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05 March 2018
Issue Three
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Agentic Learners

In the year 2030 our 5 year olds will finish high school.  It is expected that job opportunities, vocational pathways and tertiary courses will be vastly different to what is available today.   We can expect many of our children to have multiple jobs rather than one career across their working life and so, it has become increasingly important to prepare our children for the fast-paced, ever-changing world they will live in.


In education, there has been much talk of preparing our students for the 21st Century by incorporating future-focused skills.  We are now eighteen years on from the turn of the millenium; evidence of changes societies is evident in NZ and across the globe.   As parents and educators we need to equip our children with the skills and capabilities they will need in navigate the future.  In addition to academic capabilities, our students will need the ability to manage themselves, the resilience and adaptability to navigate change, and face-to-face and online communication and collaboration skills. 


At RidgeView, we are becoming increasingly focused on providing our students with experiences that encourage curiosity,  collaboration and authentic problem-solving.  This approach is underpinned by providing students with the power to act - to be agentic.   Teachers remain the professionals in the learning partnership, but this modern approach means they guide learning rather than the topdown 'doing to' style of the 20th century.    

School News

Photo: Steve, Romy and Brooke Boardman

Parent and Principal Afternoon Tea Meetings


My thanks to the parents who attended our first information afternoon tea.  
We agreed to meet every two weeks at 2.15pm on a Thursday to discuss the following topics:

8th March:  Waahi Pakari learning space - What's different? / What's the same?

22nd March: Writing - Which components do we focus on?  How is writing assessed?

5th April:  Reading - What do we expect at each level?  How do we assess reading?

17th April: Maths - What do we teach? How do we teach it?   Which assessments are used?

31st April:  The Curriculum - What does it look like for our school?

Disability Games

Last week, Steve Boardman spoke to the children in Waahi Koru about his participation in the Rugby League Disability Games in Brisbane.  Steve explained that the tournament was held as a trial for the Commonwealth Games in three years' time.  Teams were predominantly made up of disabled players.  Some of these had sustained brain injuries, had visual impairments or were amputees.  The trial was extremely successful and we can look forward to disabled rugby league teams joining the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK.  We would like to congratulate Steve and his team who took home silver medals at the end of the tournament.

External ICAS Assessments for Year 4-6 Students

Every year we offer students in Year 4 - 6 the opportunity to take part in external assessments in Digital Technologies, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Maths and Science.  Parents pay for the assessments through our school office before the child completes the tests at school.  Students receive academic assessments and results in Term 3.  If you would like to find out more about these assessments, please visit the ICAS website and then email me your ICAS requests at [email protected]

Book Character Week

This week we are focusing on book characters.  We have planned a special day on Thursday, 8th March where we invite students to dress up as their favourite character and join us in a parade at 9.00am on the courts.  Later in the day, our staff and special guests will share their favourite books to groups of children.


All of our students have been learning about statistics in mathematics.  This week we will discuss and complete a range of activities related to our national census.   We encourage you to talk to your children about the census and what it is used for.   We will be explaining the following:

'A census is when a government counts all of the people in their country.  Census data is collected and analysed so that we can understand where groups of people live, how people's lives have changed and what trends we can expect in the future.  This information can help us to make decisions about providing housing, transport, hospitals, schools and leisure activities.'

Parent Fundraising Group

We are asking parents to join our Friends of RidgeView (F.O.R.s) group to help fundraise for our school.  


As you will be aware, it is difficult for us to access additional funding due to the size of our school and our high decile 9 rating.  We are gathering together a group of parents who are available to meet once a month to share ideas and plan events.  Please email me at [email protected] if are able to join our Friends of RidgeView group.

Easter Tuesday

We remind families that in New Zealand, all schools are closed on Easter Tuesday (3rd April).  However, this is not a general public holiday.  We thought that our working parents, especially those new to NZ may appreciate this reminder.

Vision and Hearing Testing

On the 23rd March our New Entrant children will have their vision and hearing tested by visiting technicians as part of the New Zealand schools' screening programme.  If you have an older child that you would like tested on this day, please contact Vicki Hooper in our school office.

Out of School Care

The cost of Before and After School Care will increase to $9/hour from Wednesday, 4th April.  The lower rate of $8 will be charged throughout March.

Upcoming Events

Events and Activities 


Wednesday, 7th March

6.00pm Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom


Thursday, 8th March

9.00am Book Character Parade on the courts

2.15pm in Waahi Whakaaro aro (new classroom)

Come along for coffee, biscuits and chat about this week's topic: Waahi Pakari - What is different?  What is the same?


Friday, 9th March

Subway lunch orders today


Friday, 16th March

1.00pm- 3.00pm Whole School Swimming Carnival and BBQ - Families encouraged to attend


Tuesday, 20th March

Interschool Swimming Competition at Coatesville School for selected 8yr+ students


Friday, 23rd March 

Subway lunch orders today


Thursday, 29th March

1.30pm - 3.00pm

Whole School Biathlon - Families encouraged to attend 


Friday, 30th March - Tuesday, 3rd April

School closed - Easter

School resumes on Wednesday, 4th April


Wednesday, 4th April

6.00pm Board of Trustees meeting in the staffroom


Friday, 6th April

Subway lunch orders today


Friday, 13th April

3.00pm School finishes for Term 1

Term 2 begins at 9.00am on Monday, 30th April


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