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18 July 2017
Issue Twenty
Important Dates:
Principal's Report
Assistant Principal Report
Senior School News
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Career News
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Viewbank College
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Important Dates:

Tuesday 18th July

Applications due - Yr 9 Unit 1 & 2 and Yr 10 Unit 3 & 4

Production - Make-up Workshop 12.45pm-1.30pm R17

FOPAVA Meeting 7.30pm

Wednesday 19th July

Production Rehearsal - 3.45pm - 6pm

Production - Make-Up Workshop 12.45pm - 1.30pm R17

Thursday 20th July

SSV Cross Country (Bundoora)

Middle Years & Senior Years Awards Assembly

Production: Dance Rehearsal - 3.45pm - 8pm

Production: Vocal Rehearsal 3.45pm - 5pm

Friday 21st July

Sitzprobe School Production 7.30am - 10.45am

Monday 24th July

Canteen Meeting 2pm

Tuesday 25th July

Year 12 - Guest Speaker - Ross Huggard (p5&6)

Friends of Viewbank (FOV) Meeting 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th July

Year 8 Careers Day

German Day out

Confirmation letters given to students Unit 1 & 2 and 3 & 4

Production: Rehearsal 3.45pm - 6pm

Thursday 27th July

Intermediate Girls Footy

Australian Maths Competition

Year 12 Legal Studies Excursion to Monash Law Chambers

Production: Dance Rehearsal 3.45pm - 8pm

Production: Vocal Rehearsal 3.45pm - 5pm

Friends of Music (FOM) Meeting 7.30pm

Friday 28th July

Senior Girls Soccer

Year 9 into 10 Subject Selection Day with parents and Subject Selection Forms due

Production: Tech Bump In 3.30pm - 6pm

Saturday 29th July

Production: Lighting Plot 12pm - 4pm

Sunday 30th July

Year 12 Japanese External Exam Seminar 9am - 1pm at Monash Uni

Production: Technical & Dress Rehearsal 10am - 8pm

Monday 31st July

Dress Rehearsal for College Production 3.30pm - 9pm

Tuesday 1st August

Year 8 Boys Football - Northern Metro final

Year 7 Viewing of Production "All Shook Up"

College Production - Opening Night - 7.30pm

Wednesday 2nd August

Years 8, 10 & 11 Subject Selection due

College Production 7.30pm

Thursday 3rd August

Year 12 VTAC Information Session (p3)

Year 7 Boys Football Northern Metro Final

College Production 7.30pm

Friday 4th August

College Production 7.30pm

Saturday 5th August

Science Talent Search

College Production - Matinee 1.00pm

College Production 7.30pm

Principal's Report

From the Principal

Our construction is now underway and throughout 2017 and 18 we need to keep this vision at the forefront of the College ‘Caring for Excellence’.


Welcome back to Term 3.  I hope that it has been a relaxing time for students and a great chance for families to have valuable time together.  Out and about, it seems students are really positive about coming back to school and that’s how we like it.

College Production 2017

Immediately on the horizon is the College Production which is only 2 weeks away.  In fact, opening night is exactly two weeks from now!  The season runs from Tuesday, 1st of August through to Saturday, 5th August with a matinee on that last day.  Our students have been rehearsing during the holidays and Ms Brown, one of the Producers is delighted with them.  This week at the assemblies on Thursday, we will be treated to a performance from the show and I am sure it will generate lots of interest.  This is a show for everyone, so do not miss it. 

‘All Shook up’ is a very funny, bright, toe-tapping show of wonderful rock nostalgia.  It will be just the thing to banish the ills of winter, leave you with lots of warm feelings and a whole lot of rock songs to hum.

Tickets are on sale Family (2 adults & 2 children) $85, Adult $27 and Child/Student/Concession $20.  To book, please click on the following link  

Year 9 Students and Parents:

On Friday 28th July, Year 9 students will only be required to attend school, with a parent/guardian for their special one-to-one counselling session to finalize Year 10 subject selection.  Otherwise, they are not expected at school.  By now students should have had ample time to consider their 2018 options and this day of counselling sessions is to ensure that our Year 9 students and their parents are fully aware of the choices, they are making.  It is important for students to consider their strengths and their passions in making choices as well as requirements for future career paths.  Keep as broad a selection as possible.  This is a fine opportunity for parents and students to access teacher expertise to help with decision-making.  The counselling sessions will be 15 minutes in duration which should be a goodly amount of time for each child.  

Year 9 Central Australian Camp:

During the last week of term, our Year 9s ventured into the outback for a tour filled with adventure and wonder.  On meeting the buses as they arrived on the Friday night to start the holidays, it was evident that our students, while tired, had an excursion like no other.  They waxed lyrical about the vastness of the landscape, the wonders of Uluru, Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Kings Canyon. They came home effervescent and so did their teachers.  The teachers were praising students and students thanking teachers.  Everyone was so positive about their camp experience.  I would like to congratulate everyone for making this such a dynamic camp.  A big vote of thanks to the teachers who volunteered for this adventurous tour and especially, I wish to acknowledge the fine organization of Year 9 Level Well-Being Leader, Ms. Lisa-Marie O’Connor and her Assistant, Ms Vita Cottone for their meticulous organisation.

Year 10 Work Experience:

The last week of term also saw our Year 10s off to the world of work and our students acquitted themselves really with credit.  This is yet another big experience; this one designed to challenge students to really think about what they want for themselves in terms of a future work environment.  They are the generation that will have at least 15 different types of employment during their working lives so it is important for them to engage with getting as much information as possible, to find their sense of direction for future study and their possible career pathways.  I wish to thank Mr Duncan Pitt and Mr Chris Wallis who ensured that all our Year 10s had placements and were followed-up by teachers. 

The College Building Project:

If you are anywhere near the College, you will see the prefabricated walls of the buildings going up.  Last Wednesday, 6 semi-trailers delivered the first prefabricated walls and they were placed into position by an enormous crane.  The crane itself is one of only 5 in Victoria and it is so big, it needed three trucks to get it into place for the delivery.  It is exciting to see the first of the outer walls finally going into place and Thursday next week, the crane will be back for the second delivery.  While the walls are being erected, there is a small army of tradesmen working on the forecourt which will connect the Performing Arts Centre to the Admin Building.

A Sporting Success During The Holiday Period:

Congratulations go to Maya Grills of Year 12 who has arrived back after playing in the U 19 Australian Badminton Championships in Adelaide over the past 8 days.  Victoria won the State Championships and Maya won her 5 singles and 1 women's double matches.  In the individual matches, Maya made the semi-finals in both the mixed and women's double matches.  However, in the women's singles, she won through to the final and came runner up.  She was voted the Best and Fairest player for the tournament.  Maya, is now ranked No 2 Junior Player in Australia.  What an exciting competition it must have been and we are very proud of Maya’s badminton achievements.  Well done Maya!

Accessing the Newsletter:

If you are part of the school community that uses Compass to access the newsletter, there is a much simpler way to receive this.  To subscribe, go the ‘Menu’ button, at the top left of the front page and ‘subscribe for email updates’.  The link to the latest newsletter will then be sent direct to your email, thus removing the need to log in to compass to access the newsletter.


Judith Craze


"Caring for Excellence"

Assistant Principal Report

Friends of Viewbank (FOV) 2017/2018 Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are now on sale. 

We have plenty of books that can be purchased through the General Office.


Just pop in and pay your $70.00 and you will receive the book.  You can also purchase this via the internet by accessing their website.  There is also a digital version that can be purchased via the website instead of the book. The College receives $13.00 for every book purchased to go towards our fundraising for the year, which will be going towards our new building.

Please see further details in the attachment.

Maree Gaffney

Assistant Principal


Senior School News

Key dates

  1. Senior Years Awards Assembly – Periods 3 & 4 Gym -  Thursday July 20
  2. Online WebChoices Subject Selection – close Wednesday August 2.

Subject Selection

Year 11 students should have received an email today with their WebChoices code as well as instructions on how to complete their subject selections for next year.  Year 10 students will receive their login codes early next term.  Once completed, two print outs will be required, one for home records and the signed copy to be returned to Mr Murray (Yr 10) or Mr Bettiol (Yr 11) by Wednesday August 2, 2017.


Best wishes for a restful and enjoyable break!


Sue Calder

Senior Years Leader

9091 3870


UN Model Konferenz

At the end of Term 2, the Year 12 German class participated in a Model UN Conference to debate the topic “Combating Climate Change: Committing to Global Action”. 


21 countries were represented on the day, with Viewbank acting as delegates for either Nigeria or Great Britain.  The morning session involved each country providing a Position Statement – a speech of 2 – 3 minutes that outlined the country’s achievements towards Climate Change action.


Then there were several caucus sessions – moderated and unmoderated, where countries debated aspects of resolution clauses in order to refine them and reach a consensus in the wording. 


However, the most impressive aspect of the event was that it was conducted entirely in German! 


Our Year 12 students did a fantastic job in representing the college and their allocated countries.  Special mention must be made of the incredible professionalism and clarity of the two speeches our students made – props to Katrina Bruch and Deen Pierotti, who fronted the crowd and did such wonderful presentations – definitely the best of the day!  But all the students worked together in their teams to follow and further the debate, and I am sure they took away much from the day.


Thanks go to the UN Association of Australia (Victorian Division) for providing such a wonderful opportunity for learning enrichment, as well as to the Department of Education (Languages Division) and to the Association of German Teachers Victoria for their support of the initiative.


Clare Fleming


Music News

A.M.E.B (Australian Music Examination Board)

Any students who have been learning their instrument for at least a year, who would like to enrol for an A.M.E.B exam should speak to their instrumental music teacher before enrolling. These external exams give students a goal to work towards and are an experience that enhances their playing/singing skills immensely. Enrolment forms are available from the Music Office. The relevant dates are as follows:


Final date for enrolment                                          Exam dates

5th session: Monday 24 July                                      (between 9 October – 19 November)

Upcoming and Important Dates:

Tuesday 1 to Saturday 5 August – School Production “All Shook Up”

Saturday 12 August Senior Band: performance at the Diamond Valley Vietnam Veteran’s Service. Memorial Park, Greensborough: 10am – 12pm

Wednesday 23 August Stage Band: Victorian School Music Festival 9am – 2.20pm, The Australia Institute of Music, King St, Melbourne

Thursday 14 September Cabaret Night for all vocal students. Library – 7pm.

Wednesday 20 September Jazz Night at the Watsonia RSL – Jazz Band, Stage Band, Funk Band and Latin Band

Monday 16 October Gala Concert, Plenty Ranges Conference Centre – All Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Guitar Ensembles, String Ensembles and Choirs


Sarah Williams

Director of Music

[email protected]

Career News

Career News

On the 20th of June, Jo Newton, a research scientist working for the Victorian government, came to give a talk about careers in agriculture and the path from school to the workplace.  The speech gave insight into what opportunities come outside of school, with a focus on getting involved in things like work experience and volunteering, to help make the most of those opportunities.  The talk was hugely interesting, and all students who attended got a lot out of it.



Justin Nieuwhof

STEM Captain

Sport News

Sport Dates


Week 1

Thursday 20th July - State Cross Country


Week 2

Thursday 27th July - Intermediate Girls Football Northern Metro Final

Friday  28th July - Senior Girls Soccer Northern Metro Final


Week 3

Tuesday 1st August - Senior Girls Badminton Northern Metro Final

Tuesday 1st August - Year 8 Boys  Football Northern Metro Final

Wednesday 2nd August - Intermediate Boys Football  Northern Metro Final

Thursday 3rd August - Year 7 Boys Football Northern Metro Final


Week 4

Tuesday 8th August - Intermediate School Sport Round Robin. Basketball/ Table Tennis/ Futsal

Tuesday 8th August - Football Final for any team that won the Northern Metro Section in week 3


Week 5

Monday 14th August - Year 8 Boys Soccer Northern Metro Final

Wednesday 16th August - Year 7 and 8 Girls Netball  Northern Metro Final

Wednesday 16th August - Year 7 Boys Soccer Northern Metro Final


Week 6

Wednesday 23rd August - Year 8 School Sport Round Robin: Basketball/ Table Tennis/ Futsal

Thursday 24th August - Year 7 Boys and Girls Badminton Northern Metro Final

Thursday 24th August - Year 8 Boys  Badminton Northern Metro Final


Week 8

Wednesday 6th September - Northern Metro Athletics


Week 9

Tuesday 12th August - Year 7 School Sport Round Robin. Basketball/ Table Tennis/ Futsal


Mark Eagling

Director of Sport

Production News

Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets are now on sale for our 2017 College Production of "All Shook Up"


Tuesday 1st August, 2017 - 7.30pm

Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 - 7.30pm

Thursday 3rd August, 2017 - 7.30pm

Friday 4th August, 2017 - 7.30pm - SOLD OUT!!!

Saturday 5th August, 2017 - 1.00pm

Saturday 5th August, 2017 - 7.30pm - SOLD OUT!!!!

Venue:   Banyule Theatre, Buckingham Drive, Heidelberg


*Cost:       Adults                                                     $27.00

                    Child/Student/Concession            $20.00

                    Family (2 adults + 2 children)       $85.00
*Please note that there is a 30 cent per seat Trybooking fee

To book, please click on the following link

Caitlin Brown


 Viewbank College Production

Canteen News

Canteen Roster

Canteen volunteers for the week of 17th July to 21st July

Wednesday 19th        Jackie Bernoth

Thursday 20th            Vanessa Franzi

Friday 21st                    Helen Mina


Canteen volunteers for the week of 24th July to 28th July

Monday 24th                Help Needed Please

Tuesday 25th               Help Needed Please

Wednesday 26th         Aphro Papandreou 

Thursday 27th              Marion Ford

Friday 28th                     Catherine Maguire

Canteen Menu


Canteen Helpers Required

If you have a few hours available once a week, fortnight or month - in particular on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, we would greatly appreciate your time to assist in our Canteen at the College.  Please contact Denis, our Canteen Manager on [email protected]  if you can offer the College your valuable time.   


Volunteering in the canteen is easy and fun and your duties can include:

making simple lunches, a few dishes and serving at the counter at recess and/or lunchtime.


Gluten Free Options

The Canteen offers gluten free options, to order, please speak to one of the canteen staff or order via lunchorder.

General College Information

After School Study Groups

Mondays - in C5 Ms Ellis 3.15pm - 4.30pm

Thursdays - G3 with Mr Papadakis and Ms Ho 3.15pm - 4.30pm


The Library is also open before school on a Tuesday and Friday morning from 8am - 9am where students can go and complete work and Mr Handford is there if assistance is required.

Viewbank College Uniform Suppliers

Noone Imagewear

is located at 283 Lower Heidelberg Road, East Ivanhoe 9499 1439.

Opening hours Mon to Fri 9-5 pm and Sat 9-1pm.


Buxwear Uniforms

Buxwear Uniforms are the new dual supplier of your uniform.

Our shop is at 218 Settlement Rd. Thomastown. 9464 7555

Opening hours Mon to Fri 9-5 pm and Sat 9.30-2 pm.

We are offering a 10% discount on all of your Year 7 uniform bought at our shop until the end of January.

In January we will also have a website available for the purchase of uniform on line at

We look forward to helping you get the correct uniform so your child can start school with confidence.

Viewbank College Uniform Shop

Is run by Noone Imagewear (Stewarts of Ivanhoe) and Is open every Wednesday morning (during school terms) in R13.  Hours :  8.15am - 9.00am

Second-hand Uniform and Textbooks

Dear Parents

The College is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to buy and sell second-hand uniforms and other student resources.

I am delighted to inform you of the College’s initiative to provide parents with the ability to trade these second-hand items via the Sustainable School Shop.


On this website you can see the second-hand uniform items currently for sale on the Sustainable School Shop, by viewing the Stocktake Report:


The service provides access to second-hand uniforms, calculators, musical equipment, etc all year.  Results from other schools have been excellent and families have enjoyed a more comprehensive and convenient method of trading these items; many schools use this service.


For the best results:

  • Register on the Sustainable School Shop website
  • List your second-hand uniform items for sale
  • List wanted ads for those items you are looking to buy
  • The College’s uniform lists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy
  • The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer via email
  • Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade.
  • The school is not involved in the transaction
  • Parents are well supported via Sustainable School Shop’s telephone (0438 743 444) and email help lines
  • The system is simple and easy to use - If you don’t have a computer, internet access or an email address, please call the Sustainable School Shop for assistance

Once an annual subscription expires families are offered three levels of access: 

  • Search only - registering/logging-in on the Sustainable School Shop, searching all the for sale ads and gaining the sellers’ contact details is free.
  • Single items cost $1.50 to be advertised
  • Subscription - an annual subscription costs $21.95 and is the most anyone will pay. These are taken by families who have many items to advertise.

We are very excited about this new initiative and we hope you will make the most of this opportunity and gain the benefit from recycling your student’s school items.

Natalie Kennan

Business Manager


Community News



Friends of Music (FOM)  - Autumn Festival 2017

Viewbank College Friends of Music would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations and support during the Autumn Festival in 2017:

AFL Community Ticketing

Bakers Delight - Warringal

Barklys Hotel

Beautiful You

Bellevue Podiatry

Bendigo Bank Heidelberg

Charcoal Chicken & Souvlaki Station

Cherry Blossom Beauty House

Chris the Cobbler

CMB Hair & Beauty Studio

Coles - Warringal

Crowe Family

Frost's Pharmacy

Gabriella Favretto

Heaven Sent Beauty Salon

Heidelberg Newsagency

Heidelberg Symhony Orchestra

IGA Rosanna

Ingvarson-Favretto Family

Johnathan A Hair

Judith Craze

McGinty Hairdressing

My Chemist - Warringal

Nadine Dudek

Pure Fitness Melbourne

Ritz of Rosanna

Rosanna Fruit Supply

Rosanna Milk Bar

Rosanna Pharmacy

Rosanna Sushi & Noodle Station

Salts of the Earth Rosanna

Schmidt family

Simply Free Range

Soleil Rouge Nails and Beauty

Stalder family

Stephanie Dreyfuss

Stepehn's Meats

Viewbank College family donors

Viewbank College staff donors

Vintage 72 Cellars


Special thanks to Bakers Delight, Warringal and to Piedimonte's Supermarket & Liquor, Fitzroy.


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Secondhand Textbook and Uniform Trading User Guide Viewbank College .pdf