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07 February 2020
Issue Two
Message from the Principal
Important Dates, Reminders and Announcements
Religious Education
Wellbeing - 
 The Language of Opportunity
Teaching and Learning
Extra Community Information
Camp Australia 2020
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Week 2 Term 1

Welcome  to our second newsletter of the year.


Thank you to all those families who attended our Information sessions on Wednesday evening. The school was abuzz with excited chatter and laughter! We hope you found the sessions helpful and informative. A copy of the information that was presented will be shared via CareMonkey. Please see class teachers if any clarification is required.


I was privileged to present our 2020 school leaders with their Grade 6 jackets this week. We spoke about how these jackets are a symbol of their leadership in the school and the wider community and that they should always be worn with pride. 


Important dates


There will be an opportunity for an individual 'Meet and Greet' with your child's class teacher on Wednesday 12 February. Please book online at  using the code t5gxe to make an appointment. This is a valuable time where you can talk about your child, letting the class teacher know about their strengths and areas for growth.

Making New Friends

I would like to share this article from Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, and  one of Australia’s leading parenting educators.


As a parent there is a great deal you can do to help your child adjust socially at the start of the school year. Here are some tips to help.

Encourage your child to be open to new friendships

An open, friendly attitude is a child or young person’s best social asset. Students who open to forming new friendships are more likely to succeed than those who seek solitude, who are critical and who limit themselves to just one or two familiar faces. Encourage your child or young person to seek out new friendships, even though they may feel uncomfortable or strange at first.

Encourage healthy relationships

Do all you can to encourage healthy relationships based on respect and common courtesy. Generally, when a relationship is healthy a child feels safe, valued and able to speak up. Unhealthy relationships, such as cliques, are restrictive, one-sided and are full of gossip and criticism.

Encourage inclusiveness

Studies have shown inclusiveness to be one of the prime social skills shared by socially successful students. Encourage your child or young person to include others in games, conversations, team activities and other group activities. Inclusiveness is not just a wonderful friendship skill, it’s strong leadership attribute as well.

Encourage friendships with both genders

If you are in a co-education environment encourage your child to form friendships with both boys and girls. This is particularly valid if your child has siblings of their own gender, or don’t have siblings. It’s through these early relationships that we gain the confidence to mix with different genders in the later years. Forming friends across genders helps to break down the mystique that sometimes forms, when a child has little contact with the ‘other’ gender.

Stay in touch with former classmates and school friends

Encourage your child to maintain friendships with former classmates and groups outside of school as this helps to insulate against unfriendly behaviour that they may experience with their close social circle.

Provide social scripts

Your child may benefit from being provided with some social scripts that they can use in common social situations such as meeting a new friend, joining in a game or asking someone else for help. Boys, in particular, can benefit when given the words to use in a variety of different social situations.

Forming new friendships can take time

Meeting new students and forming new friendships can be anxiety-inducing. If this is the case for your child, then it helps to acknowledge their feelings of discomfort, but also remind them that these feelings will pass. As well discuss the fact that feeling comfortable with new friends often takes time, particularly if your child by nature is reserved or slow to warm up in social situations.


Helping kids work through friendships can be tricky for a parent as you don’t have a great deal of control over what happens at school. However, with empathy, patience, encouragement and a supportive attitude you can do a great deal to help your child make a smooth social transition.


REPORTING ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL: Thank you to those who let us know when their child will be absent from school. It is legal requirement that parents inform their child's school, via phone or email every time students are going to be away. E:

Ph: 03 9544 3032


We require this notification as early as possible to ensure we comply with our mandatory reporting procedures. If we do not receive communication from you in time, we will contact you so that we can inform their teacher and support you in any way required. We do require an understanding of the reason for their absence as well as the probable timeframe they will be away.

APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: We ask you to please dress your children in layers when they come to school. We appreciate some mornings have been cool this week but it then warms up. Some children are dressed in long pants and jackets which results in them feeling very uncomfortable and sometimes developing heat rash. 

BORROWING UNIFORMS: There are times when students need to borrow items of clothing from the school after illness / toileting accidents. We would appreciate that any clothes borrowed from school be washed and returned to the office as soon as possible so we can maintain our spare uniform supply. Thank you!

CAREMONKEY: Please ensure that you have created a CareMonkey profile for each of your children attending the school. As we spoke about at the information sessions this is a very important communication tool for the school. If parents are having trouble the helpline is 8566 7727 or speak to Bec in office.

I wish you all a good week.



Sharon Daujat



Important Dates, Reminders and Announcements

Dates for 2020




Wed12th ~ Meet and Greet (  using the code t5gxe )

Friday 14th ~ 3pm Assembly

Thursday 20th ~ Reconciliation Information Evening (for eligible students in Year 3)

Sunday 23rd ~ Clayton Festival (St Peter's School has a stand and our Ukelele group are performing)

Friday 28th  ~ 3pm Assembly

Sunday 1st  ~ 9:30 am ~ Presentation mass for Sacrament of Reconciliation candidates.


Friday 13th ~ 3pm Assembly

Friday 27th  ~ Last day of Term 1 Students finish 3:25 pm

2020 Term Dates for students

(Dates are subject to alteration)

Term 1   30th Jan -  27th March

Term 2  14th April - 26th June

Term 3  13th July - 18th Sept

Term 4   5th Oct - 17th Dec

CSEF Funding

If you are the holder of a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Health Care Card you may be eligible to receive a small grant from the Government which will be put towards the costs of your child's excursion, swimming or camp fees each year.

Please see Margaret in the office for an application form prior to  February 15th.

If families applied for this benefit last year, they will automatically be processed again - in this instance there is no need to reapply.

School Banking

If your child has a Commonwealth Bank Account please send their 'Dollarmite' book to school if you would like them to participate in school banking.

If you don't have a bank account but would like to participate, please visit your local Commonwealth Bank Branch to discuss this further.

This year school banking will happen every Thursday.  We request that Books are handed in every Thursday morning to the classroom teacher.

Thank you!



As we start a new year it is important that all Care Monkey profiles are up to date and that any Asthma or allergy medication (Epipen/Claratyne/Zyrtec) is given to the class teacher along with a plan signed by a doctor. This should be done as soon as possible.

Car Parking Opposite School

Parents are required to read and adhere to the local parking restrictions and signage around the school and in particular opposite the school in the Church Carpark. 

Drop off and pick up times are very busy with extra traffic and pedestians which means added caution must be taken such as moving in and out of the carpark.

There is an entry and and exit to the carpark to reduce the level of risk, and timeframes where restriction applies to right hand turns from the carkpark between 8am-9:30am and again between 3pm and 4:30pm.


The school has also taken the extra precaution of ensuring the trees at the exit of the car park are trimmed down to ensure drivers have visibility to see pedestrians approaching which allows them to giveway.

Religious Education

This week's Prayer 

Gospel Reading
Matthew 5:13-16
Jesus teaches that his disciples are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.


Family Connection

The widespread use of electricity in our society may make us less aware of the value and importance of light. To re-engage with the power of the metaphor that Jesus offers, gather your family in a darkened room. Bring only one flashlight.

Sit together for a minute and consider what you are able to do and see in so little light. You might try opening the Bible to see whether you can read today’s Gospel. Turn on the flashlight and experiment to see how one might use it to achieve the greatest amount of light. Then read today’s Gospel by the light of the flashlight. Ask everyone to consider what it means to say that Christians are to be the light of the world. How might your family act in a way that is a light for others, a light that is worthy to put on a lamp stand? Choose one thing that your family will do this week to show that you are the light of the world. You might choose to participate in an activity that your parish sponsors, such as pray together.

May God’s blessings be with you always in the Chinese New Year, guiding you through all your hurdles.

Hope this New Year brings with itself new opportunities for you and your family. Happy Chinese New Year!

Wellbeing - 

Welcome back

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all of our St. Peter's community members to the 2020 school year.  I hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday spent with family and are ready for a very busy and exciting year at St. Peter's School.  I would like to thank all of the school staff for their tireless work in preparing their classrooms and work programs to ensure a smooth start to the year. I have enjoyed listening to many children sharing their holiday stories with me. It has been a joy to see how excited our children are when they see each other after the summer school holidays. Their genuine care for their school mates is obvious to see.   Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me before or after school on the playground or in my office. No concern or question is too trivial. 





Warm regards

Ms K

Deputy Principal/Wellbeing Leader

The website below suggests strategies for supporting children's emotional health as they deal with the impact of bushfires.


Flags are flying at half-mast today the
7th February to honour the victims of the Victorian bush fires in February 2009.

Our flags are flying at half-mast because it is the

Anniversary of the 2009 Victorian Bush Fires

Friday, 7 February 2020 and  this is to honour the victims of the Victorian bush fires in February 2009.

As a mark of mourning and respect the Australian National Flag should be flown at half-mast all day on Friday across victoria.

Playgroup starting next Tuesday in the library. Everyone is welcome

Play group will start again in the library on Tuesdays and Fridays  as soon as the school bell goes at 8.50 am until 10.00 am. come along , enjoy the company of others, have a cuppa and a chat- bring your neighbours.  See you on Tuesday.

Information Night

Thank you to all the families who attended the Information Evening last night. It was a lovely evening and the children enjoyed playing together out of school hours.  A special thank you to Reji who so competently cooked on our barbeque for everyone.


Thank you to families who are self-isolating because of the coronavirus

We appreciate that several of our families have taken the initiative to place themselves in self-isolation (voluntary quarantine). These families have visited mainland China and are following the guidelines on the Department of Health website on their return to Australia to stay at home for the recommended 14 day period. We look forward to when you can rejoin us back at St Peter's and all our children can continue to learn and play together.

Meet and Greet

As noted on the 2020 calendar and in our newsletters The Meet and Greet chats on Wednesday 12th February are a 10-minute opportunity for YOU, as parents, to tell us about your child’s strengths, passions, social competencies and areas to be worked on. If you are having trouble booking a time please come and see me and I will assist you. The children will go home at 3.25 pm, the normal time on that day for our students in Grades 1-6. Please remember that this is a rest day for our students in Foundation (Prep)

Extra Curricula Activities 

We are thrilled to announce the following extra-curricular programs for 2020:


Drumming club run by Mr Daniel on a Friday lunchtime. Mr Daniel is a talented musician and an awesome drummer.  All welcome.


Ukelele Club run by Miss Michelle on a Thursday lunchtime. For the first few weeks open only to the existing members as we are preparing to perform at the Clayton Festival.


Coding Club is run by Miss Kim who has a great deal of knowledge and expertise to share with our children in this area. This is run on Monday lunchtime. Everyone is welcome.


Chess Club is coming soon!



Next Tuesday 11th of Feb is Safer Internet Day

How you can be an online safety champion?

On Safer Internet Day, millions of people around the world unite to raise awareness about online safety issues and inspire positive change. So it’s a great opportunity to start that chat about online safety with the kids in your life.

You can use eSafety’s ideas and resources to help improve the online safety of your family and your community, not just on Safer Internet Day but every day of the year.


 The Language of Opportunity

Students are at the heart of all we do at St Peter's.


We believe every student  has the right to learn and we know that teachers, not programs or products, teach children to speak, read, write, and spell.

“Teachers play a variety of roles in their work—instructor, coach, advocate, and learner—but they also act as scientists in several ways.  As they make the important decisions about what and how to teach, they must evaluate the claims associated with educational strategies and programs.  And in the classroom, they must constantly assess and reassess the value of programs and their impact on students.”

National Institute for Literacy (2005)


         A snapshot of our Literacy Program

Our Literacy Program is  guided by the Victorian Curriculum which informs learning, teaching, and reporting. We aim to encourage students not just to discover themselves and the world but to empower them to shape the world they live in.

The essential features of our focused  two hour Literacy Programs include:

Shared Reading

Guided Reading

Individual Reading Conferences

Personal Spelling

Oral Language Development

Individual /Guided/Shared Writing Conferences

LLI ( Levelled Literacy Intervention) is provided for students who are below the ‘Benchmark’ in reading. 

Peer Assisted Learning

Whole Class Reflection on learning.

We are proud of our achievement in NAPLAN 2019 and will continue to encourage all students to reach their full potential.



This year the  school focus is on 'Writing',  so we are proudly introducing  the Writer's Notebook to encourage students to be creative writers and a develop a life long love for writing. The teachers are engaged in professional learning  with the CEM (Catholic Education Melbourne) to support students in their Writing journey. 


Parents are their children’s first teachers.  Through speaking, listening, and reading to their children, parents help them move along the path to literacy.










So what can you as parents do to help your child on their learning journey?


Speaking and Listening

 Listening and speaking develop naturally, but reading and writing must be learned. Parents can help their children develop language skills by talking with them about everyday events, such as a trip to the grocery store. Tell your child stories and share books. Parents shouldn’t be afraid to use big words. That is how children learn new ideas and new vocabulary words.


Making Meaning

The ability to make meaning—that is, understand what is being read—is the goal of reading. Parents can help their children by checking their understanding of the text they are reading. Parents can ask questions about information in the story—“Who?,” What?,” “Where?,” and “When?,”—as well as questions that children need to think about—“How?,” “Why?”. Or have your child tell you the story in his or her own words.

This is a reminder that students will bring home reading books  from the school library and also have access to Reading Eggs and RAZ Kids online. Please set aside some time to listen to and discuss the books they are reading.

Kind regards


Iris DeVisser 

Literacy Leader




Teaching and Learning

Coding Club

This week at coding club we were given a goal. We worked together with our partners, helping each other to achieve our goal. 

Our goal was to to program robots to : 

- dance 

- Use lighting effects 

- Move the robot backwards and forwards 


Then had a show to demonstrate our achievements. We love coding club! 


Extra Community Information

Clayton Festival


Music Lessons at 
St Peter's School

If you are interested in booking your child into music lessons at St Peter's, please speak to Bec or Margaret in the office to collect a form, or call 0401 951 592 to discuss your child's interests.

Goodstart Early Learning, Clayton


Murray Street Early Learning Centre, Clayton


Karate Classes


Clayton Library Activities

Italian Collection and Storytime at Clayton Library

The Clayton Library offers books, magazines and audiobooks in Italian for both children and adults. Mulgrave Library also offers a selection of books and magazines for adult readers. Whether readers are learning the language or wish to read for sheer enjoyment, the collection offers a range of titles and genres.

* Over 1700 print items to borrow

* Classics and recent titles
* Popular magazines

* Newspapers to read in the Clayton library

Storytime in Italian is held monthly at Clayton Library and is ideal for families with young children who value maintaining Italian as a second or family language.

For Storytime dates or to search the library catalogue visit:


Parent Evening


Free Webinar


Australian Sports Camps


Camp Australia 2020

Camp Australia News

Check out all the fun activities happening in Your OSHC this week!

Outside School Hours Care makes it possible for all parents/guardians to work or attend to other commitments, secure in the knowledge that their children will be in a safe, supportive and fun environment - led by a team of passionate Educators – experiencing exciting and educational activities.


Every moment spent in OSHC is a moment to discover a world of possibility and growth.

Having spent the day in a classroom, children need the opportunity and space to explore their own interests and unleash their imaginations – whether that be trying new sports, craft, cooking and much, much more. With activities appropriate for all ages, here is what we have planned for the week ahead:







Dinosaur Craft

Drawing Competition

Cooking Activity



Group Games 



It’s FREE to Register. (and if you want to use OSHC, you first need to register).

Register at Once registered, it’s easy to make and manage your bookings online via our Parent Portal. You may be eligible to claim subsidies on your care usage! If eligible, to help you with the cost of childcare, you may be entitled to receive the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy. Visit to find out more.


For more information on our service and fees, visit our website Alternatively, come and meet the team in the OSHC room.

We’d love to meet you, and you can find out all your info from our friendly, qualified Educators.  We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!


Farahana, Anjana and Pawani


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