Photo: Soaking up sunshine and history on the study tour of Italy

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10 October 2017
Issue Sixteen
From the Principal
For your diary
Building NHS - have your say
The Morphing
Term 4 staffing update
Awarding our quiet leaders
Year 12s prepare for their final weeks
Careers News
Student achievement: sport, music and community
Proud of our teams: Sport news and Term 4 comps
Musicians in action
 Senior Music Concert
1:1 Devices in 2018
Uniform: review feedback and buy early sale
Partnering in learning: term 4 assessment and feedback
Explore Design and Tech
Achievement: Media student films premiere
Ciao Italia!
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Seasonal Asthma
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From the Principal

Photo: The 'A Block' is demolished to make way for our new Performing Arts Centre

Celebrations, Events and Opportunities

This week we have been speaking with students around the importance of using Term 4 well to finish the year on strong note. Our Year 12s are leading the way and are well on track in their final weeks of formal classes.   It’s a very positive experience to speak with our students around Northcote highlights and how it feels to know the finish line is in sight.  A feature of the 2017 group is their commitment to learning in partnership with teachers and friends. This was highlighted during the holiday period where students took advantage of teacher supported VCE unit 3 / 4 revision classes and the ConnectEd Program.  The school was a busy place.  Our year 12s are on the home run and we wish them well for the final two weeks of classes, swot vac and then exams.  Upcoming highlights include Farewell Breakfast, Graduation and then the formal post final exams – a great way to finish the year together.  Tonight I was privileged to be part of the audience for the unit 4 Extended Investigations research practice presentations from an assessment of Geoff Boycott’s personal and cricketing strengths and challenges to considering What is the value of art and to whom? – congratulations to you all.


Northcote On Tour

International travel has been a feature of the past few weeks with language study tours to Italy (2 weeks) and France (4 weeks).  Later this week the Victorian Young Leaders to China depart for a 6 week immersion program – Liz Lenthall is leading a group of students and schools for the Department of Education.  


What’s on

Take the opportunity this week to see Morphing:  a play written by English/Drama teacher Harley Hefford, directed by Freya Viney (Year 11) and featuring our students on stage, backstage and front of house.  The Meliora Sequamar Awards on October 18 celebrate students nominated by students and staff who have Followed the Better Path and contributed to learning and school life in a myriad of ways.


Suggestions please! 

Permanent Buildings and Landscapes for Northcote High: a new Masterplan

Do you know that in 2018 Northcote will have 1800 students, but permanent facilities for 900?

You may have noted in the Northcote Leader  that a 2-storey relocatable building has been allocated to Northcote High for 2018.  Whilst appreciated, permanent facilities are what we need.

Have your say on facilities for our community - survey inside!


Facilities update

Improvements to landscapes, replacement of carpet in the Main building and painting of the GCC have all happened across the holiday period.


You may also notice A Block has been demolished over the holidays to make way for our new Performing Arts Hub. This has prompted lots of connects from past students noting A block is gone and keen to hear of future developments at their school.


Enjoy this edition, and don't forget to keep an eye on Compass Newsfeed for event reminders and year-level specific information.


Kate Morris

For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Monday 9 October                 Start Term 4
  • Thursday 12 October            Young Leaders to China depart
  • Thursday 12- Saturday 14 October    School play: 'The Morphing'
  • Monday 16 October              Senior Music Concert
  • Wednesday 18 October       Meliora Sequamur Awards
  • Friday 20 October                  Student free day - staff professional development
  • Monday 23 October              Year 12 Farewell Breakfast
  • Thursday 26 October            Year 12 Graduation
  • Friday 27 October                  Year 7 Immunisations
  • Monday 30 October             Year 9 City School program begins (9A-D)
  • Monday 6 November           Student free day
  • Tuesday 7 November          Public Holiday - Melbourne Cup

Building NHS - have your say

Photo: The Visual Arts hub opened this year, built under the former Masterplan

Beyond 2018: new facilities to enhance learning

The physical environment is a teacher in itself. – Reggio Emilia


Northcote High School is the largest school in the municipality and one of the largest in the State.   Our school currently has 1800 students but permanent facilities for just 900.  Our size is an indication of the appreciation and regard that our local community has for the academic and social opportunities and excellent teaching that exist for our students: we are a school of choice for local families. 


While our campus has some great assets – its inner city location, remarkable park setting and prominent heritage buildings – there are also many buildings and areas (particularly relocatables) that do not adequately support contemporary ways of learning or the everyday needs of a diverse and growing student community.


We have recently been given approval by the Department of Education to commence a formal Masterplan process. The Masterplan will envision and inform the development of our facilities and environment for the coming generations of students. It is an exciting opportunity for us to imagine new ways of learning and interacting in our spaces.


Our last Masterplan and community consultation resulted in the renovation of the Design and Art areas (opened in May this year) and the building of a new Performing Arts Centre for 2019. 

Your voice matters

We need your input in this process! We want to hear from you about your ideas to improve our campus. 

Please complete a short survey to tell us what you want to see by visiting:


We also encourage you to contact the electoral office of Fiona Richardson which continues to function in the interim period before the upcoming byelection (9481 5777) and candidates in the upcoming by-election to discuss what your children need in terms of permanent and excellent, contemporary facilities that enhance learning opportunities.

The Morphing

Transform your perspective...

It is our pleasure to officially invite you to our school play for Term 4 - The Morphing. A group of students have been working tirelessly to create this fresh new piece of theatre and we are really proud of what we've made.


Georgia Samsa has woken up as a giant beetle. Angus Wright has woken up as a 1967 George Harrison. Prime Minister Midas is questing to find a pool of water. And Orpheus and You must perform a song depressing enough to be allowed out of hell.

Get ready for a side-splitting, heart-warming and spine-tingling new play: The Morphing. Written by Harley Hefford and directed by Freya Viney in Year 11, this is an original work which takes elements from Kafka's ‘Metamorphosis.’

Our school hall will be transformed over three nights on the 12th, 13th and 14th of October. We would love to see you in the audience, supporting our talented cast of students from years 9 - 12.


The Morphing by Harley Hefford

William Olver Hall, Northcote High School


October 12, 13, 14

Book via

Term 4 staffing update

Teachers on leave and returning

This term, we wish some staff members well on periods of extended leave, and welcome back others from a well-earned break.


Ms Aurelie Charenton is commencing a period of leave. We thank Aurelie for her work in Humanities and French throughout this year. Aurelie will be replaced by Ms Kari Marenette who was with us in Term 3.


Ms Shirley Barbara will be on leave in Term 4 and was here over the holidays with her VCE drama classes preparing for their final assessments. Shirley’s classes will be covered by Ms Tric O’Heare who is returning from leave.


Our ‘Young Leaders to China’ students head off on Oct 15th for 7 weeks’ immersion experience. Ms Liz Lenthall will be accompanying our students. Her classes will be covered by Ms Holly Inglis.


As well as Ms Tric O’Heare, we also welcome back from leave Ms Sarah Green, Ms Leah Downey, Ms Eva O’Hehir and Mr Danny Leondidis.

Staff professional learning - student free day 20 October

The learning and development of staff is a priority for Northcote High School. Throughout the year we provide a comprehensive professional learning program for staff, in addition to the study, reading, research and other professional engagements that individuals undertake in relation to their subject areas and specialist interests. This year, teachers have been undertaking professional learning through an action research approach, in 'teacher enquiry' teams. On October 20, a student-free day, these teams will be sharing their findings with colleagues. We will also commence the first whole-staff training for the Respectful Relationships initiative, of which we are a lead school.

Awarding our quiet leaders

Meliora Sequamur Awards

On October 18 we will hold our annual Meliora Sequamur Award Ceremony. Meliora Sequamur is our school motto, and it means 'Let us follow the better path'.  This may be the 'better path' in terms of hard work and achievement, future life, work and study beyond school, or in regard to living an ethical life, caring for others and contributing to the community.


The Meliora Sequamur awards honour students who, outside of formal leadership positions, exemplify this by either:

  1. Contribution and commitment to the school and/or wider community; OR
  2. Significant, widely demonstrated positive change (personal growth)

These are community awards: teacher, staff member and student leaders may nominate recipients. The nominations are then reviewed and confirmed by sub-school leaders, assistant principals and student representatives.  


Nominated students will shortly receive an invitation to the ceremony, which will be held in the NHS Hall at 6pm.  All families are welcome to attend the awards and to celebrate the contributions of our students. 

Year 12s prepare for their final weeks

Photo: Senior students in a holiday revision lecture

Focussed on success

Over the first two days of the term, the majority of senior students have been reporting two things: they loved their break, but really didn’t have one. Coupled with individual study and the formal ‘Connect Session’ over the second week of the holidays, many students have continued with the way they started; with focus and intent. We do hope they  had the opportunity to recharge and get ready to push through for remainder of the year. 

Our exam supervisors reported at the end of Term 3 that the cohort’s approach to the experience was fantastic. It is really important that the lessons learnt, both academic and experiential from these exams are considered and inform preparation over the next few weeks.  The same consideration needs to undertaken with the revision lectures that ran over the holiday period and will continue to run in class time. 
The message to our senior students as they approach the end of year is to make every day count. This means  being  in classes on time, every time, wearing the correct school uniform and making the most of study periods. We know from experience that if you take care of the routine things and are successful in implementing, they are the preconditions for success in the final few weeks. This can be a stressful time for students so we encourage you to get in contact with the Year Level Program Leaders if you have any concerns. 
We have some important dates coming up for our Year 12s as we move through exams and mark the end of their high school experience.  These include:
Thursday, October 19                     Final Day of formal classes
Monday, October  23                       Year 12 Farewell Breakfast

Thursday, October 26                      Year 12 Graduation


The Final Breakfast is one that students and teachers enjoy every year and is a landmark event in the lives of our Year 12s. There are high expectations around behaviour and organisation to ensure that the event is a positive celebration of the Year 12's achievements.


Teachers run revision sessions with Unit 3/4 classes at their regularly scheduled time for the two weeks preceding each exam. We expect all students undertaking 3/4 subjects to make use of this resource, as well as committing to a disciplined individual study program. 


We look forward to celebrating the many and varied achievements of all of our Year 12s over the coming months. 


The Senior School team

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

VTAC Scholarships: deadline 13 October


All students submitting a VTAC application are encouraged to fill out the scholarship application before October 13. These scholarships cover a wider range of areas, not just academic merit. Any student who has submitted a SEAS application is strongly encouraged to make sure they also apply for scholarships.


Remember that that the unis also offer additional scholarships that need to be applied for directly. Many of these are very generous and well worth pursuing. Follow the instructions on the uni websites to apply.

For more information, see the following useful links.

For VTAC generally:

For SEAS information:

For scholarship information:

To double check everything and learn more at specific uni websites:



Work Experience: Year 10 forms now overdue

Work Experience is a valuable part of the Year 10 experience and helps to inform student choices and pathways as they move through to VCE and tertiary study. Year 10 Work Experience arrangement forms are now overdue: please ensure that your child returns these to their tutor as soon as possible.

Work Experience: Note to Year 9 families


All students in Year 10 are required to participate in the Work Experience program, which involves experiencing the workforce in some meaningful way. Whilst it is an invaluable way of gathering information specific to your current career goals, it can also be used to gather experience in a completely unrelated area in which you may wish to develop some skills or gain insight. Community or volunteer work, for example, can be hugely advantageous in developing skills and knowledge that will assist you in ways beyond simply answering questions about a particular job.


Many of the more popular or scarce placements - such as those with Victoria Police, Melbourne Zoo and numerous hospitals or universities – must be applied for well in advance, and are often closed in the year prior to the placement. We encourage families to start talking about what kind of experience will be appropriate for their child, and to start the process of seeking a meaningful placement. You can check the NHS Work Experience manual via the NHS Careers page for some tips on brainstorming ideas, and students will be assisted with this process during Term 4 in their Connect sessions.

Important information for aspiring teachers

Students wishing to study teaching degrees in 2018 will need to sit the CASPer test.


CASPer is an online test, the results of which are forwarded to VTAC. This is a prerequisite for any degree that prepares you for registration as a teacher.

There are set dates on which the test can be taken.

Students in Year 12 will need to sit the CASPer test before December if they want their results to be processed in time for Round 1 offers.


Some of the available dates are coming up in the holidays.

Information and sample questions available via this link:

Early Entry Offer Program - Victoria University

Victoria Uni has launched a new Early Entry Offer Program this year for students who have demonstrated leadership or have experienced disadvantage.

To summarise a few of the benefits of the EEOP, successful applicants will:

  • Receive an early conditional offer for their chosen VU course, prior to exams
  • Benefit from adjusted ATAR entry requirements
  • Still be able to benefit from other VU special admission programs


Applications for this program must be made directly via Vic Uni’s website, as well as applying for courses via VTAC. EEOP applications must be completed by October 13, so if you are thinking of entering Vic Uni preferences at any stage, consider applying for EEOP.

La Trobe Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

NHS students are also eligible to apply for the La Trobe Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship. This generous scholarship provides one student with automatic admission to La Trobe’s Hallmark Program for high-achieving students, which brings with it many benefits such as personalised academic coaching and mentoring, additional leadership opportunities and exclusive access to special elective and research subjects designed to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Recipients receive $6,000 per year for the duration of their undergraduate degree for up to four years, and are guaranteed a study abroad scholarship to the value of $1,500. Application forms can be obtained from Kylie Witt and must be submitted to her by October 10.


Student achievement: sport, music and community

Photo: Lucas at the National Championships

Soccer star - Lucas Makridis

Lucas recently returned from the Soccer National Championships in Coffs Harbour, where he was part of the Victorian state team who won the national title.

Lucas worked very hard while still thoroughly enjoying the experience. He was only one of two players who went up to the tournatment without family, so he had to draw on a lot of self motivation and resourcefulness. Congratulations Lucas: a fantastic achievement!

Jazz maestros - Theo and Callum

Theo Carbo and Callum McKinnon-Mintzis were recently awarded Emerging Artists Awards from the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash University.  This award was open to any jazz performerw under 21 years not currently enrolled in a tertiary institution.  Applicants need to demonstrate a passion for jazz performance were required to email a video of themselves performing a jazz standard. The entries were judged on:

 ● Knowledge of improvisation

● Creativity and interaction

● Instrumental competence

Theo won in the Jazz Performance categorary, and Callum for Jazz Composition. The judges commented on the outstanding entries and the high calibre of musicianship displayed.  Congratulations Theo and Callum!

Scouting success

Congratulations to Hannah Proctor Parkin and Maya Hennessy of Year 9 who have both recently earned the Australian Scout Medallion: a achievement reached only after attaining the top award in each of the five sections of scouting.  As Chief Commissioner of Scouts Victoria, Brendan Watson (OAM) writes:  this reflects these students' "self-discipline, teamwork and leadership",  as well as persistence and effort over many years.  A great achievement, Hannah and Maya!

Proud of our teams: Sport news and Term 4 comps

Photo: Teamwork: Year 7 Soccer team

Year 7 Girls State Soccer


On Friday the 15th of September, the Year 7 girls endured the rain, wind and sun at the State Soccer Championships. They battled their first game against Bendigo, scoring first but losing 2-1. In the second game they defeated Mornington 7-0. Finally in the last game they challenged Maribyrnong College, winning 2-0. In the end our girls only missed out by 1 goal for a spot in the final. All of the girls played very well and should be proud of their efforts.

Rosie Thyer Year 9 (Student Team Coach)

A big thank you to our Student Coaches Rosie Thyer and Sarah Coffee, and also to our Work Experience Student Demi for helping out with coaching and umpiring on the day.

Senior Boys State Basketball


The Senior Basketball team put their practice exams on hold in the hopes of securing Northcote our second State title of the year. First up, our team faced Mildura Secondary College and very quickly put them to the sword. Despite the Mildura players' bigger size, they were no match for Alex Cocco’s quick cuts and floaters as well as Joe Moore’s deadly mid-range jump shot. Northcote went into the first break with a 32 to 27 victory after letting Mildura sneak back at the end of the second half. Next, our team faced the Ararat-based Marian College, who must have quickly despaired in the face of Joe Furphy dunking on two of their players and providing an unstoppable torrent of points in Northcote’s favour, leading us to a 65 to 31 win.

Our final pool match was against the sporting school, Maribyrnong College. The Northcote team played a disciplined first half, with scores tied at the interval. However, as the game progressed, fatigue started to set in and Northcote began to lose momentum. Having only a two-player bench proved insufficient, with the team going down 36 to 25 and missing out on the final.


David MacIndoe (Team Coach)

Term 4 Sports


Term 4 will promptly spring in to action for our teams who made it through to Regionals.  We begin in week 2 with Year 8 Regional Cricket and Intermediate Girls Hockey.  Week three will be a busy one with teams representing our school in Regional Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis and Basketball.  Later in the term will be Divisional Futsal. Keep an eye out for tryouts and training times.

Health and PE Week


Health and Physical Education (HPE) Week is a nationwide initiative that highlights the importance of HPE in the Australian Curriculum, and its influence on the learning and development of children. HPE Week will be taking place at Northcote during Week 3. There will be a variety of events running throughout the week with plenty of opportunities for you to come along and join in the fun. Event dates and times will be advertised around school and through TV screens.


Looking Ahead


Week 2

Wed 18th Oct – Year 8 Cricket

Thurs 19th Oct – Intermediate Hockey


Week 3  (Health and PE Week)

Tues 24th Oct - Year 7 Cricket

Wed 25th Oct – Year 8 Hockey, Table Tennis and Basketball

Thurs 26th Oct – Year 7 Hockey, Table Tennis and Basketball

Sat 28th Oct – Cheerleading Spring Carnival

Musicians in action

Photo: On tour: Senior strings ensemble

Senior Strings tour

The Northcote High School Senior String Orchestra has recently completed a three-day music tour
of Phillip Island. We performed at a number of different locations including two schools, the famous
Phillip Island Penguin Parade and an aged care home. Our trip began in fabulous fashion when we
played for the wonderful students of Thornbury Primary School. They were a very responsive
audience and loved to hear some of the old favourites such as Thriller, The Pirates of the
Caribbean and Harry Potter. We then set off for the country and made our second stop at Lam Lam
Primary School. Finally, a beautiful dinner courtesy of Mr Perry rounded off a great first day. On the
second we toured the island: visiting a chocolate factory, racing go-karts on a scaled replica of the
P.I grand prix track and battling it out for bragging rights playing laser tag. (Shout out to Ben
Murphy who took top honours in both events) Our final two performances were at the penguin
parade, where we were lucky enough to have a great view of the little birds, and at an aged care
home, where the old people thoroughly enjoyed some of our more traditional songs. Overall the
tour was an incredible experience and a great opportunity for all of us to expand our musical
knowledge through three days of intensive work. We all had a wonderful time (many even
commented that it felt more like a holiday than a camp) and are very grateful for the hard work and
dedication of Ms Lum, Ms Brogan and Mr Perry.


Original Composition Project

A group of talented and very creative students spent a busy two days at Studio 52 in Collingwood to create the 2017 Original Composition Project album, “Demolition Lament”.

Congratulations to all involved!
Purchase your very own copy of “Demolition Lament” from the Music office today at the special pre-order price of $10!



A group of talented and very creative students spent a busy two days at Studio 52 in Collingwood to create the 2017 Original Composition Project album, “Demolition Lament”.

Congratulations to all involved!
Purchase your very own copy of “Demolition Lament” from the Music office today at the special pre-order price of $10!

 Senior Music Concert

Farewell our Year 12 Musicians

Join us in the William Olver Hall on October 16 for the final performance by our skillful Year 12 Musicians. Book your tickets via

1:1 Devices in 2018

BYOD review: report and changes for 2018

In 2017 the school conducted a review of our current Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) arrangements. Northcote High School is a 1-1 device school, meaning that all students are expected to have a device at school every day. Currently the students in Years 7-9 are expected to bring iPads and students in years 10-12 are free to bring a laptop or tablet of their choosing.  After consulting with students, staff and families there were some clear emerging trends.


1. Students use devices predominantly for research and for communication purposes both at home and at school.

2. Students and teachers of the junior levels believed that a change of device would improve student outcomes.

3. To best support learning at Northcote High school, students needed to start school with a device that:

  • Is robust
  • Can be used from year 7-12 
  • Has a large amount of storage
  • Has touch screen capabilities as well as a keyboard
  • Can easily be connected to presentation screens
  • Can access eBooks and myNorthcoteHigh easily


Curriculum leaders' (Faculty heads and learning leaders) feedback also informed the “minimum device requirements” which include the need for:

  • Touch screen capability
  • Ports, which allowed them to connect easily with electronic accessories
  • A platform that is able to run aspects of the Adobe suite


Additional factors

Operating system

A Windows based device has been chosen for students entering Year 7 in 2018. This operating system and supporting software is strongly supported by the Department of Education technology  infrastructure and most teaching staff also have devices that use the same operating system, which allows for greater ease of file transfer, software familiarity and trouble shooting by staff in class.


2018 Device Requirements

Year 7

Students starting Year 7 in 2018 will be required to purchase an Acer Travelmate 2 in 1 Laptop. This will be made available through the CentreCom portal, which provides families with access to an education warranty and pricing, providing better value than retail.

It is expected that the Acer 2 in 1 Laptop will:

  • Assist with transition to high school as consistency of device in the junior years assists with consistency of practice.
  • Serve student learning needs at least until Year 9 and most likely beyond.

Year 8

Students in Year 8 in 2018 will continue to use their iPads purchased in Year 7.


Year 9

Students in Year 9 in 2018 will enter the BYOD – Choice Program.

With the enhanced flexibility in the Year 9 curriculum it is appropriate to extend the BYOD – Choice Program to Year 9. Students are required to bring a device each day: they are permitted to chose any lap top or tablet that meets the minimum requirements outlined in the attached image; this includes being able to continue to use their iPad.


Year 10-12

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 in 2018 will be in the BYOD – Choice Program.

Students are required to bring a device each day and are permitted to bring any lap top or tablet that meets the minimum requirements outlined in the image below; this includes being able to continue to use their iPad.


Important: software purchasing

If you are purchasing a new device for 2018 you do not have to purchase Microsoft Office. The Department of Education is able to provide Office 365 to all students free of charge (on up to 5 devices) and this will be delivered through the school in weeks 1-2 of Term 1 2018 regardless of what year level the student is in. 

Uniform: review feedback and buy early sale

2017 Uniform Review is now complete

During Term 3, a working group of School Council conducted a review of the current uniform to assess how well it is meeting the needs of our students and families. Thank you to those who participated in the review process through surveys, working groups and direct feedback. We had a strong response from both students and families, but particularly from our students in Years 7-9.

What you told us

Key findings of the review include:

  • Desire for genuinely ‘gender neutral’ options including pants and shorts that better fit a range of female body types.  This was linked to a strong desire for the options to be seen as ‘fair’: ie. policy and items applying equally to both females and males;
  • Warmth is an important issue for students;
  • Current style woollen jumper is not rated highly;
  • Current spray jacket is widely worn but there are concerns about its warmth, durability and style;
  • The long-sleeved white shirt (winter uniform with the winter skirt) is unpopular;
  • Black socks are the preferred alternative to the current white/grey socks;
  • Desire for the school to consider existing policies re. changing into/out of sports uniform;
  • Desire for the school to offer a ‘year-round’ uniform with more ‘mix and match’ options.

Initial recommendations 

Change to uniforms is a slow process and planning must occur well in advance of a change being implemented; and with consideration of the needs and financial capacity of families. The Working Group has made both short-term and long-term recommendations from this review. 



  • Black business socks (plain, calf-length) will replace white/grey socks for 2018. If students need to replace their socks during Term 4 2017, they will be permitted to wear the black socks as specified on the uniform list (attached)
  • During 2018 alternative items will be trialled with groups of students. These may include:
    • soft-shell jacket
    • warm-up top for inter-school sports teams
  • Request that our supplier source a suitable ‘female-cut’ version of the grey shorts and pants (families will be notified if these become available in 2018)

Some aspects of the uniform have been identifed for further consideration and confirmation by the end of 2017. These include: offering the existing purple shirt as an alternative to the white long-sleeved shirt during the winter terms; changing arrangements on days when students have Phys Ed and Sport.  We will provide further updates to families on these matters and the 'long-term' considerations below through the newsletter. 



The Working Group has identified a number of factors through the review that warrant further consideration for 2019 and beyond. This is currently in process and updates will be provided to families before the end of this year.

Buy early and save by October 29

Dobsons have launched their 'buy early and save' sale for 2018 uniform items. A price list and ordering instructions are attached. 


Partnering in learning: term 4 assessment and feedback

Feedback and assessment schedule

Term 4 is an important time in the academic calendar, as it sees the culmination of studies and final exams  for our Year 12s. Our Year 10 and 11s will soon be preparing for end-of-semester CATs, SACs and exams, plus Year 10 Work Experience.  Year 9s begin their City School investigations and have some subject exams towards the end of term.  Our Year 7s and 8s continue their studies and assessment right to the end of term (with some celebratory activities in the final week) and we are looking forward to the Year 7&8 showcase which will highlight exemplary work from throughout the year. There are a number of opportunties throughout this term to partner with us and your child by engaging with feedback on their learning and assessments. Key dates for each year level are summarised below.

Year 7 & 8

October 27       Learning Behaviours reports 7-9 published on Compass

November 10   Parents are encouraged to check myNorthcoteHigh for assessment results

November 21   Year 7&8 Showcase evening

December 21    Semester Reports published on Compass

Year 9

October 27        Learning behaviour reports 7-9 published on Compass

November 10   Parents are encouraged to check myNorthcoteHigh for assessment results

November 21   Year 9 City School Presentations

November 27-29  Year 9 Exams: Maths, Science, Humanities in class time. Regular classes

continue for Year 9s during this time

December 14   Year 9 > 10 Course Confirmation

December 21    Semester Reports published on Compass


Year 10

October 13         Learning behaviousr reports 10-12 published on Compass

      Parents are encouraged to check myNorthcoteHigh for assessment results

November 9      Last classes for Year 10

November 10   Year 10 Exams begin

November 20-24 Work Experience

November 24   Semester reports published on Compass in the “reports” tab

December 1      Year 10 >11 Course confirmation

December 4,5  Senior Years Orientation (VCE Unit 1/2 & VCAL)

Year 11

October 13       Learning behaviours reports 10-12 published on Compass

    Parents are encouraged to check myNorthcoteHigh for assessment results

November 1     VCAA Exam period begins

November 9     Last classes for Year 11

November 10  Year 11 Exams begin

November 24  Semester reports published on Compass in the “reports” tab

November 27  Year 11 >12 Course confirmation

December 6-8  Senior Years Orientation (Units 3/4 + VCAL)

Year 12

October 13      Learning behaviour reports 10-12 Published on Compass

   Parents are encouraged to check myNorthcoteHigh for assessment results

October 19      Year 12 Classes finish

November 1   VCAA Exam period begins

December 15 ATAR results available

Explore Design and Tech

Celebrate Design and Technology Week with us

Northcote High School would like to invite you all to a special evening as part of Design and Technology Week.


Get inside industry insight from two speakers into what is happening now and in the future of the Automotive industry in Australia.


Learn about what transport will look like in the future and what the study and career opportunities for you are in this rapidly evolving sector, especially in research and development. 


You will also find out more about the progressive approach to Design and Technology education at Northcote High School.





Peter Murphy and Rohan Bevan, Northcote High School / DATTA Vic / DATTA Australia

Greg Maratos, Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia

Marc Johnson, Senior Designer, Ford Asian Pacific, Lecturer in Mobility Design at Monash University


There will also be representatives from several major universities in Victoria


Tuesday 17th October

6pm - 8pm

Northcote High School Design Hub

Free: register via

Light refreshments will be provided.

Keen on coding? Opportunity for Year 11 students

Interested in coding and computers? Want to spend a week away in sunny Sydney learning heaps with like-minded young people and have a lot of fun in the process? Then the National Computer Science School Summer programme could be for you! For more information, check out the poster on the Design staffroom in B-block, speak to Mr Macindoe or Mr Koopmans or go to .  No previous experience of coding required!

Achievement: Media student films premiere

Photo: Award winners at the Year 11 Media Night

Year 11 Media Night

Northcote High School's VCE Media talent was once again on display in Term 3 with lunchtime screenings of the Yr 12 final films and the Yr 11 Media Night. We had an excellent turnout of parents, students, teachers and friends who snacked on popcorn as they enjoyed weird and wonderful short films. There were also awards for the evening and judges Harley Hefford, Connie Stewart and Peter Murphy had some tough decisions to make. The winners are as follows:


Best Script: Detective Rogers (Max Davies Thomson, Max Ottaviani-Giammarco, Luke Christopoulos, Joseph Gagliardi)

Best Actor: Jaia Guilford-Carey in Messy Love

Best Editing: Mixtape (Brianna Moreno, Violet Tolhurst, Siobhan Larkin, Joanne Ha) 

Best Soundtrack: Deathrow (Oliver Crawford, Jacob Walker, Edward Astbury, Gabriel Gaudet)

People's Choice: Toys (Yianni Rowlands, Andrew Lyster, Yvonne Xue, Tina Le)

Best Cinematography: Red Balloon (Hugo Luccarini, Alexander Bruce, Iman Hassayen)

Best Film: Messy Love (Jaia Guilford-Carey, Samuel Down, Harrison Kiriakidis)


Well done to all VCE Media students for putting in lots of time and effort into making your media products. 


Hannah Valmadre

Media teacher

Ciao Italia!

Photo: Our Italian travellers

Adventures in Italy

23 Italian language students from Years 8-12, accompanied by three staff, recently spent two weeks travelling through Italy for a language and cultural study tour. Alongside some formal language programs, the students spent time practising their oral communication skills and soaking up the rich and varied culture and history of Italy's regions. The group spent time in the cultural hot-spots of Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, with a trip to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel  among the highlights. All reports indicate that it was a wonderful trip: a big thank you to Angela Cappelli, Angela Odorisio and Jai Rochester for their care and organisation. 

Library News

Photo: New student artwork in the Library

Celebrating student contribution

At the end of term 3 we celebrated the contributions of library student assistants, bookmark challenge winners, book review challenge entrants and art club members with a morning tea – thank you all for your efforts!


Kate Morris announced the three winners of the book review challenge – congratulations to Amelie from Year 7, Juliet from Year 8 and Ethan from Year 9. Thank you to everyone who entered. We were impressed by the standard of the reviews - they are all on the library website to help other students when they are looking for something new to read.


Here is a preview of the window art which Hannah, Hannah and Pippi from the Art club have been working on – it's a great addition to the library entrance!


VCE Study Hall

The library will be open for VCE students only during lunch from Wednesday 11th October until Friday 20th October.


All other year levels can access the library resources and printing/copying for the last 15 minutes of lunch time each day.


Thank you for supporting our VCE students during their exam preparation.

Can't get enough of comedy?

Photo: Tripod perform at the Comedy Night Fundraiser

Thank you to our comedians

We all enjoyed the Comedy Night Fundraiser last term, which raised over $20,000 to enhance student social and recreational spaces. A highlight of the night was the local knowledge and insight of our generous comedians, many of whom are part of our immediate community.


We'd like to say a special thank you to these brilliant performers who were so generous with their time and talent. You can show your appreciation by following them on social media, going to see their live shows and listening to their podcasts. A very special thanks to the talented and lovely Damian Callinan, who coordinated the talent and managed the line-up and to Zillah Morrow who was our brilliant stage manager on the night.


To keep the fun times rolling, here's how you can see and hear more...

Damian Callinan or follow on facebook:

Podcast: Bodgy Creek Football Club podcast: A weekly wrap that takes us into the temporary clubrooms of the Bodgy Creek Roosters, a [fictional] Australian Rules Football Club somewhere in rural Australia.


Jodie J Hill


Dilruk Jayasinha


Dave O’Neil

The Debrief podcast with Dave O’Neil: the gig’s just finished and comedian Dave O’Neil drives a comedian friend home, reflecting on the highs and lows of doing stand up comedy.

On Wednesday nights at the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield Dave hosts his famous Comedy Funhouse from 8pm. Featuring Australia’s best comedians and of course, Dave.

Only $15 for show only...
Or $40 dinner AND show. 
What a bargain


George McEncroe


Claire Hooper


Paul Calleja



Podcast: Join the perfectly good men of Australian music comedy legends Tripod, along with your host Andrew Pogson, on this musical adventure podcast celebrating all things Tripod.

Seasonal Asthma

Check your child's asthma plan

With hayfever season upon us, some students may be experiencing an increase in asthma symptoms. If your child experiences asthma - even infrequently - you should ensure that they bring their inhaler to school and that their symptoms and recommended treatment are logged on an Asthma Action Plan (see your doctor) and provided to the school. This means that should they experience asthma symptoms at school, we are able to treat them in the most appropriate and efficient way possible. 


If students are experiencing asthma-like symptoms at school, they should report to first aid or a nearby teacher immediately. On days with a high risk for seasonal asthma, susceptible students are encouraged to spend break times in indoor spaces such as the Library, Atrium and Main Building and lunchtime clubs, or to report to their sub-school office for advice and monitoring.


You can find more information on seasonal and thunderstorm asthma here.

Community notices

Supporting transgender and gender diverse young people in Darebin

The Darebin Council has committed to assisting local families by providing information for families whose children are discovering and affirming their sexuality and gender diversity.


To this end, Council has developed a resource that compiles in one place a list of organisations that families and their children can access for information  and support.   Please find this list of organisations attached.


Are you interested in kayaking?

The Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club (INCC) is excited to be recruiting new junior paddlers for the 2017-2018 kayaking season. This program introduces beginner paddlers to the sport of flat water kayaking and allows them to develop new skills on the water in a fun and safe environment.

The Crusaders team is coached by qualified Level 1 Flatwater coaches who have current First Aid qualifications. Some of our coaches are former Australian and World Champions, one of our former Crusaders paddler went on to compete at the Canoe Marathon World Championships in 2016.

To sign up for the INCC Crusaders Program contact Réka Ábrahám ([email protected]). The first session for term 4 is being held on October 14th but new paddlers are welcome at any time.

Darebin Music Feast

There are two exciting and free community events for young people coming up during City of Darebin’s annual music festival Darebin Music Feast


  • The Megaphone Project: an interactive sound installation popping up at various locations in Bundoora, Preston and Northcote
  • Dance Alliance, a participatory dance project for all abilities featuring open rehearsals that lead up to a public flash mob event in Edwardes Lake Park, Reservoir.

Both events are free and open to all. See attached flyers for more information.


Girls Football: TAC Cup elite pathway


Think you have what it takes to play TAC Cup Girls Football? We’re looking for motivated girls born in 2000-2002, wantng to pursue football at an elite level and join the AFLW Talent Pathway. No experience required, high level athletes strongly encouraged! If this sounds like you, register your interest at: and see attached flyer for more details.


Northcote High School Newsletter
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Crusaders Pamphlet.pdf
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