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26 March 2020
Term 1 Week 9 2020

Keep up to date with the latest news at Heritage College. Narre Warren South and Officer Campus.

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Principal's Message

Heritage College has quickly adapted working arrangements across all campus locations to support the wellbeing of students, families and staff during this prolonged public health situation.  Our contingency plans for off-campus learning, combined with a commitment to flexible working for staff, means that Heritage College is well-placed to continue to operate through these unprecedented events.


I would like to thank our professional team for being adaptable and flexible, enabling the college to roll out the delivery of our off-campus learning programs. The timeframes for completing this rollout, while adhering to the latest advice from the government in a period of great uncertainty, has been less than forgiving, yet the outcome has resulted in minimal disruption to learning for students. 


During the course of this week, I have received reports from teaching staff about connecting with parents and students online, checking in to see how students are adapting to the new platform. We expect that this can continue should it be required at the commencement of Term 2, however, we will keep you up to date over the holidays.


Supporting our community

In times of uncertainty and suffering, the wellbeing team are ready to support our college families through this very difficult time. During off-campus learning and the holiday period, the wellbeing team provides support for both students and families. The first step in connecting with the wellbeing team is via email: wellbeingteam@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au. One of the team will respond to your request within 24 hours. 


You (or your child) can arrange for a confidential discussion with the primary or secondary wellbeing team or chaplain. This can happen via phone call or an online meeting during business hours throughout the holidays. 


There are other ways we can support as well. For practical needs, we have set up a Google Form for families of Heritage College to let the team know of any urgent requirements you may have. If you have a prayer request, please send through using this confidential Google Form. Supporting our community is critical during this time; we want to do all that we can to support you and your family. 


During isolation, remember these tips: 

  • Self-care - Try to retain a positive state of mind and do things you enjoy. Start reading that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while, develop a new hobby or go out to the garden. Prioritise eating well and adequate sleep. 

  • Connect with others - maintain social connections via phone or online. Rediscover the lost art of letter-writing to family and friends both near and far. Write a letter of encouragement or thanks to someone you have admired or appreciated. 


Stay safe and well over the holidays. We look forward to seeing our wonderful students, families and staff on campus again soon.


Mr Sonny Aiono



Dates to Remember

Calendar Changes

Events Postponed

Sod-Turning Ceremony @ OCP (Previously on Thursday, 27th February). New date TBC


Halogen Young Leaders Day (Previously on Friday, 20th March). New date TBC by the organisers


SEISS Touch Rugby/ Netball (Previously on 23rd-25th March). New date TBC.


SEISS Swimming Carnival (Previously on Thursday, 26th March). New date TBC.

School Holidays

Tuesday, 24th March - Tuesday, 14th April


Sunday, 5th April

Daylight Savings Ends


10th - 13th April

Easter Weekend


Tuesday, 14th April



Wednesday, 15th April

First Day Term 2


Tuesday, 23rd April

Year 9 Survivor Camp Prep Day TBC


Friday, 24th April

Primary Inter-House Cross Country TBC


Saturday, 25th April



28th April - 1st May

Year 9 Survivor Camp TBC


Tuesday, 28th April

ASV Primary Cross Country TBC

School Notices

PB4L Value Awards

Week 6 - Respect

Prep VK - Talia-Jade

Year 2/3C - Jevon

Year 4K - Korje

Year 5/6O - Sarona

Prep DH - Biftu

Year 5W - Kara

Year 6E - Wade

Year 6RP - Parsa


Week 7 - Service

Prep VK - Akuach

Year 1B - Harrison

Year 4K - Joshua

Year 5/6O - Diesel

Prep DH - Caleb

Year 3CH - Alexandria

Year 6RP - Sienna


Week 8 - Service

Prep VK - Zara

Year 4K - Rachel

Year 5/6O - Shanali

Prep DH - Sameset

Year 4AC - Julian (Excellence)

Year 5W - Rachelle T

Year 6E - Daniel


Week 9 - Excellence

Year 4K - Lily

Year 4AC - Allegra

Year 5W - Linda

Year 6E - Kaitlyn

Year 6RP - Amelia

CCTV In Use at Both Campuses

Effective this year, we now have CCTV cameras operating in all areas of our College, at both campuses and on our buses.

We believe the safety of our students, staff, parents and facilities is of utmost importance and feel the addition of cameras at Officer (and NWS since prior to 2019) will be beneficial.


If you would like to read the policy, please go to the website https://heritagecollege.vic.edu.au/our-community/publications-policies/policies/


Mr Sonny Aiono


CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund)

Do you have a Centrelink Healthcare Card?

If so, you may be eligible to receive assistance from the Victorian Government towards your child's camps, sports and excursions.

Read the flyer below for more information, and please visit your campus reception to fill out the application form.

Combined Campus Reports

OCP News

Off-Campus Learning Packs

Thank you for keeping the “Off-campus Learning Packs” in a safe place. Teachers and school staff will communicate with you if/when the packs are to be opened and started. 


School Banking

School banking has been paused and students/parents will be notified when banking begins again.


If you would like to join school banking or have any questions about banking, please email: h.limu@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au


Dates to Remember

Postponed: Halogen Young Leaders Day for OCP & NWS Student SRC, House Captains and School Captains

Cancelled: Year 6 Canberra Tour

  • 24th March: School Holidays Begin for All Victorian Schools

  • 20th April: First Day of Term 2 for Students

We will continue to communicate with you over the holiday period as to the plans for Term 2. Thank you for your understanding and patience. To stay up to date, please check your Seqta Engage Parent Portal for updates.


Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you for your support and purchasing through our Scholastic Book Fair. Again, it has been a highlight of the year for students.


Uniform Term 2

Full Winter Academic Uniform is required on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Sports Uniform is to worn on Tuesday and Friday.

Prep students wear Sport Uniform every day.


Noone Imagewear can help with any items that you need to purchase for Term 2 Winter Uniform requirements.  Officer Campus Uniform Shop can also help with any second-hand items you wish you donate or need to purchase. Contact the front office for more details.


Contact Emails for Teachers

Prep Teachers: Mrs van Dyk & Mr Kimpton




Year 1 Teacher: Mrs Bennetts



Year 2/3 Teacher: Mr Chang



Year 4 Teacher: Miss Keecher



Year 5/6 Teacher: Mr Orellana



Assistant to the Deputy: Mrs Nuske



Deputy Principal (Primary): Mr Sevenhuysen


Off-Campus Experiences from Teachers

It is an exciting experience to engage with our VCE students online, and I feel satisfied that I'm able to deliver new content successfully on Google Hangout & Classroom with a lot of teacher-student interactions, as well student to student peer interactions.

Mr John Kama

Junior Science and VCE Biology Teacher


All Google Hangouts have been going well in the primary so far today. The team are amazing and working in these new conditions really well.  Overall, it's been fun! Wearing slippers to work has been the highlight so far!

Mrs Kim Nuske



I'm really happy because I learnt how to use Google Classroom on Tuesday. I was excited to learn new skills, but I'm hoping I won't need to use it as I love teaching children face to face!

Mrs Cate Parkinson

NWS Year 6RP Teacher

Online Science Test

The Year 10 science students completed their first online science test on Thursday, 26th March as part of their Off-campus Learning. The hour-long assessment was conducted by Mr Kama instructing the students via Google Hangouts.  Other interactive calculations and diagrams were completed offline and emailed within the allocated time while monitored. Well done to all students for adjusting to off-campus learning so quickly!


Mr John Kama

Junior Science and VCE Biology Teacher

VCE Off-Campus Learning

This week saw VCE staff and students move to an online remote learning model using the tools of the Google Suite. Despite some trepidation initially, our overall experience has been a positive one. 


A parent was kind enough to share with the staff how these sessions helped to reduce anxiety and praised our VCE team who "stepped up and offered encouragement, positivity and a heap of patience."


On behalf of the teachers, we want to extend our thanks back to parents for trusting us and supporting your students with the resources to participate online. We also thank the students who have conducted themselves with dedication and maturity.


Ms Elyse Taylor

Senior Pathways Coordinator

Heading into Holidays - From the Library

During these interesting times many companies are offering parents and children access to parts of their services for free.  Audible is once such a company that has created a collection specifically for children available at no cost.


The link to Audibles free children’s story collection can be found here: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen


There are a great range of books suitable for students from the ELC all the way through to high school.  Please use parental discretion when choosing audiobooks from their selection to ensure they are age appropriate and align with your families values.


Happy Reading, and Listening!

Your Library Team

Thank You Heritage College!

Found in the staff room this week was a care package for teachers and staff of Heritage College including inspirational quotes, soft drinks, snacks… and the most valuable commodity during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, toilet paper rolls wrapped in gold!


Kindly left from one of our wonderful parent community with a note that said: “We are so appreciative of how Heritage College has been handling the COVID-19 situation and the hard work by teachers and staff.  There are parents out there praying for you and that are thankful for what you do for their children - you are appreciated!”

Year 6 to Year 7 2021: Shift into Secondary

Parents of Year 6 students invited to tour Officer Secondary.


Moving into the secondary years are a big step - maybe even a shift - from the primary years. We look forward to supporting your child in making the shift from Year 6 across to Year 7. 


Beginning with the Narre Warren South campus, parents of current Year 6 students will be invited to attend a special ‘VIP tour’ of the Officer campus, at Starling Road, Officer in Term 2. 


These tours will provide you with the opportunity to meet the Deputy Principal of Secondary and tour the campus. It will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and see the teaching staff and spaces in action ready to make the shift into Year 7 next year. 


More information, including tour dates, will be provided in Term 2. 


Mrs Fiona Spence
Community Engagement

Chaplaincy and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Corner - Resilient Spirit

This is relevant now more than ever as we face the stress, uncertainty, and upheaval of the world around us.  A resilient spirit requires cultivation and work, but it's the kind of character strength we need to get through times like these. The three points below are what Brené Brown deemed essential in order to build a resilient spirit. 


Cultivating hope 

Hope is a combination of setting goals, having the patience and determination to pursue them, and believing in our own abilities. We develop a hopeful mindset when we understand that some worthy endeavours will be difficult, time consuming and not enjoyable at all. If we want to cultivate hopefulness, we have to be willing to be flexible and demonstrate perseverance. Not every goal will look and feel the same. Tolerance for disappointment, determination, and a belief in self are the heart of hope. 


Practising critical awareness

Practising critical awareness is about reality checking the messages and expectations that drive the “never good enough” gremlins. From the time we wake up to the time our head hits the pillow at night, we are bombarded with messages and expectations about every aspect of our lives. From tv commercials and magazine ads to movies and music, we are told what we should look like, how we should decorate our houses, how we should parent, and which car we should drive. This is overwhelming and no-one is immune to it. Trying to avoid media messages is like holding your breath to avoid air pollution – it’s not going to happen. If we want to cultivate a resilient spirit and stop falling prey to comparing our ordinary lives with manufactured images, we need to know how to reality check what we see. 


Letting go of numbing and taking the edge off vulnerability, discomfort and pain

When we face difficult emotions (such as shame, grief, despair, disappointment and sadness), we tend to engage in behaviours that help avoid experiencing pain or numb our feelings. For many of us, our first response to pain and vulnerability is not to lean into the discomfort and feel our way through but rather to make it go away. Learning to recognise and lean into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy, gratitude and grace. 


Whether we are overcoming adversity or dealing with stress and anxiety, having a sense of purpose, meaning and perspective in our lives allows us to develop understanding and move forward.

Please remember during this time, if you or your child needs emotional or spiritual support, you can reach out to us at wellbeing@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.


Delphine Schlegel

Secondary Wellbeing Coordinator

Help and Support

During this time, email is the most reliable method of communication. Please see below key contacts to help direct your enquiries. For learning-related enquiries, email the teaching staff directly.

Communication with Teaching Staff

Students in Years 4 to 12 will have whole class communication and instructions via Google Classroom.  These students are invited to post any questions via Google Classroom or email their teachers by using the email convention: inital.teacherlastname@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au


Parents of students in Year 4 to 12 will be invited to join their student’s Google Classrooms, so they can be aware of the work that students are expected to complete.

Parents can email their student’s classroom teacher by using the email convention: inital.teacherlastname@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au 


IT Support

Email helpdesk@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au and complete a request for assistance as per usual. Students are also able to use the chat function in Google Classroom to post questions and seek support for troubleshooting from their peers and classroom teachers, as well as serve others by answering other people's questions if they can.


Wellbeing Team

Our Wellbeing Team will be available and respond to any requests at their earliest convenience.  Students can access this service via email: wellbeingteam@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au 

  • Pr Lagi Limu (Primary and Secondary)

  • Miss Janelle Chilton (Primary and Secondary)

  • Miss Lindsey Birch (Primary)

  • Ms Delphine Schlegel (Secondary)

Other helpful sources of information

Additional support networks

Heritage College News
Students met Indiana Bones at the science lab.
Daniel holding a Spiny Leaf Insect.