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09 September 2016
Issue Ten
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

The past month has been extremely busy in the music department with a focus on both the Victorian Schools Music Festival and Royal South Street, Ballarat. There have been many outstanding results achieved. Congratulations to all teachers and students involved.


Symphonic Band ( Mr Bonnett) - 1st Place

Intermediate Stage Band (Ms Pero)

- 2nd Place

Intermediate Strings (Mr Lam) -  2nd Place

Jazz Combo ( Mr Clarkson) - 2nd Place

Jazz Solos Justin Thomas - 2nd Place

Junior Choir (Mr Jacques) - Silver 

Symphony Orchestra (Ms Pero) - 3rd Place

Training Strings (Ms Kennedy) - 3rd Place

Senior Stage Band (Ms Pero) -  Honourable Mention with 90 points, 5 points between HM and first place getter.

Senior Choir  (Mr Jacques) - Honourable Mention

Training Band (Miss Grinter) - Honourable Mention

Intermediate Concert Band (Mr Bonnett) - Highly Commended


Out of the 15 sections entered we received 12 placings and mentions. 


Heritage Perpeptual Scholarship

The Heritage and Alumni group of Ringwood Secondary College is pleased to offer this scholarship again to a worthy applicant completing VCE in 2017.

Applications from within and outside the school are eligible. Timelines for these applications and interviews will be notified in early term 4, 2016.


Building Program

The concrete has been poured and the building will take on a new appearance early next term. The scheduled works in the coming fortnight are waterproofing of retaining walls and further concrete slab works on the ground. There will be a major electrical upgrade in the term break and the portable toilet re-locatable will be demolished. Structural steel work will also commence shortly.


Sporting Hall of Fame

On Thursday morning I had the pleasure of being involved in the induction of Ian Holland into our Sporting Hall for his achievements in cricket. Ian has been at the forefront of the success of the Ringwood Cricket Club and is currently looking to cement his place in the Victorian team. He harbors the desire to eventually play for Australia. Ian was the College’s Head Prefect in 2008 and we congratulate him on his post school achievements.


The guest speaker for the breakfast was David Richards, former student, head prefect, teacher and head of the International Cricket Council. David was able to provide some useful advice to the young people present and particularly around balance and looking after your physical development as well as cognitive development.


Staff Farewells

At the end of term 3 we are saying goodbye to a number of staff members who are retiring after many years of teaching.


Best wishes are extended to Mrs Julie Gleeson (French) and Mrs Christine Ross (Foods) for a healthy and happy retirement and thank you for your contribution to Ringwood Secondary College. We also thank our IT Services technician Mr Ross Witherby and First Aid Attendant Mrs Heather Eisermann for their work over the past years as they tackle new challenges in their careers. I am sure that Ms Jess Lambden is awaiting the birth of her first child with great excitement, as she commences a period of family leave. We wish you well in tackling the challenges in this exciting journey.


Finally, I would like to extend  my  regards to all students and their families for a safe and relaxing term break and to all the VCE Year 12 students, use the time available as well as you can to prepare for the upcoming exam period.



Assistant Principals

College Curriculum

Critical and Creative Thinking

English staff this week were auditing the teaching and learning program in response to the Victorian Curriculum¹s Critical and Creative Thinking.


A template was used to evaluate current activities in relation to the Critical and Creative dimensions: 

Questions and Possibilities, Reasoning and  Meta-cognition.


A revised English program will be in place in 2017 with these important dimensions.

In addition a select group of Year 10 English students took part in a VCAA supervised Critical and Creative thinking task this week to ascertain a base level of understanding from a student¹s point of view. The emphasis on this capability is articulated in the Victorian Curriculum document, 'The Education State targets set out the Government¹s commitment to more students reaching the highest levels of achievement in Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT).


This target highlights the important role of critical and creative thinking skills in helping  Victorian students to build problem solving and evaluation capability, the confidence to question, challenge and establish deeper thinking on topics, concepts, events, beliefs, cultures and society.'


RSC STEM Maker Faire

It was an exciting end to Science week with three Primary schools visiting our college for the inaugural STEM Maker Faire.

Eastwood, Heathmont East and Great Ryrie Primary Schools brought their Grade 5 and 6 students to engage with our Year 7s in the following activities:

Lego, Circuits, LITTLE BITS and Robotics.


The robots were assembled prior to the day and preloaded with the programs. Students connected the cables and learnt some basic engineering principles. It was a highly successful and enjoyable day.


Congratulations to the Head of Science Jackie Quennette and the Science team for their passion in helping drive STEM into the curriculum.


Year 8 Sustainability

The Year 8 Sustainability program was launched this week and excitement mounts as students, teachers and parents prepare for student video presentations at the end of next week. With activities including a Cowspiracy worksheet, ‘Eating up the World’ video, collaboration for scripting, filming, compiling and editing, students are active and engaged in persuading their audiences of the need to adopt sustainable practices in their lives. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time to be panel members and provide feedback to students on the persuasive elements of their video. Agatha Fedrizzi and Marjan Mossamaparast have designed this task and staff who are teaching in this integrated unit of work are to be congratulated for their collaborative efforts in creating an engaging curriculum.


In a combined venture, the Year 7 Geography and Science ACE teachers are investigating a project at Mullum Mullum  creek with the key inquiry  question ‘Is the health and use of Mullum Mullum creek important to our community?’ Students collaborate in a variety of activities including fieldwork, water testing and analysis, exploring use and management of the area and making recommendations for future management. The project will culminate in presentations to Maroondah Council, our Principal and parents on the last day of term. Annette Niven and Jackie Quenette are leading this integrated project and are enjoying the students’ enthusiasm around their work.


Teaching and Learning units in line with The Victorian Curriculum are being developed in readiness for 2017. In particular, the work in the Technology Learning Area is progressing as staff in Design and Technology are updating the program, while writing and planning for Digital Technology is occurring as it will be introduced in the Junior school curriculum next year. In VCE a number of study designs are changing and staff are working together to bring in the changes as required by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.


VCAA-Online NAPLAN trials and Critical and Creative Thinking Tasks

Thank you to all our students and staff who supervised and participated in trialling the online NAPLAN tests and the Critical and Creative Thinking tasks which provide much needed information to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for future development of programs.


Our students took the tests seriously and were patient when the odd technological glitch caused interruption. We are certain that our involvement in the trials will provide VCAA with baseline data from which there will be improved processes, standards and requirements for staff and students in an online test platform.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal


Senior School

Please read the following information from Mrs Cathy Menz, Acting Head of Senior School:


Year 12 students attended ’The Finishing Line' run by Elevate Education on Thursday 8th September.

This session covered key ideas on how students can best use these final few weeks leading up to their exams. The session covered some revision techniques, including how to make students knowledge ‘bulletproof’, ways to manage increased stress levels, and the importance of health and wellbeing in these final days of school. The presenter was energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about the students doing their best. Hopefully all students gained some tips or ideas to make these last few weeks fun, productive and less stressful! Students were also given the username and password for the Elevate website where they can access further information as well as some practice exams. 


Key Dates for Year 12 students and parents

Friday 16th September – Final Day of Term 3

School Holidays – Various revision sessions – timetable will be posted on Compass newsfeed next week

Monday 3rd October – Thursday 13th October – Normal Classes

Friday 14th October – Year 12 student and parent breakfast (details on Compass next week)

Year 12 Celebration Day excursion to Funfields (for those who have opted in)

Monday 17th October – SWOTVAC begins (students are not required at school for classes from this day)

Wednesday 26th October – Wednesday 16th November – Year 12 Exams

Friday 18th November – Year 12 Valedictory at Melbourne Park

Monday 12th December – Year 12 Results released


Cathy Menz



This information is very important as we ask all our parents to support their son/daughter through the final weeks of secondary education and of course, the examination period.


On another note, planning for 2017 is well underway and one of the most enjoyable tasks of doing this job is interviewing our year 11 applicants for prefect portfolios for next year.


I speak on behalf of the entire panel when I say that we have been awe inspired by the work and dedication to the community that our young people put in, outside school hours. We hear of voluntary service to welfare groups, environment groups, assisting others in transition to the Australian way of life, coaching teams, mentoring others, tutoring both students in younger year levels here at RSC and even visiting local primary schools to offer a helping hand. We have been honoured to hear this commitment from our students and we are so thankful and proud that they attend our college.


Prefects for 2017 will be announced in the following weeks. Good luck to all the applicants.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

Middle School

As this goes to print the Year 9 cohort will have completed their week long City Camp. With a new focus this year, including having all Year 9 in the city at once, all students will be exposed to various landmarks and history of our great city. I hope by the end of the week students have a renewed appreciation for the wider community and their individual place in it. Congratulations and thank you to Alyce Bailey and Kim Watson who not only arranged the entire program but also run the highly successful InterGREAT program at Year 9. I am sure there will be a comprehensive report in the next newsletter from the team which I look forward to reading.


Year 10 students attended their Formal on Monday 5th September. This year we have had the biggest number of students in attendance. It is always great to see the students interacting with each other outside of the classroom and this night allows students to let their hair down before the increased pressure of exams hit next term. What a great way to celebrate. Thank you to Emma Lim for organising this exciting experience for the Year 10 students.


All students have recently had discussions and speakers in various classes and assemblies regarding their safety, especially with regards to their online identity. Please continue to support your children at home by speaking about the dangers associated with their online activity and what information they share. It is a very different age we live in now compared to when most of us grew up and our cyber safety is a crucial part of our every day existence.


A friendly reminder that all students should be wearing their full uniform each day. Unfortunately some students continue to wear inappropriate items. If students do breach the uniform policy they will be followed up. The uniform policy is available should students have forgotten what is acceptable.


As I come to the end of my time as the Assistant Principal for Middle School I have been reflecting on the many highlights of the term. Being involved with a fantastic group of students with dedicated coordinators makes my life very easy. I have been extremely impressed by the number of students who consistently achieve their best in the many facets of their school life. From the highest number of Semester one Academic Awards I have seen in Year 9 to the outstanding abilities on show in the school production, it highlights for me how lucky I am to work in a place like Ringwood Secondary College. Students consistently amaze me with their skills and many talents. Thank you for your support over the course of this term and I look forward to continuing working with you back in my regular Sub School Leader role in term 4.


Jonathon Rogers

Acting Assistant Principal


Junior School

Sharing success stories about our students at Ringwood Secondary College is always very positive and I would love to share this one.


Flynn Stelfox in Year 8 loves to dance, and his dream to join the Australian Ballet School was realised this week. As a lead performer in our College musicals, audiences have been treated to beautiful acting, singing and dance. Flynn has worked tirelessly in his both his academic and co curricular activities to achieve excellent results.  As Flynn will leave our College at the end of the year to pursue his dream, both staff and students wish him a very successful future and thank Flynn for inspiring other students through positive leadership.


Spine Society of Australia-scoliosis check

Scoliosis (spinal curvature) is an important health problem for adolescent girls, with 25% at risk of developing a significant curve. Three thousand require active treatment. It is recommended that parents of girls in Years 7-9 participate in the NSDP (National Self Detection Program for Scoliosis) and download the Self Detection Brochure for Scoliosis from the website The website contains comprehensive credible information about the symptoms and treatment of scoliosis.


Royal South Street Competitions and Music Bands Festival

Music staff and students are to be commended for the fantastic results from the recent Royal South Street Competitions and Music Bands Festival, with many ensembles receiving places. Congratulations to all our junior school musicians who performed in fine fashion as great role models and ambassadors for our College.


State School Spectacular 2016

Many talented junior performing arts students will participate in the State Schools Spectacular, this Saturday, September 10th at Hiscense arena. Working within a collaborative, competition-free environment to create a musical extravaganza of storytelling and performance is such a highlight for our students.


Year 8 Sustainability Project

Students in Year 8 are currently participating in a week’s program focusing on environmental and social change. They will critically analysis a range of issues, relating to the topic within their core studies. They will also be encouraged to focus on the questions raised; the promotion of persuasive messages from environmental groups and from major food corporations.


The holidays are fast approaching. It is a great time for students and their families to enjoy some quality family time together but it is also a timely reminder to students about a few crucial points for the remainder of 2016.


Students are encouraged to:

  • continue to work hard in their subjects and focus on achieving a personal best in their studies and co curricular activities.
  • continue to wear correct College uniform remembering to bring a signed note from parents or guardians if for some reason uniform is not complete. PE uniform is only to be worn in a PE class and must not to be worn in any other classes.
  • be punctual to class and submit work in a timely fashion.

Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Facilities report

Building Project

Last week the slab for the Junior School building was poured and completed for the lower levels. Now that we are out of the ground things will speed up rapidly over the next few weeks as major construction commences. Enjoy the photos.  

As well as building the Junior School, we are undertaking a major refurbishment of the library.


This involves replacing the floor covering, hanging ceiling tiles, installing new LED lights and refurbishing the entrance and toilets. Watch this space for more details.  



 Over the upcoming holidays, a 30KW solar system will be installed on the roof of the Ringwood Trade building. The system will generate approximately 5% of the College’s consumption. In preparation for the works, additional roof safety equipment is being installed on the RT building. A second system will also be installed on the Junior School building as it nears completion. 


Other areas of works

-Preparation for oval spring works, including top dressing, verti-drilling and fertilising

-Preparation for the instal of a second tier of concrete sleepers on the oval seating area




Facilities Manager

Attendance News





Parents are asked to monitor their child/children’s attendance via Compass on a daily/weekly basis.



  • Please enter a daily approval for each day a student is absent
  • If you are aware that a student will be late please enter on Compass, give them a note, or ring the attendance line.  Too many late to school absences may result in a lunchtime detention for students
  • IMPORTANT - If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible
  • As well as entering any absences on Compass, contact the attendance line if a student will be absent for any reason for more than 2 days or if the absence will be ongoing for an extended period of time so that staff can be notified and assist where necessary
  • Students doing VCE do require a Medical Certificate for absences of 2 days or more and particularly if they miss a SAC

NB: Regularly updating any absences for VCE students will assist in maintaining the required average of 80% for their classes


  • Taking holidays outside of the official term breaks can be entered by parents, but do contact the school as well, as  work may need to be arranged before the leave is taken
  • Contact the school if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s attendance


Class absences for periods 2 & 3 cannot be approved by a parent  - call the attendance line if you think they may have been absent due to a school activity so it can be updated


Kay Priestly

Attendance Officer

From Careers

For all news on Careers, please read the attached PDF

Helen Doherty


From the Chaplain

Addiction is something that we all face at some stage in our lives.  Addiction takes shape in many forms but these days with the availability and access of social media it adds another complex dynamic to our life.  Young people as they develop already struggle with identity and trying to ascertain who they are so this coupled with social media can add a fiery mix of complex emotions and negative routines if left unchecked.  

Often I will speak with parents who's kids have 24hr access to their phone at night and therefore messeges come all through the night from their peers and kids are never getting the full sleep that they need for the body's and minds to recover from the previous days work.  We all know how hard it is to function and be patient with one another when we are only functioning on a low amount of sleep so alot of our young people are struggling purely of lack of sleep and poor choices around their phone use.  But we need to help our young people and be willing to set some good boundaries around their usage.  It's not for me to set these boundaries as every family situation is different but a good rule of thumb can be to have a central place for all media devices to be placed before bed to reduce the need or want to check messege all through the night.  Another good thing is to have some space from one another.  When we finish school there is only another 15hrs before you meet again and approximately ideally 9hrs (minimum) of those should be sleeping so its really only 6hr all up!!  Rest in relationships is a positive thing to ensure we don't crowd our friendships and start talking about silly things because we have exhausted all other areas of conversations. For some more insights see this article from earlier in the year.


or this resource


See also the parent flyer attached to this newsletter.

There is an information night coming up on October 20th Parenting Adolescents in a Digital Age for more info contact Whitehorse council on: 9262 6175.​


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed) 

Heritage and Alumni Group Sausage Sizzle

To raise funds for the Heritage and Alumni Perpetual Scholarship Fund, a sausage sizzle was held on Sunday August 21 at Ringwood Bunnings.  For most of the time, we had more helpers than customers, but despite the wintery conditions and somewhat scant passing trade, we managed to raise $660 after expenses, and have lots of laughs as well. 


We would like to acknowledge the generous donations from the following businesses, as they enabled us to achieve maximum profit on the day.

  • Bunnings Ringwood
  • Bakers Delight Eastland
  • Coles Eastland
  • Coles Ringwood Shopping Centre
  • MasterFoods Australia

Many thanks to all those involved for their support and assistance before, and on the day. It was great to see some staff members and a parent on College Council contributing to this fundraising event.


Heritage and Alumni Group

Around the School

VCAL Fundraiser

On Sept 6th, Nathan Hiscock  from yr 11 VCAL organised a fundraiser for Youth Homelessness. 

His egg and bacon rolls were a big hit and he raised $320  which will be donated to the Salvation Army to help with Youth Homelessness. 

Well done to the rest of the year 11 VCAL class who helped Nathan on the day. It was a team effort.

A special thanks to Nathan’s parents who donated the rolls and the bacon.


Science Week

Guest Presenter- Geoscientist Marion Anderson

Students in the Year 10 Scientific Issues subject have recently been learning about the Space Sciences. Their studies have included learning about the people and technologies that have enabled us to know about distant stars and planets and how the information transported back to Earth from the satellites in space and the scientists on the international space station influence life on earth.


During Science Week students in these classes were privileged to participate in a presentation by Marion Anderson, a Geoscientist from Monash University. The students were especially interested to hear about Marion’s experiences working as part of a team of international scientists at NASA to select locations for the landing of the Mars Rovers and how this contributed to the discovery of water on Mars.


Well done to our students for engaging in this presentation and thank you to Marion Anderson for taking the time to share her experiences with our students who are currently thinking about the progression of their own careers.


Helen Myroforidis

Science News

The Science faculty has had a big Term 3, with the highlight certainly being Science Week.  This year’s theme was Drones, Droids and Robots.  The week began with our annual Science Week staff morning tea, magnificently curated by our wonderful Lab Technicians Danielle Buttress and Robyn McClean.  It is a well known fact, that the annual Science Week morning tea is a favourite event on the morning tea calendar.  

On the last day of Science Week the Ringwood Science faculty hosted 120 students from Eastwood and Great Ryrie Primary Schools to participate in a range of hands on science and robotic discovery activities.  A big thank you for the large amount of preparation undertaken by Helen Myorforidis, Jacqueline Quenette and Paul Taylor as well as helping hands from many in the science team.  The students’ responses on the day and feedback after the day was brilliant, with both school requesting they be invited back next year. 


Year 9 News

InterGREAT Global MAD Projects

Last Tuesday our Year 9s presented their Global MAD Campaigns to their peers and teachers during InterGREAT. This was the culmination of their work this semester exploring an issue of global significance and finding a way to raise awareness about it. Classrooms were opened up and students were able to move throughout the 500s to learn about the wide range of issues being presented. Some of the areas investigated included education for women, marriage equality, mental health, poverty, homelessness, sustainable energy sources, deforestation, animal rights, terrorism, and asylum seekers. We were so delighted by the quality of the students’ work, as demonstrated in the photos.


City Experience

This Monday all Year 9 students will head to the Melbourne CBD to enjoy their City Experience week. During InterGREAT last week students were provided with outlines of their timetables and began working through their City Experience booklet. The booklet, which is worth 10% of their interGREAT grade provided the opportunity for students to complete navigation activities and research questions about the sites that they will be visiting. These sites include Eureka Tower, Scienceworks, Melbourne Star, Etihad Stadium, ACMI, the Melbourne Museum, MCG, Lygon Street, the Big Issue and O’Brien Ice Skating. Students are expected to wear full school uniform but they may wear comfortable walking shoes. They will also be given a lanyard with emergency contact details and this must be worn each day whist in the city. On Thursday students are allowed to wear their PE uniform as they will be ice-skating on this day. Apart from the day that they will be visiting Lygon Street for lunch, students should pack their lunch and they must have a MYKI card preloaded with enough money to travel to and from the city for five days. Copies of each class timetable have been sent home with students and they can also be accessed on Compass. Questions regarding this can be forwarded to Kim Watson at [email protected] or Alyce Bailey at [email protected].


Student Achievements

The following students have been recognised with RADAR (Respect and Diversity at Ringwood) by their teachers and/or peers this week for outstanding achievement:


Akanksha Singh

Phoebe Roach

Ashleigh Barber

Deyuan Chen


Congratulations to these students for their positive contribution to our school community.


We would also like to congratulate Lorenzo Louw who entered the Write4Fun competition. Lorenzo will have the following poem included in the ‘Top Secret 2016’ publication.



All is dark and in this depth

I have yet for my first breath

Trapped in a watery tomb

When will I develop sight?

Is it day or is it night?

Can't tell from here, the womb

Hands are forming, fingers curling

I grow impatient, toes unfurling

Will I ever exit the gloom?

At long last, I finally see!

A nurse is white smiles at me

As I enter the hospital room

Lorenzo Louw 9C



Year 9 Career Discovery Day

The annual Year 9 Career Discovery Day was held on the 19th of July. The focus of the day was Changing Tracks and related to career opportunities in a wide variety of industries. We had facilitators from Deakin, RMIT, Headspace and a number of local organisations come out to talk with the students about career pathways in certain fields. The students had a great day and were super engaged in the activities created by the facilitators. 

Year 8 40 Hour Famine

This year 8 Ringwood Secondary College students, Erin, Paige, Phoebe, Abbey, Hannah, Swetha, Christopher and Meagan participated in the 40 Hour Famine between Friday 19th – Sunday 21st August.

Each student gave up something different of their choice (food, furniture, technology etc.) in order to raise awareness of poverty in developing countries and to highlight the lack of necessities they have access to.


Each student found sponsors in order to raise funds for World Vision Australia, who run the event. In total students raised approximately $1100 that is going towards the initiatives implemented by World Vision Australia in order to improve the standard of living in developing countries.


A great effort has been made by these students and it is great to see them getting involved in community events.


Chris Young and Meagan Crozier

Year 8

Library News

Book Week Trivia Contest 2016

The annual Book Week Trivia Contest filled early with last year’s winners vying for first place and back to back success. They were placed under pressure early by several teams who performed strongly in both the Books and Movies and the Olympics round.


By the end of the final round we had a draw. Unfortunately only one team could win the coveted Hoyts movie tickets, so this year’s trivia champions won the tie breaker. Congratulations to the following winners: Dave Moksh, Alex Jackson, Daniel Ridgeway, Jay Huttig May Luo, Lorenzo Louw. Thanks also to all our enthusiastic competitors and judges.



Emily Collins & Deb Wilkins

Library Convenors

VCE Legal System

An Inside Look at our Legal System: VCE Legal Studies Court Excursion 2016


Real life criminal justice rarely mirrors the court room dramas depicted on television. On Tuesday 16th August , 25 year 12 Legal Studies students visited the County and Supreme Courts in Melbourne to view the criminal justice system first hand.

Our students were fortunate to be addressed by two County Court judges and a Supreme Court judge who shared the challenges and rewards of their role and candidly answered questions about the effectiveness of our legal system.  Students then were able a to view a mention hearing and three appeals in the County Court.


A key fact shared by Judge Murphy is that two thirds of cases which are dealt with by the County Court are criminal cases involving drugs, sex or violence and most offenders are male aged between 18-26 years. Therein lies a challenge for us as educators.


Mrs Deb Wilkins & Mrs Helen Doherty

Yr 12 Legal Studies teachers

Indonesian News

On Wednesday August 17th thirty Indonesian students from Years 7-9 and the Indonesian teachers Bu Martin, Pak Ery and Bu Lundie were all invited to participate in a flag raising ceremony at the Indonesian Consulate in Melbourne for Indonesian Independence Day.


Staff and students caught the train into Flinders Street and then a tram to KJRI (Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia) for the 9.30am ceremony. After the ceremony students were invited to take photos and to eat traditional Indonesian snacks.

The day proved to be great opportunity for students to use their Indonesian language skills outside of the classroom, engage with native Indonesian people and learn more about Indonesian traditions and customs.


Thank you to all of the students who participated on the day, your passion, leadership and commitment to Indonesian was admirable.

Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages/Indonesian Teacher

Year 7 ACE Program Geography/Science Project

As outlined earlier in the newsletter, 7I students have been involved in an exciting integrated project in Geography and Science classes over the last few weeks on the topic: ‘Is the health and use of Mullum Mullum Creek important to our community?’


It has involved the students going out on fieldwork, then working together in small groups to create a final presentation that will be delivered to a panel (a rep from Maroondah Council, the Principal, Mr Phillips, and 7I’s Geography and Science teachers) on the last morning of term. Several parents have already indicated they would love to attend.

The students have really enjoyed the project, and we look forward to their feedback.

Annette Niven, Teaching & Learning Leader

Jackie Quenette, Head of Science


Annette Niven



Sports News


Congratulations to the Year 8 boys Table Tennis team, coached by Mr Gayed, who won their section at the recent Year 8 Division round robin day and will now play in Region finals during Term 4. Both Hockey teams played very well to finish second in their competitions, with the girls team missing Region finals by a solitary goal. The girls Basketball team also narrowly missed progressing to Region level, finishing second behind Mooroolbark.



Earlier in the year Bianca Hansen was nominated as Ringwood Secondary’s recipient of the Pierre De Coubertin award. Each secondary school in the state has the opportunity to award a student within their school this honour, which recognises students who display the Olympic ideals and attitudes encouraged by the Olympic movement. In order to receive this award students must prepare a literary or artistic piece to submit with their nomination. This year, Bianca’s literary piece was judged the best from across all of the state, which resulted in her receiving an additional award from the Victorian Olympic Committee recognising her outstanding piece of writing. Congratulations Bianca.



On Monday the 5th of September the Year 8 girls continued their very successful Regional Finals performance and competed in the State Finals at Waverley Netball Centre.  Our year 8 students epitomised the RSC values, playing with integrity and doing their best. They demonstrated resilience, positivity and team-work in the face of some pretty tough competition and should be very proud of their achievement.


Ms Myroforidis




Wednesday 19th – Year 8 Boys Table Tennis

Monday 24th – Year 7 Boys Tennis / Year 7 Boys Volleyball / Year 8 Boys Volleyball

Wednesday 26th – Intermediate Boys and Girls Table Tennis


Thursday 3rd – Year 8 Boys Baseball / Girls Softball

Friday 4th – Year 7 Girls Tennis

Monday 7th – Year 8 Boys Tennis

Friday 11th - Year 8 Girls Tennis


Duke Cross Country Ski

On the 23rd of August 37 of the Duke of Edinburgh students went cross country skiing at Lake Mountain. We arrived at school bright and early for the massive day ahead. On the way there we made a short stop at a hiring place to collect our ski gear. There was quite a lot of snow and the weather was absolutely perfect with blue skies and the sun keeping us warm. We had instructors that helped us figure out what we were doing and they led the entire day. Somehow there were many stationary falls before we even began and the amount of stacks throughout the day were astounding and almost every single fall was absolutely hilarious (except when Hannah fractured her wrist!).

At the conclusion of the day, we all bought matching t-shirts from the gift shop that allow us to remember the day forever. The day was filled with truckloads of laughter, sweaty faces, sore muscles and really loud music. Overall, it was a really successful day and even though we were exhausted by the end, we all had heaps of fun.

 Amy and Hannah


Intermediate Girls BBall

On Thursday 12th of August the Year 9 and 10 girls basketball teams went to Dandenong Basketball Stadium to play in the Division Basketball Round Robin. The schools we played against were Norwood, Melba, and Mooroolbark and all were great but tough competition. The A team had a team of 8 and the B team had a team of 10 and every girl in each team played their hearts out on the day. The A team won 2 and lost 1 of their games putting them in second place, as the B team won all 3 of their games making them the winners of their pool!


 Unfortunately no teams go onto the next round but it was a great effort by all the girls all round! Thanks to the awesome teachers and helpers who were there to support and score for us girls.


Bella Mayne


Start typing your article in here...

Performing Arts

Highschool Musical JNR Auditions

Auditions for this year’s Junior Production will take place on Monday October 10 and Thursday October 13 from 3.30pm until 5.30pm in the Hall/Room 700.


You must sign up for 1 of these sessions by filling in your name on the sign up sheet on the noticeboard in the PAC corridor by Friday October 7.


You do not need to prepare anything for the audition.


Students participating in Bike Tour 2016 are not eligible to audition.

In accordance with our license agreement, students must be in Years 7 to 9 in order to audition.


There will be an optional dance audition for all interested students on Tuesday October 11 at lunchtime in the Hall/Room 700. Selected students may be invited to call-back auditions (if required) on Monday October 17 from 3.30pm until 5.30pm.


Before committing to an audition, you can save us all a lot of time by carefully checking the commitment dates below, to ensure that you are free to participate in all rehearsals and performances.


You do not need to do anything else at this stage.


Mr Moody 

Director of Performing Arts


Music News 

Royal South Street Competitions

Congratulations to all musicians and conductors for the outstanding results achieved at the recent Royal South Street Competitions held in Ballarat.


Please see the Mr Phillips report for placings.

Congratulations and well done to all.


Gala Concert

All our award winning ensembles will be performing in our annual Gala Concert at the George Wood Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar next Thursday 15 September, 7.30pm. Don’t miss out as tickets are selling fast. Please book via Trybooking using the following link:


Thank you to all musicians and music staff for their extraordinary work during this term.


Looking forward to a wonderful night of music next Thursday evening.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music









Bringing up Great Kids

Bringing up Great Kids (BUGK) is a parenting program that uses mindfulness and reflection to support parents as they review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children. The BUGK Program supports parents as they explore what influences their parenting practices, and the messages they’re passing onto their children. The program aims to work with parents as they establish a new relationship context with their children. For more information or to register, please contact Melanie Fearn on 8878 3800 or [email protected] Who: Parents / Carers of children Aged 0-10 years Where: EACH 14 Silver Grove Nunawading, 3131 When: Thursdays 25th August – 15th September (4 Consecutive weeks) Time 10.00am – 12 .30pm Cost: Free (Morning tea provided) *Sorry no child minding available


Camp Kiah

This camp is a combination of learning social skills, building confidence and self-esteem, creating new memories and making new friendships. It's a place where new ways of viewing the world are learnt, as well as the capacity to change behaviours. All of this is achieved through a safe therapeutic process that includes individual and group activities. We are here to provide young people with the skills, techniques and perspectives in which they can see the silver lining in their situation, they can look forward in hope and gratitude, rather than remaining stuck in negativity and the shouldering the emotional and behavioural difficulties, that are associated with this. Spring School Holidays 19th-22nd September, and 26th – 29th September. To speak to one of our Camp Kiah crew directly or for more information please call 0432 192 015.


Girls With Attitude Facilitator Training – EACH

Girls With Attitude is a self-discovery program for young women experiencing difficulties dealing with their emotions, struggling with significant relationships and other issues. The program has been running in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for more than 10 years with strong outcomes, feedback and evaluation. We are now offering a facilitator training package for teachers, student welfare staff, and other professionals working with young women who would like to run this sought-after program. Who: Teachers, SWC’s,youth workers, social workers, other professionals working with young people. Where: TBA based on numbers. Either Ringwood or Knox areas. When: Wednesday 7th September, 2016 Time: 9:30am-4:00pm Cost: $120 (GST inclusive) To register or for queries regarding the training, please contact Rhianna Perkin at EACH Youth and Family on 0407 530 718 or [email protected]


Free Digital Youth Culture and Online Safety PD

What are the young people around you doing on their phones and devices?
Do you have the skills to help them make wise choices?

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, understanding the online world and its potential impact on children is essential in promoting positive and respectful communities. Our Office values the important role youth workers play in supporting the well-being of children and adolescents and invite local government officers who work with young people or their families to attend a FREE Digital Youth Culture and Online Safety Professional Development webinar session. Dates: 7th September 7pm, 14th September 12pm,22nd September 1pm,  22nd September 7pm, 29th September 1pm.


Wellbeing Team

Parent i Seminar

Catherine has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including The Project, Sunrise, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Radio National & ABC774, discussing a range of topics including the sexualisation of children, beauty pageants and pornography.


You are invited to attend.

Holiday Activities

Pokemon Go Team Challenge 
Cost: Free! 
Open to anyone aged 12-17 years on Friday 23rd September from 9am - 2:30pm.  Head into the city for some Pokemon hunting with a twist! 2 teams will be competing for eternal glory in group challenges (and some sneaky individual challenges too!) Who can catch the most pokemon in 2 hours?  Which team will visit the most Pokestops?  The only way to find out is to join in the fun!  As with any friendly competition, a few rules apply - click on the links at the bottom of the page to download the Information Flyer, General Enrolment Form and Program Booking Form.  

Big Day Out @ EV's Youth Centre  
Cost: Free! 
For 11 -14 year olds come down to EV’s Youth Centre on Wednesday 28th September from 11am – 3pm. There are board games, video games, play pool, listen to music, watch a movie, talk to a youth worker, and lunch is provided. The Big Day Out is free and open to young people who live, study or are connected to the City of Maroondah. To RSVP please contact Brian McAleer at Maroondah Youth Services on 9294 5706 or email [email protected] 

Kerrabee Intergenerational Day 
Wednesday 21st Sep 10-3pm 
We are also looking for young people who would like to come along to Kerrabee for an intergenerational day. We will be playing games, trivia live music and a free lunch with the seniors. It's also a great day for any young people who would like a taste of volunteering or may not be close to their grandparents and would like to come along and have a social chat and hear some great stories.

Bridge Builders Girls Camp

Four-Day Camp for Girls 13 to 15 Years to:

* Build Self -Esteem and Self- Worth 

* Build Positive Body Image

* Build Social Skills

* Create New Friendships


Through a variety of workshops, inspiring guest speakers and activities at the Bridge Builders 10th Annual UR Retreat for Young Women will be happening during the first week (Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd) September school holidays, Cost: $99.00 per girl – the local business community sponsor each young woman to attend. 


We have limited places available – urgent response required to secure a place for your daughter, please contact the UR Retreat Manager – Nat Haraida directly on 03 9038 8818 or 0421 177 570 or via email [email protected]


Cultural Day

Please see attached information from Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Park who are holding a Cultural Day on 20th September.


MIC Fundraiser

The Migrant Information Centre invites you to our fundraiser – the special Q&A screening of THE BAULKHAM HILLS AFRICAN LADIES TROUPE WITH DIRECTOR ROS HORIN AND MEMBERS OF THE ‘TROUPE’.

Jump Deck Promo

Its school holidays coming again,  please see our Spring offer promotion . Great place to enjoy some fun!

Community Photography Competition

As part of Yarra Valley Grammar’s 50th Anniversary celebrations we are running a Community Photography Competition and we would love for your students to enter.  

There are three different age categories and some fabulous prizes to be won (see the below link for more details).  Entries will be displayed, and winners announced, at Yarra’s Community Festival on Saturday 15th October from 3pm.  Entries close Friday 7th October 2016.  

Below is a poster advertising this free community competition and we wondered whether you would be able to insert it in your School newsletter ot student bulletin for the next few weeks of term. It is a great activity for the students to do during their school holidays!

I have no doubt you have some very talented students at Ringwood Secondary College and we’d love their involvement to showcase their creativity.  Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

Upcoming Concert - Tom Burlinson

Croydon Rotary Club  invites you, your fellow school staff and members of the parent community to our next Rotary concert to be performed at the George Woods Performing Arts Centre on Saturday 8th October.


Croydon Rotary are staging this concert to raise funds to support victims of Family Violence.


Attached is the Tom Burlinson Flyer .

The flyer gives information about the concert and how you and your members may purchase seat tickets if they are so inclined.


John Gander

Croydon Rotary Club

Heritage Family Day

The Family Day is held as part of Whitehorse Council’s Heritage Week and it is a great day with lots of free activities for all the family.

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