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23 February 2017
Issue Two
Swimming Sports 2017
Principal's Report
Message from the Assisstant Principals
Leadership Report
Our Student
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International Student Program
Chinese New Year Celebration
Year 7 News
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Swimming Sports 2017
General Information
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Important Dates


24th February: Moonlight Cinema 

28th February: Swimming Sports Day (weather permitting)


6th March: Year 7 Immunisations

7th March: School Photo Day

7th March: Parents' Association International Women's Day Evening

24th March: Athletics Sports Day (weather permitting)

28th March: Parent, Student, Teacher Conferences 12.30pm - 8.00pm

31st March: End of Term 1


18th April: Term 2 Begins

27th April: Open Day

Principal's Report

Year 7

Thank you to all Year 7 parents who attended the welcome evening on Tuesday 21st February. We enjoyed meeting so many of you and sharing the stories of the girls’ first weeks at secondary school. We told our new parents, "As educators we take pride in innovation to meet the challenges constantly emerging in our complex world and in the ethical understandings to ensure our young women gain a sense of stewardship for the environment, the future and being a positive influence on others." Amelia Earhart, the great female aviator and adventurer said, "A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees."  I hope our girls take this philosophy into their time at MGC and into their lives beyond these corridors and walls.


Thank you to Shaunagh O’Connell, Laura Arney and colleagues for a wonderful week at Arrabri Lodge in Warburton. I spent a couple of days with the Year 7 girls at their bush dance, on the giant swing, in initiative training and mini-golf. It is a great way for the students to meet new friends and get to know teachers in an adventurous environment outside the classroom.

MGC School Review

Every four years each Government school in Victoria undertakes a review process in order to inform a new School Strategic Plan. On 13th February we held the first panel day where the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan and a range of evidence was examined and explored with key staff. On 1st March the day is about future thinking and planning. The Terms of Reference for this day include:

First term of reference:

To what extent is the school meeting the diverse needs of its student cohort, with a particular focus on gifted and talented students?

Second term of reference:

To what extent has the school consistently implemented its teaching and learning framework and how should it further develop and progress its implementation?

Third term of reference:

To what extent does the school develop in its students the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable them to appreciate and respect cultural diversity and to be able to fully contribute as citizens and leaders, both locally and globally?

The review panel consists of excellent educators and our College Captains. We are very grateful to each for the time and effort that have contributed to analysing data, reading a plethora of documents and investigating where we have been and where we need to go to next.

The panel members working with our Principal team and staff are:

  • School Reviewer:      Mr Mike Rowland
  • Challenge Partners: Dr. Toni Meath (Principal of Mac Robertson Girls’ School 
    Ian Wallis (MGC leadership coach)
  • School Council Treasurer: Gary Funston
  • Students, our Captains: Nell Crossett, Ash Hammond and Courtney McKenzie
  • Senior Education Improvement Leader: Vince Dobbs


Thank you to Pat Sklavakis, Sandor Kazi and their team for organising and supporting the Year 12 study camp. A key part of the VCE strategies covered is ensuring overall wellbeing during, what can be, a stressful year.

The MGC Years 7-10 Wellbeing classes look at the strategies girls need to develop resilience, curiosity, creativity and problem solving as life skills. It is interesting to note the OECD interest in wellbeing more widely. Please see

for details on a conference and papers centering on measuring business impacts on well-being.


Karen Money

Message from the Assisstant Principals

MGC Learning Walks have begun for 2017

Learning Walks aim to foster conversation about teaching and learning in order to develop a shared vision of high quality teaching that impacts on student learning. The purpose is not to judge other teachers or to check up on students. It is simply to observe.

Our areas of focus this semester include aspects of our Instructional Model such as challenge, engagement and feedback.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Tip Kennedy

Assistant Principal

Unapproved absences on Compass

It would be appreciated if parents and guardians could please give approval for any unapproved absences on Compass.

If there are any queries regarding individual classes where you feel your child may have been incorrectly marked, please email the relevant teacher and/or the relevant Year Level Leader and Assistant Year Level Leader.


Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal

Leadership Report

A message from our Leaders

The new year has well and truly begun in leadership, with both the Middle School and Senior School Executives holding their first meetings. The new and returning captains are full of exciting ideas for 2017, including a beeswax wrap collaboration, Activities Fair to share all the opportunities within MGC and broadening leadership to include more voice from other areas in the school including International students. In other news this year we are being led by Ella McDonald, the 2017 Director of Girls Leadership.


The other exciting and original event was the Executive Induction Breakfast held on Wednesday the 15th of February in the Gillard Centre. It was a great way to introduce the portfolios to one another and form friendships between the Middle and Senior school girls. Thank you to everyone who supported it, including Adele, Karen and the Food Tech team. Below are some photos from the morning, as well as a full list of both Executives and all the 2017 captains.

Senior School Executive 2017

Please see  below our Senior School Executives.

College Co-Captains: Nell Crossett, Ashleigh Hammond & Courtney McKenzie

Arts Captain: Isabella Codognotto-Parry

Arts Vice-Captain: Isabelle Carney

Philanthropy Co-Captains: Eve Crossett & Irene Barbati

Philanthropy Vice-Captain: Samantha Thomson

Sports Captain: Maddie Carman

Sports Vice-Captain: Annie Coleman

Humanities Captain: Eva Brightling

Humanities Vice-Captain: Florence Honybun

Environment Captain: Thirumagal Arunachalam Elanthendral

Environment-Vice Captain: Monique Burns

STEAM Co-Captains: Oliva Johnston and Sarah Simpson-Tuckey

Public Relations Captain: Naomi Miller

Public Relations-Vice Captain: Claudia Junge

Communications: Emma Ferguson

Middle School Mentor: Sophie Jennings

SRC Co-Captains: Mabel Eldred & Ky Luong

Middle School Executive 2017

Please see below our Middle School Executives.

Middle School Captain: Eliza Comerford

Middle School Vice-Captain: Jade Leung

MS Arts Captain: Emma Naismith

MS Arts Vice-Captain: Genevieve Campbell

MS Environment Captain: Lucy Skelton

MS Environment Vice-Captain: Samantha Kintanar

MS Philanthropy Captain: Lilith Stewart

MS Philanthropy Vice-Captain: Olivia Mitchell

MS Public Relations Captain: Lexie Dennis

MS STEAM Captain: Eleanor Eyers

MS STEAM Vice-Captain: Claudia Mountjouris

MS Sports Captain: Isabelle Pritchard

MS Sports Vice-Captain: Marisa Vallejos

MS SRC Captain: Eleni Karamitros

MS SRC Vice-Captain: Grace Foa

Our Student

National Schools Constitutional Convention

Youth provide input on Indigenous Australians and the Constitution

March 2017


Local Melbourne Girls’ College student Lilian Gonzalez is one of 120 Year 11 and 12 students selected to participate in the 22nd National Schools Constitutional Convention, being held at The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra from 15 - 17 March 2017.


The National Schools Constitutional Convention programme provides senior students with an opportunity to become better informed about how Australia's Constitution provides a democratic framework and encourages them to take an active interest in the operation of government.  The topic of the 2017 Convention is ‘Indigenous Australians and the Constitution’.


Facilitated by Emeritus Professor John Warhurst AO, Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University, the students will consider a range of arguments relating to Indigenous Constitutional recognition. This will include input from a panel of experts, group discussions on the issues and the opportunity to persuade other delegates of particular approaches. Students will participate in a mock referendum to determine the outcome of their deliberations.


The Convention is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training as part of its ongoing commitment to civics and citizenship education.


In becoming a national delegate, Lilian Gonzalez was selected from around 4,000 students from government, independent and Catholic schools, most of whom took part in feeder conventions in their home state or territory.

Our Clubs

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!

Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.

When: 3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday, beginning Monday the 13th of February.

Where: Room 112

Homework Club will be a quiet place to complete homework at MGC. An English/Humanities teacher will always be present, and we are working towards having other volunteer tutors to provide assistance with homework.


Homework Club is also a fantastic place to do group work, use computers and print, or even get homework done before heading home.


Hope to see you there!

The Philanthropy Club

The Philanthropy Club is up and running, and will be participating in our first event for the year!  We will be holding a stall of cake-y goodness at the Pedal Power Cinema this Friday night, so we expect you all to drop in to sample our baked goods!  If you are part of the Philanthropy Club or you want to help, make sure you drop off your cakes (with a list of ingredients) at the Gillard Centre on Friday morning before school.  We will be communicating the final details for the running of the night at the Friday lunch meeting at Lyceum 5/6.


Make sure you all get down to Lyceum 5/6 this Friday 24th Feb at lunch time for your weekly dose of Philanthropic action.


This week we will be talking about the Richmond Tutoring Program, which will be starting up again on the 7th March.  We are looking for helpful people to come along and support these fantastic kids’ studies, so come along on Friday 24th Feb lunchtime and sign up.  This would look awesome on your CV; it’s a win-win.


For those of you who just don’t have time to make it to the Philanthropy Club, you can still contribute; how about doing a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS?  Sometimes just the smallest event during the day can make the difference to someone’s existence, and YOU can be the person that delivers that goodness.

Have you experienced a Random Act of Kindness around school lately?  Write to us and let us know by email at CRO0026, BAR0031 or [email protected] We’ll send a thank you shout out to the person who helped you.


International Student Program

ISP News

Welcome back to a new year in the MGC International Student Program!  This year we welcomed 3 new year 7 international students, 10 new year 10s and 12 new year 11s!  We have students from Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan and Vietnam.  We also have several new exchange students from France, The Netherlands and Italy!  Please make sure you introduce yourselves to them, as their first priority is to make new friends to teach them about our crazy Australian culture and language.

The year 12s went on their year 12 camp in the second week of school and they had a fantastic time, even if we all got very little sleep and it was so hot.

This year all the international students are expected to participate in at least one extracurricular activity, club, team or event.  If you know one of the international girls and you think you can suggest an activity that they would like, please don’t hesitate to offer to take them along to your next club or team meeting.

Another good way to get to know our international students is to go to the Homework Club on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3.30 – 4.30pm at the Club room 112.  We will be having bilingual (English Chinese and Vietnamese speaking) tutors helping out all the international students, as well as any of the local students who are members of the Club. Make sure you get down there and say hello, and maybe make a new friend while you’re there.

Student Profiles

Van Pham is one of our Vietnamese students who is currently in year 12.


"Hi everyone, I’m Van.  I’m an international student from Vietnam. I’ve been studying in MGC for 1 year and MGC offers great opportunities for me to develop my social skills as well as my study. Studying abroad is a new and great experience for me, as MGC is fairly different from my old school in Vietnam in terms of school life and especially interaction between students and staff members. They are always there when I need help. Although sometimes I feel homesick when living in Melbourne, I enjoy studying and being a part of the MGC community.


One of my big successes is achieving 45 in Vietnamese First Language last year at Victorian School of Language!  They have invited me to take part in their award ceremony at their Top Scorers Night. I feel so proud and my parents are so happy."


New ISP Assistant for Semester One

We also have two new International Student Program Assistants; Lily Pham, who speaks Vietnamese, and Jielei Cui who speaks Chinese.


"Hi, my name is Lily Phan and I come from a lovely city called Saigon in Vietnam. I have been in Melbourne for eight years and enjoy my beautiful life here. I love swimming, cooking, bake cakes and shopping (who doesn’t ^-^). As I used to be an international student, I understand you can get homesick sometimes, you may get lost, confused, stress about life and study. But guess what? Do not worry much. I am here to help, I am an International Student Program Assistant, who will listen to any of your concerns and will try to find solutions for any problems you may have. So, drop by 302B to see me if you have any question or simply just want to say “Hi”. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you."



"Hi girls! My name is Jielei and I come from Shanghai, China, which is a big city compare to Melbourne. I am the new International Program Assistant here and I am glad to join such big family in MCG.  

I have been in Melbourne for more than ten years. Like most of you, international students, I came to this country alone without any relatives when I was your age, tried to get to know Australia culture, find new friends and also struggled to study. After many success and failures, I found my passion and position in this city. So you're welcome to come to my office in 302B if you need help. I would be glad to meet and know you as a friend."

League of Home-stay Champions 

If you are interested in hosting one of our fabulous international students, please contact Lluani Williams via the College number: 9428-8955, or by email: [email protected] , or you can pop by my office in room 302.  We are always looking for new Melbourne Girls’ College home-stay families.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration in the Year of Rooster

You might not know that ancient Chinese used 12 zodiacs to represent the lunar calendar year and calculate people’s ages. But you must know there are always celebrations in China Town such as the lion dance and gourmet food festival between January and February every year. This year, we experienced a different kind of celebration.


On 12th February, three Year 10 students Hannah Ross, Evanah Shroff and Alisha Chui joined with our principal Karen Money, two Chinese teachers Mrs Pingping Elliott and Miss Bibo Shi, as well as two Chinese Hanban teachers Miss Zhen Hang and Miss Huan Bao to attend a unique Chinese New Year Gala which was held by the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne.


This gala was an excellent opportunity for everyone to experience Chinese traditional culture such as tasting delicious Chinese dumplings and spring rolls, practicing calligraphy, listening to traditional music played by a musician, hearing the fables, and watching a fashion show of Han Dynasty garments and introduction of etiquette in ancient China, etc. Hannah Ross has won a present from the lucky draw at the end of the day.


If you are born in the Year of rooster ( e.g. 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, etc.), please come to Level 3 Chinese Hanban office to pick up a good wish present. We have limited lanterns and calendars for the year of rooster, all staff and students are welcome to visit us.


Mrs PingPing Elliott

Manager of Confucius Classroom,

Melbourne Girls College


Year 7 News

Transitioning to Year 7 at MGC

On the 31st of January, the Year Sevens of 2017 began their first day of year seven at Melbourne Girls’ College. For most of the girls it was quite nerve racking starting high school in a completely new environment.


With instructions for the day from a couple of different teachers, we were off to our very first class. The bell rang and you could tell that mostly all of the girls had already settled into the new school amazingly. At recess, everyone had a smile from ear to ear.  The nerves from the first part of the day had already disappeared and everyone was enjoying the new comfortable setting. 


During periods two and three everyone in the whole grade was very happy with the progress they made starting a new school and were surprised how easy it was. At lunch everyone looked like they had known each other for years. Friendships were blossoming at a phenomenal speed. During period four, everyone was having an exhilarating time. We finally realised that high school isn’t such a big, scary, overwhelming place. It’s where you will meet new friends who you could potentially know for the rest of your life; where you learn lots inside and outside of the classroom and even though it may be a huge change from primary school it’s definitely for our benefit.


Compared to primary school, high school hasn’t been such drastic change. Some things remain similar; having classes with the same group of people, catching up with friends during lunch time and recess, learning new things from our teachers and having a good time. We’re lucky that there are still opportunities to play sport as well and to participate in other clubs too.


The main difference for year sevens, between primary school and high school is that we’re all new, but we’re all new together. This means that people are more open to interact with each other and more willing to make friends. It is essential to try and meet as many people as possible in this time period as it gets harder once friend groups start to form.


By Catherine Brendish 7M2

The girls from Lyons, setting into their new routines.

Year 7 Camp

On Monday Melba and Maris travelled by bus to Arrabri Lodge, in Warburton. They were there until Wednesday. Then Lyons and Chisholm swapped with them and were at Arrabri Lodge until Friday. We did lots of activities including mini golf, giant swing, low ropes course, flying fox and so much more.

On the last night both camps had a talent show called “Red Faces”. Our judges came from places such as Mars and Hogwarts. We had a lot of amazing performances including camp 1 winner Jemima Meyer- Grieve who sang Hallelujah” and the camp 2 winner, was Jaeda McPherson, singing her original song, “Good Times Don’t Last”.


 We also did an activity where we walked through the forest finding letters. Then we had to decode them. At the end we had a campfire. We roasted marshmallows and listened to all the birds and creatures of the night. After that we went star gazing and we found the Southern Cross.


 On behalf of the Year Sevens I’d like to thank the teachers for taking time to help run the camp. It was amazing and you did a wonderful job. Thank you very much.


By Tanysha Nolan 7C1​


Enviro News

Pedal Cinema

Our 6th annual Pedal-Powered community cinema will be happening this Friday the 24th of February. Come along and enjoy a screening of Finding Dory.


Keeping up with The New JONESES!

As part of the Sustainable Living Festival, a select group of MGC Environment representatives have volunteered their time to be “Earth Stewards” and guide public visitors through the New Joneses tiny house temporarily set up at Federation Square.

Our students have teamed up with students from University High to put together a tour through a demonstration home built on the corner of Swanston St and Flinders St. Our girls learnt simple tips for living greener from organisations such as Sustainability Victoria, Fair Trade Australia, Wormlovers, Momentum Energy, Bank Australia and even BMW (who featured their 100% electric car, which is so green the wool seats are dyed with ink dyed from olive tree leaves).


The whole project is organised by Tamara Dimattina, who is an inspirational leader and frequent guest speaker at MGC and the woman behind ‘Buy Nothing New month’. Our young environmentalists are themselves great leaders and have picked up a few more tips from like-minded individuals while they volunteer their time at Federation Square. If you are interested in seeing more, the house will be open until Sunday 26th Feb and will feature as part of the 2018 Sustainable Living Festival.



STEAM Activity for Year 7

STEAM for 2017 at MGC is off and running starting with 7C1 who spent time in the STEAM room on Monday. The Term 1 program for Year 7s involves the students using robots during a two-period session to complete a challenge which requires employing coding and working in pairs.


Students experienced an introduction to essential soft skills which included Critical Thinking and Resilience. During their session they became familiar with their robot and, using block-based coding, they completed a challenge which involved navigating a maze, rescuing captured superheroes or collecting golf balls robotically.


The remaining Year 7 classes will participate in the Robotics program this semester. Other year levels will be participating in data and information management, Python coding, introductions to algorithmics and wearable technology.


All students are invited to visit the STEAM room on Thursday lunchtimes to “play”.

Wendy Keen

STEAM Leader


Swimming Sports 2017

Swimming Sports - Holiday to Hawaii

Melbourne Girls' College Swimming Sports 2017. 

Please see below information regarding the Swimming Sports Day for this year. Our theme is a Holiday to Hawaii.


General Information

Alumni Mixer

Please see below the details for our Alumni Mixer in March. You can find tickets on NOW!


House Cup 

Our current House Cup scores are:

MGC continues to encourage our girls to participate and excell in extra/co curricular activities and we look forward to seeing which house will win the cup this year.

A message from Richmond Netball Association 

An under 15’s Richmond Netball team which plays on Monday nights are looking for two extra players. Please contact Daniela Lahanis [email protected] 


Rotary Youth Exchange Program

Rotary Youth Exchange A Chance of a Lifetime! Host Families Invited Now!


Rotary Youth Exchange invites kind and caring host families within the community to assist local Rotary clubs offer an outstanding exchange program to young people from all over the World.


As the program is reciprocal the host family is a vital part of this cultural and educational exchange and they will typically host a student on a voluntary basis for a period of between 10 to 16 weeks. The timing of this during the exchange year is by mutual arrangement with the host Rotary club and the other host families.


The host family plays an integral role in offering the student the experience of a new culture and language, whilst at the same time itself learning about a different culture from a young leader. It is a direct window to the world for the host family members.


You not only share a young person’s hopes and dreams, but more importantly, you make those dreams possible. Hosting is the beginning of a lifelong friendship and connection with a student and family overseas. You will help a young person transition to a new culture and ease into the surroundings, it is always fun and the rewards are immeasurable.


Host families in the Rotary Youth Exchange program come in many shapes and sizes! Young children, older children, and no children at all, extended families and older generations – all have been successful in hosting exchange students.


Please consider this amazing and rewarding opportunity now. Enquirers are most welcome.


Would you like an opportunity to study abroad in 2018?


The Rotary exchange program provides a unique opportunity for you to study abroad for one year and experience first hand the culture of a new country, to learn a new language and gain in your personal development. The many friendships that you make will be both lifelong and not just restricted to your host country.


To have the opportunity to study abroad is a life-changing experience. Rotary youth exchange provides this opportunity. If you are in year 9, 10 or 11 an opportunity for a Rotary exchange in 2018 is possible. Places are likely to be available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil.


The benefits of the exchange are many and varied. You will grow considerably in self-confidence, through the experience of living outside of your comfort zone in new surroundings. Studies have shown this experience to equate to as much as seven years of personal development.

Once you have finished your education to seek employment, there is no doubt that employer’s look favorably upon those who have traveled with such a program.


Students are selected on application and after a personal interview. Applications close March 31st.


Further information is available from -

Stuart McDonald,

Phone: 0408 388 489

Email: [email protected]


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