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17 December 2018
Issue Seven
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Year 12 Graduation
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From the Principal Class

Congratulations and thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the College community for your ongoing support over the last 12 months.  There have been so many highlights this year across the college both in and out of the classroom. We have also seen the implementation of the Learning Enhancement Program (LEAP) at Year 11. This has seen some amazing curriculum development with great results for the students in the program in 2018. LEAP expands into Year 12 next year and many of these students will now move towards enhancement studies whilst undertaking Year 12.  


VCE students received their results last week and there have been some outstanding results once again. I congratulate all on these results. A more detailed analysis of our VCE achievements will be published early next year. I am delighted at the  number of students obtaining a study score of 40 or above across a broad range of subjects in the college. A study score of 40 places a student in the top 8% of all students studying the subject across the state. Year 12 students will have their actual VCE Certificate mailed to them from the college at the end of this week. I particularly wish to congratulate our College Dux for 2018, Natasha Vom for her great achievement.  Our top 10 achievers will be presented with awards at the College Presentation Night on Wednesday December 19th 2018 at 7pm.  All VCE and VCAL students are reminded of course counselling this week for change of preferences. Details have also been provided to students about availability of support at time of distribution of VTAC placements as students require this as well.


I would like to thank all staff for their work this year as well as some specific thank you's to people involved in special events over the last week or so. I congratulate Alexandra Sioukas and Rose Villanti on their organisation of these events. I also want to acknowledge the teams of helpers who have organised and ran the second hand book and uniform  sales organised by the Parents & Friends group. 


Our school magazine, which is a wonderful celebration of school events this year has already been distributed to all students who have purchased it. Spare copies are available at the general office. Congratulations to Alyshia Monaco for her work in putting the magazine together again this year. Student reports are also available on Compass.


Each year several of our Year 10 students are invited to apply for the Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship program based at the University of Melbourne. These scholarships provide the students with a range of benefits, especially in situations where the student ultimately goes on to study at the university. This year we have been fortunate to have two students appointed. Congratulations to Lisa Beres and Gabriel Cedillo.


We have a number of students who have been rewarded for their hard work. Last month, I was informed the school received its highest number of Western Chances Scholarship offers in a given round. This is due to the hard work of the nominators. In addition to the below list, we also have a high number of students across the College who have their scholarships renewed each year. Below the entire list of students who have received new scholarships in 2019:

  • Christella Autelitano – Year 7
  • Kamran Alam – Year 12
  • Steven Bowes – Year 12
  • Sarah Chen – Year 12
  • Isabella Farrugia – Year 12
  • Nathan Jones – Year 12
  • Dennis Kuang – Year 12
  • Jillian Ma – Year 12
  • Daniela Milovic – Year 12
  • Olivia Rycroft – Year 12

Congratulations to all the nominators who supported the above students gaining a scholarship: Jun Hayashi, Marc Shen, Jaala Watkins, Maria Tsatalios, Joe Laganga, Jordyn Croft, Sarah Relf and Allie McAllister.  Thank you to all other nominators this year who helped renew scholarships for students who have received a scholarship in previous years. These scholarships will go a long way to supporting these students next year.


Congratulations also goes to Thomas Bonnicci of Year 9 for his leadership at the Scouts.  We are all very proud of his achievements here and within the community.

The college has planned for the implementation of the new college uniform and  BYOD computing from the start of 2019 for all new students in Year 7 and for other new student enrolments entering at other year levels. Any parents with any query in relation to the implementation or the expectations on students from the start of next year in regards to uniform requirements and to the provision of a device is recommended to call the college. In 2019, all students will be involved in the BYOD program and all students (new and existing) will be expected to transition to the new uniform by the start of 2020.

The Victorian Government established the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) to provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports days and excursions. To find out more about CESF go to www.education.vic.gov.au/csef.


In 2019 every Year 7 government school student who received CSEF is eligible to apply for a uniform pack that is provided through State Schools' Relief. CSEF forms for 2019 are available at the General Office for completion. Please note that you must have a valid parent / guardian Concession Card (as at 29th January 2019) to be eligible to apply.


Please remember that different schools will have different start dates next year.  Our start date for all students will be Wednesday January 30th 2019 . The school office will be open from  Friday, January 25th 2019. I plan to send out a letter electronically to all parents  in the week before school commences reminding everyone of arrangements for 2019.


Finally, I wish all families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  To those of you able to take a holiday break at this time of the year, I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.  


Danny Dedes


On behalf of the Principal Class

Theresa Burlak, Rick Hudson and Sasha Mildenhall

Year 12 Graduation

Year 12 Graduation

On Monday, November 26th 2018, our Year 12 graduates of 2018 and their parents, friends and staff gathered for the Year 12 Graduation. This is the most important event on our school calendar as it marks one of the last formal occasions that our Year 12 students were together as a year group. The school community takes this opportunity to congratulate our Year 12’s on not only this significant achievement, but on the successful completion of 13 years of schooling.

It was a very special evening for students, parents and staff. The event held at Planetshakers in South Melbourne was a formal occasion with prizes awarded to students for academic excellence from each of the learning areas and VCAL, student leadership awards and Australian Defence Force Leadership and Caltex All Rounder award. In addition, each Year 12 student received a College Graduation Certificate presented by the College Principal Mr Danny Dedes and the Homegroup Teachers.

The evening also showcased the wonderful musical performances from a number of a Year 12 students. An extraordinary array of talent! Congratulations to all of these students.


The evening provided many opportunities to reflect back on the last 6 years at the college with numerous slideshows pinpointing important stages in the journey through Taylors Lakes such as the Year 7, 8, 10 and 12 Camps, Swimming Carnivals and Athletic days, excursions and the numerous festivities during the last year at the college.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous individuals who worked tirelessly to ensure this event was a success. Furthermore, we congratulate our 2018 graduates on all their achievements as their formal school life has come to an end. We wish you all well and hope you achieve your dreams.


Congratulations Class of 2018!


Joe Laganga and Jaala Watkins

Year 12 Level Leaders

The Greatest Showcase

Dance Concert 2018

On the evening of Thursday 22nd November, dance students from Years 7-10, performed in the annual dance concert for 2018 - The Greatest Showcase.

This year, inspired by the film The Greatest Showman, the dance students presented a variety of routines set to songs from the film, among others, to entertain their audience. All students currently enrolled in the dance program were involved in the concert, with every student performing on stage at least once. The students presented choreography and skills they have been learning in dance classes throughout the year, as well as some highlights of their own composition work.

With more than 40 students involved, over 80 costumes being used, plenty of make-up and hairspray, the evening ran smoothly, with every student feeling calm both backstage and onstage.


Families and friends were packed into the school theatre, creating the biggest audience the dance program at TLSC has ever seen! The students deservedly received positive feedback from delighted audience members, who were inspired by the talent of the dancers and the quality of the concert.


The annual concert culminates the work the students complete in dance throughout the year. It is an opportunity to showcase their learning to an audience and develop their performance skills. The dance program at TLSC is thriving, with more students joining and becoming involved each year.

Bring on 2019!



Louisa D’Ortenzio

Dance Teacher

Library News

Library News

The Library staff were extremely pleased with the result of the 2018 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge (VPRC); 270 students were successful in completing the Challenge this year. It is important to acknowledge, however, the important support provided by the English staff as well as the parents of all of our students. As an acknowledgement of the students’ achievement, the Library & English staff conducted several presentation ceremonies in late November, which included a pizza lunch for all our successful VPRC Challengers. Mr. Dedes presented the students with their VPRC certificates and students were photographed with their English teachers. Please refer to the photographs included with this newsletter.


The 2018 Gold and Silver Inky Award winners were announced at the Inky Awards ceremony in October. The  2018 Gold Inky was awarded to ‘Paper Cranes Don’t Fly’ by Peter Vu. This story describes the life of a cancer patient in a way that no other young adult book does, focusing not just on living with cancer, but going through it, with the help of patience, love, and friendship. 'An inspiring novel in powerful language laced with humour that flows beautifully. It is full of warmth and unconditional love, and accents the strength and value of true friendship.' (Kids' Book Review)


The Silver Inky is awarded each year to an international author, and this year’s winner is US-based Angie Thomas for her novel ‘The Hate U Give’ (Walker Books). “It follows events in the life of a 16-year-old black girl, Starr Carter, who is drawn to activism after she witnesses the police shooting of a childhood friend. Yes, it's a teen melodrama, but it's also an elegantly constructed piece of worldbuilding, a love story, a family history, a sociological spiderweb of cause and effect of hate. (Wikipedia)

The Library has completed the process of identifying this year’s Top 10 VPRC readers. These students will be presented with a certificate and gift at the Presentation ceremony on Wednesday, 19th December.

Vince Antonetti

Library Resources Leader

Design and Technology

Fashion Bags - Year 9 


Students in Year 9 Design & Technology – Fashion were required to design and make a bag this semester for their major project. Students had the choice of developing their own design, based on a tote, satchel, or back pack pattern. The bag was also required to be lined, and must include a patch or zip pocket.


Many students also chose to personalise their bag by adding hand-made pom poms, braid, fringing, and hand embroidery. With summer on the way, many students decided a beach bag was a great idea, so we have a fabulous collection for you to browse!


Creative Creatures Pillow Pets - Year 7

Students in Year 7 Design & Technology – Textiles have made some wonderful pillow pets for the major project this semester. Each student was required to design an original ‘creative creature’ pillow pet.

They had to make their own pattern pieces, and were required to use machine applique to create their design.  Students also had the option of applying hand embroidery, buttons, pom poms, sequins and beads. Have a look at some of the creative creatures and their proud owners!


Vicki Hobbs

Design and Technology Teacher

Year 7 Languages

Year 7 Languages Melbourne Zoo Experience


The Year 7 students are currently studying the topic of 'Animals' in both Italian and Japanese Language classes in Term 4. On Thursday 15th November students attended Melbourne Zoo to apply and strengthen their language skills in a real-world setting. This experience outside their everyday activities helped students to enhance curriculum outcomes. As students had an opportunity to roam the zoo with their teacher(s), they completed work related to animals in their target language.  A big thank you to the following staff members who attended the excursion: Leah Shin, Stefanie D’Agostino, Johnny Hendriks, Silvana Ferraro, Auri Parker,  Rose Villanti, John Hearn, Livia Fasulo, Samantha Rao, Daniela Deluca, Jun Hayashi, Theresa Marneros, Jacqueline Tomasello, Betty Harper and Irene Kozak. With their help and support, the excursion went smoothly and the students had a great time.  A fun day practising vocabulary in Japanese and Italian was had by all. What a great team effort and a fantastic job done by teachers and students! 

Angela Kelsen                                                                       Italian Teacher

Student Recounts of the Excursion

Ari A 7J -  Mi piace lo zoo. Adoro la scimmia e la foca. Non mi piacciono i serpenti. Overall, I really liked the excursion to the zoo. It showed what we learnt in Italian.

Olivia U 7I - Today was really fun! My favourite place was the butterfly enclosure. Adoro le farfalle! Two landed on my arm. I also liked the snakes. I personally find them very cute. It was a vey good day.

Abigail M 7I - Adoro lo zoo! I loved looking at the animals and learning so much about them. My favourite part of the excursion was i penguini. They were molto carini. The zoo is fun.

Ethan C 7I - I enjoyed looking at the different animals especially the meerkats and the penguins. Sono carini!

Grace M 7I - Today I went to the zoo, it was really fun! My favourite part was going through the butterfly house because of all the beautiful colours of the butterflies. I enjoyed walking around the zoo with the class. The only thing I didn’t like was the smell but everything else was fantastico.

Jack D 7I - Today I went to the Melbourne Zoo. I enjoyed seeing the seals, the lions, the penguins and the hippos. Heck, I enjoyed all gli animali! All together, lo zoo was fantastico.

Shaun C- 7E it was a fun educational trip and seeing and learning about all of the different animals was very interesting.  My favourite animal I saw there was the cassowary because they look scary and they are very colourful.

Leila M- 7H  Today I really enjoyed seeing the animals and over all it was fun.  The part that I didn't enjoy was my feet hurting because we were walking a lot.

Nicole R- 7H  I enjoyed the beautiful habitats with the most amazing animals. (I really liked seeing the elephants!!)

Anthony F- 7E It was fun to see all the animals and to do the booklet all day.  I like the platypus because I like how they swim.

Dannie V -  7F - The Japanese/Italian zoo excursion was really fun and interesting because we got to go with our friends and enjoy and see the animals together. We also learnt a bit about the animals too by reading the fact boxes and filling out the booklet.

Castina P - 7F - The zoo was a great day to get outside and look at the animals that we were learning about in the classroom. First we looked at the Japanese garden. that made me feel relaxed and calm. the garden was beautiful and we drew a picture of it in our books. Then we moved on to having a look at the animals. The highlight of the day was probably the butterfly enclosure, the elephants and the orangutans... oh and the giraffes. It was a fun day.

Ben L - 7F - I really enjoyed the zoo excursion because I got to see the animals that I don't get to see very often and the worksheet was fun to do.

Teagan K - 7A -  I enjoyed going to the Japanese garden. It was very beautiful and calming. I also like the butterfly room because a butterfly landed on my shoulder. I learnt a lot of new animal words after going to the zoo.

Gabriela R - 7A - On the zoo excursion, we went around the zoo stating on our tables about the animals at the zoo, if they were cute, scary, small, big, funny/strange. We looked for animals to count how many of each animals there were. As we walked around, we talked about the animal in Japanese. I really like the lions because they stood up on their little playground as if they were posing for the photos. I really like spending time with my friends and see all of the animals.





Japan Study Tour 2019

Japan Study Tour 2019-
Now taking Expressions of Interest!

After a once again successful visit by the students and teachers of our sister school in Japan, TLSC students and teachers will be going to Japan in October/November 2019. The Study Tour will include visits to major historic and cultural sites, such as Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo, as well as a six-day homestay program at our sister school in Mito, Aichi.

Visiting Japan in this way opens up the hearts and minds of students who are studying Japanese and provides invaluable perspective to what is presented in the classroom. Students have first-hand opportunity to hear the authentic language in an authentic setting, are forced to immerse themselves into daily life and draw on their experiences of learning language so far. Invariably, student confidence and belief in themselves soars on return to Australia as a result of risk-taking with the language and communication, finding that a little bit of independence goes a long way to giving perspective to what it means to acquire an extra language.

Moreover, the opportunity to make real human connections with host-families and student peers, is something that cannot easily be replicated by staying in Australia. Many of these relationships planted during the trip, come to blossom into long-term friendships even after returning home. On such trips, students truly see the impact of language education, as they take important steps into global citizenship.

Students on this particular trip will take part in not just sight-seeing for the sake of traveling, but real human interactions with apprentice geiko (maiko) when in Kyoto, one-on-one student guide experience with university students in Hiroshima as they walk through the Peace Park and museum near the site of the Atomic Dome, and hands-on craft activities. They will let their hair down at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka and see the modern wonders of Tokyo with time in Akihabara, the scramble crossing of Shibuya and the street fashion capital, Harajuku.


The highlight for all students, however, is the homestay with our sister school, where students will live in an authentic family setting and attend Japanese middle-school with their host brother or sister. Students become part of the family and come to understand what daily life is like for all kinds of families in Japan. It's at this visit where typically the strongest and most long-lasting bonds are formed. Anecdotally, students tell us this is the best part of their visit to Japan.


If you are studying Japanese in Years 8, 9 and 10 in 2019, you are eligible to come along. Places are limited to fifteen students and expressions of interest are still welcome. Please note, the deadline for acceptance of Expressions of Interest has been extended to the first week of Term 1, 2019. Please download the attached files and submit as soon as possible to Mrs. Shin.  Interviews for students who have submitted an expression of interest will be conducted early in the new school year, with deposits of $200 from accepted students due soon after. Students will be notified for their appointment times directly.



Leah Shin

Japanese Homestay Leader 

Coming Events


Monday 17th - Friday 21st

End of Year Activities


19th Wednesday

Last day to purchase uniforms at the college for 2018 (3:00-5:00pm)


Presentation Night

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21st Friday

Last Day of School

School Finishes 12:30pm 

Office Closes 1:00pm


Term Dates 2019

Term 1:

Tuesday 29th January - Student Free Day

Staff Professional Development 


Wednesday 30th first day for all students


Monday 18th February

Swimming Carnival - Oak Park


Last day of term one 5 April 

Term 2:

Monday 23 April to Friday 28 June

Term 3:

Monday 15 July to Friday 20 September

Term 4:

Monday 7 October to Friday 20 December

General Information

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:15pm

Closed during school holidays

Telephone: 9390 3130

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Attendance Office

The Attendance Officer, Marie Taylor, has a direct line for parents to report student absences.

Telephone: 8390 9207

The College also has a press 1 option for attendance if you call on the college telephone number 9390 3130.

Students arriving late or leaving early must report to the Attendance Office.

Bell Times

Bell times for this year are listed below:


Warning bell for HG - 8.40am

Homegroup 8.50am

Period 1       9.00am

Period 2       9.49am

Recess       10.38am

Period 3      11.03am

Period 4      11.52am

Lunch          12.41pm

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End of day    3.04pm

Sick Bay

The college's registered nurse, Carmel Gusman, is available at the school Monday - Thursday from 9.00am - 3.00pm.  The sickbay also has a relief first aide attendant on Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm

All students not feeling well should report to the sickbay.  

Camps/Excursion Payments

All excursion/incursion permission slips are available on COMPASS. If payments are made on COMPASS a permission slip is not required. All excursion payments made at the office must be accompanied with a signed permission slip.




All excursion/incursion and camp payments can be made on COMPASS.  If you have lost your password or are having difficulties with COMPASS please contact the general office.

Lost Property

If your student has lost their college jacket the office has some 'unnamed' jackets.  Please ensure that all clothing articles are 'named' so that they can be returned to their rightful owner. Ms Mary Catania is the teacher in charge of lost property.  Lost Property is located in the Arts & Technology Teacher Workspace.

Uniform Shop 

Please note times for Wednesday afternoon uniform sales are 3:00pm - 5:00pm.

9.00am to 11.00 am Saturday Mornings.

The uniform shop is located in the back room of L4.

Last day for 2018 sales at the College is Wednesday 19th December.


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