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09 August 2018
Term 3 Week 4 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


Friday, 10th August 

Combined Schools Day of Worship - Secondary


13th - 17th August

Science Week


Tuesday, 14th August

ICAS Mathematics


Wednesday, 15th August

Prep Orientation Day 1 OC


16th - 23rd August

OCP Book Fair


Thursday, 16th August

VCE SEISS Touch Rugby or AFL/Netball


Monday, 20th August 

Author Visit NWS - Catherine Bateson


Thursday, 23rd August 

Years 5/6 NWS Hoop Time


23rd - 30th August

NWS Book Fair


Friday, 24th August

Student Free Day

Professional Development Day for Staff



27th - 31st August

Literacy and Numeracy Week


Monday, 27th August

Book Parade NWS


28th - 31st August

Year 9 Rafting Camp


Tuesday, 28th August

Years 9/10 SEISS Touch Rugby or AFL/Netball

SSV District Primary School Athletics


Friday, 31st August

Father's Day Community Walk & Morning Tea

General Information

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


Cranbourne Pathfinder Fundraiser

Pathfinder Camporee takes place every four years with clubs from all over Australia, New Zealand and some of the Pacific Islands attending.


Next year it will be held in Victoria which will be the most cost effective camporee for most Victorians club members.


Cranbourne Pathfinders are fundraising to help their members to attend their first Camporee. We have found a great fundraiser and would like to offer you the chance to benefit from it. For $15 you can have a professional photo shoot and receive a framed photo of your choice. (You get to chose from 60 photos). Click the link below to book your family in for a beautiful photo shoot.  



Chapel Space

I remember the year clearly as it was my first year out of Avondale College. In 2007 I was introduced to a new television game show called, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” by my cousin Soni. I loved it because I could remember many song lyrics from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Every Sunday night when an episode aired, I was on the lounge with feet up, popcorn or chocolate cookies next to me with my hot cuppa ready to go. Although I didn’t know the lyrics to all the songs, I did enjoy finding out the lyrics of the songs I wasn’t familiar with.


There are many songs in Scripture and are in there for different reasons. There were songs for worship like the Psalms, songs which expressed the emotions people were going through at difficult times, and also songs of victory by God’s people. Last week in chapel I shared with the students the first song that was ever sung in the Bible, Exodus 15. Here the people of God sang a victory song after they had safely crossed over the Red Sea. This same song can be found in the last song of the Bible found in Revelation 15.


In Revelation 15, John the apostle sees those who overcome the beast singing the ‘song of Moses. Like in Exodus, God’s final people will celebrate victory over Satan and those who are against God. Choose today to be a part of God’s team and start learning the words of Revelation 15. I am looking forward to the day when I will be delivered from sin once and for all. All wrongs and every injustice in this world will be made right by Jesus Christ himself.


Join me in the choir this week?


Pr Lagi Limu


PB4L Value Awards

Prep/1W - Heidi

Year 2/3C - Theodore

Year 4/5N - Daniella

Year 1WV - Mischa

Year 3MC - Sahara for Excellence

Year 4CJ - James

Year 4/5W - Kenna

Year 5RJ - Arshveer

Year 6E - Buomkuoth for Excellence

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 4

Screen Smart Parent Tour

This 10 minute interactive tour is for parents of pre-teens and young teens (10 to 14 years). It has plenty of tips and practical steps along the way, so you can help your child explore safely and manage online issues should they arise. This is especially important at this age as they strive for independence and peer acceptance.




Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning and Curriculum Coordinator

From the School Captains

Greetings to all! This week's value is excellence. Excellence is a wonderful value to have in life because you use it everywhere. You use excellence at work, home, on the road, at the shops, anywhere and everywhere. But what is excellence?  The dictionary defines excellence as “...the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.”


But how does the Bible define excellence? In the Bible Paul says. “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever  is pure, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." Philippians 4:8


Both definitions define excellence well, but how do we show excellence or when should we show excellence? In whatever we do, we should do it to the best of our ability.  Don’t just give it 100%, give it 110%, or in other words, give it your all and even more. Strive for excellence so you can try to be, the best person you can be and remember with God anything is possible. Milko


Hello everyone! This week our values is Excellence and it is all about ‘Doing your Best’. Some see excellence as gaining the highest score you can achieve. God wants every single child to reach their dreams, so they can have a great, happy life.
In Daniel 6:3 it says, "Now Daniel, so distinguished himself among the administrators and the satraps by his exceptional qualities that the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom.” Daniel was so distinguished because the  “...king called Belteshazzar, found him to have a keen mind and knowledge and understanding, and also the ability to interpret dreams, explain riddles and solve difficult problems.” Daniel 5:12
Now you realise that Daniel is one of the Bible characters that shows excellence. There are a lot of characters in the Bible who show excellence, but Daniel is the most amazing character that showed excellence.
2 Corinthians 8:7, “But since you excel in everything, in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you, see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”
Thank you and may God Bless You.  Ruvesh




Heritage Church

“Our church seeks to be relevant, inclusive and non-judgmental. We acknowledge and respect differences and offer fellowship to anyone who seeks it. We are an active church that practises hands-on ministry.”


Heritage College

333 Centre Road

Narre Warren South


Saturday Mornings

9:30-10:30am - Kids Church

10:15-11am - Hot Drinks and Catch Up

11am - Worship 


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

Wanted: Children's Books


PB4L Report 
Week 4

The R’ Room

Healthy relationships are an important aspect of school life, between students themselves and also between students and their teachers. Research shows that healthy relationships can help you live longer, deal with stress, be healthier and feel richer.


With that in mind, restoring broken relationships is a big part of our Positive Behaviour for Learning at Heritage College. During worships each week,  students are learning about the expected learning behaviours in each of the areas at College.


For example, under Respect in Learning Spaces, students are expected to ‘be considerate of others’ opinions and beliefs’.  When this doesn’t happen, a student may be laughed at or teased when sharing their beliefs, then a relationship has been broken. Teachers then have a restorative conversation with the student who showed the disrespect, looking at what happened, who did it effect and what will happen as we move forward in restoring the relationship.


If this conversation cannot happen at that given moment or the student is refusing to restore the relationship then the staff member will refer them to the 'R' Room where they will spend time during lunch with a level leader or 3IC filling out a reflection form on how they intend to restore the relationship. Most relationships are restored once students go through the process of identifying who they have affected and recognising how their actions have had a negative impact on someone else.  


This week is Excellence - “Do your best”. I believe the most important word in that slogan in ‘your’, as my best and your best will be different to another person’s best. But what we are wanting for our students at Heritage College is that they are pushing themselves to produce their best each time. Vicki Caruana wrote a book called Giving your Child the Excellence Edge: 10 Traits your Child Needs to Achieve Lifelong Success. Allprodad.com does a great job in summarising the ten traits, I’ll share the first three today.


1. Teach Your Children to Become Quality Producers.

Quality involves taking a competency or skill and improving on it. Teach your kids the importance of doing above what is expected. For example, when taking out the kitchen garbage, encourage him to empty all the trash cans in house. When they rise to the occasion and give that extra effort, reward them.


2. Teach Your Children to Become Independent Learners.

Teach your children how to be self-directed and to think for themselves. Encourage them to set goals and monitor their own progress. Although difficult, allow your children to fail. Let them face the consequences of half-hearted effort or procrastination. The younger they learn this lesson, the better. The consequences get more intense as they get older.


3. Teach Your Children to Become Creative Thinkers.

According to Caruana, “Creativity is the power of the imagination.” Creative thinkers are able to define and solve a problem by evaluating choices and considering possible outcomes. Teach your children how to creatively solve problems by having them;


– define the problem

– evaluate the possible solutions

– develop a plan of action

– adjust the plan when necessary


Tune in during Week 8 to see the next three traits.

Mrs Isabelle Millien
PB4L Coach



Monash Health


Healthy Relationships Talk


Cardinia Youth Services Portsea Camp


Jaime Jorge in Concert


From Narre Warren South

'Preloved' Magazines

Our Art Room is in need of preloved magazines that would be suitable for students to flick through and cut out pictures or advertisements.


If you have a pile of used magazines that are just taking up space at home, please send them to school and we will put them to good use. Just drop them at the office on either campus and we will take care of them.


Thank you!


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

2019 Preps come for their first Orientation Day

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of hosting the first orientation morning for the 2019 Preps and their families.


We had a lovely morning getting to know each other.  Some of our favourite activities of the morning were learning about Jesus - the children's friend, investigating and using different play and learning spaces (such looking after the babies in the hospital in the dramatic play area, building a palace with the big blocks, and making castles and cakes in the sandpit).


We were excited to make popcorn too!  It was super fun to hear and see the corn kernels popping!


Mums and dads were invited to stay for morning tea which was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other.


We can't wait to have our 2019 Preps return for another Orientation Day later in the term!

Miss Tanja Dennis

Prep Teacher

Year 6 Orientation Days to Officer

Mrs L ran a session with the girls learning about all things Humanities and had the students playing Guess Who History, Globe challenges etc. The students really enjoyed their time.


Likewise, in Mrs Axiaq's session where the boys made WHIZZ FIZZ.  We explored reversible an irreversible changes and made Whizz Fizz to produce a chemical reaction in our mouths. Boys used Bunsen burners and test-tubes and had a fun time exploring how heat can create different kinds of changes.


Overall it was a successful transition day and we look forward to the many more to come.


Here are some student reflections.


All around it was fun we learnt about reversible and irreversible changes.  Buom


I really enjoy the orientation, with games and chocolate! I learnt lots about history and mapping and countries around the world. All together it was an amazing trip. Ella


I really enjoyed learning a bit about lots of different people in history, mapping and playing a game were we had to look for countries on the world globe. All together it was a great orientation and I had fun.  Milko


I liked learning about different countries and different people. It was a really fun and remarkable experience and time. Mannat


The Orientation day was fun because we were in science and we experimented with the bunsen burners and made Whizz Fizz. Harrison


I like the sherbet that we made very good in flavour. Jacob


It was interesting how we used the equipment in the chemistry lab. Matthias


It was amazing, at first we did treasure hunt, I learn many places to go, then we did netball and touch footy. Ruvesh


It was a great time playing all the games and winning. Achel


It was a great different experience and I can’t wait to do more fun and exciting activities. Hanna


It was very fun learning about reversible and irreversible changes I also liked the experiments. Phoenix


It was lesson about reversible and irreversible changes and we made sherbet yum :P  Eric


I had fun learning about history with the group of girls I was partnered up with,we won chocolates!!! :) Serena


It was fun and interesting the girls did game and challenges in 2 groups and the win group got chocolate it was yummy :P  Sophie


We did a very fun history games like find it on the map. Nyagoa

Mrs Palolo Lafaitele and Mrs Rose Axiaq

Year 7 Teachers

Year 2K Festival of Faith Reflections

Festival of Faith is when the Officer people come and we can sing songs and Pastor Tini told us stories about when he was younger. Here are some stories from 2K.  Luthira 


On Monday last week, it was the first day of Festival of Faith. We hurried up the stairs to the Chapel. We didn’t have Pastor Lagi, we had Pastor Tini. On Monday he told us about a time when he climbed a mango tree. It was really interesting.  


On Tuesday 3MC and 2K, that is my class, did the prelims. We did a skit, a welcome, and much, much more. Pastor Tini told us about when he climbed Mount Fuji. On Wednesday he told a little bit more about Mount Fuji and how he returned home. On Thursday he told us about when his son turned five and he said “Dad, I look the same, I have not grown tall”. He said that because when he turned five he would look taller but that is not how it works. What matters is that his heart is good.

To me Festival of Faith was inspirational. I now know a little bit more about God. At the end of Festival of Faith I felt more confident to talk to God because I learnt more stories about talking to God anytime and He would answer. Mwakwe 


In Festival of Faith our speaker was Pastor Tini. The first story he told us was when he climbed the mango tree, even though his father said not to. When he climbed the mango tree he tried to reach a mango that looked nice but was far out on a branch. When he was about to reach it, the branch he was standing on just broke and he plummeted down to the ground and splat, he couldn’t move his wrist or his ankle.


The second story he told us about was when he climbed Mt Fuji. He got to Station 8, I think there were 10 stations. Stations are huts or spots where you can rest. He had been climbing for a whole night, and was nearly at the top when he ran out of water, was very exhausted, and wasn’t able to breathe properly because there was hardly any oxygen since he was so high up in a mountain. He couldn’t make a fire to keep him warm because of the low oxygen and he had to go back down. He felt disappointed that he couldn’t reach the top. He wanted to go again but next time he would exercise and train and take enough water.  This time he was so, so cheerful because he reached the peak of Mt Fuji in Japan. At the summit of Mt Fuji it was snowy, cold and white, very white.  


The point of these stories was you have to listen to God and the second is to pray to God when your in hard times and even good times. At the end of Festival of Faith I felt closer to God because the songs were so heartwarming and I liked the stories about mangoes and mountains.  Shanaei 

From the Secondary Campus

Years 9/10 Worship Composition Workshop with Eric and Monique

Years 9/10 Music students enjoyed an intensive composition workshop on how to compose worship music from professional musicianaries Eric and  Monique Johnson on Tuesday, August 7. During the first half of the workshop, E&M shared their process of writing a specific song ‘Everlasting’. 


In the second half of the workshop, Eric and Monique listened to the original worship songs the students were composing. They also sang a few of their worship songs throughout the workshop. Here are the students’ reactions to the workshop:


I really enjoyed this worship workshop. Their singing was wonderful and piano skills were wonderful, and I learn so much from this workshop. I think Eric and Monique are very talented and I wish them the very best. Joshua


Our special guests [Monique, Eric and their son Ezra] were an amazing God-founded family. Their testimony of God's faithfulness in their family and their lives was inspirational and I'm deeply grateful to them for their encouragement's that changed my view of song writing.  Naomi


I learnt how music is a very complex art to accomplish. And that there are so many different ways to write music. (PS. music isn’t cheap).  Buom

Mrs Marcelle Rogers

Music Teacher

VCAL Incursion
Magenta Fire Training

Heritage College VCAL students had an opportunity to gain practical skills in Public Safety, during an Incursion visit from the Magenta Fire Training Association.


Each student participated in an afternoon introductory training session, that resulted in sample training towards a Certificate II in Public Safety.


Such ‘hands on’ learning achieves literacy outcomes in reading, writing and oracy for knowledge, as well as equipping each student with a greater understanding of such vital community support.


Our VCAL students developed their learning throughout the week, by completing literacy tasks based on increasing knowledge in areas of structural and Bush fires, protective clothing variances and what areas of Victoria are covered by;


DELWP (Department of Environment, Land Water & Planning),

MFB (Metropolitan Fire Board),

ARRFF (Aircraft Rescue & Fire Firefighting) and CFA, (Country Fire Authority.


Students conducted class research on the rank structures of the MFB and CFA and were required to identify their local fire station.

Mrs Janette Bower

VCAL Teacher

Year 8 Encounter

Throughout the first two weeks of term Year 8 students have been working on our ‘Spiritual Journey’ unit assignments in Encounter class.


We had the choice of either writing an essay or making a board game.  Although I wrote an essay, playing all of the others games was an enjoyable time.


My favourite part was seeing how these games related to our Spiritual Journeys with God and how they showed the ups and downs in them, as no one's journey is easy! Jessica  


This year in Encounter we covered our Spiritual Journeys. Throughout the unit I’ve strengthened my relationship with God and learnt about how God helps us by overcoming obstacles and pit stops along the way.


At the start of the term we received an assignment regarding our Spiritual Journeys. We had the option to write essays about our journeys or make a board games.


I chose to do an essay as it was how I could connect with God and learn about my personal growth but I also had fun playing the board games that my classmate made.


It was really enjoyable and there were many creative, interesting and intriguing games. This unit has helped me learn about my own journey and how lucky we are to have God in our lives.


Mrs Janette Bower

Encounter Teacher

VCAL Service Opportunity

VCAL Encounter students from Officer Campus Secondary visited the Year 4/5N OCP class this week and shared in their learning.


Students enjoyed playing an ice-breaker challenge as a whole class and then shared some time working through Maths problems. The secondary students generously gave their time to be friendly and help the primary students in solving a range of problems.


Students then worked in their small groups to write a story - in 5 minutes! The students showed excellent creativity and everyone was involved in their learning.


The Year 4/5 students would like to say a big “Thank You” to the VCAL students for this act of service they have showed in helping us in our learning.

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

From the Officer Primary Campus

Events and Special Days in Term 3

Information letters will be sent home closer to dates when required

  • Gymnastics Lessons

    • Each Friday at NWS campus

    • Prep/1 Lesson: 10:40am

    • Year 2/3 Lesson: 11:30am

    • Year 4/5 Lesson: 12:20pm

    • Note: lesson start  times during Week 2 will be altered due to our FOF program.

  • Year 5 - Hooptime Basketball

    • Senior Team (Yr 5) competition date: 15th August

  • Enrichment Program

    • Year 2, 3, 4 & 5 Students - Fridays from 1:30-2:15pm

    • Choice of:

      • OCP Choir

      • STEM Projects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

  • Science Week: 13-17th August

  • Scholastic Book Fair Shop at OCP: Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd August

    • Author Visit: Catherine Bateson - OCP will travel to NWS campus for this event on Monday, 20th August

  • Literacy & Numeracy Week: 27-31st August

    • OCP students will attend our first Officer Campus Parade!

    • More information will be sent home closer to the date

  • Father’s Day Celebrations & Community Walk:  Friday 31st August

  • Football (AFL) Clinic run by Melbourne FC for Year 4/5 students

    • 4 sessions running on a Wednesday from Week 2-6, starting at 12pm

    • 25th July, 1st August, 8th August, 22nd August,

  • Footy Colours Day - 7th September

    • Wear Football (or Sports team) colours for the day. All donations will go towards the Fight Cancer Foundation’s education program for kids to continue their education during treatment and recovery.

  • SSV District Athletics Carnival (selected students only): Tuesday, 28th August 

  • 2019 Prep Orientation Days

    • Day 1 - 15th August

    • Day 2 - 5th September

    • Note: If you know of future Prep students who intend to enroll in the OCP 2019 Prep class, please contact the school to register for the Orientation Days. We thank you in advance for sharing these dates with your friends and family who may have young kids getting ready for their 2019 schooling.

  • ASV Primary Basketball Tournament: September 11th (more information closer to date)

  • Finish time for final day of the term: 2:15pm on Friday, 21st September

  • Term 4 Start Date: Monday, 8th October


Student Free Days

  • 24th August - Pupil Free Day (Teacher’s Professional Development Day)

VCAL Service Opportunity

VCAL Encounter students from Officer Campus Secondary visited the Year 4/5N OCP class this week and shared in their learning.


Students enjoyed playing an ice-breaker challenge as a whole class and then shared some time working through Maths problems. The secondary students generously gave their time to be friendly and help the primary students in solving a range of problems.


Students then worked in their small groups to write a story - in 5 minutes! The students showed excellent creativity and everyone was involved in their learning.


The Year 4/5 students would like to say a big “Thank You” to the VCAL students for this act of service they have showed in helping us in our learning.

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

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