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04 May 2018
Term 2 Week 1
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!


National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLaN)

The annual NAPLaN is from 15-17 May for all students in years 3,5,7 and 9. The program is run across all schools. This year will be the final year of pencil and paper testing at Grange, as from 2019 students will participate in online testing, as will other students across Australia. 


The NAPLaN is an important source of student achievement data that we use alongside other data sets to determine individual student, class, school, partnership, State and National directions to enable students to all make progress and be the best they can be. 


NAPLaN is not something for students or parents to stress about. Students need to all have a go and put in their best effort. Questions in NAPLaN are derived from the content of the Australian Curriculum and are therefore part of what is taught at all schools. Some of the questions are multiple choice. With these questions it is important to have a go at an answer, even if the child is unsure, they are often able to reduce the possible answers to 2 of the choices, so responding with what they think is most likely is important. By not choosing any answer they will be incorrect. 


Across this year we will continue preparing our students and school technology infrastructure to enable our successful 2019 participation in NAPLaN online.


Please see the attachments for more information about NAPLaN moving online

1. NAPLaN online, parent information letter

2. NAPLaN online 2019- privacy collection notice


 Contact your child’s teacher or myself if you have any questions about NAPLaN.

Public Education Awards 2018

Here at Grange we are blessed with many exceptional educators (teaching and non teaching staff) that go well beyond what is regularly expected. Grange provides many, many extra curricula activities and opportunities for our students. These opportunities are provided because they are great learning chances for our students. Opportunities that may not happen in a lot of other schools. Some of these include-

* Wakakirri 

* Debating

* Chess

* Choir

* Personalised Learning Projects and presentations

* Sir Oliphant Science 

* After school sport

* Sporting opportunities such as SAPSASA

* Camps

* Excursions

* Mayoral Make a Book

* Student leadership

* Students with High Intellectual Potential

* Japanese Hiragana competition

* Fundraising- eg the Term 1 Film Night


These opportunities initiated by staff and the school do not come with extra time or funding for staff, but run through goodwill and generosity in giving their own time. Staff here at Grange do this because they can see how our students benefit from them and certainly not for any personal recognition for the staff member. 


The 2018 Public Education Awards, Recognition of Excellence is now open. This is a chance to for parents to nominate an educator (teacher, support staff member or leader) that goes beyond what is normally expected, which

could be in the programs above or in other aspects such as engaging your child in learning, communicating with families  online out of school hours and generally making a positive difference for the learning of your child.


So if you know of a Grange staff member that displays these qualities, here is as great chance to recognise their efforts. Nominations are open from 1-31 May 2018.


Information on the program and nomination process can be found at





Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 

[email protected]                                               



School News

Introducing Lia Taylor

Position at Grange: Room 33, Year 6 classroom teacher
Where were you teaching before you came to Grange: Virginia Primary School

Favourite Foods: Ravioli and Lasagne
Favourite Movie: Harry Potter series
Things I like to do in my spare time: Take Franco (my dog) for a walk, go for a run, travel and to read a good book

Inspiring quote for students: When given the choice between being right or kind, choose kind. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer



School Crossing Monitors


Term 2 - Week 2

7/5 - 11/5

Gianna H -  Room 33

Ambah C-B - Room 33

Ava F - Room 33

Dylan N (Reserve) - Room 37


Week 3

14/5 - 18/5

Dylan N - Room 37

Charlie R - Room 37

Indiana F - Room 37

Tarj S - Room 37


Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Term 2 - Week 2

7/5 - 11/5

Monday - Domenica Tigani

Tuesday - Melissa Lewis

Wednesday - Zena Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miigge

Week 3

14/5 - 18/5



Wednesday - Zena Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miigge

Week 4

21/5 - 25/5


Tuesday - Jess Blairs

Wednesday - Zena Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miigge



School Activities

St Laurences visit Room 21

On our first visit to St Laurences Residential Care this year the children in Room 21 entertained the residents with songs and dances. The children visited 3 homes and their energy and enthusiasm delighted their audiences. Many residents 'danced' to the' Birdie Dance ' in their chairs.😊

We are looking forward to helping, developing friendships and working together during the year with our elderly friends.



Fundraising News

Entertainment Books

The 2018/2019 Entertainment Books are now available for purchase.  You would have received an order form flyer earlier in the week.

$70 membership – Book or Digital 

Books can be purchased through the front office or online.

Digital Memberships must be purchased online. Visit:

Family and friends are also welcome to purchase through the school.


Obstacle-a-thon will take place on Friday 25th May.  Further information will be sent home next week.


We would like to thank you for your continued support.


Grange Primary School

Fundraising Committee



Community News

Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes

If you are aged 5 to 12 and want to learn to cook with hands on experience, creating and tasting delicious recipes each week 

Fulham Community Centre

5 weeks Monday afternoons 4pm to 5.30pm


State Soccer Enrolments for Term 2




Dates to Remember

Term 2 2018

Week 2

Wednesday 9th May - SAPSASA Knockout Football Boys and Girls - West Lakes Shore School

- Chess Competition starts

Thursday 10th May - SAPSASA Cross Country - Barratt Reserve, West Beach

                       -  SAPSASA Knockout Soccer - Collins Reserve

Week 3

Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th May - NAPLAN for Years 3, 5 and 7

Friday 18th May - SAPSASA Knockout Netball and Badminton

- Walk Safely to Local School - Rooms 24 and 25

Week 4

Wednesday 23rd May - Cleland Conservation Park Excursion - Rooms 21 and 29

Thursday 24th May - Cleland Conservation Park Excursion - Rooms 26 and 27

Friday 25th May - Obstacale-a-thon

Week 7


Week 8

Tuesday 19th June - Maritime Museum Excursion - Rooms 24, 25, 29, 30


Grange Primary School Newsletter
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NAPLAN Online 2019 - privacy collection notice.pdf