St. Cecilia's Newsletter

26 July 2019
Issue Ten
Upcoming Dates
Principal's Report
Deputy Principal Report
Grade 6 Dinner
Fair News
Art News
St Cecilia's Primary School
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4 Van Ness Avenue
Glen Iris, Victoria, 3146

Upcoming Dates

Term 3 & 4 Dates

Sunday, 28th July

Year 1 and Year 2 Family Mass

at 5:30pm


Monday, 29th July

Chinese / Art excursion

for Year 5 / 6 to the NGV


Wednesday, 7th August

Year 3 / 4 Hoop Time at Dandenong


Thursday, 15th August

Feast of the Assumption

Holy day of Obligation Mass at 9:15am


Friday, 16th August

Sound recording for the Concert- all classes


Wednesday 21st August

Book Week Dress up Parade at 9am


Thursday 29th August

Year 5 / 6 Hoop Time at Dandenong


Friday 30th August

Fathers' day breakfast

From 7:30am in the hall


Sunday, 1st September

Fathers' day


Friday, 6th September

School Concert at the Besen Centre


Wednesday 18th September

Year 4 First Communion Retreat day


Friday, 20th September

Last day of Term 3

Footy Dress up day-

Lucky Dip donations requested for the Fair


TERM 4 dates

Monday, 7th October

School Closure day- Pupil free day 

Staff Professional Development day


Tuesday, 8th October

Students resume

Bring a bottle donation for the Fair


Friday, 11th October

Opening Mass for Term 4 at  9:15am


Sunday, 20th October

First Communion at 10am


Saturday, 26th October

School Fair


Wednesday, 30th October

Year 5 / 6 Open Water learning day

run by Life Saving Victoria


Monday, 4th November

School Closure day

Pupil free day


Tuesday, 5th November

Melbourne Cup day holiday


Wednesday, 13th November

at 7pm Foundation 2020

Parent Information night


Thursday, 14th November

Foundation Orientation session 1



Monday, 18th November

Foundation Orientation session 2

9:15am to 10:45am


Friday, 22nd November

St Cecilia's feast day Mass at 9:15am


Wednesday, 27th November

Foundation Orientation session 3

9:15am to 12pm


Friday, 29th November

Twilight Sports at Bill Sewart oval

in Burwood


Thursday, 12th December

Year 6 Mystery Tour


Friday, 13th December

Twilight Christmas Carols


Tuesday, 17th December

Graduation Mass 9:15am 

and dinner

Last day for Year 6 students


Wednesday, 18th December

Last day of school for Foundation to Year 5

Farewell assembly/ Christmas prayer at 9am

























Principal's Report

Staffing News

Dear Parents,


Occasionally, in your working life, you are fortunate to work alongside some particularly inspirational and motivating people. These people make your organisation tick, flow and add value and energy constantly. They represent the organisation with compassion, humility, kindness and humour. Simply, they make your workplace better!

Carmel Gould, as you would all know, is such a person. 


As Carmel concludes her St. Cecilia chapter with us next week, we pay tribute for the countless ways she has helped to shape our school through her presence, her professionalism and her commitment to the continual improvement of St. Cecilia's. Her approach to the work, combined with her warm and genuine interest in everyone she meets is infectious, valued and will be missed! I know I speak on behalf of everyone in expressing our enormous gratitude for the impact Carmel has made on our school as a whole and on us as individuals. 


As I stated in the previous newsletter, Carmel's role is now being filled by Mrs Lucy Csaplar, who is already a highly capable and valued member of our school community. Lucy will continue in her role as a Learning Support Officer on a Tuesday. Carmel has been busy inducting Lucy over the last few weeks, and although her last official day with us is next Thursday, Carmel will continue on with some other tasks over the next few weeks. 


Simple words cannot express the gratitude we have for the work Carmel has done, the connections she has made and the value she has added to this community. We wish Carmel, and her husband Michael, all the very best with what comes next. 


Our school is truly a better place for having Carmel amongst us. 


Also in staffing news, we welcome Mrs Voula Theonas to our staff. Voula will be working as a Learning Support Officer (LSO) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with many of our students. Welcome to St. Cecilia's Voula!



The school’s drop off zone is only a 1-2 minute parking spot. Any longer than this and you are likely to be asked by a staff member (wearing a high visibility vest) to move on and do another circuit. General usage guidelines include the following:- 

  • You cannot park and walk your child in to school from the drop off zone.
  • When your car pulls up within the drop off zone, this is when children need to get in or out of the car. 
  • Children are to get in or out of the car on the pavement side.
  • If you are an early arrival at pick up time, then make sure your child/ren are prompt at getting to the drop off zone. It’s not fair that you stay parked for 10 minutes waiting for your family to arrive.
  • Ensure your child has their bag ready so that they can get out of the car quickly. Stopping to get bags out of the boot, put jackets on etc. slows the traffic down and adds to the street congestion.
  • Parking in the drop off zone through the day is not permitted
  • At pick up time, children are to wait safely against the fence until a car has stopped. Drivers are asked to keep moving forward and not leave parking space in front. Children are expected to walk up to where their car has stopped rather than be picked up exactly where they are standing.

Please be advised that parking regulations are enforceable and if drivers choose to park illegally in the street, then they could be booked by the local By Laws Officer.

Thank you to all of our pedestrians and drivers who always do the right thing and set a safe and courteous example to others.

Parent's Association

Our school community is vibrant because the teachers, administration, students and parents are wholeheartedly committed to making it an amazing place to be.


We encourage and invite all parents, guardians and family members to be involved in our school community in any way that you can.  There are many volunteer opportunities big and small,  from participating in excursions and reading in the classroom to helping in the library and canteen, to helping out at special events and participating in fundraising, and so much more.  Your help is much appreciated and the school community is enriched by each and every volunteer’s time, energy and enthusiasm! 

This term's Parent's Association meeting is scheduled to take place next week on Wednesday 31st July at 7.30pm in the library.The main focus of this meeting will be the School Fair. 


 In a nutshell, Parent's association (PA) is comprised of parents who collaborate with the school’s administration and teachers to support our children and their educational activities at school.  The PA meetings are open to all parents in the school and we invite you all to attend.  Your feedback, opinions and suggestions are integral to making decisions that represent the school community on topics that range from fundraising, to planning special events, to updating technology and much more.   Come to the meetings to be part of the dialogue if you want, or just to listen and learn more about what is going on in your child’s school community.  Either way, it’s a great way to stay informed and to influence change.  And rest assured there is no pressure when you attend and you won’t be “voluntold” into doing anything! 


Please also note that PA meetings are adult only events.  


We looking forward to seeing you.


School Concert

School Concert date has been set as

Friday 6th September (Term 3 Week 8).

We have booked the Besen Centre  87/89 Station St, Burwood.

More info to follow.


School Review

The Catholic Education Melbourne school review process occurs in the fourth year of the SIF cycle and is a key component of the School Improvement Framework (SIF). The SIF promotes an evidence-based inquiry approach to planning within the school. Schools incorporate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of school performance and student outcomes to support continuous school improvement and reflect regularly upon questions relating to direction, achievement and growth.


St. Cecilia's will be involved in this process in week 9 of this term.


The core purpose of the school review process is to serve the needs of our school, to affirm achievements of the past four years, explore areas for growth and to plan for future improvement as a Catholic school striving for excellence in student outcomes.


We will keep you updated with this progress.


Holiday Homework

Students on family holidays during school term will not be provided with catch-up homework tasks. Students on family holidays during term can continually read, complete some negotiated tasks and keep a journal of their trip that incorporates literacy and numeracy concepts. Homework is not set during usual school holiday times.


Congratulations to the following students who will serve as our

Semester Two School Representative Council.


FJ - Zoe Knott / Luca Pittito


FK - Nino Swerts / Victoria Gillen


1A - Fletcher Bye / Essie Hase


1B - Jenna Nugent / Thomas Davey


2F - Mietta D’Anna / Henry O’Byrne


2G - Rosie Hall / Edward Cooper


3/4C - Bernie Bond / Kayla Bolton


3/4D - Jack Butler / Alannah De Luca


3/4E - Stephan Merigoux / Thea Styring


5/6H - Zoe Jonsen / Joey Dee


5/6I - Georgia Davies / Oliver Alexopoulos


St Cecilia's Netball Club Spring 2019 Registrations


The St Cecilia's Netball Club have extended registration for the Spring Season until this Friday, 26th July. We especially are encouraging boys and girls in Yrs 3, 5 and 6 to consider joining this exciting 10 game Spring netball season. Training sessions are at school and games are played on Saturday morning / early afternoon in Ashwood - starting August 31st.


Please contact our Registrations Officer Monica Wallace ( for more information. 

Gardening news

Anna and I would like to ask for expressions of interest regarding any willing parents that might be able to assist with some of our gardening needs on our wishlist: 

The garden needs are:

-  A bigger sleeping coop for the chickens involving a variety of perches further off the ground (this doesn’t need to be too elaborate)
- Mulch the paths of the garden to prevent weeds growing
-  An arbour for our developing grape vine


Please email me directly (or Anna)


100 days of Foundation

We could not be more excited about the upcoming 100 Days of Foundation celebration this coming Monday 29th July! More info and photos will certainly follow soon...


School Choir

All choir members are expected to attend all rehearsals, if at school that day. On occasion, a singer may be absent because of illness or for another suitable reason. We have a number of choir members who have committed themselves to being a part of the choir but then not turning up to rehearsals without a reason. Each choir member is a valuable part of the ensemble and is vital to the success of both choirs that we have good attendance at all rehearsals and performances.

Australian Mathematics Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition is next Thursday 1st August for those Yr 3 - 6’s that have registered. 


This challenging competition has been popular in the past and is open to all children in Years
3 to 6. The children are asked to answer a series of questions within a time limit.



When we speak about our school values, we speak of: 


Faith – We live faith-filled lives and give thanks daily

Acceptance – We respect and embrace the community

Compassion – We care and do what is right and just

Excellence – We strive for and celebrate every success


Have a great weekend with your families,


Warm regards,


Deputy Principal Report

Earn and learn

Thanks to everyone who supported our school by collecting stickers from Woolworths during Earn and Learn. We collected a grand total of 10, 647 stickers and I have ordered some free STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) equipment from Modern Teaching Aids in the form of Lego sets. It contains Lego blocks, pulleys, wheels, axles and gears and is suitable for students in Foundation to Year 4. 



Thanks to Mrs Kate Sutherland, Chess has resumed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Year 5 / 6 classrooms. Please remind your children to go to Chess on their allotted day.

Miss Mustey returns

This week we welcomed back Miss Robyn Mustey who returned from her travels overseas to England and Scotland . Regrettably she did not meet the queen but was definitely close to Buckingham Palace! We have proof! Miss Mustey will be working as a Learning Support Officer (LSO) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until lunchtime.


Term 3 Inquiry Units-
Science & Technology / Design focus

Today the students will bring home their "Term 3  Parent Planners" for their grade level. On the reverse side you will find the plan for the Specialist classes. The Parent Planner gives you an indicator of the key learning for each area of the curriculum being studied and contains dates which are particularly relevant to your children's grade level.

In Term 3, our whole school focus is on Technology, especially designing  items using students' knowledge of Physical Science such as light & sound and force & movement. As always, if you have any expertise in these areas of Science or in Space and particularly the Solar System, please contact your child's teachers and we would welcome you as guest speakers.


On Wednesday, 17th July in week one, the Foundation to Year 2 students participated in a Science & Technology incursion to kick off their unit on Light and Sound.

The presenter, whose name was Sumardi, came from Indonesia and he presented a humorous puppet play using stick puppets. The Science concepts introduced related to light, shadows and non-transparent materials. He performed in the hall using a screen and all of the students made a stick puppet to take home.



Next week on Tuesday, 30th July the Year 3 / 4 classes will also have an incursion which will be run by Swinburne Institute of Technology. The focus is on force and movement- pushing, pulling and rolling items. We look forward to hearing about their learning and seeing their designs!


Voula Theonas is a new Learning Support Officer (LSO) who worked at St Cecilia's last term for a few weeks while a staff member was on leave. She has now come on board the LSO team as a regular member and will work all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays assisting in the Year 5 / 6 classrooms  and other grades as required.

Welcome to Voula!



A letter from the Vice President for the STC South Camberwell Cricket Club in charge of Junior Teams


The 2019/20 Cricket season is nearly here : 

 STC South Camberwell Cricket Club based at Nettleton Park Glen Iris for over 50 years has opened registrations for all junior and senior players . The club has a proud history of fielding Milo in2 cricket and T20 Blast programs , multiple under 10 to under 16 junior teams and also an under 18 team . We also have 5 Senior teams and a 2 Veterans teams having successfully won 4 premierships during the 2018/9 Season.   STC is a friendly encouraging club that welcomes all players and their families .  If you'd like more information please email , visit our club website  or call STC Vice President - Junior Teams

Pete Martin on 0404667871

We are especially looking for Grade 2 , 3 and grade 4 students to help fill our under 10 and under 12 teams .



We hope that you all had a lovely holiday,

Regards, Karen Whiting


in 2019

First Communion

This year we have 31 candidates for First Communion with 31 from the school and 4 students who attend other schools but are part of our parish.

On Monday 22nd July from 7pm to 8:30pm we held our First Communion ( Year 4) Parent/ student information/ activity night.

The Communion candidates and their parents  worked together to learn more about the celebration of the Mass. They began by exploring the rituals associated with family celebrations eg speeches and stories about family members, songs, special clothes, food etc and then looked at the celebration of the Mass.  At Mass we have stories from the Bible, hymns, a special table called an altar and we share food when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus under the form of bread and wine.


During Term 3, we will work with the children to prepare for this sacrament and all will be in readiness for the First Communion ceremony which will be at the end of week 2, in Term 4 -on Sunday, 20th October at 10am.


Opening Mass

On the first Friday of the term, we had our Opening Mass and various grade levels helped us to understand the concept of "thanksgiving" by praying to God our Father.

The Year 1's made a poster with lovely pictures of things for we which we should be thankful and the Year 2's wrote Prayers of the Faithful which asked God to help us to be more grateful to Him for all His gifts to us.

They read these during the Mass and 



Year 1 & 2 Family Mass

This Sunday, 28th July at 5:30pm our Year 1 and 2 classes are hosting a Family Mass for all members of our school and parish community.

All welcome- not just Year 1's and 2's!

Have a lovely weekend!

Regards, Karen Whiting.

Grade 6 Dinner

Grade 6 Dinner

Grade 6 Parents’ Dinner 


St Cloud next Thursday, 1st August!


Book your tickets through Trybooking via the link below


All parents welcome!!


Fair News

St. Cecilia's Fair

Dear St Cecilia’s Families

This year marks the 73rd Anniversary of the St Cecilia’s Fair . 


Work is now underway for the 2019 Fair and you are probably thinking what can I do to help… but don’t worry, because there is always heaps to do!


The Fair will be held on Saturday 26 October 2019, so please save the date as we need all hands on deck.


Please come along to the PA Meeting on Wednesday 31 July 2019 at 7.30pm..


To all the wonderful people who have already volunteered to coordinate or work in a role, thank you., thank you, thank you!

To everyone else, if you think any of the positions below could be for you please let us know as we would love your help.  Don’t worry, there is 
always lots of help and no experience needed.

Entertainment & Rides Coordinator

Organise main stage entertainment, book rides, organise wristbands and liaise with electrician, entertainers and Smart Amusement employees for setup and pack down of rides.  Please note the 2019 rides are already booked.


This role is to contact previous sponsors to see if they are back on board again and also to try and source new sponsors to support our Fair by way of cash, services or donations mainly for our Raffle, Live and Silent Auctions.

Promotion & Social Media

Help us get the word out about the Fair to the wider community. Create posts for our School Facebook page and respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner.

2020 Fair Coordinator

We're always planning ahead.  If being the Fair Coordinator sounds like you, why not come on board now and get a great handover to see how things are done for next year.

To volunteer for one of these positions please go to asap.  

For an  interesting read please visit  - So stay happy and healthy and join the Fair Committee!


We will be going to print very soon, but there is still time if you would like to promote your business by donating a prize to the 2019 Raffle.  Please contact us at and let us know if you can help.  It is a great way to get your business name out to the 1000s of people in our local community.


Do you have an idea for a stall?  We would love to hear them...anything you think could work, please let us know 


If you require any more information, have some feed back from previous years fairs or have any questions/suggestions please contact us on  Now is the time to let us know so we can make the 2019 Fair the best fair ever!

Thank you everyone for all your support already, the Fair is a lot of work and there is still heaps to do, but it is always so much fun!

Jane Martin
2019 Fair Coordinator



Art News

The 5/6 students are inspired by Chinese ink and brush motifs, in preparation for our upcoming visit to NGV to experience the Terracotta Warriors and Cai Guo Qiang.  


St. Cecilia's Newsletter
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