17 October 2019
Issue Sixteen
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Principal's Message

From the Principal

Welcome back as we commence our final term for the 2019 year.  It was lovely to see the children return to school last week, engaging with their friends and sharing stories about their holiday break.

This term is especially significant for our Year 6 students as they approach the final weeks of their primary school journey. There is already talk about secondary school transition, orientation visits and graduation. We will certainly  be thinking of them all and we hope that they value and enjoy the company of their peers over the remaining weeks.


Thank you to those families who made appointment times to meet with teachers this week. This is certainly a wonderful opportunity to discuss the learning achievements of your child.

If you did not manage to make a time this week it is important that you speak with you child's classroom teacher to make a mutually convenient time to discuss your child's learning progress.

2019 School Fees

Thank you to those parents who are keeping up with fee payments. This is greatly appreciated.

We currently have have a substantial amount of unpaid school fees. It would be appreciated if families could make final fee payments in the coming weeks. If you are experiencing difficulty paying fees I would ask that you contact me as soon as possible.

Prep 2020

Next Wednesday  23rd October we will be holding an information session for parents of our 2020 Prep class. This will be held in the hall and we aim to conclude by 8pm. 

COHR Feast Day Mass

On Thursday 24th October all children will be attending the 9am mass  to acknowledge our school Feast Day. Parents, grandparents and friends are most welcome to join us.

Cyber safety Information Evening

                             Inform and Empower

Christ Our Holy Redeemer and Sacred Heart Schools invite ALL parents to a CYBER SAFETY INFORMATION Night on Thursday 14th November 7pm at Sacred Heart hall.

 This information is relevant to all parents of children in Years Prep to Year 6 and we strongly encourage that parents attend.

Topics covered will include

  • Cyberbullying
  • Unsafe Apps and social media
  • Managing devices in the home
  • Keeping safe online
  • Current trends in online behaviour

Please refer to further information regarding this session in the Community News Section of this fortnight's newsletter.

Walk to School Month
7th October - 1st November

It has been wonderful to see a large number of children walking, riding or scooting to school this term as part of the Walk to School 2019 program. Let's keep up the great effort!


Staff News

Michella Pradel will be taking long service leave for the remainder of the school  year. We certainly wish Michella a well-deserved time of leave.

Franca Paduano will be stepping in as Acting Deputy Principal  in Michella's absence.

We congratulate Ashleigh McLellan (Ashleigh teaches the Prep class each Friday) and her partner Sam who will be getting married next Friday 25th October. We wish them a memorable day and a lifetime of happiness together.

Calendar Dates

Please find another copy of the calendar for Term 4 included with this week’s newsletter. We hope you find this useful in planning for the term ahead. Please note that some of these dates are subject to change and if this occurs we will make every effort to communicate this to you within a reasonable timeframe.

Students conclude for the 2019 school year on Tuesday 17th December at 3:30pm.

The 2020 school year will commence as follows;

Tuesday 28th January - Teachers commence

Wednesday 29th January - Year 1- 6 Testing

Thursday 30th January - Year 1- 6 Testing

                                                 - Preps commence

Friday 31st January - All children commence


This term's social justice efforts will be focused on supporting the amazing work done by Catholic Mission.

Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission and one way which our school can fundraise and engage in advocacy and formation activities for Catholic Mission during World Mission Month this October.

The 3/4 Level are coordinating this term's  social justice event and will be inviting all students and teachers to wear their favourite or amazing or even craziest socks to school on Wednesday 30th October. Children will be asked to make a gold coin donation to support the work of Catholic Mission.

School Uniform

A reminder that runners are only to be worn to school on days of PE lessons or class  sport. School shoes must be worn on all other days.

As an alternative to the girls uniform, grey shorts are permitted to be worn in Term 1 and Term 4.

Coffee and Catch-up

The coffee cart will be operating in the morning after assembly and all parents are welcome to come along for a coffee and catch-up after assembly.  Hot drinks will be on sale for $2.


Parents Association

Please take the time to visit all the pages in this week's newsletter, in particular the PA page. There is a Bunnings BBQ and Cake Stall coming up and we are after some community assistance with these fundraisers.

Scholastic Book Club

A Scholastic Book Club catalogue was sent home this week.  Can we please ask that the orders and money be returned to the office by next Thursday 24th October. Reminder, if you are paying with cash, to please ensure you write the correct book item number, title and amount on the order form and also please include the exact amount of money.  Alternatively, you can pay via credit card through the Book Club Loop at

Photo: Jack and Sienna

School Captains  

Photo: Jack and Sienna

Term 4


Welcome back from the holiday break for another wonderful term. This last term of the year prepares us for changes in 2020 - our year 6 students leave us to go to high school and our Prep students will grow into Year 1 students. 


Over the holidays we saw a difference in the building. The frame for the building is up - this includes the Library and the new classroom upstairs. We can see the elevator shaft and stairs to the side. There are outside doors for 3/4S, 5/6C, 5/6N and 3/4GR. The workers are trying hard to keep to schedule and they are doing a terrific job! We are proud of the students who are helping builders by being safe without disrupting their work. 


This term is very exciting for the Year Fours as they have their first overnight camp to Stringybark Lodge. We hope that they have fun and stay safe. Yesterday the 1/2 level enjoyed an incursion where they made and played with billycarts. 


We want to encourage everyone to try hard this term, 


RE News

World Mission Month

Pope Francis has declared this an Extraordinary Missionary Month calling for a reawakening of missionary vitality across the world.
Whatever you do for mission this World Mission Month will be contributing to this call. 

Explore Ghana, the country, the people and the life challenges faced by many children and young people. Learn how the local Church is responding, fulfilling its mission to build a better future for children and families on the margins.

Get involved in Ghana! With new knowledge we know how to respond in the best way as an individual, class group or school.

And consider ‘What’s My Mission?’ Pope Francis is urging each of us to reflect on our mission.

‘This missionary mandate touches us personally: I am a mission, always; you are a mission, always…. As far as God’s love is concerned, no one is useless or insignificant. Each of us is a mission to the world, for each of us is the fruit of God’s love.’

And in his World Mission Day message he declares:

‘Faith in Jesus Christ enables us to see all things in their proper perspective, as we view the world with God’s own eyes and heart.’ As we begin to explore Ghana let’s carry this vision of the world with us.

For more information on how to better understand the wonderful work of Catholic Mission please visit their website


Showcasing Student Work

Reading Groups

Last term, some students from years 3-6 participated in small group work with a focus on reading. 

For one group, we read the book 'Hana's Suitcase' based on the real life events of Hana Brady and her family in the context of World War 2. Her story was investigated further by Fumiko Ishioka from the Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Centre. 

Here are some examples of student text responses. 

A Better Place 

Listen up everyone, I've got  plan

To make the world better for every man.

Whether you're black or white, young or old, 

Everyone has a part, to turn this world back to gold. 

We can treat everyone fairly, no matter their religion, 

And then, just maybe, we can achieve my vision. 

No matter their God, no matter their belief, 

Don't show them disrespect or even any grief. 

Just because we're all not exactly the same, 

Doesn't mean you should bombard them with shame. 

Everyone has a right to believe in what they choose, 

So if you try to stop them, it's you that will lose. 

So are you in or are you out? Let me know, 

Because this plan is taking action tomorrow. 

Composed by Lana 

Diary Entry

Dear diary, 

I’ve never felt this way before; all the pain and  sadness is filling up inside me sometimes I feel like a big ball of burning gas made up of all the sadness and anger I’m being exposed to. I know George isn’t telling me something, he’s always nervous and silent. I wish mum was here-the sound of her loud laugh and beautiful singing voice is the only thing that can let me sleep.

Composed by Drew


Dear diary,

Life is at its worst right now. My mother and father got taken away and now my uncle and  aunty are left to care for both me and George. I just found out the horrible news that mum was killed in the concentration camp. When they came to get dad I saw all the other men in the car and their faces were petrified. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to dad. What happens if me and George are next to go to a concentration camp? I’m trying so hard not to cry because I don’t want to put more stress on George and my uncle and aunty.

Hana Brady 1941 

Composed by Heidi


Dear Diary, 

George has been sent to Auschwitz and I feel really lonely around here by myself. Ella has been really nice to me and offers me food to keep me healthy. I nearly always reject it, but sometimes I get so hungry so I take it. Grandma’s health is getting worse everyday I'm getting worried about her but sometimes I feel like there’s no more time or space to be worried anymore.

Composed by Isabella


Dear Diary,

Today we saw Papa being taken away. It is very sad but we are mainly worried. With Mama at that Ravensbruck place and Papa God knows where, that leaves us nowhere. Boshka is doing whatever she can to help us and we are hoping that our aunt and uncle will take us in, but we are still scared.

From George

Composed by Darcy

Letter to Tokyo Holocaust Centre

I am 10 years old. I live in Melbourne, Australia. 

I just finished reading Hana's Suitcase in a extension book club at my school. One of the homework options was to draw a picture describing how you could make the world a better place. Here is the drawing that I drew with my interpretation of the question:


I hope you like this picture!

Thank you for for all the work you do related to the holocaust and to bring peace to our world. I'd love to hear back from you!

Written by Poppy


Swimming Program Feedback from students

My favourite part about swimming was learning new things and having fun doing it with our teachers from swimming. It was great. I really enjoyed it.



I liked swimming because we learned new strategys, stroked and skills. It was also fun because we got to swim with different classes and students.

Allegra C


I Liked swimming because we learnt lots of different strategies on how to swim and the teachers were really nice and understanding.

Samuel D


On Sunday 6th July Ruby went to compete in an all abilities Championship competition. The competition went all day. Ruby's team played six games in total including the Semi- final and Grand final. Ruby's team won all games including the Grand Final and thoroughly enjoyed her day. Here she is with her Trophy and Medallion. Well Done Ruby we are very proud of your efforts.

Ms Tobin


Basketball Division Final

Today 10 of our senior boys competed in the Basketball Division Final at Nunawading Basketball Stadium. The boys put on their best performance and managed  a 'win' to finish the day. Congratulations to all the boys on their behaviour throughout the days. They were terrific ambassadors for Christ Our Holy Redeemer. A special thanks to Steve Neophytou, Sarah and Dean Arnott and Craig Boyce for supporting the team today.



Congratulations to Ava Morris for her efforts at today's divisional athletics. Ava competed in discuss and has progressed through to the STATE championships. Well done Ava!!


Running Club

Running Club will be held on the school oval every Friday morning at 8.00am. All students are welcome to join.

Community News

Cyber Safety

COHR & SH Primary School invite ALL parents to a 


Thursday 14th November 7pm @ Sacred Heart 

Marty McGauran is a primary school teacher and educational consultant with over 10 years experience. He holds a Master of Teaching and a Masters of Education (ICT & Digital Learning) as well as being a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator. In 2018 he co-founded ICT EDU Magazine which is a publication that supports effective and innovative teaching and learning with technology.


Marty's passion for cyber safety comes from his extensive experience in leadership roles within primary schools. He shares insights to inform parents of the many apps, websites and safety measures that impact young people in a digital world.


Carley McGauran has over 15 years experience as a psychologist in the community and private sector. She works with both children and adults, as well as families. Carley’s experience includes providing training/psycho-education to organisations on a variety of topics.Through her extensive work with families in private practice, community agencies and schools, Carley is passionate about early intervention.


She strongly believes supporting both parents/carers and schools is the ultimate early intervention for children. Given the known risks associated with children and screen time, Carley is keen to empower parents/carers and schools to best protect the young people in their care. She is able to share both professional experience and her personal journey as a parent of three primary and secondary school aged children.


Why have we booked Inform & Empower for our schools?

  • they are the only parent cyber safety seminar co-presented by an educator and psychologist

  • access to evidenced based, practical tips and strategies that parents can implement immediately

  • to ensure a collaborative relationship with our most important stakeholders - parents

  • they provide all of their resources, slides and links freely available to our parents and broader school community after the session

  • cyber safety tips A4 poster to take home


Visit Avila


CDF Pay Instructions


Parents Association News

Coffee Cart

Last term we christened our coffee cart with free coffees for parents. The plan is to have 2-3 coffee mornings each term on a Friday after assembly. This is a good way to have a catch up with school friends without having to leave the school grounds. Coffees will be sold for $2. You are most welcome to BYO coffee cup if you wish. Our first 'Coffee and Catch-up' will be held TOMORROW morning after assembly. We welcome all parents, grandparents and carers.



The COHR Christmas Party will take place on the school oval on Thursday 28th November. Food and drinks will be on offer as well as an outdoor movie night. It's sure to be a wonderful community event.

Businesses interested in sponsoring the movie night are invited to contact the school office to discuss the opportunity of advertising their business on the big screen before the movie commences.

Bunnings BBQ and Cake Stall - Help required

The next Bunnings BBQ will take place at The Links on Saturday 26th October.  A roster will be placed in the office foyer if you are able to assist. A Cake Stall will also take place. We would appreciate any donations of items for the cake stall, i.e cakes, slices, biscuits etc. It would be appreciated if these could be taken directly to Bunnings on Saturday. We would also ask that you please label the ingredients.



The Parents Association will be assisting the school with purchase of new take-home readers for the junior classes. This will cost around $3000 - $4000.

We will also help the school with the purchase of numbered basketball singlets.


Lemonade icypoles will be on sale tomorrow  lunch time for $1.00


Term 4 Dates


Wednesday 23rd   Prep (2020) Parent Information Night  7.00pm  

Thursday 24th       Feast Day Mass 9am

Saturday 26th        Bunnings BBQ  at The Links, South Oakleigh



Monday 4th              School Closure Day

Tuesday 5th              Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Tuesday 12th          Parents Association Meeting at 7.30pm

Thursday 14th         Prep (2020) Orientation Session

Wednesday 20th    Prep (2020) Orientation Session

Thursday 21st          Grade 4 Camp

Friday 22nd               Grade 4 Camp

Wednesday 27th    Prep (2020) Orientation Session

Friday 29th               School Closure Day



Thursday 12th        Graduation Dinner & Mass

Tuesday 17th           End of Year Mass 9.00am

Tuesday 17th          End of Term 4 School Concludes at 3.30pm



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