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29 March 2019
Issue Two
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From the Principal

Faith Formation in Young People

Barna Group, a US research organisation, current research demonstrates that the world in which this next generation (Gen Z) is one that stands apart from that of their parents and grandparents. The post-truth world they inhabit no longer shares the same moral principles or societal values, leading to a more relativistic worldview among teens and a growing religious apathy. Christianity today has less influence on Gen Z than on any previous generation. Barna’s other research, shows that parents—especially engaged Christian parents—are eager for their children to develop a lasting faith, yet many lack clarity on how to disciple their children well in a decidedly post-Christian context.

Building on these findings, Barna, in partnership with Cardus, a faith-based think tank, recently interviewed 650 church leaders (Protestant and Catholic) about the factors influencing spiritual formation and development. They found that although they agree that spiritual formation begins in the home and continues in the church, the perceived influence of schools is often either disproportionate or unaccounted for.  The study points to a possible disconnect among church, home and school relationships, as well as the need for new conversations and partnerships for addressing spiritual formation in the current context.

As a Christian school, King's College proudly works with parents and the Church to re-establish this partnership. We do this by reinforcing the Christian values shared at home and at Church. Our curriculum is taught from a Christian worldview, so students receive the same message at school as they do at home.  We are also about to embark on a survey, facilitated by Wheaton Press, to better understand how faith is formed in young people.

Please continue to uphold the College in prayer as we partner together in Christian education.

Colour Explosion

On the 14 March, the College was full of colour and fun as we held our second Colour Explosion. This was a fundraised organised by the PTFA, in which there were 120 participants this year. Below are some photos from the event.



Chaplain's Corner 

Become the world expert on your child

On Saturday 02 March, I attended the Resilient Kids Conference and would like to share a few of the pearls of  wisdom presented by Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, a high profile Psychologist, author and parenting specialist who spoke on Anxiety and Mental Health in young people.

Michael spoke firstly to the Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2018 which reports on Young people’s wellbeing. The top three issues of personal concerns for young people were coping with stress, school or study problems and mental health (44.9%, 35.6% and 31.9%), regional areas identified their third most identified concern as body image (29.85%).

The top three issues considered to be the most important in Australia today for young people from both major cities and regional areas were mental health, alcohol and drugs and equality and discrimination.The percentage of young people identifying mental health as an issue of national importance has doubled in the past three years from 21% to 43%.

Michael pointed out that problems of depression, mild to moderate anxiety, self harm, social anxiety and suicide rates for young women and males have increased to such an extent that young people in this generation are the most vulnerable in history. It was very hard to hear how dismal the facts that were presented read. However, Michael presented the audience with an array of resources, recommendations, tips and strategies for parents, teachers and those in charge of the well being and happiness of our kids, teens and young adults.   

Michael asked parents to be the robust fence at the top of the cliff. We are to be their Parent not their best friend.

Michael spoke about setting limits and boundaries on mobile phone use and social media usage, establish a family media plan and stick to those agreed time limits.

Don’t give your children everything they want and handle their meltdowns with dignity. Pick your battles, ‘No-one has died from an untidy room. Shut the door and walk away.’

Let our children experience adversity- to face and overcome sadness and setbacks and help them propel forward from these experiences. Communication is the key, when they are venting, allow them to do so and paraphrase back to them what they have said, so they know you have heard them.


Become the world expert on your child. There is no ‘one size fits all approach’, so be really aware of your child’s personality, their temperament and self-talk of the child and know what is normal and what’s not normal speak for your child.

Michael asked, “Is your child ok to be away from you?” If not, then talk to them about becoming independent and set up opportunities to practice coping in social situations without you.

Does your child understand and appreciate school and the importance of education for future economic independence? Do they value belonging to a community? These are great topics for discussion and may uncover fears and challenges your child has.

Don’t be a snowplough parent, but know when to intervene.

Does your child have friends? Show them by demonstrating and discuss how to obtain, maintain and keep friendships that are healthy. Who they hang out with matters!! Young people need to have a rich number of friendships and input from positive older role models is also beneficial.

Michael emphasised the importance of having family rituals and traditions for happiness and wellbeing.

For the wellbeing of your child, Michael stressed the seriousness of exercise for 5-18 year olds with a minimum of 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day. Sleep is also important with ten hours needed for primary aged children and eight to nine hours recommended for secondary aged students. In relation to diet, Michael spoke about the food and mood centre which is a collaborative research centre led by Deakin University in Australia and their research has found that fewer than five percent of adolescents eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and are more likely eating nutrient poor, high sugar foods such as lollies, snacks and baked goods which affect their brains and mental health.

Two popular takeaway comments from Michael’s talk were:

1. Parents need to use more Vitamin ’N’ with their children- that is, using the word NO, don’t be worn down by repeated requests, pleas such as “Everyone else in my class is going, or has this product, or I won’t fit in with this!!!!!”

2.  Does your child have a SPARK- Do they have one thing they love doing and can immerse themselves in? Something to get them up for. What can they get involved in to help form their identity?

Finally Michael emphasised that, “Young people may only be 20% of the population, but they are 100% of the future.”

Some of the resources mentioned were:  

Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg books- Strictly Parenting  Surviving Adolescence 2.0 Smart Snacks

Smiling Mind App         Reach Out Breathe App Reach Out Worry App                 Family Zone App The Mood Gym    

The Brave Program- a free online program that provides parents and caregivers of young children 3-7 information and skills to help their child overcome fears and anxiety.


Camilla McLeod



Early Years

Observing and Creating in Early Years

Early Years has settled into a rhythm with children developing their sense of belonging to the group, and exploring new ideas through creative play. 


The Bee group has put on their STEM caps recently, venturing into the fascinating and complex world of weather! The children have been compiling weather reports, going outside to collect weather data, observing clouds and cloud formations, measuring precipitation, testing wind speed and direction by making weather vanes and simulating fog. We have looked at white light refracting into colours of the rainbow and investigate the water life-cycle. Combining the technology and science of weather data collection has helped children to see how much information and instrumentation is needed to accurately predict the weather!

Many Early Years children participated in the Compassion Colour Run on the 14th of March. It was a fabulous evening with so much excitement and crazy colour. The youngest children ran first and created a storm of colour around the field. Thank you to all the families who supported the event and helped out on the night. Early Years raised over $680 for our Compassion Sponsor Child. A wonderful effort enabling us to continue our sponsorship for another 12 months!

Ant Group Learning in March

The Ant Group children have been very interested in cats and dogs, which have inspired us to engage in some rich learning at Kinder this month. 

The children were busy answering emergency calls in the Vet Clinic, and making records using drawing prompts, pet word cards, and using letters and symbols in their jottings. 

This play has evolved into writing letters and drawing pictures for friends this week, and delivering the mail into friends’ lockers.  A Post Office will replace the Vet Clinic, with plenty of opportunities for the children to continue their interest in using letters, approximations of letters, copying words and their friends’ names in playful ways.


The busy Ants have also been developing visual motor skills by exploring shapes. We all went on a Shape Hunt around the school grounds, and were very excited to identify many shapes that we have been learning about. Many shapes were hidden within other shapes! We took photos, and used our Smartboard to reflect on our findings as a group.

Other ways we have developed concepts of shapes were through Lightbox Loose Parts Play, and filming the children as they formed different shapes on the Lightbox.


Their work was shown live in action on the Smartboard to onlookers, which encouraged discussion about mathematical concepts of geometry, symmetry and addition. 

The children used their whole bodies in groups to form shapes on the floor, considering the properties of shapes: Number of children needed to represent the number of sides in each shape, parallels, differences in length of sides.

In their drawings, paintings, apps, conversations and writing play, the children are demonstrating increased knowledge of shapes and symbols they find in their environment, and increasingly using these in their play.

Exploring Creation

The Wombat group have been learning about God's creation from Genesis 1 and how God used the insects to convince Pharaoh to let His people go from Exodus 8-10.




They explored colour through the sensory experience of finger painting. 





The warm weather has allowed us to have picnic snacks and used the various outdoor play experiences to develop gross motor skills. 


The Wombat Group

The Wombat three-year old groups have been curious about creatures from the ocean, such as starfish, sharks and anemones.


They have been asking questions about how these creatures eat, and explored a basic food chain concept through a favourite song, stories and art work. 


Through investigative play and group discussion, the Wombats are developing understandings of the interdependence of living things in the ocean. They know that some creatures co-exist and help one another, such as a clown fish hides among an anemone and is immune to its sting, and the anemone stays healthy as the clown fish feeds on the algae. 


They have used play dough to create some of these creatures and to demonstrate learning: Their play dough starfish are formed with many arms, some arms are lost in conflicts with other creatures, and new arms grow back!

Prep 2020 Afternoon Tea/ Information Session
Tuesday 07 May


Early Years families are invited to a Prep 2020 Afternoon Tea/ Information Session from 1:45pm- 2:15pm on Tuesday 07 May as part of our Open Day program.

Coming Up

01 April-           Nature Play Space Official 


05 April-           Last Day Term 1         

23 April-           Term 2 Commences

25 April-           ANZAC DAY (College Closed)

02 May-             May Race Day (College Closed)

07 May-             Open Afternoon, 2pm-5pm

09 May-             Mother's Day Breakfast

                              Early Years Mothers' Morning Tea

13-17 May-      3yo Kinder Interviews

25 May-             Working Bee (Kinder) 


Junior School

Always Learning at Every Age!

The Resilient Kids Conference, held earlier this month, was an inspiring day of encouragement and learning. Many Junior School staff and parents took advantage of the unique opportunity to attend this conference, with six highly qualified speakers renowned in their fields, here in Warrnambool.


A number of books and resources were purchased for the school library, so that the vital information presented could be revisited and shared amongst our King’s Community.


I’ve been reading Dr Michael Carr-Gregg’s book “Strictly Parenting”. An easy and enjoyable read, it is written with the same humour and common-sense which characterised Dr Carr-Gregg’s excellent presentation at the conference. As one of Australia’s most high-profile psychologists and an internationally recognised authority on child and adolescent behaviour, Dr Carr-Gregg is regularly in our media as a parenting expert.


His evidence based teaching goes against the pull and persuasion of some worldly thinking that encourages abdication of our parental responsibility, in favour of happiness and friendship at all costs. Dr Carr-Gregg emphasises the importance of time for children to play, spending time together as a family, allowing children to experience disappointment and helping them build resilience through these times, increasing independence, saying no, firm routines particularly with bed time and healthy eating, and more. Of equal importance, Dr Carr-Gregg devotes chapters to parents taking care of themselves, so that they are able to establish and maintain boundaries for their children.


As educators and parents, we are always learning! Sometimes equipped with certainty, confidence and clarity, at other times through hindsight from mistakes, but always learning and moving forward. The adage ‘kids don’t come with an instruction manual’ is only partly true. God’s Word instructs and guides us in all things. Our library has some wonderful resources providing Biblically based direction, advice, awareness and insight to help us raise resilient and healthy young people.  Technology provides information at our fingertips, with so much available using the foundational truths of the Bible to help us in parenting. Let’s continue to encourage one another, making the most of every opportunity as we

“Train up a child in the way he should go,

And when he is old he will not depart from it. “

Proverbs 22:6

Lyndell Tucker

 Head of Junior School

Junior School Fun Afternoon

Our new Prep students quickly settled into the joy of Junior School Fun Afternoon, with older students relishing the chance to help and guide them in the various creative activities offered. We are thankful to the ever-increasing number of parents joining us on these afternoons, ensuring that intricate projects have the help required, and amazing creations are completed within our 90 minute time frame. We all love these afternoons despite their hectic pace, appreciating the enthusiasm generated by mixed age and ability groups, an afternoon break and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Colour Run

Our congratulations and thanks to our wonderful PTFA for the fun and activity of the second King’s College Colour Explosion event. It was certainly a highlight for Junior School with the carnival atmosphere inspiring involvement of students, parents, extended families and teachers, in a kaleidoscope of fun and colour.

Year 4 Participation in Middle and Senior School Athletics Carnival

Year 4 students enjoyed their first full day, Inter-house Athletics Carnival at Brauerander Park on 19th March. Competing in all athletics and field events, Year 4 enjoyed the challenges of the day and approached each opportunity with their best effort. Mrs Zeunert, Miss Stephen and Mrs Uebergang congratulated students on their attitude and sportsmanship. They spoke of the camaraderie between Junior, Middle and Senior School students, as our older students used initiative to encourage and help Year 4 throughout the day.

Years 3 & 4 Netball Clinic

Years 3 and 4 participated in a Netball Clinic hosted by Netball Victoria, at the Arc on  March 15th.


I learnt a lot about netball. I especially liked the games at the end. It was fun.  Ashaan Davies


On Friday Year 3 and 4 went to the Arc to learn some netball skills. First we did some relays, they were really fun. Then we did shooting and I got hit on the lip. Next we did passing. Last we did defending and had a snack. Sophie's Mum brought in some hedgehog. I had a great time.

Dusty Drake


I enjoyed the netball last Friday because we got to play fun games and see what netball is like. I liked playing the relay games and running around. We learnt how to shoot goals, pass and defend with the ball. I enjoyed it. Sienna Ballinger


Some thoughts from the Prep room:

We thought that school was going to be hard but it is fun.

Our teacher helps us with our work.

When we first came to school we didn’t know what to eat first and when we did pasting we didn’t know how to put the glue on the paper, but now we do.

We are learning to read and we have fun counting. 

We get to play outside and have fun working together to make things.

We love being in Prep at school.


Year 1

Birthday Investigations by Tyler Jackson

We've been learning all about birthdays in Year One. We've been learning how to find out what day of the week our birthdays are on. We've been making graphs about our birthdays to find out what is the most popular month for birthdays in Year One. It's December! I really enjoyed this birthday investigation.

Year 2

Last week Year 2 conducted their first iMaths investigation. In small groups, the children worked together to design a castle using 2D and 3D shapes.


Afterwards, data was collected by counting the shapes used and constructing a bar graph to convey the information. We can't wait to start our next investigation!


Year 3

Year 3 were presented with their school Bibles at a full school assembly this month. Mrs Howarth spoke with the students before Mr Tucker presented them with their Bible and prayed for them.

On Friday the 1st of March it was a big day for the Year Threes because we had to collect our Bibles. We collected our Bibles half way through the assembly and I shook hands with Mr Tucker.  After everyone collected their Bibles we prayed and Mr Tucker prayed. Jack McLaren

Year 4

Year Four students have been very active out doors lately.  Over recent weeks we have attended an Aussie rules football clinic with two Western Bulldogs players, worked on developing our netball skills at The Arc, and participated in the Middle and Senior Years Athletic carnival. All of these were very enjoyable and we thank the teachers who organised these for us.

Open Afternoon

We invite all of our Junior School families to attend our Middle Years Information Night on Tuesday 07 May to explore the benefits of our Year 7 & 8  transition program.

Grandparents' and Special Friends Day

There was great excitement as Grandparents and Special Friends arrived at school for a morning of shared fun and activity. Travelling from as far as Sydney, Adelaide and many destinations in between, our much loved guests were given a very warm welcome.

There was a buzz of excitement as students introduced grandparents to shared learning tasks in each classroom. Interviews, quizzes, games,

maths, reading, artwork, Easter cooking, a game of cricket and even an opportunity to climb the playground ensured opportunities were many and varied, before the reward of a sumptuous morning tea.

The generosity of our guests extended beyond time and travel, with many purchasing a book to commemorate this special day and expand our library resources.

Thanks to the PTFA and school families for the wonderful morning tea, to Middle and Senior School captains for welcoming and ushering our guests to classrooms, and to four Senior students who were ‘special friends’ to some Early Years and Junior School students. 


Coming Up...

01 April-           Nature Play Space Official 


02 April-           PTFA Breakfast of Champions

                             Junior School Inter-house Athletics

04 April-           St John's First Aid in Schools

05 April-           Last Day Term 1 - 2:30pm dismissal

                             Casual Dress Day (Fundraising for 

                              Ararat Christian School)

23 April-           Term 2 Commences

25 April-           ANZAC DAY (College Closed)

30 Apr- 01 May- P-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

02 May-              May Race Day (College Closed)

07 May-              Open Afternoon, 2pm-5pm

08 May-              House Cross Country

09 May-              Mother's Day Breakfast

10 May-              Reporting Cycle 2

14 May-              PTFA Meeting 

25 May-              Working Bee (Kinder & JS)

Middle School

Keeping our kids cyber-safe. 

Earlier this month quite a few of the Middle School teachers attended the Resilient Kids Conference.  The Conference had some world class speakers and it was well worth giving up a Saturday for.

One of the speakers that resonated with me was Susan McLean, a cyber safety expert.  She went into some detail regarding what is affecting our children today in the cyber world.  It is not just cyber bullying that parents must watch for now but also what content their children are viewing.  The statistics were horrifying on the percentage of children that are viewing content that is not appropriate to them.

What Susan did make a point about was the importance of having conversations with your children about what they are viewing online and what to do if they see something inappropriate.  It is also important to have conversations about the impact posting online can have on themselves and others. As the first term that Year 7s have had their own device comes to a close, it is well worth having these conversations.

But, do you feel you are up to date with what to talk to your child about?

I firmly believe that God gives us what we need, but sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and unaware of how to tackle this topic.  Be assured that there are experts around to help us navigate these new waters; people who can point us in the right direction and resources to help with tricky conversations.  We are reminded in 2 Peter 1:3 that God has already given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him. As parents then, we know we have the resources - and the mandate - to tackle cyber safety issues and to keep our kids safe online.


Susan McLean has a Facebook page you can follow which provides links and information about cyber safety.


Last year, Brett Ryan from Focus on the Family, spoke to us last year about the new cyber world.  His website ( is Christian based and provides lots of great information and how to start conversations.  


Middle School is a crucial developmental time in your child's life.  Be bold, and let's keep talking about online safety.

Melisa Champness

Head of Middle School

Bulldogs Visit

Years 4 - 6 had a special visit from the Western Bulldogs this month.  Students had an in depth Q & A session with the players followed up by some practice drills. We had some hard hitting questions such as, “Is this really your proper job?” and, “Are you allowed to eat junk food?”  '



Year 5

The Year 5 Pastoral Care Day, held on the 5th March, was a successful day. Students did various activities including identifying their personal strengths, celebrating our differences and setting goals.

Some of the highlights included hearing from Rev. Toby McIntosh who shared some of his own personal experiences with our class. Another highlight was attending Body Blitzer for a karate class run by Sensei Frank. Thank you also to Mrs McLeod who generously gave her time across the day.

Year 5 & 6 Dance


Our Year 5 & 6 Dance Team competed in the Time to Shine Dance Competitions on Saturday March 2nd. They received first place in their Lyrical Troupe and performed beautifully. We have been training hard for upcoming competitions and performances and look forward to dancing at a school assembly early next term. Congratulations to all team members!


Year 6

In Year 6 Robotics, we have been learning how to program the mBots. This week students were working towards being able to use loops to code the robots to square dance. They needed to work the different values for each motor so that the robot moved in a straight line, moved backwards and rotated 90 degrees.


Year 6 combined with Year 5 for a personal development lesson on National Anti-Bullying Day. Students explored what bullying looked like, felt like and sounds like compared to cyberbullying.

Year 7

Last week students started our Cyber Safety Unit in Personal Development.  Quite a few of the students were stunned that Google keeps a copy of their search histories.  There was also some stunned faces when they discovered that nothing is ever really deleted in the cyber world, not even Snap Chats!


As part of our Humanities unit on water scarcity, Catherine Grist from Wannon Water visited the Year 7s to run a session on the challenges of managing and ensuring a reliable water supply.  They participated in a hands on activity of creating a water catchment.

Year 8 Pastoral Care Day

On Wednesday 6th March the Year 8 students spent the day away from their school room and campus environment. They went firstly to the Lifeline Warehouse where they were informed from Sue Johnson about the various programs offered by the Lifeline service and how the Lifeline Op shops around Australia contribute to the financial needs of the organisation. They were then shown around the warehouse and inside the shop front and were put to work on the various stations within the warehouse to help organise the donated items.

Next the students went to the Presbyterian Church hall where Pastor Toby McIntosh spoke to the boys about utilising their God given capabilities in servant leadership and in taking responsibility for when and how they will serve others. Mrs McLeod and Mrs Jellie spoke with the girls about how God created humankind to have a relationship with him through the wonder of language and communication but also how God gives us free will to use this decisive gift.

We then went to the FoodShare Warehouse were Dede Friebe explained the vast weekly operations involved to supply food hampers to those in need in the South West District. The students were able to help unload a large delivery of goods into the massive coolrooms inside the warehouse which was much appreciated by Dede.

Lastly the Y8’s went to the Robin’s School of Dancing to have fun learning a group dance routine involving some hip hop moves under instruction from the dance teacher.    

Year 8

Year 8 students have had fun over the past week in Mathematics, constructing 3D models of houses. Using a range of different measurement skills; including choosing appropriate units of measurement and conversion, the students have consolidated their learning through practical application.

In Geography, students have been studying coastal systems. As part of their studies, the Year 8 class spent the day on the Great Ocean Road. The focus of the field trip was on natural and management processes. Students also learnt about dune systems and their significance as part of the coastal environment. At Peterborough the students constructed a dune profile.


Open Afternoon

We invite all of our Middle School families to attend our Information Night on Tuesday 07 May to explore the benefits of our Year 7 & 8  transition program. 

Coming Up...

05 April-           Last Day Term 1 - 2:30pm dismissal

                             Casual Dress Day (Fundraising for 

                              Ararat Christian School)

23 April-           Term 2 Commences

25 April-           ANZAC DAY (College Closed)

30 Apr- 01 May- P-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

02 May-              May Race Day (College Closed)

07 May-              Open Afternoon, 2pm-5pm

08 May-              House Cross Country

09 May-              Mother's Day Breakfast

10 May-              Year 6 Pastoral Day

14 May-               PTFA Meeting 

Senior School

Reflecting on Term 1

The school term is rapidly coming to an end and both staff and students are no doubt looking forward to the break. Although busy and weary I’m sure, our school community continues to give generously in so many ways to support the cocurricular program at King’s College. Senior student leaders conducting and participating in sporting activities for younger students at lunchtime to support the National Day of Action Against Bullying was a terrific example of this. Having more senior students involved in what has now become our annual Colour Explosion Run was another. The difference that can be made when we give of ourselves selflessly to support others should never be underestimated.

With Easter falling at the end of the coming holidays, I imagine students (and teachers) will be looking forward to plenty of chocolate in one form or another. This is also a time where we would do well to reflect on another selfless act – Jesus giving his life as a ransom for us. Consider again his final words from the Roman cross he was nailed to. “It is finished!” What was finished? God’s eternal plan of redeeming man was finished. Let’s enjoy the Easter break, the egg hunts and their consumption, but let us never forget the reason behind this most amazing celebration, when God did for us what we could never do for ourselves.

Michael Tucker

Deputy Principal

Year 12 University Experience

On Monday 11 March, Year 12 headed to Melbourne for our annual university experience and student leadership seminar. Accompanied by Miss Keath and Mr. Tucker, students  boarded the afternoon train to Melbourne for an overnight stay as our leadership conference was early the following morning.  After arriving, a short walk and a tram ride got us to our accommodation in North Melbourne around 10.00pm. After a long day everyone was happy to go straight to bed.

After a 7.00am breakfast on Tuesday morning, most of the day was spent at the GRIP leadership conference on Southbank. During the day students were involved in interactive sessions that included topics like ‘The People Pathway’, ‘Top Tips for House Captains’, ‘Character of a Leader and ‘How to Choose and Advance a Causeto name a few.


Some free time at DFO and in the city followed before we made our way back to the hostel to change and head to La Porchetta for a pizza dinner.


On Wednesday morning, we made our way to Melbourne University where we were given a guided and informative tour of some of the buildings and grounds. A student liaison officer then met us and showed us to a lecture theatre where he presented an overview of university life, course structure, career pathways and opportunities available to students studying there.

Lunch was eaten on a grassed area adjacent to a weekly farmers market held on the university grounds. Students took the opportunity to purchase some gourmet food. After lunch, we made our way to St. Hilda’s College, one of the residential places for student accommodation at the University of Melbourne, to get a feel for what living on campus would be like.

A walk down Swanston Street was next as we made our way to the RMIT city campus. Here we were given another overview of what this university could offer students in terms of courses and experiences. A campus challenge was taken up by the students who were issued the challenge to be first to race around the university finding the answers to questions they had been given as a way of familiarising them with the campus.

An evening train ride delivered us safely home to Warrnambool that night. It was a big couple of days but, as always, very worthwhile.

Law in Action

On Tuesday 26 March the Year 11 Legal Studies class participated in the "Law Talks" program. Students learned about VCE Legal study tips and took part in a mock Parliament session. Students travelled to the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to learn about empannelling a jury. They worked with students from other schools and had a wonderful day learning about the Law in action. 


Coming Up...

05 April-           Last Day Term 1 - 2:30pm dismissal

                             Casual Dress Day (Fundraising for 

                              Ararat Christian School)

23 April-           Term 2 Commences

24-29 April-     Year 9 Trek

25 April-            ANZAC DAY (College Closed)

30 Apr- 01 May- P-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

02 May-              May Race Day (College Closed)

07 May-              Open Afternoon, 2pm-5pm

08 May-              House Cross Country

09 May-             Mother's Day Breakfast

22 May-             Year 10 Vaccinations


Western Region CSEN Swimming Carnival

Our students competed very well with a number of excellent individual and team results achieved on the day. A big thankyou must go to Hayley McCosh and Marrie Flemming for their help with transport and other duties. 


Middle School and Senior School Inter-house Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday, 19 March, our annual Interhouse Athletics Carnival was conducted. Year 4 joined Middle and Senior School at Brauerander Park. As was the case at our swimming sports earlier in the term, students were overwhelmingly exemplary in their conduct and participation. A highlight was seeing our senior student House Leaders conducting some novelty events for the youngest year levels in the middle of the oval during a break in event rotations. As always, these carnivals would not be possible without effective organisation by our sports staff, willingness of other staff members to officiate and supervise all day, alongside some parent volunteers. Days like this are not possible without the help of our parents and we are very thankful for their support each year.


The students competed very well with some excellent performances achieved on the day.

The overall house points were as follows:

Middle School

1st Knox 1293

2nd Luther 1129

3rd Calvin 1059

Senior School

1st Calvin 800

2nd Knox 743

3rd Luther 648

Congratulations to Knox house for winning this year’s Middle School division and Calvin house for taking out the Senior School competition.


The individual age champions were as follows:

10 Boys Hamish Veenstra

10 Girls Millie Cavanagh 

11 Boys Levi Draffen 

11 Girls Hannah McIntosh 

12 Boys Justin Flemming 

12 Girls Eva Ryan 

13 Boys Kristian Hutchins

13 Girls Eliana Veenstra

14 Boys Ethan Greene  

14 Girls Jordan Draffen

15 Boys Isaac Draffen

15 Girls Mindy Meeuwissen

16 Boys Nathaniel Dickinson

16 Girls Michaela Rhyne

17 Boys Jack Dilley

17 Girls Elise Drake

18-20 Boys Reuben Gleeson

18-20 Girls Abbey Greene



Nature Play Space Official Opening
Monday 01 April


Open Afternoon
Tuesday 07 May

We invite our school families and friends to attend our Open Afternoon on Tuesday 07 May to explore the unique features and programs showcased our four sub-schools.  

Used Uniform Shop
Volunteers needed!

We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping in the Used Uniform Shop once or twice a month during one of our opening times.  This requires helping with odd jobs including sorting through uniforms, labelling and recording details etc.  If this is of interest to you, we would love to hear from you! Please contact the PTFA at [email protected]

PTFA Volunteer Form Reminder

A friendly reminder that if you haven't yet handed back the volunteer form we would greatly appreciate you doing so before the end of term. We have a wonderful core group of volunteers who put in many hours of their valuable time to run all these fantastic events and opportunities. It would go a long way to helping them by having contacts available to call on when the time comes. The office has spare copies if yours has disappeared so don't be afraid to pop in there and grab one. Many thanks!

Coming Up...

01 April-           Nature Play Space Official 


02 April-           Breakfast of Champions

                             Junior School Inter-house Athletics

04 April-           St John's First Aid in Schools

05 April-           Last Day Term 1 - 2:30pm dismissal

                             Casual Dress Day (Fundraising for 

                              Ararat Christian School)

23 April-           Term 2 Commences

24-29 April-     Year 9 Trek

25 April-           ANZAC DAY (College Closed)

30 Apr- 01 May- P-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

02 May-              May Race Day (College Closed)

07 May-              Open Afternoon, 2pm-5pm

08 May-              House Cross Country

09 May-             Mother's Day Breakfast

                              Early Years Mothers' Morning Tea

10 May-             Year 6 Pastoral Day

13-17 May-      3yo Kinder Interviews

13 May-             School at Work

14 May-             PTFA Meeting 

22 May-             Year 10 Vaccinations

25 May-             Working Bee (Kinder and JS) 

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