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19 September 2019
Issue Eight

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

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From the Principal

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!


Another term has come to an end so quickly.  As I reflect on what has been achieved, I congratulate the students and staff who have again, made the term another successful and rewarding one.  Some of the highlights are:  The Resilience Project started; 100 days at school for Foundation Children; Book Week Celebrations; National Science Week activities; Football and Netball Lightening Premierships; Soccer Final; Districts Athletics; Grandparents and Special Friends’ Celebration; Excursions; Incursions; Athletics Day; Assemblies; Masses; Confirmation; SAT; PFA; P&F and St Aloysius Concert, and then just the regular teaching and learning that has taken place in our Science based unit of work this term.



Last week the students from Year 5 & 6 received the Sacrament of Confirmation during a Mass celebrated by the Very Rev Fr Brendan Hayes. Fr Hayes acknowledged the importance of the sacrament in that the students were given the opportunity to take responsibility for their faith journey and take hold of what they believe in. 


The preparation by their teachers enabled the candidates to realize the steps that they were taking would eventually be the basis of the journey of faith in their lives.  This would then lead to them taking a greater, more mature role in the Church's mission of living the Christian faith daily and witnessing to Christ everywhere.


The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit were referred to during their preparation and are an acknowledgement of what everyone has within them.  The children who were not being confirmed were part of the preparation and for them it was a realization that the Spirit is with all of them.


Thank you to their teachers Ms Estelle Austin, Mr Daniel Podbury and Ms Vanessa Will who have worked alongside the De La Salle and catechetical class students, in preparing them for the sacrament, and to Mrs Toni Dent for being the liaison teacher between the four groups of students during the preparations.


A special thank you to Ms Kathryn Hannan who helped after Mass during the small celebration in the Pavilion. (See photos on the Confirmation Page of this newsletter).



I wish to advise that Ms Peta Overbury will be taking on responsibility for this role for the remainder of the year while Mrs Emma Clausen is on parental leave. 


Birth Notice

We welcome the birth of Georgia Evans-Smith who was born on Sunday weighing 6 pound 6 ounces.  We congratulate Samantha, Dave,  Emily and Max on her safe arrival and are happy Mum and baby are doing well.


The Green Resurfacing

The turf on the green section of the play area will be replaced over the holiday break.  We thank the PFA and their fundraising, as these funds have contributed to payment for this work.


Working Bee

Our second Working Bee for this year will be on Sunday 20 October from 1.30-3.30pm in preparation for the Art Exhibition and the Spring weather.  A reminder that if you attend the event your Maintenance Levy will be credited to your school fees.  If they have been paid in full, the credit will apply to next year's fees.  If your child is leaving at the end of the year, the levy will be refunded.


CEMSIS Surveys

The Survey Portal closes this Friday so please take the 10 minutes required to complete the surveys.   Thank you to the families that have already done so.


Sun Hats

In line with our SunSmart Policy, it is an expectation that in Term 4, all children wear their hats when they are involved in any form of outdoor activity, on return from the school holidays. Only the appropriate and tidy school hat is to be worn.

A 'No Hat no Play!' Rule applies. 


Last day of school for 2019

As indicated in a recent communication to all families,  the school year will end on Friday 13 December for the students at both campuses.  Thank you to the families who have indicated that they will be requiring the OSHC program during the three days from Monday 16 December until Wednesday 18 December provided at Glen Huntly.  For the families that haven’t indicated that they will be needing the service, would you please send an email to me directly by Friday 11 October, so the necessary arrangements can be finalised for you.  Latecomers may not be accommodated due to already large numbers.


St Aloysius After School Care Program

Below you will find a copy of the communication sent to families at Caulfield Campus this week, for your information.  Mrs Julie Moir has been instrumental in the running of the program since 2008.  Her dedication and commitment to the students and families must be commended and valued as true spirit of the community.


Dear Parents,

We wish to advise with sadness and regret after some 35 years of Service to the parents of St Aloysius Primary School, that we will be closing the St Aloysius After School Care Program.

With the closure of the St Aloysius Primary School, it will not be feasible to continue running the Program. 

The last day of the Service will be Friday 13th December, 2019, in line with the closure of the St Aloysius Campus.

Thank you to each of you that have used the Service on a regular basis or just an occasional basis, it has been fabulous watching each of the students grow.

Yours faithfully,

Julie Moir                                        Margaret Carlei

Co-Ordinator                                  Principal


Personal Message

I wish all our families and staff a happy, safe and well deserved break over the next two weeks.  I  look forward to returning reinvigorated and ready to start our Term 4 with the same commitment to teaching and learning expected by the high standards already set at our wonderful campuses.

Sincerely with kind regards


Margaret Carlei






Gracious God, you said, “let the children come to me”.

The hurt felt by those wounded by abuse weighs heavily upon us. 

Trust has been eroded when institutions failed to appropriately respond to their needs.  Lord, we as Church stand in need of your healing and help.

We ask, you god, to strengthen and guide all in our catholic communities.  Grant us wisdom in our time to make decisions that protect children and the vulnerable.

May our families and communities, through love, generosity, commitment and patience, build stronger communities safe for our children.

Let your grace and love fall gently upon our children, giving them the inner strength, peace and resilience they will need for their life’s journey.

We ask you, God, to help our catholic communities to be resolute in building a community where our children flourish and are safe.


Prepared by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference.



From the Deputy

Diving into Term 4

Dear Families,

On Tuesday teaching staff worked together to begin designing our Term 4 integrated unit of work.  Our focus for next term will include a 2-week lesson sequence about the Physical Sciences before covering the key aspects of The Arts curriculum for the remainder of the time.  These days are always highly valued by staff as they promote collegiality and collaboration, two key factors which enable the development of engaging and meaningful learning experiences for our students.  Staff decided on the concept of creativity for the term and then explored this in light of the Catholic faith and the context for the learning.  The staff will now seek the voice of their students in determining the ‘big question’ which the students will attempt to answer.  In the field of Education, this approach is referred to as inquiry-based learning and it is a structured, student-centred way of teaching.


Inquiry-based learning approaches are characterised by:

  • motivating learning through a sense of purpose and authenticity to ‘real world’ tasks and issues,
  • encouraging students to become co-creators of their learning, 
  • developing student skills in self-direction, research, critical thinking and problem solving, and
  • developing discipline knowledge and skills.

We are looking forward to sharing the progress our students make in their learning across the term. Watch this space!


It is difficult to believe that the holidays are almost upon us and we will soon begin the last quarter of the academic year.  I wish you all a safe and restful break from the routine of school life and look forward to seeing everyone ready for a wonderful Term 4.


Best wishes,


Peta Overbury

Deputy Principal


Confirmation - a student's reflection

On the 12th of September 2019, we had our memorable sacrament of Confirmation. It was such an extraordinary mass with the band, the choir and the lovely message from Father Brendan Hayes about the completion of our Christian life.


It felt amazing with the glowing candles, the smell of the Chrism and the laying of the hands. It felt like I was with God, which is where I belong. When I walked up the aisle, I felt nervous and excited at the same time. When Father put the Chrism on my forehead, I felt relieved and happy that I was accepted in God's community. It was such an incredible time for me that I can't explain how much effort I put into the Confirmation.


I also want to thank my sponsor, my parents and my family for supporting me throughout the preparation of Confirmation. I will try to be a good leader as a Christian and follow the gifts and the fruits of the Spirits.

Karina W 


2019 C Candidates


Over the Holidays

Reading Aloud to Build Comprehension

Children learn when they make connections between what they read and what they know.  One method parents can use to help make these connections during shared reading time is called a "think aloud".  In other words,  you talk through your thoughts as you read to them.   


Here are three ways to use "think alouds", with examples from some children's books:


Think Alouds

  • Connect the book to your child’s own life experience. Example: A River Dream by Allen Say “This book reminds me of the time my father took me fishing. Do you remember the time we went fishing?”
  • Connect the book to other books your child has read. Example: Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe “This story reminds me of Cinderella. Both stories are about sisters. Do you know any other stories about sisters? Let's keep reading to find out other ways the stories are similar.
  • Connect the book to big ideas/lessons. Example: Stellaluna by Janell Cannon “This story helps me understand that we are all the same in many ways, but it's our differences that make us special.” In these examples, you are “thinking aloud” many of the connections that good readers make naturally as they read. Modeling these types of connections will help young readers know how to do it when they read alone.

Adapted from Reading Aloud to Build Comprehension by Judith Gold and Akimi Gibson (2001)

Check out Reading Rockets’ Books and Authors section for great read-aloud books - Reading Rockets. Or, visit sites such as, Colorin Colorado, and LD OnLine for more information about learning.


Marina Russo

Literacy Leader

Library News

New Library Books Have Arrived!

We have been fortunate enough to purchase some wonderful new books for the library with the money raised by the cake raffle each Friday. 


Thank you to the PFA and in particular to Sarah Gerrand and her merry bank of bakers who donate their time and cakes each Friday, so that our students are able to  go into the draw to win these delicious treats.


Thank you to all the students and families for their continued support of our cake raffle.


Kathy Sansalone



Sports Leaders Page

Footy Fun Day - Friday 20 September 2019


Important School Notice

2019 Chess Championships

Chess Championships

A huge congratulations to the chess team; Francis, Sam and Tarun, for representing the school at the Chess Championship
on September 6th!


A very strong performance as usual, considering such a
small team,  taking 8th place.


This exciting and fun event represented the culmination of months of
dedication and practice by the team.

Special congratulations to Francis for winning 4.5/7 games for
the day.



We are proud to have such a dedicated and exceptional Chess Club and
look forward to more new players joining us for future competitions so
we can register a larger team and win a trophy!




Parents & Friends (PFA)

Term 3 Done and Dusted!

We can't believe it's already here - the end of Term 3! Thank you to all the families who have come out to help during the various events held this term.  We are so grateful to you all.  We wish you all a well earned rest over the next two weeks so stay safe and enjoy the sun.

Jane & Emily

Co-President's PFA

Ladies Day Out

Saturday September 14th 2019

Port Phillip Estate Winery

A fabulous day was had by all!



Save the Date

  • Scary themed Family Disco, 11 October 2019 
  • Parents' Trivia Night, Friday 15th November 2019



Class Liaisons

Foundation – Jo Jeans

1/2EC - Simone Mitchell

1/2MC - Kim Davie

3/4TD - Ali Clohesy/Sharon Stewart

3/4MR - Michelle Kelly

5/6VN - Lina O'Byrne / Donna Paatsch

5/6EA - Megan Affinita

Dates to Remember

Please check the Calendar on the Website for ALL important dates.

To view the yearly calendar please go to the St Anthony’s School Website


Some very important dates for your calendars in Term 4: 



Friday 20 September

Footy Fun Day - dress in your favorite team colours

1.30pm Students are dismissed




Monday 7 October

1st Day Back

Friday 11 October

6.30pm  PFA Spooky Disco



Sunday 20 October

1.30-3.30pm, Working Bee



Tuesday 22 October

7.30pm SAT Meeting

Thursday 24 October

7pm Visual Arts Exhibition 



Wednesday 30 & Thursday 31 October

Year 3/4 Camp, Forest Edge

Friday 1 November

All Saint's Day

10am Whole School Mass - All Saint's Day

Saturday 2 November

All Soul's Day



Monday 4 November


Tuesday 5 November


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