St Agnes' Primary School Newsletter

29 May 2019
Issue Three
EXTEND-Before/After School Care
St Agnes' Primary School
(03) 9532 0344
Peterson Street
Highett, Victoria, 3190



Office hours are:    8:30am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                 9532 0344


Parents should always make contact with the Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.

Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



8.30 am - 10.40 am

10.45 am - 11.25 am (Recess)

11.25 am - 1.25 pm

1.35 pm-2.15 pm (Lunch)

2.15 pm - 3.15 pm


Student Absences - Parent Procedures

Is your child going to be:

Absent all day?

Student absences should be reported to the school before 9.30am. Please email or telephone the school office on 9532 0344 and leave a message on option # 2


Arriving late? 

When you arrive to school, the student must be signed IN at the school office by the parent/carer prior to going to class. A late pass will be given to the student to take to class with them.


Leaving early?

Parent/Carer must sign the student OUT at the school office


Students are not permitted to sign themselves in/out of school. 


SMS Messages

If you receive an SMS message advising that your child is absent as of 9.30 am that morning - please call or email the school.

These messages are generated automatically and sent to parents each day in accordance with the School’s Duty of Care obligations.


Pre-Planned Absences

For pre-planned student absences ie family holidays of longer than two days an email must be sent to the school via as byLaw permission must be given.









Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly. Tubs of Lost Property are located in the Office area.


2020 Enrolment Tours

School tours are conducted by appointment only with Principal or Assistant Principal at 10.00 am most days. Please ring the school office on 9532 0344 to register for a tour


Parent Contact Information

Have your contact details changed?

If so please update your information on CareMonkey so we can update our records. This includes changes to emergency contacts or additional numbers to call if needed.


Medication at School Form

If your child requires medication to be administered during school hours, please complete this form and hand it to the Front Office with the required medication.





Therese Stewart


Last week was family week.

A Family Blessing

Lord God, we thank you for our families, those who live with us and those who don’t. Thank you for our brothers and sisters, help us to live together as a family. We ask you to forgive us for the times we have been mean to each other, or forgotten to help one another. We pray for your help to become closer in our lives together.

We make this prayer to you, Christ Our Lord.


The importance of sleep!

Studies have shown that children who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health.   The human brain is a work in progress until age 21 and consistently sufficient sleep will help individuals reach their full potential.  Poor sleep or not enough sleep affects concentration, memory and behaviour, making it harder for your child to learn.  Children who don't sleep well are more likely to feel sleepy at school during the day and to have difficulties with learning.  Researchers believe that sleep affects learning and memory in two ways: Lack of sleep impairs a person's ability to focus and learn efficiently. Sleep is necessary to consolidate a memory (make it stick) so that it can be recalled in the future.  More and more schools are struggling with children who are not getting enough sleep. Research suggests that sleep helps learning and memory in two distinct ways. First, a sleep-deprived person cannot focus attention optimally and therefore cannot learn efficiently. Second, sleep itself has a role in the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information.  As mentioned in our CyberSafety evening for parents, children in primary school are on devices till very late at night and are even setting alarms for later in the night or very early morning to continue in their viewing or gaming.  Addiction to devices and technology is a very real thing.   According to a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health, only about 29 percent of students get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night.  Please help your child by ensuring they have enough sleep each night.  Recommendations suggest:-

3-6 Years Old: 10 - 12 hours per day

7-12 Years Old: 10 - 11 hours per day

12-18 Years Old: 8 - 9 hours per day

I know getting children to bed can often be a challenge but to optimise their learning and ability to manage day to day occurences it is well worth it.  The added benefit for parents is the quiet time this brings at the end of the day!


Lost Property!

Oh my goodness!  If your child is missing any items of clothing please come into the office and have a look in the lost property tubs or better yet send them in to have a look for lost uniform items.  There is two tubs filled with lost items.

Before and After School Care.

Our provider is 'Extend' and our service coordinator is Nicolene Cottrell.  Nicolene runs an excellent program for the children who use the out of school care service.  Parents are able to book children in on a regular basis or casually from time to time.  Please give 'Extend' a call if you are interested in using the out of school care service.  

Children's safety/Late arrivals.

When children arrive at school after the first bell they need to come through the front office to collect a red late pass.  This is to give to their teacher who knows that they have been marked off the attendance register.  By 9:30 each morning we send a  text message to parents if children are not at school.  Teachers complete their rolls first thing in the morning and then start their teaching for the day.  We are finding that children who are late are coming in without going through the office and therefore are registered as absent.  Consequently parents have become alarmed when they receive the text message.  If your child arrives after the bell they are late.  From next week we will be locking the front school gate at the first bell.  Hopefully this will help.  It can be very difficult for children to walk into class when learning has started, they feel self conscious and also miss important instruction and learning.  Please help them with this and have them at school before the first bell.  Being on time is a great life skill and it is never too early to start.  Many thanks!




30th-9.00 am Grade 5/6's attending Mass

31st-Grade 5/6-SSV Inter School Sports-Home Game 

            P&F Afternoon School BBQ

           7.00 pm-Grade 6-Sacrament of Confirmation


3rd-2.30 pm-Assembly-Hosted by Foundation

5th-9.00am-Grade 3-6 Literacy meeting

6th-9.00 am Grade 3/4's  attending Mass

7th-Grade 5/6-SSV Inter School Sports-Away Game


11th-6.30 pm-Ed Board Meeting

13th-9.00 am Grade 5/6's attending Mass

14th-Grade 5/6-SSV Inter School Sports-Home Game

15th-P&F Comedy Night

17th-2.30 pm-Assembly-Hosted by 5/6M

             6.30pm-Grade 5/6 Camp Meeting

18th-7.00 pm-Grade 4 Eucharist Faith Night

20th-9.00 am Grade 3/4's  attending Mass

            Grade 5/6-SSV Netball

21st-Grade 5/6-SSV Football

23rd-8.45 am-Short Morning Assembly

24th-Book Fair

25th Parent/Teacher Interviews

28th-Feast Of The Sacred Heart Mass

             End of Term 2 


Term 2  -  23rd April to 28th June
Term 3  -  15th July to 20th September
Term 4  -  7th October to 20th December

Term 2 School Closure Days 
Monday 10th June - Queens Birthday Public Holiday


School Fees

Just a friendly reminder that the second instalment for School Fees was due on Friday 24th May. Any concerns please contact the office. 


Woolworths Earn and Learn



Thank you to everyone, we have collected 4800 sticker so far. Please keep up the wonderful work


From 1st May to 25th June

Again this year St Agnes' is participating in "Woolworths Earn and Learn" event.

Anyone can help our school earn amazing resources;

Earn one sticker for every $10.00 spent at Woolworths. 

Drop your stickers in the collection boxes located either at the school office or Highett/Moorabbin Wooworths stores.

Please ask your family and friends to help out by collect for our school.




Level Mass

This Term when your levels attend Parish Mass, we would like to extend an invitation for you to join your child at Mass.

Every Thursday morning at 9.00 am there is a Parish mass.

You are most welcome to sit with your child during the Mass.


Please check the dates below for when you child's year level is attending Mass:

30th May-Grade 5/6

6th June-Grade 3/4

13th June-Grade 5/6

20th June-Grade 3/4


At the end of Term 2, we have the Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass on Friday 28th June at 9.00 am and we would love to have you all join us.

The whole school will attend and it will be lead by 5/6CK.







Thank you

Jessica Casey-Religious Education Leader



SSV Cross Country

Hi Everyone,


On Friday 17th  May, St Agnes' competed in the SSV Holt Cross Country against ten other schools in the Holt District at Bald Hill, Clayton.  The St Agnes' Boys/Girls teams were comprised of students from Grades 3 and 6.


The weather was perfect for Cross Country, a lovely sunny 20 degrees, this made it very pleasant for runners and spectators alike.  St Agnes' did well considering we are one of the smaller schools. Our school spirit shone through, with everyone doing their best and enjoying the day.  Congratulations to these students for their personal best results.


Isaac - 1st 12/13 year old

Que- 14th 12/13 year old

Blake- 17th 12/13 year old


Annabelle- 20th 9/10 year old

Maggie- 13th 9/10 year old

Piper- 16th 9/10 year old


Massimo -12th 9/10 year old


Stella Villani 9th 11 year old

Lily Ballarin 10th 11 year old


I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers/staff and parents who helped out and came to support the students on the day.


Most of all I thank  our wonderful students for doing an amazing job representing St Agne's.  


We are all very proud of your efforts and achievements.


Simon Kost-PE




Minding Young Minds-Free Event


Please see attached information for a free event at St James College.

Thank you

Anthea Georgiou-Wellbeing Leader


New Psychology Company Working with St Agnes'

Over the past few years St Agnes' have been working closely with onPsych, however this year we have reached out to a new psychology company called DBT. They are a private psychology practice who have been contracted to provide psychological services one day a week at St Agnes'.

They are a well-established psychology psychology practice which provides evidence-based intervention for children with a range of psychological issues such as anxiety, friendship problems, loneliness and grief. (Please read the letter attached for further information on DBT).

If you feel like this would be beneficial for your child, please contact me or arrange a time a time to see me.

I can then provide you with the paperwork to give to your medical practitioner for a Mental Heath Plan.

Thank you

Anthea Georgiou-Wellbeing Leader



Literacy News

Update from Julie Grace-Literacy Leader



On 23rd May our students participated in the National Simultaneous Storytime, reading "Alpacas With Maracas" written by Matt Cosgrove.

Some beautiful and colourful responses to this story are now displayed in the Library.




Writing is a focus for us this year and we are looking forward to Book Week in Term 3. As we will welcome author/illustrator, Mark Wilson to our school on our Book Week Day to share his love of writhing with us.

We have all been busy reading his books and writing to Mark with suggestions for his next book.


We are pleased to announce that St Agnes' School has had more than 10 students in our senior school progress past the initial judging in the 2019 School Writing Competition.

We  have been recognised for outstanding student writing and have received a Certificate Of Excellence which has been displayed in the foyer.  We await the final judging of our work over the next weeks.


Supporting Literacy Meeting

An information session will be held in Room 4 at 9.00 am on Wednesday 5th June for parents/carers of Grade 3 to 6 students.




A CareMonkey eform will be sent to every family, please respond if you are able to attend.


Thank you



Book Fair

We will be looking for volunteers once again this year. Please see the dates below


Set Up: Friday 21st June

Book Fair: Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th June




It will be an exciting celebration of reading with hundreds of fun, engaging and affordable books for kids to discover.  More information will follow in the coming weeks.


Please email me on if you are able to help.

Thank you

Julie Gonzales-Library Teacher



Biggest Morning Tea Thank you

A Special thank you to everyone who contributed to another successful Biggest Morning Tea at St Agnes' on Thursday 23rd May.


The students did a fantastic job decorating individual cupcakes to display around the tennis courts.


A big thank you to the SRC during Semester 1 for helping me arrange the morning and decorate the tennis courts.


A special thank you to all the mums, dads, grandparents and siblings that where able to share morning tea with us. We really appreciate it.


I am pleased to announce that this year, St Agnes' raised an amazing $490.90.


This is such a wonderful cause and very close to many of our hearts.

We look forward to doing it all again next year.


Thank you

Anthea Georgiou-Wellbeing Leader





P&F Event Dates: Term 2

Comedy Night-Saturday 15th June

Just over 2 weeks to go until the team from Comedy for a Cause will be back

for what promises to be a night full of fun and laughter. “Comedy For A Cause” will present a showcase of some of the best comedians from the Sydney and Melbourne International Comedy Festival in support of our school. Check out the flyer to see the amazing line up for this year’s event! This will be an +18 event. Tickets are available for purchase now via this link


The event will be theatre style seating. Doors will open at 6:30pm with the show starting at 8pm. Food & drinks will be available to purchase on the night. This will give guests an opportunity to socialise before the show while having a drink. Grab a group of friends and help support out school while having a laugh!


Anyone who is able to help behind the bar or in the kitchen on the night please contact Fleur Luke – 0439 456 020 /



Friday Afternoon BBQ's

The P&F Friday Afternoon BBQ's are back for Term 2 and 3.

The BBQ's are weather dependent and if you are able to volunteer your time to help sizzle and sell some sausages when your class is rostered on, please see your class rep as we need at least 3-4 helpers.


Sausages-$2.50 each or 3 for $6.00 (first price rise for six years)



Friday 31st-Foundation- Class Rep

-Krystle Dunkely


Friday 7th -Sarah Attree

Friday 14th-Maya Coates

Friday 21st-Jayne Munday




Our uniform shop is located near the School Hall under the stairs.
Tuesdays                                      8:30am – 9.30am


Uniform Shop Updates

We have the new style tracksuit pant in the store available in Size 10 at a cost  of $33.00.


We are selling existing tracksuit pants at a discount of $20.00. We will then introduce the new style tracksuit in each size as that size runs out.


We don't have much in stock of the current tracksuit so come in and grab a bargain!


Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey about the girls winter pant option.


For those of you that indicated you were interested we have ordered in the stock and hope to have it available for purchase very soon.


Sophie, Natalie and Leanne

Uniform Shop Volunteers



Parish News

Please see attached the Parish Newsletters.




An Invitation From Fr John O'Reilly

Please see attached an invitation from Father John inviting all in our community to Mass each Sunday. ' The Parish and The School are One'.


EXTEND-Before/After School Care













Making cards

and stars




herbal sugar






















sock puppets

Making a

fairy habitat


The Extend Superstar are:

Kane-For his  perseverance

Hudson-For his eager participation in all activities


What's Been Happening?

In line with our enrichment program, we are patiently waiting for our crop of veggies to grow!

In the meantime we are trying out interesting food, we painted with herbs and we made scented bath bombs.

Just a reminder that we are recycling our empty oral care and beauty products.



Keep the date

We have a Farm to Fork Mini Market coming up on Thursday 20th June between 3.15-6.00 pm.

Please see attached information.


The Winter Holidays

The Winter holidays are coming!

Book now to avoid disappointment.

Enrol and book now at:


Information and Operational Hours 




Please note all Catholic Secondary Schools have a Closing date of 23rd August 2019 for current Grade 5 students who will be entering Year 7 in 2021.


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