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17 May 2019
Issue Seven
Other School News
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Key Dates

3 to 7 June               Year 7 - 10 Exams

10 June                     Queen's Birthday

                                     (Public Holiday)

11, 13 & 14 June  Year 11 & 12 Exams

12 June                    GAT - Unit 4 Students

14 June                     Assessment & Reporting Day

                                     (Student Free Day)

17 June                    Semester 2 commences

28 June                    Last day Term 2

                                     (1:30 pm finish)


Mr Nicholas Adamou


Semester Exams

We are nearly halfway through Term 2 already and Semester Two is around the corner. Semester Two, will begin in Week 9 of Term Two (17 June). Semester exams for all Year 7 to 12 students will take place in Weeks 7 and 8 (3 June to 13 June). On 14 June students will not be required to attend classes (Student Free Day) as Teachers will be working on Assessment and Reporting.

Also, all Year 12 students and Year 11 students who are currently undertaking a Unit 3 VCE subject will be expected to undertake the GAT (General Achievement Test) examination on Wednesday, 12 June. 


Details about the exams timetable for all Year Levels will be distributed to all students via their Year Level, Sub-School Leaders and Compass.


North Geelong SC has planned and implemented Semester exams for a number of years now and Semester examinations are well embedded in our school calendar and culture. The formal examination structure creates an opportunity to provide students with skills in examination preparation, practice and personal experience in the valuable life skill of undertaking formal testing. Regular opportunities must be provided through both formative and summative assessment for students to develop examination techniques and to receive feedback on their performance.


Our school community prides on our structure of examinations, ensuring that;

  • Students develop confidence and skill in exam techniques and settings
  • Students experience formal testing situations that may be useful in later life
  • a home/school study culture of regular revision and test preparation is instilled
  • students develop subject specific exam skills 
  • the learning and teaching culture of North Geelong Secondary College amongst the students, parents and wider community is reinforced
  • an additional assessment tool is provided for teachers and students

Wishing all students Good Luck with the upcoming exams.

Education Week
19 to 25 May

Now in its 75th year, Education Week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s government education sector.

Education Week 2019 is all about celebrating Careers and is an opportunity for all schools, to showcase the work they are doing with their students across the board, Pathways 7 to 12 and beyond. North Geelong SC is proud to be a successful educational setting with lots of tailored programs for all, addressing student individual needs. 

Careers, Pathways and Transitions 
NGSC provides very comprehensive, needs based Careers, Pathways and Transition programs. Our trained Careers Practitioners have exceptional experience in working with students from a range of backgrounds, and with different learning needs, to help them to discover opportunities they had never considered. Beyond just standard resumes and applications for part-time jobs, our Careers Team connects students with opportunities to participate in work experience, structured workplace learning, school based apprenticeships and traineeships, VET in schools and other tertiary education pathways. 

We have an exemplary course counselling process which incorporates student voice and agency and involves parents and carers in planning for senior school pathways. As students complete their studies, we ensure all of our students who apply for tertiary courses receive an offer and that students who do not pursue further academic study are engaged in full time work, apprenticeships and traineeships.  


Other programs providing outstanding learning opportunities to our students:

  • Performing Arts program - An extensive Performing Arts program is provided to the students interested in performing; singing, dancing, theatre, instrumental music, backstage support. The Performing Arts area offers a variety of performances (musical, theatrical, karaoke and dancing) throughout the academic year. 
  • Scholarship Program - The Scholarship program promotes and recognises outstanding commitment by primary school students who have displayed a strong involvement in their school community. The College looks for exemplary young people who are exceptional in different areas and possess personal qualities and values that will contribute to the life of our College. The Scholarship Program recognises the considerable achievements of children in our community and provides them with the opportunity to experience exciting curriculum opportunities through a broad range of engaging programs delivered by our dedicated teachers. Scholarships are available in the following areas: Academic Excellence, Student Leadership, Community (Good Citizenship), Sporting Excellence and The Arts.
  • The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL) - The SEAL Program at North Geelong Secondary College provides an opportunity for students to undertake learning experiences that are designed to meet the needs of high performing students; capable of outstanding academic achievement, who want to be challenged and who demonstrate high levels of task commitment.
  • Strive to Achieve Results (STAR) - This innovative Literacy and Numeracy program is unique to our college and achieves outstanding results for students in Years 7 to 9. The aim of the Striving to Achieve Results (STAR) program is to identify students with the potential to become our future ‘stars’. Using testing, data and teacher feedback we establish the student’s individual needs and tailor a programme to develop, consolidate and nurture their skills. 
  • Achieving Core Education (ACE) (Literacy and Numeracy Program) - Another unique Literacy and Numeracy program at the school aiming to improve the Literacy and Numeracy of students in Years 7 and 8. It is an intervention program for those students that may be performing below the appropriate standards in one or more areas. It also builds student confidence and sets them up to be successful in their secondary schooling. 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program - The STEM program provides knowledge and skills to our students, so that they can fully participate in the day to day social, cultural and economic aspects of life. Building the STEM knowledge and skills of current and future learners will also help to give employers the confidence to grow, explore and innovate, knowing they can call on a highly skilled, adaptable workforce in the future. The STEM program sparks interest and curiosity in young people, both in their learning in education settings and at home, therefore at NGSC we believe that our children deserve rich, immersive learning experiences in scientific experimentation and hypothesis, in using and creating technological innovations, in engineering practical solutions of their own design and the awesome power of Big Data for discovery.

  • Excellence in Sports - The Excellence in Sports program (Soccer and Football) is designed to harness the sporting talents of our students. Coaches are employed, working side by side with our PE staff to elicit the soccer and football skills of our students.
  • HPV Human Power Vehicle - The school is one of very few state schools that have a fleet of recumbent vehicles and a strong Advance/HPV team of approximately 30 students that train and participate in energy breakthrough competitions throughout the year.
  • GROWTH and Resilience programs - These programs are aimed at students in Years 7 to 10 and they address student needs in the following areas; student engagement, student connectedness to school, attendance, confidence building and student leadership.

The wellbeing of students at the school is always front and centre of what we do. Our specialised wellbeing team includes; social workers, psychologists, youth worker, school nurse and a chaplain. These professionals work together with the Regional School Student Support Officers and a variety of external agencies to ensure the wellbeing of all of our students. The team works tirelessly on re-engaging and preventative student programs that are geared to ensure student healthy and resilient minds. Here are some of the Student Wellbeing Team activities provided to our students and staff;

  • Every day Lunch time social groups: these groups are open to all students. Groups are facilitated by Student Wellbeing staff with the support of volunteers. Students are also invited to suggest ideas for other lunch time social groups
  • Monday and Tuesday: ‘Bijou Jewellery’ students learn how to create stunning pieces of jewellery and can take pieces home
  • Wednesday: ‘The Cave’; this group of students are engaged in woodwork projects of their choice supported by volunteers from the Geelong Community Men’s Shed. On Wednesdays students can also choose to attend a gift tag and card making group. Students use their creativity to make beautiful gift cards for special occasions
  • Thursday: ‘Bust a Move’ dance group, students have fun learning the latest dance moves and sharing their own choreography
  • Friday: ‘Anime Club’; a pop culture group where students share their interests.
  • ‘SoulART’ is an eight week Art Therapy program that taps into student creativity to enhance their wellbeing and resilience. This group is facilitated by our School Chaplain who is also an Art Therapist
  • Twice a Term: Workshops to support staff in building resilience and a workplace climate of mutual respect and trust are offered to all staff members 
  • Every Day, full time breakfast club: a healthy breakfast menu is offered to our students on a daily basis, at no cost. Approximately 140 to 160 students have their breakfast at the school every morning. The NGSC Breakfast Club has been running on full time basis for the last seven years. It is one of the most successful, high school breakfast programs in the state of Victoria. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the work and sincerely thank numbers of our wider community, organisations, volunteers, Second Bite, the NGSC Wellbeing team and the School Breakfast Coordinator, Ms Alison Costa, who work tirelessly to provide breakfast to our students. 

Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle, “Kids—Go for your life”

In today’s modern Australian society, parents and schools are the major socialising forces. 


Childhood obesity and an Australian epidemic obesity issue are current topics that the government and media talk about on a regular basis and schools have become the centre of promoting Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle. This year’s education Week theme Healthy Mind, Healthy Body fits in perfectly with Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle. 


Without any doubt the school has a role in dealing with this problem and at North Geelong SC we take this issue seriously. At present we ensure that all students get a reasonable level of physical activity in school through the Physical Education classes and School Sports. We also encourage our students to play sport during recess and lunchtime. Our sporting facilities are maintained at excellent standards with upcoming plans for a sporting facilities upgrade in the near future. As part of our curriculum we teach Health and Nutrition and we also monitor what is sold in our school canteen. Our canteen can only promote healthy eating and can only sell foods approved by the Victorian Canteen Association.


However, the school’s role in this area is a supplementary one. The primary responsibility for developing and reinforcing good eating habits rests at home with the family. It is important that parents/carers develop and encourage good eating habits at home and that this process is enforced from an early age of the child. 


Our school community does take the issue of childhood obesity very seriously and will continue to do what we can to reinforce the message of healthy eating and physical activity, when students are at school. However, good habits are established at home and that is a responsibility parents & carers must take very seriously. 


Absences during the term “it is not ok to be away”

I am concerned, as of late I have received a great number of requests for students to miss school time for what I see as frivolous reasons. We publish our term dates way ahead of time to assist parents/carers in planning family trips in the 13 weeks of the year set aside for that purpose. When holidays or absences occur without an appropriate approved reason during the term it disrupts children’s education. Of even greater concern is that it sends the wrong message to a student; it says: “holidays, or some secondary activity such as birthday celebrations, rank as a higher priority than your education”.


At North Geelong SC we work very hard to make students understand the vital importance of making the best of their educational opportunities. Receiving mixed messages about this do not make our task any easier.


I am aware of some parental special circumstances and am also aware that not all parents are able to take holidays within term breaks due to work related restrictions, sometimes it is necessary for single parents to take their children away with them on business trips etc., and that parents may decide to take their children on an extended break to travel overseas or around Australia. When this occurs I ask that parents think carefully about the possible impact of such trips on their child’s education and then seek to minimise this through consultation with the school as far in advance of the trip as possible.


The school has a fantastic structure to ensure clear parent communication, through the Sub-School Assistants, Sub-school Leaders and Year Level Coordinators. We also provide the latest ICT technology to enable students who have legitimate reasons to be absent to be informed, complete and submit work and part of the school community while they are away. The school is required by law to keep attendance records for all students. Absences are recorded as due to illness, for other legitimate reasons, or as unauthorised absences. There is also a 90% minimum attendance requirement as part of VCE assessment. For all of these reasons I ask parents/carers to minimise student absence during the term, and where it is absolutely unavoidable, to contact the school as far in advance as possible. 

Picking Up and Dropping Off your children around schools

For the safety of children, parents/carers are reminded and strongly encouraged to take care and obey parking signs when picking up or dropping off children around the school. Council’s parking and information officers regularly patrol school areas during start and finish times and motorists detected breaching parking regulations risk being issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice.


Remember, as soon as you stop to let your children in or out of the car, you are deemed to be parked. You do not have to leave your car or turn the engine off to receive a fine.


At children’s crossings, you must remain stationary at the stop line while any person (including an adult or the supervisor) is on the crossing or the stop sign is displayed. Do not let your child out at this time; ensure that they wait until you are safely and legally parked.


If you breach a parking regulation the parking and information officer assigned to monitor our school crossing will usually record your registration number and details, and the Penalty Infringement Notice will be posted to the registered owner of the vehicle within the next three days.


Also dropping off or picking up children in the staff car park is prohibited and no parents/guardians should be parking in the staff car park at any time. This behaviour places our students at great risk as they are walking to school or riding their bicycles through the car park. 


Please ensure you adhere to the parking regulations around schools and the school’s expectations, so that all children are safe and you avoid running the risk of a Parking Infringement. 

Capital Works and Refurbishment

The 4.75 million dollars capital works project continues to progress satisfactorily and it is within the scheduled timeline. The school community is very happy to work in the newly refurbished or brand new facilities. Students I talk to, fully appreciate the modern teaching and outdoor spaces.

All new or refurbished teaching spaces are fully air-conditioned and they all include the latest ‘touch screen’ ICT technology, ensuring that our broad curriculum and extra-curriculum programs are complimented with the resources and cutting edge ICT technology.

The works are expected to be completed by early July. We can now truly say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson &

Mr Bradley Headlam

Assistant Principals

Performance averages and Progress Reports

Parents/Carers please check your child’s Progress Report that are to be released on Monday. It is important that you discuss these results with your child and please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if  you require further feedback on their progress and how they can improve. Performance Averages below 2.5 place the student on a Year Level Coordinators “at risk” list.  These students will be closely monitored by the Student Management Team. Scores that are consistently below 2.0 may see the student repeat the Year in 2020.

End of Semester Exams are coming!

All students will be participating in various exams towards the end of this term. This is a great opportunity for students to extend themselves in maintaining their understanding of what they have learnt. In recent years it has been noticed that students have started study routines to prepare to revise weeks out from the exams. This is excellent, however, a regular routine of going over notes and key terms, revising and practising skills are going to reduce the need for last minute cramming. If your children are saying there is no homework (email the teacher - there probably is!), remind them of the exams as revision can always be done!

SEAL Program Testing

Last Saturday, 11 May, saw the testing for the 2020 SEAL program.  This year the school had the most applications in all of the years of running the program.  The student’s results were exceptional which indicates another outstanding SEAL class for 2020.  We would like to thank John Mullins, James Cowan-Clark and Tonia Tigani who gave up their Saturday to conduct this testing.

Careers and pathways planning Year 9

In recent years we have been building on our pathways programs at each year level where appropriate. This year, Year 9 students will participate in a far more extensive program that sees them further reflecting on their abilities, interests whilst starting to shape their future pathways. The careers team, in association with the Middle School staff, will begin this process in the students’ core classes. They will take them through an online survey that will give them an understanding of their potential pathways and is meant to be referred to and refined in future years in successive careers programs at NGSC. Not only will our careers staff educate the students into the lead up to the survey, there will be a professional interview to take the students through their survey results in order to best inform them of their pathway choices.  Information on the survey will be sent home prior to this process. The program for Year 9 will culminate in their completion of their Career Action Plan which parents can also observe via Compass or on the end of year reports. 


The NAPLAN testing for 2019 was conducted this week. The students impressed their teachers with their dedication and concentration while completing the four tests. The results for these tests will be available later in the year. 

Thank you to all staff who supervised the tests, and a special thank you to Ms Tigani who assisted with the preparation for the tests and the administration tasks. 

One aspect of student organisation was highlighted this week during the tests.  There were many students who lacked the necessary classroom materials and it is concerning that these students are trying to manage their learning without the basics; pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener and calculator. The items on the booklist have been selected by teachers as essential to support learning. Not only should these items be purchased at the beginning of the school year but regularly topped up throughout the year. All students are expected to be organised for their classes with their student planner, iPad or laptop, pencil case, writing books and novels/textbooks. A student’s learning is not as productive if they have to borrow equipment and materials regularly in class. Being organised for class and bringing the correct equipment features in the NGSC Progress Reports and in the general classroom rules. 

Year 7 Immunisations

Last week the Year 7 students had their first round of immunisations for this year. If your child was away on the day you can visit the Barwon Health clinics for the immunisations. A table of locations and times is included in this newsletter. If you are unsure about the immunisation schedule you can ask at a clinic or visit the “immunehero” website.


Steve Quinn

Junior Sub School Manager


It is fantastic to see so many of our Junior School students wearing the school uniform correctly. Just a few reminders on the current uniform situation. Term two sees the start of Health class which means that students are required to wear school uniform not PE uniform for their single PE period. Also, socks need to be plain! No logos or brands should be visible as this is a breach of the uniform policy. Can we please make an effort to ensure they are wearing the correct uniform each day.  

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp will be occurring in term three and we would like to get as many students in attendance as possible. Camp will be at Halls Gap and provides a great opportunity to experience a beautiful part of our state and create and develop new and existing relationships with peers and staff alike. Expect information to be sent home in the next week and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Year 8 Team.

Progressive Reports

The next round of progressive reports will be released shortly. This is the perfect opportunity for you to identify successes and difficulties experienced by your child in their different classes, discuss actions with them that may be taken to improve and, if required, contact relevant teachers to discuss any concerns. We report regularly to try and identify areas of students’ academic progress that require support early and take appropriate action. So please sit down and have a positive conversation about school with your child using these reports as a focus.


Junior Sub School Homework club runs every Thursday, in the Library, from 3:20 to 4:30 pm.


Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Leader

The Middle School map below gives both parents and students a good insight into the Middle School and what we do, which I believe is important for you to see with the end of the semester nearing. Exams and progress reports can give us a good indication of where students are and how we can support them to get to where they want to be. 


Please look at your child’s Performance Average (PA), though not based on traditional academic results, it gives a good indication of effort. Anything under three tells us students are becoming disengaged in class or struggling to get to school. This PA can be a really good catalyst for conversations around education and what students hope to achieve.



Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager


Teachers are completing progress reports this week and it is a timely reminder that students should be asking for feedback on a regular basis and seeking help and assistance in class time as well as outside class. Students are busy working towards meeting outcomes and completing assessment tasks. This time of the year can be very busy and stressful so students need to be looking after themselves, ensuring a good night’s sleep, healthy diet, exercise and relaxation to accompany an organised study routine.


Students and parents are reminded that if a student is enrolled in VET they must attend. The 90% attendance requirement needs to be met and an Intermediate and Senior VCAL Certificate cannot be obtained without the successful completion of VET.

Year 11

Voting for the 2020 Year 12 jumper/jacket and camp have finished. The majority voted for the rugby top. Preparations will now begin on the design. The cost of the top will be approximately $80-$100. Once the design is finalised the order forms will be sent home.

Camp notice and medical forms will be coming home next week. Please return these notices by the required date.


Students participated in the FIT to Drive Program last week and learnt some important road safety messages and skills. Please talk to your students about this and promote these safety messages.


Year 12

Graduation notices have been provided to students this week. Please read carefully and complete the required paper work and payment by the key dates.

Key Reminders

12 June:    GAT. ALL students completing a Unit 3 and 4 subject must complete the GAT.
11 – 14 June:    Unit 1-4 VCE exams. VCAL classes will run as per normal.
17 June:    Semester 2 starts

Advanced Notice

Unit 3 and 4 Practice Exams will be held during the second week of the September school holiday break, beginning Monday, 30 September. All unit 3 and 4 students are expected to attend in preparation for the final exams. 


Fran Forsyth

Sports Coordinator

Bellarine Division Athletics Event

On Friday, 3 May a large team of NGSC students travelled to Landy Field to compete against other government secondary schools. The conditions were excellent for both the track and field events. Jack Warelow had an outstanding day breaking a record in the 14 Yr Boys 1500m event (old record 2005). Nay Soe Htoo also achieved a fantastic result breaking the 13 Yr Boys High Jump record (old 2017).

The Intermediate Boys won their section which was a well deserved result. Overall NGSC came second. Team members should be proud of their efforts.



The following students have now qualified for the Western Metro Region Athletics Championships at Aberfeldie in Moonee Ponds on Thursday, 19 September. 
7C    Seth McCleish        13Yr Boys Triple Jump
7G    Irena Rakalav        13Yr Girls Shot Put
8B    Nay Soe                13Yr Boys High Jump
8B    Ella Johnson        13Yr Girls Long Jump 
8C    Rarlee Bevan        14Yr Boys Shot Put, 4x100m Relay
8E    Caleb Richens        14Yr Boys 4x100m Relay
8F     Ben Day                13Yr Boys 200m
9B    Tanveer Singh        15Yr Boys 4x100m Relay
9B    John Kyziris        15Yr Boys 4x100m Relay    
9C    Sam Warelow        14Yr Boys Long Jump, 200m, 4x100m Relay,
                15Yr 1500m Walk 
9C    Jack Warelow         14Yr Boys 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4x100m Relay, 20Yr 3000m 
9C     Carli Winch        15Yr Girls Shot Put
9C    Adam Grigsby        15Yr Boys Shot Put
9D    Riley McFadden        15Yr Boys 1500m
9E    Ceylan Onturk,         15Yr Girls Javelin
9G     Lainey Hill         14Yr Girls Long Jump, 200m, Javelin, 100m
9H    Patrick Sager         15Yr Boys Triple Jump, Long Jump, 100m, 200m,400m, 4x100m Relay
9H    Kyle Wakely        15Yr Boys 4x100m Relay 
10G    Matthew Jelenic        16Yr Boys Javelin
11C    Cooper Towne        17Yr Boys 400m 
11C     Ben Grigsby        17Yr Boys Discus
12C    Jasper George        20Yr Boys Discus 
12C    Jeremy Hogan        20Yr Boys Shot Put 
12C    Locky Wilson        20Yr Boys 1500m Walk, High Jump
12C    Sarah Diprose         20Yr Girls 800m, 1500m Walk

Other School News

Linda Castle

LOTE Teacher

2019 Geelong Japanese Speech Contest

The 2019 Geelong Japanese Speech Contest will soon commence accepting entries. This contest is run to celebrate all the hard work and passion students have for their Japanese study! The Geelong Japanese Speech Contest is an opportunity for students and adults studying Japanese to demonstrate their Japanese skills by writing and presenting an individual speech (as well as performing a set speech for categories A, B and C). Students in Years 7/8 can enter category B and in Years 9/10 enter category C. 


Participating in the contest has many benefits. Some are:


  • Improving your Japanese speaking and writing skills as you write and practice your speech
  • Increasing your confidence as a public speaker
  • Getting to listen to many other speeches and make friends with other Japanese learners from around the region
  • Challenging yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • A feeling of accomplishment
  • Gifts, participation certificates and a chance at a prize!
  • An experience that's great for a resume (or bragging rights!)
  • Creating a great memory you'll never forget!


The entry fee is $7 per participant. This can be paid through your teacher. See Ms Castle if you are interested in participating.

Japanese Video Matsuri

The Japan Foundation’s Video Matsuri, an annual short film contest for students is now open. There are no restrictions on style or theme, as long as it is age appropriate. You can produce a comedy, a drama or a documentary! So why not enter and combine your Japanese ability with your creativity and acting skills.


Entries must:

  • be from Australian and New Zealand students
  • be no longer than 3 minutes
  • include the Japanese language
  • include a featured item of the year (chopsticks)
  • be received by the Japan Foundation by 16 September, 2019

Luke Scott


Chess Tournament

On Thursday, 2 May, Chrimoo, one of our Multicultural Education Aides, and I had the pleasure of taking 16 students to the Geelong Inter School Chess competition held at Saint Joseph’s College. This is the biggest team we have taken in many years. The students were model ambassadors for the North Geelong Secondary College, being gracious in victory and defeat, some were even spotted coaching their opponents during the game. We held our own against the other schools, competing against some exceptional players, to come 3rd in the Open Secondary category.

Congratulations to Jesse Yadao who was our top player in the Open Category and Holden Donovan who was our top player in the Middle year’s category.

Well done to all our students for the day.




On Friday, 17 May, NGSC will be celebrating IDAHOBIT day (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia). IDAHOBIT is celebrated in more than 130 countries around the world and there are many events scheduled in Melbourne and around the world to mark the day.

IDAHOBIT is a day to draw attention to the discrimination experienced by LGBTI people. The date is chosen to mark 17 May, 1990, when the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

During this week we recommit to our values of diversity, inclusion and community. We recommit to listening and to ending the discrimination faced by all people on the basis of their bodily characteristics, genders, sexualities or relationships.

Here at NGSC we will celebrate the day with face painting, nail painting, rainbow hair spraying and music.


Merryl Arnold

NGSC Adolescent Health Nurse


Barwon Health Immunisation Centres and Hours


Connected Families -
Free Seminar:
Navigating family relationships and communication in the age of technology


Geelong Tech School Community Open Day
21 May 2019


Diversitat Futsal Academy


You're Invited to Diversitat to enjoy Australia's Biggest Morning Tea



Victorian School of Languages

Nth Geelong Centre

Located at

North Geelong Secondary College


The Victorian School of Languages is a specialist government school offering complementary language instruction outside of regular school hours. It enrols students in Years 1 to 12, who are unable to study their language of choice in their mainstream school. Students from all educational sectors (Government, Independent and Catholic) are eligible to enrol.           


The Victorian School of Languages offers quality courses aligned with government curriculum standards, based on communication skills that include speaking, reading, writing and listening. Its VCE program is fully accredited and can advantage students in the calculation of their university entrance score.  


The school`s language program is delivered through face-to-face teaching in over 40 Language Centres situated in government secondary schools across the state, and through Distance Education mode.


In North Geelong, classes are held on Saturday mornings between 9:00 am and 12:15 pm at:

North Geelong Secondary College


Languages offered:      

Croatian, Karen, Vietnamese, Dari, Persian, Polish, Macedonian, Bosnian, Turkish & Russian

*New languages may be offered subject to demand*


For enquiries Telephone: 5277 9833


Further details and enrolment are available online at our website:


Discover the World of Languages!                 

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