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15 September 2017
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From the Principal




I will devote this final edition of Grammar News for Term 3 to our school's strategic direction in aspiring for our students to have a global outlook. I wish to acknowledge Carolyn Savage who has written an article for the IB on Thought Leadership.

Oakleigh Grammar has adopted her definition of international mindedness which means understanding, respecting and valuing different cultures, embracing diversity and knowing that different perspectives have a great deal to offer.


As a school that has embraced the IB MYP Program, we believe that international mindedness promotes respect, encourages collaboration and sees students develop high levels of empathy and compassion.  As our school from ELC to Year 12 has a global outlook aspiration, the key signs of an internationally minded person, which we are trying to instill in our students include:

  • Language skills.
  • Ability to see themselves as responsible global citizens.
  • Deepening knowledge and understanding of global issues.
  • Ability to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds.
  • Increased empathy.
  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures.


Why do our students need to develop international mindedness?

Global politics, worldwide environmental issues and dramatic population movements across continents have become part of our everyday lives. If we want our children to grow up to be innovators and leavers in positive global change then an international mindset is a must.


Our students are growing up in an increasingly interconnected world, where overseas travel and multinational businesses have become the norm. We are already seeing evidence in the workforce of a requirement for people to collaborate effectively across cultures, particularly in industries such as health care, law enforcement, education, customer and social services. One of the reasons Oakleigh Grammar has adopted the IB curriculum framework, is that this framework leads the way for independent inquiry and international mindedness.


What can you as parents do to develop international mindedness in your child/children?

Encourage your children to talk about their world as social media is bringing many of the benefits of internationalism into our own homes.


One of the best ways to develop a child’s understanding is to explore new countries and cultures albeit this can be expensive, reading stories from around the world invites discussion and celebration of similarities and differences. Watching foreign films or documentaries as a family, volunteering at local shelters, participating in environment work.


As a school that promotes the importance of multi lingual programs we have great opportunity to nourish our students in the theme of international mindedness.

Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal


Child Safe School Policies

Last year Victoria introduced compulsory minimum standards for all organisations that provide services for children e.g. schools, to help protect children from abuse or neglect. These Child Safe Standards form part of the Victorian Government’s response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry.


Oakleigh Grammar has always been committed to the safety of our children during and outside of school hours, and providing a safe school environment both on and off campus. All students have a right to feel safe and to be safe. We want our students to be secure, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, from all cultural backgrounds and faiths.

The Child Safe Standards require schools to have a range of policies and procedures in place. To this end, we have placed three key ‘child safe’ policies on the school’s website for staff and the community to view, digest and provide feedback. These policies are the Child Safe, Staff Code of Conduct, and Mandatory Reporting. They can be found on the School’s website under the tab ‘About Us’.

The Mandatory Reporting Policy (and procedure) documents how the school responds to and reports on suspected cases of child abuse. This procedure is designed to provide teachers with guidance on what to do if a child discloses an incident of abuse, or if a parent/carer raises a concern or allegation of abuse. All employees of the school undertake compulsory annual ‘Mandatory Reporting’ training. They are familiar with the Mandatory Reporting Policy, and the need for careful documentation of a reported case of child abuse.


You can also read our Community Code of Conduct Policy that provides members of the school community with guidelines that promote desirable and appropriate behaviour, to ensure that all interaction with students and adults is respectful, honest, courteous and considerate.


Recently the Victorian Reportable Conduct Scheme was introduced with the aim of improving a school’s response to an allegation of child abuse and/or neglect by an employee or volunteer. The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) is responsible for administering the scheme.


The Reportable Conduct Scheme has been designed to ensure that the CCYP will be aware of every allegation of employee misconduct involving the care, supervision and authority over children. The CCYP is able to share information with the Working With Children (WWC) Unit, Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT) and Victorian Police, to better prevent and protect children from abuse.  

We encourage all parents of the school to read and provide feedback on our child safe policies. All of the Oakleigh Grammar community have a key role to play in supporting the school in caring for their children.

Important Dates & Notices

School Safety Tips

The following is an excerpt from the July 2017 Monash Bulletin:


A parent or carer is often the first role model for children to learn about being safe and travelling to and from school.


However, sometimes parents or carers rushing to drop children off can make poor decisions that compromise the safety of their child and other children.


Whether you're a parent or carer walking, driving, cycling or as a passenger in a vehicle, remember who is watching you and learning from your behaviour.


Some key tips include:

  • Try to stay calm particularly when driving and always allow enough time to avoid rushing
  • Always obey reduced speed limits around schools
  • Take extra care to be alert and on the lookout for children (they can be unpredictable) when you drive or park near a school
  • Obey parking restriction signs, keep clear of school crossings and never double park. Don't overstay the drop-off / pick-up short term parking areas
  • Parking is not allowed within 20 metres of the approach side and 10 metres of the departure side of a school crossing. Parking in this space makes it difficult and dangerous for children and the crossing supervisor to get a clear view of the road and any approaching vehicles
  • When you drive to school, get your children into the habit of using the kerbside doors, away from traffic
  • Try parking a few streets away from the school and walking the rest of the way. This helps reduce the traffic around the school
  • When walking to school, where there is a school crossing, use it! Crossing the road anywhere else creates a risk and sends the wrong message to your child.

Absentee Line

The Absentee Phone Line and e-mail address can be used by parents to report student absences promptly and conveniently.  


Simply phone the line and state your child's name, year level, estimated duration of and reason for absence after the tone. 


Your message will be sent directly to Student Services so that your child's absence can be recorded. Reports of absences WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED via any other means other than those listed below.


Absentee Line: 03 8554 0050

Email: [email protected]

Skoolbag: Select 'eForms' then 'Absentee Form'.

Leaving us in 2017?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 8554 0014 or [email protected]

Greek Independence Day March - Professional Photo for Sale

Professional Photographer and parent of the school Peter Psarros of Smile for Peter Photography took these stunning photos at the Greek Independence Day March on the 25th of March 2017, and is selling the photos in poster form (850mm x 390mm).


Option 1

Option 2

You can purchase the posters for $50 each, and Peter is generously donating all profits to the school.


To purchase a copy, please email Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer:

[email protected]

indicating which option you would like to order. 


(Note: if you would like the poster framed, please indicate this in your email for more information on this pricing).

Spare Clothing for First Aid Office

If you have any old or outgrown uniforms, particularly pants, the First Aid Office is looking for donations for students that may need a change of clothes throughout the day.


Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to drop them in at any time.

Parking Courtesy

Please be mindful of our neighbours when parking your car at drop-off and / or pick-up times. We understand that parking is limited in the area, especially at this time, however please avoid parking across or partially blocking residents' driveways.


Please do not double park cars at any time - a number of staff and community members have been blocked in many times and this is should be avoided.


Please also be mindful of pedestrians in the area. It is a 40KM/HR zone at all times, and there is a lot of foot traffic around the school, presenting a number of hazards to be aware of. Safety first!


We thank you for your cooperation.

Junior School Musical



Marty McFly, a typical teenager of the 1980s and his close friend, scientist Doc Brown who invented the Delorean Time Machine, decide to go on another adventure in 2017.


Whist on their journey, something goes wrong in the space time continuum and the pair end up in the 1920s.


In their efforts to get back to the future, they go on a musical journey through time, from decade to decade until they reach their destination.


Join the students from Oakleigh Grammar who will entertain you with drama performances, dances and songs from various eras. Buckle your seat belts and be prepared to...blast into the past!

Date: Wednesday 20 September

Time: 6PM (First Sitting) & 7:45PM (Second Sitting)*
Location: Drum Theatre, Dandenong

Tickets: https://purchase.drumtheatre.com.au/en-AU/shows/blast%20into%20the%20past/events


*Note - both sittings are exactly the same. The Musical will be performed twice on the same evening.

Lost Property

Please check your child’s school uniform to ensure they have not accidentally taken a peer’s blazer / sport jacket / etc. home with them by mistake.


Please also ensure all of your children’s uniforms are clearly named to ensure the correct uniform is returned to them if found in the playground or taken to lost property at the front office.

Update Your Email Address

A reminder to families to please ensure that you are not missing out on important information for your child/children and please ensure your email contact details are current as all correspondence from the School is via Email, Parent Paperwork and Skoolbag .


As of Term 2, 2017, we are no longer providing hard copies of electronic correspondence.


Please update your email address with our Admissions Team, via [email protected]


Please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from us, make sure you mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted' to ensure they are delivered directly to your inbox.

Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory

We are proud to announce the launch of the official Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory. Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, staff members and past students are invited to list their business on the directory! Head to http://businessdirectory.oakleighgrammar.vic.edu.au for more information and to list your business.


Conference Centre & Arrowsmith Centre Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & Arrowsmith Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 8554 0001 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

School Mobile App

Download our ‘Skoolbag’ App to stay informed!


We send push notifications straight to your phone regarding news, events and updates.


You can also report absences easily and conveniently using the app.


Download for iPhone

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Places Filling Fast

Places are filling fast for Prep, Year 7 and Year 9 for 2018.


If you or a family member are interested in enrolling your child in these year levels, please contact our Admissions team as soon as possible on (03) 8554 0014 or via email to [email protected]

Senior School

Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School


As the term heads towards completion, many of our Year 12s have begun to countdown their final days as students of Oakleigh Grammar. It is important however, that they remain mindful of the end goal, maintain focus during this period of time and use the time left wisely, seeking assistance where and when needed. The last of the dreaded SACs will be shortly completed and examination revision will begin in earnest.


Students are encouraged to use the time away from school these holidays to ensure that they are prepared. The upcoming trial exams offer an opportunity to gauge just how prepared they are, and so should be taken seriously.


VCE Trial Examinations

Just a reminder for all, trial examinations are scheduled in Week 2 of the term break, from Monday October 2nd to Thursday October 5th. All students completing assessed VCE Unit 3 and 4 studies in 2017 are required to attend the trial examinations. Students should be present at least 15 minutes before the commencement of each examination, and are required to wear school uniform. Timetables have already been distributed to students.


Trial examinations for English will take place outside of this timetable. The first will occur on Friday September 22nd from 9.00am to 12.30pm, and the second will take place on Wednesday October 11th from 12.45pm to 4.00pm.


Student Leadership for 2018

On Tuesday August 29th, the nominees for School Captains 2018 had an opportunity to address the Middle and Senior School students during an assembly. The six students addressed what they determined to be important issues, and provided an insight into their individual visions for the role of School Captain. This is an important part of the process as it highlights their determination to lead by example, and accept the challenges offered by senior leadership. Congratulations and good luck to Tomas Smith, Eva Demirgelis, Nicola Zois, Christina Gougoussis, Nick Agiazis and Anthony Tawfilis.


Year 11 Formal

This is the premium social event for this term and the evening did not disappoint. Students turned up looking elegant and ready to enjoy the evening. Well done to the Formal Committee who worked hard to ensure the evening went off without an issue. Thank you to the staff who came along to join the students, Home Group teachers, Andrew Phillips and Angela Korlos, Deputy Principal Peter Cummins and VCE teacher, Anastasia Spanos.

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Middle School

Head of Middle School


As the term draws to a close, Middle School life just gets busier! With an array of events scheduled for the last weeks of Term, students are undertaken a range of enriching learning experiences to compliment the work done in class.


Parent / Teacher Interviews

It was fantastic to see so many parents at last Tuesday and Thursday evening’s Parent / Teacher Interviews. The interviews provide a chance for a productive three way discussion centred around student learning that is equally valuable for all parties involved. Parental support of children’s education is a proven factor contributing to academic success and it is great to see so many parents supporting their children in their education.


Father Themi visist – Kids 4 Africa

Our Year 8 students have been raising money all year to support the work of Father Themi Adamopoulos, a good friend of the Oakleigh Grammar community, who runs a charitable mission in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


On Wednesday September 6th, all Middle School students had the opportunity to hear from Father Themi when he visited the school and spoke at a special assembly, organised by Sophie Angelis and convened in his honour. Read more.


Year 6 Market Day

Tuesday this week was Market Day for our Year 6 students!


Market Day involved all students undertaking an economic activity of their choice in an attempt to make a profit. It appears, from the stalls that graced the Middle School corridor seeling their wears to both secondary and junior school student’s, that the vast majority of our students are interested in getting involved in the food or confectionary industries, or perhaps they just know their market!


With cupcakes, slices, cookies, pancakes and even a chocolate fountain to choose from, many students were confused by choice and wishing they had come to school more prepared to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented.

Needless to say that the Market was a huge success with the students developing their entrepreneurial skills and making a healthy profit. However, it is yet to be seen if Mum’s labour cost is factored into the profit and loss statements to be written.

[Click the gallery to view all images]


Middle School / Middle Years Programme (MYP) Information Evening

Last Wednesday evening we had the pleasure of speaking to next year’s Middle School families about the exciting adventure in learning they are about to embark upon that is the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.


It was great to see around 40 parents take the opportunity to engage in their child’s learning and learn more about the MYP curriculum framework, that governs all learning, assessment and reporting in the Middle School.


The highlight of the evening was provided by four of our current Year 6 students; Jason Mavroudis Isabella Anastopoulos and Christalena Kourdoulos, who each wrote and delivered a reflection on their experience transitioning to the Middle School and undertaking the MYP.


Welcome Morning

On the morning of Friday 15 September,  22 new students were welcomed into the Oakleigh Grammar community as they joined our existing Year 6 class to participate in the Year 7 2018 Welcome morning.


The morning was an opportunity for new and existing students to meet, mix, make friends and get a taste of what is in store when they begin Year 7 in 2018.

Students were divided into three classes for the morning and undertook two Year 7 lessons in Information Technology, Art and Individuals and Societies.


The students had a fantastic experience, made new friends and overcame initial nerves to form a vibrant new cohort of students, ready and eager to begin Year 7 studies. The welcome morning was a great success and will help students by encouraging a smooth transition into Year 7 next year. Thanks to all staff and parents who contributed to the success of the morning.

 We now look forward to the Year 6, 2018 Welcome morning, scheduled for Thursday 26 October.


Camps Week

In the last week of Term, Years 7, 8 & 9 are all involved in off-site experiential learning activities.

Year 7 students head to Merricks for a three day camp of coastal and adventure activities.


Year 8 students head off to the Snowy Mountains for a five day camp on a working Hereford Stud farm. The students have the chance to go abseiling, orienteering, bushwalking, rafting, horse riding and caving, fuelled by and endless supply of roast beef dinners.


And our Year 9 students will undertake a week of experiential learning in the Melbourne CBD, where they will travel to and navigate the CBD independently, attend the theatre to see the production of Aladdin, go on a scenic and historical boat cruise and have lunch in Williamstown, admire and learn about Melbourne’s renowned Street Art and create a canvas of their own to take home.


Thank you to all the staff involved in planning these wonderful experiences for our students and for the time that is spent away from families when taking students on the camps.


We wish them all a safe and enjoyable week.


Upcoming events

  • Year 7 Camp – Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th September
  • Year 8 Camp – Monday 18th – Friday 22nd September
  • 9Ways City Experience– Monday 18th – Friday 22nd September

Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School



Congratulations to our Year 3 students for attending their first ever camp!


Children enjoy a range of fun and rewarding activities on camps that sometimes include abseiling, archery, bush cooking, bush craft, bush walking, canoeing, climbing gym, fishing, hut building, explorer boat, flying fox, low ropes course and team initiatives. 


Students in Years 4 and 5 also attended camps this term.

Read more via the links below:

Year 4 Camp

Year 5 Camp


National Literacy and Numeracy Week

National Literacy and Numeracy Week commenced on Monday 4th September and the theme for this year was “Discover”. Thank you to our Year 2 teachers for making Literacy and Numeracy Week an engaging and challenging week for us all. Our focus is always Numeracy as it follows Book Week and we have been using our mathematical skills. Read more.


Start Smart - Financial Education

We also welcomed Start Smart for Numeracy Week to deliver their free, financial education workshops to our Years 1 to 5 students. Delivered in class to students by a facilitator, Start Smart changes the way young people learn about money. Read More.

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Father's Day

The celebration of Father's Day took place on Friday 1st September. A very big thank you to all the dads who were able to join us. The students were very excited to have their dads and special friends in the classrooms, and the students all prepared some fantastic surprises for them. A huge thank you to Collete Fabiatos who assisted the Canteen all day at our stall. Read More.


Jump Rope for Heart

ELC – Year 5 students all took care of their hearts with our annual “Jump Off”! Established in Australia in 1983, the Heart Foundation's Jump Rope for Heart is renowned for being one of Australia’s most popular physical activities and fundraising programs in schools. Thank you to Ms Caroline Leach for organising this event. Read more.


School Happenings

Read all about other Junior School happenings by following the links below:

Night kinder at the ELC

Hands on Science

Robotics Creations



Thank you to Ms Caitlin White for teaching 1Z in Ms Nikki Ziagas absence, and Ms Anoushka Buri for teaching 3A for Mrs Elizabth Avialotis. The children have enjoyed the time with you both and will have many memories of activities with you this term. We welcome back Mrs Avialotis and Ms Ziagas next term after leave, and we hope they are both well rested. Mrs Alex Tsirigotsis will be teaching Orthodox Studies in Term 4, covering Mrs Kathy Haramis who will be on much deserved long service leave.


Term 4

A reminder that classes commence on Tuesday 10th October, and that sunhats are required for all outdoor activities during Term 4, so could these please be sent along to school to be kept in lockers or bags. The summer uniform is to be worn also, although there will be a two week changeover time to accommodate for changeable weather conditions. Blazers are not compulsory in Term 4.


I trust that families enjoy the break from routine, and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4 after a relaxing break.

Early Learning Centre

Snapshot of what happens behind the scenes

Last Saturday the ELC team was invited to attend a “surprise” gathering which turned out to be in recognition of Women’s Health Week Jean Hailes.


The relaxed and casual setting explored the wide and varied aspects of women’s health and wellbeing from a light-hearted and humorous perspective.


Together with much positive conversation, the day’s program included:

  • Nutrition- making mugs cakes, and sharing a healthy lunch
  • Mental health/mindfulness- making wind chimes
  • Inner health/medical aspects - games, quizzes, and facts
  • Benefits of the environment- up cycling T-shirt bags and terrariums
  • Physical activity- going for a brisk walk and an interactive demonstration from e.motion 21’s BeatFit ™ program.

Such days are important and valuable to build relationships and positive interactions among staff, promote teamwork and sense of community, fosters confidence and creativity, and enables the sharing of skills, knowledge & ideas which focus to be adaptable experiences for transfer for use with the children.


They also support the National Quality Frameworks and professional growth.

All in all a great proactive day of synergy, sharpening the saw and finding our voices.

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The Leader In Me


Leadership Facilitator


Update on Lighthouse!

Our students and staff are really looking forward to being notified as to whether we have received the much coveted Lighthouse status. We all know that our leadership process has empowered us with a whole school framework that empowers us to live effective lives and learn 21st Century Life skills. In receiving this status, we are recognised as an exemplar school within The Leader in Me global framework, where over 3000 schools are registered and just over 300 are Lighthouse schools.


The update to date, is that the American parent company, FranklinCovey, is still in the process of auditing our uploaded data on the following categories:

  • Lighthouse Team
  • Leadership Environment
  • Student Leadership
  • Leadership Events
  • Staff Collaboration
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Parent and Community Engagement
  • Goal Tracking
  • Measurable Data

We will keep our fingers crossed that positive news arrives before the end of term. For now though, we are High on the Habits…enjoy the visuals reflecting authentic student learning!

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The Arrowsmith Program

Arrowsmith's Got Talent!

On Friday 1 September, our Arrowsmith Students showed off a wide variety of talents. From singing, to dancing, to acting, to gymnastics - even magic! There was something for everything at this show...and even Wayne Stagg, Head of Arrowsmith showed off his talents, performing an original 'Daggy Country Song'!

[Click the gallery to view all images]



Head of Sport


Head of Sport


EISM Winter Season Sport

Oakleigh Grammar has continued its outstanding sporting year with 10 Winter Season Sports Teams qualifying for EISM Grand Finals after the 10 round Home and Away season. From those teams, six went on to win an EISM Premiership.   


Well done to the following teams who qualified for the Grand Final and finished as Runners-Up:

  • Senior Boys Basketball Team
  • Senior Girls Hockey Team
  • Senior Boys Indoor Soccer Team 
  • Year 8/9 Boys Indoor Soccer Team B

Congratulations to the following Premiership Teams from the EISM Winter Season:

Year 8/9 Boys Soccer Team


The Year 8/9 Boys defeated Alphington Grammar 4-1 in a hard fought Grand Final. Dean Malamas was adjudged Grand Final MVP.


George Gameras (Captain)

Michael Pegiou (Vice Captain)

Lewis Arampatzis

Jordan Karavendzas

Arthur Millaras

Evangelos Nano

Stavros Markos

Jonathan Sarris

Alec Alexellis

Kosta Pliatsikas

Luke Gakis

Dean Kantarias

Dean Malamas

George Tawadrous

Year 8/9 Boys Indoor Soccer - Team A

The Year 8/9 Boys Indoor Soccer A Team defeated our Indoor Soccer B Team in the Grand Final. A great achievement to have both our Indoor Soccer teams reach the Grand Final. 


Rhys Kostopoulos (Captain)

Shamus Smith (Vice Captain)

Gabriel Salib

Filip Busija

Steven Kostopoulos

Nikolas Karboulahanos

Mina George

Senior Girls Table Tennis Team

The Senior Girls Table Tennis team had a close 5-4 victory over Huntingtower in the Grand Final. Leah Tamvakis was adjudged Grand Final MVP.


Leah Tamvakis (Captain)

Anastasia Horomidis (Vice Captain)

Vasilia Tamvakis

Christine Koutsioulis

Electra Tsiros

Ilaria Henein

Agapi Zoi

Kiriaki Gilinas

Natasha Momcilovic

Senior Boys Soccer Team

The Senior Boys Soccer Team had a thrilling extra time win over King David in the Grand Final. Anthony Malamas was adjudged Grand Final MVP.


Liam Koutsioulis (Captain)

George Daglaras (Vice Captain)

Anthony Malamas

Costas Nikolopoulos

Valantis Psomadellis

Stanko Stankovic

Con Christodoulou

John Christou

Vasilis Zafiropoulos

Anthony Tawfilis

Billi Mitsou

Nicholaos Goumas

CJ Mertikas

Mitch Apostilidis

Girls EISM 5-A-Side Futsal Team

The Girls EISM 5-A-Side Futsal Team was undefeated during the EISM Futsal Gala Day event. The team defeated Emmaus College 4-0 in the Grand Final. Paras Gameras was named MVP of the tournament.


Emily Pezos (Captain)

Paras Gameras (Vice Captain)

Sophia Koutsioulis

Stavroula Sideris

Jenna Menelaou

Andreana Gameras

Keely Nicopoulos

Alexandra Fasoulis

Lia Bauzon


Year 7 Boys Volleyball Team

Last Monday the Year 7 Boys Volleyball completed an undefeated season by defeating Bialik College 3 sets to 0. The boys comfortably won every match during the Term 3 season. This enabled them to win the EISM Year 7 Volleyball Premiership Pennant for 2017.    


Lucas Pegiou (Captain)

Jack Menelaou (Vice Captain)

Nikolaos Vlanes

Alexander Kotsirilos

George Bitzios

Michael Kaniadakis

Nicholas Ghanakas

Angelos Zois

Jonathan Daoulas

Today a Premiership Luncheon was held for all students in Premiership Teams. At the lunch students and coaches celebrated our sporting success and the hard earned Premierships. 


School Sport Victoria Beachside Division Athletics Carnival

Last Friday the following students represented Oakleigh Grammar and the Bentleigh District at the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival. The Carnival was held at the premier Athletics venue - Lakeside Athletics Stadium.  


Well done to:

Christos Babatsias: 11 Boys 80m Hurdles & High Jump - 4th Place (Hurdles)

Jaeda Louw: 11 Girls Shot Put & 80m Hurdles - 4th Place (Shot Put)

Xavier Harpur: 12/13 Boys Discus & Shot Put

Jump Rope for Heart - Junior School

On Friday 8th September, ELC-Year 5 students participated in a ‘Jump Off Day’ to help raise money for the National Heart Foundation. Students practised their skipping skills in the lead up to the event, creating a unique way to keep fit, and learn new skills!


Jump Rope for Heart raises money for life-saving heart research and education programs. To date, Oakleigh Grammar has raised $4,733 for the cause. This was an amazing achievement for students and the community to raise so much money. Congratulations to Nina Cucukovic for raising $1345, Stomi Likopoulos for raising $1,061 and John Likopoulos for raising $633.


Read Nina Cucukovic’s heart felt story which was posted on the Jump Rope for Heart website:


"This is my very special Dad. He passed away 8 years ago from a heart attack. He was only 46 years old and I was only 1 year old when he died. I miss my Dad all the time and wish he was here.

Heart disease is in my family genes and I want to raise money to help find a cure for heart disease. Please help me achieve this by using the ‘Give Now’ button. Your donation will go towards lifesaving heart research and education."


Thank you to everyone for your awesome fundraising efforts!


Faculty News

Careers News


Career Advisor


OG Senior School Careers Morning Tea

On Tuesday 5th September I organised and hosted the Oakleigh Grammar Senior School Careers Morning Tea for our Yr. 10-12 students.


Despite the cold temperature and supposedly “Spring” morning, students, staff and guests arrived. I was thrilled to obtain two inspirational guest speakers – Channel 9 News Presenter Mr. Peter Hitchener and Business Entrepreneur Ms. Michelle Bonney. Both shared their amazing career journeys to date, provided great advice, which in turn inspired our students. 


I thank them for participating and give an extended thanks to Mr. Jamie Evans of McDonald’s Clayton who sponsored the event with some delicious morning tea delicacies, courtesy of the McCafe menu.


  • VTAC Applications close 20th September @ Oakleigh Gramma rand officially close 28th September
  • SEAS applications close for Year 12s 10 Oct
  • Dookie Open Day 18 October
  • CASPer to be completed by 30 November (17th November for international students)
  • VCE HHD and Psychology Revision Lectures at Monash – When: HHD, Tues 26 Sept; Psychology: Wed 27 Sept; See: www.monash.edu.au/medicine/news/events/events/vce-revision-lectures 
  • CAREERS AND CREATIVITY DAY FOR ART, DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE AT MONASH - Sat 16 Sept (Caulfield campus); Info and bookings: www.monash.edu/mada/workshops.


  • APPLY WITH VICTORIAN TERTIARY ADMISSIONS CENTRE (VTAC) – Don’t forget to complete your application for courses for 2018 (www.vtac.edu.au
  • FINAL DAY WITH ASSISTANCE FROM MRS MASCARO IS 20TH SEPTEMBER! ON TIME PAYMENT of $35 DUE 28th SEPTEMBER AFTER THIS DATE COST INCREASES TO $103.00!  Remember, you can change your application as much as you wish at no extra cost, you can also change your application once you have your ATAR in December, and between offers of places.
  • DO YOU WANT TO DEFER YOUR STUDY IN 2018? Most university courses allow deferral for up to 12 months, so even if you plan a break from study in 2018, you should still apply in 2017 to defer it to 2018. Institutions have different deferment policies. For the deferment policies of the various institutions see:   http://www.vtac.edu.au/courses-inst/institutions/deferment.html.
  • SPECIAL ENTRY ACCESS SCHEME (SEAS) – Don’t forget to organise your SEAS application if you are eligible. Category 1 simply requires you to click the YES box and also to indicate whether you are the first in your family to attend university. All other categories (2 – 4) require you to supply extra information or evidence. See Mrs Frame ASAP if you are applying for any of Categories 2-4. Applications close 5pm, 10 October. See: http://www.vtac.edu.au/applying/seas.html. Don’t leave it until the last minute to apply as it can take some time to organise some aspects of the application.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS – Most institutions have scholarships available to applicants to ensure equitable access to education and to reward academic excellence. Some scholarships require applications to be made directly to the institution. For all other scholarships, applicants should use the VTAC scholarship application www.vtac.edu.au/scholarships.
  • HIGHER EDUCATION REFORM PACKAGE – The Australian Government has announced a set of proposed reforms to the higher education sector within the 2017-2018 budget. If legislation is passed by the Senate, there are likely to be significant changes to the levels of student contributions and repayment thresholds, and the eligibility of non-Australian citizens for CSP courses. For information on HELP, student income support and Commonwealth scholarships see the Australian Government’s Study Assist website at www.studyassist.gov.au


  • EARLY ENTRY OFFER PROGRAM – VU has announced their Early Entry Offer Program (EEOP) which provides three avenues for VCE students to receive a guaranteed place. Students demonstrating leadership, educational disadvantage or attending an eligible school in the west may apply.  Applications close: 13 October. See: www.vu.edu.au/early-entry.
  • LAW AND JUSTICE OPEN DAY – This is for students considering a career in law - pathways, world-class partnerships and practical placement opportunities. When: 11.00-2.00pm, Sunday 17 September; Where: City Queen Street Campus; Info: www.discoverlaw.vu.edu.au.
  • NAO ROBOT CODING MASTERCLASS – Victoria Polytechnic is running a one-day workshop for students interested in IT and coding. This hands-on masterclass equips students with fundamental coding skills to program a NAO humanoid robot using Choregraphe software and basic Python code. When: Term 3 holidays; Register/Information: [email protected] 
  • STUDENTS APPLYING FOR EDUCATION COURSES AT ACU - Students applying to ACU have the option of sitting either CASPer test or else undertaking the ACU Teacher Selector Statement as part of their VTAC application. The Teacher Selector Statement (TSS) is only an alternative for ACU education courses. A student wishing to submit a Teacher Selector Statement as part of their application to study at ACU will be required to write approximately 1000 words addressing 2 separate categories demonstrating interest in teaching and their personal learning and leadership qualities.
  • Category 1: motivation and suitability for teaching
  • Category 2: involvement in learning and/or leadership activities that demonstrate capacities See:  http://www.acu.edu.au/about_acu/faculties,_institutes_and_centres/education_and_arts/schools/suitability_for_teaching.
  • SWINBURNE ADVICE NIGHTS – Swinburne University is conducting Advice Nights offering assistance to Year 12 students. You can choose to attend a VTAC information session, consult academics, find out about alternative pathways to university or find out about Swinburne scholarships. When/Where: 4.00pm-6pm, Monday 11 September at Wantirna campus and 4.00pm to 6.00pm on Wednesday 13 September at the Hawthorn campus; Information and bookings: http://www.swinburne.edu.au/choose/advice-night/.
  • PARENTS CHAT ABOUT SCIENCE AT MONASH UNIVERSITY – Monash Science Faculty is offering a resource for parents who need more advice regarding their child’s selection of a Science degree. University information can be complicated and confusing, so this is an opportunity for parents to speak directly with a Science VTAC Selection Officer. If you missed out at Open Day, you might like to find out things like Science subject bonuses, SEAS or how the Monash Guarantee affects the ATAR, the Monash entry requirements and subject prerequisites, the difference between courses and majors, or what to do if your child doesn’t achieve the ATAR they were hoping for and so on. If so, email [email protected] with a contact number and Monash be in touch soon. 



  • The Institute is offering workshops for school students in the holidays. When: Hospitality – 25 Sept; Tourism & Travel – 27 Sept; Cookery – 28 Sept. Info: visit www.angliss.edu.au/schoolholidays. William Angliss is also holding a Course Information Evening for all courses. When: 6.00-7.15pm, 21 Sept, 555 La Trobe St, Melb.


  • The B. Commerce is offering a new major in food and agribusiness at the Warrnambool
  • The B. Environmental Engineering will be available at Geelong Waurn Ponds
  • Media, communications and Creative Arts are offering new design courses – 3D Animation, Digital Technologies and Visual Communication - see www.deakin.edu.au/courses/find-a-course/media-communication-and-creative-arts
  • B. Communication (Advertising) – focuses on brand communication

Student Representative Council (SRC)


SRC Coordinator


On Friday 8 September, SRC members, Middle School Leaders and Social Justice Leaders from Junior School had the opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House in Clayton. It has been a tradition for our student leaders for the last four years to visit Ronald McDonald House, and learn about their programs and facilities offered to families.


Students met with the staff, did a tour in the centre, and discussed the benefits of having these centres in our society. Ronald McDonald House works to enhance the quality of life for families with sick children, by providing a home-away-from-home that is welcoming, caring and supportive.


On our visit we showed them the generosity of the Oakleigh Grammar School community by taking them items donated by students and families. Staff had organised a nice and welcoming morning tea for our students, and thanked them on behalf of the kids in the house. Student leaders were very impressed with their visit to Ronald McDonald House.




LOTE Teacher


As we are coming towards the end of Term 3, VCE students studying Chinese and Greek are preparing themselves for their upcoming oral and written examinations. Students will attend holiday classes and participate in trial examinations.


On Sunday 27 August, the Modern Greek Teachers Association of Victoria organised the annual VCE Modern Greek Seminar, for all students studying Unit 3/4 Greek. Oakleigh Grammar students studying Greek attended the seminar, and had the opportunity to ask for and receive information and material prior to their external examinations.


Students also had the opportunity to meet students from other Greek schools, and exchange ideas in relation to how they can revise and prepare themselves for the end of year examinations. Students found the seminar very beneficial.

On Thursday 29 August, Year 9 students participated in the second day of City Experience. Students had the opportunity to visit the Hellenic Museum and do a tour. Students saw the exhibition called “Gods, Myths & Mortals” from the Benaki Museum in Athens. The collection includes: Neolithic pottery; Cycladic statues; Minoan figurines; Mycenaean jewellery; Hellenistic sculptures; Byzantine icons and manuscripts; Post Byzantine secular art and costumes; and Neo-Hellenic art and weaponry, including ornate swords and pistols belonging to Greek revolutionary heroes.


These objects showcase the developments of history when dynasties reigned, kings conquered, and cities fell. Through exploring the cultures and technologies of the past, students are provided the opportunity to discover the changing face of the Greek world, while making unexpected connections between times and cultures.

The SBS National Languages Competition 2017 closed on Friday 1st September with four Oakleigh Grammar students taking part. We would like to wish good luck to the following students who submitted their video about ‘What learning a language means to you?’

  • Maria Andrew
  • George Bitzios
  • Alexandra Konstantinidis
  • Anastasia Konstantinidis

Chaplain's Corner


School Chaplain


Our Middle School students attended Divine Liturgy where they took part in a special service for the procession of the Holy Cross which is commemorated on the 14th of September.


Our students had the opportunity to commune and our Byzantine Choir chanted vividly for all those present. In this service the Cross is placed on a tray surrounded by branches of basil and is taken in solemn procession through the church to the chanting of the Hymn of the Feast.


The tray is placed on a table, and the priest takes the Cross and offers petitions from each side of the table, the four directions of the compass. This represents the universal nature of the offering of Christ upon the Cross. As the people respond by chanting "Lord have mercy", the priest raises and lowers the cross, a commemoration of its finding and exaltation.


At the conclusion of the service, the people come and venerate the Cross and receive the basil from the priest. The basil is used and offered, as it was the fragrant flower growing where the Cross was found.


The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The Orthodox Christian Church uses many symbols through which our Faith is expressed. One of them is the sign of the cross. The 14th of September is the Feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which is a really strict fasting day and also can be considered to be a commemoration just like Good Friday. The Feast commemorates the finding of the True Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by Saint Helen, the mother of the Emperor Constantine.


The Exaltation of the Holy Cross is a celebration of God’s redeeming love and its renewing consequences for us. The word “Exaltation” in Greek ‘Ύψωσις’ has a same word as a verb meaning “lift up” or “elevate” which occurs several times in the Gospel of St John (Jn.3:14, 8:28, 12:32, 34) and has a double meaning of the actual lifting up Jesus on the Cross and His glorification; because on the Cross He completes the work of redemption (“It is finished!” Jn. 19:30).


According to St John’s Gospel the hour of the Cross is the hour of Jesus’ glory, when He triumphs over the power of darkness and spiritually draws all believers to himself. Thus the Feast day of the Cross can also be called the Feast day of the glorification of the Cross, not merely a symbol with two crossed lines but as the Cross of Christ who died on it for our salvation. The symbol of the Cross derives its meaning, power and glory from the Crucified One and His saving sacrifice.

[Click the gallery to view all images]


Why do Orthodox Christians do the sign of the Cross?

When Orthodox Christians cross themselves, they renew the covenant that they made with God at their baptism. The two index fingers and the thumb of the right hand are joined to show that we believe in God the Father who loves us, God the Son Who saves us and God the Holy Spirit Who lives in us.


The three fingers are joined together to show the Holy Trinity. The remaining two fingers are brought down in the palm of the hand to show Jesus’ two perfect natures Perfect Divine nature and Perfect Human nature.


When Orthodox Christians do the sign of the Cross starting from the forehead they are confessing that the Lord is in Heaven, the stomach that the Lord Christ came from the womb of the Virgin Mary, on the right side of the shoulder, Christ was ascended to Heaven and seating at the right side of the Father, and on the left side of the shoulder that the Lord will come again in His glory in the Second coming to judge the living and the dead.

Orthodox Christian does the sign of the Cross:

  • In prayer time, services (when they hear Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Virgin Mary Theotokos, a Saint's name)
  • When one walks or returns home or before driving
  • Before a task and after a task is completed
  • Before and after dinner
  • When waiting in the church and passing a church
  • When a funeral is conducted and happened to be passing by
  • When the Holy Communion is seen
  • Litany of Holy Relics, Icons, Cross etc.
  • When in time of trouble, difficulties, despair with a prayer
  • Thanking God for good news
  • Before traveling on a holiday (plane, ship, car etc.)

Learning Enhancement


Head of Learning Enhancement


G.A.T.E.WAYS Report

G.A.T.E.WAYS is an independent organization offering challenging and enriching activities and experiences to develop and extend highly able children. This term a number of students actively participated in a variety of G.A.T.E.WAYS programs at other hosting schools and below are their comments.


Hungry As … for students with a love of science and art at Wesley College

In this journey, the students dived into their stomach – and esophagus, intestines, and even further! They investigated a different group of consumers each week, focusing on some of the more unusual or unexpected members of each group. They drew annotated figures of some of the creatures, so the creation of accurate artwork was one feature of the journey. Primarily they investigated, compared, and contrasted the digestive systems and extraordinary range of eating habits of nature’s consumers. They also looked into that sometimes controversial question – in which group do we belong?


Students’ comments:

Elizabeth Panagiotopoulos 2P: I really liked learning about ‘disgustivores’ and the drawings were fun!


Eliyah Mawal 2P: My favourite part of G.A.T.E.WAYS were all the animals we drew!


Nicholas Halkiadakis 2P: I liked how we learnt that the digestive system absorbs nutrients and that the sheep’s small intestine is 27 meters long.


Paul Makris 1A: The program was awesome because I learnt another word for stomach rumbles, ‘baboorich me’!


Stephanie Nicolaou 1G: I learnt a lot about sharks. Did you now that a shark lays 40 eggs and they line them in two rows and the first two baby sharks that are born eat the rest of the eggs and young sharks!


‘That’s Unbelievable’... for students with a love of creative writing at Holy Eucharist Primary School.

Students were challenged to exercise the extremes of their imaginations – they explored ideas that expanded their minds; they encountered places, characters and stories both strange and unbelievable, and even invented some of their own!



Head of Mathematics


Numeracy Week

Thank you to all the teachers and students who eagerly participated in the many interesting mathematical activities during Numeracy Week.


There were many highlights including daily challenges, math trivia, math posters, math games, model building and a lot of kinesthetic learning.


On Monday 4th September our enthusiastic team of Year 7 students, accompanied by Mrs. Reznikov, participated in the MAV State-wide Mathematical Games Day at Mt. Hira College. They had a great time developing their mathematical talents and thinking skills in a fun environment, working with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools.

On Wednesday 6th September, selected Year 5 to 8 students participated in the final Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads. Students have enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of solving tricky problems requiring flexibility and creativity to solve. Good luck to all our students.

Business Network

It gives me great pleasure to report to you about the successful launch of the Oakleigh Grammar Business Network.


Our inaugural Business Breakfast was an overwhelming hit, and our online Business Directory has been up and running over the past few months generating significant interest and engagement.


The Business Breakfast featured Victorian Multicultural Commission Chair and highly-reputed broadcaster, Helen Kapalos as our keynote presenter. Helen spoke about community engagement and the importance of cultivating diversity in the world around us. This resonated with our school's underpinning philosophies.

Allan Rich, the Executive Chairman of iconic Australian brand, Susan Day Cakes spoke of how he turned a business in dire financial straits, into a market leader featuring in each of our nation's major supermarket chains.


Attracting top shelf presenters of this calibre was a real boon to Oakleigh Grammar, and will set the scene for future Business Breakfasts.


Our launch event featured 150 guests and showcased the school's conference and catering facilities. As Convenor, it gave me great pride to hear the feedback of our attendees. Many described the speakers as being "fantastic" and "inspiring" and the event as being "the best" corporate breakfast they had attended.  A massive thanks to our sponsors and the Business Network Steering Committee for ensuring the success of the event.


Importantly, a corporate invitee has already pledged to sponsor our next Business Breakfast which will take place in early 2018.


The inaugural Business Breakfast realised a profit of $5704! This money will be invested back into Oakleigh Grammar to support initiatives aimed at benefiting our students.


We have now set a benchmark and I want to double our revenues at the next Business Breakfast! Are you up for the challenge? 


Having successfully delivered phase 1 and phase 2 of the Business Network's blueprint, we now focus on phase 3 - mentoring.


A key premise of the Business Network is to create opportunities for present students now and into the future. Mentoring is an important pillar of one's personal and professional development and there is a wealth of corporate and management literature about the benefits to the mentor and mentee. 


As stated by the legendary film director, Stephen Spielberg, "the delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves."


As a parent myself of twin boys in the 3 year old ELC, I want them and their peers (younger and older) to leverage off the support of fellow parents and friends.


Oakleigh Grammar has a diverse base of parents and members of the community who represent many vocations and professions. Now is your time to share your skills with our current student base.

Two very exciting projects are planned for 2018 which will align the Business Network with our Senior and Middle schools.


A work experience program will be conducted in September 2018 featuring the Year 10 class. All students will acquire placements in a number of fields and parents, supporters and Business network members will be instrumental in making this happen.


We are collating a database of willing participants and I am pleased to report that I am the first name on the list for any aspiring lawyers! The commitment will only require offering a one week placement for a student at your place of employment and providing a minor financial contribution for the student's work.


Please register your interest with the School's Marketing and Communications Officer, Zoe Taylor who is contactable at: [email protected].


If you wish to discuss matters with me personally, please email me at: [email protected]


Business Network members, parents and supporters are also encouraged to support the school's careers program, and this may entail sharing insights at a Careers Morning Tea and Careers Expo. Stay tuned for further details.

I am also encouraging all parents to come along to the Taverna Night on Saturday 21 October 2017. The Business Network is sponsoring this event and it solidifies our commitment and partnership with the Parents' Association. All parents are invited to get involved with the Parents Association which requires more committee members.


Fundamentally, I want every parent and stakeholder to realise we are part of a community and the children are our future. Let's give them every opportunity to prosper.


Yours faithfully,

Vic Rajah BA, LLB (Hons)


Oakleigh Grammar Business Network

Parents' Association

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