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04 April 2019
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Important Dates

Dates to Remember




Interschool Sport Year 7 and Year 8


ANZAC commemoration Ceremony 8:00am-3:00pm at the Shrine of Remembrance


Early Dismissal 12:30pm

Open Night 6:30pm


End of Term 1 Early Dismissal 1:30pm


Term 2 commences

Music Camp


State Swimming Carnival


ANZAC Day Public Holiday – Student Free Day


Sailing Camp Year 10 7:45am return 1 May 5:00pm


Accelerated Test Applications Close




Student Free Day

Parent Student Teacher Conferences 12:00pm – 7:00pm


Year 10 and 11 Recycled Formal


Year 7 Accelerated Testing Day 10:00am


Senior Interschool Sport


Monash Division Boys Netball and Girls Football


Curriculum Day


Monash Division Cross Country


Year 7 2020 Scholarship Applications Close




Principal's Report

Supporting children and young people after a distressing event


Following the tragic events in Christchurch recently our thoughts are with the people of New Zealand—the loved ones of those who died in the horrific attacks and individuals recovering from injury. The effect of such a tragedy stretches far beyond the original impact: it extends across the globe and will be felt by many for years to come.


I appreciate that some members of our school community have watched the footage and been impacted by the images.  Others may need reassurance and support to feel safe as a malicious act of terror can affect young and vulnerable minds.  


Tips for parents and carers on supporting young people and helping them feel safe are on the following website: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/health/mentalhealth/Pages/publicincident.aspx?utm_source=email+marketing+Mailigen&utm_campaign=Direct+send+ministerial+message&utm_medium=email

Reflection of Term 1 2019

We should never underestimate how busy schools are! As well as classroom instruction, another level of commitment by staff provide opportunities for students to participate in a range of experiences:

  • Sport
  • Music performances
  • Auditions
  • Call backs and casting of crew for Aladdin
  • Expanded enrichment programs
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Harmony Day
  • Cultural Food Festival
  • Forums for the Oakleigh Education Plan and opportunities for the future.

A power of work goes into providing these experiences and I thank teachers and support staff who devote their time and energy to organising these  activities for our students.

GRIP student leadership conference

Recently our student leaders, including College Captains and members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) with Ms Pelitidis, attended the GRIP Student Leadership Conference at the Melbourne Conference Centre. This unique student-centred event, held annually, focused on developing school leaders. Students participated in hands-on workshops building  their leadership and communication skills, as well as networking with peers from other schools. The College supports our student leaders attending this program, recognizing the key role they play within our College community.  We look forward to our students applying what they learnt at the conference as they develop into confident, energised and inclusive young leaders

At every opportunity, both within South Oakleigh College and the wider education community, I am proud of the amazing group of young people in our school. Their actions and behaviour lead me to believe they will be future leaders in our wider community.

Staff Professional Development - Our Learning Community in the 21st Century

On 26 March all staff participated in a full day PD. The day highlighted the importance of investing in our own learning—building on collegiate support and practice to make South Oakleigh College the best it can be for every student. Our Learning Community in the 21st Century was the theme, bringing focus to the principles of innovation and excellence which will drive our direction over the next few years. 

Our day was about engaging with how technology and design thinking is used to build powerful learning. Our presenters included our own staff: Mr Tim Curtis on the SMALLab learning, Mr Aiden Prewett on TV Studio and Design Thinking, as well as outside experts: Mr Neil Carmona-Vickery,  Acting Director of Monash Tech School, and Ms Rowena Ulbrick from Microsoft Office 365.

This was an opportunity to learn from each other and build staff capability within our learning community.

Together, we make the difference.

College Council Elections

For the College Council Election process  the number of nominations matched the number of vacancies, thus, no election was required. 

I wish to congratulate the following parents and DET staff and look forward to working with them.

Parent and Community Representatives: 
Mr Andrew Robinson

Ms Caryn Vincent

Ms Ruth Buckland
DET Category
Mr Mark Picone

Mr Adrian Hajra

Ms Kelly Garrett

Student Representatives

Andrew Leap

Cameron Robinson

I would like to express my thanks to parents, community members, staff and students for nominating to be part of our College Council, a structure that plays an important role in our school's governance.

 I wish everyone a safe break and enjoyable Easter with family and friends.


Ms Helen Koziaris


Assistant Principals' Report

Cultural Community Festival

Congratulations to everyone who made the Cultural Community Festival an outstanding success. The evening was filled with colour, excellent performances and terrific food trucks with international cuisine. It was a great opportunity for us to connect with one another and reflect positively on our rich community. We look forward to next year’s event with enthusiasm.

Community Action Day (CAD) Walkathon

Our Annual Community Action Day Walkathon is on April 5, beginning at SOC and walking to Karkarook Park in Cheltenham where students will complete two laps of the wetlands track before returning to the College for a sausage sizzle. College based community games will be played until dismissal at 1:30pm.


SOC staff will be wearing high-visiblity vests at checkpoints and will walk amongst students to ensure safety at all times.  This event is one of the College’s major fundraisers and directs money to the Monash Children’s Hospital. We ask parents to support their children in seeking sponsorship. All students received a personalised sponsorship form earlier in the term which should be submitted when students sign in at the start of their walk, then collected at the end of the day.

This is a compulsory school event and students should wear PE uniform.

Term 2 Winter Uniform

A reminder to all families, particularly those who are new to our College, that the winter uniform is expected to be worn by students from the first day of Term 2. This includes ties for all students and the maroon tartan skirt with black stockings, not tights,  permitted under the skirt for additional warmth. Please refer to your child’s planner for any clarification of uniform items.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences and Progress Reports

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place during Term 2 on Wednesday May 1 from 12:00-7:00pm. This is an opportunity for parents and their child to meet with teachers and discuss achievement, progress, and how to develop further growth in learning.


Appointments with teachers must be made online via Compass and the window for making appointments will be from Tuesday 23-30 April .  For the smooth running of the evening, and in respect to all families, we encourage parents to keep to their appointment time. Families unable to make an appointment via Compass should contact the College.


Should a staff member be unavailable, please make contact with them via Compass email or over the phone.


Progress Reports will also be available from Tuesday 23 April.  Scheduled classes will not run during the day, however, all students should attend the conferences with their parents, dressed in full winter uniform.


Mr Tony Katsianos

Mr Mark Picone

Director of Students

GRIP leadership conference

Eleven aspiring leaders attended the conference:

Cayla Kingsley

Sophia Donnellon

Neel Gera

Swagta Malhotra

Esther Walker 

Cameron Robinson

Andre De Vries

Maddy Olver

Jade Ralston Lloyd

Andrew Leap

Lilit Dabagyan

The program covered a number of specific topics about:

  • Involving more people in school events
  • Creating an amazing school culture
  • Choosing and advancing a cause.

It was a great day and to top it off, Andre volunteered to represent us by doing a dance on stage. Well done Andre!

VCE Study Tips

Remember that old expression ‘practice makes perfect’? When it comes to succeeding in VCE exams you need to practice, practice, and practice!

Let’s face it, VCE is a busy and stressful time. But it’s two years of your life when you get to show what you’re made of, and it goes without saying that the results you achieve over these years will influence your future career path.

However, like many students you are probably so busy trying to learn the examinable content that you’ve forgotten to allocate a little time to practice exams.

Here are a few hot practice tips to get you on your way:

  1. Simulate exam conditions.
  2. Adhere to time limits.
  3. Consider your time management.
  4. Practice answering questions that are likely to appear on your exams.

Kick start your exam preparation by attending seminars and lectures over the Easter break!

Happy Easter to all students and their families.


Ms Kalouda Pelitidis

Director of Studen

Director of School Improvement

What does Data Analytics say is important for study?

In 2015, the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) did testing of 15-year-old students from around the world in various areas: mathematics, reading, and science, as well as asking teachers, students, and their families questions about their practice, attitudes, behaviours, and resources. Students came from all continents and in total, over half a million students in 72 countries were tested so the data gives insight as to how students learn in these subjects.


Faced by such a large dataset, and it truly is quite a massive table of results—try to envisage a table with 500,000+ rows, and hundreds of columns—then imagine trying to find patterns within the data! This is where engineers and mathematicians use ‘machine learning’, a written computer algorithm based on probability theory, which combs through huge lists of numbers and words seeking patterns, such as who is learning the most and what do they do differently from others?

In 2017, McKinsey and Company consultants produced a report after running one of these algorithms on the science and surveys data, and found that the biggest predictor of achievement in science was the ‘mindset’ of the student.

What does ‘mindset’ mean in this data?

These students answered that they enjoyed science, but also that:

  1. They wanted to do well
  2. They were prepared to do more than what was expected
  3. They continue to  try hard with their science study (growth mindset)

What do you students think about this? Do you attend science class and think ‘I want to do well?’ It seems that if you put your mind to it, that act alone is a big factor in doing well!

So, I recommend you being positive about your classes and thinking, I want to work hard and do well.

For further information, search online for How to improve student educational outcomes: New insights from data analytics.

Mr Juan David Ospina León

Director of School Improvement




Director of Community Engagement

Community Cultural Festival

Friday March 22nd saw our College, in conjunction with Amlseigh Park, Hughesdale, Huntingdale, Oakleigh and Oakleigh South Primary Schools, host our second Community Cultural Festival. Food Trucks with cuisine from around the world did a roaring trade as people flocked to the festival to see the myriad of performances up on stage and also peruse the stalls that had sprung up on the oval. It was great to see many past students return to our College and remark on the high quality of the musical  performances . We have already started to plan for the 2020 festival.


Mr George Tzimourtas

Director of Community Engagement



Year 12 Formal

What can be more rewarding for us teachers than seeing our students confidently express their ideas, feelings and thoughts and being willing to share these with everyone? What can be more rewarding than reflecting on how much personal growth has taken place? What can be more rewarding than being part of this important process in your students’ lives?

The two students who volunteered to submit their impressions and reflections of the Year 12 Formal represent many of the delightful Year 12 students we are so proud to teach in 2019.

Ms Inna Zhiv

Head of English

The event to remember!

On 15 March South Oakleigh College held its annual Year 12 Formal at Brighton International Reception, an elegant venue that hosted all the beautifully dressed students who had put lots of thinking into that special night to make it the event to remember. Our excitement was matched by the teachers, who made the formal more entertaining by their friendly interactions with students; whether it was dancing, talking, joking, or taking funny photos together.

Mr Hem and Mr Carroll stole  centre stage by their dance battle that attracted lots of students and teachers to the dance floor! Their dance battle moves showed extraordinary skill and were applauded by everyone. Elegantly dressed teachers joined us on the dance floor exhibiting a level of enthusiasm that added an incredibly pleasant and relaxing vibe to the night.

The photo booth was always full of people taking multiple photos with bizarre glasses or hats on.

The decorations made the venue look both magical and stylish.  The food was okay but not something to rave about, however our enthusiasm and high spirits could not be destroyed by such a minor issue!

The students and teachers looked fantastic and we made sure to capture as many photos of the precious moments as we could.

It was exciting to see people who usually do not socialise much actually getting involved with the event, which displayed another aspect of their personalities.

 The video we put together was not only enjoyable but also showed how much we have grown up since year 7, making us wonder what awaits us in the future …

Thank you, South Oakleigh, for making such an exhilarating experience possible.

 Lydia Pouliezou


Preparation for my much dreamt about Year12 formal was one of the most stressful but exciting periods of my school life.

Indeed, the effort put into finding the right dress was a joke because of the endless disappointment when trying on a dress that looked perfect at a glance but made you either too fat or too slim or too ordinary which, surely, is not the impact you want to achieve for your very special night. However, one should never forget the level of excitement when suddenly you find the right dress that fits like a glove making you look a very special and beautiful you. 

Endless dress searching was not the only concern in preparing for this special night! What about our dates, even though they are just another accessory for the night! Just kidding!

Moreover, what about the other important accessories that complete ‘our picture perfect’? Deciding on the right hairstyle, the makeup, the purse, the shoes and the jewellery is another expensive but, in the end, rewarding exercise; the important moment of self-discovery.

But, something always goes wrong. The agonising bit is that often something goes wrong at the very last moment, be it your bangs that look like separated teeth, or your makeup that rivals an ‘IT’ horror film or the zipper that does not close well! (I assure you that it is not because you have put on weight but because your hands are shaking out of excitement and eagerness to look your very best!)

Amongst all the turmoil, one positive thought keeps you going: at least your boyfriend will be on time and you will enter the venue like a queen. Alas, boys will be boys forever, and your boyfriend arrives late but, miraculously, you make it nearly on time, puffing and sweating along the way. Upon stepping out of the elegant car you look surprisingly calm, cool and confident, as if you were an experienced big scale party goer!

Your eyes take in the beautiful and nicely decorated venue, amazing looking students and teachers and you reflect on the fact that every bit of your personal effort has been worth the excitement of the night that awaits you.

It is great that our school decided to spice things up and instead of doing the usual photo with our dates we had a photographer who stayed with us the whole night and floated around taking photos of everyone and everything, capturing the fun of the night. The photo booth was a real highlight and it is worthwhile to consider it for next year’s Formal. The food was not that exciting but the desert was yummy.

On the question of music, I can only suggest to future Year 12 students that there should be a much wider variety so that slow dancing can be part of the program, catering for those of us who are hopeless romantics. However, it was great to see students and teachers on the dance floor looking happy, relaxed and obviously enjoying the atmosphere of the night.

What advice can I give to future Year 12s?  Try to enjoy your special moment, but try to keep an open mind. Things do not work out the way you plan, at least not right from the  start although all your efforts will pay back and you will have the night to remember. Enjoy the shopping process, plan ahead, and have time to explore other options, possibly more beneficial for you. Be daring, innovative and open minded! Trust me, for your formal night, there’s no such a thing as ‘extra’ as Year 12 Formal is YOUR night and you will not get another one after it. This special night is part of the final phase of your school chapter, so make it the event to remember!

Kyri Derzotis




Year 9 Forensic Science

Students from year 9 have been investigating blood spatter patterns and how they can be used as evidence in a crime scene. They designed their own experiments with a range of variables and ensured their experiments were repeatable and accurate so they could prove or disprove a theory in court.

Students tested heights, angles, patterns and surfaces in order to obtain their results.

They will continue to develop their forensic skills as we delve deeper into different techniques and methods used by forensic scientists.


Ms Noor Asyo

Science teacher


Year 7 Science

During year 7 Science, we have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and the transitions between these States of Matter. We have been experimenting with Dry Ice and its  property of moving from a solid directly to a gaseous state of matter without passing through the liquid phase, a property called sublimation.


Because Dry Ice sublimates we were able to carry out a variety of interesting experiments demonstrating this. Our class thoroughly enjoyed making Spooky Fog and Soapy Ooze, as well as mini fire extinguishers and Vortex shooters.


Ms Jacinta Wallis              

Science teacher



Year 9 Consumer Science

Year 9 Science students are investigating the quality of consumer products and the veracity of advertising about those products. Products tested include:  confectionary, chips, soft drinks, gum, paper towels, orange juice, and tape. Students have utilized a variety of scientific methods including Chromatography (separation of mixtures/colors from M and M's and Skittles), and the heating and analysis of residues for sugar or salt content. Using the Scientific method of testing, students have been able to ascertain the sweetness or sourness of different products and the extent of food colouring found within products.


Mr Adrian Hajra

Science teacher




We welcome all students enrolled in  Greek language and Culture and we also welcome Ms Efterpi Terzoudi and Ms Sirmo Kapoutsi, our Language assistants from Greece who provide support to our students. Term 1 was highly productive with students combining language learning with engaging activities.


Year 8 students enjoyed acting in short role-plays in Greek and practising their language skills in TV Studio recordings. Role-playing prepares learners for realistic communication by adding emotion, inventiveness, and listener awareness to language teaching. It also contextualises language use and exposes students to conversational routines and cultural discussions and provides immediate feedback regarding their language usage.

Marti Bracelet

The Marti bracelet or just Marti is an age-old custom for the beginning of spring. It dates back to ancient Greece and it known throughout the Balkans.

The name is derived from the Greek word for the month of March, “Martios”. From March 1 it is a tradition, especially for children, to wear a bracelet made of twisted white and red thread. The white symbolizes purity and the red stands for life and passion.


Children wear the bracelet for the entire month and remove it the last day of March. After taking off the bracelet, they hang it in a fruit tree, so the tree will remain healthy and give many fruits.

However, the custom varies in different areas in Greece. For example, in some regions you can remove the bracelet when you see a swallow returning for spring, so the bird can use the thread to build its nest.


The 1 March  indicates the beginning of spring in Greece, and the hope for warm days and sun. Therefore, especially for young children, wearing the Marti bracelet means protection from the burning sun.

We wish you a very nice month of March Kalo Mina and a lot of sun!

Greek Dancing

The Zeibekiko, an old folk dance, was previously strictly for males. Due to the movements of the dancer, sometimes it is known as the ‘eagle dance’. The dance has no set steps, only certain figures and a circular movement. It takes place in an area of about one square metre and mostly consists of improvised movements.


Greek Independence Day

The  march on Greek Independence Day is a national holiday in Greece, Cyprus and the Greek diaspora. It commemorates the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire (1821-1830) and the formation of an independent Greek state.


The rebellion originated with the activities of the Philiki  Etaireia (“Friendly Brotherhood”), a patriotic Conspiracy founded in Odessa in 1814. By that time, the desire forindependence was common among Greeks of all classes, whose Hellenism, or sense of Greek nationality, had been fostered by the Greek Orthodox Church, the survival of the Greek Language, and the administrative arrangements of the Ottoman Empire. Their purpose was to overthrow the Ottoman rule in Greece and establish an independent Greek state. One of its leaders was the prominent Phanariote Prince Alexander Ypsilantis. The society initiated the Greek War of Independence in the spring of 1821.


The day, celebrated on 25 March, coincides with the Greek Orthodox Church’s celebration of the Annunciation to the Theotokos.


Our South Oakleigh College students marched with pride in front of the Shrine of Remembrance on Greek Independence Day.


Thank you to Nancy Bastakos and Phyllis Dimakakos for their contribution to all of our Greek events.


Ms Dimitra Maniatis

LOTE Head of Learning



Monash Division Swimming

On 28 February, the last day of summer, the Monash Division Swimming Carnival was held at Aquanation in Ringwood. It was a fabulous day to be indoors away from 37 degree heat. The competition was fierce but the day was filled with fun and long-lasting memories.


The SOC team managed to find their inner-fish and swam some very competitive races, with most of the students earning themselves a place in the top three of their race. Throughout the day, the 25 strong SOC Swimming team were recognised  for their loud cheering and support of their teammates.


Honourable mentions go to the following year 8 students who qualified for a place in the Division team to compete at the Regional Finals.

  • Kohen Umezu: 50m Breastroke
  • Aryan Patel: 50m Butterfly
  • Jae Jeon, Kohen Umezu, Lochlan Eker and Rory Brady - Boys 50m Freestyle Relay Team

The competition didn’t stop in the water though, with the bus rides providing an opportunity for early auditions for The Voice! A great day was had by all.


Julia Creeley, Sophia Donnellon, Andre De Vries and Cameron Robinson



On 8 March a team of 10 Year 9 students competed in the Monash Division Baseball Competition.

The day started positively with a win against Wellington High School in the first game. Andre De Vries had a cracking first innings and snapped the baseball bat on impact, setting the tone for the rest of the game! Whilst SOC had some consistent fielding, the second game was lost to Brentwood College. The third game saw SOC get ahead in the first innings with a home run hit with bases loaded. SOC managed to keep up the momentum and win their third game comfortably in the second innings.


Cameron Robinson was an exceptional catcher throughout the day whilst also coaching his teammates, and displayed excellent teamwork and leadership abilities.


Sam Tsolozidis and Andre De Vries maintained consistent pitching within the games, aiding the team’s success. It was pleasing to see Swagta Malhorta’s batting confidence surge in the third game when she smashed the ball into the open field.


Despite coming second in the competition, the SOC team spirit never wavered and the day was enjoyed by all.


Ms Noor Asyo

Sport Coordinator


Senior Volleyball 

On 19 February, year 11/12 students went to the State Volleyball Centre to compete in the Monash Division volleyball competition. The following quotes and images encapsulate the spirit of the day.


  •  Team work made the dream work- except we didn’t win. Shiv Pandya
  •  We had a smashing day, and really dug the challenge. Harry Samiotis
  • It was an exciting day and all team members put in a valiant effort. James Ryan 
  • After all that training we really set ourselves up for a good day. Effie Amoutzopoulou 
  • I really used this time to impress the competition, although I made a lot of mistakes. Alexi Vass 
  •  I enjoyed shouting out ‘Let’s go ladies’ when my team was playing. Jade Short
  • I really enjoyed my salad wrap. Sarah Summers 
  • I had an interesting day, sometimes I played better on the bench. Tania Anagnostopoulos
  • We didn’t quite hit the mark. Cameron Parker
  • We put up a good fight. Lefteri Tsitouridis
  • My favourite moment was when the girls discovered the true meaning of teamwork. Ms Pelitidis
  • My favourite moment was watching 11 senior boys figure out how they could all play volleyball at the same time, on the same court, in one match. Ms O’Reilly

Ms Laura O’ Reilly

Head of Learning Health and PE


Year 9/10 Tennis 

On Friday 8 March, South Oakleigh College was represented by five great tennis players in the Monash Division at Heatherdale Tennis Club.  Kyriakos Emmanouilidis, Lam Ha, Steven Tran, Son Truong and Aban Sadayo all played brilliantly and showed exceptional sportsmanship and comradery.  We had a few close calls, but thanks to Kyriakos and Lam we now know the correct rules for scoring and umpiring tennis.


We also had some injuries that were efficiently managed by our team medic, Doctor Aban, who also generously provided lunch for the boys on the team. 


It was a pleasure to take this wonderful group of tennis players and see their competitive spirit and co-operation.


Ms Renata  Tilby

Tennis Coach




STEM conference – International Women’s Day lunch

On 5 March I went to a STEM Conference and thought it would be the usual sitting around and letting-the-teachers-talk kind of conference. However, it was an opportunity for any young woman looking for inspiration. Listening to the struggle and success stories of inspiring and passionate women, who engraved their names into the STEM industry, motivated the female students at the conference to be fearless and independent.

Michelle Gallaher, Telstra Business Woman of The Year 2017 (Victoria) was chief guest at the STEM Conference. Michelle presented statistics that showed the unbelievable difference between the salary of men compared to women (however, when the glass ceiling breaks women will empower)!

Tell your story like another woman’s career depends on it. Michelle said she was given this advice when awarded Telstra Business Woman of the Year. When I heard this thought, at the end of Michelle’s presentation, I felt the true potential and value of myself and my abilities.

If every woman stood up for her rights, many others will learn from their actions.

Nishtha Patel, Year 10


Ms Sulango Mulgo

Maths/Physics/Systems Engineering teacher



Art and Technology


SMALLab is a room-sized interactive environment where students move and collaborate to learn. Using motion-capture technology, students interact with virtual 3D simulations to explore knowledge and skills in every subject area.

In the age of distraction SMALLab offers embodied and engaged learning. Developed from research into how students learn it improves student engagement by nearly seven times and student achievement by up to 86%. This is a powerful learning technology and South Oakleigh College is the first school in Australia to install a SMALLab.

Mr Tim Curtis

Technology teacher



Health and PE

Road Smart- Practical Driving Session

This term, the year 10 cohort travelled to a driver-training centre at Sandown Race Course for a practical driving lesson (in a safe environment) as part of the VicRoads Road Smart program—Road Smart.


Road Smart is delivered to Year 10 or equivalent students across Victoria. It uses practical sessions and education seminars to support both young people and supervising drivers in the early stages of learning to drive.


Thank you to all the teachers and support staff who attended the sessions, especially those who rode in the car with the students during their lessons.


From all accounts students had a fun experience, and as a result are now keen to get behind the wheel of the family car.


To all year 10 families out there, good luck!


Ms Laura O’Reilly

Health and Physical Education teacher

New Staff

Adrian Hajra


Motivation to teach

 My motivation to teach is a combination of establishing relationships and working collaboratively with both students in a classroom environment as well as staff within the school. As an educator I have always worked with students with varying levels of ability and I enjoy applying teaching and learning strategies that enable all students to achieve their best through education.

 Career Highlights 

Development and implementation of a specialist ‘Engineering program’ (involving STEM) in collaboration with UWA (University of WA), the industry (SKM Engineers / Leighton Contractors), and the Technology department at the school where I was employed in Western Australia.  (2013-2016).

Motivating students of varying abilities to achieve VCE scores above 30 on a consistent basis in the areas of Physics and Further Maths in schools across country Victoria and suburban Melbourne over a number of years.

What you look forward to as a member of the SOC team

I will contribute to South Oakleigh College by promoting and incorporating school values, in particular respect and high expectations, and will offer my knowledge and experience in STEM to improve student educational outcomes.

Matthew Hibbert

Motivation to teach

My motivation to teach comes from enjoying being around young people and helping them learn. One of my favourite roles managing adults in industry was to help them develop to achieve their potential.  I have a love of learning around my key teaching areas of business, history, geography and law.


Career Highlights

My career highlights include working in the Business and Education Sectors.  My industry experience involved being a senior financial executive for Credit Unions and small banks, which enables me to relate business and life experiences with my teaching to Business Management and Humanities students.


What you look forward to as a member of the SOC team

I’m fortunate to have already got to know many of the students at South Oakleigh and appreciate the welcome the students and staff have given me.  I look forward to getting to know more of the students, parents and members of this vibrant school community.


Stav Kanzas

Motivation to teach

My main motivation for teaching is the satisfaction of ensuring I have helped students to achieve success and prosper with their learning.


Career Highlights

At the end of each school year when I get acknowledgment from one or more of my students is a career highlight.

I am proud of the programs I have introduced, including leading the implementation of an Inquiry Program and Master Classes within the wider school community. These have had lasting impacts on student welfare and development outcomes.


What you look forward to as a member of the SOC team

As a member of the SOC team I look forward to working with students, teachers and the wider school community.


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