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31 March 2017
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Patterson River Secondary College
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Principal's Report

Successful Term 1

It is difficult to believe that we are now at the end of a busy, yet highly successful first term. I have taken great pleasure working closely with our newly elected student leaders on a range of activities over the course of this term. New activities for student leaders have included contributions to our current and future planning, assisting with school tours, hoisting up and taking down our new flags, planning furniture for the new senior school, reviewing our school vision and values as well as helping to construct a new student representative council. Plans are already underway for students to lead a uniform review and develop a new school wide house system. 


Our new Year 7 students had a great time at the Phillip Island camp, meeting new friends and testing their personal resolve in a range of activities. Year 9 students have been working through a range of new science activities in Learning 4 Life and making the most of our new STELR kits. Our VCAL students have made a wonderful contribution to a range of recent community activities, whilst students completing VCE have been studying hard as the volume of their assessments (SACS) have increased.


I have been impressed with the number of community events that our school has been involved in this term, including the Patterson River Fun Run, 50th School Reunion, Mordialloc Triathalon and Cyber Safety Evening. Patterson River sees itself as an important hub of the local community and I appreciate the time that staff, students and parents give to community events.

Patterson River Achieving Excellence

The Department of Education & Training recently released results for schools that compare student achievement results such as NAPLAN to both local and other schools. Pleasingly Patterson River continues to achieve excellent results in a range of areas. 

Patterson River has established a culture of continued improvement and expect this to continue in the years to come. The school attributes recent improvements to a number of initiatives, including:

- Staff meeting time dedicated almost entirely to professional development & staff working in small teams. 

- Excellent range of VCE subjects offered to Year 10 students

- Introduction of PAT assessments so that teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of students in Literacy & Numeracy. 

- School wide focus on reading comprehension & subject specific vocabulary. 

- A focus on developing skills that are expected in industry.

- Homework Club (Monday & Wednesdays 3.00- 4.30pm)

- Students Access Monash (SAM) school. 

- Greater emphasis on pathways and course counselling (beginning from Year 7). 

- All students visiting tertiary institutions and career expos in Year 9. 

Patterson River is committed to achieve continued improvement in a range of student learning areas and has set ambitious targets in a new strategic plan. 

Year 8 Electives 

During the week, I took some time out from the Robotics class so that I could visit the some of the other Year 8 elective classes. It was great to see all of our Year 8 students engaged in a range of diverse interests. 

The Master Chef class was in the midst of an Easter dessert cook off, whilst the Debating Team was making a follow up video to their school reunion trailer video. The Girl's in IT class have made good progress building their own eCommerce websites whilst the Rising Stars class were working on different performances in the areas of Dance, Singing & Acting. I look forward to visiting the Green Team, Sport & Recreation and Environmental Art classes next term. 

School Council

Congratulations to our newly appointed school council representatives. Our new parents on school council include:

Claire Anthony, Melinda Bowly, Belinda Hazzledine, Jennifer Overmars, 

Sheila Savage, Debra Ramsay, Suzie Richardson. 

A further congratulations to our newly appointed office bearers: Terry Coates (President) and Sheila Savage (Vice President). The 2016 Annual Report to the School Community was presented to the school council on Monday. Patterson River continues to demonstrate improvements in a range of areas include NAPLAN, VCE and Attitudes to School and Attendance.


Open Night

Patterson River held its annual Open Night on the 23rd March. We were surprised on the night with a huge turn out (+180 people from 2016). A big thank you to all of the staff and students who gave up their time to showcase our school. I have received feedback from a number of primary school parents about how impressed they were with the enthusiasm, passion and energy of our staff and students here at the College. Thank you also to the parents who have recommended Patterson River to other people in the community. 

Cyber Safety (Susan McLean)

Our College hosted a community parent information evening in partnership with local primary schools and the City of Kingston's Youth Services presented by cyber safety expert Susan McLean. Susan's presentation was informative and full of practical tips. Susan's main advice for children is to ask yourself "Is what I'm about to do respectful to myself and others" along with "is this an appropriate use of technology?". Her advice to parents was to "make sure you are a parent first and a friend second". 

Susan's website is full of resources for both parents and students. Patterson River will be hosting a different parent information session each term. Look out for details about upcoming sessions in the next newsletter.

Cyber Safety Information for Parents

Cyber Safety Information for Students 


New Flags 

On the 14th of March, local member of parliament, Sonia Kilkenny, visited the school to present new Indigenous & State of Victoria Flags to students who are involved in the Kingston Koorie Mob Program. Our student leaders are in the process of helping to select a location for three new flag poles at the front of the school so that we can fly the Indigenous Flag with pride next to the Australian flag, along with with a spare flag pole for special events. 

On Friday 24th March, Federal Member for Dunkley, Chris Crewther, delivered an Australian Flag, Indigenous Flag and Torres Straight Islander flag to the school. Senior school leaders, Brent Chalmers, Tegan Miller & Arron Purdy were on hand to accept the flags. Student leaders from years 7-9 are responsible for the flags each day. 


50th Anniversary

On the 19th March, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Seaford-Carrum High/Patterson River Secondary College. To mark the event, we opened our facilities to past school community members. A range of events were held on the day, with over 2000 people in attendance. It was great to catch up with so many past students, parents and teachers. A special thank you to all of the staff and students who made the day such a success along with a special mention to Janet Mitchell for her tireless work. 





Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter. 


Mr Daniel Dew (College Principal)

Student Leaders Report

Year 10 Leaders Report

We’re here to talk to you about how fortunate we are to be a part of Patterson River Secondary College’s growing leadership team. In terms of being elected, we had to go through the process of filling out an application form and then if chosen, attending an interview with the year 10 coordinators and Ms Cavey. We were the six students that were selected and are all very lucky and determined to make great changes and also bond, learn and experience new things on various excursions surrounding the improvement of our skills.


We attended a VICSRC (Victoria Student Representative Council) Workshop in which we were surrounded by leaders of both primary and secondary schools and got a real insight on the values and focuses of other schools, as well as discussing our own. Viewing leadership from other perspectives taught us many things and also gave us new things to take back and improve. We enjoyed our time at Frankston Arts Centre, being split apart to work on our teamwork and cooperative skills with new acquaintances.

On the 24th of March we were lucky enough to attend an Anti-Bullying workshop with Project Rockit, an anti-bullying association. The event was held at Mount Erin Secondary College, along with their students and another school. From this we gained new knowledge and extended our skills. At the end of the day we left with souvenirs and smiles after a great day.

Several weeks ago, all leaders across year seven to eleven were involved in a student leadership forum. We broke into multi-age groups to discuss the changes in both the near and far future for our constantly expanding and improving school. We were assigned to different tasks to help improve different aspects of the college across the years to come. This forum was run by Mr. Dew and Ms Cavey and put all leadership levels on an even level.

Patterson River Secondary College’s leadership team is constantly growing and we are looking forward to the challenges it brings to the rest of the year.


Year 7 leaders

Congratulations to Isabelle Evans and Josh Bowman who were recently announced as the Year 7 Level Captains. 

Peer Support

In late November last year 60 Year 10 students were selected to be trained as Peer Support leaders for 2017. The Peer Support program allows the leaders to support and guide Year 7 students transition from primary to secondary school. Before meeting our Year 7 classes, we spent a day at Chelsea Yacht Club, being trained as leaders. This involved us taking part in a variety of activities which focussed on teamwork, communication, participation and resilience. We first met our classes on Orientation Day and introduced ourselves and the program. The Peer Support program runs for Term 1  and the leaders run a session once a week covering topics such as getting to know each other, relationships, developing self esteem and anti bullying.

 As leaders we had the chance to develop our own skills as well as get to know the year 7’s and watch them settle into secondary school. Most leaders would agree it is a fantastic program for both the Year 7 students and the Peer Support Leaders.


Tia Barrett, Amy Savannah  Year 11


Junior School News

Year 7 Camp

In week five this term all Year 7 students travelled to C.Y.C Cowes, Phillip Island for our annual camp. The sun was out, energy was high and we were all very excited for the adventure to come.

Across the three days, we enjoyed many activities such as: flying fox, trampolines, giant swing, swimming and beach activities. We went to the beach twice across the three days and were able to participate in many beach games and actives. The highlight was our annual form Tug of War competition, which everyone enjoyed. The competition was strong, 7E won with 7B runners up. We also had an awesome disco on the last night, which included a Karaoke Challenge. We all had fun supporting our classmates as they got up to show off their singing and dancing “skills”.

Year 7 camp was a great experience and opportunity to get to know our teachers and peers. It was great to be able to make so many more friends and strengthen the friendships we already had.


Isabelle Evans & Josh Bowman (Y7 Captains)




Year 7 Bully Busters

On the last day of term Year 7's watched a play by Bully Busters. Next term students will be completing work and involved in a range of activities in the lead up to National Youth Day.


Year 8 Sport and Recreation Golf Excursion

At year 8 this year the College has introduced the new elective block which is allowing students to have a say in their own education pathway. The introduction of Sport and Recreation at Year 8 will allow students to become involved in a range of activities within the local area. Patterson River Golf Club was fantastic in providing our students with a golf lesson with the club golf pro David and then to allow our students a round of 6 holes at the Golf Club was a real highlight for the students.

We look forward to working more closely with local community facilities such as Patterson River Golf Club, Long beach Tennis Club and Carrum Bowls Club as the subject progresses.


Senior School News

Senior School Forum

Between the 2-4 March, earlier this year, all senior school students, across Years 10, VCE 11 and VCE 12, participated in our annual college Forum program. These Forums delivered presentations and interactive workshops to best prepare our students for success in both their secondary schooling years and their personal lives. Each of the three respective year levels engages in a different theme and students will have the opportunity to participate in all activities as they progress through the senior school.

Students participated in sessions specifically designed to improve their academic performance including developing their skills and strategies in Goal Setting and Motivation, Time Management and Effective Study Skills.






Students were also involved in interactive workshops to educate and inform them about important social issues affecting young adults today that included sessions on responsible driving behaviours, mental health and building resilience, promoting mindfulness and party safe behaviours delivered by expert presenters from agencies outside our college.


Leigh O' Brien

Senior School Manager



After school English Class

The Year 12 English team run after school classes on Thursdays from 3:15pm-4:15pm to consolidate the ideas that are spoken about in individual classes. They are a fantastic opportunity for students to engage with the whole Year 12 English team and hear different perspectives. The classes address themes, ideas, interpretation and analysis of the texts that we are studying. All Year 12 mainstream English students are encouraged to come along to the sessions to develop their skills and confidence in English.


 Sports Report

Northern Peninsula Division Swimming Carnival 

A rainy March day saw 35 of our best swimmers from across all year levels represent the College at Division level with great success. We had students compete in almost all events with many students placing within the top three which was a fantastic effort. The most pleasing thing I take away from days such as Division Swimming is the genuine interest and support for all our competitors which comes from all our students who attended. We had senior students cheering our junior school competitors, Year 10 and Year 7 boys chatting about their events and even year 7 and 8 boys swimming in 17, 18 and 20 year old events just to ensure we had a PRSC representative in all races. A fantastic effort by everyone. PRSC ended the day in 3rd place for our division behind Frankston High and EMC with seven students progressing through to Southern Region on March 29th at MSAC as shown below.



1st place - Kimberley Crombie

1st place - Felicity Weston

1st place - Cooper Howie-Finch

1st place - 16 year boys 50m Freestyle Relay Team

(Sam Ridgway, Hugo Clarke, Jimmy Maguire and Cooper Howie-Finch)




Year 7 Girls Cricket

The Year 7 Girls Cricket team competed in the Super 8s competition at Ballam Park against Mt Erin and Frankston High School. Our State cricketer, Rhys McKenna led the team beautifully throughout the day and almost single handedly won both games. The rest of the team was on a steep learning curve and steadily improved throughout the day. Unfortunately, two games was not enough to get us into finals. I have no doubt with a couple more games under our belt we may have given the competition a shake. Well done girls.      Ms. Allan.


Year 7 Boys Baseball

The Year 7 Boys Baseball team competed at Mornington Baseball Club against McClelland College and Frankston High School. The boys had a great day showing an improvement in skills with both bat and glove throughout the day. 

Our match against McClelland College was a fantastic start to the day with a huge win with the boys scoring 11 home runs to McClelland's 7. 

This brought up to a playoff game against Frankston High who has won earlier in the day quite easily versus McClelland College.  It was fair to say the boys met their match as we found ourselves down 14-0 after two innings. We were able to rally late and comeback to 14-5 before the match was timed out giving Frankston the win and the championship. A great effort all day by a number of our students making for exciting times ahead for these boys.

Mr Cox.


Year 7 Girls Softball

The Year 7 girls should be congratulated on their highly competitive performances at the Year 7 sports softball round robin at CB Wilson Reserve, Mornington.

Some of the girls had never played a competitive game before. The first game saw them learn the technicalities of the game very quickly.

They were guided by their capable captain for the day- Kasey Smith who was also their team pitcher.

She was supported well by Samantha Scheffer who played catcher. All girls managed to hit and field well on the day.

One of the highlights of the day was Kasey's amazing triple play (3 out in less than 30 seconds!)

Team members:

Alyssa Cowley, Jade Love, Bridie Davies, Kitana Gallus, Olivia Love, Jenna Low, Roisin Martin, Samantha Scheffer, Kasey Smith and Dalani Whata. 

Mrs Woodroffe



Game 1- drew with McClelland, 4 runs each

Game 2- lost to EMC (winners on the day), 7 runs to 9 runs

Game 3- lost to Frankston High School, 5 runs to 7 runs

Performing Arts News

Year 7  Turning Rubbish into Musical Instruments

Mrs Ackland's Year 7 music classes have been learning about the "Landfill Harmonic" project of South America. This unusual musical group developed in a world where the poorest of the poor live in a sea of garbage. Amid the stories of drug violence and destitution came the story of a garbage picker “Cola” who teamed with a local musician to make instruments for the children of the slum. Quite simply they could not afford real instruments and so together they collected trash to make instruments for the children to enjoy. 


Students thoroughly enjoyed watching this documentary and enjoyed replicating the project by creating their own instruments. Well done to all students!



The Choir celebrated the last week of term 1 by heading out to Nossal High School in Berwick to join many other schools for a state-wide massed choral event. 


We made many friends as we sang and had a fun time. We learnt 4 different songs and we finished the day by recording each of them.  

As we were in such great voice, we all enjoyed singing on the bus ride back to the College.

by Tika Wonder, Choir Captain




EXCEL Sport Program

Year 8 

On Wednesday 22nd March the Year 8 EXCEL Sport class entered a boys and girls team into the Victorian Touch Football Schools Championship. It was a hotly contested event by schools all over the Eastern Region of Melbourne. Both teams had been training for this event for over 4 weeks with representatives from Touch Football Victoria running the class through the skills and strategies of the game. It was quickly evident that the class was picking the game up very quickly and would be competitive in this event. At the Championships, the boy’s team was placed in the top division of the Under 15s event and were competing against mostly Year 9 students. While the results did not go our way, the boys showed great determination, resilience and perseverance to continue competing against bigger bodies. The team was able to score a number of tries, which was a credit to their skill level. The girl’s team had a very successful day as well. They also played three games in the round robin competition and continually improved throughout the day to win their last game 4-0. The level of sportsmanship and enjoyment was evident by the smiles on everyone’s face. A fantastic learning experience for all involved.     Ms. Allan


Year 7

The Year 7 Sport Excel Class competed in the Beach Schools Volleyball Cup competition at Port Melbourne Beach on Wednesday 15th March. We had 2 boys and 2 girls teams representing the College. All teams played three round robin games against schools from all over Melbourne. Patterson River played superbly throughout the day culminating in two teams making finals and one of our girl’s teams making the semi-finals. A fantastic effort by all involved considering our level of experience in this competition. Every student displayed excellent sportsmanship, determination and teamwork throughout the day. A very proud coach. 


Ms Allan

Excel Sport Program Manager

Careers News

Work Experience is fast approaching!
MAY 8th - 12th

Earlier this term all Year 10 students were introduced to the Work Experience program and undertook initial steps towards securing Work Experience as part of the Year 10 Career Development Program. This included participating in the [email protected] program and the completion of an online Career Action Plan.


The next step involves finding an appropriate Work Experience placement from May 8th – 12th with an organisation or business in their chosen field of interest. 

More information and the required Forms can be found on the Careers website under “Workplace Learning”.



TAFE Taster Day @ Chisholm

Taster Days give Year 9 students the opportunity to get a "taste" of the vocational courses available  at TAFE.  Each student will go on a tour of the Chisholm site and then attend 4x1 hour hands on Tasters in various course areas throughout the day.

Date:  Thursday 25th May 2017

Time:  9:30am to 2:30pm

Cost:  $32.90 per student

Where:  Start TTC - Building D, Chisholm Institute of TAFE, Frankston

See Amy for more information and to collect an application form.



Ms Amy Joseph

Careers, Pathways and VETis Coordinator



Striving for Excellence

Cody Smith - Victorian State Softball Representative

In mid-January Cody competed in the Under 15 National Softball Comp in Brisbane. He was selected as one of the Team’s Co-Captains and out of 9 games played, Victoria had a 5 – 4 win loss. To add to this Cody has also represented Victoria in 2016 and was included in the Under 15 Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union over the past 12 months. This term has seen Cody announced as one of Patterson River's College Sport Leaders which will allow Cody to mentor younger students within our College sporting program.


Triathlon Success

The Year 9 PE Class – Triathlon and Multisport have been training hard all term and got a chance to show off their fitness and skills in race 5 of the Active Triathlon Series at Mordialloc on Sunday 19th March. In absolute perfect conditions Patterson River SC was represented by 9 students, 8 of which were first timers. The athletes first swam 300m, then jumped on the bike for a 10km ride and finished it off with a 2km run to the finish line. Great job by all students involved.

Athlete List

  • Jack Bulstrode
  • Matt Cook
  • Harrison Forbes
  • Adam Ford
  • Olivia Gregg
  • Byron Hockey
  • Sarah Rielly
  • Ellie Spasevski
  • Jason Strahan

Transition Information 

Transition dates 2017

Enrolment and transition information for Year 7 students enrolling for 2018.

School Tours

Each Thursday 9:45am  Bookings essential.



EXCEL (Academic) Testing

Expressions of interest close Friday 21st April

Testing:  Thursday 27th April  9am - 12:30pm

Enquiries:  Special Programs Manager Allira Lang

[email protected]


EXCEL (Sport) Testing

Expressions of interest close Friday 28th April

Testing:  Thursday 4th May  9am - 2:30pm

Enquiries:  EXCEL Sport Manager Ando Allan

[email protected]



Academic / Sport / Leadership / Performing Arts / Visual Arts

Expressions of interest close Friday 28th April

Interviews:  8th - 12th May

Enquiries:  Lisa Cavey (Assistant Principal)

[email protected]




Mrs Rosemary Ash

Transition Coordinator

School Reunion 

50th Birthday Celebrations

Sunday March 19th  saw the 50th birthday celebration of Seaford Carrum High School and Patterson River Secondary College.  Students, principals and staff across all the years enjoyed an afternoon full of fun, laughter and memories. Competitions, excavation of the time capsule placed in 1991,  the courtyard disco and masses of photo displays combined to create a day of catch ups and remembering! The new time capsule buried by Mr Dew will be due to be opened in 2042...looking forward to seeing you all then!!  Special thanks to IGA Express, Railway Parade Seaford North, for their fantastic support and help with this event. A special thanks to our local state member Sonya Kilkenny who assisted with the burial of the new time capsual. 





Community Announcements & Advertisements

Kokoda On The Right Track

Frankston Youth Services in partnership with Kokoda Youth Foundation presents ‘On the Right Track’ (OTRT) program in 2017. The program is a 6 month experiential program that aims to assist young people in the Frankston area that are aged 14-16 years (Year 9-10) giving them an opportunity to challenge themselves mentally, physically and emotionally by introducing participants to the outdoors. See flyer for further details. 


Get your cameras out these holidays!


DC Tennis


Term 2 : Patterson Lakes Tennis Club

Duration: 9 weeks  Starting 17th April 2017


Starting term 2 2017 we are introducing an inhouse comp on Tuesday nights

4.30-5.30pm 8-10years

5.30-6.30pm 11-16years

Go online to see special prices for:

- Group lesson, squad and comp.

- Squad & Comp

- Group lesson & Comp

- Squad & Group lesson

Please book online at: WWW.DCTENNIS.COM.AU    

or Direct Deposit: Quote child’s name as reference Bank: NAB     Account Name: D&D Sports

BSB: 083 802   Account Number: 321028645


Contact: DEB: 0433820088                EMAIL: [email protected]

Please note:

- make up lessons are always available (Please contact Deb)

- A group text will be sent out when a washout occurs

Please contact Deb to confirm your child’s spot

Dates to Remember 


Tuesday 18th 

1st Day Term 2



EXCEL Academic Expressions of Interest Close


Tuesday 25th 

ANZAC Day - Public Holiday


Thursday 27th 

EXCEL Academic Testing Grade 6  9am - 12.30pm


Friday 28th 

EXCEL Sport Expresions of Interest Close

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