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07 March 2018
Term 1 Week 6
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Education in Faith

Prayer for the Week


Social Justice News: Project Compassion

"Cultivate with love the seeds of goodness, beauty and truth that God sows in every new generation."

Pope Francis


During the season of Lent we support Caritas Australia through the annual Lenten program, Project Compassion, which brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.


The theme for Project Compassion 2018 is “For a Just Future”. By supporting Project Compassion a just future is possible for all generations, backgrounds, cultures and communities, who are part of one human family.


The prayer space in each Learning Area has a Project Compassion box available for children to place some money to assist us in raising donations for Caritas Australia who will use the money to supply services and materials to people in need.


Each Week of Lent Caritas features a different story for people to engage with. Focused on the theme “A Just Future,” and featuring a new country each week, the stories explain the issues faced in each country. This week is Bayan's story.


We aim to empower the students at Corpus Christi to build a just future for themselves and others, as Pope Francis has asked us to do, through cultivating “the seeds of goodness, beauty and truth that God sows in every new generation."




Jane Wilkinson

(Religious Education Leader)


From the Principal's Desk


Welcome to our first iNewsletter! We hope you enjoy interacting with all the features now available through this platform.


Our iNewsletter will automatically change its layout to support desktop, mobile device and tablet viewing… anywhere, anytime. You will be able to interact with our newsletter in so many ways:

  • Click/Tap links to direct you to particular sites we use such as CareMonkey, School Interviews Online and so on.
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Family members will be able to easily subscribe to our newsletters so that they can say in touch with what’s happening in our school.


And don't worry if English is not your first language. Simply click on the Google Translate link at the bottom of any page and the entire Newsletter will convert instantly into your chosen language.


We will keep on enhancing our iNewsletters as we become more familiar with the features and possibilities.  In the meantime we would love to hear what you think by clicking here [email protected]

School Photos: Monday 19th March

In the next few days our School Photo Order from will be sent home with families.


SCHOOLPIX will be here on Monday 19th March



Dress: Full Summer School Uniform


Hair: Neat and swept off face. Long hair tied back. Hair accessories to be discrete and of school colours


Online Orders: To pre-order online, take your personal Order and ID Numbers found on your order form and go to  Orders can be placed online up to 2 working days after photography.  You do not need to return the order form if you order online. 


Remember: All orders placed online before midnight on photography day will receive a free 20cm x 25cm black and white portrait print.


Manual Orders: Complete your order form and return with payment to school on photography day, 19th March. 


Sibling Orders: For a special photo of you children together order online by 8:00am on photography day. 


Alternatively collect a Sibling Order Form from the office or download it from the SchoolPix website and return it on photography day.  Only siblings that place an order will be photographed.


PO Box 5222, Hallam VIC 3803

Ph: 1300 766 055

Email: [email protected]

Years 1-6 Learning Conferences

A reminder that our Learning Conferences for Years 1-6 have been scheduled for Wednesday 28th  March: 2:00pm - 8:00pm


Families are to use School Interviews Online to manage bookings. Please go to and enter the event code of:   xr74m to book interviews for the times that suit YOUR FAMILY.

Big Day Out

To celebrate Catholic Education Week our Big Day Out: Combined Schools Celebration has been scheduled for Wednesday 14th March. 


We along with children from St Augustine's and Annunciation Primary Schools will celebrate  Mass at St Augustine’s Church at 10:30am. Following Mass, the children will have an early lunch (BYO) and then we will walk across to the Sun Theatre for a Movie afternoon. Our Year Prep -2 children will watch Paddington (G) and our Year 3-6 children will get to see Jumanji.

If you have any concerns regarding your child watching Jumanji, which has a PG rating, please advise your child’s teacher so that alternative arrangements can be made.


The children will be supplied with a Mini Popcorn Combo (popcorn and drink) to enjoy during their movie. If your child is unable to partake in these, please provide an alternative 'treat'.


Children are to wear their full summer school uniform (including hat) and are to bring along their lunch in a disposable bag and their water bottle.  Children will have an early morning tea break at school prior to leaving.


Children will depart by bus from Corpus Christi at approximately 10:00am and return by 3:00pm. 

Fee and Levy Accounts

As we continue to enhance processes, Fee and Levy accounts will now be emailed direct to family payees. In the coming days you should receive an updated account so please keep an eye out for it. 


A reminder that unless you have setup payments plans, the Pupil Levy of $440 should already be paid and that the Term 1 Family Fee of $425 is due by 29th March.

Head Lice

We have a reported case of head lice at Corpus Christi School. This is not a cause for serious concern, however, head lice are extremely contagious.


In order to determine if your child has been infected with head lice, we are asking all parents to inspect their child’s hair. We suggest that you look for the following symptoms or signs that would indicate the presence of head lice:

  • General: child scratching his/her head excessively
  • On pillows: fine black powder or pale coloured material.
  • In the hair: signs of lice eggs (nits) – cream or coffee coloured specks close to hair roots.
  • Lice: small white or “greyish” parasites the approximate size of a pinhead.


If you notice any of the above signs, or if you require further information, please contact your local pharmacy.  There are several effective treatments readily available and easy to apply.


If your child is infected with head lice you MUST advise the school and you MUST treat your child before they return to school.


To minimise the impact of a head lice outbreak we ask all parents to regularly check their child’s hair for the presence of head lice.

Student Absences

Thank you so much to all those families now sending advanced notifications of student absences. This is making the management of the new legislation much more workable for our wonderful office staff.


In case you are still not aware,  schools are now required to advise parents/guardians of unexplained absences, on the same day, as soon as practicable and must record, in writing, the reason given for each absence. If a parent does not contact the school to provide an explanation on the day of the student absence we must attempt to contact the parent who is responsible for ensuring the child's attendance on that particular day as soon as practicable. This includes contacting emergency contacts. We then need to log all contact attempts.

So… what can you all do to assist?

Legislation requires parents to ensure their child attends school every day and to provide an explanation for their child's absence from school. The emphasis now is that parents should inform the school in advance of upcoming absences and as soon as possible for unexpected events.


The easiest way to do this is through our school App. With a tap of your fingers you can easily send absentee notification through your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Many families are already using this tool so thank you. To download our app, click:

Google Play

Apple Store


Alternatively, you can send a note to the school, contact the school office via phone or you can speak to your child's teacher. All verbal notifications need to be recorded in writing so templates are now available in your child’s classroom and at the office.


Written explanation MUST be provided to the school for all absences within 10 school days.


We ask all families to support us as together we comply with new legislation.


The new attendance guidelines can be accessed via:

Book Club

This week children will receive the first edition of Book Club for 2018. Orders are due at the school office by next Thursday 14th March.


Have a wonderful week

God Bless

Anthony Hyde


Student Wellbeing News

Update from the Year 5/6 Community

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about emotional intensity and how we describe these as highs and lows.


The students participated in an activity where they were given a certain emotion to demonstrate. They then had to increase the intensity of that emotion.


They listened to a short story titled “A day in the life of Casey”. As they listened to the story, students used their emotion intensity word list to identify possible emotions that Casey may have been feeling through the day. They plotted these emotions on a rollercoaster, which formed a great discussion at the end of the session.

In this week’s session, the students will use new words from their vocabulary of emotions to create their own roller coaster, showing how their feelings change throughout the day depending on different factors and events.

Active April

If you haven’t already, jump onto  the  Active April website at and register your family. The top 15 schools with the most registrations by this Friday will win a school visit from a high profile athlete from the Victorian Institute of Sport! It’s free to register and all it takes is 30 minutes of exercise a day throughout the month of April. So what are you waiting for?


Melanie Larkin

(Student Wellbeing Leader)



Awards and Celebrations

Happy Birthday!

9th March

Stella Peters 


Students of the Week

Prep N: Francesca Miller 

Prep V: Johnny Franze

Year 1/2C: Jemima Nicholls

Year 1/2H: William Gibbins

Year 3/4L: Morgan Vong

Year 3/4C: Lucy O’Brien

Year 3/4Z: Naomi Gebremeskel

Year 5/6B: Khan Dang

Year 5/6M: Kevin Tran

Year 5/6S: Liv Dinnen

Diary Dates


2nd - Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

9th -  Footscray District Cross Country Championships: Hansen Reserve 10:00-12:30

Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

12th - Labour Day Public Holiday

14th - Big Day Out: Combined Schools (Corpus Christi, Annunciation & St Augustine’s) Celebration Day

16th -  Year 5/6 Kanga Cricket Gala Day 10:00-1:00

Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

19th - School Photo Day

26th  - Year 3/4 Gymnastics Program at FCGC

Year 6 Confirmation Family Night: 7:00pm

28th - Years 1-6 Learning Conferences 2-8:pm: Students finish at 1:00pm

29th  - Holy Week Celebrations 11:30am

End of Term1: Students finish at 1:00pm


16th - Term 2 Commences

18th - Open Morning 9:00-11:00am

20th - Open Morning 9:00-11:00am

23rd - School Athletic's Carnival at Aberfeldie Park 

24th - PFA Annual General Meeting

25th - ANZAC Day

26th/27th - Year 5/6 City Camp  

29th - Confirmation: Year 6 Candidates 11:00am

30th - School Athletic's Carnival Back Up Day


2nd - Parent Support Group Meetings 8:30am-4:30pm

4th - Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

Year 5/6 Inter-school Sports (Winter) Vs St Bernadete's PS

7th - Parent Support Group Meetings 8:30am-4:30pm

8th -  First Communion Family Workshop 7:00pm

11th - Mothers' Day Stall 9:00-11:00am

Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

15th - NAPLAN Year 3 and 5

16th - NAPLAN Year 3 and 5

17th - NAPLAN Year 3 and 5

18th - Year 5 Kindergarten Visits 9:15am

Year 5/6 Inter-school Sports (Winter) Vs Footscray North PS

25th - Year 5/6 Inter-school Sports (Winter) Vs St John's PS

View our full Calendar Here



Parent Partnerships

Parenting Ideas

Here's the latest article and parent support videos By Michael Grose from Parenting Ideas. 


Michael is a best selling author of 10 books and award-winning speaker. As a conference speaker, parenting presenter and workshop leader Michael has been entertaining, informing and inspiring audiences around Australia, and internationally for more than 20 years. Michael’s passion for teaching, his understanding of the educational and parenting landscapes as well as his engaging communication style means he has held a respected profile in the media spanning many years. He’s had parenting segments on The Project, The Today Show, Weekend Sunrise, 3AW, ABC radio and more.


He has contributed to Huff Post, Kidspot and Mamma Mia, and is a former columnist with News Ltd and Fairfax newspapers.


Happy Reading and viewing!








OshClub News

OSHClub News
After School Care Program

Hi families

We’re doing lots of this week. We’re having catch-up meetings with the children daily, completing at least 2 emergency drills, completing our reflection journal entry for last week, harvesting from our worm farm and taking care of our plants. Come and have a look at our profile display and reflection journal.


I’ve had a request to take another survey regarding Before School Care (BSC). There is now a survey at the sign-out desk asking if you would book your children into BSC were it available. Even if your children aren’t booked in this week, please come in and answer the question if you would be likely to use BSC. We run this survey a couple of times per year and have never got more than 3 responses before – now is your chance to have your say!


During the school holidays the new Footscray West PS Vacation Care Program will run from our room at Corpus Christi while construction is completed at the other school. Please feel free to enrol your children in to Vacation Care at Footscray West PS if you would like your children to attend Vac Care at CCK these holidays.


If you need assistance with our online enrolment and booking system, please call our customer service staff on 1300 395 735 and they will talk you through the process, help access your account, change your password, make bookings and cancellations. If you need to book or cancel on the day, leave us a message on 0401 501 661. If your child is absent from school and is booked in for after school care, please let us know in addition to calling the school.


You are always welcome to stay for a while when you collect your children to play with them, look at the Reflection Scrapbook, your child/ren's portfolio, or our Quality Improvement Plan. We’re always grateful for your feedback on any topic and any concerns or suggestions you may have. Write us a note, send us an email or a text message, or just have a chat to us.




If you need to cancel ASC please do so on the internet 24 hours in advance, otherwise leave a message on 0401 501 661 on the day, or pop in to let staff know you are collecting your child so that we know where the children are. OSHClub is open 3:00-6:00pm. There is a $2/minute fee for each child that is picked up after 6:00pm.


Information for Families

OSHClub program phone: 0401 501 661

Coordinator: Kristen                     

Assistant: Emilia (Milly)

OSHClub Customer Service: 1300 395 735            [email protected]


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember enrolling is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account.


For on-the-day bookings please contact Kristen on 0401 501 661.

 Corpus Christi School Newsletter
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