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03 March 2017
Issue Two
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Scoresby Secondary College
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Diary Dates & Events                             

Diary Dates & Events


Tuesday 7 March

College Athletics Day 9am - 3pm

(Compulsary Whole College Event)


Thursday 8 March

College Photograph Day


Friday 10 March 

Curriculum Day - Students are not required at school


Monday 13 March

Labour Day - Students are not required at school


Thursday 23 March

School Council Annual General Meeting 7pm

School Council Meeting 7:30pm


Friday 24 March

Edition 3 'The Score' - Newsletter


Tuesday 28 March

Parentnet Annual General Meeting 7pm


Wednesday 29 March - Thursday 6 April

Year 10 & 11 Central Australia Camp


Thursday 30 March

Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences

1pm - 7:30pm

*There will be no classes on this day but students are required to attend the conferences with their parent/guardian (except Year 10 & 11 students on camp).


Friday 31 March

Last day of Term 3 early dismissal at 2:30pm



Tuesday 18 April 

Term 2 Commences


Tuesday 25 April

ANZAC Day - Students are not required at school


Wednesday 26 April

College Open Day / Night

Tours from 9am - 10:30am

College Open Night commences at 4:30pm and concludes at 7:30pm with a Principals address at 6:30pm.



Tuesday 9 - Friday 11 May

Year 7 & 9 Naplan Testing

College Principal's Report           

Welcome to this Edition of 'The Score'

The students have had the opportunity to participate in learning activities within and beyond the classroom the past two weeks.  The buzz of engagement in school life is evident. This week our Year 7 Camp was undertaken and the feedback from the campsite staff, bus company and teachers was very positive.


Look out

The College has continued to receive exceptional attention based on our achievements. Today I participated in the production of a film about our Naplan growth. I look forward to sharing this and other news next edition of Score.


School Council Elections 2017

Two weeks ago, we announced the timeline for our upcoming school council elections. I have put further information in this edition of the Score to assist members for each category to consider standing.


What is a School Council and what does it do?

All government schools in Victoria have a School Council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a School Council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.


Who is on the School Council?

 There are three possible categories of membership:

  • A mandated elected Parent category.

More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education and Training (DET) employees can be Parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not employed at the school.

  • A mandated elected DET employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total membership of school council. The Principal of the school is automatically one of these members.
  • An optional Community member category. Its members are appointed by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. DET employees are not eligible to be Community members.

The term of office for all members is two years. Half the members must retire each year, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections.


Why is Parent membership so important?

Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school. Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.


How can you become involved?

The most obvious way is to vote in the elections, which are held in Term 1 each year. However, ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant. In view of this, you might seriously consider

  • standing for election as a member of the school council
  • encouraging another person to stand for election


Do I need special experience to be on school council?

No. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.


What do you need to do to stand for election?

The Principal will issue a notice and call for nominations. All School Council elections must be completed by the end of March. If you decide to stand for election, you can arrange for someone to nominate you as a candidate or you can nominate yourself in the Parent category. DET employees whose child is enrolled in a school in which they are not employed are eligible to nominate as parents for the school council where their child is enrolled. Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the Principal within the time stated on the notice of election. You will receive a Nomination Form Receipt following the receipt of your completed nomination. If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted during the two weeks after the call for nominations has closed.



  • Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do
  • Consider standing for election to council this year
  • Be sure to vote in the elections.


Contact Principal, Gail Major for more information.


The 2017 Scoresby Secondary College Council Election Process and Timeline Nomination Forms may now be obtained from the General Office at the College and must be lodged at no later than 4pm on Thursday 16 March 2017. Following the close of nominations, a list of nominations received will be posted at the College. An election will then be conducted (if the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies).


The terms of office, membership categories and numbers of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows:


Parent Member

Number of Positions:

                    Three (3) (2x 2Year, 1x 1year)

Term of Office:

Form the day after the declaration of the poll in 2017 to, and inclusive of, the date of the declaration of the poll in 2019.


DET Employee Member

Number of Positions:                    

                    Two (2)

Term of Office:                  

From the day after the declaration of the poll in 2017 to, and inclusive of, the date of the declaration of the poll in 2019.

If you decide to stand for election you will need to arrange to be nominated and seconded by persons who are eligible for the same category as you will stand for.


Continuing Council Members

The following Members will continue to serve on School Council throughout 2017:


Principal/Executive Officer

Gail Major   

Parent Members       

Sharon Hanna, Denise Lucas, Christine Prissman, Cindy Lopes

 DEECD Members                             

Chris Knight

Community Members:                

Keith Talty, Jack Lucas

2017 College Captains

Frazer Spence, Tash Orfanidis,  Mislav Tosic, Christy Pritchard (2)


Information Evenings

Information evenings have been conducted with the purpose of fostering positive relationships between school and home. The year seven evening was well attended with nearly all parents or guardians present. However, the participations rates for the senior school and the year eight and nine evenings was much lower. It is disappointing that many parents/guardians are not recognising the importance of engaging in the evenings.


“International research has shown that parental engagement (of various kinds) has a positive impact on many indicators of student achievement, including:

      higher grades and test scores

      enrolment in higher level programs and advanced classes

      higher successful completion of classes

      lower drop-out rates

      higher graduation rates

      a greater likelihood of commencing postsecondary education.


Beyond educational achievement, parental engagement is associated with various indicators of student development.

These include:

      more regular school attendance

      better social skills

      improved behaviour

      better adaptation to school

      increased social capital

      a greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning

     greater engagement in school work

     a stronger belief in the importance of education.”


 From a report by the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth for the Family-School and Community Partnerships Bureau.


 We would welcome feedback form parents who attended the evenings on the value of the evenings and suggestions for further improvements. For parents who did not attend, it would be helpful to establish what we could include to encourage you to attend future evenings. Please email [email protected] or place any hand written feedback to the General Office.



13 22 89
8am - midnight
7 days a week

  • Parentline is a confidential and anonymous service available for parents and carers of children aged from birth to eighteen years.
  • Professional counsellors are available to discuss a variety of issues that impact on parenting and family relationships.
  • Parentline can provide a great deal of support so families don't have to manage alone contact details for community services.

Mobile Phone/mp3 Music Player Policy

The College’s policy on mobile phones and electrical devices recognises its responsibility in providing a safe and secure environment for all students. It also aims to build a learning community where students are not disengaged from their learning or their social responsibilities at school by using devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players and others.


Given these aims, students are not permitted to use mobile phones, mp3 players and the like while at school. If a student elects to bring such a device to school, it is the responsibility of the student and it must be left in the student’s locker for the duration of the school day. The VCAA assessment rules further reinforce the College’s policy as it states that no electronic devices are permitted to be taken into assessment sessions.


To ensure that all students develop good habits in preparing for assessment tasks, this VCAA rule applies to all year levels at Scoresby Secondary College. Students may use the relevant year level office’s telephone to make a call should an emergency arise and likewise important messages may be left for students at the year level office or General Office.


If a student uses a mobile phone anytime/anywhere at school, it will be confiscated and the consequences will follow our staged response which is directly related to our College Code of Code of Conduct.


Gail Major 



Assistant Principal's Report

Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences


Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday 30 March.


This is of great importance for all students and their families as it assists in the establishment of routines and practices that will impact on student performance in the end of year assessments. Regardless of the Year Level that a student is in, there is strong evidence that clearly shows where a family of a student is actively involved in their education, the student will enjoy greater success in their learning outcomes.


Despite what they might say publicly, all students need to feel the confidence that they are supported both at school and at home. Where there is a strong partnership between the student, their family and their teachers, a student will be encouraged knowing that those around them are all “on the same page” when it comes to their learning.


All parents want their child to reach their potential, they want them to succeed and enjoy a fulfilling future and therefore they recognise the importance of the students attending and doing well at school.


Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences are an important part of this process as they permit discussion and feedback on what has been achieved and just as importantly how and where further improvement can be made between now and the final assessments. Teachers have the role of being the coach and developing a plan for students to achieve. These Conferences are when families can attend and better understand that plan and how it can best be achieved.


Please Note: Students DO NOT ATTEND school on this day for regular classes. Instead they are required to attend the conferences with a parent/guardian in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM.


Appointment booking system

Parents will be able to make appointments with their son or daughter’s teachers online through the Compass portal. Parents will have a complete list of all their child’s teachers and their available times so that appointments can be made directly all in the one place at the one time. The portal will be open for access from Friday 10 March.


To make appointments, parents need to log onto the school’s Compass website at


If you have misplaced your Compass username and password, contact for assistance.


Instructions on how to sign up for Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences


Everyday Matters – The Importance of Attendance

We all want our students to receive a great education. The start of a great education starts with students attending school on time every day.


Students who attend school regularly develop good habits that are necessary for success during school and beyond school; whether in the workplace or in further education.


Missing school can have a massive impact on an individual – academically, socially and mentally. It can affect a student’s ability to achieve success in assessment tasks as well as impact negatively on relationships with other students and can lead to social isolation etc.


Students learn new things at school everyday and everyday they are away they miss important information and can fall behind their peers. For some students the thought of catching up on work and learning can become too difficult.



All parents/guardians of students have access to the Compass Parent Portal ( Compass is an excellent and efficient way for parents to keep up to date with their son/daughter’s progress at school. Through the Parent Portal, you can:

• view up-to-date class and school attendance information;

• approve past or future absences (medical certificates will need to be provided to approve VCE/VCAL absences);

• book your Parent/Student/Teacher conferences; and

• access information regarding upcoming events and news.

Parents are reminded they should not share their Parent Portal password with their son/daughter. Students have their own access to Compass.

If you have had any difficulty accessing your Parent Portal account or using it, please contact IT Support on or Chris Knight on 9765 4100.



We will continue to hold Assemblies throughout the year. These Assemblies will be approximately every second week. Students will need to at school before 8:35am on Assembly days. Students and parents are asked to check Compass for the schedule.


Term 1 schedule:

Monday 27/3 – College Assembly


Term 2 schedule:

Tuesday 18 April (First day) – College Assembly

Monday 1 May – Year Level Assemblies

Monday 15 May – Sub-School Assemblies

Monday 29 May – Year Level Assemblies

Monday 12 June – Queen’s Birthday – no assemblies

Monday 26 June – College Assembly


Use of School Car Park

The safety of the students is of paramount importance at our school and rules have been established to ensure the health and safety of our community members. The Staff car park is not to be used by parents for drop-off or pick-up at the start or end of the school day. The exception to this rule is people who require the disabled car park or visitors to the college.


If you are required to drive into the school (eg: to collect your child during the school day), please drive at walking pace and ensure that you take note of the pedestrian crossings and park your car in the visitors car park located in front of the 200 block.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal




Junior School

Junior School Report

The Junior School has made an excellent start to 2017 and it is pleasing to see students engaged in their learning. It will continue to be a busy time for teachers and students with many exciting events and incursions taking place. More information will be given out in the coming weeks.

The Year 8 and 9 Numeracy Workshop was held this week on Tuesday 28 February, led by Numeracy Coach/ Head of Maths Ms Leanne Wilson. This included a new format which provided parents an insight into how Scoresby Secondary College implements the curriculum in a mixed ability team teaching classroom. It was great to see parents learning about teaching strategies and asking mindful questions. There is overwhelming evidence which demonstrates the positive effect of parent involvement with their child’s education. We hope that with your support and assistance we can continue to help our students achieve their best.


Homework is important to the successful learning outcomes of students. It could be set tasks, unfinished class work, projects or wider reading. Revision, study and preparation for tests should also be done regularly at home. Homework not only prepares students for upcoming class topics but teaches them self- discipline, responsibility and self- regulated learning.  Scoresby Secondary College encourages parents and guardians to be active participants in their child’s learning and their progress. It is highly encouraged that students in the Junior School develop a regular homework/ study routine. The school planner should be an assistance to the completion of the work as each class and its relevant homework should be entered on a daily basis. This year, Home Group teachers will be taking an active role in ensuring that all students use their planner effectively.


The suggested minimum times for homework/ study per week are:

Junior School

Year 7  -5 hours

Year 8 - 6 hours

Year 9 - 7.5 hours


Not Seen, Not Heard

A reminder to students about our ‘Not Seen, Not Heard’ policy at Scoresby Secondary College. Mobile phones should not be used throughout the day and should be kept in a student’s secured locker. Failure to comply will result in the device being confiscated. Students can collect their device from the General Office at the end of the day. In addition, Ipads should only be used for educational purposes and should be kept on silent during school hours.


Following the introduction of our new 5 period timetable, students have been advised that they must be prepared with all of their books and materials for every class. As a result students should not be visiting their lockers between periods 1 and 2 and periods 3 and 4.


Year 7 Camp also took place this week and we look forward to sharing their highlights and photos of their experiences in the next issueof 'The Score'


If there are any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Junior School on 9765 4100.


Junior School Captains

Hello, my name is Shannen Toogood and I am the Junior school captain along with Trung Le. We represent all students in Junior School (Years 7-9). We attend Student Representative Council meetings every Tuesday and our main goal is to echo the voice of the junior school students and help improve our school through listening and actioning the students’ needs and wants.


As the figure heads of Junior School, we also speak in assemblies and other college events. We also have regular meetings with our college principal Mrs Major along with the other school captains to discuss what is happening around the school and wider community. I've been in SRC since year 7 and I am very happy to be the junior school captain for my last year as a junior student, I am looking forward to another great year with SRC at Scoresby Secondary College, thank you for reading.

Shannen Toogood



Hello I'm Trung Le and I'm one of the junior school captains for 2017.

As a Junior School Captain, I relay the voices of the students from years 7 to 9 through to the student representative council where we all work together to help make the school a better place using the ideas of the students. Every Tuesday I attend SRC meetings in the student leadership room, where we as a representative group discuss amongst each other any issues within in the school and how to resolve them. We also talk in assemblies to introduce important people like Mrs Major and guest speakers.


As leaders we are also invited to attend other school and wider community functions this is a great opportunity for myself and the other student leaders to develop our leadership skills and network. I have been part of Student Leadership at Scoresby Secondary College for three years and enjoy working with the students and other leaders.

Thank you for your time.

Trung Le


Ms Emily Phibbs

Year 8 Coordinator


Senior School 

Senior School News

Wednesday 22 February was our Senior School Information Night and it was lovely to see and meet the parents of students in Years 10-12.  As raised during the night, this is a partnership between the College, you as parents and the student – we are all working to see the best outcomes for the students and together we can achieve so much more.  Please contact the relevant coordinator if you have concerns about how your young person is coping:


Year 10 – Mr Tom Santos

Year 11 – Mrs Sylvia Wood

Year 12 – Ms Vicki Manioudakis


The next few weeks will see a steady increase in work expectations and assessment, especially for VCE students.  Please monitor the attitude and behaviour of your young person and contact us if you have any concerns about how they are coping.  Both Year 11 and Year 12 students have been provided a calendar of SAC dates and these are available on Compass for parents.


Elevate Education visited our Year 11 & 12 students on Thursday 2 March.  They conducted a session on mnemonics and memory for the Year 12 students and a study techniques session for the Year 11 students.  We request that all parents ensure that the Speaker Charges have been paid so that all students are able to access this great opportunity. 


Our Central Australia Camp information session also took place  Wednesday 22 February.  Should parents have any concerns or questions regarding this camp, please contact Ms Emma Morris.  Students are reminded that they are expected to complete all work missed whilst on camp, prior to the start of Term 2 on Tuesday 18 April.


It has been lovely to work with the student leaders, examining how they’d like to contribute and improve Scoresby Secondary College.  The students have begun preliminary work on lunchtime activities and engaging others in the College community.  I look forward to working with the students further.


Ormond College - Year 12 Camp

On the Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 of February, the Year 12 cohort had the privilege to undertake a two day camp at Ormond College. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and a lot of knowledge was gained throughout our short but rewarding stay at the college.


During day one, guest speakers spoke to us about English studies and gave us helpful tips on how to get the best out of the year. A student panel, consisting of past Scoresby students gave us an insight into the challenges they experienced and gave us good advice on how to overcome some of the challenges so that we can achieve our best.


Early the second morning, our final lecture of the camp was based on calculating ATAR scores and how to achieve our desired score. This lecture was followed by heading outside for team building activities that featured lots of healthy competition amongst our cohort.


Later we went on a tour of the Parkville Melbourne University campus that was led by current students who were willing to give us their expertise and knowledge of the university. It was interesting to hear the stories associated with the university and we were very thankful to those students from Melbourne University who took time out of their day to show us around the campus.


Thank you to the staff at both Melbourne University and here at Scoresby Secondary College for giving us such a great experience and an eye opener to the opportunities after high school.

Tash Orfanidis, Frazer Spence, Christy Pritchard & Mislav Tosic

 Year 12 Leaders.


Ellen Sawyer

Head of Senior School

Staff Profile

Assistant Principal

Chris Knight  came to Scoresby Secondary College  just over eighteen months ago as   Assistant Principal. Prior to this Chris had been working in the same role at another large secondary school and has also had experience teaching in a Prep - Year 12 College.


Chris enjoys working with staff, students and families to improve student learning outcomes. When he was teaching, Chris taught in the areas of Health and Physical Education,  Science, Mathematics and VCAL.

Chris has a passion for education and getting the best out of people. Chris likes going into classrooms and seeing how students are engaged with their learning and developing their skills and knowledge.


Being a PE teacher, Chris loves sport and being active. His favourite sports are AFL football, athletics, golf, netball and motor racing. He supports the long suffering Saints in AFL and the Vixens in the netball. He also enjoys watching any competitive sport and loves playing golf; even though he is not as good as he would like to be.


Chris is proud to be the Assistant Principal of this great school and looks forward to the continued development of the students, staff and the broader community.

Chris Knight

Visual Arts 

Year 9 Art 

Over the last three weeks, students in Year 9 Art have been lucky enough to participate in the Knox Festival Art Making Competition. This year’s theme for the competition was around the idea of  “Home Sweet Home” and the notion of “Going up!” to inspire students in their art making. The chosen art form to express their creativity was the kite, and with the assistance of visiting artist Julian Clavijo our Year 9’s transformed and communicated their ideas into beautiful one of a kind kites!


All of their kites will be on display both days this weekend at the Knox Festival in Wally Tew Reserve, Ferntree Gully. So come along and see the fantastic efforts the students of Scoresby Secondary College have put into their kites.

I’ll see you there!

Erin O’Sullivan

Art Department


Whats Happening In Term 1

Term 1 is well underway. This term our Year 10 students will continue with Work Experience arrangements for the second last week of Term 2 Monday 19 – Friday 23 June 2017.


Students began their career investigation and preparation for work experience at the end of Term 4 2016. Some students have placements organised and are waiting to complete the paperwork, this will be coming home this week for parents and students to read and complete. Congratulations to Students who have a placement organised and to those students who are trying and have had a couple of knock backs, keep on trying. While it is a fantastic opportunity to investigate a career and for many to experience the world of work for the first time, it is often very challenging and you may have to try many work places before being successful. The skills gained from putting together the application and making contact are valuable and you should congratulate yourselves on every enquiry and contact you make, it take resilience to keep on applying, a skill that you will use every day for the rest of your life.


I am available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday recess and lunch times and am happy to meet with students before or after school to guide and assist you to find a placement.


Parents can help by encouraging students to make a list of careers and workplaces they are interested in, doing some research so you know something about the company or organisation, making contact initially by telephone to find the correct contact person; to either send a request or go and meet with. It is important and employers will respond well to students making these calls themselves, not parents.


There have already been a couple of Careers newsletters uploaded to the careers website, these include information on a wide range of things including information about

  • What the Career Centre can assist you with.
  • Tax File Numbers
  • ANU Tuckwell Scholarship and Roadshows
  • The Group of Eight (GO8) Universities
  • Studying Medicine at Monash University
  • UMAT 2017
  • ISAT 2017
  • Top 100 Universities for Employability
  • Psychology at Deakin University
  • Studying Health Sciences at Monash University
  • AusAppPathways – Explore Apprenticeships & Traineeships
  • Health Science Degrees in Victoria
  • News from ADFA
  • Biomedical Science at Monash University
  • News from Education USA-Upcoming Events in Melbourne, Education USA YouTube Channel, Financing Study in the States
  • University of the Arts London (UAL) Presentation in Melbourne
  • Biomedicine/Biomedical Science Degrees in Victoria
  • Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Website
  • 'Inside Monash' Seminar Series 2017
  • GAP and/or Exchange Programs
    • AFX Student Exchange
    • AIFS Au Pair, Volunteer & Exchange Program
    • Cultural Care Au Pair
    • Lattitude Global Volunteering
    • Projects Abroad
    • Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (SCCE)
    • Student Exchange Australia
    • Volunteer Abroad with WEP
  • Snapshot of Deakin University
  • ADF GAP Year
  • Forensic Medicine Career Information Afternoon
  • News from the University of Melbourne
    • 'Make it Possible with Melbourne' Series
    • A Day at Melbourne
    • Veterinary Science and Hospital Open Day
  • Industry Insight into Travel & Tourism at William Angliss
  • Deakin University Enviro Seminar
  • Quick Facts about Swinburne University
  • Architecture, Construction & Surveying Courses in Victoria 

Please make yourselves familiar with the website, it is great resource and has a huge amount of information. It should be your first stop when you are looking for information on anything job, careers, university and TAFE related.

Scoresby Secondary College Careers website can be accessed via the school website: community/ careers or directly


Each week I will place a newsletter with information, Instruction on how create an account and sign up for email alerts are on compass and the home page of the website, I welcome feedback on how you find the website and any suggestions that you may have or information you would like included.

I also print and place a copy of the current newsletter on the senior school notice board and a copy in the careers room.


Bronwyn Haines

Careers Advisor


Community News

Tuning into Teens


Open Day


William Maskell 

Hey students and teachers of Scoresby Secondary College.


Some of you may not know me, I’m William (Will) Maskell, a former student of your school,  who recently graduated year 12 and completed my exams.


I have a disability and have been privileged with all of the help the school has given me in giving me full wheelchair access during my 6 years of high school education.

During that time, I’ve had trouble with my wheelchair accessible vehicle and as a result have set up a gofundme campaign to help me buy a new one.


The campaign is slow which made me think that I should ask the school community (students, teachers, parents, council) for some help.


Even if you don’t donate, it will still help if you share it with your family and friends.


Hope you all can help in any way you can. It’ll be much appreciated.


The link is


Will Maskell

William Maskell

Dental Care


Dental Services for Children


Dental Services for Teens


Coding Fundamentals


College Photogaph Package Orders


The Score
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Tuning into Teens.pdf
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