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14 March 2017
Issue Six
Our Vision
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To be an engaging and inclusive learning community where students are confident, creative, curious and lifelong learners.

Our Values

Respect        Teamwork       Resilience        Integrity


We respect ourselves by valuing who we are and doing our personal best.

We respect others by treating them fairly and in the way we would like to be treated.

We respect our community by being inclusive/friendly to others and taking care of our environment.


We make sure that we contribute.

We make sure that we encourage and give others the opportunity to contribute.

We work together to achieve the best we possibly can.


We accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We bounce back when things just don’t seem to be going right.

We make an effort to make things right again.


We are honest with each other.

We are accountable for the decisions we make.

We own up to our mistakes.

Principal's Report

Junior School Rotations

Our Prep, 1 and 2 students have started their rotations for the term. The students are doing three different activities while visiting other spaces in the school and learning from other teachers. The learning activities the stduetns are doing include, library, PMP and Social Skills.


Students have the opportunity to borrow books and read together in the library.

PMP stands for Perceptual Motor Program. Our grade 6 students assist to facilitate the small groups of students through activities. The areas that PMP focus on also assist with the learning development of students.

The key areas are:

  • Gross motor skills - the acquisition of large scale movements e.g: walking, running, jumping, skipping, climbing, moving in and out of positions.
  • Fine motor skills - the acquisition of small scale movements e.g: performing building tasks,
  • isolating various fingers, using tools, copying precise actions without overflow (accompanying large scale movements).
  • Crossing the midline of the body (laterality). Eyes must also learn to track across the body midline to avoid potential difficulties with reading.
  • Establishment of a preferred hand. Examples include ball games, building activities, pushing and pulling tasks.
  • Balance - closely associated with the development of gross motor skills.
  • Body and space awareness. This usually develops from head to toe and from the centre outwards. Development is encouraged by movement through space such as swinging, moving the body/parts of the body in relation to pieces of equipment, e.g: tyres, hoops, boxes and tunnels. Spatial concepts such as behind, between, backwards, forwards and up/down are also practiced.
  • Visual and spatial skills. Students are helped to track objects in all directions, match shapes and copy patterns.
  • Rhythm sequence, memory and listening. Activities such as clapping to rhythms, fast vs slow movements, counting claps, steps, jumps, etc. These skills are relevant to the development of mathematical abilities.
  • Communication and behaviour.  Students are rewarded for appropriate behaviour and effort.

During the social skills activities students will be learning about developing Resilience, how to work, learn and play  with each other as well as how to recognise and share their feelings. Today the stduents talked and drew pictures about good days and bad days and how they bounce back from bad days.


Family Night this Thursday

We all hope you can come along to family night this Thursday. We know that many of you have other commitments during the week and sometimes we just have to pick a date and hope that everyone can make it. With nearly 90 families to accommodate we do our best. We hope that you will be able to drop in for some colour fun! We have some lovely bright colours to play with! Don't forget sunnies or goggles to shield your eyes and clothes that you don't mind looking tie-dyed!

COMPASS and School Website

Are you able to access COMPASS? If not then please let us know and we will make sure you can. We also need to update our school website. If you have any ideas for what sort of information we should use to showcase our school please email me your thoughts and ideas at:

[email protected]

School supervision times

Just a reminder that students are supervised by our school staff between the hours of 8.45am and 3.45pm. Students who arrive at school before 8.45am or are at school after 3.45pm should either be enrolled at OSHC or be under the direct supervision of a parent. This is important for our duty of care and for your child's safety.


Please do not use the staff car park or enter through the drive way gates unless you are picking up form Out of School Hours Care.

Last Day of Term Assembly

We will be having an Assembly on Friday the 31st of March. Students will be receiving their badges and the Easter raffle will be drawn. The assembly will start at 1:45pm before a 2:30pm dismissal.

Have a great week everyone. 


Upper Ferntree Gully Awards

Student of the Week

FW -  Max J

1P-  Avery

2D- Maxwell

3N-  Paige S

Grade 4 students 

Grade 5 & 6 Students

Writer of the Week

FW -  Matthew

1P- Thomas

2D-  Zeke

3N-  Elliot



Mathematician of the week

FW -  Max M

1P-  Jone

2D- Luca

3N-  Nevaeh



Out of School Hours Care

Our Prices

Program Times                  Full Fee 

Before School Care         $12  

6:45AM – 8:45AM


After School Care             $16                 

3:30PM – 6:15PM

Great Activities happening in out of hours school care!

Amy has been running some great activities! The students all love the new healthy menu making great use of our lovely school grown produce!

Dates to remember

Term 1

Wednesday 15th

P-2 Responsible Pet Program 11am-2pm


Thursday 16th

Family Fun Night 5.30pm-7.00pm


Tuesday 21st

Harmony Day

WALA African Drummers

Wear Orange - as much or as little as you have!


Thursday 23rd



Monday 27th

Young Leaders Conference-School Captains


Wednesday 29th

PFA Annual General Meeting

School Council  AGM 7pm


Thursday 30th



Friday 31st

School Assembly 1:45pm

Last Day of Term 2:30pm Finish


Term 2

Tuesday 18th 

First Day of Term 2


Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start) to 31 March

Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 22 December

Parents Page

Readings for Parents

Each week we will publish readings for parents to support your child in their learning.

Literacy Development

The growth of literacy skills is a vital part of your child’s overall development. It’s the foundation for doing well at school, socialising with others, developing independence, managing money and working.


But before your child learns to read and write, he needs to develop the building blocks for literacy – the ability to speak, listen, understand, watch and draw.

With time, and your support, your child will also come to understand the connection between letters on a page and spoken sounds. For this to happen, they need plenty of experience with:

  • pictures and objects – how you can use words to talk about them
  • letters and words – their shapes, sounds and names
  • sounds – how words can rhyme, begin and end with the same letters, be broken up into parts (for example, syllables), be formed by blending different sounds, and so on.

This will prepare your child for school, when they start learning the more formal aspects of literacy.

You can help your child’s literacy development by communicating with them,, reading with them and teaching them about sounds in ways that are fun for both of you.


You can prepare your child for reading and writing tasks at school by giving them lots of opportunities to experience language and print in all its forms.

If you think your child is having difficulties, try the following:

  • Check with the teacher about progress, and work on a support plan together. The earlier you and the teacher step in to help your child, the better they’ll progress in the long term.
  • Give your child lots of encouragement for trying, even if they repeatedly makes similar errors.
  • Make sure your child is ready to learn by being organised in the morning. It will help them to have set routines and quiet times to do reading.
  • Schedule times to read with your child. You can alternate between your child reading to you and you reading to your child. If they are struggling, this will help him avoid too much frustration.
  • Use everyday opportunities for reading and writing. For example, read street and shop signs, menus, prices and labels at the supermarket. You could also write an email, letter or a text message to a friend. This shows your child how useful reading and writing are.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress, speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

If you’re still concerned about your child’s progress, talk to the teacher, GP about seeking more advice from an educational psychologist or literacy specialist.


Remember that all children develop at different rates and by giving them time and different experiences you are helping them with their learning.


Raising Children is a great website with resources to assist parents understand their child at different stages.



        Notices and Reminders


-If there are any important changes to your family such as moving house changing phone numbers or a change in family situation please let the office now so that we can ensure all of your children's details are current. This information is treated as confidential.


- Could all parents with students who have Asthma or Allergic reactions please get an updated form signed by your Doctor and return to the School Office.  Forms are available from you local doctor or at the School.   Thank you


Please let us know if you are unable to login to Compass. This will soon be our main form of communication as we will be phasing out the Skoolbag app.

Review of School Communication beginning Term 2

COMPASS will be the priority form of communication with newsletters and other information available on the school website

- All school newsletters will be published on COMPASS and a link provided on the school website

- SMS will be used for urgent/important reminders.

- The skoolbag app will cease at the end of this term.

- Facebook will be used to showcase our events/programs.

Harmony Day - Tuesday 21st

Wear Orange!

Family Night

Wear sunglasses and old clothes. Lots of bright colours to be thrown around.


- Easter Raffle

- Harmony Day

Wear Orange!

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Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School