20 March 2020
Issue Four
McKinnon Secondary College
03 8520 9000
McKinnon Road
McKinnon, Victoria, 3204





The Annual Report Public Meeting was held on Tuesday 10 March at the College. We are very pleased to report McKinnon Secondary College continues to build on its strengths in academic performance and student well-being. We are very grateful to the parents who attended this meeting and thank them for their contribution to the college. I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Kan and Mr Long for their efforts in preparing the Annual Report for 2019. The report will be presented to School Council and will then be available on the college website at


As noted in our newsletter of 5 March, 2020 an election for our final member on School Council for 2020 took place and I am delighted to welcome Mikhail (Misha) Svyatitskiy (Year 12) who will be our second Student Representative.

I look forward to working with School Council and thank them for their willingness to serve this community.


Certificates of Achievement for Year 9 NAPLAN achievers

Year 9 students will receive certificates for growth and achievement in NAPLAN from this year.


Certificates of Achievement will be awarded to students who:

  • Achieve a result in the top achievement band for Reading or Numeracy, or both
  • Achieve a result that shows outstanding learning growth, improving by two or more achievement bands between Year 7 and Year 9 National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments in Reading or Numeracy (or both).

The certificates reflect two of the key goals of the Education State: excellence and equity. They provide an opportunity for schools, families and the broader community to celebrate and recognize the importance of both excellent academic achievement and outstanding learning growth.

Pi DAY - 2020

On Thursday 12 and Friday 13 March, McKinnon celebrated Pi Day with the annual Pi Reciting Competition. Class champions from Mathematics classes competed to see who could recite the most decimal places of the irrational number pi, to determine overall year level champions. 


All participants were impressive and will receive house points towards the House Cup. During the competition, everyone was anxiously waiting for Chris Liolios’ turn knowing how well he did last year, with his mum even coming to watch and record his recital. The crowd couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces throughout Chris’ turn as he broke the school record, which was his own record from last year, by 136 places, reciting an amazing 856 places of pi. Congratulations Chris, we can’t wait to see what next year brings!


I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Krommydas and Miss Mauger for giving students this opportunity to shine!


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two more members of the McKinnon family:


Ms Dickson and her husband Chris have welcomed the arrival of their beautiful little girl, Darcy Mya; and

Mrs Han and her husband Andy have welcomed the arrival of their precious little boy, Malakai.


Thank you to the Year 7 Student Management team – Mr Quinn, Mrs de Kretser, Mrs Ford, Ms Schmidt, Mr Rood and Mr Farthing, for a very successful Year 7 Information evening.


Many parents were in attendance and it starts the very strong partnership that we thrive on. I acknowledge and thank Mrs Wallis and the Peer Support leaders who have worked tirelessly to assist these students to transition so well into their new school.


The Form Captains were introduced and I congratulated them and wished them well with their first leadership responsibility.


Mr Quinn, Mr Machin, Ms Mauger and I attended a fundraiser in support for the Balibo House Trust last Thursday 12 March. The Balibo House Trust facilitates the College's Year 9 Leadership Expedition to Timor Leste. The Trust was set up in 2003 by former Premier Steve Bracks and former Member for Bentleigh, Rob Hudson. They were made aware of the deteriorating condition of the house in Balibo at which five Australian journalists were based prior to their deaths while covering the Indonesian invasion of Timor Leste in 1975. Spurred on by Shirley Shackleton - the wife of one of the journalists, Greg Shackleton; the house was purchased and the Trust began.


Since then the Trust has turned the house into a community centre where computer lessons are taught, a women's centre is based and a free dental clinic operates.

The inaugural trip was lead by Mr Quinn and Mr Machin in 2019 and was a resounding success - both for student outcomes and achievements while working in the village of Balibo. The evening was a great success with funds raised going to the Trust's work in continuing education in Timor Leste.


Year 10 student (and member of the inaugural group of students to travel), Alice Connolly spoke superbly on her experience in Timor and what she learnt. Alice more than held her own when speaking in between the former Premier and also the esteemed director of the film, Balibo.


McKinnon looks forward to future trips to Timor, supporting the impressive work of the Balibo House Trust.


To celebrate International Women's Day, Haemala Thanasegaran spoke to our Senior students with the theme "What our Mothers Could Have Told Us - The Road Ahead". Haemala was able to succinctly link a grown woman's journey of self-discovery to what may lie ahead for them.    


Her experiences, knowledge and guidance were most relevant to our future generations, especially her message about strength and resolve during challenging and unexpected times, and we thank her greatly for providing this opportunity to our students.


What can I say! Congratulations to all the students involved in the House Music competition on Wednesday 11 March. The musical talent never ceases to amaze me.

As I said on the night, it is the only totally student lead activity and it is a highlight in our calendar.


The Music House Captains were inspiring and the atmosphere electric. Thank you Ms Vrisk and Mrs Ford for their organization of this wonderful annual event.


Congratulations Flynn.  May the music banner of McKinnon continue to fly high.


On Thursday 5 March, 2020 I was delighted to attend the Glen Eira Women’s Day Photographic Exhibition at the Town Hall.


This community inspired exhibition acknowledged and celebrated local women, their achievements, passions and their contributions to our community.


The exhibition is well worth seeing and is open to the public until Sunday 22 March, 2020.



On Thursday 5 March, 2020 our Year 12 leaders, Jessica Salisbury, Clare Wever, Keisha Harcourt and Genevieve O’Brien attended a breakfast organised by Rotary to celebrate International Women's Day which was held on Sunday 8 March.  The theme for the breakfast was “A Seat at the Table”.


I would also like to thank and acknowledge Ms Felmingham for organising this event for the students.


On Thursday 12 March, 50 McKinnon students represented the college at the Kingston Swimming championships. McKinnon has had lots of success in swimming (8 titles in the last 11 years) and were looking to go back to back in 2020.


Alas, this was not our year with the team winning the Junior Boys, Intermediate Boys and overall Boys aggregate. Amazing results. A special mention to the committed senior students who joined relays and sealed the victory for the school beating Parkdale by a narrow margin of 2 points overall.


There were also some outstanding individual performances with the following students winning age group champion awards: Lani Hammam (Year 8), Summer Partridge (Year 11) and Will Sharp (Year 12).


I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Pemberton, Mr Hoskin and Mr Adlington for their organization of this wonderful annual event.


McKinnon Volleyball would like to congratulate our school-aged athletes who represented McKinnon last week at the All Schools Beach Volleyball Championships.


Congratulations to our silver medallists (the second best Victorian teams in the state): Year 7 Boys Fours, Year 8 Girls Fours, Year 10 Girls Fours and Year 11 Boys Fours.  Our Gold medallists and the Victorian champions are Year 9 Boys Fours, Year 10 Boys Pairs and Year 12 Fours.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Miss Parker for providing students with this opportunity to participate in this wonderful event.


I would also like to remind all parents to be careful when driving along McKinnon Road. It is very congested and at times dangerous. Please be aware of street signs and adhere to road rules. Parents are being booked daily by parking officers from Glen Eira Council.


The school car park must also not be accessed by parents during school hours. 


The speed limit is always 40km per hour along McKinnon Road and u-turns are not allowed. We have many students riding bikes so please be careful parking and opening doors.


With the 2020 school year underway, some students riding to and from school may be tempted to ride on footpaths. However, doing so can place pedestrians at significant risk of harm. The Road Safety Rules state that cyclists over 12 years are NOT permitted to ride on the footpath unless:

  • they are accompanying a child under 12 years e.g. a parent supervising their child: or
  • they have a physical or intellectual disability making it undesirable, or impracticable to ride on the road (and they have a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner).


Please be vigilant at all times. Please use the school crossing and the roundabout which are there for your safety whilst crossing the road.


Buses replace trains on sections of the Frankston and Stony Point lines from 8:15pm to 10:00pm Friday 27 March.


Allow an extra 45 minutes of travel time.


Normal train services resume on Saturday 28 March.


Mentone and Cheltenham stations will close from 8:15pm Friday 20 March to mid-2020.


Trains will run express through Cheltenham and Mentone with shuttle buses operating between Southland and Parkdale stations to connect locals to train services from 28 March to Friday 22 May.


Trains that currently run express between Cheltenham and Caulfield in the morning and afternoon peaks will stop at Highett and Southland stations during the station closures.


For more information and to plan your journey, visit or call 1800 800 007.







We are proud to announce that our esteemed principal, Pitsa Binnion, features in a photographic exhibition now showing at the City of Glen Eira Town Hall Art Gallery. This community inspired photographic exhibition acknowledges and celebrates local women who have made a significant contribution to our community through their leadership. The exhibition runs until the 22 March and you may vote for your favourite image when viewing the show. 


Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences, which were due to take place early Term 2, have been cancelled due to the restrictions on public gatherings. Feedback on student learning will still be available on Compass via Progress Reports (to be released next week) and Learning Tasks. We will provide additional communications next term. Thank you to all families for their support during this time.


On Tuesday 12 May, Wednesday 13 May and Thursday 14 May our Year 7 and Year 9 students will be undertaking the NAPLAN tests at the school, unless otherwise advised by the Department of Education. NAPLAN (National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy) tests are conducted by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). There are five tests in total, including an assessment of students’ writing skills, use of language conventions, a reading comprehension test and two numeracy assessments. 


There will be more information on the specific requirements of these tests in the first newsletter of Term 2.


For further information please access the NAPLAN website:

& VCAA’s NAPLAN page:


Families are reminded that all students should be in full winter uniform from day one of Term 2. School blazers must be worn to and from school. It is also important to note that nail polish and facial piercings are not acceptable at school. Thank you to all families for your continued support of our uniform policy.


Please continue to provide the College with explanations for student absences, either using Compass, emailing or calling 8520 9050. 


As mentioned at the Information Nights, it is vital that parents do not share their login password with their child. If you feel that your child might have access to the parent portal please contact the general office to obtain a new password.













Congratulations to Alice Connolly and Liana Kelemen (both of Year 10), who have been accepted into a Leadership Program with Melbourne Zoos. Applications were received Victoria wide and only 30 were selected to take part.


This leadership program, run mostly at Melbourne Zoo in Parkville which involves four modules of work throughout the year, including an intensive project tackling real-world marine conservation issues. Alice and Liana will develop leadership skills such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork and innovation. They will also spend time with leaders within the Melbourne Zoos network and explore and assist in their conservation work.


Both Alice and Liana have been leading members of the Environment Council and have a personal passion for the environment, waste reduction and improving the ecological footprint of our community.


This is a wonderful opportunity for both of them and we wish them all the best in the Leadership program.


Merryn Walker




History students in Year 8 this semester have been currently learning about the Mongol Empire. Students have been fascinated by the many interesting things that this learning unit encompasses. Such learning includes: 

  • Mongol society and the prominent role played by Mongol women in comparison to other societies at the time; 
  • the rise of Temujin from the steppes of Mongolia to take over the largest land based empire the world has ever seen as Genghis Khan in 1206;
  • The stories of Marco Polo and his adventures in China under Kublai Khan;
  • The Mongol rule in China and the Yuan Dynasty;
  • The Mongol army of conquest and the principle of strict discipline known as the Yasa.

Students have watched engaging videos about Genghis Khan and Marco Polo and participated in Mongol Bingo where they have been encouraged to call out “Ulaanbaator” (the capital city of Mongolia) when they have five correct answers. They have worked cooperatively and collaboratively to reinforce their historical knowledge with kahoots and quizlets. They have engaged with Mongol visuals, participating in visual fact finds and written practice diary entries of people and events living in the Mongol empire. The students are working towards incorporating relevant historical knowledge into their writing and writing with empathy. The Mongols are a fascinating case study, full of contradictions with their short-lived empire bringing many advantages but also many disadvantages to the people they ruled. 


The Year 8 History course is a fascinating and intriguing course where we learn about major personalities and events during the Medieval time period and have fun doing it. 

Tim pointing correctly to an answer on a Mongol Fact Find 


Will pointing out the Mongol’s love of horses


The teachers love teaching it but more importantly so do the kids as these quotes attest!


I enjoyed learning about Genghis Khan of the Mongols and my favourite learning activity was bingo because it helped me to revise about the Mongols through the game.” - Jessie 8F


What I enjoyed learning about (with the Mongols) was the great things they achieved. I also liked learning about Genghis Khan and the contradicting things he did.”- Lesedi 8D


During the Mongolian history unit, I enjoyed learning about the daily lives of the Mongolians, because it's just so difficult yet interesting to imagine living in that time. Riding on horseback, serving Genghis Khan... Wow! That's a hard life!”- Natalia 8F


I found that the best thing about learning about the Mongols was understanding their traditions and comparing them to other traditions around the world from the same time. I really enjoyed the topic and can find nothing to criticize. I really enjoyed the Quizlet activity as it promoted teamwork and sharing knowledge.”- Isabelle 8D


I enjoyed learning about Genghis Kahn and understanding how powerful he was and what he achieved and what he didn't do. One of the best lessons, in my opinion, was when we had to do the fact find and see what we knew as a group together.“ - Thomas  8F


I liked the Mongols because they are very fascinating and the worst thing is they are too cruel. The activity I enjoyed was the video that we watched about Genghis Khan. If I could change one thing, it would be adding more lessons to learn about the Mongols” - Kevin 8D. 

Jonathan Jhoomun

(on behalf of the Year 8 History Team)


On Thursday 5 March, our Year 10 Global Conflicts class were delighted to welcome special guests, Matt Kulesza and Arielle Kelly.


As part of the curriculum, our class had been learning about the intriguing ongoing situation in North Korea and these visitors had come to provide us with an insight into their experiences as ex-North Korean tour guides.

Both Arielle and Matt were interested in North Korea for most of their lives, but they took their interest further than most by putting themselves through a very difficult process in order to work amongst the action. The pair brought souvenirs from their time in North Korea including a rare loyalty badge, which was awarded to Matt for his work in North Korea. This badge must be worn by all North Korean citizens whenever they leave their home once they turn 16, and is not something that tourists can buy or easily be given.


They also brought an impressive collection of authentic propaganda posters, as well as cooking books, fashion books and editions of the Pyongyang Times. Additionally, they presented a slideshow that provided us with a glimpse into the widely unknown everyday lives of North Korean citizens. We were grateful to have the opportunity to watch various videos of military parades, public holiday celebrations and children learning in school.


Most notably, Matt and Arielle were eager to answer all of our questions which had some very intriguing answers. Through these questions, we were able to gain a unique perspective of North Korea, and their personal experiences are something that you can’t beat with textbook knowledge of such a secretive place. This was an eye-opening experience for our whole class, and it helped us to far better understand the common mysteries of North Korea.


On behalf of our entire class, we would like to thank Arielle and Matt for spending their time teaching us and answering all of our questions about North Korea.


Ryan Borowitz and Louisa D’Ambra

Year 10 students



Our Year 7s have been doing a lot of learning since the start of term. Their main project has been creating their Who I Am Posters. This involved the students working with Google Drive, Google Docs, the Camera on their Chromebooks and LucidPress, a desktop publishing package. These posters are now on display in the homerooms. It was great to see so many parents taking pictures of their child’s poster on the Year 7 Parent Night and spending some time reading what they had written about themselves and their family.

The NCSS Challenge is well underway.


We have a number of students across Year 7 to 10 who are taking part in this challenge. This is the final week so, for some, there will be a lot of catching up to do. Congratulations to the following students who have kept pace with the weekly challenges and are on track to get perfect scores:


Fonjer Zhang - Year 7

Kevin Park - Year 7

Pranav Sathish - Year 7

Rohan Russel - Year 7

Ilya Zyuzin - Year 8

Kevin Yu - Year 10

Nam Tran - Year 10


The NCSS Challenge is well underway.


We have a number of students across Year 7 to 10 who are taking part in this challenge. This is the final week so, for some, there will be a lot of catching up to do. Congratulations to the following students who have kept pace with the weekly challenges and are on track to get perfect scores:


Fonjer Zhang - Year 7

Kevin Park - Year 7

Pranav Sathish - Year 7

Rohan Russel - Year 7

Ilya Zyuzin - Year 8

Kevin Yu - Year 10

Nam Tran - Year 10


This year we are delighted to welcome a new member of staff to the ICT faculty. Here is a short bio from Mr Frank Russo.

Hi everyone my name is Frank Russo and I am really excited to be joining the McKinnon Community for 2020. I have been teaching IT, Maths, Science and Robotics for 30 years.

I grew up in East Bentleigh so it’s great to be home. This year I will be teaching ICT to Year 7 and Year 9 classes as well as VCE Applied Computing & Data Analytics. I look forward to meeting everyone. I am sure 2020 is going to be a great year.


Mrs Munro

ICT Teacher



On Friday 13 March, International Pi Day was celebrated with students from all year levels battling it out to see who could recite the most digits of the never-ending number. It was awesome seeing students giving it a red hot crack and trying their best, whether it was for a bit of fun or to challenge themselves. For me, it was both as I not only enjoy these competitions but wanted to give myself the challenge of beating my previous record. And beat it I did, making all the practice at home pay off. On the day it wasn’t easy, with a few trip-ups here and there, but with my peers and teachers watching from the sides, I was able to get through it.


Chris Liolios

Year 10 Student


The following students were awarded as the year level champions:


Year 7: Mahathi Mahesh from Monash recited 132 places. 

Year 8: Metteya Gharde from Chisholm broke his own record from last year of 126 places and recited 150 places. 

Year 9: Kevin Gu from Flynn rectied 124 places. 

Year 10: Chris Liolios from Gilmore smashed the school record again by reciting 856 places which is 136 places more than last year.

Year 11: Grace James from Chisholm recited 11 more places than last year, reciting 46 places. 

Year 12: Harry Fletcher recited 171 places making him the year level champion every year of secondary school. Well done Harry and thank you for your commitment and participation in the Pi Day Competition.


Our teacher champion this year was Sokratis Gavrielatos who recited 22 decimal places of Pi. 


Congratulations to all participants and thank you to all who made the event a success.


We look forward to Pi Day next year!

Chloe Krommydas and Lauren Mauger

Maths Teachers



On Thursday 12 March, fifty McKinnon students represented the college at the Kingston Swimming championships. McKinnon has had lots of success in swimming (8 titles in the last 11 years) looking to go back to back in 2020.


Alas, this was our year with the team winning the Junior Boys, Intermediate Boys and overall Boys aggregate. Amazing results. A special mention has to go out to the committed senior students who joined relays and sealed the victory for the school beating Parkdale by a narrow margin of 2 points overall.


There were also some outstanding individual performances with the following students winning age group champion awards:


Lani Hammam (Year 8)

Summer Partridge (Year 11)

- Will Sharp (Year 12)


Liam Adlington

PE/Sport Assistant


Since the start of term, we have been very busy with two events for our community.

Our first was our bushfire fundraiser: On Court for a Cause. Our event saw our wider community come together to see our Senior Girls play against Monash University and our Junior Boys play against Mazenod College. Throughout the night we involved the community with mini challenges for a gold coin donation to enter and were excited to see everyone get involved and have a go. We are excited to announce over the night we raised $1,241.30 which we have split and evenly donated to Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund and Wildlife Victoria.

We would like to thank Monash and Mazenod Volleyball clubs for supporting our event and helping make the matches possible, the staff who came to support throughout the night, our club sponsors for the prizes won, Mrs Hope for refereeing, Miss Parker and Ellie for organising the event, Andrew Krause for all the photography and media, and, the Principal team for their continuous and ongoing support for the program.


Our second event held from 4 - 6 March was the All Schools Beach Volleyball Championships, which we were grateful to take 24 teams over the three days. A big congratulations to all our teams but in particular to our Silver Medalist teams and the second best ranked teams in Victoria:

  • Year 7 Boys Fours
  • Year 8 Girls Fours
  • Year 10 Girls Fours and
  • Year 11 Boys Pairs.

We would also like to congratulate our Gold Medalists and the Victorian Champions in their age group:

  • Year 9 Boys Fours
  • Year 10 Boys Pairs and
  • Year 12 Fours.

All teams played extremely well and we are thrilled to announce that overall as a school we are now ranked as the third best Beach Volleyball School in the State.

Thank you again to Miss Parker, Ellie and Liam for their help in making these events possible. We look forward to sharing the success McKinnon Volley can bring over the course of the year.


Emma Langley (Year 12) and Minja Zlatic (Year 10)



The House Music Festival took place on Wednesday 11 March at 7pm in the School Hall. This has been the major focus of the students throughout this term, with rehearsals taking place before school, after school and during lunchtime every day since the beginning of February. The level of support for the students was amazing, as was the standard.

Thank you to our judges Ms Emily Bowman and Ms Jessica Earle for their enthusiastic deliberations. A huge thank you to Ms Katarina Vrisk for her fantastic organisation of this event.


Congratulations to all the House Captains for their amazing work throughout the term and on the night. Whilst there could only be one winner, we are incredibly impressed with the standard that was brought to the night. Congratulations to Flynn for their incredible win for 2020.


On Friday 13 March all VCE Music students went to Top Class Performances held at the Recital Centre. This performance was of the previous years highest achieving students in Music Performance, Music Investigation and VET music studies. It was fantastic that our current students were able to celebrate the amazing performances of last year's students Orr Zaacks (Music Performance Solo - Recorder) and Betty Wang (Music Investigation) who were selected to perform for this prestigious occasion. Thank you to Mr Baltazar Kurowski for his organisation of this excursion and to Ms Bernadette Russo who accompanied them.


In preparation for the holidays and the likelihood of school closures, it is important that all instrumental students take their instruments home and use the opportunity to really spend time practicing. Teachers will be providing work for students to continue on with during this time.


For beginning students, you should be aiming to work on playing for about 15 minutes a day. If there are concerns about how long to practice etc, please do not hesitate in contacting your instrumental teacher for advice.


Wishing you all well over the next few weeks.


Megan Papworth

Head of Music



I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all students to take time out to read these holidays. Reading can be a nice, quiet, relaxing break from devices and busy lives.


Here are some suggestions to enjoy your reading:

  • Reading takes place in the mind, but there is no denying there’s a physical component to it as well. If you are not comfortable, chances are you won’t be reading as long or digesting the story as well. Choose a quiet comfortable spot to read such as a beanbag or comfy chair or couch with pillows;
  • Pets are also relaxing so read with your pet or read to your pet; 
  • Read outside in the garden or under a tree, take a blanket and a pillow;
  • Read with snacks!




Here are a few sites to help...


Good Reading Magazine

Good Reading Magazine website has a young adult page with reviews of the latest books and author profiles.


Good Reading Magazine Podcasts

Listen to author podcasts.


Good Reads

Meet your next favourite book, read reviews, get suggestions or join the 2020 reading challenge.


Inside a Dog

Lots of news about books produced by the State Library of Victoria.


Janene Watson

Resource Centre Manager



On Thursday 5 March, the Year 12 Class of 2020 began to arrive at Merrimu Receptions for the 2nd annual Year 12 Formal. Despite the concerns of the weather overhead, the overcast evening made for some gorgeous photos outside of the venue. The atmosphere from the very beginning of the night was incredible, with everyone admiring one another’s stunning outfits and transformations. 

Everybody looked amazing in their formal attire. Everyone definitely outdid themselves from our Year 11 Formal last year. There were even some shirts tucked in! The night’s best dressed awards went to Jedd Stein and Coco Greenberg. Zoe Meek and Coco even made their own dresses! 


Inside the venue, there was never a dull moment on the dance floor. The Merrimu staff provided us with a delicious dinner to enjoy, although students and teachers alike spent very little time sitting down. We were all up and about, dancing and relishing each other's company. A special mention to the night's Best Dancer, Kelvin Nguyen

This year’s Formal saw the introduction of many new and exciting awards, including most likely to become a TikTok star (Louise Roberts), Biggest party animal (Joshua Osachy), most likely to be asked for ID at 25 (Yanni Kontos), most likely to be seen on Love Island (Levi Scholz and Ella Hayat) and many more.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who worked hard to make our Formal so special. A huge thanks to our student management team - especially Ms James - for organising everything as well as the Principal team for allowing the night to take place. Our thanks also go out to all of the teachers who came along to celebrate with us too. They all looked just as glamorous. 


Keisha Harcourt 12E and Remi van Denderen 12M



Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officer Courtney Mauger ( or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Courtney on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151






Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



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Misha Svyatitskiy
Pitsa Binnion
Michael Kan
Richard Long
Lachlan Noble
Frank Russo