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21 November 2017
Issue Fifteen
From the Principals' Desk 
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From the Principals' Desk 


The Year 12 exams are almost done and many of our students have completed their final exams, study, and effectively, their secondary school education. The feedback from students I have spoken with has been quite positive and most are confident that they have done well – or at the very least, were not surprised by what was on the exam which indicates that they have been well prepared and hopefully that will translate into excellent results for them all.


The graduating class now have a very long break ahead of them and it will take them a while to acclimatise to the lack of structured study, homework and deadlines. Most will manage this very well – although many are quite bored by February while awaiting university commencement and we see quite a few early in the new year as they drop in to catch up or alleviate their boredom.


Many will find it difficult to relax though as they anxiously await the release of their results and ATARs; and then await the results of their university placement applications.


I commend Ms Warriner, her team, and our excellent exam supervisors for the very smooth and efficient running of the VCAA exams, they have done a great job this year and it has all gone very smoothly. The rest of the school now enters their period of final exams, commencement and end of year celebrations.

Important Events

The Valedictory Dinner takes place at Etihad Stadium on November 23 and I look forward to celebrating the graduation of the class of 2017 with the students and their families, it is always a joyous occasion.


The following week sees the school’s most important event take place as we gather at Robert Blackwood Hall for  Speech Night 2017. I hope that all families have made arrangements to attend as we highlight and celebrate the outstanding performances of our students and farewell the class of 2017 and of course, farewell some key staff members and hear from some of our Alumni and other important guests and speakers.


The school is currently in full exam mode with all other year levels undertaking formal final assessment programs designed to both assess their levels of understanding and performance, and to give them valuable experience in exam conditions as preparation for the final VCE program they will all undertake.

Staff Departures

There has been a fair bit of movement within our staff and we will be farewelling (or have already farewelled) a number of our teachers – some taking up promotion positions, some taking 12 months leave, some trying other pathways. While it can be a bit of a wrench at times – it is the sign of a healthy organisation and a feature of the calibre of the staff that Nossal attracts (they are also very attractive to others). It does give us the opportunity to bring new people and new expertise and ideas into the school, which is a good thing.

  • Mr Michael McQuaid – 12 months leave
  • Ms Elizabeth Morgan – 12 months leave
  • Ms Lucy Kutrolli – 12 months leave
  • Ms Brianna Chapple – 12 months leave
  • Ms Ashlee Walsh – moving to Kambrya SC
  • Ms Falyn D’Mello – secondment to the Education Department
  • Mr Loi Tran – moving to Sydney
  • Mr Sam Allen – moving to an independent school closer to home
  • Ms Sue Harrap – promotion to Principal position at Northcote HS

There are also several more Nossal babies on the way!


We are quite busy at the moment interviewing for replacement staff and will introduce our new staff members in the final newsletter for the year, and farewell the departing staff at various functions over the final few weeks of the school year.

Alpine School

Six Year 9 students have taken the brave step of spending the final 5 weeks of the school year at the Alpine School in the Victorian Alps. There they will be working with students from 6 other schools and living onsite as they undertake an intensive leadership and challenge program under the supervision of Alpine School staff.


They will live onsite for 5 weeks and will have limited access to phones, email and online media which might be one of the bigger challenges they will face! They also have limited contact with their families during this time which can be quite difficult for the students and their families.


The outcomes of this program are very impressive though and it can be a life changing event for the participants who will be returning vested with the responsibility for instigating a significant leadership project within their school or local community. I look forward to seeing what they come up with and hearing of their wonderful experiences.


The students involved are Wendy Si, Annabel Keecha-Milsom, Jamin Kaur Nijjar, Mridul Garg, Mohit Patel and Raymond He.

Monash University Relationship

Monash University depart the Berwick site within the next few weeks and Federation University will then fully take over the university buidings. We have been meeting with Monash to make sure the nuts and bolts of the site maintenance and development are clear as they still retain ownership of the site and the planned redevelopment is still a couple of years off.


I have also been meeting with the Pro Vice Chancellor and Campus Managers as Monash are very keen to maintain and strengthen our partnership even when they are no longer resident at Berwick. This is in recognition that the majority of Nossal students enter Monash courses, and Monash is very keen to continue to support and encourage this trend. Monash has a designated place on our school council which has until recently been very capably filled by Professor Leon Piterman who has been a member of the Nossal community and in charge of the Berwick Campus of Monash since 2010. I pay tribute to the strong support and assistance Leon has provided to the school in this time – his input, advice and support will be greatly missed, but we wish him well in his “retirement” and hope to see him at Nossal events long into the future.


I would also like to formally acknowledge Mr Michael Watchorn, the Campus Manager at Monash who has been of enormous assistance to Nossal over the years and who we will continue to work with, albeit more remotely. Monash will continue to support our VCE students, the Monash Challenge and other events and we will look at ways to strengthen the partnership with the Clayton campus where most of the Nossal graduates end up. We will forge new links with Federation University who have already offered scholarships to our students, and we will be working with them to see what areas of activity would provide mutual benefit into the future.

School Review and Strategic Planning

The school will be entering the final year of our 4-year strategic plan in 2018, and as such will be undertaking a comprehensive review of our performance as we determine our future directions and develop our next Strategic Plan.


We will be seeking more input from the whole school community and will be also seeking to address any areas of deficiency and strengthen areas of high performance. We gather large amount of data throughout the year (parent, student, staff surveys; performance data etc) and will be examining trends and performance levels comparative to like schools and our historical data. The review will be undertaken by an independent reviewer appointed by the Department of Education and supported by “Challenge Partners.” (experienced educational leaders who we will invite to critically analyse our work and to challenge our assumptions and thinking)


On all of the comparative data we collect Nossal is performing very well – although we have set some very challenging targets for ourselves and believe that there is always more we could be doing, things we can do better, and many opportunities for us to learn and grow. I want Nossal to be a school that challenges itself and others, and want us to be brave enough to move beyond the status quo and to seek to innovate and lead. I am pleased to see elements of this occurring, and the review will give us the opportunity to analyse and reflect on this.

Upcoming Events

  • Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale - The PFA will be holding their annual second-hand book and uniform sale on Saturday Dec 2 from 9.30 – 12.30 pm. Please come along if you have items to sell (or buy) or wish to assist and support the PFA. This is a great service for the school community and I sincerely thank our wonderful parent volunteers for the excellent work they do on your behalf. The booklists are now available online though Campion Online at The 2017 into 2018 list is available on the schools website at
  • Working Bee - At the same time, we will be holding a working bee, so if you can spare an hour or two, please join Mr Butler and myself and help with some gardening and landscaping. We will be focusing on the oval area – so whipper snippers and mowers and trailers and wheelbarrows (with willing labourers) would be much appreciated.
  • South East Feast – This will now take place on Saturday April 21, 2018 – please keep that date free and begin inviting friends, neighbours and relatives…. we want this to be huge.
  • Select Entry Network Day – Nossal will host the annual network curriculum day in 2018 where the staff of all four Select Entry schools will gather to share ideas and learn from national and international experts. This will take place on Tuesday April 24 which will be a pupil free day across the four schools.

Roger Page


Important dates


School Council Meeting

Tuesday November 21 - 6:00pm


NHS Valedictory/Graduation Dinner 2017

Thursday November 23


National Chess Finals - Middle Years

Monday November 27


2018 Commencement Program

Monday Nov 27 - Wednesday Nov 29


Speech Night 2017

Tuesday November 28

Whole school event - Compulsory for all students from Years 9-12


Examination Feedback

Thursday November 30 & Friday December 1



Final Day for Year 10 & 11

Friday December 1


Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale

Saturday December 2

Working Bee

Saturday December 2


Year 9 University Challenge

Monday 4, Tuesday 5 & Thursday 7 December


Year 9 2018 Orientation Day

Wednesday December 6

No classes on this day


Terry Bennet Cup

Friday December 8

Hosted by NHS


Year 9 University Challenge Completion

Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 December


School Council Meeting

Tuesday December 12 - 6:00pm


Yr 9 Big Day Out

Wednesday December 13

Final day for Year 9


Year 12 Results Morning Tea

Friday December 15


Final 2017 Reports Released

Thursday December 21

January 2018

Years 9 &12 2018 Foundation Assembly Day

Tuesday January 30


Years 10 & 11 2018 First Day

Wednesday January 31

And Beyond...

South East Feast

Saturday April 21


Select Entry Network Day

Tuesday April 24

No classes on this day

General News

Important Notices from the Front Office...

School Captains’ Report 2017

At the end of 2016 and at the beginning of our captaincy journey, we (Aria, Abel, Mel and Ben) were excited and expectant of the year to come. We had three main goals: to strengthen inter-year level relationships, to promote wellbeing within the Nossal community and to remain true to and promote the values of Nossal as a school, to respect and to protect its identity. Here’s how we achieved those goals.


Nossal Time Mentor Groups

Coming into the year, one of our shared focuses as the School Captain Team was to encourage and sustain positive inter-year level relationships. Taking advantage of the existing infrastructure of the vertical tutorial groups, we developed a simple, yet effective means of promoting the development of inter-year level bonds through the establishment of tutorial buddy groups that were to be utilised for Nossal Time Sessions. With the opportunity to design some of our own lessons, our goal was ensure that SEL (Social, Emotional Learning) sessions could be used effectively to create meaningful bonds between year levels to promote a more respectful and appreciative school culture.


SRC Awards

As a means of integrating the SRC into the student community, the SRC initiated their own SRC awards. These awards were created with the aim of recognising all the good things that the student body does outside the academic sphere and other achievements that are officially recognised. The idea behind this was to  further promote the positive aspects of the student culture by having the student body themselves recognise all the amazing things that their fellow students do. The awards were split into three categories; Nossal Spirit, Environmental and Miscellaneous. Across these categories, a total of 10 people were chosen and presented with awards in the form of a serenade by our very own SRC band! We hope to see this initiative continue into the future in order to continually support the little things that make our community the amazing one it is.


State Schools’ Relief

In Nossal’s past years of philanthropy we raised and donated money to well established charities, but this year we wanted to shift our focus to a charity closer to home. The State Schools Relief (SSR) is an organisation based in Dandenong that works to help students of all socio-economic status' to participate wholly in the experience of schooling. This year was the first year of our House based fundraiser for this incredible charity and with great success we raised just over $1500. Mel had the pleasure of organising and running this series of events at school and we are excited to see how much we can improve on this in coming years. Our goal is to make this an annual event, and we hope to develop a close relationship with the SSR in the future.



This year, Aria had the pleasure of leading Formation into its second year. Formation is a group of girls who seek to empower other girls and encourage them to defy the stereotypes pitted against us. Last year, Formation received a mix of critique from the cohort, especially from the boys, because the events we ran were girls only, since our focus was on empowering and inspiring female leaders. This year, we improved Formation’s reputation through the school by allowing anyone and everyone to attend our events, and received heaps of good feedback from everyone, even running our first out-of-school event: our summit Women In the Developing World with Feel.Think.Flow. Formation’s growth these past two years has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to what the 2018 team will bring next year.


Perspect Yourself

In an environment where students have high expectations for themselves and each other, one of our goals as School Captains was to communicate the importance of student wellbeing and to promote positivity within the school. One of the more creative solutions that arose from discussion was to make a light hearted song with a music video titled Perspect Yourself, “perspect” being an amalgamation of the words “perspective” and “respect”. The music video involved various students and the brilliant vocals of Abel and Ben. We released it during a period of the year where workload began to rise, and our efforts intended to serve as a means to alleviate any tension and stress, to remind to students and friends to keep things in perspective, and to respect themselves and the environment and people around them. With the wonderful response we received, hopefully our work can last for successive generations to enjoy.


Nossal Culture

Another major focus of ours was to uplift and maintain the Nossal culture; to remind students of what it means to be a Nossalonian; to encourage pride in identifying as a Nossal student and upholding the values of such. This was embodied in the “respect” component of our Perspect Yourself campaign - a reminder to students that the facilities and opportunities given to us are to be respected, just like we must respect our peers and ourselves. We hope that the 2018 captains will continue to promote this amongst students and staff, and that all future Nossal cohorts will embody the true identity of a Nossalonian.


We have had the pleasure of working closely with the executive team of Mr. Page, Ms. Harrap and Mr. Butler, as well as Mr. Labrooy and Mrs. Ansalde, who have tirelessly engaged with us in our ideas for the school and supported us in all ways possible, and for that, we are incredibly grateful. To the SRC of 2017: it has been wonderful to work and be a part of the exponential growth that you all have created in this year. And most of all, to the Nossal students: we thank you for your faith and support in our actions and in return, we hope we have served you to the best of our ability.


Aria Sunga, Abel Muller, Melania Iskandar and Ben Tran

2017 School Captains

Sport News

Table Tennis Regional Finals

The intermediate Boys and Girls team reached regional level of the Intermediate Girls and Boys Table Tennis competition and competed against several schools on November 2. Both the boys and girls team performed exceptionally well and represented Nossal High School in a remarkable manner.


Unfortunately, the boys team did not make it to the finals due to their loss against Melbourne High however their efforts were commendable. The girls team did reach the finals however didn't win but every player tried their best and played really well. Overall, the whole experience was really good as we were given the opportunity to compete against people from different schools, all who had different styles of playing, giving us great exposure.


I am extremely proud of both the teams and look forward to playing next year! Thank you Mr Tran for all his efforts and supporting us throughout the competition. 


Nitya Ojha – Year 10

Intermediate Girls Table Tennis Team Captain


Languages News

Alliance Française de Melbourne – Berthe Mouchette Competition

On Wednesday evening, November 15, I had the pleasure of attending the Alliance Française awards ceremony for the Berthe Mouchette Competition at the St. Kilda Town Hall. French students from a large variety of public and private schools, aged from 8 – 18 years old, gathered to celebrate their achievements at the highest level.


While all senior school students are commended for their participation in the competition, we were excited to hear that two students from Nossal High School had succeeded through to the finals. Cree Oliviera-Blacket (Year 12) participated in the final written examination and Nikhil Surapaneni (Year 11 studying Unit 3/ 4 French) participated in the oral exam.


Nikhil is to be further congratulated for his successful achievement of a special award, “Mention spéciale du jury” from the Director of the Alliance Française de Melbourne. Congratulations – Félicitations Nikhil!


Madame Sly

Languages Domain Leader


Parents & Friends Association News

PFA Uniform Shop and Second Hand Book Sale

The PFA would like to remind everyone that the Uniform Shop will not be open on Monday 4 December as all items will be available at the big 2nd Hand Uniform & Books Sale on Saturday 2 December, in the gym.

If you would like to sell any text books or unwanted items of uniform please come along to the sale and hire a table for just $10.  Payment for the table is payable at the door.   


The updated 2017 into 2018 book list can be found on the Nossal website at


The sale is a very straight forward process. Simply set up your stall in the gym from 9:00am and the doors will open to buyers from 9.30am.  The sale closes at 12:00pm.   This is a very popular event so the advice is come early, as stock goes very quickly. (We usually get about 700 people there!)  


A furrther reminder too, if any Year 12's would like to donate their old uniforms to the PFA to sell, please leave them at the Office. All funds received from the sale of these items goes straight back to the school.


While the main focus of the day is on the sale of the 2nd hand school text books shown in the attached list and items of pre-owned uniform, you are most welcome to sell  outdated editions of books or story books too.

Annual Working Bee

We would also like to remind everyone that the school will hold its Annual Working Bee on the same day as the 2nd Hand Uniform and Book Sale.  The Working Bee will take place from 9:00am and end at 1:00pm.  Please come along and help for whatever time you can spare.  On the day we will be doing jobs such as:

  • a range of garden tasks; eg: weeding, pruning and spreading mulch in preparation of the hot weather
  • tidying up along the boundary with neighbouring factories and also along the new fence line opposite the Insight School
  • removing surplus wire offcuts from the same boundary fence 
  • painting the Library Courtyard seating and cleaning the glass wall in the same area
  • rejuvenating the herb garden

There will be a range of things to attend to to improve the school for all of our students. 


We would appreciate it if people could bring with them any shovels, rakes and other small tools they think might be of assistance.  Also people with trailers would be of great help especially in the shifting of mulch from the central pile to gardens around the site. 

Please note:  All volunteers will be required to report to the Registration Point to sign in to the activity so that the school can maintain its very good OHS compliance rating with DET. 

The PFA will be  at the Working Bee handing out tea and coffee to keep you all refreshed and there will be tasty toasties and Krispie Kreme donuts to buy as well.  We look forward to seeing you there because remember... "many hands make light work!"


Tracey Williams
PFA Newsletter Editor

NHS & Community Events and News

Start Your Lifetime as a Road User the Best Way!

Your key to road safety. We are big on safe driving and believe it should be affordable for everyone. Ex Vic Roads LTO (Licence Testing Officer) in our driving team! We know all the test routes within the Southeast test centres. Call us now for a free assessment! " (Quote "Nossal" for a 10% discount).


Gunnamatta Trail Rides

Don’t miss our kids program next school holidays!

Whether you’re looking for a half day activity, full day adventure, ongoing lessons or an action-packed holiday program we’ve got you covered. Make next school holidays one to truly remember with an exciting outdoor adventure the kids will love!

Ph: 03 5988 6755

Cnr Truemans &Sandy Roads

Rye 3941 Victoria

Be remembered as a permanent fixure at Nossal - order your paver now for 2018!

We are pleased to announce that the commemorative pavers ordered in 2017, have now arrived and been added to our paved area at the front of the school.


Thank you to the PFA for organising this program which is now open to accept orders to be delivered in 2018.. Order forms are available from the school's office. 


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