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14 March 2019
Issue Two
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Principal News

Principal News

With Autumn arriving we know that the school year is well underway. Term One at Brookside College is always an exciting time as we roll out new initiatives and revisit our tried and tested practices.

This Term we are launching our new College Values; Rights, Respect, Resilience and Relationships. The Values were developed last year with input from staff, students and parents. Our Prep to 2, 3 to 6 and 7 to 9 Sector Assemblies showcased our new values with student leaders sharing their understanding of what the values mean to them. Our student leaders have created Values Awards to recognise the values driven contribution individual students make to the College. As principal it was one of my joys to be able to make the first Values Awards to students at the assemblies.


Also new this year are our Parent Information Sessions. Last week members of the College Wellbeing Team presented sessions on how parents can support and improve their child's wellbeing. The sessions were also used to gather information about what topics parents would like to learn more about so that they can foster positive behaviours in their children that support learning and engagement at school. Our next Parent Information Session takes place on Wednesday 20th March 6.00 – 7.00pm and looks at the very relevant topic of Cyber-Safety – all families are welcome to attend.


Finally, last Friday our Curriculum Day was dedicated to our work with the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). Over the last year we have worked with the Berry Street Childhood Institute to develop our understanding of positive education to empower our students to fulfil their potential and positively shape the future. On Friday we explored character strengths and how we can use them to tap into student potential.


Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews take place on Tuesday 2nd April. Families will be able to book appointments through COMPASS from Tuesday 19th March.



This year we are focusing on powerful questions to get to know learners and learning. As a parent you may like to ask the following 5 questions at the Parent/Teacher Interviews;

1. What is my child learning?

2. How is she or he doing?

3. How do you know (how she or he is doing)?

4. How can she or he improve?

5. What supports can I provide and can you provide if she or he is struggling? When will we check in again?

School Crossings

As you know Brookside College is bordered by two very busy roads. Melton City Council provide crossing supervisors on Caroline Springs Boulevard and Middle Bank Road.


The Crossing supervisors do an invaluable job in keeping our students safe as they cross the roads.

Unfortunately there have been a number of incidents recently where parents have failed to stop when the supervisors have displayed the stop sign.


For the safety of all the children and families I ask that we comply with the supervisors instructions.

Prep - 2 Sector

AP News

Dear parents and guardians,


I hope this message finds you well. The students have settled into the year very well. Teachers have been busy getting to know students both personally and academically throughout the first part of the term. This involves a detailed handover from the students 2018 teachers, our Start Up program that focuses on student’s transition into their new classroom and any relevant assessments. We really value this time of the year to get to know the strengths and passions of all our students.


Our recent Sector Assemblies were a massive hit. Thanks to all our community that attended the events. The students who presented did a fantastic job and although were very nervous beforehand they were all excited and happy to have been able to share. Sector Assemblies will continue to run during week 5 of each term and we look forward to being able to share our learning with you all at those event.


Recently each class from Year 3-6 has selected a Junior School Council Representative. The students will work with school leadership to plan major events, tackle issues they identify in the school grounds and celebrate student success. They are a very passionate bunch and it will be great to see what they achieve alongside all our students.


Thank you to all the Year 6 students who have nominated themselves to be the Year 3-6 Sector Leader. The applications have now been shortlisted and several of these students will be interviewed for the position. I hope to be able to announce the Sector Leader by the end of the week.


Have fun,


Mr Bright

Prep News

Dear Parents,


Congratulations to the Preps who have successfully settled into their first full week of school.


Over the past few weeks we have been learning one letter per week as part of our InitiaLit Program. We encourage you to try some of our fun activities at home with your child or create some activities of your own. Each week an activity will be posted on compass for you to try at home with the letter of the week. The letters we have looked at so far are, ‘m’ and‘s’, with this week’s focus being the letter ‘t’.


This week’s activity:

Collecting/drawing pictures and beginning sound labelling

Provide pictures for children to glue onto a page and then label with letter ‘m’, ‘s’, and ‘t’ (beginning sound). Alternatively, children can draw their own pictures starting with letters ‘m’,‘s’, and ‘t’ and write the letter under each picture.


We also encourage parents to speak to their children about the importance of not sharing food or canteen money. Due to students having allergies it is really important that students are not sharing food. We are teaching students that we do not share money at school and that the money our parents give us is for us only.


We have been engaging in Play Based Learning this term and learning about ‘Identity’; our personal traits and strengths of ours within the classroom. We would love for parents to bring in donations of dolls of all shapes and sizes and costumes. Talk to your child’s classroom teacher if you have any other toys you think may be suitable to donate.


Prep Team

Year 1 News

Play based learning


The Year 1 students started play based learning through our health unit. The students have thoroughly enjoyed doing the various activities and through these activities are developing personal and social skills. The focus for this term is ‘My family’. Students will be able to identify the responsibilities each member has in their family, different activities and celebrations families celebrate.



The play-based activities are going to be based under the following types of play:


Imaginative/Socio-Dramatic Play


Representing their own ideas through acting out, imagining and representing.


Constructive and Investigative Play


Require hands-on, concrete materials to construct, design and create.



Directed and Scaffolded Play


A particular skill or exploration is undertaken which is encouraged or prompted in the investigation by the teacher.





Investigating the properties of things; finding out, exploring, trying things out eg water, sand, magnifying glasses.




Experiences through water, clay, finger paint, scent and touch.




From the Year 1 Team

Year 2 News

Play Based Learning


For the past few weeks we have been engaging in something new and exciting called Play Based Learning. It has been really fun learning all about ‘community’ and what that looks like within our classroom. We are looking forward to continuing our learning through this fun play. Look how much fun we are having!



Year 2 Team

Year 3-6 Sector

Year 3 News

The year has started off with a bang!


The grade 3s have settled in wonderfully and have achieved so much in the short amount of time that has passed so far this year.


In literacy, we have been writing narratives. We have explored the use of our senses to add detail and make our writing more interesting, and written some suspenseful paragraphs that would have anyone on the edge of their seat!


Writing samples:


As the boy was swimming in the ocean, he felt something rubbing against him. It looked like the most evil thing, and it was shocking! It looked very dark. It was blue and had red evil eyes and a big fin. It was the most terrifying thing you would ever see, and it was very very fearsome.

By Ethan and Olivia 3A


It was a dark and scary night, a mysterious figure was walking down Mystery Lane until …

Bark! Two fierce dogs were chasing him! While he was running he smelt a horrible odour, it was the dogs pee!

He saw the dogs red bloody eyes, he also saw a code on the dog’s chests! He heard the fierce dogs barking, and people yelling “what is that racket!”

By Gabriel 3D


In numeracy, we have been revising and extending our understanding of place value, and using this to help us solve large addition and subtraction problems. We have just begun looking at measuring length, and will continue to practice addition and subtraction throughout the term.


Our humanities project this term is to create our own versions of The Game of Life. Just like real life, The Game of Life is a twisty, windy road filled with decisions, expectations, disappointments and curve balls.


To create our games we have been researching career paths, rules and laws, and how our decisions can affect us.


We are looking forward to getting some real life perspectives at our incursion on March 15th.

At the end of the term we will be celebrating our achievements with a games session.


The Year 3 Team

Year 5 News

What an amazing start it has been for the Grade 5’s. After our start up program we have been kicking goals all the way to week 6.


Firstly a huge congratulations to our student and vice reps for this year.


They are:

5A: Millie Downing and Carol Lee

5B: Jackson Partridge and Josh Spiteri

5C: Peter Hoang and Misa Guevarra-Vo

5D: Annalise Muir and Kevin Olenga

5E: Enrique Romero and Devaughn King

5F: Jessica Read and Mubarak Bakheet


Also a huge congratulations goes out to all those students who put their hand up to have a go at being the Student Voice rep for their class.

Don’t forget if you haven’t already logged in with your child’s classroom for Seesaw to do so, so you can be involved with your child’s learning in the classroom.


We have a couple of quotes from some students in 5E about their year so far:


So far in year 5 I have enjoyed turning improper fractions to mixed numbers. I like that in writing we are worked on prefixes and suffixes.

Oliva Santos


I have enjoyed learning improper fractions and mixed numbers because you never know when you are going to use them.

Maverick Plonsker


In year 5 so far we have had fun. In writing we have been working on narratives and working on dialogue. We have also been looking at our audience when we have been writing. In PBL we have been focussing on ways to make a change in our community.

Maame Kyei



Year 5 team.

Year 6 News

The Year sixes have been working hard to be CHANGE MAKERS through our PBL unit this term.


We are working to make our Brookside/Caroline Springs community even better and are looking forward to sharing our ideas for change with you all at the end of the term!


In Literacy we have been improving our persuasive writing skills in order to support the work we are doing in PBL as well as applying these skills to write and present some very persuasive SRC and Sector Leader applications.


We have been reading the novel ‘Boy Overboard’ in each of our classes to sharpen our within the text comprehension (summarising, word solving and inferring), each class is thoroughly enjoying this text and would highly recommend it!


We have had a fraction focus in Numeracy and have been working together to solve a range of equal sharing fractions problems through the use of Problem Based Maths sessions, where we work to solve a worded problem and Learning Centres where student take ownership over their learning and challenge themselves through a series of fraction practice activities. The students are working very hard and are developing a sound understanding of these key fraction concepts.


We have selected our teams for Interschool Sports and students are keen to train each week as they prepare to represent Brookside in Soccer, T-Ball, Netball and AFL.


We now have Mathletics up and running and all students are required to complete their set tasks each week and achieve 1,000 points as well as continuing nightly reading.


Year 6 Team

Year 7-9 Sector

Year 7 News

The transition from Year 6 to Year 7 was quite easy. So far this term we’ve been learning about debating in English.


In Humanities we’ve been learning about our ancestry and Indigenous Australian Culture. With this came an exciting incursion which involved Virtual Reality. It was very interesting, we learnt about different cultural dance and dream time stories.


In Health we’ve been learning about Cyber safety and online bullying. During science we’ve been learning about elements, mixtures and compounds. In music we’ve been learning about music from different cultures and in French we’ve been learning new greetings and how to form sentences.

This Year several students have been selected to participate in an Extension class for English or Maths. This involves an extra class which starts at 8 am. It’s been a challenge getting up early but definitely worth it.



On Tuesday the 19th of February we had our annual 7-9 Swimming Carnival which was a new experience for our cohort. A highlight was definitely having access to the canteen! We got to spend the day competing and spending time with our friends.


By Oliver Cokovski & Ruby Tuladhar


Congratulations to the following Year 7 students on becoming the Classroom Representatives for 2019:



  • Leanne Dinh  7A
  • Katheryn Yap 7B
  • Jasmina Le 7C
  • Oliver Cokovski 7D
  • Nathan Ny 7E


  • Mathushan Suntharamohan 7A
  • Kyle Lobo 7B
  • Sharlee Coleman 7C
  • Jimmy Le 7D
  • Monique Attard 7E



Congratulations to the following Year 7 students on representing the College at Division Swimming:

  • William Chia 7A
  • Leanne Dinh 7A
  • Keely Featherstone 7B
  • Benjamin Le 7B
  • Jimmy Le 7D
  • Nathan Ny 7E
  • Oscar Van Trienen 7E


Congratulations to the following Year 7 students on receiving the ‘Demonstrating Rights’ award:

  • Nana (Afia) Kyei 7A
  • Katheryn Yap 7B
  • Ebony Spano 7C
  • Romil Pascua 7D
  • Elizabeth Gerada 7E


A special thank you to both Mathushan Suntharamohan and Nana (Afia) Kyei for presenting at the Year 7-9 Assembly.


Important dates looking ahead:


Labour Day:

Monday 11th March (Student free day)


Athletics Day:

Thursday 28th March


Immunisation day:

Monday 1st April


Parent Teacher Conferences:

Tuesday  2nd April




Art News

Visual Arts

The Visual Art program at Brookside College is designed to encourage and challenge students to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment.


Students develop their creativity and imagination as well as refining their practical and fine motor skills. They learn to make choices when experimenting with materials, tools and techniques.

Throughout their time at our school students will get the opportunity to explore a wide variety of different art mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, clay, sculpture, construction and textiles.

Students learn to communicate through their art, respond to the artworks of others and gain appreciation from well-known artists.

This term students were introduced to various cultures around the world. 



Preps made African necklaces, Year 1’s drew and decorated Dutch

Hexagon Rotational Designs year 2’s created amazing Greek vases and year 3’s designed fabulous henna hands.



With coming close to end of Semester 1- 2018, Brookside College P-9 is proud to say that we have helped enrich in our early year’s students the concept of Visual Arts awareness and its importance to build skills and gain confidence.

Looking forward to work as a community and build on healthy learning relations with our lovely young leaners.


Cheers and take care


Cynthia Jose.


Chookside News


We are excited to announce an addition to our Chookside family, two lovely girls named Stephanie and Alexandra. The chickens are Isa Brown breed and have recently started laying.



As previously mentioned, the SAKG program welcomes the generosity of our extended community; we would like to thank Mrs. Daxecker’s family for organising and donating the chickens. 



Pretzel and Penny are less than impressed having to share their home with the new arrivals. They gave meaning to the term “hen pecked” by chasing and pecking at the new girls whenever food was on offer. Thankfully, they all have settled into a more harmonious routine and doing their best to provide sufficient eggs for our cooking programs.

Kitchen and Garden News


With the abundance of eggs, the team have been busy testing a new salad recipe to ensure the students use what we have available. This week we made an Egg Caesar Salad to serve with a variety of vegetable rolls made with ricotta and puff pastry. The students absolutely enjoyed them because of the crunchy pastry and warm vegetable fillings. This week, we put our fraction skills into practise when cutting pastry into portions.  We discussed the importance of learning to identify substitute ingredients when cooking with what is available to make healthy meals.


Egg Caesar Salad


Ingredient :

  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 4 slices crusty white bread, cubed
  • 1 garlic clove, halved
  • 1 head Cos lettuce, washed
  • ¼ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • For the dressing
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • juice of half lemon
  • 1/2 tsp each of salt and sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard



  1. Put the eggs in a small pan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Boil for 7 mins so that they are softly hard boiled, then drain, rinse in cold water tapping the shells all over. When cold, peel away the shells and cut into quarters.
  2. Meanwhile for the croutons, toast bread, rub with garlic then cut in to cubes.
  3. Tear the lettuce into large pieces and place in a salad bowl. Add the eggs, croutons and Parmesan cheese.
  4. Place all the dressing ingredients into a jug and stir with a fork until a smooth dressing forms. Season to taste. Drizzle the dressing over the salad and serve immediately.



Add extra salad ingredients (tomato, capsicum, cucumber and avocado) to make a healthy meal.




Smashed Peas and Ricotta Rolls


Ingredient :

1 small red onion diced/or 3 spring onions

1 cup green peas, finely mashed with a fork

250 grams ricotta

2 sheets puff pastry

Salt and pepper to taste

10 mint leaves, finely shredded

2 tbsp milk for brushing pastry




 Method :

  1. Preheat oven 200 degree Celsius
  2. Place smashed peas, ricotta, mint and onion in a mixing bowl, season with salt and pepper stir to combine
  3. Place one sheet of puff pastry onto a chopping board and cut in half horizontally
  4. Place ¼ of ricotta and peas mixture down the middle lengthwise on pastry and carefully roll, making sure the edges overlap
  5. Cut each roll into 8 pieces and place on baking tray lined with baking paper
  6. Repeat with the rest of pastry
  7. Brush the top of pastry with a little milk and bake for about 20 minutes





In the garden we planted herbs, beans, celery and silverbeet.

We scattered parsley seeds collected at the start of the term, which have already sprouted and doing well with the heat and abundant water we have been giving the beds.



The students were excited to be harvesting gigantic zucchinis which we will use for the Asian themed cooking next week.



Until next time, happy cooking and gardening!









PLEASE NOTE: We are currently taking enrolments for Term 2 now!!

Please be aware that spaces are limited so please be quick.


Any further questions or queries please feel free to contact Maddie Owen at [email protected] or 0401 844 522

Administration News

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:00pm

(Closed during school holidays)


Telephone: 7379 1555


Email: [email protected]

Camps and excursions  

We are continually trying to improve the way we organise and communicate events to the Brookside community.


Part of this process is to ensure that Parents/Carers are given sufficient time to provide payment and consent for upcoming excursions and incursions.


The safety of our students is paramount and having these processes in place helps ensure that we have all of our bases covered when students leave the College under our care.


Brookside Recipe Book

Don't forget, a limited number of our College Recipe Books are still available to purchase at the bargain price of $25 per book.  Books can be purchased from the front office or via your child's classroom teacher.  Cash, credit card and eftpos payments are all accepted.


Thank you for supporting our College



Updating contact details

Have you or your family circumstances changed? Mobile phone and email addresses can be updated on Compass. For all other changes, please notify the General Office either in person or via email at


[email protected]

Young Communities 


1, 2, 3 Magic and Emotion Coaching


Melton City Council, Family Services will be running the 1, 2, 3 Magic Program commencing on Wednesday April the 3rd @ Springside Community Centre.


The 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Program aims to teach parents how to deal with their children’s difficult behavior by using an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use signaling system .


The signaling system requires the parent to use less talk and less emotion, which in turn encourages the development of children’s ability to manage their emotional reactions to parental boundaries (or emotional competency).


The program is FREE and is suitable for any parents with children aged from 2-12



Please contact me directly for any appropriate referrals and feel free to distribute to relevant networks.


Thank you kindly


Helen  Family Services | Melton City Council

P: 03 9747 7200 | E: [email protected]


Community Partnerships


School Canteen

Please find attached the new updated Canteen price list.



Farmers Market


Stevenson House News


Melton City Council News


Term Dates 2019


January 29 2019 - April 5 2019


April 23 2019 - June 28 2019


July 15 2019 - September 20 2019


October 7 2019 - December 20 2019

Dream Big Party in the Park - Open door Cinema


Friday March 29 from 6:00pm at Mt. Carberry Reserve, Melton South.


Join us at the Dream Big Party in the Park event for a range of free activities from 6pm including arts, sport, market, food, fire show and live music and performances before the pop up cinema screening ‘The Greatest Showman (PG)’ at 8:30pm.



This is a family friendly event with free entry. There will be lots to see and do, BYO picnics are welcome and BYO rugs are strongly encouraged! See you there!


For more information or to get involved get in touch with Ben at [email protected] or call 03 9361 9377.


To stay up to date ‘Like’ us on Facebook:      


Attendance Office

Attendance Office Hours


Direct line: 7379 1556

Did you know that absences can be entered directly into Compass by Parents/Carers? This is our preferred method of communication, however Parents/Carers can also call our direct line to discuss attendance issues or report a student absence (preferably before 8.50am).


Students arriving LATE or DEPARTING early MUST report to the Attendance Office.

Important Announcement for Apple iPhone/iPad Users:

Compass App - iPhone/iPad iOS update


Dear Parents/Carers,

Going forward, all updates to our Compass App will no longer support iOS versions below iOS 9. This means that any device running iOS 8 or below will no longer be supported.

If your iPhone/iPad allows updates beyond iOS 8, please ensure your device is updated immediately to ensure you receive the latest enhancements to the Compass App and ensure you do not miss any important school notifications.

Attendance Officer
Brookside P-9 College

Health Centre

Are your emergency contact details up to date?


Dear Parents/Guardians,


I would like to thank all the parents who have sent actions plans and Individual management plans back to school. The health centre continues to update and work on Individual management plans for students who require assistance with any health issue. If your child receives an individual management plan can you please read and return to school at your earliest convenience. If your child has a healthcare need and has not received an individual management plan please do not hesitate to contact the Health centre.


Occasionally, students require medication while they are at school.  In order to administer medication to students a Medication Authority form needs to be completed with a parent’s signature.  These orders expire after 1 year.  Medications are to be provided to the school in original packaging with pharmacy labels intact.  Tablet sleeves need to have the full name of the medication and expiry date intact.  Please note, Antibiotics prescribed to be taken three times a day are to be taken at home not in the Health Centre.  Three times a day medication can be taken before school, after school and before bed – with or without food.  Taking medication at home avoids missed doses as they are not forgotten and left at school overnight.



It is vital that the College has up to date contact details for both yourself and listed emergency contacts in case of an emergency or other health issue that the College feels should be communicated to you.  Updates to your child's record can easily be done by emailing the college at [email protected] or by completing the attached form and handing it into the General Office.


Health Centre Team

Fact Sheets


Student Wellbeing 

Student Wellbeing News

Mousa Babawi – Edmund Rice Camp Article.



My name is Mousa Babawi, I am 13 years old and I am from Iraq. I moved to Australia at the end of 2013 and I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Australia.


Some of my favourite hobbies include playing video games, playing sport and spending time with my friends.  In January 2019 I participated in an Edmund Rice Camp with another student from Brookside College.


Before Camp:


I decided to go on the Edmund Rice Camp because I wanted to experience something different. This camp went for one week and at first I was a bit overwhelmed at first because I had never been away from home for that long.


There was a range of things I did to prepare for this camp. I organised all the practical things I would need like what to wear, the appropriate footwear and the equipment I would need during the camp. I also had to prepare emotionally and mentally because before leaving I felt a bit anxious and nervous because this was the first time I would be away from my family for so long. I thought about the people I would meet there and wondered if they would like me or not.  I was bit worried about what they were going to think about me. In the preparation process I felt mum get a bit nervous because I was going away but my dad really wanted me to go because he felt it would be great for me to meet new people, make new friends and build my confidence.



On camp:


I participated in activities like fishing which was my favourite, canoeing, star gazing, playing board games, playing pool and table tennis and everyday we went to the beach. I won connect four which made me feel really good. On camp I learnt how to make friends which was great because I am quite shy.  I learnt the importance of respecting people and treating them the way I want to be treated.  I learnt a lot about myself like how proactive I am, how accepting I am and how much I enjoy listening to others.  I really appreciated working with my camp buddy because he was really friendly and I felt comfortable talking to him about a lot of things. For me personally, the camp has allowed me to control my temper and reflect on my actions.  I achieved this by sitting down and talking about my feelings, walking around the campsite and getting to know others.



My recommendation:


I highly recommend going to the Edmund Rice Camp because I had the best experience. I learnt a lot about myself and lot about others.  I advise people to go because it will allow you to understand how to treat and work with others. It’s a great place to relax but at the same time it allows you to get to know the people around you. My advice to anyone going on this camp is to enjoy the activities because they are really fun but also understand that everything at the camp is intentionally designed to help you become a better person.

Healthy Eating


From Prep to Year 9 school staff have noticed some amazing lunches being brought to school! However there are also many many lunches made up of mainly packaged foods like chips, biscuits, fruit wraps and bars. These should not be considered to be healthy lunch items, as they have a lot more sugar, or fat, or salt in them, and no vitamins or healthy ingredients.  The energy they give is short lived, and the child ends up feeling tired and grumpy or over active. Processed foods in general are less healthy and often more expensive than fresh food.


Below are some great ideas to consider for your child’s lunch:


  • Tuna with lettuce and cucumber with tzatziki
  • Greek salad or any other salad with some ham or cheese on the side
  • Meatball filled rolls with lettuce and grated low fat cheese
  • Couscous salad
  • Cereal and yoghurt (check the food label to see how much sugar is in the cereal and yoghurt)
  • Pita bread quarters (so quarters can be filled) with leftovers, lettuce and cucumber
  • Toasted ham and cheese sandwich cut in to quarters
  • Egg salad sandwich with light mayo
  • Vegetable and cheese muffins with carrot sticks and fruit
  • Light cream cheese, grated carrot and ham wrap
  • Feta corn and zucchini muffins
  • Fruit salad

Kids love their fruit cut up, so remember, lemon juice helps stop fruit going brown.


Squeeze some over and wrap tightly in cling wrap.

To stop an apple going brown, cut into eighths, put back together and secure with a rubber band.

Use a frozen water bottle packed in the lunch box with food to keep it cool.


Healthy Lunch Ideas from Josie Mitchell, Secondary School Nurse.

AfterSchool Clubs & ExtraCurricula Activities

Little Monsters Dance Club

Welcome to 2019!


The Travelling Monster Dance and Drama Program is now running. If you would would like your child to participate, there are still some vacancies for both classes.  


When: Tuesday ( Feb 5th - April 2nd 2019 )

              Thursday ( Feb 7th - April 4th 2019 )


Where: Northern Building ( within Brookside College )


Time: 3:30-4:30 pm.


Cost: $81 for term 1. ( $9 per class )


For more info contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you.....

                                        Miss Jacquie and Miss Natasha


Breakfast Club News


We had Pancakes Thursday last week and had over 45 students visit the Breakfast Club for delicious pancakes with jam and honey.



It’s wonderful to see so many new faces and the enthusiasm of all our helpers.

Watch out for more specials Thursday coming up!!

Study Club

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are excited to announce that Study Club has returned for 2019! Study Club is an excellent opportunity for your child to complete homework, collaborate with peers and receive support or clarification for any aspect of homework in which he/she may be having difficulty.


Study Club runs every Wednesday afternoon from 3:15pm–4pm downstairs in the Northern Building and will provide students with an opportunity to complete class work and/or assessments with the support of their teachers. This program has been designed to help students create good study habits within a positive and supportive learning environment.


We strongly encourage your child to utilise Study Club to help them reach their full potential. If you are interested in allowing your child to attend Study Club please provide consent via Compass for the year.


Please note, students will need to have term consent to attend any Study Club sessions throughout the year, however, it is not compulsory that they attend all sessions.


If you have any queries please contact:

Ashleigh Koo on (03) 7379 1555.


We are looking forward to having your child participate in Study Club in 2019!


Ashleigh KooStudy Club Leader

Digital Learning

Digital Learning at Brookside

Digital Learning at Brookside College involves equipping students with the skills to be lifelong digital citizens. This means that students will use technology in a safe and responsible manner and learn essential skills such as collaboration, communication and creativity. In order to allow students to reach their fullest potential in Digital Learning, the College will be utilising EduPass and Microsoft365 as a tool for education.

In the previous few weeks, students in years Prep to Six have received their log in information for Reading Eggs and Mathletics. Reading Eggs makes reading real books, improving spelling skills and building reading comprehension highly engaging. The online reading program is packed with hundreds of interactive reading activities, online children’s books and literacy games. And it really works! Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. These great inclusions to our learning programs at Brookside P-9 College allow children to build their learning at home.


Upcoming Events:

March 20th – Cyber Safety Parent Information Session.

This session will provide parents with information they need to build positive internet usage.


Digital Safety:

Unfortunately, the previous weeks have seen the Momo Challenge. Please see below to read the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s statement regarding advice on the Momo Challenge.



eSafety advice on the Momo Challenge.


It is very concerning when young people have been exposed to any content that scares them or plays on their emotions, like those reported via the Momo Challenge. Unfortunately, the Momo Challenge is not the first, nor will it be the last, harmful online “challenge” or phenomenon to target our children.

Our research shows 81% of parents hand their child an internet-connected device by the age of 4, so active parental engagement and oversight of a child’s online activities is critical from the start, to help ensure they are prepared for what they may encounter. As young people often do not have the maturity or judgement to cope with confronting content online, it’s important to guide and instil critical reasoning skills, so they are aware that not everything they see or receive online is real. 


We encourage parents to co-view, co-play, ask questions about the games and apps they are using, and let them know you are there to support them if they are upset or uncomfortable about anything they see online. 


Five top tips to help limit your child’s exposure to harmful content online:

  • Engage in your child’s online activities – ask what apps, sites and games they’re using and make sure they’re age-appropriate
  • Use parental controls on devices to help limit what your child is exposed to  
  • Let them know not everything they see online is real or true.   
  • Help them report and block upsetting content they see on social media sites or apps.  
  • Let them know they can come to you about anything upsetting they see online, and contact Kids Helpline if they need further support.   

Parents who are concerned their child may be susceptible to self-harm should be aware of the signs to look out for and know where to go for help – see more info here: 


Parents can visit for information and advice on keep your child safe online.  

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