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09 March 2017
Issue Three
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Principal's Report

Dear Families,

It has been another exciting week at Galilee. With a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities offered to our students, it is clear that at Galilee we are developing the whole child; academically, spiritually, physically and socially.



On Tuesday Year Five and Six students and eight staff members  boarded a bus headed for Valley Homestead Camp in Ovens.


Valley Homestead is one of Victoria’s premium school adventure camps. It is located at the foothills of the High Country near Myrtleford and offers students the opportunity to participate in adventure, team building and outdoor educational activities.


From all reports the students and staff are having a fabulous time. The flying fox has been a hit, with many of our students and a few staff members challenging themselves to take calculated risks and achieve things they may not have experienced before.


Camp provides students with opportunities for personal growth, building the community spirit and being immersed in the natural world. We look forward to hear all about their experiences when they return on Friday afternoon.


Our camping program would not be possible without the staff who work tirelessly to organise and facilitate such rich learning experiences for our students. We thank Simon Millar, Danielle Gerecke, Tarren Otte, Kayla Hart, Joss Coaley, Brittany Ford, Pauline Semmens and Tegan Stuart for volunteering to take the Year Five and Six students on camp.




Year Four parents were invited to attend a Camp Information session on Monday afternoon as the Year Four students prepare for their camp to Anglesea in two weeks’ time.  Tarren Otte (Outdoor Environment Leader) led the Camp Information Session. It was exciting to hear about the activities that the students will be involved in while they are away. 


We thank Tarren Otte and the Year Four teachers for preparing the camp. It sounds like our Year Four students will have a wonderful time.


The camping program at Galilee has been carefully planned with each camp providing the students progressive learning opportunities with varied environments and activities. Students are able to build on their learning as they progress through the experiences that are offered at each of the camps. Students develop skills at camp  and memories that they will keep for a lifetime. We thank Tarren Otte for working in collaboration with the teachers to design such a wonderful program for our students.



Some of you will have noticed that this week we have  had new flagpoles installed. The  Australian Flag we are flying  was very kindly donated by Harry in Prep F's 'Pop' - Peter.  We are also flying the Aboriginal Flag, to acknowledge the earliest inhabitants of the area now covered by the City of Port Phillip, who were the Yalukit Wilam, one of the five clans of the Boon Wurrung, known as the coastal tribe and who were members of the Kulin nation.



When I walked into the hall on Tuesday afternoon it was wonderful to see the Grade One students engrossed in hands on activities designed to get them thinking about how toys have changed over time.  The excitement on the students faces as they discovered how to operate toys from the ‘olden days’ was priceless.  The students were investigating how springs, forces and materials impacted how different toys operated. They discovered that toys from the ‘olden days’ certainly look different to the toys of today. Thank you Laura Cox and Cassandra Smith for organising this engaging learning opportunity for the students.



This week Galilee hosted a Reconciliation Reflection Day for Year Three students at Galilee. We extended an invitation to students who attend other schools within our parishes, who are also preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation later in the term.


Brittany Ford (Leader of Faith) organised the Reconciliation Reflection Day and Carmen Carnovale and Helen Rochecouste assisted Brittany in facilitating the day.


Students participated in a range of activities focusing on the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Students were involved in Christian Meditation, Parish Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul, Question and Answer session with Fr. Dean and reflective activities based on The Prodigal Son, mending a broken relationship and becoming closer to God.


All the students had a fabulous time and walked away from the day with a greater understanding about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Our prayers are with the Grade Three students as they prepare for this special Sacrament.



Next Wednesday, 15th March, is Open Day at Galilee. We are encouraging new families to come and have a look at all the wonderful things that are happening at our school.


Open day will start at 9am. We ask that anyone attending Open Day please enter the school via Park Street and register at the desk before moving to the hall for a School Assembly.  


The day will start with a student led School Assembly and it will give new families a taste of the exciting learning opportunities that our students are involved in. After the Assembly, Year Six leaders will be conducting school tours and giving new families an insight into what happens in our classrooms.  At the conclusion of the school tours we will be inviting new families to join us for Morning Tea in the hall.

Please not that we are still accepting enrolments for 2018. 



In order to ensure your child's place in Prep 2018 is secured we need to have their Enrolment Application Form completed and either delivered to the office or emailed to Wendy at [email protected]  by FRIDAY MARCH 10

Forms can be downloaded from the school website.




Tuesday 14th March is a School Closure Day at Galilee.

While the students are enjoying an extra-long weekend this weekend, staff will be gathering together on Tuesday for a professional learning day in the area of Religious Education. Catholic Education Melbourne has renewed the Religious Education Curriculum and they have asked that all Catholic Schools become familiar with the renewed  curriculum in 2017. Staff at Galilee will work through a series of workshops designed to assist them in unpacking the renewed curriculum and implementing the renewed curriculum into their planning. 



Developing leadership qualities in each student has been a focus at Galilee this year. We have developed our students leadership structure to include SRC Leaders and Social Justice Leaders from each class. This has enhanced the opportunities for student voice and leadership across the school. 


While the Year Five and Six students have been at camp our Year Four students have been asked to take on many of their leadership roles. I would like to commend the Year Four students on their outstanding leadership this week. I was especially impressed with the way that Amelia, Charlie, Ioanna and Drew lead us in Assembly on Wednesday.


Student leadership will continue to be a focus in 2017 as we develop the leader within each student at Galilee. 



Thank you all for another wonderful week at Galilee. I wish each and every one of you happy and safe extra-long  weekend. 



Amy Burns

Deputy Principal




Upcoming Dates

Term 1 

January 31 - March 31 (1.30pm Finish)


March 10   Parent Helper Course 9.30-10.30am or
March 13   Labour Day Public Holiday
March 14   School Closure Day

March 15   Yr. 3/4 Parish Mass at OLMC 9am

March 15   Open Day for new families 9-11am
March 16   Yr. 5/6 Parish Mass at St. Joseph’s 
March 17   Galilee Athletics Sports Day
March 21   Sacrament of Reconciliation at OLMC 6pm

March 22 Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Peter & Paul’s 7pm

March 22-24   Yr. 4 Camp
March 28   Ride to School Day
March 31   Funky Hair Day, Easter Raffle, End of Term 1.30pm

School Closure Dates 

Tuesday March 14

Tuesday April 18

Friday June 9

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1

Sacrament Dates

First Eucharist - Ss. Peter and Paul

  • Eucharist Faith Night - Wednesday 26th April - 6:30pm in the Galilee Hall.
  • Preparation Class 1 - Saturday 6th May
  • Preparation Class 2 - Saturday 13th May
  • Preparation Class 3 - Saturday 20th May
  • Preparation Class 4 - Saturday 27th May
  • Reflection Day – Monday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist – Sunday 4th June at 10.00am - at Ss. Peter and Paul

First Eucharist Dates - Our Lady of Mout Carmel, Middle Park and St. Joseph's Port Melbourne

  • Eucharist Faith Night - Wednesday 26th April - 6:30pm in the Galilee Hall. 
  • Parent Information Evening - Thursday 11th May – 7.30pm in O’Connor-Pilkington Room, Richardson St. Middle Park.
  • Preperation Class 1 - Saturday 13th May
  • Preperation Class 2 - Saturday 20th May
  • Preperation Class 3 - Saturday 27th May
  • Preperation Class 4 - Saturday 3rd June
  • Reflection Day – Wednesday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist - Saturday 17th June -time to be confirmed.


Sept. 14  Confirmation Faith and Parent Information Night

Nov. 4  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 8  Sacrament of Confirmation Rehearsal with Bishop Elliot at OLMC

Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 11  Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC

Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Pauls 10-11am

Public Holidays

13 Mar   Labour Day
14 Apr   Good Friday
15 Apr   Easter Saturday
16 Apr   Easter Sunday
17 Apr   Easter Monday
25 Apr   Anzac Day
12 Jun   Queen's Birthday
29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day 


Wednesdays 2.40pm

March 15         1S

March 22         6H

March 29         Holy Week



As of Wednesday 15th March, GOSH will be open from 7am in the mornings. 

Lunch Orders

To be ordered Wednesdays and Fridays only


School Photos

Thursday April 20

Please find below the information for ordering school photos 2017. 

Please be sure all orders, both Family and Individual, are submitted by 19th April. Please remember all orders much be either done online or sent directly to Arthur Reed Photos. We are unable to accept orders or payments at the school office.


Changes to Specialist Timetable 

Next week, there will be some changes due to a shortened week and Athletics Day. There will be no Library next week.


The following classes will have P.E and will need to wear sports uniform on that day. 

Wednesday 15th March





Thursday 16th March

Prep F

Prep E




Education in Faith


On Monday the Year 3 students participated in a Reconciliation Reflection Day at Galilee. Students from other schools who are also preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation were invited to join the Year 3 students for the day. Students participated in a range of activities preparing them to receive the Sacrament. I would like to thank Brittany Ford for organising such a wonderful day for our students. I would also like to thank Fr. Dean, Helen Rochecouste and Carmen Carnovale for facilitating the day.


Amy Burns

Religious Education Leader

Deputy Principal 





On Monday it was Reconciliation Reflection Day. I learnt that no matter what sin you do, God will always forgive you. I really liked the folder with the activities in it and the mass was good too. We were excellent in church.

I felt happy learning about Jesus, God and forgiveness. At the end we watched a movie about ‘The Lost Sheep.’ I was really happy and I don’t feel scared.

By John-Paul (3R)


We learnt about God and if we get lost God will always find us. We also went to the mass at St. Peter and Paul’s. Father Dean spoke to us about Lent and how God runs to us. We also got 30 minutes extra play.

After lunch we read a poem called ‘Forgiven.’ It was about a boy who found a beetle and put it in a matchbox. His nana was looking for a match and let it go. He had to try to forgive his nana. We also learnt that no matter what we do, God will always forgive us because He loves us.

By Amity (3R)


On the 6th of March 3C and 3R had a Reconciliation Reflection Day. Firstly we had a peaceful meditation which lasted about 5 minutes. Mrs. Ford read us ‘The Prodigal Son’ whilst we were meditating.

Next we did some fun activities and got to know each other. Then we had Mass and they told us we were probably the best class to participate in church. Then we had and got extended play. Then Father Dean came in to answer some of our questions and told us about when he was little.

After that, well finally, we watched a quick movie about ‘The Lost Sheep.’ We had chuppa chups and received bookmarks. I learnt that absolutely whatever you do, God always loves you! It was AMAZING!!

By Daniel (3R)



Many of our Year Four students are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time this year. Formal preparation will begin next term. 


If you are wanting to your child to participate in the Sacramental Program at Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, South Melbourne or the Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park and St. Joseph's, Port Melbourne this year, please complete an enrolment form and hand it into the Parish Office at your earliest convenience.


Ss. Peter and Paul, South Melbourne

Sacrament of First Eucharist 2017 Dates

  • Eucharist Faith Night - Wednesday 26th April - 6:30pm in the Galilee Hall.
  • Preparation Class 1 - Saturday 6th May
  • Preparation Class 2 - Saturday 13th May
  • Preparation Class 3 - Saturday 20th May
  • Preparation Class 4 - Saturday 27th May
  • Reflection Day – Monday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist – Sunday 4th June at 10.00am - at Ss. Peter and Paul



Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park and St. Joseph's, Port Melbourne

Sacrament of First Eucharist 2017 Dates

  • Eucharist Faith Night - Wednesday 26th April - 6:30pm in the Galilee Hall. 
  • Parent Information Evening - Thursday 11th May – 7.30pm in O’Connor-Pilkington Room, Richardson St. Middle Park.
  • Preperation Class 1 - Saturday 13th May
  • Preperation Class 2 - Saturday 20th May
  • Preperation Class 3 - Saturday 27th May
  • Preperation Class 4 - Saturday 3rd June
  • Reflection Day – Wednesday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist - Saturday 17th June -time to be confirmed.


Leadership and Management

Galilee School Vision

Last week staff joined the school captains, Ethan and Charlotte and three parent representatives, Donna, Brendan and Trevour to review the Galilee School Vision.


Before we started reviweing Galilee's current Vision Statement we explored the recently released Catholic Education Melbourne Vision Statement for Catholic Schools:


Learning brings hope. In a Catholic school that is based on the experience of God’s love and care for all. Catholic educators see learning as a journey of endless possibilities, where students are energised to seek meaning and explore questions about the world around them. In partnership with parents and the broader Church, Catholic schools contribute to a life-foundation for students that is centred in Jesus Christ and grounded in truth, beauty and love. At the very heart of each Catholic school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains. Here we support students to grow in virtue and to embrace a view of themselves and the world that leads to peace, justice, and the prospering of the whole of creation. It is a journey that is enlightened by faith, animated by love and leading to hope.


After careful consideration we decided to re-write Galilee's School Vision Statement so that it is inline with current educational priorities and to include the combined voices of staff, students and parents in our community


Maree Holmes from Catholic Education Melbourne facilitated the School Vision Meeting in the hall last Wednesday. During the meeting we worked in groups to develop a draft Vision Statement. We started by developing a Vision Statement for five areas in our school:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Education in Faith
  • Student Wellbeing
  • School Community

These five separate Vision Statements now need to be combined to create one School Vision Statement.


A representative from each group has volunteered to collaboratively work on combining the statements to form a draft Vision Statement for Galilee.


We hope that this process will be completed in early Term 2.  We thank those who have been apart of the process and we look forward to revealing our new School Vision Statement.


Amy Burns 

Deputy Principal 


Learning and Teaching


Many of you are aware that the school has implemented a Number Intervention programme this year.  It has been lovely to receive so much support, enthusiasm and encouragement from parents, staff and children alike as I progress through the training for the Number Intervention F-4 programme and begin its implementation in the school.


The Number Intervention F-4 programme is an initiative of Catholic Education Melbourne which targets the number skills of children in Years One to Four.  Research shows that students who join the programme make substantial gains in Number confidence - particularly in the areas of mental arithmetic and problem solving. 


This semester, I will be working through the programme with children from Years 3 and 4.  Our school Learning Support Officers, Rosa, Tegan, Pauline and Sophia, will also work with groups of children across the school to improve number skills.             


Naturally, children will develop skills more quickly in the area of Number when they are supported both at home and at school. Without a firm grasp of the concepts of Number, children often experience difficulty and lack confidence in all areas of Mathematics.  Spend ten minutes each day reinforcing Number with your children and watch them grow! 

Below are some ideas you can use with your children to develop a strong basis for Number. In each newsletter, I will include a progression of activities – with daily practice, counting and patterns should become automatic.  Here’s to helping our kids love Maths!        


  • Count forwards by ones to 10, 20, 100 and beyond
  • Count by tens to 130.
  • Start from 28 and count up to 34.  Now start from 44 and count up to 52; 65 to 73; 88 to 96, etc.


  • Give your child a number from one to ten.  How quickly can he/she show the number of fingers.
  • Say a number less than 5.  How many more to make it up to 5?  (eg You say 4, your child says 1).  Practise until the combinations are automatic

Jane Ferris

Number Intervention Specialist

[email protected]


Catholic Education
Visual Arts Exhibition 2017.

We are thrilled to announce that the work of the following 2016 students has been accepted for display in the Visual Arts Exhibition 2017:
Eva  Prep 2016 - ‘My Teacher’s Portrait’
Joe  Year 1 2016 – ‘Scarecrow’
Gypsy  Year 4 2016 – ‘Outer Space’
Imogen  Year 6 2016 – ‘Ned Kelly’
Congratulations to each one of you, a great effort and thoroughly deserved.

Their work will be on display at:

Catholic Leadership Centre
576 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne

Tuesday 14th March: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Wednesday 15th March: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Thursday 16th March: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Friday 17th March: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Saturday 18th March: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Sunday 19th March: 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm (invitation only).

Mal Orr
Visual Arts Specialist



Toys Over Time

The only way to learn how toys have evolved over time is to play!

On Tuesday, the Year 1 children had an Incursion looking at how toys have changed over Time.


The children learned about Toys from the past, how toys have changed and played with toys and games from around the world.

They rotated through the 4 activity stations; Construction, Imagination, Up & About and Skill. The Instructor introduced the toys in each section, explained how to use/ play with them and told stories. The children got to experience toys from as early as BC such as spinning tops and yo-yo's, to the 1500's with hula hoops and skipping ropes, to the late 1900's and modern day with miniature bricks.

We all had lots of fun exploring and playing with the different toys.


Laura Cox and Cassandra Smith

Year 1 Teachers


Changes to Specialist Timetable 

Next week, there will be some changes due to a shortened week and Athletics Day. There will be no Library next week.


The following classes will have P.E and will need to wear sports uniform on that day. 

Wednesday 15th March





Thursday 16th March

Prep F

Prep E




Student Wellbeing

World's Greatest Shave 



This year we will be celebrating ‘FUNKY HAIR DAY’ on FRIDAY 31st MARCH.

Our school will support the LEUKEMIA FOUNDATION by taking part in the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ fundraiser.

This foundation raises funds to support patients and their families who have leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a blood related disorder. The fundraising will help provide these patients with a regional free home-away-from-home near the hospital during their treatment. It also helps with transport to appointments and as much practical and emotional support as possible free of charge. The money also goes towards research into better treatments and cures.

We will not be shaving heads, but suggest the children do something FUNKY with their hair prior to coming to school eg: spray with colour spray, braid, add clips, ribbons, crimp or wear a wig.

We will ask each child to bring a gold coin donation on the day, to enter the fun and we will have a parade @ 9.00am.

This will not be a competition, just a fun way to support the LEUKAEMIA FOUNDATION.


Thanking you in anticipation of your support.


Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing/Student Services Leader 


School Community

Debating at Galilee

We are interested in introducing Debating to Galilee but we need your help.


We are looking for any parents who would be interested in training a group of Year 5 and Year 6 students in debating one lunchtime a week and helping take students to debating tournaments.


For more information please see the attached flyers. If you are interested and available to help bring debating to Galilee please let Simon Millar, Amy Burns or Danielle Gerecke know.



Amy Burns

Deputy Principal

Open Morning Classroom

We have had great feedback so far on Monday morning Open Classrooms. This is an opportunity to be able to walk your child into their classroom, look at some work samples, engage with your child in their learning environment and catch up with the classroom teacher. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know!

Please see the PDF link on Communication Protocols. At Galilee we aim to foster an environment of inclusivity in which parent participation is encouraged. We are committed to ensuring the well-being and education of all our students. Communication between students, parents and staff is an important part of education at our school. Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School wants to ensure open, respectful and honest communication with parents.

Open Day


Next Wednesday, 15th March is Open Day. Starting from 9:00am, new families and Prep families have been invited for a school tour. Assembly will be at 9:15am instead of 2:40pm for next week only. After a short assembly, children will go back into classrooms while the tours are on. There will be a morning tea for all new families from 10:30am in the Hall.


If you are interested in attending Open Day, please register through:


If you are able to help with setting up the morning tea at 9:45, please email us.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Parent Handbook

The 2017 Parent Handbook was sent via email on Wednesday. Please read through and keep a copy saved for easy reference. This has been updated this year so well worth a read - not just for new families.


Class Events

There are class catch ups, dinners and drinks occurring over the coming weeks. Thank you to the Class Reps for organising these events. They are a great opportunity for parents to get together and have some fun. If you would like to be on the emailing list for these events as well as other class news and correspondence from your Class Reps please contact them. We have included a list of 2017 Class Reps and thank them for all their efforts this year.


Prep E                                   

Michelle (Christian)

Bec (Lola)

Prep F

Anna (Luke)

Georgia (Harriet)

Michelle (Mia)



Annalise (Jock)

Emma (Hannah)


Jackie (Cooper)

Annette (Jacob)



Helen (Christopher)


Cecelia (Jake)

Lissette (Ryker)



Nicki (Millie)

Jess (John)

Brighid (Patrick)


Michelle (Violet)

Rob (Eleni)



Meegan (Isabelle)


Lissette (Deja)



Vivian (Eliza)

Soonee (Gypsy)


Deb (Lucy)

Kate (Alice)



Denise (Chrisoula)

Anita (Phoebe)


Monica (Lily)

Dolores (Jack)

Kate (Charlotte)


We hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your families.


Holly Evans and Brighid Fahy

Parent Groups

Social and Fundraising Group

Welcome BBQ

What a great start to the year!  Thanks you to all the help from the community for the Welcome BBQ, we have received some great feedback and look forward to working to improve each event this year. The pizza truck was well received and maybe just some sausages on the BBQ would have been a great addition.


Trivia Night Sub-Committee

The group met last Tuesday from 3:30pm post school drop off in the staff room to discuss the events ahead of us. We welcome any new members and input including skills, services that might help us to make our Trivia night in August a great fundraising success. If you would like to assist in the organisation of the Trivia Night we are calling for a sub-committee to continue the success of past years. Look out for our next meeting date in the school newsletter. 


Fundraising Purchases

The social and fundraising group agreed to purchase our very own totally portable Public Address system that was used to provide some great music at the welcome BBQ.  It will be great for us to use for all future events and a big thank you Anita Paul for organising it.  The committee are also in the process of purchasing some white picket fencing to be used for all future events to designate a specific bar area for Liquor Licensing - thanks to Paul Mapley for assisting in the quote and previously lugging it to school from the supplier!

Student Reports

Year 3 Report


Shrove Tuesday on a Monday

On the 27th February 3C made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. We have Shrove Tuesday to use up all of our sweet things in preparation for Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday. We split up into three different groups. Each group had two parent helpers. We had to write a procedure for how to make a pancake while waiting for out pancakes. People were called up the help with the pancakes. We had to weigh and measure the ingredients to make the pancakes. When we received the pancakes we got to choose the toppings.


By Tina  and Anabel  3C


Shrove Tuesday (Monday)

On Monday the 27th of February, 3C decided to make pancakes on Shrove Monday. There were three groups with two parent helpers in each group.


The ingredients we used were:

150g of flour

25g of butter

25g of sugar

2 eggs

400ml of milk

extra butter.


The materials we used were:



Electric frying pan


Our first step was to add the flour into the bowl, add the butter and mix it into the flour. After, we added the sugar into the bowl and then we mixed it. Our third step was to make an opening in the centre to crack the eggs in. We then stirred gently and added the milk splash by splash. We mixed it in with the flour so the butter was as thick as double cream. We sprayed some oil onto the electric frying pan and added a bit of mixture to make a small thin pancake. We had to watch the bubbles rise and when we thought it looked good, we flipped it over. We then ate our delicious pancakes with lots of different toppings.


By John  and Patrick  3C

Local Connections


2017 Primary Schools Program1.pdf
2017 Primary TIS Brochure.pdf
Galilee Parent Information Booklet 2017.pdf
First Eucharist Enrolment – 2017 (2).doc
First Eucharist Enrolment – 2017 (2).doc
Ss. Peter and Paul - First Eucharist Enrolment – 2017 (2).doc
OLMC and St. Joseph's First Eucharist Form and notes 2017.docx
Galilee Regional Cath PS-LINK-2017.pdf
Galilee Regional Cath PS-FLYER-2017.pdf
Galilee Regional Cath PS-FLYER-2017.pdf
Link to Photo Ordering site.pdf
Galilee LINK to order Photos..pdf
Individual Photo orders Information.pdf
Family Photos Order information (1).pdf
Family Photos Order information (1).pdf