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28 September 2017
No 2/9
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Student Free Day Monday 16 October
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Learning Responsibility

About 12 years ago I was driving down Doctors Road heading to school after a meeting. It had been raining after a long period of dry weather. The car in front of me suddenly stopped at the roundabout despite there not being another car in sight. I slammed on my brakes and ever so slowly slid into the car in front of me just nudging its bumper bar and denting it. Flashing through my head were my Dad’s words when teaching me to drive to leave a greater gap between cars when its wet, particularly after a dry spell as the oil build up will make the road surface more slippery. I paid for a new bumper for the owner. I learned the hard way.


As parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to keep our children safe and to help them learn responsibility. My father had done his best to help me to learn the easy way. He had told me exactly what would happen, just as it did. I had to unfortunately learn from experience.


We learn how to take on responsibility only by being given more and more responsibility and then paying the consequence for failing. My father did not pay for my accident. I did. That lesson has helped me be a better driver.


Last term, the Governing Council supported a recommendation that students pay for damage done to school property. It seems like a “no brainer”. Students who break windows, ruin library books or drop iPads and crack the screens be responsible for their repair or replacement. Over $5000 was recently paid to fix iPads. Over $2000 for lost or ruined library books. The cost of replacing broken windows from children kicking them this year has exceeded $1000.


One boy collected enough cans and bottles over a 3 month period to pay off the $100 cost of his iPad repair. His parents did the right thing by not paying his debt and making him responsible for it.


All Year 6/7 students were asked to purchase their own iPad covers this year as all had been ruined in past years. Less than 40% of the students have. A cover can be purchased for as little as $5.00. Purchasing a protective cover is learning responsibility. When students break an iPad they “learn the hard way” only if they have to pay for it. “It was an accident” is not an excuse.


As of next term, any student without an iPad cover will lose the privilege of having the use of one.


We all want our children to learn to be responsible adults. We do not help them by trying to rescue them. We would prefer that they do not have to learn the hard way as I had to do. Sometimes, it is the only way.


Bob Thiele



School News

Fundraising Event 29/9

Students and staff are encouraged to donate a gold coin to wear their Sports Colours (Football, Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket etc) on Friday 29/9.

All money raised will go to the Essilor Vision Foundation who provided the students with free eye testing and prescription glasses for those who needed them.

Thank you for supporting this event.

Bob Thiele, Principal

Bushfire Drill Friday 29/9

On Friday 29/9 there will be a Bushfire Drill at 1:30pm.  If you are on the school premises please follow the instructions of staff.

If you hear sirens at this time please do not be alarmed.

Bob Thiele, Principal

Staffing News

We are very pleased to announce that Claire McGarvey and April Woods have been appointed permanently to our school and Sally Slattery has been reappointed Deputy Principal for another 5 years. This is wonderful news for our school community.

Bob Thiele, Principal

School Watch

During the school holidays we ask the school community to keep a watch on the school grounds. Please call the Police Patrols on 131444 or Police Security on 81169230 if you see anything suspicious on our school grounds over the holidays.

Thank you for caring for our school.

Emergency School Clothing

If your child has been given emergency clothing this Term can you please check to see if it has been returned.  All clothing needs to be washed before it is returned to staff in the Front Office.  Please return any outstanding items by Friday 29/9.

Student Placement 2018

Notes have been sent home to all students regarding Student Placement for 2018.  Staff will be involved in the process of class organisation and placement for students attending our school in 2018 which is an important and complex task.

Please return the completed form to staff in the Front Office by Thursday 28/9.  No request will be accepted after this date.

Spare forms are available from the Front Office if you require one.

Lost Property

Please check Lost Property boxes located in each teaching unit for any items that your child/ren may have lost during this term.

It is recommended that all items (hats, jumpers, drink bottles etc) brought to school are clearly named so that they can be returned if found.

School Finishes 
Early 29/9

Early Finish Friday 29/9

A reminder to parents/caregivers that school finishes at 2:00pm on Friday 29/9 (last day of Term 3).  Please ensure you are on time to pick up your child/ren as staff have end of Term duties to attend to which may need them to be away from the Front Office.

OSHC is available if you need to arrange care for your child/ren.  Please contact Jacky Smith, 0499228039.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday period.

Term 4 commences on Tuesday 17/10.

Student Free Day
Monday 16 October

A reminder to parents/caregivers that there is a Student Free Day on Monday 16/10 for staff to undertake professional development.  

Students will start Term 4 on Tuesday 17/10.


OSHC is available 16/10 if you require care for your child/ren.  Please contact Jacky Smith on 0499228039 to make a booking.

Library News

Earn & Learn

Thank you to the parents, students and staff who have collected Woolworths stickers.  If you have any stickers at home please return to the Library staff before the end of this term.

Stay tuned to find out what wonderful resources our school will receive.


Premier's Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge has closed and all information has been submitted.  An acknowledgement to students who participated will occur next term at an assembly once the medals/certificates are received.

Deb Scarff,  SSO Library

HEPS Sports Day News

Sports Day 2017

After a term of unpredictable weather and perhaps an omen for the day ahead, Hackham East was blessed with perfect weather on the Friday 22/9 for our annual Sports Day.

Our students competed in small sided games of Soccer, Cricket, Football and Rugby whilst also engaging in traditional favourite events including Egg & Spoon, All or Nothing and the Dress up Relay. It was great to see so many parents attend to support our students.

We were incredibly proud of the House Captains from each colour who helped to run the day and did a fantastic job of showing our school values, demonstrating why they were selected for this responsibility by their peers.

The Championship Sprints were held at the end of the carnival followed by the Zorb Ball relay. This saw all the colours guiding a Zorb Ball down the running track. Many laughs were shared witnessing teachers and staff fall over in their First Attempt At Learning to tame and control their respective Zorb balls.

Congratulations to Bleu on being crowned champions for Sports Day 2017.


We appreciate the feedback given after the first year of our new look Sports Day.  Many students and parents commending the efforts of students and staffs to consider the day an ‘Epic’ success.

‘Best Sports Day Ever,’ was heard by many and we now look forward towards making our Twilight Carnival next year even better.

We extend a thank you to Morphett Vale Cricket Club for attending and encourage any students interested in playing cricket this year to contact the club. Thank you also to Hackham Hawks Football Club, SACA and Rugby SA who ran football, cricket and rugby games respectively.


We would like to acknowledge our Groundsman Kevin for his efforts to prepare our Oval and mark all the fields for the big day, the good work of all canteen staff and volunteers who helped with the sausage sizzle and lunches. Their commitment to the day often comes at the expense of seeing their own children participate, an effort that is appreciated and does not go unnoticed – thank you.


Gab Martin & Derryn Amoroso
Health and PE Teachers


Pastoral Care Worker News

Operation Christmas Child

It is that time of year again! We are thinking of Christmas and buying or lay-buying gifts to try and get ahead.

I went to Target and K-Mart yesterday and bought some toys for my grandkids.  Can I ask amid everything else you do, to spare a thought for those who are less fortunate and living in abject poverty?

I am of-course talking about The Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child and we are again collecting for them. These shoeboxes filled with beautiful gifts are sent to children who have never seen a toy or had something new to wear. They are normally the poorest of the poor!! So any small donation of new toys, toothbrushes, clothes, small cuddly toys, soap, or stationary packs would be MOST appreciated. It would be great to include your children in the choosing of these gifts to teach them about social justice issues.

Sometimes, due to our circumstances, we can't do much and feel a bit overwhelmed, however most of us could give "a little" and all of those little things we do add up to a LOT!

If you prefer, you could make a donation of money, as each box costs $9 to send overseas.

This year we are collecting in partnership with a local Church and some of our lucky students will get to go and help pack shoeboxes and receive a nice morning tea as well.
All donations need to be made by Friday 29/9 morning when the boxes will be packed.
I really appreciate your compassion and generosity in this project.


School holidays are about to start so I pray you have a wonderful time with your children and can find some fun things to do together.

Friday Afternoon Tea

Due to a Bushfire Drill and the early finish on Friday 29/9 there will be no afternoon tea held this week.  It will resume as normal for Week 1 of next term.

Many Blessings.
Cherie Love

Pastoral Care Worker


What’s been happening at OSHC

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been enjoying exploring our sense of identity and community. The children had lots of fun designing hats for our Hat Parade. The criteria being that the hat had to be unique. This was certainly the case for all our amazing hats. We had one with a veil, a snail hat and lots of colour and decorations. We enjoyed getting out the face paints and designing/choosing what suited our personalities as well as our likes and dislikes. Children researched the pictures and then chose a picture that suited them. They were encouraged to make changes so that it reflected who they were. Our Roald Dahl Day was also a hit, with a reading from ‘The Twits’, and some fun literacy activities with a Roald Dahl theme. Since that day, we have seen children choosing to use these activities as part of their free play. If you haven’t read Roald Dahl in a while, take the opportunity to share one of his amazing books with your children. He has a wonderful way of transporting you through some ‘Wondercrump’ adventures.


Thursday 21 September was a big day for our OSHC pets, as Penny our rabbit turned 2 years old and Buster our cat turned 12. The children held a birthday party for them and sang Happy Birthday, which despite Buster’s grumpy face, I know he enjoyed.

We were barely over the party when along came Sports Day. We were very pleased to be able to provide the Tea, Coffee and nibbles for parents on this day. The children were involved in the process from the beginning. They helped design the menu, designed the posters to help parents find their way, helped prepare the food (some in their recess and lunch times), set up the room so that it would be an inviting and relaxing place for parents and at the end of Sports Day, they helped pack and clean up the room. Our staff and volunteers kindly donated their time to ensure everything was maintained throughout the day and to offer a friendly chat to those who came for a break/coffee. It was a lovely day and great to connect with familiar faces and meet some new ones. Our service is dedicated to working with the school/local community and proud to support the work the school and its teachers do through activities such as this.


As we get ready to finish Term 3 and start the October Vacation Care, our children have redesigned their home corner into a new wonderful space. Welcome to the OSHC RSPCA for all creatures great and small. They have set up a space to look after animals that have been abandoned or no longer have homes. They also offer to look after your pets when you are on holidays. So if you are looking at giving a new pet a forever home, pop in and see if they have the right animal for you. It is great to see the children put into their roleplaying what they learnt from our visit from the RSPCA back in April. They have space for the animals to sleep, toys, food, outdoor area, water, bedding & blankets and are keeping detailed records of all the animals too. Once again we look forward to see how the children use and develop this space.

Vacation Care News

Only a few days to go and it will be the October School Holidays! Are you as excited as we are? We are just running through our final checks in order to have an amazing Vacation Care Program. Have you booked in yet? It isn’t too late, we still have spaces!


A day that should be a big hit with the children will be our Games Day. Giant Snakes & Ladders, group games, competitions, board games, card games, electronic games, outdoor games, indoor games and prizes! Everything from twister to pie face, it is sure to be a day full of laughter and giggles.


Perhaps your child is more of an explorer, in which case they will love our excursion to Hallett Cove for a sausage sizzle and a chance to explore the Hallett Cove Conservation Park. With a big playground and large green area for games, the children will enjoy playing while we prepare lunch. As always, we have vegetarian options for those who don’t eat sausages (or don’t like sausages). After lunch the children will have the choice of staying to play on the playground, or exploring the Conservation Park, to see some amazing geological sites, including evidence of the last Ice Age! Located next to the sea, the views are incredible and it is yet another opportunity for the children to see how beautiful and amazing our environment is.


If you would like to book a day or two, or even the whole October holidays, please contact us on 0499 228 039 or email [email protected] or complete the booking form and return to OSHC or the front office.


Did You Know?

Did you know that OSHC is required to work together with families and communities?


Quality Area 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities, means we build and maintain relationships with families and the local community. This includes the local school community and means that even if you don’t have a child enrolled into OSHC, we still value your input. Our service is constantly looking at ways we can improve to ensure that we are providing the best possible care we can to our children and that we are supporting the needs of the local community.


This is one of the reasons why we write the articles in the newsletter, have a social media presence, and involve the children and staff in events such as the Parent’s Room on Sports Day. We also do these things because we enjoy them and love being involved in the community. While it may sound like a cliché, a child does benefit when a whole community helps to raise them. OSHC can provide a safe place for children & families, somewhere where they are not judged, where they can be free to be themselves, where they can go if they are scared, unsure or need someone to talk to. OSHC is a place that offers a vast range of experiences from many walks of life and from different generations. We often talk with the children about the OSHC community and how we are like a family. We don’t always like each other and sometimes we get on each other’s nerves, but we are always respectful and here for each other. We all have responsibilities, like chores, to help make our ‘family’ be the best it can be.


We are very open in what we do and why, so if at any time you have a question, please feel free to ask. We are here to support the whole community, not just the OSHC community. If you have any ideas, suggestions or special skills that you think we should know about, please do not hesitate to contact us.



If you would like to keep up to date on all things OSHC, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackhamEastOSHC/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/hackhameastoshc/.

Canteen News

Thank You

Thank you to the volunteers who have helped in the Canteen this Term.  Your valuable assistance is appreciated in keeping the Canteen services available to our students and staff.

Thank you to the parents, staff and students who supported the Canteen on Sports Day.

Wishing the students, staff and parents a safe holiday period.

Volunteers Needed

If you have any time available to volunteer in the Canteen it would be appreciated.  The Canteen also caters for functions held at school.

Please see Coralie Goodman or Scott Megson if you are available or would like more information.

Coralie Goodman, Canteen Manager

Dates to Remember

Diary Dates

Fridays - Afternoon Tea held in the Conference Room, Penney Unit from 2:30pm.

All parents/carers welcome.  

September 2017

Thursday 28 September - All Student Placement for 2018 request forms to be returned

Friday 29 September - Wear your Sporting Team colours Fundraising Event

Friday 29 September - 1:30pm Bushfire Drill

Friday 29 September - 2:00pm Finish - Last day of Term 3

October 2017

Monday 16 October - Student Free Day

Tuesday 17 October - First Day of Term 4 for students


School Crossing Monitors
​Term 4

Week 1 (17/10-20/10)


Simone Blyth

Haylee Williams

Natasha Mazik


Grace Connolly

Taya Gallacher

Stephany Mason

Week 2 (23/10-27/10)


Hayley Ferguson

Jazmine Earl

Leia Brock


Ella Salter

Brianna Farmer

Kayli Snel

Community News

Tumbelin Go

An exciting adventure therapy, case management and career planning program for young people living in Southern Adelaide.


Toddlers & Big Feelings

Understand the feelings of your 1-3yr old.  Held on Wednesday 15/11.



Join SaverPlus and we will match your savings, dollar for dollar up to $500 for school costs.  Contact Kristiana Darling 0438648670 or visit www.saverplus.org.au.



For women effected by domestic violence.  6 week course starting Thursday 5/10. Free.


October School Holiday Activities

Onkaparinga Libraries offer activities for students during the October school holiday period.


Kids & Dads

Free weekly activity for children (0-12yrs) and the significant man in their life.  Held on Thursdays from 19/10 at Morphett Vale Primary School (3:20-5:00pm).  Ph Malcolm 0437232124.


Community Connections Hackham

Term 4 program available for Community Connections - connecting with communities.


Bringing Up Great Kids

A highly recognised interactive program for parents of young children to help raise happy confident children.  Held each Wednesday 1/11-13/12 from 12:30-2:30pm at Community Connections, 72 Coolins Pde, Hackham.  Free.


Cheer Festival

Cheer Festival of Wellbeing held on Sunday 22/10 at Rotary Park, Christies Beach from 12:00-4:00pm. Free entry and fun for the whole family.


We are moving to Unit 3/50 Esplanade, Christies Beach and invite you to the opening on Friday 29/9 at 9:00am.  We Invite you to celebrate Headspace Day on 9/10 from 3:00-5:00pm to immerse yourself in the festivities.  Lots of giveaways to help you have fun in the sun.


Understanding myGov

Do you need help understanding your myGov account or how to create a myGov account?  Information Seminars held on 16/10 at Woodcroft Library and 1/12 at Noarlunga Library.


Pregnancy 2 Parenting

Meet other young parents to be.  Gain information on birth, labour, parenting and more.  Held at Metropolitan Youth Health, 50A Beach Rd, Christies Beach each Tuesday starting 26/9 to 7/11.


Building for the Future

Neporendi Forum on Wednesday 4/10 at 7 Vine St, Old Reynella from 4:30-6:00pm.  Join in and celebrate the history of Neporendi.  Ph 83221120 to register your interest.


Welcome to Cricket

SACA will be running a school holiday program for students aged 5-14.  Held on 5/10 & 6/10 from 9:30am-1:00pm at Oval Ave, Woodville South. Free.  Ph Luke 83003832 or email [email protected].


Free Famiy Yoga

Join us for a session of yoga with your child during the October school holidays.  Held on Wednesday 11/10 at Maslin Beach, Frank Hilton Reserve.  Ph Holly van Vliet 83923194 to register.



A Festival to celebrate the spirit and people of Onkaparinga.  Held from 13-16/10.


The Garden

An Infant/Toddler (0-4yrs) group and their parent(s).  Held at Hackham West Children's Centre, 50 Glynville Dr, Hackham West from 20/10-8/12 each Friday from 10:30am-12:00pm.


Who's In Charge

An 8 session course for those struggling with children or adolescents that use violence and abuse, towards them and other family members. Held at Junction Australia, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham each Monday from 23/10-11/12 from 10:00am-12:00noon.  Ph 83923000 for more information.  Free.


Seaford Summer Sevens

7 aside soccer competion from 27/10-9/12.  All games played from 5:15pm.  Teams from U8 to U14 (Fridays) and U16's and Seniors (Sundays). Held at Seaford Rangers Food Club, 4 Noreseman St, Pt Noarlunga.  


Introduction to Coaching Course 

The course is great for those who want to know more about the skills of Athletics, so that they may help to coach children, assist at Little Athletics Centres or prepare students for school athletics carnivals.  Information on flyer attached.


Fairies & Dragons

Embrace your inner child - create and connect. Family session held on Wednesday 4/10 from 1:00-3:00pm and Adults Opportunity to Create held on Tuesday 3/10 from 6:00-9:00pm.  Held at 72 Collins Parade, Hackham.  Ph 81866944 for more information. Cost $10.00 and additional items for sale.

Get in2Cricket

Milo in2Cricket introduces students aged 5-8yrs to Australia's favourite sport.  Held at Morphett Vale Cricket Club from 27/10 each Friday 5:00-6:00pm.  Ph Gav Collins 0421028493 for more information.

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