14 December 2017
Issue Four
Kew High School
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We have come to the end of another year and there is the opportunity to say farewell to our Year 12 cohort and to families who have been associated with the school over many years who now leave us with their last child completing school.


This year Beth Young has decided to retire. Many of you would have crossed paths with her as a classroom teacher of English or English as an Additional Language, previously ESL. Maybe you were a member of the Yearbook team or publishing group and you were out taking photos or compiling stories, learning all the while about editing and writing for an appropriate audience and purpose. Perhaps Beth was there to support you to improve your literacy skills and you can now express your gratitude to her for her patience and extensive knowledge in teaching you new skills, scaffolding your learning or assisting teachers to modify their tasks.


Beth has made a substantial contribution to Kew High School. She has stepped up and assumed roles of responsibility, as a year Level Coordinator and leading the Learning Area. Beth has never shied away from hard work, has always been collaborative, sharing her resources and approaches willingly. Beth is aknowledged for her respectful approach to everyone, for the extensive support she has offered and for encouraging the views and input of others.


We wish her well in her future away from Kew High School.


Clare Entwisle


Mental Health Week is celebrated at Kew High School every year and coincides with World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

The aims  of Mental Health Week are to raise awareness, help reduce the stigma around mental health and make way for more people to seek help and support.



In 2017 we offered a range of activities and events to include both staff and students.  Staff were able to enjoy a morning tea, a cooked breakfast and could experience a massage. Events for students included guest speakers from Batyr, a presentation from Motivational Media, a sausage sizzle and sessions in Connect focusing on mental health issues and seeking help.


Faye Harding

Wellbeing Coordinator


Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament

On 24 October, Terri Nguyen, Darren Heng and Tara Pringle participated in the Victorian Young Physicists' Tournament. It was held at Monash University, and schools from all over Victoria were there. We made many new friends from schools such as MacRob, Uni High and Wodonga Secondary College. The competition involved us working on three experiments throughout the year, and presenting our results and discussion at Monash Uni. It was an incredible experience, and we learnt so much about scientific communication and research. Our team came second in Victoria out of the Year 11 teams, and fourth overall. We were so glad to be able to have this opportunity, and it was worth all the afterschool experiments and meetings!


Tara Pringle

Year 11


Year 7 Hockey Team Debut

The day started off cloudy and rainy so it wasn't off to a good start. Once we had arrived at Malvern Hockey Centre, everyone started getting ready by warming up and getting Finlay, Orlando and Sahil ready to be goalie. So we started off the day by playing Balwyn High School and we got off to a strong start as we were defending Balwyn's attack efforts. Unfortunately, once we had let one goal slip through, Balwyn started to get a move on with their passing plays splitting open our defence. The end result was 8 - 0 with Ian making great movements down the field, Callum defending with great strength and finally Sahil making great blocks as keeper. 

We were planning to turn around our performances in the last game against Camberwell High School but again things didn't go according to plan. By the end of the first half it was 8 - 0 so we decided to just have some fun. And that’s when we started to play better Hockey. We were really attacking with Lachlan and Callum smashing the ball down the wings to on-running wingers such as Ethan, Sahil and Cooper. Unfortunately, we didn't score a goal and the end scores were 10 - 0. But with good performances from Raymond, Orlando and from many more, we ended up having a good time.


Lachlan Bamford

Year 7


A Final Note from Musicland

Term 4 is one of our busiest terms, while many other areas are quietening down Musicland is full steam ahead with Music Camp, Presentation night, visits to local community groups to play for residents and Q UP, the end of year concert.

This year the second Music Camp, held in October, was particularly successful. Going over three days, it helped the instrumental staff concentrate time in preparing and fine tuning items for both Presentation Night and Q UP. One of the highlights of the camp was our guest speaker Geoff Achison. Geoff Achison is a very well-known and respected blues-roots guitarist. He gave a workshop to some of our guitar students before lunch, and in the afternoon invited drum and guitar students on stage to jam with him. This was a lot of fun for all involved and was very educational as well. 

Q UP, our annual end of year concert, featured a number of smaller ensembles as well as large groups. The show started with an amazingly evocative and atmospheric piece from the Percussion Ensemble. This original composition, by the students, featured them playing water drums which they had made and as they played you could see the students hands projected onto a big screen.  After this wondrous start to the show, we saw and heard many varied items including the String orchestra, Training and Intermediate bands, Vox Rox and the Stage Band. The Keyboard ensemble were most impressive and played crowd pleasing songs as did the brass ensembles.

Judy Bartosy

Director of Music


Exceptional Artwork


On Thursday the 19th October the VCE Art Show took place. The VCE Art Show displayed all of the Year 12 student work from throughout the year, from subjects including Art, Studio Art, Media and Visual Communication Design. Artworks included paintings, 3D sculptural pieces, prints, photography, interactive multimedia displays, film, packaging design, merchandise design, poster design, and much more.



Frank Ferretti, the Visual Arts Coordinator, and Chloe Kounelis, the Art Captain opened the Art Show for 2017. A student from each subject was awarded a prize for their efforts and outstanding artworks including Georgia Wilson (Art), Sophia Cleaver (Studio Art), Lucinda Briant (Media), and Linh Pham (Visual Communication Design).


It was fantastic to see so many parents, friends, family and staff fill the exhibition space to browse the extensive range of work and celebrate the success of the students.


We congratulate the Year 12 students on all of the effort they have put into their creative endeavours this year, the standard of artwork was exceptional.



Sophie Richards

Visual Arts Teacher


Valedictory Dinner


International Students' Dinner


Breakfast and Costumes


Costume Parade



Women in STEM Day at Kew High School


Kew High School’s Women in STEM Day promoted opportunities for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related fields. The day enabled Kew High School students to collaborate with girls from local primary schools on a number of hands-on robotics, construction and design challenges. 

The National Innovation and Science Agenda has identified that less than one in ten engineering graduates are women, and significant disparities also exist in information technology and scientific fields. Kew High School hopes that providing interested students with engaging STEM experiences will promote STEM careers as a desirable option.  

Female role models, from the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, PricewaterhouseCoopers and IntegraDev, presented as part of a panel to highlight the opportunities available to young women and to elucidate on the value of a gender diverse workforce. Thank you to all those involved in the day and to Tara Pringle for convening the panel.


Bernie McGrath


Hockney Staff Portrait Painting Project

In Semester 2, the Year 9 Visual Arts cohort participated in the Hockney Staff Portrait Project. David Hockney was an English painter who was highly influential during the Pop Art movement in the 1960s. The students’ goal was to incorporate elements of Hockney’s portraiture and painting style into their own paintings.


The project involved gathering and distributing photographs of teachers and staff members to the year 9 classes. Each of the students picked a teacher out of a hat, who became their portrait subject for the duration of the task.


After completing a series of preliminary exercises and some research, the students meticulously applied their artistic skills using acrylic paint on canvas board to bring their portraits to life. The students interviewed their teacher to gain more of an insight into their personality, interests and hobbies.


Once complete, the paintings were displayed in the ground floor corridor where everyone could admire the amazing talent of our students and start the guessing game!


Congratulations to all of the year 9 visual arts students who participated in the project and all of the teachers and staff who were involved, it was a wonderful success.


Sophie Richards

Visual Arts Teacher


Swinburne University Excursion

Thanks to the generosity of the Boroondara Cares Foundation, Year 10 students were given the opportunity to sign up and attend the event , A Day in the Life of a University Student at Swinburne University. This event incorporated a series of sessions including careers information, transition to University, course information, and an Astro tour. The event was wonderful, with each student taking something different from the learnings on the day.


Dior Meaney-Liu

Year 10


Photo: Tuul and Bruno Morandi, Getty Images

Follow Along the Journey

On the 17th of November, a group of 15 Kew High School students from years 10 and 11 took off on the World Challenge to Sri Lanka, India. With the support of two staff members, Tom Williams and Louise Bates, the students worked together as a team to plan and fundraise for their trip of 30 days.


Whilst the students continue on their journey, they will be sharing photos on an Instagram page called @khsworldchallenge_srilanka  or  this link: https://www.instagram.com/khsworldchallenge_srilanka/


Follow along the journey using Instagram to view snippets of their experiences.
























Photo: Joshua Ruiz

Term 4 has been a fun filled time at Kew High School. There have been many exciting events and programs involving chaplaincy.

Rotary Scholarships – Chaplaincy have had the opportunity this year to work with the Yarra Bend Rotary Club on their Kew High School Scholarships program.  In 2018 the Rotary Club will continue to provide scholarships to assist families experiencing financial difficulties.


Peer Support – Congratulations to the 40 students who have been selected for the Peer Support program in 2018.  The leaders met their buddies for the first time on Orientation Day and will work with them during Semester 1 2018.

Chaplaincy Second-hand Book and Uniform Shop –A big thank you to the volunteers who have worked through the busy season of books and uniform sales.  The modules have been overflowing with uniforms and the volunteers have been busy packing book orders.  This is a great service to the school and also financially supports the chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy Fundraising – Did you know that the Kew High School Chaplaincy does not receive Federal government funding?  Each year the Chaplaincy Committee and the School raise all of the funds to pay for the Chaplaincy program.  Thanks to the commitment of a wonderful group of volunteers each year the Chaplaincy Committee raises over $41000. But it’s not easy. You can help by volunteering to assist in the second-hand uniform and book shop where the commissions collected support chaplaincy.  You can get involved in the Chaplaincy committee or simply support the fundraising events held each term.


Rosemary Carter

School Chaplain


Kew High School students have great resources due to the generosity of our parents who donate funds to the school.

Building fund - 2017 donations have funded the installation of air conditioners across all level 2 classrooms. Electrical upgrades are continuing to ensure students have cooler rooms in 2018 and beyond.


Library Fund - Our library continues to offer students an extensive range of books, resources, media equipment and games available for students to borrow.


Chaplaincy Fund - The funds enable students to have the ability to attend camps and excursions, access books, uniforms and online texts that would otherwise be on their “wish list”. These donations also support programs to include activities and mental health presentations for all classes.





General Donations - Our extensive range of resources can be fully attributed to the generosity of our parents. These include:

  • Cyclic upgrades to gym equipment – table tennis tables, rowing machines and exercise bikes in 2016 and 2017.
  • Labcoats, thermometers, microscopes, crocodile and other animal models and safety cabinets for the Science department.
  • Regular upgrades to musical instruments for student experiences such as tom tom and cymbals packs and a tuba in 2017.
  • The purchase of a Laser cutter in 2015 has seen an increase in artistic productions from our students as presented in the Art Show.  2017 sees additions to the department with the installation of a vinyl cutter and a replacement ceramics kiln.  This increases students’ access to a wide range of mediums.
  • Cyclorama Curtain for productions and media – students will have 12 months to experiment with the stage curtain to create illusions using projections. Prepare for a spectacular production of Grease in August 2018!

The staff, School Council and the students THANK YOU



2017 saw the installation of an Outdoor Education Shed funded by Q-Network.

This is the culmination of a number fundraising efforts by Q-Network.


Outdoor education is an integral part of the curriculum at Kew High School. It is a program designed to encourage leadership, problem solving and team work.  Each year over 130 students participate in the various outdoor education programs.


The installation of the shed has provided the opportunity to have a sheltered learning space in inclement weather.  It is also home to the Bendigo Bank funded customised trailer provided in 2015.  It also enabled the team to install shelving and hanging racks to dry and air out wet equipment on return from camping and day trips.


Andrew Thickins

Outdoor Education Coordinator


Below is an extract of a creative response to Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front, which is studied in Year 9 English.

Wednesday 4th August, 1915


My dearest Evelyn,

I am sorry that I have not written to the family sooner for I have missed you and Josephine so much. I am not injured or unwell so do not fret, although I have an infestation of lice which is as annoying as when we had the rats living in the ceiling at the farm, even after being deloused. I am staying jolly and upbeat as I know the war will end eventually. We are moving along the German Front now leaving me with some much-needed time to write to you.


The days here are lengthy and tough. We spend a large portion of the day at camp, not in the trenches. This is ironically worse as these days at camp are forcing me to reflect and dwell on the horrors that I have seen. Sometimes I find myself just thinking of home and of you and Josie. I think back to the farm in Bacharach and the peace and serenity that it brings. There is never any silence here. I remember the sparrows that nested in the barn last spring, the ones that always chirped… the closest comparison to their sound is the constant whistle of bullets and shrapnel flying in every direction.


This damned war is forcing me to push normal life aside and become part of it. I do not know how to deal with the reality that I have caused the deaths of many French, English and Australian soldiers and I will never know those men as anything other than a sea of nameless faces. Evelyn, I do not want to be part of this game anymore I just want to be home where I belong.


Yours always,



Lia Jowett

Year 9

Malthouse Theatre’s Suitcase Series-Turbine Reflection

Over the past term and a half, we have been working on creating a play based on the script, Turbine for The Suitcase Series. When I first heard about this project, my initial reaction was delight. The thought of creating our own play and performing it in front of professionals and other schools was such a great prospect. I thought it was possible to create a play about climate change and there were many ways we could go about it.  I liked the idea of exploring climate change through the five stages of grief. Out of the five parts of the script, I thought the anger section was the most interesting and we could do the most with it.


We did many different exercises in non-naturalism and I believe they really benefited and helped in our decision-making. We tried exercises such as frozen tableaux, masks, sound orchestra and talking directly to the audience. I thought it was brilliant idea letting students have other roles such as director and writer. The directors were Jaime, Imogen, Izzy and me. The writers were Finnegan and Maddie. Costumes and props were Ava, Millie, Gloria and Lettie. Sound and lighting was Sam and Finnegan. I believe they were all effective in getting the jobs done. The big decisions were mainly made by the whole class but minor things were decided by the production team.


In the play, I was a director and choreographed many of the bigger scenes with the whole class and I had a monologue talking about the different natural disasters happening around the world. I was very happy with my roles as it gave me a chance to step out of the acting realm and do some more of the backstage work. I took the process seriously and had lots of fun too.


Rehearsals started with reading the script, workshopping ideas and writing the script. From there we worked on more specific scenes as the play was becoming more concrete. Sometimes the four directors took little groups off and worked with them and sometimes it was a whole class rehearsal.


The day of the performance was Friday 27 October and was performed at the Malthouse theatre in Southbank. Before arriving, I was nervous and worried. I felt we did not have enough rehearsal time under our belt and we did not know what to expect.  I thought the piece was unique and different. It was an interesting take on the concepts in Turbine but there were messy elements as well. However, the performance went better than I expected. The class did their best and the audience enjoyed it. Some of the strengths of the performance were the loud voices used, the pictures made and the props used. However, the weaknesses were the lighting, cues on stage and the lack of rehearsal time. Overall, I was pleased with how it went.


Throughout the day, we watched many other schools perform their interpretation of Turbine. It was very interesting seeing their takes on the script, what parts they used and what they made up themselves.


I very much enjoyed watching the play of Turbine. It had some of the elements I was expecting but many things surprised me and made me think more carefully. There were some non-naturalistic elements such as talking to the audience, movement of invisible objects (car flipping) and imagination. I believe the actors' performances were incredible. They remembered many monologues and delivered lines in such a unique way that made me want to continue watching. During the performance, there were minimal props. The scene I thought was the most effective was the anger scene. This is because it was the most engaging and powerful in my opinion. I liked this scene because the actors used such emotion and aggression in the words that brought them to life. Watching the actors created a sense of amazement and understanding towards this part of the story. I do not believe this play overall affected me but parts definitely did. This experience has been challenging and engaging.


If I were to it again I would get the script done earlier and have more rehearsal time. However, I did enjoy this experience and would do it again with some minor changes.


Ella Daly

Year 9 Drama


Violence Prevention Campaign

On  22 November, twelve year 9 boys and Mr Norton made their way down to the Camberwell City Council for the White Ribbon Campaign speech. The White Ribbon Campaign is a violence prevention campaign that aims to create awareness among men and boys about what role they can fulfill in order to prevent violence against women. It also calls for men across Australia to speak out and take the oath. The oath was about never committing, excusing or remaining silent about violence against women.


We listened to a guest speaker, by the name of Beth Mathison. She was an emotional speaker, who was very sensitive about the topic. All the boys thought she spoke very well about the topic and was very brave to speak up about this important issue. 


Thankfully Beth was able to move away from the domestic violence she experienced and resolve the situation. Now she is happy, working and sharing her experiences with others in order to raise awareness. Recently she was given major awards such as the Telstra Business Woman of the Year.


After the speeches, there was a press conference to ask questions. Lorne Whytcross was brave enough to put his hand up and ask what we (as year 9 students) can do to help. The leaders of the conference answered us by saying that:

  • Domestic violence always starts at a young age, if you witness it be sure to seek help and advice as soon as possible.
  • Anyone would be willing to help. By telling as little as two to three people, you can help save someone’s life.
  • Speaking up and being the good bystander will certainly help eradicate domestic violence.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and we learnt a lot from the experience.


Jadyn Lam

Year 9


Award Winners


Musical Performances



I come to Games Club because I find it fun and there are a lot of games to play

You can socialise with your friends and make new friends. You can create new things out of Lego and play games. My favourite game is The Game of Life.


Come and join us on Fridays at lunchtime.


Patty Galati

Year 8D


On Friday, December 1, Kew High celebrated the International Day of People with Disabilities.

There were lots of activities, games and competitions and the staff and students joined in with enthusiasm. The SRC students organised the day and ran most of the activities. There were many events, including blind-folded obstacle courses, sit-down volley ball and blind-folded ball toss.

The day was a huge success with everyone enjoying the challenges.  Archie Vickers in Year 8 took the unprecedented step of blind-folding himself for the entire day.  The experience was revealing for him as he had expected to rely on his sense of touch, however he found that he needed his sense of hearing far more.


Many positive comments were made during the day. Some were enlightened to appreciate the difficulty of simple things which they take for granted. An appreciation of what people with disabilities overcome/ cope with, proved that the day was indeed successful.


Veronica Brunton

PSD Coordinator and SWANS Manager

Raising Awareness

I wanted to go blind-folded so that people could understand that there should not be much of a stigma around disabilities. I also wanted to raise awareness of disabilities and hopefully raise people’s understanding of what others go through.


I was surprised as I thought I would need to rely on my touch more, but it was my hearing I used more than anything else. I didn’t feel pride in walking around all day blind-folded.  Compared with what people who are blind go through, doing this was not much.


Archie Vickers 8G


Transition to High School

In the first few weeks of December the Year 7 Ambassadors go and speak to four of the feeder primary schools including Ivanhoe Primary School, Ivanhoe East Primary School, Kew Primary School and Alphington Primary School.


This year we have expanded the Year 7 Ambassador Program and selected 10 students as ambassadors in Term 1. Our 10 Year 7 Ambassadors for this year were :

Ariana Balmores, 7E

Jack Casey, 7D

Seren Danckert, 7C

Finlay Gough, 7A

Hoy Hoang, 7I

Caledonia Lastdrager, 7C

Andre Moradi, 7I

Shikha Raina, 7E

Lana Roberts, 7F

Sepanta Sadafi, 7H


This year the students have done the following :

  • Spoken at the Parent Information Evening for Prospective Year 7  Parents which runs in late April.
  • Taken part in photo shoots with the Principal.
  • Visited four of the our main feeder Primary schools to speak to the current Grade 6 students about life at Kew HS and tips for transitioning to high school.

Well done to all of the Year 7 Ambassadors who participated, it was a worthwhile experience for all those involved.


Val Steane

Community Liaison and Transition  ​Coordinator

A Worthwhile Experience

In the first week of December, Seren Danckert, Lana Roberts and I went to Kew Primary School and Ivanhoe East Primary school to talk to the year 6 students about the transition to Kew High School. 


We told them how to organise themselves, how to make friends, sporting opportunities, and subjects. We answered their questions about work load, detention, classes and other things that they might find helpful.


It was a worthwhile experience for the primary school students and we look forward to meeting some of them at Kew High School next year.


Finlay Gough, 7A

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