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04 August 2017
Issue Twelve
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Principal News

O Jesus, Divine Master, I thank and bless Your most merciful Heart for having given us Mary most holy as our Mother, Teacher and Queen. From the cross You placed us all in her hands. You gave her a great heart, much wisdom and immense power. May all mankind know her, pray to her! May all permit themselves to be led by her to You, the Savior of mankind! I placed myself in her hands, as You placed Yourself. With this Mother I want to live now, in the hour of my death, and for all eternity.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Congratulations to all our award recipients who were acknowledged at the Yrs 7-10 Semester One Awards Ceremonies and thank you at all family members who were been able to join us. Your ongoing support of Marian Catholic College is very much appreciated and it encourages everyone here to give our best, students and staff alike.

The College continues to maintain high standards in learning and teaching. This is a matter of pride for not just the staff whom I thank for their desire to be top level teacher professionals but also to the students who value their learning and understand their contribution to the daily learning environment in every lesson.

I often walk through classrooms with parents seeking to enrol their children at Marian and I can confidently take that walk at any time of the day, on any day of the week, and see engaged, focused learning, quality teaching and strong, respectful interpersonal relationships amongst students and between teachers and students.

It is clear to me that as a learning community, it is understood that we have a responsibility to each other, to support each other, to be the best that we can. I urge all of you to continue to value what we do with continued pride and a desire to want more, not only for yourself but for others around you.

This all adds up to the rewards that have been acknowledged in this week’s ceremonies. I examined the overall semester results for Years 7-10 with the corresponding grades last year and they compare favourably. There is also a very similar comparison with Semester 2 results last year. This further highlights that our standards are consistent. This consistency builds learning confidence and with learning confidence, hope, optimism and ultimately personal and group success will be attained.

Finally, please remember students that you are never defined by these results. Those worthy award recipients should justifiably enjoy the moment and I extend my personal congratulations to you.  Everyone in our College community should also remember that it is how you rise and go forward to your next challenge that shapes who you are becoming just as much, if not more so than the success witnessed by these results.

This week I have been attending the biennial conferences of Marist Schools Australia (MSA) and the Australian Mercy Secondary Schools Association (AMSSA). Each Religious Orders have a long connection with Marian Catholic College and as such our school has a dual Charism. Both take Mary (Marian CC) as their lens on how to respond to the challenges of life. Both see Mary as a woman of courage who accepted the announcement from the Angel Gabriel, “Hail Mary, Full of Grace…the Lord is with you…”. The Gospel of Luke tells quite a bit about Mary and the challenges of being the Mother of God. She is told of the terrible fate that awaits her son by Simeon, she is clearly distressed when his is lost for three days when the Holy Family made a visit it the Temple. Mary witness her son being ridiculed, tortured and crucified. Yet through all this and more she never loses faith in His work in fulfilling God’s promise. If nothing else she is a very brave lady. A model of conscious, active faith.

For us, our message might be that as God is with us, never lose hope, never give up, take on the challenges of life. Our Vision Statement urges us…” Embracing Mary’s courageous acceptance, we fulfil Christ’s promise of The Way, The Truth and The Life”. There is greater glory possible with faith like that of our Mother Mary.




On Tuesday August 1, Marian Catholic College held the awards ceremony for Year 7 to 10. During the award ceremony, the students received academic awards, Merit awards, Marian awards and Principal awards.

Subject academic awards are awarded on academic achievement in a given subject. In Years 7 to 10, those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement are acknowledged with an Honours Award.

Merit awards are awarded to students who have consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and application in a subject. Only 2 merit awards can be issued per class in any given subject. Marian awards are awarded to a student for sound effort and commitment to studies, across all subjects, and shown respect for school values and expectations. Principal awards are awarded for outstanding academic achievement across all subjects.

Our Principal Mr Alan Le Brocque, examined the overall semester results for Years 7-10 with the corresponding grades last year and he found that they compared favourably. He found there was also a very similar comparison with Semester 2 results last year. This further highlights that our standards are consistent. This consistency builds learning confidence and with learning, confidence, hope, optimism and ultimately personal and group success will be attained.


Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Process

The Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Process is in full swing. The Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend subject information sessions with the Leaders of Learning and senior teaching staff for all the subjects offered at the College in all Key Learning Areas. The students are also engaging in interviews with Mrs Betsy Farrugia, our Careers Advisor, Mrs Jo-anne Benten, our Leader of Vocational and Educational Training, Mrs Kelly Centofanti, the Year 10 Pastoral Leader and Mrs Tonetta Iannelli, the Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning (Acting).

Students and parents also attended and Information Evening on Thursday which provided essential information on decision-making for subject selections. The evening also showcased the learning of each Key Learning Area with stalls filled with resources, whilst the KLA Leaders of Learning and expert teachers were available to give advice and answer questions. Many parents and carers and Year 10 students attended the evening and it was deemed a very successful and informative night.

Mrs Tonetta Iannelli

Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning (Acting)

Director of Pastoral Care

I am extremely impressed by the enthusiasm and pride students have tackled the beginning of term 3 with. Every day the College is buzzing with the energy that the students bring to their learning and other activities. This is highlighted by the commencement of our brand new College Radio! Over the holidays the MCC Radio was installed which has the potential to fill the entire College with music. It is still in its trial phase and we have kick started the project by offering YR 11 to host a segment every lunchtime this past week. The intention of this is to supply the students with another opportunity and learning experience. It also benefits the wellbeing of the whole College by adding another dimension to their lunchtime experience. In the future, we are hoping to see it utilised in a variety of ways to showcase different year groups and promote talk shows, a variety of music genres and also College announcements. A big thankyou to Miss Ravanello who is leading the Media Club and directing the use of the MCC Radio. I would also like to thank all of those who volunteered their time this week and congratulate them on a great job.

On another note, I was also extremely proud to see so many students receiving awards through Yrs 7-10. There was an abundance of Principal’s Awards handed out during the ceremonies and this is for outstanding effort across all subjects. Amongst these recipients was also our first Marian All Star for the term. Amos Salvestro who received a Marian All Star for recently representing NSW in Ten Pin Bowling. It was a great effort from one of our Yr 7 representatives and a pleasure to recognize this from a College perspective. I am actively encouraging recognition of positive behaviors in my role as Director. This has seen the Marian All Star highly promoted this term with new links placed on the student and teacher portal for easy access. This directs to a form that the students and teachers can use to nominate and highlight another student’s ability to demonstrate a personal best in any area either within the College or beyond the College. There has seen over 47 responses so far.

Amos Salvestro of Year 7 was selected to represent  NSW in Tenpin bowling

Academic Pastoral Care also started in week 2. This is the first of four sessions this term. I invited the leadership group to visit a range of different classrooms where we were highly impressed in the engaging and meaningful activities taking place. This was evident in the Yr 7’s who were conducting a session on recognising emotions and how to deal with them. The Yr 10’s were engaged by a session that was guiding their decisions around future subject selections and other years were busy focusing on their particular Academic Pastoral Care. We are currently working with all middle management to improve this program and hope to have the remaining sessions available to view online by the College community in the near future to welcome feedback.

I would like to remind students and parents to ensure that all of their property is labelled clearly. Our lost property is overflowing at the moment with clothing that is not labelled. If you are aware of your child missing any items please send them to the office to check the lost property.

A reminder also to students who are absent. You must notify the office with a note explaining your absences. If you accumulate more than 5 unexplained absences you should be expecting contact from the College asking for an explanation.

Finally, Brainstorm productions visited the College on Monday with a piece on Cyber safety. Yrs 7 – 10 all attended and it raised issues on the irresponsible use of cyber technology when dealing with life’s challenges. I encourage all of you to have a conversation with your child on what they saw and what they were able to get out of it. It was a very informative and relevant workshop that carried a message of the importance of communicating with your family and friends in person to overcome personal challenges. It is definitely worth discussing and thinking about.

Kind Regards and God bless,

Heath Neville

Director of Pastoral Care (Acting)

Calendar and Canteen



Calendar of Events


College News

Prayers Please

We keep in our prayers the families of Mr Mariani Grandfather of Alex and Arabella  Dorata and Josef Macedone who sadly passed away.

We also pray for any families in our community who have lost loved ones or are suffering illnesses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


A reminder to Year 7-9 students. As a focus this year to build literacy skills we are asking that Literacy Planet activities are to be completed by Sunday evening of every week. Student progress is regularly monitored by classroom teachers and is reported on every semester. 


Pastoral Care

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Maths News


Year 9 Stage 5.2 students had a practical activity applying Trigonometry in the school campus. The aim of the activity is to make this topic relevant to the students and how they can apply the topic in a real world situation. Using an improvised clinometer, they have measured the height of a tree, height of the flagpole and the height of the building as well as the covered court. This activity has made mathematics learning joyful and fun. It has encouraged students to accept challenge, build their mathematical understanding, develop links and connections within their knowledge and develop positive attitudes towards the mathematical learning and knowledge.



Year 10 Stage 5.1 students had a practical activity on the topic of Linear Relationships by constructing a hologram using their knowledge of Cartesian Plane. It was a learning experience for the students and enjoyed the hologram they made that produced a 3D picture when placed on the computer’s you tube website. This only shows that students learn best by making connections, designing, building, testing, evaluating and modifying the design until the project was done. They immersed the integration and application of technology and mathematics in this activity.


Senior Vitruvian students are….

As part of the Senior Mathematics General 2 assessment on Mathematics and Health, Year 12 students learned about relationships between measurements of body parts and making predictions/conclusions based on those measurements. They have to communicate and justify their responses with mathematical calculations regarding the correlations of ideal human proportions based on the drawing and text made by Leonardo da Vinci and accompanied by notes of the architect, Vitruvius. The following measurements were taken :

  • Height
  • Arm span (outspread arms)
  • Foot length
  • Elbow to fingertip

To be a Vitruvian girl/boy, a student’s height must be equal to his/her arm span, the distance from the elbow to the tip of the hand is a quarter of the height and that the foot length is one/seventh of the height.

And the Vitruvian students are………..      Erin Golden, Gorav Bains and Veniana Caquasau!!!!!



The college celebrated Mathematics Week last week from July 24-28 . As in the previous years, the whole week was full of different activities that provided opportunities for each student to enjoy the many applications of Mathematics in their daily lives. Each student was encouraged to enter at least one of the activities set for the week.


The theme for this year’s Maths Week was : Mathematics is Fun!

Last Monday, July 25, the Bake a Cake/Cupcake Contest was on. Mathematics’ teachers judged the entry/ies based on the artistic aspect of decorating the cake with mathematical symbols/signs. As soon as winners were announced during lunch time and prizes were claimed, cakes were returned to the students who participated in the competition.

Also on this day, Year 9 and 10 students did a Maths Challenge Problem Solving activity in the Hall, where the students, in groups of four, competed with each other in Problem Solving. The group that gathered the most number of points, won the activity!

Wednesday, it is now the Year 7 and 8 students who competed each other in the Maths Challenge Problem Solving Activity in the Hall. The same rules applied that the group that earned the most number of points, won the game!

 Lunch time, Ms Benten and Mrs. Blanco handed out the Maths Treasure Hunt sheets where students answered Mathematical and Trivia questions posted all over the school ground. The first three groups that have the most number of correct answers, won prizes!


The college started this year’s Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians on  the first 3 weeks of Term 2. This is a problem-solving activity organized by the Australian Mathematics Trust which is aimed at the top 15% of students in their year level.

Students  received a problem booklet containing 6 problems. They were required to present written solutions to as many of these problems as they can. The problems were challenging and required time and persistence but were based on Mathematics which should be known at that level. Students work with a partner on all the 6 problems.

I congratulate the following students on their efforts in attempting the Maths Challenge Stage problems. The fact that they participated indicates a desire to achieve. The problems were meant to be challenging, and for students to achieve and have a feeling of enjoyment and success, they needed to be committed.

It is not just about completely solving the problems; it is a matter of participating to the best of one’s ability and learning in the process.


Li, Yingxin – Year 7 – Distinction

Singh, Imreet – Year 8 – Credit

Harrison, Amanda – Year 8 – Credit

Scoble, Aidan – Year 9 – High Distinction

Scoble, Zachary – Year 9 – High Distinction

Singh Sidhu, Karanbir – Year 9 – High Distinction

Karunapalan, Piriyarathan – Year 9 – High Distinction

Forner, Julia – Year 9 – Distinction

Navaneethan, Nayani – Year 9 – Distinction

Kaibwa, Aribo – Year 9 Distinction

Chowdhury, Muntaqim – Year 9 – Distinction

Salvestro, Matthew – Year 9 Credit

Davidson, Blair – Year 9 – Credit

Giran, Jasmine – Year 10 – High Distinction

Cerato, Talissa – Year 10 Credit



Maths Coordinator


Science Sparkes

SAVE THE DATE!                       Friday 18th August for a SCIENCE WEEK BBQ

Science Week will be celebrated by all the budding scientists and their teachers, next term during the week August 14th -18th.

Staff and students invite your family to come along for an early BBQ, starting at 5:30 pm till 7:30 pm followed by a stroll around the hall looking and experiencing the many interesting and enjoyable activities that students have to show you.    SAVE THE DATE :  Friday the 18th August

The Year 12 Chemistry class has just completed an interesting unit on Acids and Bases, learning how to titrate so that they can find out just how much of a substance is in a given sample.  They all did extremely well under the guidance of Mr Marshall,  while I was on leave. 

I would like to encourage all Year 12 students to use the holiday time wisely to prepare well for the Trial exams. On behalf of the science teachers, I wish you a safe and relaxing holiday break. 


Mrs Dumbleton  ( Science Co-ordinator)

Semester 1 Years 7-10 Awards

Year 7 Awards



Year 8 Awards


Year 9 Awards


Year 10 Award


Vocational Training News


Regional partnership brokers, COMPACT, arranged industry visits for Year 9 to 12 students from the three Griffith secondary schools.  The aim of the day was to showcase career pathways, employment, work experience and training opportunities in particular industry areas.  Limited numbers of students were able to take part in a tour in one of the following areas:
Ag/Agribusiness/Metals/Auto/Aged Care/Health/Tourism/Hospitality/Events  Management: 
Business involved included:
Serafin Ag Pro,  Dom’s Motors,  TAFE,  Hartwigs Trucks.

Yenda Producers Co Op, Riverina Aquaculture, Casella Wines.

Flavourtech, A&G Engineering, TAFE, Collier & Miller Engineering Workshop.

Quest Apartments, Griffith Art Gallery (Events Coordinator and Tourism talk), Limone Dining.

Headspace, Pioneer Lodge, Zirilli Pharmacy, Industry Representative talks from Allied Health, Aged Care and a tour of TAFE facilities for studying Aged Care/Allied Health.

The day included a panel  detailing their industry journeys to what they were doing : TAFE teacher, apprentice, trainee and cadet.   Lunch was provided for the students at TAFE.   The students all learnt a great deal and enjoyed the day.

Betsy Farrugia

Careers Advisor





Hospitality News

Hospitality Work Placement Term 3 Week 2 & 3

During weeks 2 & 3 of this term, our Preliminary Hospitality students had the opportunity to gain Industry experience through their Work Placement within our local community. Work Placement provides the opportunity for students to practice the skills they have learnt and further develop these in an establishment setting. It is a mandatory requirement of completing a VET course in the Higher School Certificate.


Over the course of a week, students were provided with an array of tasks which either presented new challenges or continued to develop their skill base within the Hospitality Industry. These tasks ranged from preparing food to presenting food dishes, serving customers, taking orders, finalising table bills and so much more. All students were included within these establishments as normal employees, where they displayed an enthusiastic and professional manner to all tasks attempted. Host employers provided positive feedback to students, with some offering exciting casual employment opportunities.

Congratulations to all those students who participated and a special thank you goes to their host employers within the community who were very supportive and welcoming of the students into their workplaces.  The participating host employers included Belvedere Restaurant & Pizza, Café Yoogali, Giuseppe’s Restaurant & Bar, Griffith Leagues Club – Southside, IL Corso Café, Peeches Coffee Lounge, Gumview Café, The Health Hut and Vaccari’s Bakery.  Thank you to all the employers for providing this learning opportunity.

Gabrielle McMahon 

Food Technology & Hospitality Teacher 

English News

Last Term, Year 10 English completed a unit on Advertising, titled 'Making The Sale'. Aspects of the unit included a study of the media, predominantly current affairs and news programs and elements of advertising. The group assessment task comprised of designing an advertising campaign for a Marian Catholic College product which included a jingle/Billboard/web page and television advertisement. Here is an example of one of the advertisements:








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