flourish Akala / L’Aurielle Cupidon / Momir Milosevic / Rithick Maheswaran /Sadul Wanasinghe Don / Ukail Buksh / William Richards / Gemma Fleiner


CESC Special Program Captains

  • Diversity: Phoenix Nuske
  • Drama: Ben George/Sarah Garbett
  • Hospitality: Trey Rogers/Levi Rogers/Josh Lacey
  • Music: Conor Pennington
  • Sport: Gina Tiati/Tyson Maglia/Dan Kelly

CESC Class Captains

  • Bobi-Lea Martin 7A
  • Atharv Desai 7B
  • Mo Milosevic 7C
  • Josh Anusencion 7D
  • Fatima Raisi 7E
  • Natalyah Diaz 7F
  • Adithya Pradeep 7G
  • Will Richards 7H
  • Ryan Wall 7I
  • Alyssa Begbie 7J
  • Diya Pandya 8A
  • Sahihti Birlangi 8B
  • Maheen Irfan 8C
  • Mikayla Menz 8D
  • Jaismeen Handa 8E
  • Jessica Bayliss 8F
  • Denzien Calahati 8G
  • Fadihilah Buksh 8H
  • Montana Veness 8I
  • Angelena Binu 9A
  • Bhumika Bhumika 9B
  • Sahar Jaffarzada 9C
  • Ronan Edwards 9D
  • Mitchell George 9E
  • Chris Saba 9F
  • Tahlia Hinson 9G
  • Tristan Walton 9H
  • Abbie Robilliard 9I
  • Sam Scandolera 10A
  • Jayden D'Graca 10B
  • Shannae Hall 10C
  • Sharara Papal 10D
  •  Faaoso Afuvai 10E
  • Darren Batarina 10F
  • Cody Ewers 10G
  • Grace Hallmark 10H
  • Jude Melarpis 10I
  • Gurleen Kaur 11A
  • Abbey McGrath 11B
  • Vanessa Shaw 11C
  • Mark Sabangan 11D
  • Jeune Silayan 11E
  • Tommy Soeun 11F
  • Aldz Canoy 11G
  • Grace Kapao 11H
  • Jacob Burke/Natty Ellis 12A
  • Ezy Saba/Cass Saba 12B
  • Tahmina Amiri/Vincent Padilla 12C
  • Daniel Kelly/Michaela Larke 12D
  • Jessica Hancock/Ibrahim Bangura 12E
  • Ezekiel Labra/Lourish Tucci 12F
  • Blake Jackson/Dylan O’Lynn 12G


At Cranbourne East Secondary College, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to developing a safe and supportive learning environment.  We understand that students and families can face challenges throughout the year and we are here to offer support and information on services that will assist our school community.

Doctors in Schools

Cranbourne East secondary college is part of the Drs in secondary schools program, more information on this program will be provided upon conformation.

Windermere Programs 

windermere is passionate about making a positive difference in our community, especially when it comes to children, families and individuals who may need additional support at any moment in their lives. They offer a range of programs to support families and parents such as parenting teens, increasing resilience amongst teens, parenting after separation and children with challenging behaviour . Please see the link to see  what they have on offer currently: 


Teenage school holiday program 

 City of Casey youth services is offering school holiday activities please  contact City of Casey on 9705 5200 for further info. Please follow the attachment for booking forms.


Casey Youth services 

The City of Casey works with young people aged 10 to 25 years who live, work, study or have strong links to the Casey community.

Services include Youth Counselling and Support, Teenage School Holiday Program, Youth Information Centres, Recreation programs, In School programs, the Spectrum Entertainment Committee and the Casey Youth Action Committee. 

The Youth Services team is also responsible for youth events including Freeza and holds annual events such as Fired Up! Hip Hop Tournament, Fresh Words, Casey Creations and Schools on Stage.



Follow this link to Casey Youth Services



School Holiday support

We understand that school holidays can be a stressful time for some, if you require support during the  weekends or holidays, please contact the below:



Parenting Teens


Beyond the Violence


Breaking the Cycle 


Parents building solutions


Parenting in Australia 



Start typing your article in here...

Community Events & News

Community Events & News

To have an event or service listed here please submit to the school council.

Community Forum

City of Casey is convening a public forum to consider the Respectful Relationships curriculum.


Refugee Week 

Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre is running competitions for refugee week 2018. Please see below.


Teenage School Holiday Programs, 10-17yr olds


Teenage School Holiday Programs. 12-16yr olds

The Department of Education and Training in partnership with City of Casey, is pleased to offer students 12-16 years of age a free place in City of Casey Youth Services Teenage School Holiday Program. 


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