16 March 2020
Issue Four

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Manuela Watson

Week 8, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

This week marks Catholic Education Week across the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Even though all celebrations have been cancelled to ensure everyone’s safety from the coronavirus it is still an opportunity for St Fidelis to celebrate our Catholic Faith and identity.


This week the students will be learning about the story of St Patrick, who he was and why we celebrate this day on March 17th.  It is also the week where we highlight our commitment to a school free from bullying. The students and teachers will engage in learning and teaching tasks around different aspects of bullying. The main educational resource that we will be using is:


This is a website for Australian schools and is managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group which has representatives from all states and territories,  including the Catholic and independent school sectors.

This Friday March 20th is National Day Against Bullying and Year 1/2BA will be sharing some of what they have been learning about to their peers and parent community. Please Join 1/2BA as they tell us more about how we can be a world free from Bullying. 



At St Fidelis Primary School the health and wellbeing of our school community is of paramount importance and education concerning the coronavirus is also important. In this article produced by the ‘World Health Organization’, it offers some useful information and strategies for parents with children who may be experiencing some stress during the 2019- nCoV outbreak. Please take a moment to read this information.


In addition, all classes and toilets have a supply of soap to wash hands. An order of hand sanitizer was placed a fortnight ago as an added precaution but due to high demand it will not be delivered until mid-week. Students are reminded regularly to maintain good hand hygiene and cough hygiene. Teachers clean tables every day. Our school is cleaned everyday by the cleaner. If you have some sanitizer, you may like to place in into your child's bag for personal use.


As per school policy if you child is unwell please keep them home and notify the school of their absence.


Library /STEM Innovation Space Blessing

On Wednesday March 18th, Father Cartwright will bless the New Library/STEM Innovation Space at 8:50am. He will say a prayer with all the school students outside in the yard and then proceed to bless our new space.  The School Leaders and any parents that would like to attend are most welcome.

A date for a Special Open Day of the Library /Stem Innovation Space has yet to be finalised.


St Fidelis Agreed Ways

This term all classes have been working on setting up a positive classroom and school climate. St Fidelis has developed a set of school expectations. We call these our Agreed Ways. These are written in a way that lets everyone know that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.



  • I can listen and follow instructions
  • I can listen to others respectfully


  • I can control my emotions and behaviours
  • I can use appropriate words to solve a problem


  • I can focus on what the speaker is saying by making eye contact
  • I can wait my turn before speaking


  • I can speak politely
  • I can use my manners


  • I can walk safely around the school
  • I can show care for others when moving


  • I show respect for other people’s property
  • I can take care of school property

When students do not make good choices, our conversations with them centres around these AGREED WAYS.  Your support at home with these agreed ways will reinforce that we all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at school, home and in our wider community.


Child safety CPR Course  

On Tuesday March 3, the staff completed their annual Child Safety CPR Course.  Here are some images for your enjoyment.


School Hours Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has followed our School Hours Supervision Hours after last week’s reminder. All staff are at school very early including Administration staff to prepare for the beginning of the day therefore supervision is not possible before 8:30am. A reminder Camp Australia is a service available for parents who need to drop their children off to school early.


Parents and Friends

If you are able to attend the Parents and Friends meeting this Monday March 16th at 7:30pm in the school staffroom we would love to see you. The funds raised by the hard working committee all go to your children’s education.  Without your assistance, the STEM/ INNOVATION SPACE would not have been possible this year. We still have lots we can add and improve in this space but it will only be possible if we have enough volunteers. If you are unable to attend the meeting but are able to assist in other ways, please let the committee know.   Thank you so much for your time and generosity I am lucky to have an amazing community of parents and students.


School Fees – 1st Installment Due this Friday March 20th

Thank you to the families who have paid their fees in full or are up to date with first term fees. As per our new fee structure all term one fees are due by Friday March 20th this Friday. Please arrange a meeting to see me if you need to make other arrangements. School fee payments can be made via credit card, cheque or cash. A direct debit arrangement can also be organized please see Jane or Ann at the office.

Outstanding fees from 2019 must be paid immediately. Contact me if you need to discuss this further.

Our school does rely on school fees for many recurrent costs so prompt payment is appreciated.


Enrolments Existing Families

Existing Families Foundation enrolments 2021. If you are an existing family and have a child starting school in 2021. Please see Ann and Jane at the office for an enrolment form. You can also download a form from our website. We have had lots of interest thus far for 2021 so please place your enrolment in for next year so I can get an indication of numbers. Please let you friends know if they are thinking of sending their child to St Fidelis to come for a school tour. See flyer below…


Have a great week



Dates to Remember

2020 Term Dates

Term 1 - Jan 30 - Mar 27

Term 2 - Apr 14 - June 26

Term 3 - Jul 13 - Sep 18

Term 4 - Oct 5 - Dec 15

Sacramental dates

First Eucharist - Sat 20th June at 2pm.

Confirmation - Fri 14th Aug at 6.30pm.

Reconciliation - Sat 24th Oct at 4.45pm or on Sat 31st Oct at 4.45pm.

Monday March 16

7:30pm - P & F Meeting - Colour Run Focus

Tuesday March 17

St Patrick's Day - Hot Food Day

2:15pm – 3:15pm - Maths Session for Parents

Wednesday March 18

8:50am - Blessing of the Library STEM Innovation space

Friday March 20

First fee installment due

Wednesday March 25

2:15pm - Stations of the Cross

Friday March 27

1:00pm - End of Term 1

Tuesday April 14

8:50am - Beginning Term 2

Religious Education News
Leanne Wenckowski

Change of dates for Family Faith Night for the Sacrament of Eucharist and Confirmation

Dear Parents,

Please note the new dates for the Eucharist and Confirmation Faith Nights:


Monday 18th May is the new date for the Eucharist Family Faith Night 7-8pm.

Wednesday 15th July is the new date for the Confirmation Family Faith Night 7-8pm.


The whole school will be participating in Stations of the Cross on Wednesday 25th March at 2:15pm in the Church. You are welcome to attend.


Parish News



Bullying No Way

This Friday, March 20th we will take part in the National Day of Action Against Bullying. Throughout this week students will participate in classroom activities where they will learn and revise what the definition of bullying is, discuss real life scenarios and practise strategies they could use if they feel they are being bullied. I encourage you to talk to your child about what they have learnt here at school in relation to this topic. Attached are two web addresses that have many resources that you could use to discuss bullying with your child.


Ride 2 School Day

A big thank you to all students and families who were able to participate in Ride 2 School day last Friday. It was great to see more bikes and scooters on site and hear of the many students who were able to walk a longer distance to school with their families than they normally do. Your support with these events is greatly appreciated.


Joe Frazzetto

Our Saunders Garden

This term, students from Year 1/2 and 3/4 have been collaborating, preparing, exploring and investigating, ‘How to maintain a garden?’ The students researched flowers, vegetables and herbs that would be appropriate to grow during the autumn and winter months.

With the support and help from Liam Fitzgerald, (Hunter (3/4GT) and Skyler (FLW), who has generously donated garden supplies seedlings, plants and a variety of garden tools to begin the process of creating and sustaining a garden at St. Fidelis. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Liam Fitzgerald and his family for their generosity during this time of Lent.


The students will take action by organising and planting their flowers, vegetables and herbs.

News from our Classrooms

Students of the Week

Congratulations to our Students of the Week for Week 7.

Foundation News

It is hard to believe that we are starting Week 8 of Term 1 in Foundation. Today is Day 27 as we count towards 100 Days of School.


The Foundation students are continuing to work well each day. They have a fantastic understanding of the St Fidelis agreed ways and are doing everything in their power to follow them in the classroom and in the playground.


Last Friday the Foundation students participated in an incursion run by Mini Boss. They explored the idea of finding the super powers that super heroes possess through story, dance, role play and craft activities. It was a wonderful moment when they decided that the main super power Foundation LW has, is the power of kindness. Indeed the 22 students in the grade are very kind to one another and their teacher.


The students are certainly becoming fantastic self-managers as they unpack their bags and change take home books each morning. Parents, please encourage your child to complete the necessary morning jobs by themselves.


Library books are changed every Tuesday so please ensure the book and library bag are back at school by Monday at the latest.


The students are enjoying their specialist classes and they have been very fortunate to have some time in the STEM space with Mr Frazzetto and his friendly Beebots as well as participating in Art, Italian and P.E. during the week.


Have a wonderful week!


Year 1/2 News

The Year 1 & 2 students had a great incursion about "The Superhero in Me".  They learnt how to work collaboratively in teams. The students focussed on identifying skills that help them become confident, resilient and persistent in their learning.  They learnt how to think, feel and act like a superhero. The students thought "this was the best incursion ever!". Well done Year 1 & 2s for demonstrating your superhero powers in and out of the classroom!


Year 3/4 News

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks with Inquiry Learning in Year 3/4!


On Friday the 6th March, we were fortunate enough to have Lizzie Blandthorn, MP and State Member for Pascoe Vale come and talk to our students. Lizzie visited the 3/4 Year Level to talk to the students about some of the decisions she makes as a State member of Parliament. 


As part of the ‘Finding Out’ stage of our Inquiry, Lizzie explained to the students the three levels of Australian Government, the two houses of Parliament and how democracy in Victoria helps her to make just decisions that are fair for all. Lizzie showed us photos and talked about some of the decisions she has made in our local community, such as state funding for schools and installing a tram terminus on Melville Road. She explained the process of making these decisions and how they are made to benefit the safety and wellbeing of all local community members.


We thank Lizzie  Blandthorn for her visit to St. Fidelis. 

On Thursday the 12th March, the Year 3/4 students had a full day incursion called ‘The Superhero in You’. This incursion was a whole school incursion across all Year Levels throughout the week. We thank Mrs Casamento for organizing this for St. Fidelis, because all year levels had a very productive, high energy and fun day of learning on their incursion day. 


Our incursion focused on the idea that we all have superpowers and we can use our special talents to work together. This incursion was a good fit for our Inquiry topic of decision making because it was all  about teamwork, relationships and community. We were able to make strong connections with this incursion and our Lizzie Blandthorn incursion because we had to apply our learning of fair decision making processes, when we colloborated together in small groups.


The 3/4 students had to work in small groups to come up with a superhero name, superhero catch phrase and  superhero pose. Then each class worked together to come up with a superhero mascot and jingle for their grade - something that represents who 3/4GT, 3/4BF and 3/4KD are. Throughout the day, we experienced both challenges and great success, all whilst laughing and learning together.  We also practised using learning assets and dispositions such as confidence, perserverance, colloboration, responsibility and communication.

Year 5/6 News

The last fortnight has been a busy and productive one for SLA. On Tuesday, the students participated in an incursion titled: The Superhero in You. The students were encouraged to identify their strengths and think of ways they could use them to support one another here at school, particularly in their own class environment. The students were then given the opportunity to agree upon 3 characteristics of learning that reflects their class. The way each grade was able to work and listen to one another and then agree on their 3 statements was wonderful to witness. A motto was then created and with the learning characteristics they were presented to each of the other grades with many laughs being shared.


The students continue to work hard in class with a focus being on writing persuasive texts, reading and comprehending a variety of written pieces, length and perimeter, Lent and Project Compassion and about confidence and persistence with the You Can Do It Program.


In Inquiry, we have been learning about the three levels of government and individuals who use their power both positively and negatively. 


Unfortunately our excursion on Thursday, March 26th to State Parliament has been cancelled.


Interschool sports has continued this past fortnight. We played Newlands school last Friday and all teams won. This was a great achievement however, the way all students were able to recognise the level of ability of the other team and allow them the opportunity to compete was fantastic to see. Our students are to be congratulated for this.


We look forward to the last two weeks of this term and the continued learning and support of one another.


Michael Jennings


On Friday 13 March, St Fidelis' Senior Sport Teams played home games of basketball, bat tennis & softball against Newlands Primary School.



Basketball Boys

St Fidelis 67 points defeated Newlands 0 points


Basketball Girls

St Fidelis 18 points defeated Newlands 6 points

Bat Tennis Boys

St Fidelis 37 games defeated Newlands 2 games


Bat Tennis Girls

St Fidelis 36 games defeated Newlands 0 games


Softball Boys

St Fidelis 18 runs defeated Newlands 5 runs


Softball Girls

St Fidelis 17 runs defeated Newlands 8 runs


Congratulations to all teams on their great performances. Also, it was great to hear positive feedback from Newlands and St Fidelis' staff regarding our teams' wonderful sporting behaviour displayed.


SSV Northern Metropolitan Tennis & Swimming Championships  Postponed

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is continuing to monitor and act on the advice of the  Department of Health and Human Services about the ongoing situation related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The latest health advice is that all excursions outside the school for purposes such as visits to cultural institutions, art galleries, theatres and sporting events or facilities (other than those local facilities regularly used by the school) planned from and including Tuesday 17 March must be postponed or cancelled. 

In keeping with this advice, School Sport Victoria has made the decision to postpone the Northern Metropolitan Region Swimming and Tennis Championships scheduled to be held this week. 



SSV Coburg District has also made the decision to cancel sporting events this week. Therefore, there will be no games played against Coburg Primary School on Friday 20 March 2020.


For more information and updates to coronavirus and school sport please follow on the






P & F News

Upcoming Events

P & F meeting - Monday 16th March

Special Food Day – Tuesday 17th March

Second Hand Uniform Sale – Friday 20th March

Easter Raffle Draw – Friday 27th March

Colour Fun Run – Sunday 26th April

St. Fidelis Day – Friday 24th April


Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the P & F members, particularly Anna Millar (the driving force behind the BBQ), parent volunteers and staff helpers for their hard work in organising such a successful Bunnings BBQ. These successful fundraisers would not be possible without the continued support from our willing and enthusiastic volunteers, so to you (listed below) we are very grateful!

Jack Nihill,  Arthur Vertsonis, Craig Millar, Peter Leahy, Lucy Leahy,     Andrew Matsamakis, Ces Piotti, Rose Piotti, Warwick Allsopp, Adrian Brown, Anthony Zaita, Sam Sortino, Isabella Calabro, Sonia  Harb, Dex Arounsavat, Matt Callinan, Leanne Wenckowski, Veronica Tsangaris, Irene Dinatale,  Will Archibald,  Bec Archibald, Manuela Watson, Neil Watson, Carly Price, Mira Cantiani,  Danielle Sportelli.

A special thanks also to:

Jimmy Joson for supplying the onions and to Mercy College, The Archibald, Nihill, Vertsonis and Leahy families for letting us borrow their Eskies and OF COURSE to the families who were unable to help with the BBQ but who came along to support us on the day- THANKS! It was great to see so many St. Fidelis faces at Bunnings buying sausages!


AND… we RAISED an AMAZING $1961.55! This is WONDERFUL news for the students of St. Fidelis, as these funds will go towards the continued improvement of the Library/STEM learning space.  Well Done Team!


Special Food Day  

Just a reminder that TOMORROW, Tuesday 17th March is Special Food Day. If you ordered special food, your child/children will be receiving either a hot dog, green jelly or both. Green Jelly to honour St. Patrick’s Day – HAPPY ST. PAT’S DAY to all of you who celebrate it!

And please remember, if you missed the cut off for ordering special food or chose not to participate this time – you may pack your child ‘special food’ in their lunch box, but please DO NOT deliver fast food to the school. Thank-you for your understanding.


Second-Hand Uniform Sale

On Friday 20th March from 3pm – 3:30pm, Dan & Carly from the P & F committee will be selling second hand uniforms in the school courtyard. Uniform pieces will range from $2 - $5 depending on the item of clothing purchased.  This is your time to stock up on those essential items for the coming change into the winter uniform during Term 2. If the weather forecasts rain, the uniform stall will be set up in the corridor outside the school library instead. And don’t forget, there are no EFTPOS facilities available for use at the stall.


Easter Raffle

IT’S COMING – your time to WIN one of the  AMAZING EASTER PRIZES on display in the office foyer is finally here - You know you want one! So far we have 24 hampers so to make your wish come true, you need to purchase SOME or ALL of the EASTER RAFFLE TICKETS that were sent home with your child last week.

Please ensure that you label each ticket clearly with a name and number and then return them to the FRONT OFFICE with the correct money, BEFORE THURSDAY 26th MARCH.  The WINNING TICKETS will be drawn on the last day of term 1 – Friday 27th March @12:30pm. Any unpurchased tickets can also be returned to the front office. HOWEVER, if you are SUPER KEEN or have a LARGE FAMILY / GROUP OF FRIENDS and need extra tickets to sell – please see one of our lovely office staff who will happily provide you with more!

Thank-you to all the families who donated an item for use in the Easter hampers – we are very grateful for your generosity. The P & F is still happy to except donations, right up until Friday 20th March. The more prizes, the more chances of YOU winning.



St. Fidelis Day

On Friday 24th April, the school will be celebrating St. Fidelis feast day. There will be an AM mass, followed by a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) show for students.

Who is St. Fidelis?

Legally born ‘Mark Roy’ in Germany (1577 – 1622), St. Fidelis was a Friar renowned for his modesty, meekness and chastity. He was a man who attended Mass very frequently and in every town he came to, he visited the hospitals and churches, passed several hours on his knees in the presence of the ‘Blessed Sacrament’, and was generous to the poor, sometimes giving them the very clothes off his back. He was given the name ‘Fidelis’, meaning ‘faithful’ in Latin, to honour him because of his loyalty to the Capuchin Order (an order of Friars within the Catholic Church). May we all follow in his lead of kindness and generosity.


Colour Fun Run

SAVE THE DATE! On Sunday 26th April, the P & F are organising the St. Fids Colour Fun Run.  Basically, you bring yourself, your children, money for lunch / activities and a great sense of humour to participate in the FUNNEST, MOST COLOURFUL DAY ever! The kids will love it, you will love it and most importantly, the event will not only continue to raise money for the much needed STEM RESOURCES, but will double up as an ENJOYABLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY EVENT too. Details on how to register and participate in this event will follow shortly, but FOR NOW add it to your calendar!


Once again, MANY THANKS for taking the time to stay updated with the P & F NEWS!


If you have any ideas to assist us with fundraising or event organisation, or just general queries relating to P & F NEWS, please contact:


Or you are welcome to attend tonight's P & F meeting, in the main staffroom @7:30pm.

School Information & Forms


With Jesus as our model, we serve the community of St Fidelis’ by providing quality education which strengthens and develops learning and deepens our understanding of the Catholic faith, customs and traditions.

We are always and everywhere faithful.



“We love to learn” St Fidelis’ is about learning. Learning about who we are, our God and our world. Learning involves students, teachers, parents, parish and our local and global community. We learn best when we feel safe, we are active and independent, make connections, work with others and understand how we learn. Together we try new things, value others, share our learning and reflect on what we have learnt.

We are guided by the teachings of Jesus and St Fidelis.

School Contact Information

PARISH PRIEST: Father David Cartwright

PRINCIPAL: Mrs. Manuela Watson



Mrs. Ann Russo & Mrs. Jane Prestia

ADDRESS   52 Saunders Street, Coburg 3058

PHONE       9383 3600   

FAX               9386 0076



OFFICE HOURS:  8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

School Hours

Students commence classes at 8:50 a.m.

All students must be at school by 8.45 a.m. but not before 8:30 a.m.

Morning Recess 11.15 a.m. until 11.40 a.m.

Lunch Time Students eat lunch from 1.20 p.m. and can play from 1.30 p.m. Classes resume at 2.15 p.m.

School finishes at 3.15 p.m.

2020 School Term Dates

Term 1 - Jan 30 - Mar 27

Term 2 - Apr 14 - June 26

Term 3 - Jul 13 - Sep 18

Term 4 - Oct 5 - Dec 15

Child Safety News at St Fidelis

'Providing a safe and nurturing culture for all children at our school'.

Procedures for Volunteers at St Fidelis Primary School:


*  Provide a copy of a current Working With Children Check(WWCC) to the school office. (This includes volunteers who anticipate assisting the school in any capacity)                                                               

* Sign and return The Child Safety Code of Conduct paperwork (The Code of Conduct  establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour by adults  towards children & young people).

* On arrival sign the Volunteer Register Book (at the front office desk)  prior to  entering the school to work as a volunteer.

* Collect their  personal  identification badge and lanyard from the office which must be worn and visible  at all times.

* At completion of their work as a volunteer, ‘sign out’ and return their personal  identification badge to the front desk.


Child Safety Documents


Uniform Policy and Price List


Behaviour Management


Bullying Prevention Policy


Homework Policy


Email Protocols 


SSV Codes of Conduct
For Students, Parents, Spectators, Teachers & Coaches

School Sport Vic follows and enforces codes of conduct for all participants in SSV events whether they are students, teachers, coaches, sporting officials, parents, spectators or administrators.  


Parent Code of Conduct


Complaints and Grievance Policy


Privacy Policy



Community News

Penola Catholic College


Simonds' Catholic College

School Tours


Simonds Catholic College


Parade College


Mercy College


Genazzano College





Pascoe Vale Girls' College


Join our Easter Family Night Thursday 2nd April 6pm – 8pm


St Bernard's OSHC

Vacation Care March - April holiday program



SOW wk 7
St Fidelis Sunsmart Policy 2019.pdf
Dogs & Other Animals on School Grounds Procedure 2019.pdf
St Fidelis Child Safety Standards Policy.pdf
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St Fidelis Positive Behaviour Policy.pdf
Bullying Prevention Policy 2019.pdf
Homework Policy.pdf
Protocols for Using Email as a Communication Tool.pdf
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Dogs & Other Animals on School Grounds Procedure 2019.pdf
St Fidelis Parent Code of Conduct.pdf
St Fidelis Complaints & Greivances Policy (1).pdf
St Fidelis Privacy Policy 2019.pdf
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Penola CC Enrolment Form.pdf
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CSRU Cyber Safety Parent Information Flyer 2020.pdf
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Bunnings Family night flyer.pdf
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