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24 March 2020
Issue Four

Our mission is to inspire the self-belief and motivation in students that will enable them to achieve and grow.

From the Principal, Linda Jones
What's happening
Students of the Week
Teacher Talk- Ms Oosterbaan
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From the Principal,
Linda Jones


As I write this message to our community we are living in very unsettling times. I hope as you read today’s newsletter you are taking care of yourself and your family as best you can. I would like to thank parents and carers for their support and understanding over recent weeks.

We can’t change the circumstances but we can have control over how we respond to this virus. It is a time when we need to be grateful for what we have, show kindness and understanding towards others as well as resilience through days that might be particularly challenging.

Social isolation will mean many of the daily and weekly activities that were the norm won’t be possible but it will give us the opportunity to fill our days somewhat differently. Below is a link Ms Harley found last week that might give you some ideas.

It will soon be our term one break and I am unsure quite what the weeks ahead will look like. I will keep families informed via our Compass platform and if you have any specific questions I will access the school emails on a regular basis and will reply in a timely manner.


With the recent circumstances Ms Desiree Oh left last week to commence Maternity Leave as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her second baby in a few weeks. Next term we warmly welcome back Ms Alicia Parker as a new 2D teacher sharing this class with Ms Genevieve Murtagh.




Linda Jones, Karen Bentata-Grimm

What's happening


Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School





Saba P

1 B

“The Whales’ Song”

“The Second Sky”

“New York, New York!


Students of the Week

March 16, 2020

Poppy G  Prep             For bringing such a positive attitude to our class everyday and giving everything a

                                          go- keep it up!

Dwarak R  Prep           For being a motivated learner and trying  your best in every learning task. You

                                          grow your brain everyday!

Marc P  Prep                For being a helpful and reliable member of the class.

Alyssa B  Prep            For doing a great job at sounding out words whenever reading her take home books.

Rafael K  Prep             For being so confident during our literacy sessions sounding out words when

                                          writing and being a confident reader.

Irene W  Year 1             For sharing her maths strategies with the class...we love learning from you Irene. 

Manny M  Year 1          Working so well at school and arriving with a smile to brighten our day.

Lulu M  Year 1               For being such a wonderful member of 1D. You are always focused on your learning

                                           and an amazing role model for others!

Saba P  Year 1               For having a positive attitude to her learning. Keep it up!

Katherine T  Year 2     For your incredible maturity towards your learning and always listening

                                          respectfully to your friends and teachers. You're amazing!

Arthur G  Year 2           For your friendly attitude and inclusiveness in Year 2. Thank you for always helping

                                           your friends and spreading your positivity everywhere you go.

Sasha C  Year 3            For working so well on improving your persuasive writing skills. Excellent work!

Kiki J   Year 3                For her commitment to her learning. Kiki has consistently provided work of

                                           excellent  standard this term. Well done Kiki, keep up the good work.

Kian P  Year 4               Always enhancing group discussion through insightful comments.

Dev B   Year 4               A brilliant start to grade 4 at CPS. You have been a kind and caring class member.

                                         Well done!

Lydia A Year 5             For being such a dedicated and self motivated learner. Your work ethic is inspiring.

Senuly S  Year 6         For being brave and resilient in overcoming challenges during our Grade 6 camp. 

Nicholas C  Year 6     For showing leadership, selflessness and kindness in helping others during our

                                         Grade 6 camp.


Teacher Talk- Ms Oosterbaan

Each newsletter we will be speaking to a different teacher to get to know them better and see what makes them tick! Today we speak to Grade 1 teacher, Dominique Oosterbaan.

Favourite food: Avocado

Footy team: St Kilda

Favourite band/singer: Van Morrison

Favourite TV show: Gardening Australia

Ideal Holiday: Skiing

Siblings: 1 brother older than me called Peter and 1 Sister younger than me call Aimee (Aimay)

Children: Marcelle, 31 and Francesca 25

Pets: sadly both died in recent years, but I love dogs! I will be getting another one soon.

Hobbies: gardening, reading,  and sewing


You’re one of  the teachers who have been at Carnegie PS the longest. When did you start teaching here?

2005, along with Ms Taylor and  Ms Harley


What year levels have you mostly taught? Do you have a favourite age group you like to teach?

At Carnegie I have taught Prep -2 but over my career I have taught every level. I think I enjoy what ever level I am teaching!


What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen at the school over the years?

The number or students has grown from 238 to over 600 and I have loved that we are now so culturally diverse.


Have you ever had a totally embarrassing moment in your teaching career?

I have had several, but I still cringe when I think of them so will keep them to myself, thanks!


Who was your biggest influence when you were at school and why?

I had many amazing teachers, but Mr Kingi, a wonderful Maori man who loved to sing and always made his students know that he cared for them.


If you didn’t become a teacher, what would you like to have done as a career?

A garden designer or horticulturalist


Oosterbaan sounds like it is a Dutch name. Is that where your heritage lies?

My Dad was Dutch and grew up in Holland but my Mum had a French Mother and Indonesian/Dutch Dad and she grew up in Indonesia.


Where in the world has been your favourite place to visit?

I love Italy and Spain, there is so much to see and do.


If you could have dinner with 3 famous people from history, who would they be?

Queen Elizabeth the 1st , an amazing, powerful person who influenced so many people in her time and beyond. 

Marie Curie – dedicated and persistent

Buzz Aldrin – Driven to achieve


If you were left to live on a desert island-what 3 things would you choose to take with you?

A good book,  a tin of tomatoes (great for pasta), my partner, Peter







Specializing in Fine Art for Children

With Professional Artist Ms Terry Taylor  0400272335  - Glen Iris

YouTube: Spark up you Art with Terry   -   Facebook as Art’scool for Kids


         Online Video Drawing Master Classes for Children in Term 2


Dear Current, Past, Future Parents and Students


                      Your health, safety and happiness is very important to me. With the recent

                      Covid 19 pandemic, I intend to launch Term 2 of Arts’cool for Kids online

                      via YouTube which will be filmed in my private unique studio where the

                      magic happens.


                      If you and your child decide to take term 2 online, 12 videos of Master Drawing

                      Classes for children will be ready so that students can continue to learn,

                      develop artistically and express themselves through my drawing classes.

                      It also gives you, as a parent, the opportunity to experience creativity at home

                      with your child.  Online will cater for ages 5 – 16 years, with videos split into

                      two sections to cater for the different ages and skills.  Students are welcome

                      to email me their drawings for advise and further instructions. As the videos

                      will be made in my private and unusual studio, a ‘secret’ password will be

                      given out.


                      The charge will be $15.00 per video class ($160 when you sign up and

                      pay for the 12 classes in full).  Factoring in video production costs as well as

                      making it accessible to you, I will need a minimum of 25 students. I do value

                      your expressions of interest.


                        Over the 25 years, I’ve had a lot of feedback about how valuable Art’scool is,

                       And through having online learning I can now reach more children.

                       If you could share this within your trusted circles that would be great!

                      As a thank you, you will receive the video classes at $7.50 each, as will your

                      referred friend.


                       Should you have any questions please contact me via email

              or 0400272335

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