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15 February 2019
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Principal Message

Message from the College Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,


On behalf of the staff of Tarneit P-9 College, we would like to warmly welcome back our school community. Our returning students came back rested and excited to commence the school year and we welcomed many new faces, including 190 smiling preps. We have had an absolutely wonderful start to the school year and already our classrooms and school yard have a calm and positive feel. This term, Rynn Anderson will be working at another school, supporting them in establishing a new leadership team while their Principal is on leave. She hopes that everyone had a fantastic summer break and is looking forward to seeing everyone when she returns in Term 2. While Rynn is on leave from our College, I will be acting in her role as College Principal.


At Tarneit P-9 College, we believe that it takes the combined efforts of parents, teachers and students to create a learning environment based on mutual trust and respect. Whilst at school or representing the school in any capacity all parents are expected to behave in a courteous manner and live the school’s values of Learning, Pride, Inclusiveness and Responsibility. I would like to remind parents to avoid confrontation with students and parents in our school grounds. If you have any concerns or issues, please contact our Administration Office who will assist you in making a time to speak to the classroom teacher or any member of our Leadership team.


We are aware that pick up and drop off times can be extremely hectic and we ask that all members of our community use common courtesy and patience during these times, and to role model the safe use of school crossings. There are a variety of parking options around or in close proximity to the College and we encourage families to take advantage of these to reduce the traffic volume on the immediate area. Unfortunately, we still have families and students not using the school crossing on both Crossway Avenue and Brinbrook Street. As you can imagine this is a significant safety concern for our community. To assist with this, we ask all members of our community to model using the crossings and we also request that parents discuss road safety and use of crossing with their children. We also have Yard Duty teachers on Brinbrook Street to assist with supervision of student using the crossings.


In starting the school year, we ask that all parents and carers ensure that their child’s belongings are clearly labelled with their name and class. This will allow any lost items to be easily returned to the correct owner. Also a reminder that we are a sun smart school and all students from P-9 are expected to wear a hat at recess and lunchtime in Terms 1 and 4.

We are currently conducting our School Council elections and are calling for nominations. If you are interested in being part of our School Council, nomination forms are available at the Administration Office. Nominations close Wednesday 27 February and we require at least 3 parents to nominate. There is an information sheet further in this newsletter with information about the role of a School Councillor.


A reminder that we have our Family Fun night, where our community is invited to share a BBQ dinner and partake in some activities with our staff on Tuesday 26 February. We look forward to welcoming everyone back and joining our families in some round robin games.


Kind Regards


Paris Spencer

Acting College Principal




School Council


College Administration  

Important Date for 2019


Camps and Swimming

Some families may have children attending various camps (Years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8) and swimming (Years 2 & 8) events throughout the year.

If you wish to set up a payment plan to make regular payments for these activities, please contact our Accounts Department - 9749-0506.

College Community Calendar


School Banking

Don't forget School Banking is every Thursday.


Term 1 Sun Smart

Tarneit P9 College is a Sun Smart school.  We aim to educate our community on the importance of being protected from the sun. This means wearing sun screen and a broad brimmed hat. 


All students in Prep to Year 9 are expected to wear a hat during recess, lunchtime and any outdoor activities. If you do not have a hat, you will not be able to participate.

Make sure you bring your hat every day. And remember to write your name on it, so it can be returned to you if it gets lost.


Online Canteen Lunch Orders

Please click on the link below and follow the step by step guide for online canteen orders.


Mobile Phones

At Tarneit P9 College we do not allow the use of mobile phones in our classes or school grounds.


A reminder: 

•Mobile phones should be handed into your Homeroom teacher at the start of the day and collected at the end of the day.

•Homeroom teachers will keep them safe – locked in a draw.

•If you are bringing a mobile phone to school, you will need to complete a TP9C Mobile Phone agreement.


Under no circumstances should students have mobile phones in our classrooms or in the yard. This includes before and after school.


Lost Property

Please ensure to write your child’s name on their items

Any lost items with a name on it - is bagged, tagged and sent back to the child’s classroom for the teacher to hand out. 

We currently have an overwhelming amount of lost items of clothing with no names. These items are now being washed and given to our wellbeing team.



Families that hold a current and valid Health Care Card are eligible to apply for CSEF (Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund)


Students in Prep – 6 are eligible for $125.00

Students in Years 7-12 are eligible for $225.00


This money is paid to the school directly for you to use towards your child’s camps, sports and excursions.

If you hold a valid (current) concession card, and have already been approved for CSEF previously, we are able to roll over your application for the following year.


If you have not applied for CSEF in the past but have a valid concession card, please complete a CSEF application form from the office.


Applications must be submitted no later than 14 June 2019.


If you are unsure if your application will be rolled over, please contact College Administration for more information.

We would like to advise all families applying for CSEF next year to please include a copy of your health care card when submitting your application form.


Unfortunately we cannot process any applications without this information.



Around the College

R.E.A.L Robotics

Attention Year 5 and Year 6 Students!

Do you love Lego?

Do you love robots?

Do you love finding solutions to scientific problems?

If so, we need you!

Please see Ms Rados or Ms Dellios for an application form to be a part of the R.E.A.L Robotics team in 2019.

Only 10 students will be selected.  Will it be you?


Family Fun Evening

Come along and socialise with other families and staff.

Click below to complete the form.


Student Wellbeing 

Tuning Into Teens

Due to popular demand, Hobsons Bay UP will again be running the Tuning in to Teens program, for emotionally intelligent parenting, this term.

The program is open to parents and carers of young people aged 11-18, who live, work or study within Hobsons Bay. Participants must be able to commit to all six sessions:

•    Tuesday 19 February from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

•    Tuesday 26 February from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

•    Tuesday 5 March from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

•     Tuesday 12 March from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

•     Tuesday 19 March from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

•     Tuesday 26 March from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.


The course is free of charge and will be held at the Aspire Learning Lab, Level 1, Newport Community Hub, 11-13 Mason Street, Newport VIC 3015.

See attached flyer for further details,

or contact UP on 9932 4000;


If you are not available for this one but would like information about future programs, please check the website; where they will soon list courses available throughout the year in various locations throughout Hobsons Bay.


Breakfast Club


The Brave Program


Healthy Teeth

Did you know that tooth decay can be avoided with good dental care as well as tooth-friendly eating and drinking?


Children should begin having regular dental checks from 2 years of age.


Healthy baby teeth are very important because:

  • they are place holders for permanent teeth
  • they can impact on a child’s self esteem
  • they help children eat nutritious food
  • problems in baby teeth can damage the adult teeth growing underneath


If you think your child has tooth decay it is important to see a dentist to stop it from getting worse. Dental care for children is often free or low cost in the public dental system up to a certain age. Please contact your local council to find out more.


Sporting News 

CUA School Fun Run


The CUA School Fun-Run promotes healthy and active lifestyles while helping raise funds! It’s all about participation, with students treated to a great day as a reward for their fundraising efforts.

Family support is the key to our fundraising success and we encourage everyone to get involved.

Please visit and create a student profile page. Once you have completed this, read through your Sponsorship Form, which has instructions on how to raise money and order your prizes.

Where:                           The track is going to be around the back of the College this year and around

                                           the football ovals.
 Running Distance:  Two kilometres.

 When:                            14 March 2019


Library News 

Parents Library Brochure


Library Information


First Aid

Important Information from Sickbay 

Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition requiring a plan such as Asthma/Anaphylaxis etc.

Please ensure that the school has a current plan and medication if required.

Please click below:

Borrowed Uniforms

Please note any clothing borrowed via the sickbay needs to be washed and returned as soon as possible, the return of these items would be greatly appreciated.

Community Connections

Manor Lakes Wyndam Rotary Fun Run


Tarneit Football Club


Bounczn Dance Company


Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) Program


Blood Donors Needed


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