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28 February 2019
Issue Three
Quick Dates
Deputy Principal - Student Development
Deputy Principal Staff Development
At the Heart: Bravery, Compassion, Inspiration, Connection
Girl Shaped Flames - Fuel
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International Women's Day
Home Stay Families Required
Help the Orangutans!
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Quick Dates

Week 5-6, Term 1

Friday 1 March

5.00pm  All Hallows Swim Meet (Newmarket Pool)


Saturday 2 March

CaSSSA Tennis


Monday 4 March

Year 12 RYDA (Road Safety Program)


Tuesday 5 March

10.00am-2.00pm  FCIP Ensembles - Jazz at the Lincoln Centre (QPAC)


Wednesday 6 March

Ash Wednesday - Liturgy during Home Room

3.30pm  CaSSSA AFL, Indoor Cricket, Touch & Volleyball

5.30pm  Captains' Dinner


Friday 8 March

7.00am  Read Like a Girl International Women's Day Breakfast



Thought for the Week

Thought for the week:

On the death of a friend, we should consider that the fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living, that we have henceforth to fulfil the promise of our friend's life also, in our own, to the world.

Henry David Thoreau


Dear Parents and Carers, Staff and Students, and Friends of Mount Alvernia College


This week we received the sad news that our friend, teacher, and colleague, Ms Jennifer Letizia, passed away after a long illness.  Jen had been a teacher at Mount Alvernia College beginning in January 2001 and, as well as being a teacher in the Health and Physical Department, also chose to educate her four daughters at the College.  We will miss Jen greatly and are keeping David Bennett, her husband, and her four daughters in our prayers at this time.


The funeral will be held in the Little Flower Parish Church, next week, on Wednesday afternoon at 12.30pm.  Next week the College will notify the community of the plans for this important day.


I have included the post on the College Facebook page, and would ask you to keep Jen and her family in your prayers.


It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Ms Jennifer Letizia, a beloved teacher, colleague, and parent of our Mount Alvernia community.  Our prayers and sympathy are with her husband David and daughters Eliza, Jemma, Audrey, and Sophie.  We will remember her as the gentle, caring, and compassionate soul who impacted the lives of many in our community.  May she now rest in peace.


Pax et bonum

Kerrie Tuite

[email protected]


Deputy Principal - Student Development

Service Learning Program Now Happening!

In previous years students from Years 7 to 10 have been invited to be part of the Service Learning Program of the College, thereby eliminating the opportunity for ALL students in these year levels to know service and the benefits for both them and the recipients.


As a Franciscan college we pride ourselves on reaching out to others so, as indicated in an email sent in January,  this year ALL STUDENTS in Years 7 to 10 will be scheduled to attend at least one service learning activity within the school year.  The scheduled commitment will occur during school hours and utilise between one and two hours from scheduled classes per calendar year.


We have finalised the venues for Service Learning for each of the year levels, and they are as per the schedule below.


Student Motorists’ Information and Advisement 

This year student motorists from Mount Alvernia must acknowledge that they have read and understood the details of the School Traffic Management Plan (STMP).  This is done online through the College’s Moodle platform.  The acknowledgement enables the College to know that students are able to follow the rules and guidelines as stipulated in the Plan.  The consequences for not following the plan can result in the Council’s Suburban Safety and Parking officers or Queensland Police issuing fines.


A summary of the STMP is provided below.  Please note that this plan is also applicable to parents and staff of the College.


Drop and Go (Passenger Loading Zones)

These zones are designed to allow traffic flow for drop-offs, with a maximum stopping time of two minutes.  Motorists must stay with their vehicle at all times.  If passengers are not ready to be collected, motorists must leave the zone and rejoin the queue.


The Passenger Loading Zones are provided on Cremorne Road and Somerset Road.


To avoid congestion, students are not permitted to drop off passengers in these zones on school days between the hours of 8.00am and 9.00am or between 2.30pm and 3.30pm.  This will enable parents to have preferred access at these times.


Parking Areas

Long-term parking areas for student motorists are available in the streets surrounding the College.  This unallocated parking is provided in green on the map provided. The College is unable to provide or accommodate parking for motorised vehicles on its campus.


The streets for all day parking include Cremorne Road, Goodall Street, Somerset Road, and Wood Street. There are also other streets within a short walk from the College that connect to these streets.

ALL motorists should be aware of the following common problems:

  • Illegal parking in designated disability parking spaces;
  • Illegal parking across local resident driveways;
  • Illegal parking at intersections;
  • Illegal parking across school crossings;
  • Unauthorised parking in designated staff parking areas, eg San Damiano Car park, visitors' parking areas.

Bus Zones

Bus Zones are reserved for school and commuter bus services only.  Motorists who unlawfully park in these spaces may be reported to the Council’s Suburban Safety and Parking Compliance team and/or the Queensland Police Service.


Speed Limits

On school days, 40kmph speed limits are clearly signposted on Turner, Somerset, and Cremorne Roads. For the safety of all pedestrians and motorists, students must ensure that they abide by these speed limits between 7.00am and 9.00am and between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. 

Outside of these times and in all surrounding streets the speed limit is 50kmph.


Acknowledgement and Car Details

In addition to acknowledging that they have read and understood the details of the Plan, students need to provide details of their car, ie number plate, car make, model, and colour.  This will ensure that they are reinforcing good driver behavior around our college and providing a safe environment for all.


Other Recommendations:

The College does not encourage travel by students to and from school by way of driving scooters, motorbikes, or motor vehicles.  We especially consider it unwise and potentially unsafe for students (whose parents allow them to travel by such means) to take on other students and passengers. However, such choices to travel to and from school are a matter for parents.



Deputy Principal Staff Development

Raising our Academic Bar

At Mount Alvernia College we raise the bar, and this year we are strategically working towards doing this through strengthening our academic culture at the College.  This is evident with our highly skilled and experienced academic faculty collectively working to support student growth and development directly in the classroom and beyond.


This year the academic faculty is supported through the establishment of a re-branded Academic Team. The role for this group of leaders is to develop and nurture the academic culture of the College through the provision of quality academic care for our young learners and teaching staff.  You will come to know this highly passionate and dedicated team over the course of the year as they present some of their own research and musings in our News & Views each fortnight.  This week Lorella Masci – Learning Area Advisor for the Arts - begins our academic series with her article, At the Heart: Bravery, Compassion, Inspiration, Connection.  This article explores the significance of arts education in fostering important 21st century skills such as creativity, that provides a strong platform for student success.  I hope you enjoy the read.

Introducing our Academic Team

It is my pleasure to introduce the Academic Team with an outline of their specific roles:


The Leadership of the Academic Team resides with members of the College Leadership Team.  The Deputy Principal (Staff Development) has oversight of staff development, Academic Team, and the curriculum, while the Assistant Principal (Student Learning, Data Analysis, & Logistics) leads the development of the college timetable, student academic mentoring, and tracking and analysis of student learning.

        Deputy Principal – Daniel Crump
       Assistant Principal – Debra Evans

The Learning Area Advisor leads teachers within a specific learning area to plan, implement, and administer engaging subject programs, and to track individual student progress and needs in their learning area.  We have eight leaders across our key learning areas:


     Arts – Lorella Masci
     Business & Technology – Rachel Hollyman
     English & Languages – Sarah Porchak
     Health – Michelle Popplewell
     Humanities – Amanda Bopf
     Mathematics – Victoria Nicolas
     Religious Education – Denise Shaw
     Science – Jennifer Gibbons


The Teaching & Learning Guardian leads a specific school of the College in academic care and school specific needs, and supports the overall learning and development of students within this school to meet the strategic vision of the College.  Each School has its own TLG:


        Francis School (Years 7 & 8) – Tonia Campbell (Acting, Term 1)
        Clare School (Years 9 & 10) – Sacha Carney
        Elizabeth Hayes School (Years 11 & 12) – Anita Goldie


The Program Leader leads an identified College program that supports student development, learning, and engagement that meets the strategic vision of the College.  We have several programs that target specific needs for our learners and enhance the educational offerings at the College.


        iCentre – Helen Stower
        Careers – Melissa Loveday
        Vocational Education – Terry Donoghue
        SEAC – Alison Hutchinson
        Strategic Improvement – Kerry Jell


Over the course of the semester I look forward to sharing key implementation strategies from this team that are being designed to strengthen the academic culture of the College and academic performance of the young women under our care.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Daniel Crump

At the Heart: Bravery, Compassion, Inspiration, Connection

At the Heart: Bravery, Compassion, Inspiration, Connection

Earlier this year I was fortunate to attend the National Visual Art Education Conference in Canberra, held at the National Gallery of Art.  The conference themes reminded us that, as teachers, we are the heartbeat, we are the advocates, we are passionate, we are brave, and we keep our students at the centre of all we do.  Spending three days inside the National Gallery was truly inspiring, as time was spent connecting with the stories held within the vast art collection, connecting with other art educators, and reconnecting with my own purpose and vision as a teacher of the Arts.


I would like to share some highlights with you.

Nick Mitzevich, the Gallery Director, spoke about artistic courage by recalling when, in 1973, the National Gallery of Australia, under the Whitlam government, made a very bold and courageous move when it purchased the Jackson Pollock painting Blue Poles for $1.3 million - a world record price for a painting at that time.  This was quite a controversial purchase at the time as Blue Poles is a painting that lacks representation of anything recognisable to us, it shows no great skill on the part of the artist, and has no narrative.  In fact, most of us would probably comment that we could paint this ourselves.  Today, this painting is worth over $350 million, and has no doubt brought many visitors to the Gallery.  In 1973, this story brought art to the front page of the news and still opens up a lot of discussion today about the artistic merit of an artwork made of drippy paint.  This painting that was once considered edgy has now become accepted, and it has become Pollock’s most successful work.  There are many more examples of this throughout history where inventors, designers, composers, creatives, and explorers stepped outside their comfort zone and attempted something that had never been done before.  It is this type of courageous act that has led to new ideas and new discoveries.  This year I want to instil this idea in my Visual Art and Media Arts students as they set goals for the semester.  I began by  encouraging my students to think about being bold and courageous in their creative explorations and decision making rather than to settle for something that is ‘good enough’.


Another highlight was listening to Australian artist Ben Quilty speak with great emotion about how Visual Arts for him is about compassion.  Quilty has worked as Australia’s Official War Artist in Afghanistan and, more recently, was invited by World Vision to go to Syria.  Here he spent time meeting with children who had been forced to go out and work to earn money to support their families.  He presented them with the best quality art paper and pencils and asked them to draw images to describe their hope for home.  The symbols they used to draw represented a truly international language.  These drawings will be published in a book called Home – Drawings by Syrian Children, to ensure the world sees these stories and considers the messages.  In a similar vein, our Arts teachers at Mount Alvernia create learning environments in which our students can express their stories through drama, music, visual art, and media.  Your daughters have important stories to tell; they want their voice to be heard.  I am very proud of our Arts teachers and the opportunities we offer our young women to express ideas and tell their stories, both in classroom settings and in our co-curricular offerings.


We have all begun the year by supporting our students to set academic and well-being goals.  Our teachers of Drama, Music, Media Arts, and Visual Arts have also set their own goals for each class, so that they keep their students’ academic achievement and well-being at the forefront of all they do.  We see the study of the Arts as vital components in the development of students to be able to contribute effectively to our economy and culture.  Creativity has never been more valued by society and employers.  Our young women can combine their passion for the Arts along with their skills to make valid contributions to business, sciences, engineering, design, and to other creative industries.  What can you do as parents to support your daughters?  Galleries, museums, theatres, concert halls, and cinemas are places that hold stories that are accessible to everyone.  Encouraging your daughters to be active participants in the Arts adds to their understanding of society while helping to build a sense of compassion and empathy towards others.


Students can join in Arts activities available to all:

     Music: FCIP, Choirs, private Voice and Piano tuition
     Drama: Drama X in conjunction with La Boite Theatre, Drama Club, and Theatresports
     Visual Art: Art X on a Tuesday afternoon 3.15–4.30pm, Art Club activities at lunch times


We in the Arts Learning Area look forward to a year where we see our students acting with bravery and courage to take creative chances that may sometimes fail but then to try again to achieve success of which they and we can be proud. 

Lorella Masci



Girl Shaped Flames - Fuel

Women in Tech Roundtable

Digital Technology students Molly, Holly, Brielle. and Jeeva attended this initiative from Fuel.  The Tech Roundtable gave students access to four incredibly inspirational women who each work in dynamic tech roles across a variety of industries and have experience both here and overseas.



 -had the real down-low on coding, whether you need it, and where it could take you;

 -obtained tips and tricks to prepare for (and land!) an awesome job using your tech skills;

 -gained insight into the ’start-up’ space and why 99% of them appear to be tech-based;  and

 -discovered what it’s like to run your very own tech company – the highs, lows, and exciting possibilities


After hearing each woman’s journey story, they dived straight into the Speed Networking Roundtable – where they spent twenty minutes with each extraordinary woman, who answered their burning questions.


“Throughout the meeting, a lot of interesting information was shared.  I gained further insight into the STEM industry and challenges each speaker faced in her position. 


I learned that, to work within a STEM-based job, you don't have to be a coding genius who knows everything about everything.  Also, a diverse range of skills are harnessed in order to manage the inner workings of every page found on the internet.”

Molly Kerr

Girl Shaped Flames events are aimed at connecting incredible women with teenage girls and, at the Women in Tech event held recently, this is exactly what happened.  At the last event for 'tech month', I met four incredible women who have leading roles in the tech industry.  Each woman had a story to tell and a message to leave.  The main idea that I took out of the day (other than the overwhelming amount of girl power that surrounded the event) was that the tech world is constantly evolving and women have the potential to be the ones to step up to meet the needs of the industry.  I have loved each event that I have attended run by Girl Shaped Flames and can’t wait to see what opportunities present themselves in the coming year.

Holly Smith

(social media contributor for Girl Shaped Flames)


TECH Roundtable Contributors

Fleur Vickers

Fleur is the driving success in the digital arena of marketing, eCommerce, and CRM strategy.  Fleur is passionate about driving excellent digital experiences for Lorna Jane customers globally and helping them to live their best life through the Lorna Jane’s Active Living philosophy of Move Nourish Believe.  With a long history in retail and the digital world, Fleur has boosted the digital capabilities and innovation of other iconic Australian companies including Clark Rubber and Provincial Home Living.

Emily de la Pena

Emily is not only a Queensland Community Digital Champion, she’s also head of her own company - Coding Kids, a computer club where kids create their own computer games, animations, and digital art.  This boss lady teaches kids (and even their teachers) how to use computer programming languages including Scratch, Python, HTML, and CSS.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Stephanie Leahy

Steph is living proof that skills in technology can give you a lifestyle that is both rewarding and fun.  Having spent nearly a year travelling the world – living her dream as a digital recruiter (she’s lived in Asia, Africa, Europe & South America!) - this smart cookie uses tech to find, attract, and hire the best talent out there!

Peta Ellis

Peta is a Brisbane legend, champion for women in business, and total superstar.  Since 2012, she’s worked alongside Steve Baxter, the founder of River City Labs, to grow Brisbane’s startup community and establish RCL as Brisbane’s most prominent co-working community of tech startups, entrepreneurs, and industry mentors.  The aim of River City Labs is to be a physical location to anchor the early stage and startup mobile, web, and tech community in Brisbane.

Fuel - Girl Shaped Flames

Do you have a fire in your belly, a burning desire for challenge, experiences, and learning?  Do you want see behind the curtain of some of the most innovative and exciting businesses in Brisbane?  Tanya at FUEL - Girl Shaped Flames is providing just such an experience for girls in Years 7 to 12.

As a FUEL girl you will have access to:


Monthly Meetups, the perfect space to connect with other like-minded teen girls and receive the support of extraordinary female role models.

Company Excursions, which offer unparalleled insight into different industries, companies, and roles. 

A Self-Awareness and Support community online forum, which gives the tools to build awareness of what you are passionate about and good at.

Inspiration, Clarity, & Focus two-minute takeaway video library showcasing first-hand, real pathways and journeys, to naturally begin to generate ideas and dreams about the future.

Increased confidence:  Self-belief builds when girls feel they have an increased understanding: of themselves, of the world, of how to tackle decision-making and setbacks.

Motivation from extraordinary women who provide motivation in spades as they demonstrate their resilience, determination, and can-do attitudes!


Further details can be found here.


Mount Alvernia College’s P&FSN is offering the opportunity for twelve students to become FUEL girls for one year - four each from Francis, Clare, and Elizabeth Hayes Schools.

To apply, send an email explaining why you should be a FUEL girl to Ms Linda Clark [email protected].

Linda Clark

Digital Technology Teacher


A Night at the Theatre

Year 11 Drama students and one Year 10 student were treated last week to an uproariously entertaining evening at La Boite Theatre’s performance of Single Asian Female by playwright Michelle Law.  The play presented pertinent social issues from a Chinese Australian perspective about tradition, family relationships, gender and racial issues, identity, and cultural disconnection in Australia.  Dramatic moments were punctuated by comic interludes, music, and narration to totally engage a predominantly youth audience.


La Boite Theatre's production of Single Asian Female represents significant issues experienced by immigrants in Australia and allows audiences to empathise with the characters through encouraging emotive responses.  This dramatic comedy left viewers with a deeper understanding of racial prejudice and stereotyping, while presenting 'taboo' topics including abortion, divorce, cultural disconnection, and many more.  Overall, Single Asian Female was an incredibly engaging performance that invites audiences to question the integrity of our multicultural society.

Anna DeBellis (Year 11)


Attending live professional theatre is an important part of Senior Drama study to prepare students in the Australian Curriculum for analytical skills in responding to performance.  Students engaged in valuable post-performance discussion about how the director and actors manipulated elements of drama and style conventions to achieve dramatic meaning.  This classwork leads to incremental written practice from the beginning of Year 11 Unit 1 to prepare them for the external exam task in Unit 4.  In our senior drama class we will also be viewing scenes from videoed productions to give our students every opportunity to analyse and communicate dramatic languages.


Our next opportunity for live theatre will be a performance by Brisbane playwright Sally McKenzie titled Scattered Lives.  Our Year 11 students will be performing scenes from this play for their performance assessment at the end of term.


Karen Farrow & Elise Cohen (Drama teachers)

Drama X

On Tuesday afternoon there were a number of girls who auditioned for this year’s Drama X Ensemble. Drama X is an extension drama opportunity for students, provided in conjunction with La Boite Theatre Company.  Students will be involved in a yearlong unit of work based on the contemporary play The Final Days of Bedlam by David Burton.  The scheme of work will involve extensive study, workshopping, and re-imagining of the play, along with the development of performance skills.  Throughout the year there will be opportunities to work with industry artists, attend live theatre, and perform works to audiences in both Semesters  1 and 2.

We were delighted with the high level of performances from all girls who auditioned, and would like to congratulate the following girls who have been successful in making it into our 2019 Drama X Ensemble:

Michaela Aitchison (Yr 9)

Ruby Davisson (Yr 9)

Anna De Bellis (Yr 11)

Therese De Bellis (Yr 11)

Molly Kerr (Yr 10)

Hannah Lowe (yr 9)

Lucinda Poy (Yr 9)

Hannah Schaper (Yr 10)


Elise Cohen

Drama Teacher


Another fortnight, another Careers update!  See Careers News here for more of the latest employment and study information.

Melissa Loveday

Program Leader


International Women's Day

International Women's Day Breakfast

It is with great pleasure that we invite students from Mount Alvernia College, together with their mothers or significant women in their lives, to attend the College’s annual literary breakfast in celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March.



This year we are very excited that Fleur Ferris will join us as the keynote speaker at our International Women’s Day Breakfast.  Fleur’s books are consistently in the Top Ten Borrowed Books from the iCentre.   This very popular author writes crime/thriller novels for Young Adult readers.   For the first twenty years of her working life, Fleur worked as a police officer and then a paramedic.  Her colourful and diverse background has given her unique insight into today’s society and an endless pool of experiences from which to draw.  Her novels include Risk, Black, Found, and Wreck.


The breakfast will be an event in our Read Like a Girl program. 


Tickets may be purchased at

Home Stay Families Required


Help the Orangutans!

Borneo Trip

Over the Easter holidays I will be travelling to Central Kalimantan, in Borneo, to spend some time with orangutans - the people of the forest.


OFI runs a rescue and rehabilitation Care Centre which currently cares for approximately 330 orangutans, many of them infants and babies.  These orangutans are nurtured and cared for while being treated for disease and illness until they are ready to return to the forest.


The following is a list of items always needed by the OFI Orphan Orangutan Care Centre Hospital.

  • cohesive bandage;
  • needle 25G;
  • needle 22G;
  • iv catheter 24G;
  • sterile and non-sterile gauze;
  • 60ml syringe with catheter tip;
  • thermometer with Celsius degrees reading;  and
  • triple antibiotic cream (this is by prescription so might not be possible)

Also .. dissolvable Berocca (or the equivalent) and chewable children’s vitamins (like Vitagummies or equivalent brands) are always needed by the OFI Orphan Orangutan Care Centre, as it is the only way we can give the babies and infants the extra vitamins they so desperately need.


I would be most grateful if you could assist with any of the above.  There is a collection box on the ground floor of Anthony Wing.

Sally Ludlow



La Cucina

Roster - Week 5

Monday 4 March

Rachel Browne

Tuesday 5 March

Sharyn Hall

Wednesday 6 March

Erica Patterson

Thursday 7 March

Tamara Sheedy, Tanya McMinn

Friday 8 March

Natalie Mills, Amanda Russell


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices

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