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31 March 2017
Issue Three
  Diary Dates & Events                             
College Principal's Report           
Assistant Principal's Report
Junior School
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Diary Dates & Events                             

Diary Dates & Events

Wednesday 29 March - Thursday 6 April

Year 10 & 11 Central Australia Camp


Thursday 30 March

Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences

1pm - 7:30pm

*There will be no classes on this day but students are required to attend the conferences with their parent/guardian (except Year 10 & 11 students on camp).


Friday 31 March

Last day of Term 1 early dismissal at 2:30pm



Tuesday 18 April 

Term 2 Commences


Wednesday April 19

CYBERIA Production - Year 7 - 10 students


Tuesday 25 April

ANZAC Day - Students are not required at school


Wednesday 26 April

College Open Day / Night

Tours at 9:15 am - 11:15 am

College Open Night commences at 5:30 pm and concludes at 7:30 pm with a Principals address at 6:30 pm.

**Please note that all students will be dismissed at 1 pm**



Tuesday 9 - Friday 11 May

Year 7 & 9 Naplan Testing


Tuesday 16 May 

Education Committee Meeting 5 pm

Finance Committee Meeting 6 pm


Thursday 18 May

College Council Meeting 7 pm


Work Experience - Year 10

Monday 19 June – Friday 23 June


Tuesday 30 May

Uniform Committee Meeting 5 pm



Monday 12 June 

Queen's Birthday - students not required at school


Tuesday 13 June

Education Committee Meeting 5 pm

Finance Committee Meeting 6 pm


Wednesday 14 June

Year 12 GAT Exam


Thursday 15 June

College Council Meeting 7 pm


Friday 16 June

Report Writing Day- students not required at school.


Friday 30 June 

Last day of Term 2 early dismissal at 2:30pm

College Principal's Report           

End of Term 1

Welcome to our last edition of the Score for Term 1.  It doesn’t seem that long ago we were welcoming our students and staff back for the start of the school year especially with our unusually warmer weather.  


The term has been very busy and productive.  Our high expectations are now known and understood by our students, empowering them to be responsible for their own behaviour and learning.  Our teachers have continued to work extremely hard, modelling our learning values of relevance, rigour and responsibility to provide every student every opportunity to achieve their personal best.  By creating this learning environment at Scoresby, we are better preparing our students to contribute meaningfully and positively to their future, the College and the community.  I thank parents and guardians who have supported student learning by maintaining a rigorous approach to home study, attending our information evenings and communicating with us when any concerns or problems arise.


I also want to extend my appreciation to the many staff who so willingly supported not only teaching and learning in the classroom but engaged students in our highly valuable extra curricula programs this term.  Programs including the residential camp for year 12 students, Year 7 camp, Central Australia Camp, excursions, guest speakers, student leadership, music, sport and other programs that have provided students with the opportunities to learn and grow outside of their classrooms.  Many of these activities are not possible without dedicated staff behind them.


Our Journey to Success

I am proud to be Principal of this great school and even more so of our students, staff and community who have supported our achievements throughout the past two and half years. There have been many changes and we are now seeing measurable improvement in student outcomes. Their growth has been recognised in multiple forums.  The most recent of which was on page 2 in the Sunday’s Age Newspaper on 19 March. Here is a link below to the story if you missed it.


This article also appeared in Brisbane, Sydney and global education online forums.  It generated positive feedback from our own community, leading educators from universities, Department of Education and Training, Catholic Education Office, Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and Independent Schools, Primary and Secondary Schools in the area and members of the general public. The emails and comments that we received have been very rewarding and provide further motivation for us to continue to build upon our solid foundations to extend our growth.


New College Council 2017

The College Council Annual General Meeting was held last week.  College Council supports the Principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students. 


On behalf of our community, I thank the following members who have been elected for being prepared to commit their time to support our college

The 2017-2018 Committee members:

President           Cindy Lopes (Year 9 and 11 Parent)

Vice President    Keith Talty (Co-opted member)

Executive Officer (Principal)         Gail Major


Committee Members

Parent  Representatives          

Sharon Hanna                     (Year 12 parent)                  Denise Lucas                        (Year 12 Parent)

Christine Prissman            (Year 11  Parent)

Deb Pritchard                      (Year 12 Parent)

Department of Education and Training Employee Representatives

Chris Knight                          (Assistant Principal)

Michele Rogers                    (Office/Attendance)

Leanne Wilson (Head of Maths and Numeracy)

Simone Hargrave     (Humanities /Maths/VCAL)       Co-opted Members

Jack Lucas

Two College Captains: Tash Orfanidis and Frazer Spence


I would like to acknowledge the work of our retiring members, Fiona Matthews (Staff) Aaron Mackinnon (Staff) and Shifa Mehmet (Parent) who has decided not to return.  This leaves a vacant position in the parent category.  If you are interested in being nominated for this position, please contact me via the General Office.


I welcome our new members to Council and look forward to our continued transformation and achievement of our goals and priorities in 2017.


Knox Expo

Last week Chris Knight (Assistant Principal), Michael Alexis (Head of Junior School), Tash Orfanidis and Frazer Spence (College Captains) accompanied me to the Knox Expo to represent our great College.  Many grade 4, 5 and 6 students from local primary schools attended the evening.  It was very refreshing to hear such positive feedback on how community confidence has grown.  I look forward to seeing many of the children we met there and family and friends of our own students at our College Open Day on Wednesday April 26.


Scoresby Secondary Facebook Page

The College launched its new Facebook page this term.  The page is a great way to stay informed with key events of the College and to share our successes.


We are posting student achievements across all areas, academic competitions, sporting field, performing arts, debating, camps and excursions.  We encourage you to ‘like’ and follow the ‘Official Scoresby Secondary Facebook' page titled Scoresby Secondary to see some of our Term 1 highlights.


Central Australia Trip

Some of our Year 10 and 11 students headed off to Central Australia on Wednesday morning and will return on the first Thursday during the holidays.  From all reports, they have enjoyed the first few days despite the long road trip involved.   We look forward to seeing photos in the first edition of  'The Score' newsletter next term.


As we depart for Easter and our holidays next week I wish all of the Scoresby Community members a safe, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable break.


Gail Major




Assistant Principal's Report

Reflecting on Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences

Over the school holiday period if it encouraged to reflect on the Student / Parent / Guardian / Teacher Conferences. What were the positives? What are the areas that improvements could be made? What goals can be set for Term 2 and the remainder of the semester/year?


I’m sure there were lots of words of advice from each of your child’s teachers along with strategies that could be implemented to support your child’s learning. It is very important that students take on these words of encouragement and focus on the progression steps for improvement. We can all do better and improvements can be made along the way of our educational journey. Therefore it is important that we celebrate the achievements along the way and remain positive in the pursuit of self-development.


VCAL Community Project

Todays employers look for a combination of personal, employability and technical skills in job applicants and in their employees as the ability to get a job done, and participate effectively in the workplace. Employers believe that employability skills and an individual's personal qualities hold a job seeker in greater stead than the focus on one's qualification. The skills that we possess and develop are important not only for our present career, but for the rest of our lives. 


Our VCAL students are gaining a foundation in the importance of skills, that is, the the abilities that we possess to carry out a task. The three categories of skills that our VCAL program is focussed on are: personal skills that relate to our qualities and the ability to work with others;  generic or transferable skills that can be applied across different jobs and  technical skills,  which are those skills required for a specific job.


In term one VCAL students have built their understanding of global communication and information technology skills, interaction and collaboration with others, independence and responsibility. problem solving, cultural awareness, creativity and innovation. They have applied this through several projects with their  most recent being one of several biodiversity projects.


One of the projects was the replacement of the outside pond between the Administration building and the Resource Centre.  A number of students have completed the project with the leveling of the pond, removal of weeds and the replanting of the area.

The prefabricated pond was purchased from the Smart Water Shop in Wantirna and we thank them for their generous discount.


We look forward to hearing more about the sustainability projects being conducted by the VCAL students in 2017.


Emergency Management Drill

On Monday 27 March we conducted an Emergency Management Drill. It was great to see all students and staff able to follow our procedures very well. Throughout the year we conduct various types of drills on different days and at different times to ensure all members of the school community know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.


Music in the Courtyard

At the end of Term 1 we celebrated the musical talents of our students with a mini concert in the Junior School Courtyard. This was a great opportunity for our students to perform what they have been working on all term in front of an audience.


The weather was perfect and it was great to see students and staff supporting the performers. There were eight ensembles. The Year 7 band set the mood, followed by students from each of the different year levels and finishing with Tribe and the VCE Band. Well done to all of the performers. 


We will continue to hold Assemblies throughout the year. These Assemblies will be approximately every second week.


Students will need to at school before 8:35 am on Assembly days. Students and parents are asked to check Compass for the schedule.

Term 2  Assembly schedule:

Tuesday 18 April (First day) – College Assembly

Monday 1 May – Year Level Assemblies

Monday 15 May – Sub-School Assemblies

Monday 29 May – Year Level Assemblies

Monday 12 June – Queen’s Birthday – no assemblies

Monday 26 June – College Assembly


Early Dismissal

Families are reminded that the final day of Term 1 is Friday 30 March. Please be advised that students will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.


I hope that you all have a great holiday break and an enjoyable Easter period.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal






Junior School

Year 7 Orientation Camp

Monday 27 February saw the newest members of the College community head off on their orientation camp to Camp Marysville with four of their teachers.


With excitement and anticipation, we loaded the bus and headed off on the journey to our camp site for the next two nights. Upon arriving, students were briefed on the expectations at the camp and how the program would run over the next few days.


Over the course of the camp, students participated in eight activities including:

  • Canoeing, with an ‘accidental fall in’
  • Rock Climbing
  • ‘Grow it cook it’- A program which allowed students to select ingredients from the camp’s kitchen garden and incorporate them into their cooking
  • Mountain bike riding around the pump tract and a ride into the bush
  • Bush shelter building which tested the student’s lateral thinking, logic and team work
  • Initiatives
  • Orienteering
  • Low ropes

As the sun set, students enjoyed a movie night with the inspiring true story of ‘Cool Runnings’. This film depicted the story of four Jamaican bobsledders and their quest towards competing in the Winter Olympics. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and students gained an insight into many motivational messages including: “Don’t let others tell you that you can’t achieve your dream” and to “never give up”.


The second evening provided students with the opportunity to hear the story of an Australian Bobsleigh athlete and the subsequent trials and tribulations that they have experienced in their journey. Following this, Year 7 students developed a year level chant and participated in a team game of mixed golf and cricket. These activities took place around the camp site and tested the student’s ability to achieve a common goal despite running in different directions in the beginning.


It has been encouraging to hear that all students enjoyed their time on camp and as a group we have made leaps and bounds towards our goals of being a supportive group as a whole, working on building resilience and relationships among students and between students and teachers.


I am delighted to have received many compliments over the three days regarding the level of engagement and support that our students displayed and overall how polite and well-mannered they are.


I would like to thank the staff who attended the camp which included,  Mr Andy Phillips, Mr Ben Phillips, Ms Fiona Matthews and Mr Michael Alexis.

Finally, a big thank you to our Year 7 students who were extremely respectful and represented our college with pride.

Emma Morris

Year 7 Coordinator.


“Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get on up, its bobsled time, Scoresby 7’s”

Student Reflection

Going on Year 7 Camp was probably the best camp that I’ve been on. My friendships got stronger and I got to try new things like canoeing, rock climbing and orienteering. The funniest part about Camp was when the group I was in were canoeing and two girls Lucinda and Paige tipped over our group leader Mr. T’s canoe. It was hilarious!

The thing that I got out of the camp was to always try your best and help others. On the last day my group did rock climbing and I was terrified because I hate heights but when it was my turn I didn't want to come down, I kept giving it a go and it turns out it was really fun.

On the first night we watched a movie called ‘Cool Runnings’. In the movie they had a saying, “Feel the rhythm feel the heat come on down its bobsled” time and we changed the last bit to Scoresby 7’s.

I would definitely recommend this Camp to anyone looking for an adventure, to try new things and to have fun.

Abbi Kennewell

Year 7



On Friday 17 March,  Year 8 students went to KIOSC for our Humanities class. When we arrived we put our bags down and met a KIOSC leader who outlined what we would be doing for the day.


Our first activity included learning how to survive an earthquake. After that, we were put into groups of 4-5 people and were given a different set of clues. Each group then had to use those clues to locate where in the world we were.


After lunch, we went into the last lesson of the day where we were put into groups of 4 and each given a role. For example; environmental, government, natives. Once each group were given a role we had to get the other groups to agree to our terms. I was part of the environmental group and we wanted no one to hurt the plants and animals of the land.

Our final activity was where we saw this robot called Ada which KIOSC had bought for thousands of dollars. It was really cool. Then we packed up and went back to school. This was a great experience that we all enjoyed.  

Ty Diaz-Baird

Year 8

Robert Newton Incursion

Throughout Term 1, Year 8 students have been reading and analysing the novel ‘Runner’ in English. Although largely fictional, ‘Runner’ which is set in Melbourne 1919 tells the story of a young boy who becomes a messenger for underworld figure Squizzy Taylor. After losing his father to the Spanish flu, Charlie Feehan is faced with the prospect of looking after his family and ultimately surviving the slums. The novel is written by Robert Newton, a Melbourne-based author who is also a volunteer firefighter.


On Wednesday 22 March, all Year 8 students had the opportunity to meet Robert and learn about his journey as a writer. It was discovered that as a child Robert wasn’t an avid reader and he never had aspirations to become a writer. However, his love for writing developed through writing postcards to his younger brother where he began to create short stories to make his life seem more interesting.


During the session, students were also invited to ask Robert questions regarding the novel and his reasons behind key decisions. Some of the questions included;
Why was the protagonist called Charlie Feehan?
Would you write a sequel?
What do you do when you have ‘writer’s block’?

This experience was a highlight for everyone involved and it was pleasing to see all of our students modelling exceptional behaviour.

A big thank you to Mrs Linda Duncan who organised this amazing opportunity for our students at Scoresby Secondary College.


Emily Phibbs
Year 8 Coordinator


Consentino - Grand Illusionist

On Thursday 16 March, Years 7- 10 students had the opportunity to experience the visit of Cosentino. He is an Australian illusionist and escapologist, who started small but explained to us that “anything is possible”.


As a young shy and introverted boy with learning difficulties, he struggled in school. However after stumbling across a magic book, everything changed for him and led him to where he is today.


We heard about his journey and learnt not to give up even if others tell us that something may not be possible, it can be if we make it happen.


Speaking on behalf of all Year 7-10 students I can say that Cosentino was an inspiration to all of us in one way or another, and it was an amazing experience.


Skye Nielsen

Year 9



Senior School 

Busy Term 1

It has been a very busy and rewarding Term 1 for the Senior School students!  Recently, the Year 10s were able to hear from Cosentino, a magician and performer who has substantially changed the ‘face of magic’ both in Australia and overseas.  He struggled as a student, finding difficulty in reading and comprehension.  Despite this, he persevered and found refuge in magic books, teaching himself the tricks and learning all about the work of Harry Houdini and other famous magicians. 


His message was one of acceptance and being yourself, concluding that “sometimes I pretend to be normal.  But it gets boring.  So I go back to being me”.  Many thanks to Mr Alexis for organising the session and I’m still left wondering how Cosentino did his tricks…


All Senior School students will have holiday homework and revision to complete, especially our VCE students.  The holidays are a good time for students to consolidate their knowledge, in preparation for Term 2 and upcoming assessment tasks.  Parents and guardians are requested to encourage and support their student in completing their homework and revision. 


Student-Parent-Teacher conferences will occur on Thursday 30 March.  The inclusion of the student into these conferences is a deliberate one – they are, after all, the ones who will have to complete their assessment tasks, improve for future tasks, learn from their mistakes and celebrate their successes and strengths.  This is only possible by students being in attendance at the interviews.


I wish all students and staff attending the Central Australia camp good travels – it is a beautiful part of Australia and I’m sure that those attending will have an amazing time!


Finally, enjoy the holiday break; please stay safe and have fun!  I look forward to seeing you all return after the holidays, ready for Term 2!


Ellen Sawyer

Head of Senior School

Staff Profile

Bronwyn Haines

Bronwyn Haines has been at Scoresby Secondary College for almost two years. Working with students and families in the Junior sShool; beginning their career investigations. Senior school; work experience, structured workplace learning, conversations and planning about subject selection, pre-requisites, VET in schools, pathway choices beyond Scoresby and how to achieve these.

Prior to coming to Scoresby I worked in the TAFE sector and am passionate about students being well informed and engaged about their employment and tertiary education choices. I enjoy working with students and families to ensure they understand all the options and pathways to have the best possible education and employment experiences.


I believe strongly in community both personally and professionally and believe an engaged community that supports our young people is the best thing we can offer our students and always endeavour to develop relationships to achieve this.


I feel fortunate to be part of the Scoresby Secondary College Community and am always heartened by the kindness and respect students in this school show towards each other.

Bronwyn Haines

Careers Advisor

Math & Numeracy

Maths News

No matter how much planning is undertaken in preparation for a new year there is always adaptations and tweaking that needs to occur as the year begins. 2017 has seen the maths department show how adaptable they can be as unexpected events has led to  planning thrown into disarray with changing staff and at times may have seemed like organised chaos. Rest assured, plans are in place and all classes are being delivered quality lessons by our dedicated staff who are often taking on additional work for absent colleagues.


We welcome Simone Hargrave to the Mathematics team which is timely as both Mr Bala and Lawrie Hitches are on sick leave at present. We wish them both a speedy recovery and hope to see them at the ‘chalkface’ later in the year.


This year we also have Dr Russell Smits, from Victoria University working with Year 10 Advanced students on a weekly basis.  Tamara Gavazis from Deakin University has agreed to also volunteer her time to assist with the NIPS (Numeracy Intervention Program @Scoresby ) program which will begin next term with Year 9. In addition, Year 7 and Year 8 are ably supported by Carol Perriman with the QuickSmart Numeracy Program.


All Year 7 – 11 students were Pat Tested in Mathematics at the end of last year and parents should receive the results at parent teacher conferences. All Year 7 – 10 students participated in the Computing and  Algorithm Test competition this week. We will not receive results for quite a while.


I was very fortunate to have been able to escort our best female mathematics students to see the film ‘Hidden Figures’ at Cameo Cinema, Belgrave, last week. The event was sponsored by MathsChoice which is an organisation that promotes women in mathematics. It was really rewarding to hear the girls discuss the mathematics used in the movie on the bus back to Scoresby.


The Mathematics Department was joined by our primary school colleagues to undertake a workshop in mixed ability teaching. It is hoped that we meet on a regular basis as the feedback was very positive.

Leanne Wilson

Math & Numeracy Coach


Biodiversity Project

The VCAL class of 2017 have started a project with the aim to improve the biodiversity of the South-Western corner of the school grounds. We want to make this area an environmentally friendly area attracting wildlife and becoming more eye-catching and appealing to the local residents and visitors.


This is what we’ve done In Term 1:

In Numeracy, we measured the area (400 square meters) and designed a plan of what we’d like to do. We are now working on calculating the cost of the project.


In Literacy, we’ve written a letter to Bunnings and have emailed the Knox Environmental Society, asking for donations of materials and plants. We have also conducted research to find out what types of native plants grow best in the Scoresby area. We’ve have also created a Blog about the whole project, designed to follow the lifespan of the changes made to the area.


In Personal Development we have begun learning about biodiversity from guest speakers from CERES. They had shown the class how to do a thorough biodiversity audit, which included the entire school grounds. The audit help identify what native animals and insects in the area, the aim of our task was to help increase the biodiversity in the area.


In Work Related Skills we have had two work days. The first to remove all of the trees and plants that we did not want and to cut back trees. The second day will be focused on preparing the area for the garden beds to be constructed. We also plan on building bird boxes and constructing the garden beds, as well as planting native plants.

Andrew Diaz -Baird & Kurtis Clarke


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