Photo: Year 3/4 students learn from, create with and inspire their Foundation Buddies


20 March 2020
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Learn - Create - Inspire

 Principal's Report
Principal's  Awards  
Assistant Principal's Report
Assistant Principal's Awards
Year 3/4 Term 1
Languages Term 1
Learning Specialist Report
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Mondo Clothing Bin - Update
National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence
Nude Food Friday
BEPS Parents  Association (PA)  
Sun Smart - Hats in Term One
 Open Night and Experience Day 2020
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New Styles Available School Uniform Provider PSW
 Student Banking Notice School Banking will resume In  Term 2  
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‘They’re Calling On You’ Gorilla Campaign
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Community Notices   
Burwood East Primary School
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Cnr Highbury Road and Blackburn Road
Burwood East, Victoria, 3151



Term 2 

First Day of School Tuesday April 14th

School Banking resumes in Term 2






Term Dates 2020


Term 1 2020:      30th January        -     27th March

Term 2: 2020        14th April               -       26th June

Term 3: 2020        13th July                -       18th September

Term 4: 2020         5th October          -      18th December


Curriculum Days 2020 (Students do not attend school)

      5th  June       2020         -  Staff Professional Development Day

2nd  November 2020        -  Staff Professional Development Day



 Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East School community,


The past couple of weeks have been a challenging time for all of us. We are dealing with something that we have never seen before and the situation is constantly changing. Much of the information in relation to COVID-19 will continue to be relayed through Compass. The Department of Education is providing regular updates and directions to schools, as the situation evolves each day. Of course, our priority is to maintain a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment for every Burwood East PS student.


As the situation grows seemingly worse, the hysteria surrounding this outbreak is causing great anxiety and angst to people everywhere, especially parents. Although children are considered to be in a lower risk category, this does not protect them from being exposed to news reports on television, radio or social media. As a parent it is important to reassure your child, dispel any myths or untruths, and help them feel informed, allowing them to focus more on positive messages.


Access to Information

For Victorian schools and their community members, the Department’s COVID-19 website is the single authoritative source of advice and information.


Student Absences

Again, the advice of the Chief Health Officer remains at present that our school should stay open, except in the case of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). If parents make the decision to keep their child/ren at home, our school will record this as a ‘Code 807 – Parent Choice School Approved’. Please include the word 'COVID-19' in the absence comments.


School Shoes/Runners

At Burwood East we believe that our school uniform helps foster school identity, develops an affiliation with the school, assists in creating a sense of pride among the students and creates a level of equality as well as being practical attire for school. Currently we have a drop in standard across the school in relation to school footwear. I would like to draw the attention of parents to the School Dress Code in relation to footwear. Our dress code states, that students should wear black shoes or black runners with black shoe laces. I would ask that parents talk to their child/ren about this.


Parents Association

Thank you very much to Gill and the volunteers for their hard work at last week’s Meal Deal Day .  Approximately 450 students across the school participated in the Subway Meal Deal which could not run without the support of our Parent Association.


School Crossings

Parents are wonderful role models – children will mirror parental behaviours – both good and bad. I feel sure that every parent would hope their children used the supervised crossings by themselves when parents were not with them. With this in mind please make sure that if you are going to cross along Highbury Road or Blackburn Road , that you take the time to walk a little further and use the supervised crossing as an example to your child. Then when you are not around, your child will be more likely to use the crossing at the intersection of these two roads.


Clifton Creek Primary School Fundraiser

It is with great pride that the Burwood East Primary School community contributed with a number of other schools to raise $14,677.20 for Clifton Creek Primary School.

We received a wonderful email from Sue Paul, Principal @ Clifton Creek Primary School informing her of how much money was raised by our cluster of school. Her email is below:


                 ‘This is truly amazing! A massive thank you to all of the schools involved. We will probably use these funds to replace student laptops. Thank you once again - it is fantastic.’

Kind Regards,

Sue Paul | Principal |Clifton Creek Primary School




Yours in partnership,

Darren McDonald




Principal's  Awards


As Principal, I believe it is very important that I acknowledge the wonderful work our students produce in all areas of the curriculum, therefore students are encouraged to visit me in my office (classroom) to showcase their achievements.

Katherine,  Pangea,  Christina and Nandin  for their creative writing and pictures.

Inaya, Selene, Justin, Tyler and Ethan for their persuasive text.

Rose and Tim for demonstrating their writing skills.

Daniel and Kayla for their descriptive writing.

Jayden, Xavier and Eshaal for their independent persuasive writing.

Ryan and Madelyn for demonstrating their writing. 


Assistant Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East School Community,


We would like to acknowledge the support and understanding from our school community over the last couple of weeks where we have worked together to ensure the safety of everyone here at Burwood East Primary School. The school leadership team would like to recognise the dedication and enthusiasm of the classroom and specialist teachers for continuing to provide engaging teaching and learning programs and the students and families who have come in each day with big smiles and a readiness for learning. 


It has been fantastic to share and celebrate student learning on a daily basis. Across the school, students have been writing persuasive texts, looking at the structure, language features and grammar of exposition texts. We have been pleased with the students’ ability to use persuasive devices to add voice and conviction to their main arguments. In our Inquiry Investigations students have been able to clearly articulate and demonstrate their roles and responsibilities as a citizen of our school, their local community and beyond.  Please see the Principal and Assistant Principal Awards pages to see the great work the students are producing.


Year Two

The Year 2 students went for a community walk on the 13th of March to Mt Waverley Emergency Animal Centre (EAC) and Burwood East Country Fire Authority (CFA) to find out how these services support the local community.

At the Emergency Animal Centre the students inquired and observed how the veterinarians scan animals, take their temperature and run blood tests to ensure the animals are healthy and safe. They were able to see the surgery room and a special wildlife cage, which is completely dark, where nocturnal animals can stay when they are recovering from an injury or illness. The students had an opportunity to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the role of a veterinarian and the services offered by the EAC.

After a very informative session at the EAC, the Year 2 students had their morning tea at Highbury Park and had some time to play games.

Next they visited the Burwood East CFA. There the students were able to look at the equipment on the fire truck, try on a special uniform, observe how to wear an oxygen mask and discuss with the fire fighters their roles and responsibilities. Some of the questions asked included; How does the suit/uniform keep you safe? And have you ever had to rescue a cat from a tree?

Below are some highlights from Year 2 students:

Mayumi who found it fun trying on the fire fighter’s huge uniform

Cooper who enjoyed eating lunch at the football ground

Ayumi who found it interesting to see inside the EAC

Gaween who thought it was great to see the animals and special equipment at the EAC


Thank you to Cooper,  Ayumi, Gaween  and Mayumi for their input in writing this piece.


Many thanks,

Teri and Andrew



Assistant Principal's Awards


Year 3/4 Term 1


Students in Year 3 and 4 have been developing and continuing their understanding of place value, odd and even numbers as well as number operation strategies consisting of; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They have designed ‘Array Cities’ demonstrating their conceptual understanding of multiplication including triangular and square numbers. Students have enjoyed tuning their mathematical minds playing card games using their number skills as well as unpacking word problems using the CUBES method. 



A very special part of being in Year 3 and 4 is that we are given the important responsibility of looking after our Foundation buddies. Our buddy system at BEPS gives children the opportunity to practise the important values of respect, care, valuing difference, friendship and inclusion. Through looking after the younger children, the Year 3 and 4 students are developing their empathy and compassion- contributing to our positive learning environment here at Burwood East. The students have enjoyed helping our Foundation buddies settle into life at school and providing them with a safe friend to help them in the yard.

3 / 4 Sport 

After a hugely successful athletics event in Week 5, which saw some students making it through to districts, the Year 3 and 4 students are now being offered opportunities during sport to develop their fundamental motor skills. These skills include leap, punt, dodge, ball bounce, overarm throw and kick. Each week, classes rotate to a different teacher who introduces a new skill and provides students with opportunities to learn and practise this skill using drills and games. Students and teachers alike have shown great enthusiasm during these sessions and we look forward to seeing how they progress through to the end of term.


CAFE Reading:

During this term, the Year 3 and 4 students have been focusing on numerous CAFE strategies to help them improve their comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary abilities. Recently, students have focused on the author’s purpose in text and determining whether it is persuasive, informative or an entertaining piece. Students have also been creating their own CAFE Reading goals with the consultation of their teacher. Their reading goals set the purpose for reading and helps students to know what to focus on during this time. Students’ goals are continually reviewed and assessed throughout the term. So ask your child what their goal is and see if they use it when they next read to you.

The QR Code below is a short YouTube clip on Author’s Purpose



In Writing this term, Year 3/4 have been focusing on description.  The purpose of this topic was for students to learn more effective ways of describing something in their writing, and to expand their vocabulary, allowing it to carry over into the specific text-types throughout the year.  Students planned their writing, using the 5 senses (touch, see, taste, hear and smell), to write a detailed description of their classroom. They also investigated figurative language, such as idioms, hyperbole and similes to enhance their writing.  Along-side this, students also completed word knowledge studies, to improve their knowledge about where words come from, spelling strategies and constructing powerful sentences that range from simple to complex and compound. They were then able to use a variety of these sentences to ensure their writing was varied and interesting. 

Google Classroom 

This term, the Year 3 and 4 students began using Google Classroom. We have been using it for a range of purposes across the curriculum. Students have been using Google Slides to create presentations, publishing texts on Docs and using Sheets to input  data and create graphs. Here is what a few students had to say about using Google Classroom:

“It is fun because we get to use the iPads more often”- Shanaya, 3C


“You get your own personal account so people can’t look at your personal information” - Annabelle, 3C


“We can save paper because we don’t have to print everything”- Lincoln 3C


“Google Classroom is awesome because the Slides make my work interesting. The backgrounds are really good to use and it saves automatically!”- Daniel 3A


“I really like that the logo of Google Slides is yellow, because my favourite colour is yellow”- Ally 3L


“I get to use it for my Inquiry Challenge which I’m really enjoying”- Mayon, 3B


“I really like using Google Slides!”- Serena 3L


Year 3/4 Team

Angela, Caitlin, Christine, Luke, Laura and Blake

Languages Term 1

At Burwood East Primary School, the Languages are taught through an understanding and celebration of cultural diversity. Core Learning in Languages, includes communicating, oral interaction, reading, responding and writing.


In learning Mandarin, students aim to develop communication skills and knowledge, an understanding of social, historical and familiar relationships and other aspects of the language and culture. Languages contribute materially to the universal purposes of schooling and to the development of skills in critical and creative thinking.



Learning Specialist Report

Numeracy at home

Please find information, advice and activities for families to support their child’s ongoing numeracy learning at home on the following education department website;


Mathematics or Numeracy  - What is the difference?


Throughout my reports in the Buzz this year, you may have seen the words ‘mathematics’ and ‘numeracy’ both mentioned. Do these two words mean the same thing? The answer is no. Please read below to find out more.


Numeracy is the ability to grasp mathematical concepts to deal with quantities and other situations in daily lives. Mathematics is a field of study that involves numbers, space, and concepts that correlate objects and their qualities.

Numeracy is:

  • How many Euros you’ll get to take on holiday given a certain exchange rate.
  • How many taxis do you need to get everyone home?
  • Comparing labels in the supermarket to see which product has less sugar per 100g.
  • Interpreting graphs and statistics in the newspaper.
  • Checking the VAT on an invoice.
  • Working out how much wood you’ll be left with after sawing a certain amount off.

Numeracy isn’t:

  • Algebra
  • Square Roots
  • Trigonometry





Daniel Addison

Learning Specialist  - Mathematics




Junior School Council

Junior School Council has begun for the year. This year we have 50 students who have been selected to represent their class as JSC leader. Once a fortnight, the JSC meet to discuss current issues that have been suggested by other students. Each classroom has a suggestion box where other students can offer ideas and advice to the JSC. The JSC are looking forward to all the wonderful suggestions they will receive this year and hope to make a few positive changes around the school. The JSC have begun selling Zooper Doopers on Wednesdays at lunch time for 50 cents. These are sold by the JSC in terms 1 and 4.


Please remember to put your wrapper in the bin!


By Ari and Tiana 5J


Mondo Clothing Bin - Update


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

At Burwood East PS we aim to create a safe and supportive school community for everyone. Friday, March 20th is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and as a school we will be discussing this with your child and completing activities to assist them in dealing with issues that may occur throughout their lives.


You are an important part of our work to prevent bullying and to respond effectively if it happens.  Stopping bullying involves everyone.


Parents know their children best and know the best way to tailor communication to their needs. Adapt these tips to what works for you and your child.


If your child talks to you about bullying:

  1. Listen calmly and get the full story. Your calm response is important to allow your child to tell you all about the situation.  After they’ve told you their story, ask questions to get more details if you need: who, what, where, when.  Although you may feel some strong emotions about your child’s experience, try to keep calm to avoid more distress to your child.
  2. Reassure your child they are not to blame. Many children blame themselves and this may make them feel even worse. You could say things like, ‘That sounds really hard to deal with. No one should have to put up with that.’ or ‘I’m so glad you told me. You should be able to feel safe at school; that’s not fair at all’.
  3. Ask your child what they want to do and what they want you to do. A critical part of your response is to avoid jumping in to solve the problem.  While it is natural to want to protect your child, helping them to find their own solution is a better option.  It helps them feel they have some power in the situation.
  4. Visit to find some strategies. The website has tips and ideas for different bullying situations. One idea is to practise strategies at home to help your child feel more confident.
  5. Contact the school. Your child may be reluctant for you to do this, so discuss the idea and reassure them that the school would want to know and is able to help. Make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher and, if you need to, ask to talk with the principal. Contact the school immediately if you have a concern about your child’s safety. 
  6. Check in regularly with your child.  Keep the conversation going. It can take time to resolve issues, so check in regularly with your child about their experiences and their feelings.  Your ongoing support is important.


If you are looking for support for yourself to deal with a bullying situation, you will find ideas on the Bullying. No Way! website for parents.  As well, please feel free to contact the school if you would like to discuss any aspect of our approach to preventing bullying.


Thanks for your support to make Burwood East PS a great school for everyone.


Nude Food Friday


BEPS Parents  Association (PA)

BEPS has a great community and one reason is due to all the families who contribute to our events and the PA that organise them.  We are a group of parents who work together to help produce fun events for the school and to fundraise for our children’s school needs.  It is a great way to meet new parents and get involved with your children’s school experience.  This  year we raised over $20,000 and this will be used to help upgrade the junior school playground.

Every Friday we have school Breakfast Club. We are looking for volunteers (no experience necessary) to help serve food to the kids.  In addition to breakfast, we meet approximately once a month to plan events and fundraisers at the school.    

We need volunteers to help out at our events, either selling tickets, working on the BBQ or handing out food.  There are many ways you can help.  We will be asking for helpers for each of the events as they occur. However,  If you would like to be on our list of helpers to be contacted at these times, please leave your details at the office.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us at our meetings.  It’s a great way to meet other parents and get involved with the school community. 

Thank you

The PA

Sun Smart - Hats in Term One


 Open Night and Experience Day 2020


Poetry Competition
Details and Entry Form


Inviting Year 5 and 6



Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) Application Form
Financial Assistance For Parents


School Based Programs
Wise One's
Computer Club
Multi Sport Program


Cinnamon Scent


New Styles Available
School Uniform Provider

New Styles Available

We have added some exciting new items to our School Uniform range:

These items are available from our uniform supplier PSW


 Student Banking Notice

School Banking will resume
In  Term 2


Student Banking - Bendigo Bank - Student Has finished for Term 1 and will resume again in Term 2

Please send your banking to school on Tuesday.  Banking deposits are collected on a Wednesday and returned on the same day.

To sign up for Student banking please contact:

Marcy Whitby  

Customer Service Officer

Blackburn South Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank  I 134 Canterbury  Road I Blackburn South VIC 3130

P: 03 9894 8467  I  F: 03 9894 7862  I  E:


Abacus Program
O'Grady Drama







‘They’re Calling On You’ Gorilla Campaign

Did you know BEPS collect mobile phones and small electronic devices to be recycled in connection with Melbourne Zoo’s campaign to help Gorillas. You can drop off your old phones etc. at the reception table that has a white box where your phones can be placed. Thanks for your support! 



Information Page



Community Notices 


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Balanced Living Catering - School Lunch Orders.pdf
Working with Children Check.pdf
Parent Brochure Compass School Manager.pdf
Camp Australia Information.pdf