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23 August 2019
Issue Twenty-six
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Art Show - 10 October 2019
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Dad's Golf Day
 Important Dates for the Diary
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Principal's News

Tutti si sono divertiti nella giornata della festa Italiana!

(Everyone had lots of fun during Italian Day!)

On Tuesday we celebrated Italian Day, timed beautifully to fit in with our Geography topic this term. The children and staff had an absolute ball throughout- ably organised by Mrs Falla and led by the team from ‘Big Pocket’. With the Il Palio theme, the children were led by our Year 5 and 6 students (the opening ceremony was a sight to behold) and enjoyed horse races, flag making and of course, pasta making. Many families enjoyed the freshly made pasta for dinner and the children loved being let loose on the pasta machines! Our older students did a marvellous job of mentoring the younger children throughout- a hallmark of our school community and the staff participated and led the day with gusto!

From our roving reporters Charlotte H and Eloise:

Buongiorno, parents and guardians of St Joseph's,

 It’s Eloise and Charlotte from 6CS. On Tuesday this week we had the St Josephs Il Palio for Italian day. We had lots of fun doing running races with our amazing horses! We loved making fresh pasta that we got to take home and we wanted to say a huge thank you to the big pocket ladies who led the pasta making and supplied some of our costumes. In the morning we also had a parade led by the 5s and 6s, who dressed up in costumes to look like the traditional medieval characters from Siena. We had flag wavers, drummers, jockeys, team captains, a priest, a mayor and even police!

Some quotes from the students: 

“I liked running the horse races and winning.” -Callum and Max from Prep

“I enjoyed using the pasta machines and I thought that the parade was very decorative.’’ - Sophie and Amelia from Grade One

“I found making and decorating our flags very restful , I loved the races and I also liked making pasta with a buddy.” - Tom H and Tom N from Grade Two.   

“I loved how everyone was really supportive while I was running my race and I also liked being an example in front of my group with the Big Pocket.”- Gabriella and Charles from Year Three

“I enjoyed seeing the Year Sixes muck around in their race. I also enjoyed putting the pasta dough through the machine to make it long.” -Maddie and Ingrid from Year Four.

“I liked being a jockey for Aquila and dressing up as one,” -Eve from Year Five

“I loved being a carabiniere and marching in the parade.”-Niamh from Year Five

“I found being the priest  and standing in front of the school exciting.” Claire from Year Five   

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Falla for organizing our amazing day and helping it to run smoothly,

Charlotte and Eloise




Dendy Athletics Carnival

Thankfully St Joseph stood watch from the window of the admin area at the beginning of the week and brought (almost) fine weather for the Dendy District Athletics on Monday. Congratulations to all those students from Years 3-6 for participating and ‘giving it a go’ on the day. Our students represented the school with pride and enthusiasm! Well done! Thank you to the staff who organised and supervised on the day, and a special word of thanks to Sylvia (Tyson Y5) who assisted Ms Huebner with scoring.  A great day was had by all!

A further congratulations to the following students who have made it through to the next level of competition at the Beachside Athletics tournament on Friday 6th September:

Maudie, Alessandra, Bethany, Archie, Ellie, Zara, Eamon, Ava, Gaby N, Charlie and Tyson.

We wish these students the best of luck for their events.

Fathers and Special Friend’s Day

Next week we will be hosting our annual Father’s Day/ Special Friends morning tea and mass, which will take place on Friday 30th August. As the hall has been booked for a parish event, we will be serving tea/ coffee/ biscuits in the Multi-Purpose room from 8am, with our students then taking their special guests to visit the classrooms. On the first bell all guests are invited to make their way across to church, with our students following on when the second bell rings at 9am. Thank you to our Year 3 and 4 parents for organising the morning tea and to our Prep and Year 1 students who will be organising and leading the school during mass. 

We ask you to complete the Caremonkey invitation to indicate your attendance and to assist with planning the tea/ coffee. 

For those dads who would like to 'kick on' following mass, please look out for the Golf/ Lunch/ Dinner/ Drinks (!) invitation from our P+F....last year's event was a great success and a huge thanks to those dads who are organising the day/ afternoon/ evening!

OnPsych News

This week we bid farewell to Christine Dais, the OnPsych psychologist, as she begins her role in private practise. Christine has worked with several students and families at St Joseph's during the past two years and we thank her for the care and guidance given to our students. Although we will no longer have a psychologist onsite we are able to offer assistance and advice to parents who wish to access this type of support outside of school. Please feel free to pop in for a chat should you need advice of this kind as Faye and I are always happy to point you in the right direction.

Rugby Gala Day Cancelled for Friday September 13th

Please be aware that due to reasons outside of our control, this event will unfortunately not go ahead. As an alternative for our school, the Year 5&6 students will have a St Joseph's Rugby Match on the morning of the last day of Term 3 as part of Footy Colours/ Crazy Hair Day.

First Holy Communion

Well done to students and staff for the very successful Communion Retreat Day, which took place today at school. Our prayers are with our First Communion children who will receive this sacrament over the next four weekends and we thank both the parish and school staff for their support and preparation of our children.


Welcome to Miss Mardling

On Monday we welcome Miss Georgina Mardling to St. Joseph’s as she begins her teaching role in Prep. Georgina will be joining Aimee, who will be in her final week prior to maternity leave, to facilitate a thorough handover for our beautiful prep students. If you see Georgina around be sure to say hello! I know she is very excited to be joining our community for the remainder of the school year.

Book Fair and all things Book Week

Thank you to Mrs Jackson and all parents/ grandparents who have helped out with the Book Fair throughout the week and it was delightful to see how excited the students were about purchasing books! Of course, thank you to our parents for supporting this endeavour. On Monday, we will hold our Annual Book Day dress up, with the children and staff invited to dress as their favourite character for the day. Our parade will begin at 9.10am in the hall and families are welcome to attend. Please check out Mrs Jackson’s news for further details.

Staff leave

This week we farewelled Mrs Murphy as she embarked on her long service leave to travel the world! Mary will be gone for the remainder of the term and will be replaced by Mrs Jen McGrath. On Thursday of next week we also farewell Martin Earl as he begins a week and a half of long service leave to visit sunnier climes.

Ukuleles at St Joseph’s!

Our exceptionally talented music teacher Miss Sinker has thoroughly enjoyed teaching with her newly acquired set of ukuleles, purchased last term. The children are also loving the opportunity to learn something new. Whilst I have nothing against good old recorders, these instruments are a little easier on the ears! Please check out the school dojo page where Miss Sinker has shared a lovely video of Grace and Chloe playing and singing in a duet. Just lovely!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead and rumour has it that there may be some sunshine for us to enjoy! Wishing our beautiful First Eucharist students a wonderful day on Sunday,


Fr Alan's Weekly Reflection

How do I enter?

This past week I have been attending the Provincial Assembly for the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers which was founded by St Vincent de Paul. It is a worldwide congregation which is divided into Provinces. The Province I belong to is the Oceania Province which covers Australia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. The purpose of the Assembly was to see where we stand at present and what future directions we wish to take. As part of the process we were shown some videos of laypeople who try to live out the spirit of St Vincent de Paul in their daily lives. One particularly striking video was of a 29 year old man in Fiji who spends much of his time housebound. The reason is he is completely paralysed as a result of a car accident. This man spoke eloquently of the tremendous kindness he had experienced as a result of weekly visits from members of the St Vincent de Paul Society. He added how much he looks forward to those visits.


In the Gospel Jesus speaks about entering by the narrow door. This saying seems to be harsh indicating that only a few will end up being saved. However, Jesus wants his listeners not to focus so much on the next life but rather to focus on this life. What matters is how we live our lives right now. The best way to respond to Jesus’ words is to become a friend of God. And we become a friend of God when we reach out in love to those in need.                                      


I know well one of those members of the St Vincent de Paul Conference in Fiji who do these visits. I know they don’t have much and yet this person has always been very generous. When I look to be reminded what God is like I look to people such as this person for inspiration.      


Over the next 4 Sunday’s we will have children making their First Holy Communion. When receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion we say “Amen.” This means that we promise to try and become like Jesus in our daily lives.


Fr Alan Gibson

School Captains' News

Dear parents and guardians

This is your school captains writing Grace and Xavier.


This week has been very eventful and tiring for all of our teachers and students. We have had Italian day which was so much fun; we would like to thank Mrs Falla for the amazing experience. Grades 3,4,5 and 6 had district athletics on Monday, and now we have a handful of students moving on to the Beachside Division. We hope that everyone rests up for next week!

We would again like to remind everyone of the Malvern Food Drive which we be starting soon.


Kind regards 

Grace and Xavier 




Prep News

What a busy term we have had in Prep so far! 


In our topic we have been learning about Australia, the world and how we are connected to different places. The children have loved learning about special natural places in Australia, like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, and they have reflected on man made iconic buildings like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and some of our children’s favourite, the MCG arena. We are  now thinking about how we are connected to our local area. With their families, the children have filled out a family tree to trace their origins and it has been lovely to talk to them about the places they are linked to, either in or out of Australia. Alongside this, we have developed our geography skills to  look at a world map and also recognise symbols on maps and what they mean. We are currently working in groups to make a 3D model of Malvern with all the places that are special to us. 


During our English lessons we have explored Aboriginal stories. The children have loved retelling these stories in their own words and have produced some wonderful writing pieces.  The children are writing independently more and more and this is very exciting to witness! I’ve attached some photos below for you to admire! 


Through our phonics and reading program, the children have made great gains in their ability to read and are all now independently segmenting and blending unfamiliar words. Myself, Miss Jackson and Miss Nancy have been working with the children in targeted groups to ensure they are receiving exactly what they need for their learning and this has been a huge success, with the children moving forward very quickly in their reading abilities. Well done Prep we are so proud of all your hard work! 


Next week is my last week in Prep before I leave for a little while to have my baby! I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your well wishes and support during my pregnancy and I feel very lucky to be part of this school. St Joseph’s is such a wonderful community and I’ll be sure to come visit soon!



Aimee Balding


Literacy News

Book Week

Book Week celebration day will finally arrive on Monday 26th August. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your love for reading by dressing up. We will have a parade in the hall at approximately 9:10 a.m. The rest of the day will be filled with fun book activities to celebrate the power of reading. So, get your costumes ready for a great day!



Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair has finally finished for another year. Firstly, a very big thank you to all the parent helpers. These events wouldn’t run without your assistance. Secondly, thank you to all the parents and students who purchased items. We hope you enjoy reading your new and exciting books. The Scholastic company offers us points to exchange for books or cash so we will add up the total and decide which option is more beneficial to the school.




Congratulations to all the students on their wonderful effort at the Spellathon. This activity links directly into the phonics and Spelling Mastery work that the students are doing in the classrooms. A very big thank you to all the students who have returned their Spellathon money, it is gratefully appreciated as it assists the school to purchase Literature Circle books, decodable texts and comprehension kits.

Thank you all!

Amanda Jackson

Literacy Leader

Art Show - 10 October 2019

Let the Silent Auction Begin ...

We are excited to announce that the framed ‘St Joseph’s Cook Book Illustrations’, which were created by our Art Club students, are now up for silent auction.


Please pop in and visit our gallery in the front of the office. These art works will be up for silent action until 9PM on the night of the art show (Thursday 10th October).


If you are interested in purchasing any of the Cook Book Series Art Works please place a bid on the Silent Auction sheets.


Please see the artwork descriptions in the office for further details about each artwork and the artist names. See below for  further information about the silent auction pieces.


Kindest Regards,

Art Show Team



The hand drawn illustrations you will find throughout the pages of the St Joseph’s school cook book were created by the students in the St Joseph’s Primary School Art Club.


Firstly the students investigated key ingredients from areas around the world. Students then found photographs of each ingredient to use as a basis for their illustration. Using repeated observational drawing, the students drew the objects four times before they reached a final copy. Students then were explicitly taught water colour techniques such as colour testing, fading from transparent to opaque, blending from one colour to another, wet on wet, dry on dry and circles and splashes. Students then put these techniques into practice and water coloured their illustrations using the original photographs of the various ingredients as a reference for colour.


I am extremely proud of the art club students and the sensational illustrations they have created for the cook book.


Marta Cummings

Visual Arts teacher


Dear St Joseph’s Parents,


With the art show fast approaching we would love your help! Come along and be a part of this amazing event. There are many ways you can be involved.



Simply sign up by writing your name and email on one of the sign-up sheets in the office. I will email you to remind you a few days prior.



We are also looking for items/ vouchers / experiences that could be donated for lucky star prizes. Many hands make light work with this one and the more prizes we have the more money we will raise for our wonderful students. If every family could bring something in that would be SENSATIONAL! During the holidays I picked up a range of cool art supplies from Big W to use as Lucky Stars as they had a big sale. Yo Chi on Glenferrie road has donated vouchers too! If you would like to donate please hand in your donation to the office and be sure to record your name on the list.


Some examples of things you may collect for lucky stars and silent auction items include.


Please email me if you have any questions [email protected]


Thank you for your incredible support!


The Art Show Team,

Marta Cummings, Elissa Gaiardo, Sarah Gerrand





P & F News

Grade 5 & 6 Drinks - Saturday, 14th September

Please see attached invitation.



Scholastic Book Club

Brochures have been distributed and orders should be placed by Monday 9th September

Please order online using the LOOP system.  Merely follow the guidelines on the attached Scholastic Book Club Flyer.


If you have any queries you may contact Rhonda Davey on 0413 526 049.


There is now an option to order items as gifts so they will not be given directly to your child.  These gifts will be labelled with the name of person ordering and may be collected from the school office.

Dad's Golf Day

Please join the St Joseph's dads for a day of golf at the Rosebud Golf Course on Friday, 30th August. The full day event commences straight after the Dad's morning tea and Mass.  Further details on the attached Invitation. RSVP by Friday, 23rd August.



RSVP: Dave Kahan   Mob: 0412 551 179    Email: [email protected]

             Dave Bare   Mob: 0413 790 668    Email: [email protected]



 Important Dates for the Diary

Sunday, 25th August: Communion Mass @ 10am

Monday 26th August: Book Week activities and dress up day

Friday, 30th August: Father's Day Mass/ Coffee morning

Friday, 30th August: Father's Day lunch & golf

Friday, 30th August: Art Show framing day

Sunday, 1st September: Children's Liturgy, St Joseph's Church @ 10am

Sunday, 1st September: Communion Mass @ 10am

Tuesday 3rd September: Education Advisory Board Meeting 7pm

Friday, 6th September: Teddy Bear's Picnic Prep 2020 9.30am to 10.30am and new Grade 6 2020 Buddies

Sunday, 8th September: Communion Mass @ 10am

Friday, 13th September: Food Fiesta #2

Sunday, 15th September: Communion Mass @ 10am

Friday, 20th September: Last Day of Term 3- Footy Colours/ Crazy Hair Day




Art Show Evening for St Joseph's Families 

Thursday 10th October 

Time: 5PM - 9PM 


Art Show Community Open Day

(please let friends/ extended families know to save the date) 

Saturday 12th October 

Time: 9AM - 3PM 





Kids Yoga & Mindfulness- School Holiday Workshop

Please see attached flyer.


Australian Sports Camps

Please see attached flyer


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