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06 September 2018
Issue Thirteen
Important Dates
Student Free Day - Friday 14th September
Principal's Report
Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
Women in Super
Reptile Encounters Incursion
Performing Arts News
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Community Challenge – 10C1
Congratulations to the Junior AFL Team
Ancient Civilisations Day
Confucius Classroom: Visit to the Chinese Museum
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Important Dates


11th September - Year 12 Drama Solos

14th September - Curriculum Day

14th September - China Study Tour

16th September - France Study Tour

18th September - Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews

21st September - Last Day of Term 3

8th October - First Day of Term 4




Student Free Day - Friday 14th September

Next Friday is the second of our Student Free Days with Professional Learning for MGC staff on Visible Wellbeing. This initiative, aligned with our Strategic Plan goal to improve student wellbeing, aims to achieve the three key goals of:


- helping students and staff to more clearly see their own and other’s wellbeing using Visible Wellbeing practices;

- helping students and staff more systematically build wellbeing using the SEARCH framework;

- facilitating learning through the visible wellbeing classroom process.


More information about Visible Wellbeing is available from and


Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal


Principal's Report

Principal’s Newsletter Report 6 September, 2018


Another busy fortnight has passed at Melbourne Girls’ College and the following events are just a taste of the opportunities provided for our students. It is a credit to our community that amidst the busy schedules of lessons, professional learning, research, programs and preparing for 2019 we are able to enjoy so many extra-curricular opportunities. At MGC, the learning does not cease at the school gate, it is truly embedded in the wonderful Melbourne landscape.


Congratulations to Ally Bass

Ally of Year 11 is truly passionate about her chosen career of teaching. Ally has written an excellent article currently published in both The Age and The Herald Sun. Please see the link to Ally’s passionate defence of teaching as a profession


Congratulations to Eirene Carjias

Another excellent MGC student, Eirene Carjias of Year 10 has been accepted into the Earthwatch Institute Student Challenge 2108, a fantastic opportunity to see what real Biologists and Ecologists do each day. Eirene will be part of a research team investigating Australia’s vanishing frog species. This will involve capturing, microchipping and checking the frogs for disease before releasing them. The research is taking place in Barrington National Park in Northern NSW.


Launch of the Rowing Season! 5 September

The Gillard Centre has been a hive of activity with the launch of the rowing season last night and our annual Father’s Day Breakfast. Thank you to our athletes, parents, Head Coach Steph Burgess, Leader Andrew Beck, Bryony Sahlstrom and Nancy Sandilands who ensured our season has begun well!


Father’s Day Breakfast hosted by the Parents’ Association 31 August

Many thanks to Gailean Hammond, Robynne Smith, Anna Makin, Kirsty Iles and all Parents’ Association (P.A.) members for hosting the annual Father’s Day breakfast. The laughter and camaraderie amongst our dads and their daughters was an excellent way to start the day.


Health and PE Week

All week the students have been participating in activities, healthy eating, impromptu exercise along the corridors to celebrate health and PE. Many thanks to Andrew Ferro-Kovassy who ensured the program had something for everyone to participate in regardless of fitness levels.


A fitting success story leading into the week was our win in the State Junior AFL Womens’ Football on Friday 31 August. We played against Lilydale and won 26 to 11. Many congratulations to the best on ground winner, Victoria Trenton and the amazing coach Amanda Lucas.


Kids Teaching Kids event 29 August

Many thanks to Andrew Vance, Glen Holland, Bryony Sahlstrom, Trevor Howlett and Luke Deery for giving our students the opportunity to showcase MGC to three other schools, a host of leaders including the Minister for Water, Lisa Neville, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Arron Wood and chef Guy Grossi. Please see the following article for more detail:


Weight Lifting competition September 2

MGC Weightlifting competed in the last competition for the season – the SFA Open at the Victorian Weightlifting Stadium in Hawthorn. Nine MGC athletes competed from 9.00-11.30am in the three big powerlifts - Squat, Bench and Deadlift. Congratulations to Jessica Kang who came fourth overall in the entire women’s competition – an extraordinary result for a young weight lifter! Along with Jessica Ingrid Perkins, Hayley Turnbull, Eirene Carjias, Genevieve Castles Krusec, Ophelia Murray and Siena Chumbley Contin also competed. None of these experiences are possible without dedicated staff, sincere gratitude to Andrew Beck and Emily Shaw for giving the girls this opportunity.


MGC Aerobics Competition 24 August

The MGC gym was buzzing with music and performance all day long with incredible feats of athleticism and energy. Congratulations to our talented athletes, Lenore Twist and Catie Cameron-Martin who hosted many other schools, students and colleagues on Friday 24 August.


Queen’s Scout Rachel Butchart

Congratulations to Rachel of the 1st North Balwyn Venturer Unit who recently attained the top award of Queen’s Scout. Rachel’s dedication, initiative, leadership and hard work saw her achieve this elite award.


Many thanks for your ongoing support of our College and students; MGC is a wonderful place to be!


Kind regards,


Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

For Year 12's


Dear Families, 

Please join us on Monday October 22 to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2018. The night celebrates and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of our Year 12 students at MGC and in the completion of their VCE. MGC VCE completion certificates will be awarded and subject and special awards will be announced during the evening.


The event begins at 6.00 pm and there will be a three course dinner served through the night with beverages (and an option to purchase alcoholic beverages at the bar). Due to RSA laws alcoholic beverages can only be purchased by attendees over the age of 18. ID must be present while at the bar.



Melbourne and Olympic Park Function Centre

(Batman Ave, Melbourne VIC 3000)


6 pm until 10 pm




Please note any dietary requirements when purchasing tickets and ensure that all guests first and surnames are listed on the event (and which Year 12 student they are associated with).


Tables are set at a maximum of 10 individuals per table. Year 12 students will be asked to list their desired table setting at school in the lead up to the event.


Tickets will be on sale from 9 am on Wednesday August 29 until 12 pm on Friday September 21



Women in Super


Women in Super is a national advocacy and networking group that works to improve women's retirement outcomes.

As a not-for-profit, Women in Super (WIS) advocates for a super system void of gender-based inequality by working on behalf of its members and women generally with government, unions, employer organisations, regulators and superannuation funds.


Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or cousin, or know a daughter of a good friend, who you think could be interested in a career in superannuation? We believe that there still aren’t enough women working in the industry and are determined to change that. This desire for broader gender diversity has led us to develop our very first Super Daughters Day.

During the school holidays, on Friday 5 October, we are inviting girls in years 9, 10 and 11 to join us for an action packed day full of information about the fantastic opportunities that a career in superannuation can offer them. We will bring them together with inspiring, successful women – from the young participant in a graduate program to the experienced CEO – so that they can gain first-hand insight into what it is like to pursue a career in the industry.

Having a background in areas ranging from marketing and human resources to investing and finance as well as sustainability, our presenters are keen to share with our Super Daughters what exactly they do, why they love it, how they became interested in working in the industry and how they are changing people’s lives for the better each and every day.

Our Super Daughters will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, have their say and meet fun and inspiring women who will pass their knowledge onto them. They will even get hands-on tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Participation is free and registration for Super Daughters Day is easy. 




Reptile Encounters Incursion

In the past few weeks the year sevens and eights have been delighted with a fascinating incursion brought by Reptile encounters.

During the incursion we learnt all about the classifications of each animal that the speaker showed us. The animals we got to encounter were Julia- a spiny- leaf stick insect, a green tree frog named Kermit, a very adorable and sleepy, squirrel glider possum, a frilled neck lizard, a long neck turtle, an olive python named Tiny, Sammy- a very loud red tail black cockatoo and a salt water crocodile. With each animal the speaker told us about each of the classifications of the creature and some facts about the animals in the wild. For example, did you know that the olive pythons can grow up to an incredible 4 metres in length and sometimes even snack on crocodiles!


The speakers also brought the animals around the class for a pat or an up-close peak at the animals. Just before the next animal would be brought out, anyone who wanted an even closer hold or pat could be picked by the teacher to stand up in front of the class for a great photo opportunity! It was a very exciting experience because some people had never seen these animals before.

The year sevens and eights were very lucky to have this opportunity and I’m sure that we all learnt one new thing about the animals we were shown in the incursion. Thank you for all of the staff for organising this incursion and thank you for Reptile Encounters for brining all of the animals for an amazing experience.


By Ava Morison 7R1

Performing Arts News

Piano Exam Results

Congratulations to Katrina Halliday's piano students who completed their AMEB exams recently:

Freya Trounce - Prelim

Lucinda Op't Hoog - 2nd grade

Gwyneth Op't Hoog - 2nd grade

Casey Trinh - 5th grade 

Maya Perry - 4th grade

Olivia Rutherford - 1st grade

Nell Jenney - 1st grade 

Alissa Telkes - 3rd grade

Lorraine Sanares - 4th grade

MGC Unearthed


Dance News

Congratulations to the all the students that were involved in the Semester 1 Dance Showcase which was held on the 24th and 25th May 2018.  All students did a fantastic job and should be congratulated on their efforts and hard work.

A special mention needs to be given to the Unit 3 Dance students who performed their technique solo.  We wish you all the best for the end-of-year examination in October.

Students will be able to sign up for Semester 2 Dance occurring in Week 10 of this term. Students are reminded to check their email and the student bulletin for dates/location.

We look forward to working with you again next term.


All the best,


The MGC Dance Faculty

Sport News


Over the past two weeks the MGC Weightlifters have been busy training and competing. On Saturday 25th August six of the weightlifters competed in their first Olympic Weightlifting Competition, The Alby Dutton and Bill Keir Memorial, where they competed in the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. All six girls had a fantastic time pushing themselves in these new movements and supporting each other as they went out onto the platform. On Sunday 2nd September seven of the weightlifters compete din their second Powerlifting Competition, The Strength and Fitness Australia Open, where they competed in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Two of the weightlifters, Ophelia Murray and Siena Chumbley Contin competed in the Bench Press only where they both placed first in their weight class. Genevieve Castles-Krusec finished second in her weight class and Jessica Kang finished first in her weight class and fourth overall. On top of these impressive results, Hayley Turnbull had the heaviest bench press at 45kg, Ingrid Perkins increased her total weight of all three lifts by 5kg, Jessica Kang and Eirene Carajias pulling a massive 100kg deadlift. A massive congratulations to the all the weightlifters for what they have managed to achieve over the past few months, it is nothing shy of amazing.


Rowing Event

The Inaugural 'SSV Indoor Rowing Champs' is an annual event aimed to give all students who currently attend an SSV (school Sports Victoria) School the opportunity to compete in the sport of Indoor Rowing in both an enjoyable and competitive environment regardless of experience and ability as no rowing experience is required.


Please find attached a flyer for the event.


Rowers will register as a part of MGC Rowing Club. Non-rowing club members also welcome. Please email an expression of interest to Mr Beck.


Community Challenge – 10C1

Dear Families,

10C1 would like to thank all those families who sent in donations for our community challenge on 20th August (supporting St Kilda Mums). We were so very grateful for the amount of lovely children’s items we received. As we were collecting those donations several students said they had donations still to bring in. As a result, we have decided to hold one more donation drive and on Monday 10th September, during our Wellbeing class (period 1), we will visit the Year 7 and 8 classrooms to collect any remaining items. Any other donations from students in other year levels will be gratefully received – please drop them off at the Languages office (room 201) any time on Monday.

We are supporting St Kilda Mums who ask for donations such as:

-      Art and craft materials

-      Baby food

-      Towels

-      Bibs

-      Cot linen and blankets

-      Children’s books

-      Bottles and feeding equipment 

-      CDs and DVDs for children

-      Nappies: Disposable and cloth 

-      Clothing: From birth size to size 12

-      Pyjamas: From birth size to size 12

-      Games for children

-      Baby wipes

-      Wraps for babies

-      Unopened toiletries

-      Children’s shoes


And especially during the winter season…

-      Coats

-      Jumpers

-      Jeans 

-      Hats 


Kind regards,



Congratulations to the Junior AFL Team

AFL State Grand final

The morning of the state grand final had arrived. We could feel the nerves and the tension in the air. As we hopped on the bus and headed down to Craigieburn we only had one thought on our mind and that was to win a gold medal. With a team goal set we knew what we had to do. The umpire held up the ball and the siren went. The time to shine was now. He threw it up and the game begun. The first quarter was tough as we were going against the wind. Our defense line was doing there best to keep Lilydale from scoring and did a superb job. With Lilydale being only one point ahead of us we knew we had done a great job in defense and was time to release the forwards in the second quarter.

The second quarter begun and we were going after the ball harder than ever. Any scoring opportunity we had we took. With some great marks in the forward line we were now on top of Lilydale by 8 points. It was a great lead and it would need to keep it for the third quarter. We went into the clubrooms at half time break and got some feedback and inspiration to keep pushing and win this quarter. With this task set we knew we had to play defensively. As the wind picked up it decided to bring along some rain. By the end of the third quarter the score was even. We knew the fourth quarter was ours. With a state win so close we knew we had to kick some goals. The first goal was kicked by Grace which was on a very tough angle but got us pumped up and making us want to kick more. With our spirit lifted we kept on adding to the scoreboard and sealed the win. Everyone was over the moon with their gold medals and a state title.


Ancient Civilisations Day

Photo: Taichi performance

On the 22nd of August the Year Sevens held the much-anticipated Ancient Civilizations Day! Over the past couple of weeks, the year sevens have been studying their assigned ancient civilization and preparing for Ancient Civilizations Day. Melba’s civilization was Greece, Maris had Egypt, Chisholm had Rome and Lyons had China.


Each table group was handed a category for their ancient civilization to research (trade, food, warfare, etc.). As well as creating informative posters about their research topic, each group had to use teamwork to construct a game, role play or interactive presentation to teach other students about their ancient civilizations. Chisolm taught us all about innovative architecture and hierarchy in Ancient Rome. We had some amazing decorations that made visitors feel like you are in a Roman house and real food to show what they would eat. We were also shown the roles each member of the family had, and the struggles women and girls would have to go through in everyday life. Melba taught us about all the different wars Greece had, their beliefs and practices as well as myths and legends. 

We had a lot of different foods and plays that showed what it was like to live in that era. In China, Lyons taught us about women rulers like Mulan and the first women emperor Wu Zetian and how women were on the bottom of the social hierarchy. Egyptian history was divided into three periods of time, the old kingdom which was when the pyramids were built, the middle kingdom is when Egypt expanded in trade and the new kingdom was created when Egypt had its first two female rulers which led to a wealthier civilization.

Towards the end the day, the Year Sevens were lucky enough to watch some traditional Chinese dancing and music with Chinese instruments in the auditorium. MGC’s own International students presented this. We also had a distinguished man who came into to teach us the art of Chinese fanning which was amazing to watch but very hard to do, as learnt by a few lucky students. Afterwards we had some very skilled MGC students performing Chinese dancing and playing ancient Chinese instruments which was a privilege to see. Overall Ancient Civilizations day was a success in proving how much we have evolved since ancient times.

And thanks to our photographers for recording the journey: Sophie Hart, Grace Illingworth and Asrin Sastradipradja.

Celebrating Ancient Civilisation Day with Year 7 students

Confucius Classroom and international students’ department participated in this activity on the 21th of August.

Kungfu Master Mr. Zhou from the Confucius Institute, University of Melbourne demonstrated Taichi and conducted a workshop with all Year 7 students. They have showed a great interest in this activity, and came to the central stage to learn some basic movements.

After Taichi performance, 7 international students from Year 10 and 11 carried out a great Chinese show. With the melody of Chinese instruments, two dancers displayed a wonderful show by dressing the traditional costume. At the end of the performance, the audience expressed their appreciation with a long applause.



Written by: Will Li, Confucius Classroom Assistant Teacher


Confucius Classroom: Visit to the Chinese Museum

Photo: Concentrating on Chinese culture excursion

On the 20th of August, Confucius Classroom organized Year 8 Chinese students to visit Chinese Museum. This is a great opportunity to gain an overview of Chinese culture and Australian Chinese history.

They took a museum tour guided by staff from the Chinese museum. Our students learned a lot about the early Chinese settlers in Australia. They boarded on a boat to experience how Chinese people came to Australia. They went into the Guandi Temple to learn its meaning. They visited the Dragon Gallery to learn the symbol of the Chinese dragon. The students learnt to make Chinese knots for good luck.

They also tasted delicious Chinese food at lunchtime and enjoyed the authentic Chinese dishes such as sweet and sour pork, stir-fried rice and spring rolls.

This excursion is sponsored by Chinese government funding. The students enjoyed the free trip for a culture experience.


Written by: Will Li, Confucius Classroom Assistant Teacher


Library News

Student Book Reviews

Me & Rory Macbeath is a book about a boy and his friend getting to know the new kid on the block. They go through a series of events including fishing, sneaking out at night, and breaking into the local school. They soon become friends and the boy (Jake) learns much more about Rory and his life – including what terrible things his father has done and continues to do. Jake is intrigued by Rory, because he is so different to everyone and everything else he has ever known. Then something happens that changes both of their lives forever. Jake starts to wonder if things will ever be the same again in Rose Avenue. This book had a huge spin on an Australian teenage boy’s life. It taught me how you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. No matter what type of books you like to read, I would definitely recommend it – the book is so different to anything else I have ever read, and I love it.


Library Book Club

The Library Book club is up and running! The Book Club is a space for students who want to read books, read about books, talk about books, and then read and talk some more.


If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved, please email Beth at [email protected].

Library Events


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Melbourne Girls' College
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