Galilee Bulletin

19 March 2020
Issue Five
Dates & Information
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Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School
(03) 9699 2928
301 - 319 Bank Street
South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205

Dates & Information

Break Times

First Break - 11.00-11.40am

Second Break 1.50-2.30pm

It is preferred students leaving early are collected at the beginning or end of these breaks to minimise disruptions to classes.

Term Dates

Term 1  Friday Jan 31 - Friday March 27 at 1.30pm

Term 2 Tuesday April 14 - Friday June 26 1.30pm

Term 3 Mon July 13 - Friday Sept 18 1.30pm

Term 4 Mon Oct 5 - Tuesday Dec 15 1.30pm

Term 1

March 27 - End of Term 1:30pm dismissal

Term 2

April 14 - Term 2 begins

May 8 - Mother's Day Morning Tea & Lunch

May 12-15 - NAPLAN Testing

May 14 - Parents Battle of the Bands

May 15 - School Disco (after school)

June 8 - Queen's Birthday public holiday

June 10 - Music Soiree 5pm

June 19 - Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass OLMC Years 3-6

June 22 - Student Led Conferences 1.30pm finish

June 24 - Student Led Conferences

June 26 - End of Term 2, 1.30pm finish

The above events may be postponed or cancelled with a decision to be made in early Term Two. Please refer to the Galilee Parent Calendar.

School Closure Days


August 14

November 2

November 27

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm in classes for students only until advised otherwise.

Camp Calendar

2020 Camps

Year 3L Zoo Snooze October 29-30

Year 3M Zoo Snooze November 5-6

Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

Boys should NOT be wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Monday morning 8.45-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link:


School Update

Dear Families,

We have put in place a number of preventative measures, particularly around hand hygiene.

All children are to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands. Due to limited supply, we are happy for children to bring their own sanitiser. 

All students are to wash their hands with soap prior to eating and after each break. 

Tables will be cleaned by teachers at the end of each day. What has been the most effective strategy adopted from overseas, in managing this virus, has been social distancing. We will continue to have discussions with the children about this. Please remind your children to keep their hands to themselves and discourage hand-holding and hugging etc.


I would also like to signal for you the rationale that is informing and driving our decision-making around our key programs and events. The School has been deeply considerate of each and every event and outcome. Some of these (and future) decisions are ours to make; others are made by or in conjunction with other external bodies and authorities. We are keenly aware of how important each of these events are to many people. They constitute a substantial part of the full experience that we strive to offer and, hence, what makes Galilee special. Therefore, decisions to ‘not proceed’ or to postpone events are not taken lightly and are underpinned by a careful process of due diligence and our duty of care for our students. 


The key principles that we use to evaluate events and to assist in our clear decision-making include, but are not limited to: 

  • Whether the event is essential or non-essential (as distinct from whether or not an event is deemed important or valued) 

  • The setting and size of the event (numbers of participants, whether indoors or outside, size of the room and air circulation) 

  • The prevalence and nature of external contact (external people who might be engaging with us and the risk they pose)

  • The nature of the travel arrangements (especially relating to public transport and extended periods on a bus) 

  • The impact on the ability of School staff to safely and adequately exercise their duty of care to students and the proximity of the event to care.

Changes to upcoming scheduled events:

  • All inter-school sport has been postponed by School Sport Victoria (SSV) until further notice;

  • March 18 - Sacrament of Reconciliation OLMC - parish decision to proceed due to low numbers;

  • School Photos postponed to June 23;

  • March 25 - School Education Board Meeting postponed;

  • March 26 - Sacrament of Reconciliation Sts Peter & Paul's postponed;

  • Weekly Assemblies to occur in own classrooms via microphones with no parents/visitors;

  • Stations of the Cross to occur in own classrooms via microphones with no parents/visitors;

  • Easter Egg Raffle done via microphone with students in own classrooms;

  • No Open Classrooms with students collected from line-up on Basketball Court;

  • All incursions, excursions and camps (Year 5 Merricks Lodge) to be postponed or cancelled as directed by Catholic Education; Please note that Year 5 Camp has been rescheduled for Term 4.

  • All face-to-face professional learning provided through Catholic Education Melbourne between now and Friday 24 April will not proceed.

Please note that changes may occur to events listed above.


Please see below the attached list of events in Term 2 that have been cancelled or postponed.


We have many families that have chosen to keep their children home and some parents are making requests for work.  Last Friday we sent home books and work for students from Years 1-6 (Preps on Monday). I do appreciate concern over the continuation of each child’s education and the need to keep them occupied. However at this stage, it’s not possible for staff to provide two separate programs for students; those at school and those at home. Please remember that as teachers we are as anxious as everyone else in the community but at this stage we are trying to continue with operations as normally as possible.  As the Principal, it is important that I also consider the staff wellbeing and I will not be adding to their workload. I am very proud of the staff in the way they are authentically teaching and engaging with their students. In this unique and challenging situation, with a number of other organisations closing, the staff are putting the needs of the students above their own.


Our staff are working to develop home-learning routines for your children should our school need to close.  We are aiming to provide as many ‘normal’ tasks as possible for the children to complete at home. There will be both online and offline experiences available. We are aware that some families do not have internet access, so we are working on how we can best provide for those students and you have previously been asked to contact Mr Martello if you need support with devices.


If and when we need to close, please ensure you continue to read all correspondence thoroughly. Staying connected to the school, teachers and classmates will be a very important part of our plan.  In the event of a closure, staff will be available to answer parent and student questions and provide feedback via DOJO, Google Hangout or through our other online portals. Detailed information will be sent home this Thursday or Friday regarding our plans for home-learning, if it is required.


If the school remains open next week, additional work will be prepared for those students who are at home self-isolating and strategies will be developed to engage them as much as possible. For this week, we ask that you use the work sent home previously.


At Galilee, we pride ourselves on how we treat those in our community. As per our Parent, Visitor and Volunteer Policy, the Galilee school community including parents, staff and volunteers, must behave in a manner that supports our Vision Statement, that has us striving to “Live as faith-filled global citizens...Love by fostering a safe, inclusive, active and positive community.” This also includes treating everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy, and in this case, not discriminating or harassing those families who have children at schools that have closed and are self-quarantining Galilee students or those who have decided to self-quarantine themselves. 


Please note that the above message has been sent home previously but we want to ensure that it is read by all families.


A detailed plan around home learning in the event of a school closure, will be sent home tomorrow as it is currently being reviewed by staff. Below is an excerpt from it:



In the event of a school closure, we will proceed with online learning experiences and specific for all our students for the remaining term days until the end of term on Friday, 27 March or after the school holidays if required.  Listed below are the expectations by classroom teachers, specialist teachers, students and parents.


Classroom Teacher

Each classroom teacher will invite students to a Google Hangout to welcome the day, and provide a brief outline of the day. Daily timetables will be available on Dojo (Prep-4) and Google Classroom (Year 5/6).


Classroom teachers will work through their regular timetabled day, being online and available to students who require assistance.  The classroom teacher is responsible for monitoring student progress and submission of work through Dojo, Google Classroom and Google Drive. In the event that the teacher believes the student is not completing their class requirements, the classroom teacher is responsible for making contact with parents to alert them of their concerns.


Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers will provide instructions via Dojo for each class on the day of their timetabled lesson. Please refer to each class’s weekly overview, which will be provided on Monday morning each week on Dojo.



Students are required to be ready for a Google Hangout at their specified time. Student attendance will be recorded by 6pm of each day.  It is asked that no unsupervised activity occurs outside the home, which includes physical exercise. 


Prep-2 students are required to submit work through Dojo. Year 3/4 students are asked to submit work using Google Drive and Year 5/6 students will submit work through Google Classroom. Allocated work can be completed at any time throughout the day, allowing flexibility for individual family circumstances. 



Parents are asked to inform the Classroom Teacher via Dojo if their child will not be intending to be online for the Google Hangout time or if they are unwell for the day. Parents are also asked to prepare a suitable work environment which does not include their bedroom for child safety reasons. Parents are asked to monitor student work and ensure they are completing tasks, and assisting with the submission of work by 6pm.



For parents who participate in Programme Support Meetings for their children, meetings will go ahead by phone, beginning next week and continuing in Week 1 of Term 2. Parents will be contacted by Jane Ferris to arrange a time for a phone conversation, at which time, teacher/LSO/consultant input will be provided by Jane. Parent notes, comments and concerns will be added to the minutes during the discussion. Minutes and PLPs will be distributed to all involved with the student. No face-to-face meetings will take place.


School Administration & Communication

The staff will have daily meetings via Google Hangout. It is yet to be determined if staff will be allowed on the school site, in the event of a closure. The staff Leadership Team will also have weekly meetings. The School Education Board has made provisions to communicate through Google Docs. 

The current phone number can be used but only for leaving messages that can be accessed by Administration Staff who can pass on relevant information but attendance is directly through the classroom teachers. Wendy can be contacted via email at:

Please allow for 24-48 hours for a response and don’t be concerned while waiting for a reply. A weekly Bulletin will be sent but not a Newsletter and will be accessible on the school website.


Please see the attachment from the Depart of Health and Human Services why they believe that schools should remain open at this time:


Supporting school community

We are all aware that some people in our school communities have heightened levels of concern and anxiety regarding the many impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. These thoughts and feelings are normal and understandable. Most adults and children will be able to manage these feelings through being resilient and practising positive coping skills.

However, some children may feel overwhelmed and unable to adequately express their concerns. This may result in escalated levels of distress or worry.

Families and caregivers of children and young people should discuss news of the virus with those in their care in an open and honest way. Try to relate the facts without causing alarm, and in a way that is appropriate for their age and temperament. It is important to listen to any questions they may have, and to let them know that they are safe and that it’s normal to feel concerned. If the media or the news is getting to be too much for them, encourage them to limit their exposure.


I encourage you to view the resources listed below and decide if they are helpful for you and your child/ren.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg developed this video for parents and school staff. Catholic Education Melbourne acknowledges the generosity of SchoolTV in making the report accessible to parents and staff in Catholic school communities:

Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus:

I expect our wonderful community to treat everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy, and in this case, not discriminating or harassing those families who have children at schools that have closed and are self-quarantining Galilee students or returning safely within the guidelines or those who have decided to self-quarantine themselves. 


I acknowledge the positive and conscientious efforts of our staff in the way they are prioritising the needs of the students in our care.


Our students have been resilient and our parents very supportive of each other and the school, so thank you!

Year 6 Confirmation

On Sunday Archbishop Comensoli advised the Auxiliary Bishops and Episcopal Vicars of the four Regions of the Archdiocese to notify the parishes of their Regions that Confirmation celebrations throughout the Archdiocese are to be suspended until further notice, effective immediately.

The Sacrament of Eucharist at OLMC and StsPP

Please be advised that OLMC WILL NOT be proceeding with the Sacrament of Eucharist at this stage. If you have any enquiries, please contact the OLMC parish office on 9681 9600.

StsPP are yet to advise their stance on the celebration of this Sacrament. For any queries please contact their parish office on: 9690 5895

The Sacrament of Reconciliation at Sts PP

At this stage, Sts PP WILL BE celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Term Two over a period of 5 weeks on a Saturday morning at the beginning of the term. Each student will be allocated a date and a time early Term Two. Please contact Sue Kidd with any enquiries on: 0409 531 302


This we successfully trialled using Google Hangouts for Assembly and it was enjoyed by all. All of the usual components were included. Although, I have learnt not to sit too close to the computer, particularly when singing the National Anthem.

Catholic Church

Archbishop Comensoli has asked all Parishes in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to cancel arrangements for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation in 2020. In accordance with this request the Parish of Port Melbourne and Middle Park will not be offering a preparation program for this sacrament this year. We have also made the decision not to prepare children for the Sacrament of First Eucharist this year. Dates for all three preparation programs and for the reception of the three sacraments in 2021 (First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation) will be set towards the end of this year. Please visit our website at in January 2021 or contact the Parish Office (9681 9600) for details and information about these sacraments. We thank you for your understanding.

Canberra Camp - Government Contribution

Students from our school have recently undertaken an education tour of the national capital. Students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

Project Compassion

We will be finishing collecting all donations for Project Compassion at the end of next week. Please do what you can and thanks in advance for those who have generously contributed to date. The collection boxes are in the classrooms and front office.

Friar's Kitchen

We will finish collecting all perishable food donations at the end of term for the Friar's kitchen. Once again thank you for all your generous donations to date.

Easter Raffle

Easter Hamper Donations              

Easter Hamper prizes will be given out on the last day of Term 1 to the lucky winners of our Easter Raffle!


We are hoping to give out at least 1 hamper prize per class so we are asking for donations of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs

(We recognise some children have food allergies, we will try to accommodate this where possible)


Please drop donations to the office by Friday 20th March.                         


Raffle will be drawn during school hours on the final day of Term 1.


               Easter Raffle Tickets          

You will be receiving raffle tickets in an envelope in your child’s school bag next week. This is an Easter Fundraising event to raise money for our school.


*Tickets - $2 each or 3 for $5


Please clearly label each purchased ticket with your child’s name and class.

These envelopes can be returned to class teacher or the school office by Tuesday 24th March.


*Additional raffle tickets will be available at the school office if you wish to purchase more.

There is no obligation to purchase tickets.


First Prize!


End of Term 1

Students will finish at 1.30pm next Friday 27th March, for the Easter holiday break. Term 2 will begin on Tuesday April 14.


This week in Gosh was Marvel Week, we have had a lot of discussions about favourite Marvel characters, movies and toys.  The children look forward to new colouring sheets and really enjoy word searches and can't wait when I surprise them with a wide range of word searches.

In group chat time we have implemented Acknowledgement of Country where children take it in turns each session to read it out to the group.


 I made Choc Chip Cookies for afternoon tea which the children said  were so delicious and suggested for more homemade cookies, muffins etc.  in the coming weeks.

Aston participated in the arts and craft activity where he made Iron Man Wristbands and reenacted power moves. 

Ishaan, Aiden, Zoe, Oliver, Lara and many more children are really into lego creations and constructing characters to use for role play.


Isabella and Gemma, the educator, have been playing spit the card game to build upon speed, counting forwards and backwards. Oliver has also been interested in playing the game, has learn't how to play and wants to practice at home.

TheirCare have indicated that they will stay open while we do so as a school and I thank them for their commitment to our families.

Head Lice

Please be vigilant in checking your children often for head lice. We have had a number of cases this week across multiple levels. Checking regularly and treating at home will help prevent the spread of lice to more students.




Take care everyone,


Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)

Community Links


Thursday 30th April 2.00 – 6.00pm

 As a result of the Victorian Health and Human Services directive concerning transmission reduction measures -  COVID -19 -  Albert Park College’s Open Day Thursday 30th April has been cancelled.

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