15 November 2018
Issue 39:35  15th November, 2018
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You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.  Before a word is on my tongue, you, Lord, know it completely.

Psalm 139:3,4


In an age where privacy is such an important idea, the understanding of an omniscient God (an all knowing God), is somewhat frightening. 


We are surrounded by a culture that communicates fear that there is always someone on the edge, on the border of our reality, who is looking to steal our possessions, or even worse yet, our identity.  So we do all that we can to protect ourselves against the unseen thief. 


Privacy settings, firewalls, goodness knows the number of anti-virus protection software on the market all to give us the feeling that we are safe.


When we proclaim to people that there is a God who knows everything, sees everything and is all powerful, a human’s first reaction is to worry about their privacy or their own interests because somewhere down inside all of us is this sinful idea that God is going to steal our identity and make us into some kind of Christian robot.


Yet, there is nothing further from the truth. 


God’s power of omniscience (knowing everything) including where we go, what we think and what we do, exposes his love for us.  Because he knows that we often choose the wrong course for life, he wants to reveal our true identity that is hidden in Christ. 


We are God’s children and because of this, we are given true freedom to live life separate from fear.  Because God perceives and knows in advance the ways we are likely to react to all situations, he calls us by name (just like he calls many biblical people – Moses, Miriam, Mary, Samuel and Jesus to name a few) to show that he has a plan for us, to give us a hope and a future, to prosper and grow in him.


When you recognise that God knows your name and knows everything about you, from the number of hairs on your head to the number of heartbeats you’ve been given in life, don’t be afraid, but be encouraged that Jesus is looking out for all of us together.

And for that we celebrate.


God’s peace to you as your listen for the God who knows you!


Pastor Reid

from leadership

Gold… Gold … Gold for Good Shepherd!

Connected primary schools yesterday, travelled to the Port Adelaide Athletics Club for the annual Connected Schools Athletics Day to battle for the coveted Endeavour Cup.  A day in Port Adelaide always inspires quality competition and the event proved to be a sensational day of close competition, whilst also providing wonderful opportunities for students to connect across sites and build on existing relationships.


The Good Shepherd squad under the guidance of head coach, Jason Wain, performed superbly with outstanding results across all track events and strong results in the field.  Although queued and ready to play,  a team inspiring rendition of INXS’ Never Tear Us Apart, was not required, and at the close of competition, Good Shepherd finished in first place. Congratulations Team!

Parents in attendance would confirm the wonderful tone that exists when our Connected Schools come together. It is heartening to witness the unity that exists and will continue to be fostered into the future. Special mention must be made of the Endeavour College students who provided leadership in coordinating and managing each of the field events.  Their input was appreciated immensely.   


Finally, I took opportunity at the close of the day to check in with the athletics club coordinators.  Our host expressed sincere appreciation and commendation of our students’ behaviour, manners and appreciation of the facilities on offer.  Parents of participating students, be proud that your child has represented Good Shepherd with pride and truly led by example.


A wonderful event.  Bring on 2019!

Word of Mouth

We value and appreciate the wonderful reputation that Good Shepherd has earned in the wider community.  As we close out the year, the mobile nature of families always sees some families shift house, change employment, decide on a ‘sea change’ and as a result transition between schools.  As is always the case at this time of the year, limited vacancies are scattered across some year levels for the following year. 


As the voice of Good Shepherd be encouraged to promote the school and point people to us.  We’re not a ‘hard sell’ school, we just love to share the great things that are happening and give families the information needed to make the right decision for their children.  Filling places assists us in keeping cost down, maintaining existing programs and providing new learning opportunities too.


My thanks for the spirit of positivity that is clearly on display in our community at this time.  It’s a joy to round out the year with laughter and celebration.

Assembly Week 8

Parents are asked to note the time and date of our final assembly for the year.  The Assembly scheduled for Friday 7 December will follow chapel at 9.15am.  Parents who like to share in both chapel and assembly presentations are able to do so without multiple trips to school.  We look forward to welcoming you and celebrating both school and individual achievements, particularly those of our graduating classes.

Integrated Farming (Aquaponics)

Our integrated farming project continues to grow towards full production.   This week another 12 kg of fish have been introduced to system.  These fish will significantly increase nutrient levels and support the production of more plants.  Now underway, our system will operate without ceasing over the school holiday break.

If your family is staying at home over the summer school holidays and you like to assist with fish feeding, water testing, topping up the tanks with water, maybe even some planting and harvesting, please let the front office know.  We will collate interest and build a holiday roster of support, as required.  Day to day tasks involve a morning feed and afternoon feed which takes a few minutes and water testing at one of these times that takes around 20 minutes.


Although aquaponics is an exact science, no prior knowledge is expected or required.  We are happy to train volunteer families around the day-to-day tasks required to ensure the system remains healthy and productive.



parent information

End of Year Forms

Thanks to families who have assisted us by logging into Edumate to ensure we have the current and correct medical and contact details about your family.

You can check the information which we have by logging on to Edumate and clicking on the picture icon (top right). 


Forms sent home last week are due back today.  These include:

  • Swimming & Aquatic consent
  • Schedule of fees (how you will be paying fees next year)
  • Direct debit details (if we are to debit your account)
  • Asthma management (if applicable)

Please help us plan for next year by returning these forms as soon as possible.  If you have any queries, please contact the school office.


Please note that three other documents will require your consent next year (you will be reminded).  These will become available on Edumate in 2019 and include:

  • Local Educational excursion permission
  • Cyber-Safety agreement
  • Sporting code of conduct agreement

Window Folders

Windows folders are coming home today.  Please take time to look through the pages and see the work your child has been producing this year.  Year 6 students can keep their folder, but other year levels are asked to return the book to their class teacher by Friday 23 November.

Mum's Dinner - New Time 7.15pm 

There has been a fabulous response with over 40 mums looking forward to the Christmas Dinner on Friday night.  We trust you will enjoy the evening of food, fellowship and fun.

Please note that the venue has requested a slightly later time, so they can reset the tables following earlier diners.  Ladies are asked to arrive for a 7.15pm start, not 7.00pm as previously advised.

One for the 'Boys'

Good Shepherd Dads night

All fathers are welcome to our ‘Dads night out’ – next Friday 23 November from 6.30pm, Highlander Hotel - ‘the courtyard’, 647 North East Road, Gilles Plains.

Come along and join other Good Shepherd dads/carers for a casual lemonade/beer or meal, to celebrate being a Dad at Good Shepherd. Relaxed atmosphere, meet a few people and enjoy the company of some awesome dads over a quiet drink. Drinks and meals at own cost. Come for 5 minutes or a few hours. T20 cricket will be on the big screen.

No need to reply, but you are welcome to contact Matt Schmidt
(0412 35 7 558) if you require more information.

Music Student's Concert

Parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends of students who have been taking music instruction this year are invited to attend a concert next Wednesday, 21st November at 6.30pm.

The concert will be held in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Students will play a short musical piece with their instrument of choice to entertain the audience.  Children are asked to come in their summer uniform.  Programs will be available on the night.

Scholastic Bookclub

The last Scholastic Book Club catalogues for 2018 come home this week.

If you are looking to purchase books as a gift for Christmas, you may not know that there is the option to mark your purchases as GIFTS.

When these books arrive you will be contacted directly, rather than books going home with students.

We would encourage you to use the Loop ordering system.  Scholastic apps are available to download for both Apple and Android devices to make ordering easier.

Please be aware that some titles offered, differ from the Christian ethos followed by the school.

Orders need to returned to the front office by Thursday 22 November.  

Happy reading everyone and thank you so much for your support throughout 2018!

Important Note from OSHC

Due to strict observance of child to educator ratios, a regulatory requirement, there may be circumstances we cannot accept children who have not been booked in advance unless in emergency circumstances.

It is for this reason we emphasize the importance of first registering your child, even if you don’t think you will need our service, and then booking the session in advance.  For details please speak to OSHC staff.

See the attachment below for a FREE day in OSHC during the school holidays.


Emily's Cards

Emily from Stage 4 has an assortment of cards for sale from the front office.  Money raised from the sale of her hand made cards will benefit the Australian Drought Relief.

School Banking

A reminder to parents that LLL school banking is available every Thursday during the school term. 

The last day for school banking this year will be on 28 November.

Uniform Shop

In 2018 the uniform shop will be open the following times:

Monday:        Closed

Tuesday:       1.30pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday: 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Thursday:     1.30pm to 3.30pm

Friday:            8.15am to 9.15am 


Email orders and enquiries are also welcome, [ click here ] with goods being held at the office until payment is made.


The canteen is open for business each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday .

Menus and lunch order bags are available from classrooms.


Wednesday 21 November

S Houchen / B Nielsen / K Foskett

Thursday 22 November

M Farrell / S Ortega

Friday 23 November

D Heyne / S Anthony / E McElroy / K Paxtyn



Term 4 Sport fees due

Basketball and Netball fees for Term 4 are now overdue.  Cash payments
may be made to the Front Office.  EFTPOS facilities are not available
for these payments.

Basketball = $40.00

Netball = $63.00

Netball Results

U9 GS Champs

A tough game against Tyndale on Monday night. We played well in patches, but Tyndale worked harder and played with more energy at times.

Keep working on what we are practising girls, defend hard, make good choices with our passes, create space and and continue to do your best, despite what position you are playing.

Well done to Joy - the smallest player on the court who grabbed 5 rebounds as a defender, and to the goal scorers Acacia and Lucy.

Matt Schmidt (Coach)

U11  GS Tiger Bolts

What an amazing game. After spending an exhausting day at the beach, the team came out fighting. And what a fight! Fantastic sportsmanship from Shaun and Chloe who sacrificed their playing time to keep other players going. An amazing 10 goals by Kaylee. We won 20 to 8. 

Jo Holland (Team Manager)

Basketball Results

U10 GS Heat

We played Good Shepherd Rockets this week and started off strong with a confident first half. Sticking tight on opposition players rather than chasing the ball around is becoming our strength. The second half was a little slower for Heat and the other team came back fighting. What a nail biter with Heat only just winning in the end. Well played Rockets - thanks for the great game!

Scorers: Mitchell 6pts, Stuart 3pts and Michah 2pts.

Kirsty Beitz (Coach)

U12 GS Shooters

A game against mates is always going to bring on a competitive nature.  We had moments of some great play, but we also lost our way when the going got tough.  As a team you play your best when you listen to each other and look down the court using everyone in play. Tonight we showed some really positive play but magic worked us out and equalled our match. Well done to everyone on both teams . We walked away still mates at the end of the game!

Scorers Kyle 6pts, Jye 3pts, Owen and Riley 2pts each. 

Renee Modra (Coach)

U12 GS Magic 5's

The weeks had rolled over and it was time to play our buddies from school again. There was so much excitement and competitive energy on court!
Magic, I would say you played your strongest game of the season. The hard work at training and the support and encouragement you give each other showed in the game tonight. You have all improved so much over the season and I couldn't be prouder. Keep it up Magic!
Final score:  Magic 21 to Shooters 13.
Scorers: Memphis 6pts, Koen 4pts, Micah 4pts, Saje 3pts, Brodie 2pts and Lachy 2pts.

Jodi Hueppauff (Coach)

diary dates

Diary Dates


16 Nov         End of Year (Whole School) Mum's Dinner

20 Nov         Mentor/Mentee morning tea

20 Nov         School Council meeting

21 Nov         Music Student's concert 6.30pm

22 Nov         Scholastic #8 orders due

23 Nov         Windows Folders returned to school

23 Nov        Dad's night out - Highlander, from 6.30pm

27-30 Nov  Stage 3 camp

28 Nov        Year 6 celebration day

29 Nov        Vocal ensemble performance

29 Nov        Last LLL banking for 2018

  2 Dec         Year 6 dinner

  3 Dec         Stage 1 Road Safety

  7 Dec          Year 6 Chapel and Assembly

  7 Dec          Class parties

  7 Dec          Reports available on Edumate

10 Dec          Move up morning

11 Dec         Closing Worship 7pm at Endeavour College

12 Dec         Optional Attendance Day

12 Dec         End of Term 4


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