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20 February 2020
Issue Two

Developing Life Long Learners

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Principal's News


All families have been emailed their fee statements and payment option letters, these have also been sent home in hard copy with students. We ask that families take time to read through and complete the St Brigid’s fee payment option form and return it to the office by Friday 21 February. Families wishing to set up a direct debit are reminded that monthly and fortnightly instalments will commence on the 1st and 6th of March respectively.  Please be aware when completing this form that Monthly and Fortnightly instalments do not include levies and camp fees as these need to be completed according to your child’s year level.  If families choose the instalment options levies and camp fees will be deducted on the 13 March as per the due date.  Please also be aware that if you have a balance brought forward from 2019 this amount is not included in the scheduled payments and is over due. Please make arrangements to have this paid as soon as possible.  Additional amounts invoiced throughout the year for sports or additional activities are also not included. Overdue and additional amounts can be paid through CDFpay, electronically to St Brigid’s Primary School BSB 083-347 Account 650683464, by credit card or cash at the school office.


School Photos

Our School Photos will be taken on Thursday 27 February.  All students must come to school in their correct summer uniform.  Personally addressed photo order forms were sent home to families last week.  If you did not receive an order form please contact Tracey in the office.  Sibling photos must be ordered on line.  

Foundation Mass & Parish Picnic

Our combined Foundation Mass and Parish Picnic is on this Sunday - 23rd of February at 11am at Braeside Park.  All St Brigid's Families are welcome to join us for Mass and the festivities afterwards.  BYO all things picnic!  Games and Fun will be very generously provided by Team Kids.  The forecast for Sunday is sunny and 29 degrees!  See attached flyer for all details.


Building Works Update 

The renovations to the Albert Wing are nearing completion.  We are getting very excited about our lovely new spaces.  Mrs Young, Miss Dirckze and the 1/2 students are looking forward to moving in.


Swimming Trials

A big congratulation to all the children who participated in the swimming trials. The students all performed exceptionally well and we were very proud of the effort they put into the trials. The respectfulness the students displayed at the pool was fantastic and their sportsmanship and encouragement of others shows what a supportive school community we have. A very big thank you to the parents that came, helped, and supported our children.

Contact Lists

For all families that agreed for their details to be distributed for the use of communication in each class, these lists have been sent home this week.  If your details are not on the list it means that you either asked for your details to be removed or you did not sign off against your details being made public.  There will be no further lists published this year and if details change - families can share those details as they see fit amongst themselves.

Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the start of our Lenten Journey.  We will be supplying pancakes on Tuesday to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  Our Years 3 to 6 students will be celebrating Ash Wednesday Mass at St Brigid's Church at 12:00 noon.  The Foundation to Year 2 students will have a prayer service in Brigid Hall at 9:00am.  All welcome to attend.


Our next Assembly will be held on Friday 28 February at 2:30pm  in Brigid Hall.  5/6AH will be presenting.  All welcome.

CSEF Application

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund assistance.  The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.  The annual CSEF amount for primary school students is $125.00.  If you applied for CSEF in 2019 you do not need to complete another application for, in 2020 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.  If your child has started school in 2020 or you did not apply in 2019, or your family circumstances have changed see the attached flyer  on how to apply for CSEF funding.


Bushfire Appeal - Thank you

It was great to see so much green at St Brigid's last Friday.  We raised $313.40 for the St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Relief fund.  Thank you for your generosity.


Have a great week!


Michael Russo



What's on in the next two weeks......

Dates to Remember

Friday 21 February

9:00am - 3/4FD to Nixon House

9:00am - 5/6 Interschool Sport - St Brigid's vs St Patricks

Sunday 23 February

11:00am - Foundation & Combined Parish Outdoor Mass - Braeside Park - All Welcome

Tuesday 25 February

Shrove Tuesday

7:00pm - Year 4 Eucharist Parent Faith Night - St Louis de Montforts Church

Wednesday 26 February

Ash Wednesday

Thursday 27 February

SCHOOL PHOTOS - Full School Summer Uniform

7:00pm - School Advisory Board

Friday 28 February

9:00am - 5/6 Interschool Sport - St Brigid's vs. Parkdale

9:00am - 1/2LY to Nixon House

2:30pm - Assembly

Saturday 29 February

6:00pm - Eucharist Commitment Mass - St Louis de Montforts

Sunday 1 March

8:00am - Eucharist Commitment Mass - St Brigid's Church

9:30am - Eucharist Commitment Mass - St Louis de Montforts

11:00am - 3/4 Family Mass & Yr 4 Eucharist Commitment Mass - St Brigid's Church

Monday 2 March

3:00pm Uniform Shop

Tuesday 3 March

8:15am - Running Club - All Welcome

Wednesday 4 March

District Swimming - Noble Park Swimming Pool

Thursday 5 March

SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - St Mary of the Cross Staff Parish Retreat

Friday6 March


Monday 9 March



ST BRIGID'S CALENDAR - for upcoming calendar dates please click here.

School Closure Days & Public Holidays 2020

Term 1

Thursday March 5 - St Mary of the Cross Staff Retreat

Friday March 6 - Staff Professional Development Day

Monday March 9 - LABOR DAY HOLIDAY

Term 2

Monday 13 April - EASTER MONDAY

Tuesday 14 April - Staff Professional Development Day


Term 3

Monday 13 July - Staff Professional Development Day

Term 4

Monday 5 October - Staff Professional Development Day

Monday 2 November - Staff Report Writing Day

Tuesday 3 November - MELBOURNE CUP DAY

Friday 4 December - Staff 2021 Planning Day

Term Dates 2020

TERM 1 - Tuesday 28 January - Friday 27 March
Term 1 Ends Friday 27 March @ 1:30pm
*Easter 10-13 April

TERM 2 - Tuesday 14 April - Friday 26 June

Tuesday 14 April - SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Wednesday 15 April - Students Return 

Term 2 Ends Friday 26 June @ 1:30pm

TERM 3 - Monday 13 July - Friday 18 September

Monday 13 July - SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Tuesday 14 July - Students Return

Term 3 ends Friday 18 September @ 1:30pm

TERM 4 - Monday 5 October - Friday 18 December

 Monday 5 October - SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY - Staff Return - Professional Development Day

Tuesday 6 October - Students Return 

Last Day of Term 4 for Students - Wednesday 16 December@ 1:00pm

Thursday 17 & 18 December - School Closure Days - Staff Planning 2021

Wellbeing News

Good Health and Nutrition

This week at St Brigid’s students, staff and families have had an opportunity to participate in informative experiments and interactive discussions that targeted practical ways to support our own physical wellbeing and that of the students in our school community.  All classes have attended an educational session about the purpose, mechanics and signs that we are helping our kidneys function properly. Thank you to Yvonne Farquason from the Dialysis and Transplant Association of Victoria who provided students with these highly engaging sessions. Also a big thank you to Tara Shimmin and the Nephrology Unit at Monash Hospital who very kindly arranged for Sid the Kid to visit St Brigid's on all three days of our incursion.  Click on the link to the Filter Your Future visual chart below and share in a discussion with your child about what they can recall or can wish to share with you from their session.  Parents wishing to know more about the link between nutrition and mental health can click on the link and read the fact sheet from Be You. 


The healthy lunchbox ideas and how to address fussy eaters session provided by Jodi Klooger, a Paediatric Dietician  from Bayside Community Health was another engaging and enlightening experience. With over 15% of parents taking up this opportunity to hear Jodi discuss not only  some economical and nutritional lunch box options but share some information about the additional services she provides at Bayside Health, such as advice around food allergies and gastrointestinal disorders. 


School Engagement

As we enter into the middle of the school term the excitement of new beginnings can begin to fade, and the reality that school attendance is now becoming an established  routine for four- five days a week can be a time when children may need some extra support. Your child’s classroom teacher is someone that can support you with this. 


Here is a collection of practical strategies for parents/carers that may  help you and your child from the Be You and Beyond Blue websites. 


Some simple things you can do to help these first few weeks go smoothly can include:

  • Try to drop off your child at school before the bell goes in the morning. Also pick up him/her on time. If you’re late it could make your child feel very anxious.

  • Drawn-out goodbyes can be upsetting, especially if other children are getting emotional. Once your child is settled in their classroom, give them some final positive reassurance and beat a hasty retreat.

  • Invent a fun routine to make saying goodbye a bit easier – try a high-five, bear hug or secret handshake.

  • Try to make after-school time a bit special, with a snack and time for the two of you to chat.

  • Be patient if your child wants to blurt out every little detail about school, or clams up completely. You could try saying something like, ‘Tell me one good thing about your day’, rather than asking lots of questions.

  • Try to be flexible with snacks and meals. Your child will probably be very hungry after school. If you give her a small, healthy snack straight after school, it’ll help to keep her going until dinner.

  • Don’t expect too much academic progress too soon. If your child is happy and seems to be enjoying school, that’s a real achievement. 

  • Remember that it’s normal for children to play with lots of different children, and even to play on their own sometimes. It takes a while before they settle into a group of friends.

  • If your child doesn’t seem to be settling well, or tells you about teasing or bullying speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

  • Schedule a family celebration or a Skype call from grandparents on the weekend to mark the milestone – after all, starting school is a pretty big deal! 

  • Talk positively about the day ahead on the way to school and remind your child where you’ll be at pick-up time.


Healthy Eating Presentation 

The healthy lunchbox ideas and how to address fussy eaters session provided by Jodi Klooger, a Paediatric Dietician  from Bayside Community Health was another engaging and enlightening experience. With over 15% of parents taking up this opportunity to hear Jodi discuss not only  some economical and nutritional lunch box options but share some information about the additional services she provides at Bayside Health, such as advice around food allergies and gastrointestinal disorders. 


Duck, Duck, Goose!

Students from Foundation to Year 5 enjoying each other's company on the playground this week!

St Brigid's News & Events

It's a Girl!

Congratulations to David, Patricia and Big Brother Matthew (FZF) on the safe arrival of their beautiful daughter and sister - Emma on Wednesday 5th of February weighing 2.5kg!

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