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20 December 2018
Issue Forty
Principal's Update
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Principal's Update


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Outstanding VCE results and DUX 2018 

This year we have achieved the best VCE results in the school’s history -16% of ATARs over 90, 9.8% of study scores in the 40s and a median study score of 30. This is a truly outstanding set of results and a credit to all staff and students who have all worked so hard to achieve so much, not only this year but over the course of the six year journey for these students.


Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students who received their results last Friday. They can  be very proud of their achievements. Special mention in this newsletter must go to our very high achievers. First of all our Dux for 2018, Sabrina Berg, who achieved an ATAR of 99.3, an absolutely sensational result.  Sabrina is in the top 1% of the state and she  plans to study for a Bachelor of Science Advanced -  Global Challenges (Honours) at Monash University. I would also like to congratulate Angus Macpherson for achieving an ATAR of 99.03. He is also in the top 1% of the state and plans to study physiotherapy at Latrobe University. Annie Ea achieved an ATAR of 98.95 and two perfect study scores of 50 for English and Health & Human Development. This is another wonderful achievement and Annie plans to study Pharmacy or Physiotherapy at Monash University. Tessa Love achieved an ATAR of 98.2 (in the top 2% of the state) and plans to study Arts at Melbourne University. Mikayla Begent achieved an ATAR of 97.25 (in the top 3% in the state) and plans to study Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University. Bailey Bocksette achieved an ATAR of 96.45 (in the top 4% of the state) and plans to study Physiotherapy at Monash. Naena Good-Jackson achieved an ATAR of 96.45 (in the top 4% of the state) and plans to study Arts at Melbourne University. Alex Vujicic achieved an ATAR of 90.2 (in the top 10% of the state) and plans to study International Business/Arts at Monash.

We held a results celebration morning tea on Monday for all our Year 12 teachers and students.

While we celebrate individual student success stories, it is important to remind everyone that your final ATAR score does not define you as a person. In the end it is a rank for tertiary admission. It won’t necessarily determine where you will go in the future or how happy you will be. All students should feel proud of their efforts and be satisfied that they have given their personal best.


Awards Night 

Our annual Awards Night held at the City of Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin on Thursday 13 December was such a wonderful celebration of achievement of Personal Best. We had the opportunity to celebrate student successes in a variety of areas such as Academic Excellence, Achievement Endeavour, the Arts &Technology, Sport and Community Involvement.    High quality entertainment was also provided by students in the areas of Music and Dance. It was also a most significant occasion for our Year 12 students. All students were presented on stage in academic gowns to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class with the entire school community. It was wonderful to welcome back our Dux from 2017, Jemima Cleaver. She gave a fantastic speech reflecting on her time at Mordialloc College and the past year studying for her Arts degree at Melbourne University. Our School Captains, Sabrina Berg and Bailey Bocksette, were our MCs for the night. They did a terrific job and they gave very thoughtful and inspiring speeches.

At Awards Night, there are many prizes awarded on the night. Students are nominated by their teachers at the end of each semester and this can be in one or more categories: Academic Excellence ­-The ‘Academic Excellence’ award is bestowed upon students who have demonstrated outstanding academic results within a subject. They have consistently worked above the expected level and/or have achieved a B or an A (in relation to Victorian Curriculum Achievement levels) on their reports where possible. At VCE level students need to be consistently attaining High or Very High on all assessments; Achievement Endeavour - The ‘Achievement-Endeavour’ award is awarded to students in recognition of consistent efforts made to strive for their personal best.  They have demonstrated academic progress within a subject and have made significant improvements to reach their learning goals; and Community Service - The ‘Community Service’ award is awarded to students from across each year level who have served the College in a particular way. For example participation in a variety of school activities as determined on an annual basis such as SRC, House Athletics, House Swimming, School Production, subject competitions, contribution to the College magazine, participation in open night, primary school visits, etc.


Unfortunately, given the size of our school we can’t recognise all students at the Awards Night presentation and thus we have set criteria for each year level (how many nominations they must receive) to be invited on the night. Therefore invitees are the top performing students in their year level. All other students who were nominated by their teachers for an award will have received these academic or achievement certificates last Friday in class. They should still be very proud of their positive work ethic and achievements this year.




This year we introduced a new award category – Dux of each year level based on close examination of achievement data over the year. The Dux for each year level was only revealed on the night,  therefore students weren’t named in the program.

Congratulations to the following students:




Anna Kuppe Dux of Year 7

Timothy Whitford – Dux of Year 8

Victoria Vasilenko – Dux of Year 9

Noreigh Zuniga – Dux of Year 10

Eleni Hatzis – Dux of Year 11


My thanks must go to Laura Gorman and Peter Walters for all their work  putting the evening together for us, to my teaching staff who all had an allocated role on the night to ensure the effective running of this significant event and to Catherine Boulton in the office who worked tirelessly behind the scenes on the administration. To see the list of all award recipients please click on the link below.


Orientation Day

All our new students starting next year in Year 7 enjoyed Orientation Day last Tuesday - making new friends, becoming more familiar with the College and getting to know the Year 7 teaching team. My thanks to all staff involved in running or supporting these programs, especially our Year 7 Coordinator Liz Evans and Director of Middle School Daniel Williams. As in previous years, we also ran a special transition program the previous week over two days for students in Grade 6 identified as at risk in transitioning to secondary school. This was organised and led by our wellbeing team (Di Douglas, Lana Paten and Ann Marsh), supported by our wonderful Year 10 Peer Support student leaders. This program is so important in ensuring Orientation Day isn’t too daunting for these students and, of course, the start of the following year is smooth.


Staffing 2019

Next year we have a few staff taking leave without pay, going on family leave or relocating and, with our increase in enrolments, a number of new teachers have been employed.

Leaving/Taking Leave

Joe Shanahan – Senior Humanities – taking 12 months LWOP to work at Trinity Grammar

Kate Daly – English – relocating to Adelaide with her family

Amelia Hargreaves – Maths/Science - went on family leave during Headstart, returns in 2020

Ariana Nickou – Maths/Science - family leave for 2019 to have her first child

Liz Evans – Maths/Science - family leave for 2019 to have her first child

Jane Jamieson – Careers – taking 12 months LWOP to work at Sandringham College

Michael Follent – Guitar - resigning his position to pursue other interests overseas


Emily Court – Art/Technology – returns from 12 months leave

Kathryn Bevan – Media/Drama/Food – returns from 3 terms leave

Liz Commons – Maths/Science – returned during Headstart from family leave, working 0.6 (job sharing with Alana Singh who is 0.4)

Beth Glover – Middle School assistant returns from family leave

Alison Stansby – who was the MS assistant to become an integration aide 

Melissa Turton – new integration aide

Angela Sassone – English/Humanities, from Mentone Girls SC

Josie Stephens – Senior Humanities. Experienced teacher from Queensland.

Alireza Panahandehfard – Senior Maths

Megan Furphy – Art – graduate.

Simon Belluzzo – Maths/Science – graduate

Chris Tze – Maths/Science - graduate

Megan Dixon – Humanities – started in Headstart, from Shepparton

Kate Mottershead – English/Humanities – started in Headstart, graduate

Claire Bruce – Chemistry/Science, from Keysborough SC

Emma White – Careers

Jason Liacos – Guitar



A reminder that the end of Semester 2 reports for 2018 and the 2019 Headstart progress reports are both available via the parent and student portals of Compass. Please contact the College if you have any trouble accessing them or if you would prefer a hard copy.

As this will be the last newsletter for the year, I would like to recognise our committed and dedicated teaching staff and education support staff at the College and thank them sincerely for all their hard work throughout the year on behalf of the students. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the parents and teachers on our College Council and all members of the College leadership team for their leadership and commitment to the ongoing improvement of the College.

Finally I would like to thank all members of the College community for their ongoing support. I wish everyone a safe and restful Christmas and holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in 2019.



Ms. Michelle Roberts





School President's Report


2018 has indeed been a great year at Mordialloc College, and one that our School Council is very pleased to join with the school in recognising the achievements of our students and teachers.

Personal Best, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility all underpin our College's  approach to quality education.  Whether in curriculum, on the sporting fields, the music program, the sensational Addams Family drama production, exciting camps and tours - or Advance or World Challenge adventures, our students prospered with excellent opportunities to transform their dreams and ambitions into reality.    

Mordialloc College provided a stimulating and innovative environment; an exciting and positive, engaging and safe place to learn.  2018’s best ever graduating results plus ongoing Student, Parent and Staff surveys clearly confirm this.

This year, the Department introduced a new approach to benchmarking school improvement and performance, assessed over a wide range of criteria.  Mordialloc College again proudly achieved positive ongoing improvement in our academic outcomes   - and as a result was rated by the Department as one of the leading schools in the region.

These levels of performance simply don’t come about by chance; rather they represent the hard work and high-achievement levels of our students, with the leadership and support of an outstanding teaching,  management and administration team.

Ms Roberts continues to be an exceptional principal and leader, building a strong and popular team of staff who are dedicated, inspired and hard working.  They have always strived to deliver a culture of high expectations for both themselves and their students. The outstanding College results this year reflect our improved educational outcomes - and the ability of the school to help our students at all levels achieve their personal best.

It’s appropriate on behalf of the School Council, our students and the wider school community to extend our genuine appreciation to every member of the College staff for their ongoing contribution and commitment to delivering the positive and productive educational environment which defines the achievements and success of Mordialloc College. Thank you, we can’t achieve without you.

Our reputation and standing within the local community and surrounding primary schools continues to grow, reflected in higher levels of enrolment year on year. It’s exciting to look forward to the next year - and beyond - as the school continues to build upon ongoing improvement.

Let me also acknowledge the positive and productive contribution & role of each of our School Councillors in Council & committee activities this year, including our long standing Treasurer Mrs Tracy Gabell, our Student Councillors Sabrina and Bailey, together with James Vicendese and our youngest but oh so grown up Year 7 representative, Jeremy Thai-Chan.

On behalf of our School Council, let us all wish our returning students, parents and staff a happy and safe holiday season.  To our graduating students, for the moment, it’s farewell - but your years at Mordialloc College will forever be an important part of your progress and growth.

Congratulations on your achievements. Good luck to each and every one of you.

We wish you all the future success, happiness and prosperity you each deserve.


Ian Fox

School Council President

Important Dates


Friday 21

  • End of Term 4 - early finish 1:30 pm

January 2019

Tuesday 29

  • Teachers commence

Thursday 31

  • Year 7 and 12 students commence


Friday 1

  • Years 8-11 students commence

Monday 4

  • Year 9E MEX  Looking Around Data Collection

Wednesday 6

  • Camp Summit for Year 7 students 

Thursday 7

  • Year 9C Mex Looking Around Data Collection 

Friday 8

  • Year 7 Camp return

Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Congratulations to Ajay Lokiru for  displaying the College value of Integrity this week when he found a wallet at the station and went out of his way to contact the owner and return it to them.

Well done Ajay.

Congratulations to the following students for displaying the College value of Personal Best through their hard work in maths classes recently. Their efforts have resulted in a significant improvement in this subject. Well done!








Lana Paten


Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 4 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.



Please see the attachment for the most up to date price list including any specials that are available.


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