Year Level Newsletter

30 July 2019
Term 3
Year 1/2
Year 3/4
Year 5/6
St. Andrew's Primary School Clayton South
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96 Bunney Road
Clayton South, Victoria, 3169



Welcome back to Term 3 in Foundation! Thank you to all Foundation families for your support and participation in our learning throughout the first half of 2019. After a well earned break, we are straight back into another busy term of fun and learning in the Foundation classrooms. Mrs Jasminka Jalsovec is on leave for the first part of this term, and so we welcome Miss Ash Sneddon in Foundation J. 
All year we have been counting up the days at school and are soon to celebrate our 100th Day of School at St Andrew’s! On this day the Myuna Farm Mobile Animal Nursery will be visiting and we will have the exciting opportunity to feed and cuddle farm animals. It will be a great family celebration, we hope to see you all on the day for the cutting of our Celebration Cake and a picnic lunch!

Our Learning This Term

In English this term, the Foundation students will continue to develop their skills in Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening in a variety of fun and interactive activities.

Speaking and Listening

Opportunities for the students to contribute, discuss and share their thoughts and ideas will be readily provided and supported. The language skills we will focus on include communicating clearly, developing an awareness of rhyme, letter patterns and sounds in words and extending descriptive vocabulary.



Our Writing focus this term will be on fairy tales and narrative texts, where we will examine the structure of stories and work on creating our own characters and narrative stories. The students will continue to work on their handwriting skills, developing pencil grip and correct letter formation. They will develop their ability to write using lined paper, leaving spaces between words and experimenting with punctuation and spelling when creating different text types. We will also continue to focus on developing their vocabulary to include high frequency words.



In Reading, students will continue reading on a daily basis to improve the use of strategies including fluency, expression and comprehension skills. The students will have opportunities to read one on one with the teacher and parents, in small groups and with whole-class interactive read-alouds.

The Foundation students will continue to participate in Guided Reading and literacy activities based on their individual needs. These may include targeted reading strategies, blends and consolidation of letter/sound patterns. As part of our Literacy Program we will also be celebrating Children’s Book Week from 19th August. The theme for this year is Reading is my Secret Power!


Home Reading
Reading should be a special and enjoyable experience for all family members. It is expected that students record the title of the book read in their Kluwell reading log. It is important that the students read the books in their reader bag every night and also practise their M100W words. Remember to ask your child a few questions about what they have read to ensure that they understand the book. If they come to a word that they don’t know, try to avoid filling the gap for them straight away. Encourage them to use their strategies; look at the picture, stretch the word out, look for small words inside big words, read past the word to see if that helps. If your child reads a word incorrectly ask them “Does that sound right?” “Does that look right?” “Does that make sense?” 


Literacy Helpers

Literacy groups will continue this term and will run every morning in each class. Thank you to the helpers who have already assisted us during the Literacy block. If you are able to help on any of these days please contact your child’s teacher.



Our Mathematics learning continues this term with a range of units. In Measurement and Geometry we will use a variety of different tools to measure the length and height of things in our classrooms. We have also already been having lots of fun using our arms to estimate and then sets of scales to learn about Mass. In Number and Algebra we will explore the idea of place value in teen numbers and beyond. We will also begin to explore number patterns through skip counting by 10’s, 5’s and 2’s. Our Mathematics learning this term will also include hands-on modelling, storytelling and written representations of Addition and Subtraction. In learning about groups of we will also explore Division as equal sharing. To compliment this Mathematics learning we encourage you to support your child by practising writing numbers and practising their Mental Mathematics skills in everyday tasks involving opportunities for Counting, Addition and Subtraction.



In our Religion learning this term we will cover two topics exploring stories from the Old Testament of the Bible. Our first topic is Protected by God. In this unit students will learn about and interpret Old Testament stories as examples of God’s love and protection for his people, and will Reflect on how in times of need God offers us strength and protection.

Our second unit will explores God’s Great Family. In this second part of the term we will continue looking at Old Testament stories and will learn about the tradition of the church has been passed from generation to generation through shared stories.



In our Inquiry topic this Term ‘Diversity – Australia’s Changing Face’ the Foundation students will explore the range of different cultural backgrounds and families that make up our classes and school community. Following on from our History learning about ANZAC day early last term we will look at special celebrations in our families and significant events in our family lives. Through this Inquiry learning, the students will develop an awareness and appreciation for the different cultures represented in our school community, and gain an understanding of how Australia has grown as a nation. This fun unit will culminate in a learning expo where students will share and celebrate their own stories and cultural identity with friends and family. They will create and present pieces of work to illustrate and describe their personal and family histories, and participate in oral presentations with their class to explain their learning.


Nude Food Lunches

All students at St Andrew’s are encouraged to bring ‘Nude Food’ lunches. This term our goal is to reduce waste as much as we can. Nude Food is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. The best type of nude food consists mainly of fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious PLUS environmentally friendly. It will also help us reduce the amount of rubbish scattered throughout our school and it links in with our Religion unit of work which teaches us to look after God’s Creation.


The Foundation students have been learning about our school BEST values and continue to earn tokens for Being Respectful, Encouraging Others, Striving To Do Their Best, and Thinking Safety in the classroom and on the playground. Many students are getting very close to receiving their very special 100 token certificates from Mr Wakeling at assembly in the coming weeks. In our recent Buddy sessions we have practised these values in a variety of game, role play activities and story sharing opportunities with our Year 5 friends. This term we will also learn about Turn Taking, Making and Maintaining Friends, and Resilience in a sequence of Wellbeing lessons.

Classroom Organisation

Specialist Teachers and Timetable 

Italian – Signora White 

P.E. – Miss Barbuto

Music - Miss Judith Sivasubramaniam

Art - Mrs Bartlett

All Foundation classes have specialist lessons on Wednesdays, and also Action Based Learning on Thursdays. Please wear sports uniform with runners every Wednesday and Thursday. If you are available to help out in our Action Based Learning on Thursday mornings (9:00-10:30) please contact your classroom teacher.
Students should return their library books in their blue or yellow library bag each Tuesday.

Reader Pouches
Reader pouches must be brought to school each day. Please keep your Kluwell reading log, M100W word cards and nightly reader in your reader pouch. Reader pouches will also be used to bring home completed school work and notices, please check your reader pouch daily.

School Uniform and Hat
Hats are no longer compulsory during Terms 2 and 3. Full winter uniform should be worn each day throughout Terms 2 and 3. Runners are only to be worn on Wednesdays and Thursdays when students have P.E. and Action Based Learning.

Specialist Program News

L.O.T.E. Italian with Signora White
Bentornati a scuola.    
Dear Parents, welcome back to Semester Two. 
Foundation- Primina 
This semester in Foundation, the focus will continue to be on the introduction of the Italian language and on the development of the students’ speaking and listening skills. The students will be introduced to the written text through the Dante Alighieri poster competition where they are asked to label five fruits and/or vegetables and through the story of Pinocchio. They will learn the Italian words for various parts of the body and which part of the body hurts. They will be exposed to some common Italian expressions of surprise. The students will also be introduced to colours. During the lessons the students will be participating in singing songs, playing games and reciting chants. They will learn how to follow simple instructions and understand basic classroom language.

Mi chiamo- my name is
Sto bene /male/ così così- I am well/ unwell/ so-so.
Le parti del corpo:
Il viso- the face.                                  
Ho mal di testa –I have a headache.
Gli occhi- eyes.                                   
Ho mal di stomaco- I have a stomach ache.
La bocca- the mouth.
Le gambe- the legs.


The students will also be learning some common Italian expressions and instructions.
Mi fai male!- That hurts!                        
Sedetevi per favore! –Sit down please!
Guarda un po’!- Wow, look at that!        
Silenzio per favore!- Silence please
Smettila! Stop that!
Mamma mia!- Oh my gosh!

To help your child practise his/
her Italian language and grow in confidence and knowledge, please access the following LINKS :


Signora White  


Foundation Art students in Term 3 will be-

  • Continuing  to experience and learn new techniques in drawing using crayons, pencils, chalks, textas and oil pastels
  • Practising scissor cutting and gluing techniques to create various art works such as paper plate flower designs for school display boards
  • Creating collage work using various papers and materials including, tissue paper, crepe paper, textured paper and fabrics

Mrs Cathy Bartlett

Key Dates

Friday 26th July
Whole School Assembly in Hall
Thursday 1st August
8:30-3:15pm    Foundation 100th Day of School Celebration
12:30-1:30        Family Picnic Lunch
Thursday 8th August
11:30am        Mary McKillop whole school Mass
Monday 12th August - Thursday 15th August
Scholastic Book Fair
Wednesday 14th August
9:15am            FA attending Parish Mass
Thursday 15th  August
9:15am            Feast of the Assumption whole school Mass
Friday 16th August
2:30            Whole School Assembly in Hall
Monday 19th August - Friday 23rd August

Book Week - Reading is my Secret Power
Monday 26th August
4:30pm-6:30pm        Channel 10 live weather report from St Andrew’s, and open classrooms learning display
Wednesday 28th August
9:15am            FJ attending Parish Mass
Thursday 29th August
Father’s Day Stall
Friday 30th August
8:00am-9:00am        Parents and Friends Committee Father’s Day                Breakfast in Hall
Wednesday 4th September
9:15am            FP attending Parish Mass
Friday 6th September
2:30            Whole School Assembly in Hall
Monday 9th September
12:30-1:30        Diversity: Australia’s Changing Face Inquiry Learning Expo in Foundation classrooms
Friday 20th September
2:30pm            Early Dismissal - Last Day of Term 2

Year 1/2


Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are already in Semester Three. We are looking forward to an exciting term as we watch the students develop their learning and skills across a range of curriculum areas.

Kind regards,

The Level 1 and 2 Team

Our Learning this Term


In Reading and Writing the students will continue with Information Reports and Narrative Writing. As a level, we will begin by reading a range of nonfiction texts which relate to our inquiry unit which is, ‘My Family, My Culture’. The students are very keen and already enjoying the learning tasks.  

The students will be encouraged to discuss their family traditions and family stories at school and at home. 

This term, reading comprehension will continue to be a focus. The students will examine a range of texts and work on rereading the text to answer questions. They will practise creating questions on their texts for others to answer as well. In Writing, the students will be introduced to the ‘Writer’s Traits’ to enhance their writing. They will focus on the four traits of Ideas, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions. Another exciting activity will be ‘Free Writing’. The students will be encouraged to bring pictures or objects from home to stimulate their ideas and write about their choice of topic.

To further develop the skills of speaking in front of others, the students will collect information from a range of sources and present this to the class.   


The students will learn about recognising and representing multiplication and division of groups in various ways. They will continue to develop their understanding of skip counting and repeated addition.

In Financial Mathematics, the students will identify Australian coins and put them in order according to their value. They will learn how different collections of coins can add up to the value of one dollar. The students will work on counting small groups of coins and matching them to price tags for shopping items. 

The students will further develop their understanding of fractions through a variety of teaching and learning activities. They will work with a variety of fractions such as halves, quarters and eighths. The students will  learn how to use these fractions when dividing up shapes and collections of objects.

Mental strategies and understanding worded problems will continue to be a focus in Term Three. The students will benefit greatly by involving them at home in everyday mathematical activities. Examples of this is  pairing up a collection of socks and relating it to multiplication or dividing up a set of objects such as biscuits fairly between family members. Other activities could include calculating coins for small shopping items, counting coins, and cooking activities which divide food or  ingredients into halves and quarters etc.  


Religious Education

This term our Religious Education unit is, “We Belong to God’s Family”. The students will explore the idea of belonging to a family and a

parish community and why this is important. They will examine the role of saints and how they teach us to live.

The students will further develop their understanding of what it means to love one another. They will reflect on who God is and what qualities of God can be seen in others.

The students will learn about the Sacrament of Confirmation and support the Year 6 students through making cards and including them in our morning prayer times.



This term, our Inquiry unit is:  “My Family, My  Culture”.  The students will be learning about what it means to be part of a family and  how the roles in families change over time. They will examine similarities and differences in how families remember important events, share traditional celebrations and communicate their family stories. They will investigate the traditions of various cultures within our school and community.

The students will be developing their understanding of how Australia relates geographically to other areas on the globe.

This term the students will continue to combine their developing skills in ICT, using Chromebooks and iPads. We will continue to use these tools across our learning areas. The students will collect, explore and sort data using google docs and google slides.


In Term 3 we continue to focus on the values of our BEST program:
Students continue to be rewarded for demonstrating behaviour associated with each value and this is acknowledged at our fortnightly assemblies and through a certificate specifying the action demonstrated.

Classroom Organisation

We would like to take the opportunity to thank parents for their continued support with reading. We value how you support your child’s learning by listening to home reading, signing the yellow, Kluwell Reading Log each night, and supervising the homework tasks. Please encourage your child to be organised with their school requirements and to be self-sufficient whenever possible. 

A special thanks to parents who offer their time as classroom helpers. We welcome your contribution and invite others to join us. A ‘Working with Children’ certificate is required and easy to obtain on the internet.

A reminder that Year One and Two Specialists’ lessons occur each week on a Monday. The students need to wear sports shoes. Please ensure your child has a library bag, so they will be able to borrow. Books need to be returned to class either on or prior to the library session day. It is important to ring, email or use Skoolbag to notify the office of your child’s absence from school. Thank you for your assistance in these areas.

Friendly Reminder- Please ensure your child is arriving early enough to settle in for class. After 8:50 a.m. students must report to the office for a late pass. 

Key Dates

●    Mass 1 /2 S- 24th July 9 a.m.
●    Mass 1 /2 DW- 25th July 9 a.m.
●    Mass 1 /2 P -31st July 9 a.m.
●    Mass 1 /2 C -11th September 9a.m.
●    Mass 1 / 2 G – 19th September 9 a.m.
●    Walking Club – Tuesdays 8-8:30, This term
●    Skipping Club- Wednesdays 8-830, This term
●    Mass for Mary McKillop- 8th August ,Whole school 11:45-12:30
●    Book Fair- 12th August
●    Mass for the Assumption – Whole school, 15th August 9:15 a.m.
●    Book Week- ‘Reading is My Friend’-18th -23rd August  
●    Father’s Day Parents and Friends Breakfast- 30th August  
●    Father’s Day Stall- 29th August  
●    Football Star Academy 8-12 Years – Term 3, Mondays, 3:30-4:30
●    Parents and Friend’s Morning Tea-13th September, 8:45-9:30 a.m.
●    Parent Child Teacher Interviews -16th September, 2.00-7.30pm

How to Contact Us

Louise Pickering                
Rachel Gurvich                  
Maggie Sproul                   
Rosario Corio                     

Natalie Rando                    

Nicole Milne                      

Specialist Program News

LOTE - Italian 
Ciao a tutti e bentornati a scuola.
Dear Parents, welcome back to Semester Two.
Year One/Two – Prima/Seconda
 The students will begin the semester by revising previously acquired language. They will talk about family members using the word ‘É……. si chiama…..( he is ….she is.. her name is ..his name is…), and give factual information about themselves as well as their family members. Mamma è alta. Mum is tall. Lei è intelligente.
The focus will be on further developing the students’ speaking and listening skills as they work on the topic of Grandparents and their role in a family. The students will be encouraged to talk about their own grandparents and will be encouraged to reflect and make observations about similarities and differences in family cultural practices. I miei nonni sono….My grandparents are…….The unit will highlight the purpose of grandparents,  that is, the guidance and wisdom grandparents can provide, their show of love for the family, what they do to help. The students will be introduced to the 1st person conjugation of verbs giocare and andare:  Io gioco - I play, io vado - I go. They will then list and share the activities they do with their grandparents. They will also investigate the different ways of saying nonno and nonna in other cultures that are represented in the classroom and observe similarities and differences in the languages.  Nonno Nonna /  Opa  Oma/   Dadu Dadi. They will create posters to display in the classroom.
The focus of the unit will be on the students using their newly-acquired language and grammar knowledge to write a thank you card / letter/ poem or chant to their grandparents with illustrations. During the lessons the students will continue to participate in singing songs, playing games and completing written and oral activities.
I have included some internet links to enable the students to practise their Italian outside the classroom to help them grow in confidence and knowledge.
I also encourage everyone to keep up with Duolingo and Languages Online program in order to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.

Buon lavoro e ciao a presto.  
Signora White          


Physical Education

One/Two- This Term in Physical Education the Year One and Two students will participate in units of work continuing on with their work involving fitness, body co-ordination and also an AFL and Netball unit  They will learn the fundamental skills involved in movement with and without objects. Students will use different materials such as bean bags, tennis balls and hoops to practise co-ordination skills. For AFL they will learn how to kick, mark, bounce and handpass a football. In Netball they will learn how to throw, catch , pass and shoot for goal. All students can attend before school activities such as sprints and relay (Tuesday and Thursday Morning) and skipping club (Wednesday morning). Year One and Two students can also attend fun activities Thursday at recess run by the Year Six house captains.

Peter Tyndall



In Term 3 Year 1/2 Students in Art classes will be -

  • practising and developing paper construction and collage skills and techniques
  • experimenting with the colour wheel investigating warm and cool colours 
  • using various mediums such as crayons, pastels and paints to blend to make new colours

Mrs Cathy Bartlett

Year 3/4


Dear Parents, Greetings and welcome to our third newsletter for Year 3/4, 2019. We, again, would like to  remind you that the doors in the Year 3/4 area are always open for parents and guardians to come in and help with our learning activities. All parent helpers are required to have a current ‘ Working with Children Check.
We look forward to seeing you and exchanging ideas during the course of the term.
Please read the Newsletter weekly as there is a wealth of information regarding news and events about the school.
Netty Howe, Sue ter Kuile, Liana Caligiuri, Stephanie Barbuto and Kathy Cunningham

Our Learning this Term

In our Reading sessions we are continuing with building our skills and applying them through a variety of learning tasks. The students are examining the book “My Place” by Nadia Wheatley. Using the illustrations and the text the children are finding evidence of life in Australia between 1788 and 1988. Some of these tasks include working in pairs and small groups with the teacher to further develop student reading comprehension skills.
In our Writing, our focus is on Information Report writing. We will use the structure of this text type to present information about Melbourne landmarks. The students will be further developing their skills in grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structure.


In our Mathematics sessions , the students will continue to consolidate their knowledge in key learning areas.
We have started the term with Fractions and  Decimals. During the term we will cover topics such as Pattern and Algebra, Mass, Capacity, Volume and Chance

Students will further develop their Mental Mathematics strategies on a daily basis.  We encourage you to support your child to further develop and fine tune their times tables facts.  

In our Religion unit of work, we are focussing on “Spirit Filled People.” This will involve looking at the lives of heroes eg. Fred Hollows and spirit filled people such as Mary MacKillop. In this unit students learn about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. They will learn how the Holy Spirit inspired the early Christians and how the Holy Spirit continues to be active in people’s lives today. Along with the rest of the school we will explore the Sacrament of Confirmation with the Year Six students.


This term the students will be investigating  a History based unit called, ‘Marvellous Melbourne’
The students will be researching and exploring the life of the Wurundjeri people before European settlement, early settlers, the effect of the 1850’s gold rush and other events that have shaped Melbourne. This topic is linked with the Reading and Writing program. Also, through the study of Mary MacKillop (born in Fitzroy, Melbourne) the program integrates all areas of the curriculum.


Be Respectful

Encourage Others

Strive To Do Your Best

Think Safety

Students will continue to develop their understandings of these values through discussions and daily routines. They will implement these understandings through their daily interactions with teachers and students in the classroom and the playground.


Students are expected to:

  • Be at school before 8.45 each day. We emphasise punctuality each morning, as it allows students the opportunity to organise their work spaces in readiness for the start of the working day.
  • Please ensure all items belonging to students are labelled clearly with their names. 
  • Students in Year 3/4 are expected to read each night and record their reading in their diaries. 

Specialists day is every Wednesdays for all year 3/4s. (Students need to wear their Sports uniform and runners only on Wednesdays.)

Library Days 
3/4 tK - Tuesdays
3/4 H - Wednesdays
3/4 KC - Thursdays
3/4LC - Thursdays

Key Dates

Week 2 - General Permission to Publish and Disclose Information on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
Week 3 Maths competition - for those who enrolled last term.
Week 4 Mary MacKillop Feast Day Mass - 11:45am - whole school.
Week 5 Feast of the Assumption - Whole school Mass 9:15am, YEAR 3/4 PARISH MASS SATURDAY 17TH AUGUST 6PM
Week 6 Book Week theme - ‘Reading is my Secret Power.’ 
Week 7 Fathers’ Day stall
Week 9 Sacrament of Confirmation Saturday 14th September - 3pm
Week 10 Monday 16th September Parent, Child, Teacher interviews 2pm - 7:30pm
End of Term 3. School finishes at 2:30pm
Start of Term 4 -  7th October

How to Contact Us

There are a number of ways that you can contact the Year Three/Four teachers: 
Mrs Caligiuri, Mrs ter Kuile, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Howe
You may use your child’s diary to send a message however you need to tell your child to bring the note to the teacher’s attention.
Please come to see us between 8:30 - 8:45 am however we will need to commence class at 8:45, or see us at 3:15pm for short meetings please be aware there are staff meetings at 3.25pm on Monday and Tuesday .
If you need to contact us urgently please ring the office and we will call you to make an appointment.

Specialist Program News

LOTE -  Italian
Ciao a tutti e bentornati a scuola.
Dear Parents, welcome back to Semester Two.
Year Three/Four – Terza/Quarta
The students begin this semester by revising, recycling and consolidating previously-acquired language with written and oral activities, one of which is the Dante Alighieri poster competition.
They will continue to develop their skills in Italian and build on their vocabulary knowledge in a unit of work which is centred on Shopping –. Lo shopping. They will learn the names of various shops in Italian and be able to identify the similarities and differences in common types of shops and what they sell : Il bar- the café, il supermercato – the supermarket. Following a model and in pairs, they will write a shopping list in Italian, using the correct amounts for each item and Italian currency to pay for each. Un chilo di mele- a kilo of apples. Dieci euro-10 euro.They will learn how to ask how much an item/items cost.  Quanto costa? -How much does it cost?
 The emphasis will be on oral communication and group work, as they are asked to create and write shopping lists, dialogues and role plays and then present them in front of an audience. The students will learn new topic vocabulary in structured activities thus extending their personal knowledge of grammar and language structures. Che negozio è? È una gelateria.  What sort of shop is it? It’s an ice-cream parlour. The focus will also be on reading for comprehension, by predicting  from clues as they are asked to create a tune for a song.
I have included some internet links to enable the students to practise their Italian outside the classroom and  help them grow in confidence and knowledge.
To help your child practise his/her Italian, please access the following LINKS :
Buon lavoro e ciao a presto.  

Signora White                    


Physical Education 
Three/Four- This Term in Physical Education the Year Three and Four students will participate in units of work involving Athletics, AFL Football and Netball. They will learn the fundamental skills involved in being prepared for Athletics  sessions by stretching and warming up correctly. For Athletics they will do sprinting, relays, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put and discus. They will complete a standard 8 minute run as part of their fitness testing.  In the AFL unit students will learn the basic skills involved in kicking, marking and handpassing. They will be involved in modified AFL games to learn basic game play and teamwork skills.   Year Three/Four students will finish of the term with a unit on Netball. They will learn the skills involved in  throwing, catching and shooting for goal with the netball and will finish off with modified games. Students can attend before school activities such as sprints and relays club (Tuesday and Thursday morning) and skipping club (Wednesday morning).  They can also participate in lunchtime clubs which happen every week. Students in Year Three and Four can also try out for the St Andrew’s Athletics Team.


Peter Tyndall



In Term 3 Year 3/4 Students in Art classes will be –

  • experimenting with paper construction to form various floral designs for school display boards
  • practising colourful wool weaving on a cardboard loom frame
  • using air dried clay to construct a storage container which will be decorated when dry

Mrs Cathy Bartlett

Year 5/6


Welcome to another busy term. We are already half way through the year! After a successful and productive Term Two we again look forward to working with you to support your child’s learning here at St Andrew’s. A major event for the Year 6 Students in Term 3 is Confirmation.


Below is an overview of the learning and upcoming events of Term 3.

Daniela Dal Santo - 5/6 D (Monday - Wednesday, Friday)
Peter Tyndall - 5/6D (Thursday)
Michael McDonough - 5/6 M (Monday, Wed-Friday)
Nella LoPresti - 5/6 L (Tuesday - Friday)
Callum Mills - 5/6 CM (Monday - Wednesday)
Paddy Edwards - 5/6 E (Monday - Friday)
Daniela Polites - 5/6 L (Monday), 5/6 M (Tuesday), 5/6 CM (Thursday, Friday)
Bella Aranda - Curriculum Enhancement Teacher
Rosemary Restaino - Learning Support Officer
Annette Prete - Learning Support Officer

Our Learning this Term



This term in Reading, students will read a variety of texts based on their current reading level.

Students will either be continuing the skills/roles learnt last term in ‘Reciprocal Reading’ or participating in Literature Circles each morning between 9-10 o’clock.

The roles of Reciprocal Reading are:

  • Predictor
  • Clarifier
  • Questionner
  • Summariser

The role of Literature Circles [1] [2] is to engage students in critical thinking and reflection as they read, discuss and respond to a text.



Over the term students will be learning about ‘ Writer’s Traits’, which help the students learn about what makes a good writer and writing piece.


These traits include:

  • Organising Ideas
  • Text structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Language Conventions
  • Writer’s Voice

Over the term students will create pieces of writing based on:

-    Newspaper articles
-    Information Reports
-    Poetry


The Speaking and Listening aspect of the Curriculum is covered during formal and informal sessions. Students will develop their speaking and listening skills in class discussions as well using Chromebook extensions such as screencasting and flipgrid to enable students to explain their learning through voice recording and video.



The topics for Mathematics in Term Two are as follows:

-    Geometric Reasoning (Angles and Lines)
-    3D Shapes
-    Location and Transformation
-    Data Representation and Interpretation
-    Patterns and Algebra

Prior to the commencement of each topic, students complete a short online Pre-Test using the website ‘Essential Assessment’. From these results students are allocated different ‘mini lessons’ throughout each topic to address the point of need for each student. The breakdown of these lessons can be found in your child’s Mathematics Google Drive folder prior to the commencement of the unit.

You are encouraged to ask your child daily about the activity they have completed in Maths, feel free to ask them to show you the lesson they have completed!



This term in Religious Education, the Confirmation candidates are preparing to receive the Holy Spirit through the sacrament of Confirmation. They will be exploring the story of Pentecost, learning about the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and researching a saint of their choice. 

  •  I CAN evaluate the story of Pentecost and describe the role of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church.
  •  I CAN interpret the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and explain how they enable people to contribute to the mission of the Catholic Church.
  •  I CAN reflect on the Word of God and explain how the teachings of Jesus impact on me.
  • The other students will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a faith community and reflect on different ways God is portrayed in the Bible and society.
  • I CAN explain the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit and identify how they are present in characters from scripture and people in today’s world. 
  • I CAN interpret what it means to belong to a faith community.
  • I CAN reflect on how believing in God impacts on the lives of others.


This term’s Inquiry unit is ‘ Diversity: Australia’s Changing Face’ and is based around History and Geography. Students will be learning about Australia’s history with a focus on the cause and effect of migration on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and changes to the city of Melbourne.

  • I can sequence significant events in Australia’s history to explain the cause and effect on the population.
  • I can identify the origin and content feature of historical sources that describe cause and effect
  • I can describe the influence Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people have had on the environmental characteristics of Australia.
  • I can identify and describe patterns of continuity and change in daily life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, ‘native born’ and migrants in the Australian colonies
  • I can locate the major countries if the Asian region on a map and explain the geographical diversity within the region.


Students will continue to strive to display our school’s BEST values. Each student is responsible as a ‘ leader’ to enact these values at all times.

Students will continue to work towards earning tokens during Term 3 and the weekly BEST awards will link to a focus for the Grade 5 and 6 students over two weeks. These names can be found in the weekly newsletter.

These values are also reflected on during the Morning Circle time in each class. It is important that all students arrive to school before 8:45 am each day to ensure a smooth start to the day.

Classroom Organisation

Specialist lessons are every Tuesday, this is the one day students are required to wear sports shoes unless instructed by classroom teachers.

Homework is distributed on a Monday and collected the following Friday, it is the role of the parent to ensure any homework is completed.

Students are expected to have their Chromebook charged each night and ready for learning the next day. Whilst homework may require the use of the Chromebook it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor the use of the Chromebook at home. As recommended at the Cyber Safety Parent evening, Chromebooks should be stored and charged in a visible place at home.

Over winter, tissue supplies run low in a classroom. Any more generous contributions would be greatly appreciated!

Key Dates

Monday July 29th: OLSH and St James come and see program Grade 5
Thursday August 1st: Australian Maths Competition
Thursday August 8th: Mary Mackillop Mass, 11:45am
Tuesday August 13th: Senior District Athletics
Thursday August 15th: Assumption Mass, 9:15am

Monday August 19th - 30th : Swimming Program commences

Thursday August 29th: Anointing of the Sick Mass, 9:15am
Friday August 30th: Father’s Day Breakfast in the 
Tuesday September 3rd: Confirmation Workshop/Parent Evening, 6:00pm
Thursday September 12th : Confirmation Reflection Day
Saturday September 14th : Confirmation, 3:00pm
Friday September 20th: End of Term 3

Please ensure you have downloaded the Skoolbag App to stay up to date with all coming events

How to Contact Us

 Please feel free to contact us by the following:

School Phone: 9551 5094   

Teacher Emails: 

Paddy Edwards:
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Bella Aranda:
Peter Tyndall:

We politely request that there is an understanding that emails may only be responded to during working hours.

Specialist News


Ciao a tutti e bentornati a scuola.


Dear Parents, welcome back to Semester Two.
Years 5 and 6 - Quinta e Sesta
In Years Five and Six, the students will begin with revising previously-acquired language through varied activities, games and then completing the poster for the Dante Alighieri Competition which this year focuses on Healthy Eating. As part of our Italian studies we are planning to explore the topic of Food. The students will be encouraged to reflect and make observations about similarities and differences in cultural practices at markets, shops and when going out to eat at a restaurant and they will be asked to complete a mini-project to show their findings. The focus for this unit of work will be on ordering a meal in an Italian restaurant. Thus, they will be introduced to the present tense of the verb to eat –mangiare and its             conjugation : Io mangio -I eat, Tu mangi -you eat, Lei mangia -she eats, and to common Italian expressions associated with giving and taking an order. Vorrei –I would like  Desidera? What would you like? They will also learn how to read an Italian menu : Antipasto Entrée, Pasta Pasta, Primo First course, Secondo Second Course, Dolce Dessert and in groups, create a menu of their own, using their newly-acquired knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
In groups, the students will also be expected to create and present a dialogue /a conversation/ a role play in a restaurant using newly-acquired and familiar language. They will continue to participate in playing games and completing written and oral activities.
To help your child practise his/her Italian, please access the following LINKS :

I also encourage everyone to keep up with the Duolingo and Languages Online programs in order to revise and increase their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.
Buon lavoro e ciao a presto.

Signora White


Physical Education

This Term in Physical Education the Year Five and Six students will participate in units of work involving Athletics, Softball and AFL. They will learn the fundamental skills involved in being prepared for Athletics sessions by stretching and warming up correctly. For Athletics  they will do sprinting, relays, high jump, long jump, triple jump,shot put and discus. They will complete a standard 8 minute run as part of their fitness testing.  In the AFL unit students will learn the basic skills involved in kicking , marking and hand passing. They will be involved in mini AFL  games to learn game sense and teamwork skills. Year five and Six Students will finish of the term with a unit on Softball. They will learn the skills involved in throwing, catching and hitting with a softball bat and will finish off with mini softball games. Students can attend before school activities such as sprints and relays club (Tuesday and Thursday Morning) and skipping club (Wednesday Morning).  They can also participate in lunchtime clubs which happen every week. Students in Year Five and Six will also have the opportunity to try out for the ST Andrew’s Athletics team  in the 10/11 and 12/13 age group.


Peter Tyndall



In Term 3 Year 5/6 Students will be –

helping to produce replica stained glass window art for the church and the celebration of Confirmation

using various paper collage and construction work of butterflies for school display boards

Investigating famous Artists throughout history, as well as modern day artists researching

the various techniques and influences they used to create art pieces.

Mrs Cathy Bartlett

Year Level Newsletter